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C6i. The adhering dirt turns into the ground .23.29.35.


zoomorphic character returns from the lower world, smeared with mud. It is shaken off or dirt is scraped off and earth emerges from it.

Ancient India, Koya, Maria, Bondo, Karachays, Chelkans, Southern Mansi.

South Asia. Hinduism: Elwin 1950 [in Taittiriya Samhita and Taittiriya Brahmana, the creator of Prajapati raises the earth from the waters as a boar]: 136 (note 1); Vassilkov 2011 (=Cornflowers 2006a: 251-253) [in Var āha-kathā, in Vishnu Purana, book 1, adhyāya 4 Prajapati Brahma wakes up and sees that the world is covered with water, in the form of a boar, whose body consists of the Vedas, dives into the ocean, emerges, shakes off , rishis (holy sages) have found refuge among the bristles on his body; the author of the text no longer understands why; in the Mahabharata (book 12, adhyāya 333), the boar emerges, shakes off, and three lumps fly off its tusk clay is a standard offering to three generations of the dead (fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers); in the early Vedic tradition, the boar is an opponent of the gods and the protagonist of cosmogonic myth, and later it pulls land from the bottom of the sea , it turns into land; first it is the size of a pig's patch, then it grows]; koya [the earth drowned; Bhima's daughter jumped from the sky into the sea, descended into the lower world; Sesh Nag blew on her, turning her into the wild boar; the boar was lying in the mud, surfaced, shook, land formed]: Elwin 1954, No. 5:426; maria (Bison-Horn Maria) [rain flooded the ground; Gajabhimul put brother and sister in the pumpkin, a pumpkin stuck to the rock; Mahapurub sent the crow to look for people; a banyan grew out of the rock, the crow sat on him, opened a pumpkin; the children climbed the tree, drank its juice, it ran out, they began to cry; M. sent a crow To calm them down, but she wanted to kill the children to peck at their corpses, came back and lied that everything was fine; the same with the eagle; with the tiger; then she sent a monkey; the hot rock burned her ass, arms and legs with charred hands, the monkey smeared his face to black; M. sent a wild boar, ordered him to smear himself in the clay on the turtle's back; the boar shook, clods and splashes of earth formed land; on brother and sister sent smallpox so they wouldn't get to know each other; they got married after that]: Elwin 1949, No. 4:30-31; bondo (tulaguram) [there was only water, a wild boar lived in it; he raised the ground (from the bottom) on his fangs, scattered by water, creating land; made the moon and sun from the stumps of a sago palm tree, threw it into the sky; the core turned into stars]: Elwin 1950:141.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Karachays [the dragon Azhdagan-Jelimauz lay in the middle of the sea; on its crown they built a nest of Ala-Kaaz ('Scarlet Goose') and Kara-Qaz ('Black Goose'); they did not have eggs; for the thousandth year, Jelimouse's legs began to grow, he began to move; the goose, afraid that the dragon would throw them off his back, dived twice before reaching the bottom; the third fell into darkness; reached a bright spot, there was black the creature Kara-Pooh advised him to go to his older brother Kaiyr-Khashkhy ("The Angry Lord") for advice to give a gift; the goose gave the right wing; the KH sent one-legged Obur-Katyn to his older sister (' Werewolf woman'), took her left wing; OK sent Erk-Jilan to her older brother, told her to go until the ball made of her hair stopped; ED sent Kart-Chopp to her oldest brother, took the second her leg, gave part of her skin, she carried the Goose to the goal; "Our father is Kara-Kuzgun ('raven'), and our mother is the Turtle, they were the rulers of the sea surface, but the dragon cut their bellies , deprived power; to pacify the dragon, you must summon Kart-Choppa; to do this, you must cut off the dragon's gallbladder, cover its middle eye with it; you can cut it off with hair growing on the crown the dragon under your nest"; everything was done, the dragon roared in pain, the vaults of heaven opened, an old man in a green robe with a golden staff came out; the geese dived in fear, emerged 9 months later, dirty; Kart-Choppa sat on their nest, scraped off the dirt from the geese feathers, told them to make a cake out of it, eat one half, soak the other, and smear the dragon's back; this caused the dragon's body to rot, seemed spine (p.23: i.e. the earth arises from the combination of mud taken from the ocean floor with the dragon's skin); the CC plunged his staff into the dragon's crown; he screamed, the sky shone; the CC hit with a three-hepatic stem on to the middle eye of the dragon, it burst, the other two opened; a smelly liquid poured out of the middle eye, turning the sea white; if the dragon's eyes close again, everything will darken; when thunderclouds appear they say, May Allah save the Dragon from closing his eyes]: Karaketov 1995:64-67.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Chelkans (Lebedin Tatars, Otkushtö, 1863) ["At first it was just water and nowhere was land. Then God sent a white swan into the water and ordered him to bring water to heaven in its beak. But when he was diving, a little bit of earth stuck to his beak. The swan blew the ground off its beak, and it fell into the water with small specks of dust and began to swim on its surface. These specks of dust began to grow and expand, and from them became earth. But the ground was smooth and flat. Then God sent a second bird to earth to blow up the ground with its beak, and this made mountains and valleys on the earth. But the trait did not like the beautiful treeless land, and he created a mob with its swamps, where people can hardly live and are very poor. At first, God created a man who lived alone on earth. It was a man. One day, while he was sleeping, the devil touched his chest and a bone began to grow from his thigh, and as she got longer, she fell to the ground and a woman appeared out of it"]: Radlov 1989:211 (the swan diving episode mentioned in Dyrenkova 1929:123); ["Zuerst war alles Wasser und nirgends war Erde. Da schickte Gott einen weissen Schwan zum Wasser und liess sich einen Schnabel voll Wasser heraufbringen. Weil ihm aber beim Tauchen ein wenig Erde am Schnabel hängen geblieben war, so blies der Schwan die Erde von seinem Schnabel; diese fiel in kleinen Stäubchen aufs Wasser und schwamm auf dessen Oberfläche; diese Stäubchen vergrösserten sich und breiteten sich immer mehr aus, so dass sich zuletzt das Land bildete. Doch das Land war flach und glatt. Da schickte Gott einen zweiten Vogel zur Erde nieder, der mit dem Schnabel in dem Lande wühlen sollte, dadurch bildeten sich auf der Erde Berge und Thäler. Dem Teufel aber gefiel das schöne, baumlose Land nicht und er brachte den Schwarzwald mit seinen Sümpfen hervor, auf dem Leute kaum ihr Leben erhalten können und arm sind. Zuerst schuf nun Gott einen Menschen, der ganz allein auf der Erde lebte. Es war ein Mann. Als er einst schlief, berührte der Teufel seine Brust; da wuchs ihm ein Knochen aus den Rippen, der fiel zur Erde, als er länger geworden, und aus diesem entstand die Frau"]: Radloff 1893 (1): 360 .

Western Siberia. Southern Mansi (West. A. Cannisto, 1904, b. Konda) [The Bright Husband Father (Num-Torum) created the world; there is water everywhere, fog; his son The Bright Boy (SM) leaves the sky for the middle world; blew his nose, created a tundra hill out of snot; the devil comes, tries to break hill, SM takes two loons with iron beaks out of his pocket, they kill the line; sends them to dive underground; the first emerges seven months later, the second seven years later, shakes off, rocky ground appears; its inhabitants are mortal; SM blows out, a snake worm appears, turns into a man; meets a Ruff woman; they ask each other what each came from; he is from the snot of the Bright Husband-Father, she is from black earth; she lies down, pulls him towards her, he has genitals under his arm; she tears them off and puts them in place, the man and E. copulate; E. tells him to eat two berries are from a three-leaf tree, its leathery membrane descends; they give birth to a whole genus of girls and boys]: Kannisto 1951, No. 1:2-9 (translated in Lukina 1990, No. 107:291-293).