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C9. God is helping to survive the disaster.


God, an animal, a character warns of an impending catastrophe (usually a flood) of one of the people or otherwise helps his chosen one to escape. [most data not yet included]

Konso, Mkulwe, Old Testament, Palau, Shans, Viets, Hinduism, Maria, South Palawan, Asi, Sleigh, Lolo, Meo, Chinese (Henan), Bulgarians, Chuvash, Telengits, Udeghe, Manchus, Assiniboin, Zunyi, Western Mexican Nahuatl, Tepecano, Huichol, Cora, Otomi, Huastecs, Puebla Nahuat, Hidalgo, San Luis Potosi, Mountain Totonaks, Tlapanecas, Veracruz Nahuatl, sayula and oluta poluka, mountain poles, piaroa, oyana, chayahuita, sherente.

Bantu-speaking Africa. Konso [God is angry at the earth because it does not produce fruit and grass; one man came to complain to him; God covered the earth with water; whoever came to God built a houseboat, became the only one flood survivors]: Jensen, Gada, S.498f in Sicard 1952:65; mkulve [rivers overflowed; God told two people to bring a pair of each animal species, plant seeds, to the ship; after the flood, man sent a dove to see if the earth was dry; the dove came back; sent a kite (Habicht), which did not return because the earth was dry; people went out and released the animals]: Hamberger 1909, No. 8:304 (=Frazer 1926:194-195).

Western Asia. The Old Testament [when God saw that people were evil, decided to destroy them; but Noah and his three sons were righteous; God told him to build an ark, take a couple of animals in it; it rained for 40 days, the water flooded the earth and shirked for 150 days; when the waters of the flood began to fall, the ark stopped on the Ararat Mountains; 40 days later, Noah released a crow, which flew off and flew while the land was drained from the water ; then the dove, he did not find a place to sit, returned; 7 days later again, the dove brought an oil leaf; N. realized that the earth was dry; 7 days later again, this time the dove did not return; after the flood everyone went out, God ordered them to multiply and multiply, hung a rainbow as a sign that there would be no more flood]: Gen. 6-9.

Micronesia—Polynesia. Palau [the chief stole from heaven, brought to earth one of the eyes with which the gods look down, i.e. a star; the gods came down, only the old woman invited them, they told her to make a bamboo raft; went the rain, the flood flooded everything, she escaped on a raft, got her hair entangled in a tree on Mount Armlimui; the gods found her dead, revived her, she gave birth to five children with them, who repopulated the land]: Frazer 1939:156.

Burma — Indochina. The Shans [heavenly deities led by thunder Lingown told wise Litlong to build a raft to take only a cow; after the flood, a fire broke out on the dried ground; Linglawn cut his stomach cows and took refuge there; I found two pumpkin seeds in the cow's stomach, planted them; Linglawn burned huge pumpkins with lightning; shans came out of one, and other peoples, animals, birds, useful plants from the other]: Chesnov 1982i: 66; Viets: Vietnamese tales 1992 [three brothers caught frogs; hear them say that animals will soon gather to judge a man; brothers let the frogs go, the eldest goes to meeting with an old frog, hiding in a hollow; animals accuse each other of being guilty to man; only frogs man destroys innocently; the frog promises that there will be a flood; animals run away; the frog tells the brothers to make a raft; water floods the fire, the brothers want to fry the crab, swim to the Sun's house; the elder falls in love with the daughter of the Sun, baked the crab to black; now visible in the sun with a black crab in his hands; the raft descended on bare rocks; the older brother threw a tree trunk from the sky with two termites and two earthworms; termites and worms turn wood into soil, brothers plant rice ; the younger brother learns magic, meets an old woman, turns him into a beauty; the middle brother fell in love with the bride, carried her on his younger brother's magic horse; contrary to the warning, he let him gallop, because of this the land caught fire, mountains and the sea formed, a horse and riders jumped to the moon, can now be seen there; a pumpkin grew in the fire, brought one fruit; the ancestors of the peoples came out of it; their skin is darker or lighter, looking by the one who was more covered with charcoal; some had hair on fire, curly; taoi, vankieu, zde, sedang, banar, viet came out; the younger brother became the Spirit of the Earth, told everyone where to live and what to do (Vietu is the best land), ascended to heaven]: 174-182; Landes 1886, No. 85 [the saint tells a hundred workers to build a ship; sent the Raven to see if there is enough water in the river to lower it; the Raven became eat shrimp and fish; sent the Rooster — the same; the Pigeon — he wrote about what he saw on the leaf, sent it to the saint; the Raven decided to smear black paint so that the Saint would laugh and not punish him; the Rooster — the same but half colored red; the Saint turned them into a black crow and a red-black rooster]: 210-211.

South Asia. Ancient India (Mahabharata, Mhb.3.185) [ascetic Manu stood on one leg for 10,000 years with his hands up; a little fish asked her for help, save her from the big ones; M. placed her in a jug, it kept growing, he carried it to the pond, then to the Ganges, to the ocean; the fish tells me to make a boat, take seven holy sages with them, seeds; the flood will begin, the fish will appear, there will be a horn on its head, to it it is necessary to tie a rope; during the flood, the fish pulled the boat by the rope for many years, brought it to the top of Himavan, ordered the boat to be tied there; admits that it is Brahma; M. recreated life]: Vasilkov, Neveleva 1987:378-381; Grinzer 1982 [(Shatapatha Brahman I 8:1); Manu (“man”; cf. English man; in the Vedic tradition, the son of the solar deity Vivasvata and Yama's brother) caught a fish at the spring; she tells it to grow, she will save him in the impending flood; M. raised a big fish, let it into the ocean; on her instructions, he made a ship; when the waters rose, tied it to the horn of the fish, it dragged it to the mountain Himalaya, where M. survived the flood; he sacrificed by throwing butter and cottage cheese into the water; from which the girl Ila arose; they gave birth to people]: 106; Miller 1913 [(translation of the text from Shatapatha-Brahmana and from the Mahabharata)]: 47-57; maria (Bison-Horn Maria) [rain flooded the ground; Gajabhimul put brother and sister in the pumpkin, the pumpkin stuck to the rock; Mahapurub sent the crow to look for people; grew out of the rock banyan, the crow sat on him, opened a pumpkin; the children climbed the tree, drank its juice, it ran out, they began to cry; M. sent the crow to calm them down, but she wanted to kill the children to peck at their corpses, came back and lied that everything was fine; the same with the eagle; with the tiger; then sent a monkey; a hot rock burned her ass, arms and legs, the monkey smeared his face to black with charred hands; M. sent wild boar, told them to be smeared in the clay on the turtle's back; the boar shook, clods and splashes of earth formed land; smallpox was sent to brother and sister so that they would not recognize each other; after that they got married]: Elwin 1949, #4:30-31.

Malaysia—Indonesia. South Palawan [god Ampuq warned the young man that he would send a flood to destroy people for incest; ordered to warn relatives to make a boat; the young man sees a demon princess, takes off a tree, takes as wives; the rest of the people were devoured by crocodiles and sea monsters; after 7 years the flood ends, A. tells us not to incest anymore; people descend from a young man and a demon princess, they are like an index and thumbs]: MacDonald 1981:103-104.

China — Korea. Asye [the first couple gives birth to five sons and five daughters; brothers marry sisters; four older couples cultivate the land, find the field intact every morning; see how Silver and Gold spirits descend from the sky, restore turf; rush to beat them; younger brother and sister recognize spirits, tell them to let them go; they report that there will be a flood; older couples make chests made of gold, silver, bronze, iron; the youngest is wooden; rain floods the earth with a flood, a wooden chest floats up, others sink; Gold and Silver spirits pierce the drains into the waters with arrows; descending, the ark lingers on pine, chestnut, bamboo; at the direction of the gods, brother and sister lower a sieve and a sieve from the mountain, two millstones; both times they fall on top of each other; brother and sister marry; wife gives birth pumpkin, brother-husband cuts it, people of different nations come out and disperse on the ground]: Vakhtin, Eats 1956:33-44; sleigh [three brothers and sister plow the meadow, no signs of work are visible in the morning; untouched land the old man restores; this is the spirit of Apish's thunder; says that there will be a flood, gives gold, silver, wooden chests; the younger brother chooses a wooden one, agrees to take his sister; the old man orders to open the chests when the chicken hatches from the egg; each brother opens, the older and middle drown, the youngest in the wooden one swims further; the chest is a donkey on the mountain, caught on bamboo and sycamore; A. gives seeds, from beans bulls and cows appear, buffalo peas; the sister agrees to marry if her brother's thread enters her needle; if the millstones fall together; the sister gives birth to the fetus, cuts into pieces, they arise men and women]: Lin Lin, Ustin 1959:99-102; lolo: Graham 196:84-85 [two brothers cultivate the plot, this place is virgin again in the morning; they stay guarded, see an old man at midnight restores an untouched field; he tells them that there will be a flood; the elder brother made a metal boat, drowned, the youngest made a wooden boat, escaped in it with his sister; the sister agreed to marry her brother, if the two halves of the grain grater descended from the mountain meet; as it happened, the same hero tamed the god of Thunder darkness; and 8 suns and 8 moons], 85-88 [two brothers cultivate the site, in the morning this place is virgin land again; they stay on guard, see the old man restore an untouched field with a hoe; the older two want to kill him, the youngest stops them; the old man tells them that there will be a flood; the older brother must do an iron boat, the middle one is bronze (brass), the youngest is wooden, take a couple of all living creatures into it; the boat docks on the mountain; the animals and birds rejoice, but the Frog asks why the Raven (Crow) thoughtful; he replies that the king of heaven will raise water to the sky, and the queen of heaven will not disturb him; the animals send the Raven, the Bee, the Serpent on Goose and the Frog on another bird to heaven; the Bee, then the Serpent bite the queen of heaven; the frog is known as a healer; agrees to cure the queen if her husband promises to give his daughter for Ch'iao-mu-Shih-ch'i (younger brother); he answers vaguely, but the daughter expresses herself The desire to marry a young man; comes down to earth, they have three sons, but they are dumb and mischievous; the yellow Sparrow flies to heaven and overhears Moth saying that if you burn three knees of bamboo and they They will burst noisily, the brothers will speak; Heavenly Mother sends a messenger to grab the Sparrow, but he only tore off his tail; since then, the sparrows have a short tail; the bamboo has been burned, the brothers spoke Lolo, Tibetan, Chinese, became the ancestors of the peoples]; meo (North Vietnam): Karpov, Tkachev 1958 [two brothers were plowing the field, but by morning it had hardened again; in the middle of the night they saw an old man trampling the ground; he says that there is no need to work because there will be a flood; tells one brother to make a drum out of wood, the other from copper, take seeds and pets; the rain flooded the ground with a flood, the copper drum drowned; the younger brother and sister escaped in a wooden one; God told nine dragons to dry the ground; the water came down, but it was still viscous; the Eagle carried brother and sister to a dry place; tore off a piece and let them eat, and they They cut the Eagle off piece by piece; brother and sister threw two rafts, two needles, and two coins into the sky; God put them together, brother and sister got married; sister gave birth to an egg with meat in it; it was cut into pieces, they turned into people]: 256; Nikulin 1982e (Vietnam) [Ndo Chi created heaven and earth, 10 Suns (female), 9 Months (male), myriads of stars; Suns, moons and stars were meant to drain and illuminate the earth; 7 years there was no night; the earth dried up, NT created trees and herbs, animals, sculpted a person, breathed his soul into his stomach, gave him tongue and breath; people got hot, they did onions from huge trees, knocked down excess suns and moons; after the flood, brother and sister, who escaped in a wooden drum, were married by NT to continue their human race; meo went north, where ice and the night of 6 months, later gradually returned]: 206; 1990 [two brothers caught an old man trampling seedlings in their field; it was God Ti Lau, warned of the flood, told his older brother to sit with his wife in iron, younger brother and older sister went to a wooden drum, take cereal seeds; iron drowned, younger brother and wife rose to heaven on the waters; Ti Lau told the dragon to drink excess water; he became for this with a rainbow; the drum fell to the ground; the young man almost got stuck in wet clay; the kite picked up the drum and the brother and sister, wore it until the ground was dry; to reward the kite, brother and sister three pieces of meat have been cut off from their bodies; since then people have the back of their heads, armpits and ankles; the brother insisted on marriage; he and his sister threw two whetstones into the air, they rolled down the mountain, lay down side by side; two needles fell side by side; two coins into one place; sister agreed to marry; gave birth to an egg, they broke it, pieces of shell turned into children]: 11-13; Chinese (Henan, wu. Shenqiu) [there was a mountain on the bank of the Yellow River, a cave in it, and people lived in the cave, including Brother Fuxi and Sister Nuiwa. They went to the mountains for berries and firewood and grazed cows and sheep. One day, a large turtle rose from the depths of the Yellow River and turned into an old man who came ashore. Fusi and Nuiva wanted to run away, but the old man stopped them and said that the sky would soon collapse, the earth would crack and a flood would begin. It can only save two people. To do this, Fusi and Nuiva must bring him a cake every day and throw him into the water, and when they have 999 cakes, let them wait on the beach. Fuxi

When there were 999 cakes, the ground shook, the sky turned dark, rained, and a flood occurred. An old man appeared, turned into a turtle, opened his mouth and told F. and N. to go inside, sit there for three years and eat bread. They lived in the turtle's belly for two years, 11 months and 28 days; Nuiva asked the turtle to release them. She let me go outside. Brother and sister went up the mountain. At this time, the flood waters were flowing south and east, and there were still cracks and holes in the sky. Nuiva collected five-colored stones, stood on Fusi's shoulders and stoned holes in the sky, and then sewed up the cracks with a bone needle. This is how stars and the Milky Way appeared. In the northeast, the sky wasn't strong enough, but Nuiva didn't notice it, so now as soon as the wind starts blowing from the northeast, it gets cold. After repairing the sky, Nuiva and his brother lived in a cave. The mountain in which this cave was located was named the Secret Turtle Mountain, and the cave itself was named the Secret Turtle Cave (Xuan-yuan). This turtle was also called the Secret Warrior (Xuan-wu). They later became known as Mount Xuan-Yuan and Xuan-Yuan (Yellow Emperor) Cave. Brother and sister grew up, Nuiva got married. Fusi refused, but Nuiva convinced him that there were no other people left and their marriage would meet heaven's wishes. After getting married, they began sculpting people out of yellow clay, teaching them fishing, hunting and cattle breeding. After F. and N. died, yellow clay men elected the Yellow Emperor as the new leader. He was called the Yellow Emperor of the Secret Turtle (Xuan-yuan), that is, the Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan. Yellow clay people began to call F. and N. The ancestor of people and the Innermost Mother and say that they themselves come from the Innermost Warrior. Later, the Lord of Heaven found out that the turtle had saved people, and also gave Fuxi eight trigrams and helped Yu calm the flood. For this, he made her a heavenly spirit named the True Warlike Emperor, commanding the North to rule. This is the current Secret Warrior star (Xuanwu). Therefore, in temples, an image of a turtle is placed next to the statue of the True Warlike Emperor]: Zhou Yang et al. 2001b, No. 7:9-10; Chinese (Henan, wu. Wuzhi) [After Pangu separated heaven from earth, his wife gave birth to 9,998 children, followed by twins, a boy and a girl named Fusi and Nuiwa. Their parents loved them the most, and when the other children went to work with Pangu, Fuxi and Nuiwa stayed at home riding the stone lion at the gate of their house. One day, when they came to a stone lion, he told them he was hungry and asked for bread. After breakfast, they had a few cakes left, and they threw them into the lion's mouth. When Pangu and his older children returned home, they started looking for cakes. F. and N. told us how it happened, but the brothers and sisters did not believe it and took the stone lion to the bank of the Yellow River. The next day, Pangu and his older children went back to the field, and F. and Nyu went to return the stone lion. He said it wasn't necessary, but he would be grateful if they continued to feed him bread. They did this for 49 days. Then the wind blew, clouds covered the sky, and everything went dark. The stone lion said that the sky would fall and they had to jump into its mouth to hide. They did so. Half of the sky fell, and the earth began to flood. Pangu, his wife and 9,998 children died, leaving F. and N. hiding inside the lion. They ate the cakes they had brought him before. After 49 days, the wind subsided, the clouds parted and the sun came out. The lion told me to go outside and said that they were the only two people left, and now they needed to marry. The lion has become a mountain range, Qingfengling, which separates Wuzhi and Wenxian counties. F. and N. became husband and wife and revived humanity, they are called people's grandparents]: Zhou Yang et al. 2001b, No. 7a: 10—11; Chinese (Henan, Wu. Zhengyang) [Brother The Jade Man and Sister The Jade Maiden went to school and passed by a large tree on the way back. One day a tree told them that it was a deity, and all people were its children and grandchildren; told them to pour a bowl of rice into the hollow every day and not tell anyone about it. At the end of the following summer, the hollow lit up and mountains of rice became visible inside. An old man came out of the hollow, told them to get inside, and as soon as they were in the hollow, he sealed the entrance. When they're hungry, they can eat rice. Then the old man disappeared. After that, an icy wind blew outside for a month, and half of the people died from the cold. Then a hot wind blew for a month, and the remaining half died from the heat. A month later, the earth was covered with liquid mud and there was nothing left in the world. After a long time, the elder told the children that the land was in order and they could go out. The old man cut down several trees and made a broom out of branches, and built a round dwelling out of trunks. Tired, he fell to the ground and told the children that they would be the ancestors of the new world, and he himself would turn into flowers, herbs, trees, insects, birds and animals when he died. And that's what happened. Since then, brother and sister began to work together, planted half-eaten rice in the ground, and after a while bread sprouted. In their spare time, they used to make little men out of clay. First, they made tall men with two eyelids, then short men with an upper eyelid without a fold, then beautiful girls, and at the end, bizarre little men. After finishing the work, they left the little men to dry, but at that time it started to rain. The jade man grabbed a broom and smashed the clay men into the ditch, and then ran into the house. When the sky cleared, joyful children jumped out of the water and ran to the gate in search of their mother. The jade man told the children to wait outside and returned to the house. The children knelt down, and after a while the Jade Man and the Jade Maiden left the house, saw the children, were delighted, and told them to continue to meet them on their knees and prostrate. One girl continued to kneel and refused to stand up, explaining that she wanted to serve her father and mother. The jade man invited her to be his daughter, she bowed, and he gave her the name Nuiva. One day a monk appeared who was Buddha, and with him a young man who was actually the Jade Lord. Buddha was the brother of the Elder of the Big Tree, and the Jade Lord was one of those whom the Jade Man had swept into a ditch. The Buddha put him in a basin of holy water and made him immortal. Now Buddha took him to the Jade Man and the Jade Maiden to introduce him to his parents. The Jade Man and the Jade Maiden were delighted and became teachers to the Jade Lord]: Zhou Yang et al. 2001b, No. 8:11-12.

The Balkans. Bulgarians [God warned the widow about the flood so that she could escape with her children and her only wealth — chicken and chickens; leaving town, the woman violated the ban not to look back and petrified with the children; only the chicken and the chickens survived, God turned them into stars; according to another version, the Lord turned the widow herself and her children into the Kvachka constellation]: Belova 2008b.

Volga — Perm. Chuvashi [Tour ă told the righteous elder in a dream that there would be a flood, ordered him to take a couple of living things on the ship; Shuittan taught the elder's wife not to board the ship, before he swore, sit down, Shuittan! S. in the form of a mouse snuck onto the ship, gnawed at the hole; he shut it up with his head; after the flood, the ship landed on Mount Ama Tu; T. decided to reward the snake with delicious food; they sent a mosquito to search for it; he I tried the blood of all animals, decided that the human being is sweeter than everyone; I wanted to tell T., but the swallow managed to bite off his tongue; he attacked the swallow and managed to pinch off the tip of his tail]: Egorov 1995:132.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. The Telengits [Adu (the informant does not remember the name exactly) hunted the groundhog; he told him in a human voice to look up: the sky has opened, there are white cattle, there are ails; he tells him not to hunt, but to return home, in 40 days it will be later; the man began to make a raft, but no one believed him; it rained for 40 days, people (on a raft?) stopped at the sacred mountain Kökörü; many died]: Jadanova 2013, No. 15:165-167.

Amur-Sakhalin. The Udege people [(418: the grain grater is mentioned, probably borrowed from the Manchus); the old man tells the girl and younger brother to go to a singm (a water monster that looks like a snake or crocodile, swallows people); the wind starts, they sit on the singma's back, then hide in his mouth; when they go out, they're on an island, the sea is around; the sister offers to marry; the old man tells them to push them down the mountain into opposite sides of the upper and lower millstones; if they connect, you can marry; brother's millstone lay on his sister's millstone; they have many children; a bird was flying above the water, saw an old woman standing on one leg on one leg a small island; the bird sat down, the old woman drove it away; the bird grabbed the ground in its paws, flew, threw, land was formed; the descendants of brother and sister settled them]: Lebedeva et al. 1998, No. 58:323-327:118; Manchus [Brother Dow and sister Eyun lived at the foot of the mountains; the sister is older; the father is gone, the mother is collecting firewood; one day E. and D. climbed the mountain for brushwood, tired, fell asleep, leaning against the stone a lion statue; when they woke up, they found that the food was gone; the same the next day; one day a stone lion appeared to them in a dream: “Wake up soon, misfortune will happen soon! Take everything you can carry and go away”; she and her mother came to the mountain; E. warned her fellow villagers, but they laughed at her; but birds and animals also climbed the mountain; lion: come in; birds, animals, and brother with sister, entered the lion's mouth, but the mother did not have time — her mouth slammed shut; E. and D. found food in the lion's womb; seven days and seven nights later, the lion reopened its mouth, the animals and birds saw the light and ran and flew outside; E. and D. after them; gave each animal and bird a grain to sow them on high mountains that humans cannot reach; the land is green; brother invited sister to marry; sister: “I will take a needle and I'll wait at the top of the mountain, and you take the red thread and stand on the opposite mountain; if you get a thread in a needle, we'll be husband and wife.” My brother picked up the thread and thought, “The eye of the needle is so small, and we'll be so far apart, how can I get into it?” Ants, bees, and little birds promised to help; the birds took a thread in their beaks and flew to E., the bees were afraid she would see them helping her brother and circled randomly in front of her, and ants thread a red thread through the eye of the needle; sister: “This is not enough; there are millstones on the mountain; tomorrow you will lower the upper seed from the mountain, and I will lower it, and if they roll down the mountain and join together, we will become husband and wife”; wolves, tigers and leopards promised to help; one seed rolled to the wolf and he pushed him forward, saying, “I almost hit me!” Another seed rolled to the tiger, and the tiger pushed him forward, saying, “I almost crushed me!” Whichever animal the millstones rolled to, everyone pushed them down, and so they found themselves at the foot of the mountain, where a snake wrapped around them and placed their brother's seeds right on top of their sister's grain. Brother: “We should be husband and wife now.” The sister said, “Let it be as heaven wants!” ; E. gave birth to ten children, but there were still too few people in the world, so she decided to make them out of clay; now there were too many people to remember everyone, and then they gave them names based on their appearance. When the little men were ready, they put them to dry in the yard, but one day it started raining and the couple hurriedly ran to clean them up. But it started raining too fast, and some figures lost their noses, eyes and ears, and some had broken arms and legs. There have been cripples in the world ever since. It is said that all people in the world have existed ever since]: Chen, Wang 1989:21—24.

Plains. Assiniboine [Inktomi created everything in four steps; blue, black, white, and speckled rocks symbolize these stages of creation; separated the spirits of the day from the spirits of the night; created a man and a woman from clay, then animals; people began to kill each other, I. chose one, taught me how to make a raft; four days later, the water flooded the ground; I. chose seven waterfowl, ordered them to bring clay from the bottom, they surfaced dead. They got nothing; I. sent a muskrat, a mink, a beaver, a little otter (fisher); they also surfaced dead, but grains of clay were under their claws; I. created land from them; made a woman for a man, and 6 more couples of men and women; these are the ancestors of the seven Dakota Council fires {Dakota means assiniboine, among others}]: Dusenberry 1962:71-73.

The Great Southwest. Zunyi [old Crook prayer-stick and old woman Wrinkled Corn have two daughters, Blue Corn Girls; an old man tells Crook prayer-stick that there will be a flood in 4 days; the sign is on leaves will bloom in branches; it is clear that 4 days are 4 years; parents put their daughters in a basket, began to rattle, the basket rose to the sky {it is not clear whether in the air or with water; the girls went out to heaven, came to a spider woman; her brother is a Spider-boy hunting; he hunts birds, but they are both terribly afraid of jays, considering them Navajo; the next day the girls also go hunting themselves; they easily kill, and then they cook and eat jay; the spider is grateful; she collects webs in her village (makes a rope out of it) and lowers the girls to the ground in an acorn shell; tells them not to look up; but they looked the basket fell (but nothing happened); everyone died on the ground}; the girls collected stones {apparently drowned}, put them in a hole; all the people came to life, and the next morning the village was full of people again; nambe — Corn Girls' Children]: Parsons 1936b: 284-289.

NW Mexico. Nahuatl Zap. Mexico [a man cuts down the forest, by morning all the trees are still standing; he hides, sees an old woman raising trees with her staff; she says that there will be a flood, tells him to make a boat, take corn, fire with her; on the fifth day, the flood ends; the old woman opens the boat; the angel takes the man to heaven]: Preuss 1968, No. 12:140; tepecano [in the morning a man finds the area newly overgrown with forest; next time finds an old man; he tells him not to work, there will be a flood; we must make an ark, gather a couple of animals and birds there; after the flood, he began to live in a hut with a dog; someone cooks; he finds a girl, leaves dog skin into the fire; after 7 years, the girl grows up, he marries her at night, and Senney Stars is small; his father Sun says he warned him; since then deer have been walking l]: Mason 1914, No. 7: 163-164; Huichol: Benzi 1971, No. 3 [Huatahame works on the site; when she returns, she sees that vegetation has revived; this is what the old woman does; she says that there will be a flood, tells me to take it with her to the boat black dog; utensils will become animals, snakes, jaguars, destroy people; after the flood, H. finds ready-made tortillas at home; finds the woman the dog has become; this couple comes from people]: 185-186; Furst, Auguiano 1976 [Watákame cleared the area, the vegetation was restored the next morning; Nakawé did this with her bamboo staff; W. said that there would be a flood, I must take it with a black female with a white spot on her neck; showed how to cut down a ficus and make a box, sealed V. with her dog in it, sat on a box, rowed; after the flood she restored vegetation and animals; V. saved five corn kernels; someone is making tortillas, V. threw dog skin into the fire; the woman screamed in pain, he poured water on her; people come from them]: 114-116; McIntosh 1949 [a forest cut down by man recovers; the old lady says there will be a flood, tells me to take a dog into the boat; after the flood, someone cooks tortillas]: 15-18; Lumholtz [man clears the area; finds a forest every morning intact; on the fifth day she finds the great grandmother Nakawa; she points with her rod to the south, north, west, east, zenith and nadir, the felled trees stand up; warns that there will be a flood, orders make a box of ficus wood, take with you five corn kernels of different colors, a fire, five pumpkin shoots, a black dog; puts a person in a box, sits on it herself, a mako and a parrot sit on it on the shoulders; the water rises for five years, then falls; the box descends to the mountain, there is still water around; mako and parrots lay valleys with their beaks, water flows down them, birds divide it into five seas; N. turns into wind; a person lives with a dog in a cave, works in the field; in the evening he finds tortillas ready; on the fifth day he hides, sees the dog shed its skin, becomes a woman; he is burns their skin; their descendants repopulate the world] 1900:168 and 1902 (2): 191-193 (=1986:235-236); Zingg 1982 [Kauymáli finds food cooked every time he returns; cuts wood on the property overnight he grows up again; the old woman says there will be a flood; after the flood, K. throws the dog's skin into the fire; during the first sexual intercourse, blood appears, the wolf and the jaguar come to lick it, Nakawé (Month) them cursed]: 225-226; bark: Lumholtz 1902 (2) [like Huichol; additionally: a person is told to take a woodpecker, the sandpiper, a parrot; when the water comes down, he sends a parrot to see if he can walk on the ground; he comes back, the ground is still wet; the sent woodpecker has difficulty pulling his beak out of the wet wood; the sandpiper does not fall into the mud, the ground is dry]: 193-194; Preuss 1912:201-202, 277-280.

Mesoamerica Otomi [the person clears the area to sow beans; by morning the forest is reborn; the man hides, sees the Rabbit telling the trees to get up; the Rabbit explains that there will be a flood, tells them to make a wooden one a box for himself and his family; it begins to rain, the Rabbit also sits in the box; the box pops up to the sky; the flood ends; the Rabbit tells you to eat only tortillas he has taken with him; the man and his daughter fry the fallen animals; God sends angels to know who made the fire; The rabbit doesn't eat meat, stays a rabbit; Angels eat, God turns them into vultures]: Paredes 1970, No. 1:3-4; Huastecs: Alcorn 1984:61 [ The rabbit warns people of the flood; swims on the box in which people hid; when the box floats to the sky, the Rabbit jumps to the moon; he can be seen now, he is holding food with him - Ipomoea tubers tillacea; the moon was brighter than the sun, the rabbit darkened its light]; Laughlin 1969b [as in Alcorn]: 308; Relatos Huastecos 1994 [the guns used to work themselves; the man sent them to clear the area; in the morning he saw that vegetation revived; I found the Rabbit, who explained that there would be a flood, ordered to make a box, fit there with his family and food, take him too, Rabbit; the box floated to the sky; the Rabbit out of curiosity I climbed into the sun, but it was too hot, then I climbed to the moon; I could not return, because during this time the water had come down, the box fell to the ground, the Rabbit remained on the moon; on earth, the man and his family divorced fire, they began to fry fish; the smoke that rose colored the sky, making it white blue; the creator of Huítom ínik sent the bird to find out what was going on; it also began to eat fish, was turned into vulture, because in fact they were not fish, but the corpses of drowned people; the same with the eagle sent; then the hummingbird came back and reported; The Creator went down, put the man in the ass of a smut, turning him and his family is an otter that eats dead fish; a shank is a tail; the hummingbird is innocent and now feeds on flower nectar]: 93-99; Huasteca Nahuatl: Stiles 1985a: 102 [The rabbit descended from the moon to warn of the flood; it began to rain; a man with his wife, son and two daughters escaped; the father sent his son to see if there was food; then sent his daughters; the first, when he saw that the brother was eating carrion, became a chilcote bird ; the second came back and told; her father made her a hummingbird, her son a vulture; his children were raised by a girl who became pregnant with cedar; the Huasteca Indians are their descendants], 113 [the Rabbit may have jumped on moon when the ark rose to the sky]; Nahuat (Huasteca, Hidalgo) [a man cuts a forest on the site; finds a Rabbit reviving trees; he warns of a flood, tells him to build a floating one house; water rises to the sky, then descends; God sends the Vulture, two birds of prey, and other birds to find out the condition of the earth; they eat carrion, only the Hummingbird returns; God sees smoke, turns who fired at monkeys]: Stiles 1985b: 22-25; Nahuatl (Huasteca, San Luis Potosí) [a man clears a milpa, finds the forest intact in the morning; catches the Rabbit who has revived the forest; for a promise release him Rabbit reports that there will be a flood, tells you to make a boat; water rises to the sky, Rabbit jumps from the boat to the moon, is still visible there]: González Torres 1975:90; Nahuat northern Puebla [rabbit; flood warns]: Taggart 1983:194; mountain totonaki [man cuts trees to clear the field; Rabbit revives them at night; man puts a resin doll, Rabbit to her sticks; the man cuts off his tail, since then it has been short; the rabbit reports that there will be a flood, tells him to make a box, take food, fire, a parrot; the parrot hits its head against the sky (since then it has been red from blood), screams; so a person manages to hide his head; people turn into fish; die after the flood; The rabbit offers to fry fish; smoke is understood to the sky; the gods decide to punish people for this; earlier it was enough to look up to die in peace; now death is painful; the gods send Vulture to find out who started the fire; the vulture eats fish with man; the gods tell him to eat from now on carrion; send a Hawk to take a man to heaven; the gods turn him into a monkey with his head to his ass]: Ichon 1969, No. 1:44-46; Veracruz Nahuatl [man discovers that felled the trees are intact again the day before; the Rabbit explains that this is a sign of an impending flood; after the flood is over, God sends Vulture to explore, who eats corpses; then Hummingbird, he returns, is rewarded the opportunity to feed on flower nectar]: Williams García 1955:4-5 in Horcasitas 1978, No. A-18:184; tlapanecas [1) {both versions on the same pages, above and below}; Vulture commands man stop working {obviously clearing a plot in the mountains}, for the world would end; told the tree and stone to rise; the tree rose, there was no stone; told the man to make a box, not tell anyone climb into it; put a dog and a chicken in the same place; through the gap, a man saw how the rain flooded the ground with a flood, how aquatic creatures tried to break the box, eat a person; the water came down, the ground dried up; the chicken ( chicken) turned into Vulture, flew, creating behind {wingflapping?} valleys and mountains; returning from work, a man found food cooked; waited for a woman, threw a dog skin into the fire; the woman said that their children would not grow up now; 2) a man clears the area, vegetation is reviving again; another person tells him to stop working and make a box, put it there with a black chicken and a black dog; this is how the man survived the flood; returning from work, he finds food cooked; waits for a woman, threw a dog's skin into the fire; a woman said they won't have many children now]: Lemley 1949:76-77; Sayula popoka [tall grass in the field; old man warns of a flood]: Clark 196:112; oluta and sayula popoluka [Tata Dios runs away from Satan; asks the peasants what they sow; the first two answer that stones; theirs corn turns into stones; the third replies that corn, beans; on the third day, the harvest ripens; TD heals the peasant; he cuts trees in the area under the field; TD tells them to stand up and grow again; says that there will be a flood; tells a person to plant a seed; cedar grows; a carpenter makes a boat out of cedar; a man flees in it from the flood; after a flood, he makes a fire, contrary to God's prohibition; roasts corpses of animals ; God turns him into punishment into a vulture, his children into howler monkeys; son and daughter remain; people come from them]: Lehmann 1928, No. 2:754-757; mountain counties [man clears the area, in the morning, the trees are in place; he sees the Rabbit restore them; this is Jesus; he gives man cedar seeds, from which trees will grow in seven days, trees must be made into an ark, take a couple of animals; goes rain, the parrot clings to the ark, it hits the sky, since then the parrot's legs are broken and crooked; after the flood, I. does not tell you to eat without permission; the man and his wife make a fire, fry fish; I. sends The vulture finds out why the fire is; he joins the meal; the Hawk tells what he saw; the Hummingbird confirms; I. puts the head of the man, his wife and children to the ass, and his ass to the neck, turns them into monkeys; Vulture tells him to eat carrion]: Foster 1945a (mountain), No. 43:235-236; tsotsil [one person was ordered by the Creator or Angel to hide in a cave, destroyed the rest of the people with a rain of boiling water; a man took a dog with him; after the flood, a person returns from the site, sees the food cooked; an angel orders to marry a dog; their descendants have repopulated the land; bones in the caves — the remains of those trying to hide from the flood of boiling water; it was dusk, light came into the world with Jesus]: Relatos Tzotziles 1995:16-19.

Montagna — Jurua. Chayahuita [Kumpanama carved a canoe, threw chips into the river, a lot of fish appeared; invited people to poison it with the juice of the Barbasco vine; someone pushed K. into the river, everyone laughed over him; when he almost drowned, two people took pity on him, pulled him out of the river; K. told them to climb the tall tacon tree, taking their baked tubers with them; the flood began; when the flood all the other trees were hidden, and by Yusa's will, the tacon tree grew; night fell, the sun was gone, all the people died except the two; they climbed the tacon tree when its fruits were still green; it took a long time, the fruits were ripe, one night they tasted them and began to eat them, then threw the seeds down; the sound seemed unusual to them, there was too much water around them; after some while they picked the fruits again and ate them, then the water began to decrease; they plucked the tacon, threw the seeds down, sounded to determine how the water was leaving; then the seeds again, and they fell to the damp ground; then dry; at that moment Chinsha shouted; compose and Isa were also screaming, foreshadowing a good day; taya' and the rest of the birds were singing too, so the day really should have be clear, it was dawn; the survivors built a house for themselves; when they returned from the forest, they found cooked food; on the third day they also saw woven loincloth; one of the two brothers hid, Two loro parrots, called sha'uo, flew in, turned into women, the man grabbed one of them, the other flew away; the woman turned into a worm, and the man, frightened, dropped her from his hands; the woman turned into sha'wo again and, when she flew away, said that since the men were in a hurry, they would not see them again; told her brother, suddenly became a woman; she became pregnant, gave birth to a girl; from All people happened to her; therefore, some women are tall and others are short; if people descended from Sha'uo, all women would be short]: Shlyakhtinsky, Arodzero 2008.

Southern Venezuela. Piaroa [Chief Póman-Ichaj went for pebbles for the shamanic rattle; his wife Jiudej Tucusita heard a voice from the top of the ñopa tree created by the evil spirit of Virichaj; threw it at him with a stick; a bird in a crown of sunlight appeared; the woman said she did not throw it at her; the bird of the sun announced that there would be a flood, ordered P. and H. to put their house on the mountain (P. is marked as a righteous man who lit up in honor of the sun is fire); chiguire, tapir and otter (they can swim) escaped from the flood; after the flood, the trees are dead, except for chikle and pendare; the sun bird appeared to the couple in a dream, said that there would be so many children how many fruits were on the pendar and the same number of nipples; in the morning, sucking babies hung on the tree; the tree was covered with babies sucking milk from many nipples; V. took two fish from the water and gave them nipples, but forgot Take out the fish's teeth; these babies have bitten their nipples, they descended from Caribbean cannibals, other bariva, guajibo, etc.; H. became pregnant by the Sun, gave birth to piaroa; since then, pendare has milk but no nipples] : Baumgartner 1950:66-69 in Wilbert 1963:66-69.

Guiana. Oyana [sikale warns a person that there will be a worldwide fire, followed by a flood; you need to dig up, take cassava and other plants with you; cover the hole with a clay pot lid on top; After waiting for the disaster, a person leaves]: Magaña 1987, No. 31:40.

Eastern Brazil. Sherente [Venus man lived on earth, was covered with ulcers, everyone drove him away; only Vaikaura (V.) invited him to his house, put his virgin daughter on his knees, washed him in this position, having cured ulcers; Venus deflorized the girl, but V. did not want compensation; warned that Vaptokva would destroy people with a flood; cut the pigeon's carcass, crucified it with chopsticks, turned it into a boat; during the flood, only V. and his family escaped in this boat]: Nimuendaju 1942:91-93.