Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

C6F. Get a drowned person. .

The characters are trying to get a submerged living creature or part of its body from under the water. See motive C6.

Bushmen, Gundungurra, Bellacula, Shuswap, Thompson, Okanagon, Takelma, Klikitat, Yakima.

SW Africa. Bushmen: Kotlyar 1983, No. 40 [Gtsoncemdima and her younger sister Jackal went to the spring, G. fell into the water, Jackal came to G.'s husband; to find out if it was his wife, he ran a brush over her face; skin it was not smooth, and the woman began to lick the fat; the husband stuck the arrows in the sand with the point up, at night the Jackal scratched against them, died; the girl noticed dried nga seeds in her ass; grandmother and granddaughter they fried, ate the jackal; everyone pulled G. out of the spring, everyone's legs were short; only the Giraffe reached, G. returned home], 31 [Python's older sister is pregnant; the youngest Jackal went with her to the spring, asked to climb a tree for fruit, she fell into the water; the Jackal came to her husband and relatives, who noticed her swirling gait; smeared a grease-soaked brush to make the woman's face shiny ( they always did this to Python), but the Jackal began to drink this fat, people realized that it was not their daughter-in-law; Python Bustard's husband plunged his arrows into the sand with his points up, at night the Jackal scratched and died; the girl noticed she has dried nga seeds in her ass; Great Bustard gathered all the animals to get his wife out of the water; everyone's legs are too short, only the Giraffe could reach, pulled Python and her baby out; they were brought home by spread out mats]: 62-64, 64-67; (a generalized version of three Biesele 1993 versions: 124-133 in Belcher 2005:15-17).

Australia. Gundungurra [The Marsupial Cat pursues the Gu-rang-ach creature, a half-fish half-snake; when it flees, it leaves riverbeds and water beds behind it; the Marsupial Cat sends four birds successively dive to get it; the first two can't reach the bottom, the Dive brings the cub Gu-rang-ach, the Cormorant brings the big pieces of his own body; everyone eats them]: Waterman 1987, No. 1055:47.

NW Coast. Bellacula [The raven calls the woman to collect the fruits of the wild apple tree, takes him far away; she climbs a tree, drops the fruit down, he immediately swallows them; she scolds him; he cuts off her leg with an ax; leg falls into deep water; a woman promises her necklace to whoever reaches her leg; The seagull does not dive, Loon brings her leg; a woman glues it with resin, her leg grows (and Loon obviously gets necklace]: McInwraith 1948 (2) :392-393.

The coast is the Plateau. Shuswap [Copper kidnaps the wife of the Fishing Marten (Fisher); the Fisherman and Marten brothers meet Medi's two sisters (the Rat and the Mouse); they ask them about their normal behavior, kill them, and wear them skin; on Marten, the skin does not cover his genitals and face around his eyes; the younger sister of the dead notices that the Mouse looks strange; at night, the Fisherman's Marten and the Marten cut off Medi's head and throw them into the lake; they return home with the wife of the fishing marten; Medi's blood drips, his younger sister thinks he is drinking; Medi's people call waterfowl to reach his head; Loon dives and brings his head, Copper revive]: Teit 1909a: 675-677; Thompson [Marten's wife goes to fetch water; says she wants Salmon as her husband; he invites her to the river; Marten and his brother Ferret go down to Salmon's dugout; Marten asks his wife to put her new husband to sleep; cuts off his head; both brothers and the woman run away, throw their severed head into the river; Swan, Goose, Ducks, Dives I can't reach, Loon pulls his head from the bottom; Otter and Wolf revive Salmon]: Teit 1898, No. XVIII: 64-66; Okanagon [Fisher warns her younger brother Marten not to go in a certain direction; he goes, the woman in the house bends him down face to the fire, since then the marten's muzzle has been wrinkled; the marten fisherman brings this deer woman to her wife; tells her not to swim far into the lake; after giving birth to a son, she swims, climbs a log, she descends with her under water; brothers meet a boat with two young men, who say that they are servants and guards of the underwater chief's new wife; the fishing marten kills them, the brothers put on their clothes, come to the chief; the marten is awkward jumps into the boat, everyone wonders what's wrong with him; the marten fisherman tells his wife not to let the chief sleep longer; when he falls asleep, his brothers cut off his head, sail away with the woman; the pursuers almost catch up then they throw their heads; the Turtle, the Frog dive, they can't reach their heads from the bottom; the frog's legs are painted, the turtle's shell is made; now both do not freeze in the water, they reach their heads; the shell and color remain]: Hill-Tout 1911:158-161; Takelma [two White Duck sisters come to marry Puma; Coyote pretends to be Puma, brings them to his house; his mother reveals the truth to them; girls go to Puma; Coyote kills the mother, turns the girls into old women; they swim, regain their former appearance, leave; the cougar follows the girls; they take him in a boat across the sea; they do not tell him to look into the water; the cougar looks, is swallowed sea monster; everyone dives to get his bones; only a Mudcat woman dives, brings bones, revives the Puma in the steam room; the cougar and his wives return home]: Sapir 1909, No. 4:64-70; clickit [ a man promises a daughter to whoever breaks a deer horn; Salmon splits; five Wolf Brothers kill Salmon and his four brothers, take the woman; the Salmon scales remain, they grow into a young Salmon; he kills five Wolves, squeezes five cubs out of a woman's womb, marries her, takes her in a boat; falls asleep in the sun, his wife sees larvae on him, talks about it; he throws her on a rock among waters; Vulture and Vulture bring it back to Salmon, he agrees to take her back, invites her to the boat; she stumbles, falls into the water; Salmon promises it to whoever gets it from the bottom; all birds and aquatic animals they dive, can't reach it; The turtle looks for her at the bottom for five days, pulls it out, marries her]: Jacobs 1934, No. 21:47-53; yakima [Eagle is son of Coyote; two sisters Amushy óy (seashell Monetaria) and Wuxinshy áy (Abalone sink) live on an island in the sea; their grandmother sends them to marry Eagle; they must go in the morning, but V. insists on going in the evening; The eagle wants to sleep, hits coming by the nose, they run away; then they find sea shells where blood has dripped, realizes that they are his girls, follows; the old Heron refuses to stretch his leg like a bridge to the island; five Ducks they go looking for the Eagle, see that the Heron insults him, spits on him; Wolf, Grizzly, Hawk, Snake, Salmon are coming to the rescue; the Coyote swims on Salmon, drowns; they clean the Eagle's clothes, he takes off, kills the Heron; the Lososi brothers make the bridge; V. goes first, Salmon correctly believes that the Eagle does not need her, throws her off, she sinks; A. moves from the island to the mainland; whoever gets V. from the bottom will marry her; no one Maybe the Coyote brags he got it, but his tail is above the water; the turtle pulls out; says he doesn't need a wife, asks for beautiful clothes; he is given (the patterns on his shell); since then, the woman has been following the man, don't have to be aggressive]: Beavert 1974:3-8.

Guiana. Arekuna [when immersed in water, a boy kills fish; a stork persuades a boy to bathe at a waterfall with a lot of fish; a Water Serpent kills a boy with an arrow; father asks birds to kill a snake; most birds and animals can't dive deep; two diving birds kill a snake with arrows; along with pieces of snake skin, birds get voices and colors]: Koch-Grünberg 1924, No. 22:72-75; makushi [brothers Anikê and Inskirã went east, came to the old woman; she had corn, bananas, all kinds of fruit; they followed her, came to a tree with yam, corn, bananas, etc.; decided cut down; A. cut down from the west, I. from the east; when the tree fell, the sun took with it; it became dark; the brothers Arepopu and Makauaré said that the sun was at the bottom of the river; another pair of brothers Loriuepaneima and Uomai indicated the direction; these four began to dive, the sun took out pieces; A. collected them, revived them; the Sun, a thirty-year-old man; promised to give the moon to shine at night as a reward]: Soares Diniz 1971, No. 5:82.