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C8A. The millstones fall on top of each other. . (42.)

Being alone and without other partners, brother and sister make it possible to marry each other by the onset of an incredible event. This event takes place by giving them a sign to become spouses. Among such events (alternatively or sequentially): 1) millstones rolling down from two different mountains fall on top of one another; 2) swords thrown from two mountains end up in the same sheath; 3) thrown up objects are connected; 4) smoke from two fires is connected (raised by a pole); 5) two planted bamboo stems are connected by tops. See motive C8.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Qiang [9 suns are scorching the ground; older brother and younger sister escaped in the cypress hollow; when the disaster was over, they decided to lower two millstones from the slopes - if they lie on top of each other, they can marry; sister gave birth to a monster, brother cut it to pieces, scattered them; people around the house in the morning]: LaPolla, Huang 1996:252.

Burma - Indochina. Chuang (Yunnan) [the sky was close to the ground, since then the tops of bamboo have been crooked as they rested against the sky; the thunder god emitted lightning, blinking his eyes, creating gusts of wind with his wings, blows legs - thunder, an ax and a chisel in his hands, destroyed everything with them; came to visit a man named Bubo; after eating and drinking, he decided that he should collect tax from farmers; B. offered him a choice of tops and roots ; he said he was a celestial, so he chose the tops; B. planted a tarot, the thunder got rotten leaves and dry stems; the following year he chose roots and B. planted rice; the following year he chose roots, and B. planted rice; the following year the thunder promised to take both the tops and the roots, but B. planted corn and took the cobs; the thunder told his General Lumeng not to send rain anymore; B. told people to open the locks of the heavenly river, water irrigated the fields; then the thunder raised the sky higher, leaving only the sun and moon tree to communicate; B. led the people to take water from the underground dragon, but he was the thunder's brother and refused; then B. grabbed him by horns and told him to pluck his beard; the dragon gave him water; but in the third year there was drought again; the thunder sent General Lumang to repair the locks; B. climbed a tree into the sky, pushed L. into the river; one of the warriors, Qigao, warned that the thunder was going to kill people by drought; B. put his sword to the thunder's throat, making it rain; the thunder descended to take revenge, slipped on wet mats, caught and tied; B. went to get salt so that, after killing the thunder, he would pickle his meat; telling his children not to let him go, not to drink him, not to give him an ax; the thunder persuaded them (they gave him water with indigo paint, so he turned blue ), gained strength, flew out; gave his tooth, telling him to plant it: during the flood, only Fuyi and his sister will be saved; the thunder opened the locks of the heavenly river, and the dragon released the waters of the underground lake; B. swam in an inverted umbrella; the thunder wanted to hack him with an ax, but B. cut off his legs himself; the thunder was afraid that B. would be in the sky with the waters of the flood, threw off the water; B. fell with his umbrella on the mountain, crashed, his heart bounced to heaven and became Venus; F. and his sister escaped in a pumpkin (which grew out of a thunder's tooth); came out when the waters came down; turtle, bamboo: you must marry; brother and sister: if you come alive, let's get married; they killed a turtle, cut bamboo, they were reborn; Venera-B. also told them to marry: light fires on two mountains, if the columns of smoke merge, then you can; my sister gave birth to a piece of meat; they had it cut and scattered, people came out of the pieces; the thunder attached cockclaws to his feet instead of the severed feet; after the dragon's beard was pulled out, two pieces were left: his carp children had them ; Qugao has become an earthworm; when it crawls out, the thunder tries to cut it in half; if worms crawl out, it means a thunderstorm; shamans begin to know the future through turtle shells and bamboo stalks]: Miller 1994:137-150.

China - Korea. Miao [millstones, swords]; meo [objects (whetstones, needles, coins) thrown up, falling side by side]; yao [smoke, bamboo]; namuzi [millstones]; (cf. namuzi [the father learns that if he kills his seven daughters, he will have sons; he takes the girls to a shallow pond to dig up water bulbs, lets water in, everyone drowns except the youngest; she wears her sisters' jewelry; a neighbor (apparently, everyone around is cannibals) asks for jewelry, the girl gives her the condition to change beds; at night, a neighbor is killed instead of her; the girl first pretends that her stomach hurts, slowly picks up pieces of meat into her bag, runs away; ferocious dogs let her in, she throws meat, dogs stop eating it; she crosses the bridge, brings it down with her; comes to a house where they ask for help weaving hemp; the child says that parents want to cook and eat it; she runs away; the same in another house; she returns to her parents; the father offers tests proving that the girl is his daughter (let the two halves of the log roll down and lie on top of each other; let two millstones); but still does not recognize her daughter; the mother gives her cattle and rapeseed, tells her to go look for her husband; she comes to the house where she is received; her husband brings birds; does not say where; she secretly sticks a needle and thread into his clothes, walks along the thread to the golden island; the husband creates a beautiful home; the mother follows the seed trail rapeseed; the father also comes; the daughter asks if he wants to enter the golden or silver door, he replies that it is in gold; she lets him into the wooden one; the same with the bed; brings bags with him, tells him open halfway, tying the horse to your leg; snakes crawl out of bags, wasps fly out; the horse rushes, brings home only one leg of the owner]: Lakhi 2009 (1): 218-276); asi [millstones]; sleigh [millstone; needle and thread]; fox: Dessaint, Ngw√¢ma 1994:159-160 [Eyip'a came down from the sky, sowed various plants on the ground; a giant pumpkin grew out of one seed; E. began to cut her sword; two snakes came out of the severed part facing east, a woman's and a man's spirits came out to the west, a wolf and a she-wolf to the zenith, a cannibal with a cannibal to the wind, a boy Ahap'a and a girl from the base Ahama; they immediately went and spoke; E. told them to marry; told them to lower a cylindrical stone from one mountain and a concave stone on the other; one invested in the other; 10 lunar months later, Akhama gave birth to three boys; one became a chief, the second a shaman, the third a carver (sculptor, painter)], 228-229 [people are vicious; Vusa placed virtuous brother and sister in a toupie, raised them to heaven; first burned the ground, then flooded it with a flood; when the waters came down, he lowered his brother and sister to the ground, ordered them to marry; they did not dare; then V. ordered to plant pumpkins on different banks of Salwen - the shoots joined; the same - bamboo shoots; brother and sister gave birth to the ancestors of all people]; Heine-Geldern 1976 [Mr. Nebo was angry with people; gave one person pumpkin seeds, a huge pumpkin grew; during the flood a man swam in it with his younger sister; the water came down, they went out; to find out if they could marry, brother and sister lowered two millstones from the mountain, they lay on top of each other; 9 sons were born; 7 steels the ancestors of humans, and two lived in the mountains; the eldest married a monkey, the youngest accidentally killed her; the eldest married another monkey, the youngest killed her; the mountain spirit sent two girls, beautiful and ugly; the younger brother smeared the beauty's face with mud and he chose an ugly one; when he understood the deception, took a beautiful one, and threw his brother into failure, he found himself in the lower world; there were tigers, a young man shot them; a flying squirrel agreed to take it to the ground if he did not laugh at her; she had 9 tails; the young man grabbed his tail, laughed, the tail came off; so consistently with all her tails until he stayed one]: 87-88; Miller 1994, No. 3 [brother and sister are orphans; two birds told them that there would be a flood; told them to sit in a pumpkin and go out when they heard their voices; brother and sister tried to warn people, but they did not believe them; For 99 days, the sun hung above the ground, it did not rain, the earth began to burn, the foliage crumbled; then a thunderstorm began, the flood flooded the ground; when the water came down, the pumpkin was on the mountain; when the birds heard the voices of the birds, brother my sister and I went out; after the flood, 9 suns began to burn the earth, and 7 moons began to freeze it at night; the birds told brother and sister that a 9-horned dragon lives in the lake under the rock; if you get its golden bow and silver arrows, excess suns and moons can be destroyed; birds give a hammer to break the rock, silver mites grab the fish sent by the dragon; he sends three fish sequentially, brother and sister threw them ashore; grabbing the dragon by the nose with ticks, they forced it to give up its bow and arrows; they knocked down 8 suns and 6 moons from the top of the mountain; brother and sister went each to look for people, found no one; the birds told them to marry; they agreed after the abandoned turtle shells lay one horse down and the other up, the two halves of the millstone that had descended from the mountain lay on top of each other, and the brother's arrow hit sister's needle eye; and so on three times; they gave birth to 6 sons and 6 daughters; the couple left in place became the ancestors of the fox, and the other 5 were the ancestors of Han, Tibetans, Bai, and Keqin]: 78-84; lolo: Graham 1961 [two brothers cultivate the plot, in the morning this place is virgin again; they stay on guard, see an old man restore an untouched field at midnight; he tells them that there will be a flood; older brother made a metal boat, drowned, the youngest made a wooden boat, escaped in it with his sister; the sister agreed to become his brother's wife if the two halves of the grain grater lowered from the mountain meet; so did the same thing the hero tamed the god of Thunder darkness; and 8 suns and 8 moons]: 84-85; Vial, Les Lolo, p.51f in Matsumoto 1928 [the first people are brother and sister, they had no parents; before getting married, they lowered two from the mountains stone; brother's stone lay on his sister's stone; the same - two sieves; two shoes; the smoke from the fires lit on two mountains came together; the sister gave birth to a pumpkin, containing the embryos of all people]: 121; Ancient China (Li Rong, Description of the Unique and Strange, Tang Time) [When the universe was just created, Nuiwa lived with her brother on Mount Kunlun, but there were no people in China yet. They decided to become husband and wife, but they were ashamed. Then my brother took his sister to the top of Kunlun and cast a spell: "If the sky wants us to get married, let the smoke rush up; if not, let the smoke clear." The smoke rose like a pole. Then the sister approached her brother, weaving a fan out of the grass to cover her face. This is how the current custom that requires the bride to hold a fan at the wedding]: Yuan Ke 1987:38-39; Chinese (Shaanxi, wu. Lantan) [Even before Nuiwa, there was a woman named Huaxu. She lived in a cave near Huaxu Plain in Huaxu Parish, Lantian County. One day she saw huge footprints near the cave. She followed them and went into the overgrown ravine. Then two rainbows appeared in the sky, Huaxu got scared and ran away. After that, Huaxu became pregnant and gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl. They were Fusi and Nuiva. After Huaxu died, they were the only two left in the world. Fusi offered to marry Nuiva, but although she wanted to, she was shy, so she offered to go up to the top of the hill and roll stone millstones from there, and if they joined, it would be a sign that their union has been approved by heaven. Fuxi agreed, they went up to the place where the Temple of the People's Ancestors (Renzongmiao) now stands, rolled millstones into the ravine, and they joined together. Fuxi and Nuiwa became husband and wife, and those millstones still lie in the Millstone Ravine (Shimozigou) in Lintong County. After getting married, Fusi went hunting, and Nuiva raised her children at home. The children grew up and asked how they were born. Nuive was uncomfortable to say that they came from the union of brother and sister, but at the same time did not want them to refuse to marry each other later and humanity was under threat extinctions, so she said she sculpted ten of them out of clay. At this time, Fusi returned home carrying a stone mortar on his head. One child asked who it was and Nuiva couldn't answer. Fusi felt awkward, took off his mortar from his head, left and never came back. When Tsangjie created the hieroglyphs, he created the "uncle" sign (jiu, the "stupa" element above, the "man" element below) based on this story. Since then, Nuiwa's offspring have multiplied and eventually formed a large tribe, which became the village of Washicun ("The [Nu] Wa Family Village") in Huaxu Parish, Lantian County. In memory of Huaxu, Niuwa named her tribe the "Huaxu State", and this name has been preserved to this day]: Zhou Yang et al. 1996, No. 4:6-7; Chinese (Gansu, Hui Autonomous Wu. Zhangjiachuan) [In ancient times, there was a flood that washed away everything in the world. There were only brother and sister who climbed into the rotten tree trunk and swam in it for 7 days and nights. When the flood receded, they found themselves on a rocky mountain. They were hungry and began to eat everything they could see. After 49 days, they came to their senses and started looking for survivors. They've been looking for years but haven't found anyone. Their clothes decayed and barely covered up their disgrace. My brother said that in order for humanity to continue to exist, they must marry. The sister was shy, covered her face with her hands and said that it had never happened that brother and sister married. Later, they saw stone millstones, and their sister offered to take them, climb different mountains, lower the millstones down into the gorge with a wave of her hand, and if they joined, marry. The brother agreed and they did as the sister suggested. The millstones joined together, brother and sister knelt down, bowed to the sky, earth and millstones, and married. This is how people reappeared in the world]: Zhou Yang et al. 2001, No. 10:10-11; Chinese (Gansu, St. Tianshui) [In ancient times, there was only one old woman in the world, as well as wolves, insects, tigers, and leopards. One day, an old woman saw a huge trail larger than chi (33.3 cm) in the bend of the river. She thought people had two legs and was surprised why there was only one footprint. She stood on it with both feet and there was still room left. Suddenly her eyes turned dark, her heart felt heavy, and she fainted. When she recovered, she felt worse and worse, and within a few months her stomach grew bigger. Ten months later, she gave birth to a boy and a girl, and the old woman was very happy. The boy was born earlier and the girl was born later. More than ten years later, the old woman died, and her children grew up. At that time, there were no people yet, and my brother could not find a wife and my sister could not find a husband. The sister understood this before her brother and invited him to marry. The brother objected that they are relatives and heaven might not approve such a marriage. At that time, they went up the mountain and saw two grains there, and my brother offered to roll them off different slopes - he himself from the west and his sister from the east - and if they met at the foot, it would mean that heaven approves marriage. The sister agreed, they did as the brother suggested, and the millstones met. Brother and sister became spouses, gave birth to many children, from whom humanity came. Fusi's brother was Fusi's grandfather, and her sister was Nuiva's grandmother. It is said that the mountain from which they rolled the millstones is present-day Guataishan. Until now, when our husband or wife dies, they are called brother or sister during mourning, and this custom dates back to that time]: Zhou Yang et al. 2001, No. 10a: 11; Chinese (Gansu, Wu. Huixian) [In ancient times, elderly spouses lived at the foot of the mountain in front of the river, and there was a vegetable garden planted with pumpkins next to the house. They lived well, but they were sad that they did not have children. One day, a gray-bearded old man came and praised pumpkins, gave his grandfather magic seeds and said that the pumpkin that grows from them cannot be plucked, because when it is ripe, it will fall by itself. The old man planted the seeds and they sprouted a few days later. The old man looked after him diligently, and he quickly had a fetus. In autumn, he collected all the pumpkins except the one that grew from magic seeds, although they had already reached the size of a seed. One evening they heard a strange sound in the garden, went out to see what had happened, and a huge pumpkin rolled at their feet, split in two, and a boy and girl jumped out, knelt down, they began to bow and call the old people mother and father. The old people realized that this was a gift from the heavenly gods, fell to their knees and thanked the sky, and then took the children to their home. Ten years later, when the children grew up, it rained heavily in autumn, the river overflowed its banks, flooded the garden with pumpkins, and then the house itself. The old people put the children in the pumpkin shell from which they came, and they began to swim in it like a boat, and the old people drowned. After 49 days, it stopped raining and the water receded, leaving only these brothers and sister. After a while they reached marriageable age, the brother invited her sister to marry, she initially refused, but then realized that there were no other options. Then she suggested doing the following: a brother would take a thread and she would take a needle, they would stand on the tops of two mountains, throw a thread and a needle, and if the thread went through the eye of the needle, they would marry . The brother agreed, they did as the sister said, and the thread fell into the eye of the needle. The sister offered another challenge: to climb different mountains and roll millstones from there, and if they met, brother and sister would marry. The brother agreed, they did again as the sister suggested, the millstones met, and then the brother and sister married. A year later, the sister gave birth to a large, ugly and smelly ball of meat, and offered to cut it into a hundred pieces and hang it on trees to scare away wild animals. The brother did as she said, but the next day these 100 pieces of meat turned into 100 boys and girls. The brother and sister decided to name them after the trees on which they were hung: those hanging on the poplar were given the name Yang (poplar), the name Liu (willow) on the willow, and so on. Each of them gave birth to their own children, and this is how a hundred surnames appeared]: Zhou Yang et al. 2001, No. 10b:11; Chinese (Shaanxi, Wu. Mianxian) [The Jade Emperor was busy and forgot to send rain. The sun had been burning on the ground for more than 300 days. Rivers and wells dried up, plants, animals and people were dying from the heat. Sun Wukong decided to go down to earth, saw what was going on there, and reported to the Jade Emperor. He sent SU to Mother Wanma for a pitcher of clean water. She warned SU that if you pour out a drop, it would rain a little, two drops would rain heavily and three drops would rain, and you should not pour out more than three drops. However, SU thought the drought was too severe, so he poured five or six at once. The rain lasted 81 days, and the water flooded the plains and reached the mountain peaks. People, cereals and livestock died. But brother and sister lived at the top of the mountain. Their mother and father worked at the foot of the mountain and were washed away by the flood. The baby's crying reached the ear of Taibo (Venus), a star living at the Southern Gate of Heaven. She looked down, saw the flood and the last people and animals that had taken refuge on that mountain, took two gorlyons from her bosom and blew on them. The pumpkins grew in size and swam to the mountain. Birds and animals climbed into one pumpkin, and brother and sister climbed into the other, taking cereals, as well as chickens, ducks, dogs and pigs with them. After the flood, the pumpkins descended to the top of the mountain, and people and animals sitting there came out of them. Brother and sister have grown up. One day, chickens and ducks started talking and began to convince brother and sister to marry. The brother thought this was Heaven's will, and the sister was embarrassed. She invited her brother to go to the east mountain and plant a pueraria there. She herself will go to the western mountain and plant another pueraria. If the shoots of these plants meet in six months, then marriage is really pleasing to Heaven. Five months later, the shoots of the planted plants descended from the mountains and intertwined with each other. The brother asked his sister again, but she could not make up her mind. After a few days, pigs and dogs began to convince them to marry again, and the sister offered to go up to the southern and northern mountains and lower them down the millstone. If they meet, it means that the marriage is pleasing to Heaven. The millstones joined together, brother and sister got married, and two years later the sister gave birth to a lump of meat. She got angry and cut it into many pieces, carried some to the mountains and threw it to bulls and horses, brought some to the river bank and threw it to fish and prawns, and some hung peaches and plums on the trees, and some of them were brought back home and left to pigs and dogs. These pieces of meat have become human beings. To distinguish them, brother and sister gave each a name: those who were abandoned in the mountains, gave the names Niu (Cow) and Ma (Horse), those who were in the water Yui (Fish) and Xia (Shrimp), and those who were on the trees are Tao (Peach) and Lee (Plum), and those who were brought back home were Zhu (Pig) and Go (Dog). This is how a hundred surnames appeared]: Zhou Yang et al. 1996, No. 11:13-14; the Chinese (Sichuan) [Fuxi and his sister Nuiwa were virtuous; one of the immortals found out that the Jade Sovereign would send a shower, will flood the earth with a flood; descended under the guise of a beggar, F. and N. sheltered him; he gave them a basket to sit in when the flood occurred; only they were saved; decided to mold new people out of clay; Mother Earth asked not to dig a hole in her, told them to marry; N. agreed if F. caught up with her, ran around the mountain seven times, F. did not catch up; the Turtle advised me to run not after her sister, but towards her; N. in her shell broke her with anger, F. glued it together, the stitches remained; N. said that she would marry F. if they lowered the millstone from the mountain and his millstone lay on her; the millstone lay down, N. became pregnant, gave birth to a piece of meat; F. cut a hundred pieces of it, each became human; they ran away, F. and N. gave them names depending on who went where (if to the river, He, if he climbed a peach, Tao, etc.]: Riftin 1987b: 358-359 (= 2011, No. 1:16-17); Chinese (Sichuan, Wu. Gongxian) [In ancient times, there was a huge tree in the east, on which a thick branch grew westward, and people called this tree Xingfu (apricot support); in the west, there was also a huge tree And it also grew a thick branch, but directed to the east, and people named this tree Shensan (divine mulberry). The branches of these trees intertwined to form a bridge, and every morning the sun rose from the foot of Xingfu, crossed the bridge, and went underground at the foot of Shensan in the evening. There was a huge turtle underground, which carried the sun on its back from Shensan back to Xingfu every night through the underworld. This is how day and night alternated. One day, the turtle got drunk and fell asleep, so the sun did not have time to rise in the east. The turtle slept for several decades, and all this time the earth was dark. One day, a loud sound suddenly rang in the east, thunder began, lightning flashed, a hurricane and a downpour began, the mountains began to collapse, the ground cracked, and the flood began. The land was covered with water and all people, livestock and crops were under water. Brother and sister, named Fusi and Nuiva, lived. When the flood began, they climbed the Xingfu tree, and when the flood receded, it turned out that they were the only two of them left on earth. The brother said that if they died, humanity would cease to exist and invited his sister to marry, but she refused. After much persuasion, the sister decided to put up a test: her brother with a thread would stand on the top of the east mountain, and she with a needle would stand on top of the western mountain, and if his thread was threaded through her needle, they would become husband and wife. So they did, and it was a success. However, the sister still refused and invited her brother to stand again on the top of the two mountains and roll down the stone millstones: if they joined below, they would become husband and wife. The case was successful again, and as a result they became husband and wife. Nuiva soon gave birth to a lump of meat. They divided it into many pieces and scattered it on the ground, and the next morning people appeared everywhere. People, made from pieces hanging on peach branches, began to bear the name Tao (peach), and from the plum that hung on the branches, Lee (plum). There were more and more people, but there was still no sun, it was still dark and people could not farm. Then Nuiwa, standing in the Xingfu tree, told her children to ask the rooster to call for the sun. The rooster stood at the top of the eastern mountain, and turned east and screamed. The turtle woke up and quickly blown the sun from the foot of the Shensan tree. When the rooster screamed for the third time, she had already brought it to the Xingfu tree so that it could ascend. Since then, day and night have reappeared on earth, and all living things have flourished. People began to prosper, and the rooster has been calling the sun every morning ever since]: Zhou Yang et al. 1998b, No. 28:51-52; Chinese (Sichuan, wu. Santai) [A long time ago, brother and sister lived at the foot of the mountain, and brother's name was Fusi. One day, a magpie brought them pumpkin seed and told them to sow it. The pumpkin soon grew to be the size of a basket. At this time, an earthly son of a Coriary tree, ten thousand Zhang tall, climbed to the Chambers of Heaven, knocked over a vase on the Jade Lord's table, and a flood began in China. Brother and sister climbed into the pumpkin. When the flood was over, they came out of it and saw that all the other people on earth had died. The brother wanted to marry his sister, but she did not agree and offered to roll millstones down the mountain and marry only if they closed. This happened, but the sister still disagreed and offered to run around the seed and marry only if her brother caught her. They ran and her brother couldn't catch her. Then the turtle told him to run in the opposite direction. He took advice and caught his sister right away. The sister stepped on the turtle in annoyance, and its shell cracked. Fuxi felt sorry for the turtle that helped him, he urinated on her, and she came to life]: Zhou Yang et al. 1998b, No. 27a: 49-50; Chinese (Sichuan, Wu. Shuangliu) [After Pangu separated the sky from the ground, monkeys lived everywhere. Pangu was worried that they were covered in wool, walking on four legs, jumping on trees and being ugly. Soon two spirits appeared among the monkeys. They had no hair and covered the scum with leaves. They could walk on two legs, and they gestured with their hands, and all the monkeys marveled at them. Pangu was delighted to see this. He called the young man, named him Fusi, and told him and his sister to marry and have offspring unlike monkeys. Fusi told his sister about Pangu's command, but she did not agree and decided to put to the test: each of them would descend the mountain on a stone seed, and if they joined, they would become husband and wife. They climbed the mountain and made millstones for 81 days; after that they polished them for 81 days, then rolled them down the mountain at the same time, and they joined together. However, my sister still did not agree to marry and decided to try again. They climbed the mountain again and made millstones again for 81 days, and the flying sparks lit two fires; the sister wanted to see if the smoke from them would come together, and that's what happened. Then my sister agreed to marry. On their wedding day, Pangu came to congratulate them and wished them to have a hundred children - fifty boys and fifty girls - so that fifty couples would come out. They did give birth to 100 children, but they included fifty-one boys and forty-nine girls. They went to Pang to ask him what to do, but he was drunk, didn't hear it, and muttered: they'll figure it out somehow! That's how two extra boys became single boys. Since then, men have always been single; women have always been married. Many years have passed, and because Nuiva patched the sky, people got sun and four seasons. At fires that were lit by sparks, people began to cook food. Over time, there were more and more people, and there were not enough wild fruits in the mountains, and then people began to hunt. When the animals weren't enough, they started harvesting grains and cooking them. However, their shell was inedible, and then people went to look for the millstones that were being lowered from Mount Fuxi and his sister. They carved an image of eight trigrams left by an immortal passing by and began to use them to exfoliate the grain shell; they are still used today. And the monkeys have not changed since then, decided that they were yielding to humans, and went to live in mountains and forests, leaving plains to humanity]: Zhou Yang et al. 1998b, No. 30:54-54; Chinese (Sichuan, wu. Min) [The sun and moon were once sister and brother. Once the celestials became angry, a great downpour occurred in China, followed by a great flood, in which all living things died. One month invited the sun to marry to revive humanity, but the sun refused, and for a month stopped drinking and eating, and cried all day long. The sun saw that the eyes of the month were swollen like peaches, and he was losing weight day by day, and set a condition: they would climb the nearby mountains, carrying them across the cauldron, push them down, and if the boilers if they meet, they will become husband and wife. The next morning they did this and the boilers met. Then the sun offered to roll millstones off the mountain, and if they joined, they would be husband and wife, and the millstones joined together. Then the sun offered to take the rooster and chicken and bring them down the mountain, and if they met beak to their beak, then they would marry. This is what happened, and then the sun, not wanting to admit defeat, offered to take a thread and a needle, bring them down the mountain, and if the thread ran through the eye of the needle, they would marry. A thread in your ear, and the sun finally got married for a month. The following year, the sun became pregnant, but did not relieve the burden on time, and began to worry for a month. Three years and seven months later, the sun gave birth to a blood clot. For a month, angry, cut it into small pieces, blood spread across the ground, and people appeared from its drops]: Zhou Yang et al. 1998b, No. 32:55-56; Chinese (Shanxi, Wu. Pingdin) [Pangu separated the sky from the ground; the sky was held on the four legs of a sea turtle, and the earth rested on the back of the carp; immortals lived in the sky, and there was no one on earth; the Jade Lord sent Nuiwu on earth to create life; the first day is the Day of the Tree, N. created for flowers, herbs, trees; the second is Water Day, N. populated rivers and lakes with fish, turtles, crayfish; the third is Metal Day, N. populated mountains with wild animals and birds; the fourth is the day of Fire, N. populated the plains with cattle; the fifth is the day of Earth; N. began to crumple a ball of clay; the Golden Boy appeared in front of her; said that Mother Vanma sent him, she she is afraid that N. will become lazy; N. said, so she does not know what to do next; he promised to report to Mother; N., got angry and sculpted a figure of Youth, 50 of them out of clay; on the sixth day, the day of the Moon, N. wanted to lie down, but the Jade Maiden called her a lazy person; N. got angry again, sculpted 50 Virgo figures; laid out male and female figures in pairs and fell asleep; on the seventh day, the day of the Sun, she wanted return to the Sky Palace, I saw that the figures came to life; gave names to everyone, and called the couple who looked most like those Boy and Virgo Fusi brother and sister; they asked what to eat, what to eat, what dress where to live; N.: wild herbs and animals, dress in leaves and skins, live in caves; N. returned to heaven; wolves, tigers and leopards and ate 10 pairs of siblings; supportive turned the ground is carp, part of the earth collapsed, and with it 10 more pairs; the turtle supporting the sky was tired, jerked its foot, the NW corner of the sky collapsed, 10 more pairs died under the rubble; Wangmu found out, told N. to return to the earth to help people; N. tied the carp with dragon veins, smelted five-colored stones on Mount Fushan and patched the sky, cut off the turtle's paws and made supports for the sky, drove wild birds and animals away, returned to heaven; but wild animals and birds returned, ate 5 more pairs; the carp blinked an eye, the ground staggered, the mountains shook, volcanoes woke, 5 more pairs died; the turtle that had lost its paws began to cry pain, her tears turned into ice and snow, rains and glaciers killed 5 more pairs; it kept raining, the snow cover was getting thicker, the carp was getting heavier; the ground sank, the turtle's legs trembled, the sky and the land staggered, the ice and snow melted, the seas overflowed; N. sent Vanmu again; she threw her hairpin into the water, it turned into a boat, only Brother and Sister Fusi escaped; the flood was over, but the land is empty; Mount Fushan, where N. melted stones, was the highest, N. took her brother and sister there - let them multiply; they were embarrassed; N. gave everyone a millstone, ordered them to roll down the mountain; when the millstones rolled down, they lay on top of each other; the eastern and western Millstones in the Changshigou ravine are those millstones; shame will pass, and if you want to call each other brother and sister, please; newlyweds are still called that]: Zhou Yang et al. 1999, No. 9:12-14; Chinese (Shanxi, Wu. Linfen) [his parents died, the boy lived with his older sister; when he fell asleep in the cave, he heard a voice: the sky would collapse and the earth would split, he must take food and return to the cave; the boy took food and brought it with him sister; when the dust cleared, brother and sister saw a light, came to the old woman, who was knocking a thread; she put a jug of water on the fire, put half a date and a few grains of rice in it; a jug full of porridge; in the morning neither the old woman nor the hut, but next to a piece of paper with Mother Wanmu's command to marry; the matchmakers will be millstones: the brother must stand on the eastern mountain, the sister on the western mountain, the millstones will unite; when brother and sister got married, Mother Wangmu came down to help recreate humanity; she cooked porridge, boiled it, and the couple sculpted clay into men and women, old and young, tall and low, sitting, lying down, walking and running; once they didn't have time to hide them from the rain, some broke; so there are cripples]: Zhou Yang et al. 1999, No. 9a: 14-15; Chinese (Shanxi, y. Jixian) [a family lived near the pine forest, and a pair of stone lions stood in front of their gate; the wife became pregnant, but the boy and girl were born only a few hundred years later; the couple were happy and died from laughter; the children were raised by a pair of stone lions; one day a lion warned of a flood; the rain lasted 49 days; the children sailed on lions to a high mountain; the lions told me to go to the pine tree and disappeared; the brother suggested get married; the sister agrees only if they pass the tests; took a needle and stood at one end of the hole, and the brother took the thread and stood at the other end; the brother's thread went into the sister's needle; then they rolled two mountains of millstones fell one on top of the other; then the sister offered to find matching marks on her body; the sister had a mole in her right ulnar fossa, her brother in the left fossa; they got married; the sister had children 49 months and gave birth to 100 children, 49 of them girls; the father gave everyone last names; two boys stayed with their parents; named the mountain a mountain of the Ancestors of Humanity, and the area Jizhou (Happy Area)]: Zhou Yang et al. 1999, No. 10:15-17 (approximately the same No. 10a: 17-18, y. Shouyang); Chinese (Henan, Wu. Tongbo) [When heaven and earth collapsed, all people died, leaving brother and sister, who have the common name Pangu. Because they were kind, they were covered in their belly by a stone lion. When heaven and earth were back to normal, the lion told them to go out and get married. P. did not agree, but the lion offered to roll two grains down the mountain. If they join at the foot, brother and sister will marry. The millstones joined together. Then my brother took one of them and threw it to Mount Sida in Shaanxi Province. The other one is now in the village of Damo ("The Big Zorn", in y. Miyan). After getting married, P. gave birth to a child. Frightened that children would not be enough, they began sculpting little men out of clay and pairing them: they combined the good with the good, the bad with the bad ones. They were all children of Brother and Sister Pangu and called them Grandpa P. and Grandma P. Their own son was curious and asked where he came from. Grandma P. was embarrassed and went to Mount Sida in Shaanxi Province. It is also said that she went to Nanzhao County, Lushan, or Shimen Parish, Songxian County. The latter has a large seed, just like the one in Damo village. Residents there specially went to Damo to compare millstones, and they turned out to be the same]: Zhou Yang et al. 2001b, No. 2:4-5; Chinese (Henan, wu. Miyan) [there was a flood, all the people drowned, and Pangu and his sister stayed. To revive mankind, the Lord of Heaven commanded them to marry. They refused, and he sent them a heavenly spirit, who commanded them to climb the mountain and roll down the millstones from there. The millstones at the foot of the mountain joined together, and then brother and sister married. That's why we still call our husband and wife brother and sister. Grandma Pangu could not get pregnant in any way. Then the Lord of Heaven sent two turtles to earth to show the couple how to mate. After that, Grandma Pangu finally became pregnant, but gave birth to a lump of meat. Grandpa Pangu carried him to the northern mountain and buried him in the ground. After a while, Grandma Pangu became pregnant again (same). This time, Grandpa Pangu took a knife, cut a lump, and a lot of girls jumped out, laughing, talking and calling them father and mother. Grandpa Pangu counted them - it turned out to be exactly a hundred. Grandpa Pangu remembered the first lump of meat, dug it up, cut it, and a lot of boys jumped out of there, also a hundred. He thought that the boys survived because they were guarded by a hundred deities, and to thank them, he built a temple of the Hundred Deities on the northern mountain. This place is now called the village of the Temple of the Hundred Deities. When the children grew up and Pangu's grandparents married them, the number of people began to increase. Option (y. Fengqiu). An older sister and younger brother were in Tongxu County, the parents died, and the children were taken by a foster family. One day, on their way to school, they were about to cross the river, but the bridge collapsed. A turtle crawled out of the river, told her to bring her bread every day, and she would transport them across the river for it. A hundred days later, the sky fell, the ground cracked, and the turtle told her to hide in her stomach. When the children, living in the turtle's belly, ate all the cakes they had, the disasters stopped. The kids got outside and went to the mountain. Man, neither man nor woman, commanded them to marry. They didn't agree. He ordered that stone millstones be rolled down the mountain. The millstones joined at the foot of the mountain, when brother and sister married. My sister went pregnant for three years, gave birth to a meat egg, and my brother buried it. Three years later, she gave birth to the meat egg again, and her brother was about to bury it again, but heard screams coming from inside. He cut the egg, and a hundred boys came from there. Seeing this, my sister dug up the first egg, cut it, and a hundred girls appeared from there. Because in three years this egg became rotten and began to stink, descendants began to call girls "smelly girls." Brother and sister raised children, divided them into pairs, and each was given a surname. This is how a hundred surnames appeared]: Zhou Yang et al. 2001b, No. 4:6-7; Chinese (Hunan, Zhejiang) [brother and sister stay alone in the world; ask the oracle if they should marry; they roll down two mountains millstones: they lie one on top of the other; sister gives birth to a piece of meat or pumpkin; brother cuts it, people appear]: Eberhard 1937, No. 48:88-89; Chinese (Shandong, wu. Layan) [there were few people in the world; it rained heavily, it rained for 49 days, the flood began, and all the people drowned; there were two teenagers left - an older sister and her younger brother, named Gao; when the flood receded, they found that there were no other people in the world; when brother and sister were more than twenty years old, the brother invited the sister to go looking for people again, and if they met a man, sister will marry him, and if a woman, her brother will marry her; one day at the end of the world they met again and began to cry; at night they had the same dream about getting married; the same dream the next night; In the morning, a magpie flew to them and sang: "Heaven is eternal, Earth is eternal, and flowers are not eternal, bloom and wither"; their brother did not say that their marriage was predetermined by heaven; there was a rumble, a boulder lying nearby split, two grains rolled out of the crack and stopped at their feet; the sister offered to take a grain, bring them down the mountain and see if they joined; the millstones joined; the forty reappeared and began to sing: "Gao's husband and wife, brother and sister's marriage pleases the sky"; a light-flooded cave appeared in the mountain; the millstones turned into a stone gate, and many wild flowers and herbs grew at the entrance to the cave Many magpies flew in, and they all sang: "Gao's husband and wife, brother and sister marriage pleases heaven"; brother and sister hand in hand passed through the stone gate; hence the expression "cave chambers" (room newlyweds); all living people come from this couple]: Zhou Yang et al. 2007, No. 9:9-10; Koreans: Choi 1979, No. 725.1 [brother and sister escaped on the mountain; after the flood they climbed different mountains, everyone rolled a millstone; a brother's millstone lay on his sister's millstone; then they decided to marry], 725.2 [during the invasion of Korea by Toyotomi Hideyoshi (1592-1598), all people died, leaving brother and sister; after climbing two mountains, each set fire to a pine tree; the smoke mixed, brother and sister decided to marry]: 316.

Amur-Sakhalin. The Udege people [(418: the grain grater is mentioned, probably borrowed from the Manchus); the old man tells the girl and younger brother to go to a singm (a water monster that looks like a snake or crocodile, swallows people); the wind starts, they sit on the singma's back, then hide in his mouth; when they go out, they're on an island, the sea is around; the sister offers to marry; the old man tells them to push them down the mountain into opposite sides of the upper and lower millstones; if they connect, you can marry; brother's millstone lay on his sister's millstone; they have many children; a bird was flying above the water, saw an old woman standing on one leg on one leg a small island; the bird sat down, the old woman drove it away; the bird grabbed the ground in its paws, flew, threw, land was formed; the descendants of brother and sister settled them]: Lebedeva et al. 1998, No. 58:323-327:118; Manchus [Brother Dow and sister Eyun lived at the foot of the mountains; the sister is older; the father is gone, the mother is collecting firewood; one day E. and D. climbed the mountain for brushwood, tired, fell asleep, leaning against the stone a lion statue; when they woke up, they found that the food was gone; the same the next day; one day a stone lion appeared to them in a dream: "Wake up soon, misfortune will happen soon! Take everything you can carry and go away"; she and her mother came to the mountain; E. warned her fellow villagers, but they laughed at her; but birds and animals also climbed the mountain; lion: come in; birds, animals, and brother with sister, entered the lion's mouth, but the mother did not have time - her mouth slammed shut; E. and D. found food in the lion's womb; seven days and seven nights later, the lion reopened its mouth, the animals and birds saw the light and ran and flew outside; E. and D. after them; gave each animal and bird a grain to sow them on high mountains that humans cannot reach; the land is green; brother invited sister to marry; sister: "I will take a needle and I'll wait at the top of the mountain, and you take the red thread and stand on the opposite mountain; if you get a thread in a needle, we'll be husband and wife." My brother picked up the thread and thought, "The eye of the needle is so small and we're going to be so far apart, how can I get into it?" Ants, bees, and little birds promised to help; the birds took a thread in their beaks and flew to E., the bees were afraid she would see them helping her brother and circled randomly in front of her, and ants thread a red thread through the eye of the needle; sister: "This is not enough; there are millstones on the mountain; tomorrow you will lower the upper seed from the mountain, and I will lower it, and if they roll down the mountain and join together, we will become husband and wife"; wolves, tigers and leopards promised to help; one seed rolled to the wolf and he pushed him forward, saying, "I almost hit me!" Another seed rolled to the tiger, and the tiger pushed him forward, saying, "I almost crushed me!" Whichever animal the millstones rolled to, everyone pushed them down, and so they found themselves at the foot of the mountain, where a snake wrapped around them and placed their brother's seeds right on top of their sister's grain. Brother: "We should be husband and wife now." The sister said, "Let it be as heaven wants!" ; E. gave birth to ten children, but there were still too few people in the world, so she decided to make them out of clay; now there were too many people to remember everyone, and then they gave them names based on their appearance. When the little men were ready, they put them to dry in the yard, but one day it started raining and the couple hurriedly ran to clean them up. But it started raining too fast, and some figures lost their noses, eyes and ears, and some had broken arms and legs. There have been cripples in the world ever since. It is said that all people in the world have existed ever since]: Chen, Wang 1989:21-24.

(Wed. NW Coast. Bellacula [a girl steps into bear droppings, scolds bears; a man comes up, tells her to relieve her need; she puts copper jewelry under her; he does not believe, he really demands says her excrement smells worse than any animal; takes her as his wife; he is the son of a Black Bears chief; gives her lamb, then says it was human; winter goes by like one night; in spring the husband says that his wife's brother will shoot him, tells him to make a blanket out of his skin; the brother goes in front, the sister is called to carry the skin, becomes a bear if he wants; in the village he asks for bone needles, every time says that the old one is broken; the younger sister sees her inserting needles into her skin's jaw instead of her teeth; the woman turns into a bear, kills her mother, tortures her sister (something sexy, Latin); takes out her heart and lungs, hides it in his hands; brother comes, younger sister tells the Bear to shoot in the palm of her hand, she falls dead; brother and sister run, put a log through a deep ravine; Bear comes to life, chases, falls off a log; brother and sister come to the village; Toadstool and Loon send a boat for the Bear, tell crayfish and worms to bite her, she falls into the river, crayfish and worms eat her; brother tells sister to take one road, go the other by himself, if the roads come together, they will get married; and so it happened]: Boas 1898:111-114).