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Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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Ethnicities and habitats

D12. The food was warmed under the sun. .11.-.13.18.-.21.24.25. (.29.) .

People in the past, or people from a faraway country, cooked in the sun; or the fire owner lies that the food was cooked this way.

Bubi, Ijo, Dinka, Nuers, Shilluk, Anuak, Murle, Didinga, Wilman, Nungaburra, Cockatoo, Euahlayi, Majprat, Masingara, Abelam, Kiwai, Delta Purari, Kukukuku, Motu, Mekeo, Watut, Quanga, Porapora, Wagawaga, Vedau, Admiralty Islands, D'Entrecasteau, Mono (Shortland Islands), Tanna, Yap, Ulithi, Niue, Dulong, Toraja, Manuwa, Bagobo, Yami, (Turks), Lkungen (Lummi), Chalkomel (Cowichan), sanpual, menominee, yurok, embera, chimila, shikuani, kuiva, maquiritare, warrau, taulipan, akuriyo, oyana, shuar, uitoto, chikuna, mura, tenetehara, shipibo, kushinahua, matses, kulina, chacobo, wari, sinta larga, guarazu, nambiquara, kayabi, paresi, suya, kayapo, crajo, ramkokamecra, apinaye, sherente.

Bantu-speaking Africa. Bubi [people baked food in the sun; a man met a spirit with a smoking pipe, who brought him to the spirit village; the man received fire, brought it to people, they were frightened at first, but chose a man chief]: Tessmann 1923:89 f in Baumann 1936:358-359.

West Africa. Ijo (kalabari) [The turtle constantly deceives the Dog into giving it meat; says that enemies will come at night and kill everyone; when they hear the strange sounds made by the Turtle, the Dog and her family run away to the land of the dead; the turtle comes after him, sings an offensive song; the spirits drive both away; they throw burning smut after the Dog, which brings one into the human world; before people baked meat in the sun ; the sun was close to the ground; when fire appeared, the sky moved away, for the sun no longer needed people to bake meat]: Talbot 1932:338-343.

Sudan - East Africa. Shilluk [there was no fire, people baked food in the sun; men ate on top of what was baked, but women were raw; one day a dog brought a piece of roasted meat from the gods; people liked it they tied straw to the dog's tail; the dog waved its tail at the coals, the straw caught fire, the dog brought fire to people on its tail]: Hofmayr 1925:366 (retelling in Baumann 1936:361; Frazer 1930:121-122); anuak [there was no fire, people warmed porridge in the sun; in the rain, only one woman let the dog dry out, although her daughter did not want to let it in; the dog ordered dry grass to be placed in front of her, urinated on grass, grass broke out; said that if others asked for fire, let them give a woman a low bead; people started giving, everyone got fire]: Pritchard, Beaton 1940, No. 2:57-58 (=Scheub 2000:88); Dinka [there was no fire, people were baking fish in the sun; the dog came to the village of Juoks (spirits), asked permission to warm up; burned its tail, ran away; all the trees and herbs that caught fire along the way went out, and from abolo fire trees are still extracted by friction]: Teghaeus 1950:130; Katznelson 1968:133 (quail. Kushka 1988:18-19); nuera [there was no fire; people pushed durra into powder, moistened it with water and left it in the sun; the dog went to look for fire; snakes came to the village, which cooked food; dog asked permission to sit by the fire, picked up a smut with its tail and started running; the snake did not catch up with her; the dog handed fire to people]: Huffman 1970:88-89 (=Teghaeus 1950:130-131); murle [no fire It happened that people cooked meat, cutting it into thin layers and putting it in the sun; the grain was crushed and soaked; one day a dog saw a rainbow, ran after it to a cave with a narrow entrance; inside the rainbow lay, curled up in rings around the fire like a huge boa constrictor; the dog quietly attached a burning smut to its tail, ran, crossed the river; the rainbow did not catch up with her; the dog passed fire to all the trees, from which it is now received by friction]: Lewis 1947:135 (briefly in Lewis 1971:128; Tegnaeus 1950:135 has a retelling of this text where it is referred to as diding).

Australia. Nungaburra (NSW) [there was no fire, people ate food raw or dried it in the sun; the Bootoolgah crane accidentally caught fire by friction, showed his wife the Goonur kangaroo rat; others were told that they baked fish in the sun; the Owl and the Parrot were sent to watch them; the owners of the fire were invited to dance; they were not amused until Bralghas (Brolga) danced; everything, including The crane began to laugh; at this time, the Hawk, who had pretended to be sick before, carried away the fire light; the grass was burning]: Parker 1896:24-26 (Russian translation to Parker 1965:56-60) in Dixon 1916:284 and Waterman 1987, No. 1975 (2): 70 (Waterman doesn't say food was baked in the sun); Wilman (Perth District) [women are tired of keeping the fire burning against Jannock's evil spirits; they've insulted spirits; men tried to keep the fire on their own, but it went out; for a long time the meat was either baked in the sun or eaten raw; two men went looking for J., throwing boomerangs and seeing if they smelled smoke; came to the fire J.; there were no spirits at that time, people left the game for them to roast; the spirits were happy; picking up a spark that had fallen into the bushes, the men lit the torches, convinced them, blocking the passage with stones so that their spirits would not chased; brought fire]: Hassel 1934, No. 7:244-247; cockatoos [women owned fire and baked lily tubers that they collected, hid fire from male hunters (apparently told them they were baking for sun; then men discuss why they can't bake dead ducks in the sun); plover warned women about the approach; men became crocodiles, drowned women, and since then they have been living in water]: Spencer 1914:305-308 in Maddock 1970:183-184; the Euahlayi [The Blue Crane and the Kangaroo Rat opened fire by friction, hid it from others, said they were also baking fish on a seolnchain; people spied did a corroborie, Australian cranes (brolga) danced so much that the Kangaroo Rat and the Blue Crane burst out laughing, others stole their firebag]: Parker 1953:39-42 in Maddock 1970:188.

Melanesia. Majprat [there was no fire, the fish was dried in the sun; they asked the dem (host spirit) of the mountain for fire; the woman was bitten by the scolopendra in the place where her genitals are now; she asked her husband to rub this is the place to relieve pain, a vagina has formed; (blood?) flowed into the vessel, a child formed in it; the woman warmed her breasts with dracaena leaves, milk began to trickle from them, she fed the baby; the demo told her in a dream that her son was from him, that he would crawl into the house in in the form of a snake; the couple found a snake in a tarot vessel with fabrics; cared for the snake until it died]: Elmberg 1968, No. 13:262; kwang [there was no fire, people baked tarot in the sun; old woman rubbed her genitals, a flame broke out, she hid the fire from others; her grandson tasted baked food, did not want to eat raw anymore; the mother told her son to follow his grandmother; found them; turned her children and themselves in pigs; people brought fire from the old woman to their village]: Obrist van Eeuwijk 1992:72-74; masingar [there was no fire, people baked fish in the sun; the Rat, then Iguana, the Serpent was sent for fire, they did not return; Iguana ingua brought fire in her mouth from Tudo Island;]: Frazer 1930:35; kiwai: Riley, Ray 1931, No. 2 [Meuri ate raw fish, put it in the sun; noticed smoke in the distance; there rubbed each other against each other a friend has two trees; he sent a bird to kapia, which brought fire; since then it has a red hook]: 325; Landtman 1927 [Sído was the first to die; still in the form of a man, he tried to get out of his skin, to change it like a snake; but children saw it, and people have been dying ever since; S. reached the land of the dead Adiri; its owner Adíri lived there with his daughter Dirívo; they did not have fire if the ground was baked fish in the sun; S. married D.; all the agricultural products he had eaten earlier entered his penis, which had become long; he scattered the seed around the garden, all the fruits grew; received fire rubbing against the tree his teeth]: 285-286; Landtman 1977, No. 6 [Bidedu heard voices in the stem of a climbing plant; cut the stem, the first people came out; he gave them cultivated plants and fire, before that they dried food in the sun], 68 [Crocodile owned the fire, did not let people dry the fish in the sun; Havia received fire from a woman who burned it between her thumb and forefinger; now the Crocodile offered his fire, but was abandoned; he went to live in the water, eats people]: 61-62, 212-213; the Purari Delta [people baked food in the sun; Aua Maku's daughter, Kauu, saw a handsome young man Maiku from the sky ; came down with a thunder; told the chosen one to wait for her to return to heaven to take her property; returned again with a thunder, began to live in M.'s house; found out that people did not have fire, could not eat crabs baked in the sun; fell ill from exhaustion; her father Aua Maku saw a daughter from the sky, brought smoldering smut; var.: set fire to a certain tree, son-in-law took fire from it]: Williams 1924:257-259 ( paraphrase in Frazer 1930:40-42); kukukuku [men caught birds with glue, dried them in the sun, ate; yams gave a stove to women who had a fire in their genitals; a bird threw a fire to a man drill, he got fire; refused to eat sweet potatoes baked on women's fire, baked on fire, ate; before that, the men's bodies were covered with their hair, now they fell out; the younger brother spied, the elder forbade him to speak others; the brothers volunteered to build a bamboo bridge, told the women to go first, cut the supports, the women fell into the river, the fire in their genitals went out; the brothers showed how to make real fire]: Fischer 1968, No. 37:395-396; abelam [people baked tarot in the sun; did not have an anus or defecate, their stomach was full, they burped digested food through their mouths; the Sun did their anuses with a sharp stick; {another var.}: the Walesakitagwa woman had a fire; a man and a woman came to her, told her that they did not have anus and were baking food in the sun; V. made holes for them, gave them holes, gave them the parcel in which her pubic girdle told her not to be opened on the way; they opened, fire broke out, the forest caught fire; V. ran, extinguished it, then the parcel again, people brought the fire home]: Huber-Greub 1988, No. 8.1. 13:283; porapora [Arero woman hid in a stone ax hanging on the wall; she came out, pierced children with sharp leaves, cooked, ate; she was waiting for her, she was waiting for her jumped back into the axe, threw him into the fire, he jumped into the river; from there A., as a woman, moved to the top of a palm tree; the trunk could not be cut down, her brother Ambang was called, he hit her with an arrow, she was finished off with batons, the meat was divided, A. asked for a vagina; at night his vagina glowed, he kept it in a bag to illuminate the forest when hunting wild boars; A.'s mother did not care about his property, he killed her; met people who had grown together in two, separated; they did not have anuses, and men also had holes in their penises, A. made them; other people lived in a hole, croaked; A. taught them to speak and walk; A.'s grandmother was W.; into her vagina an eel jumped; she gave birth to a son, hid him in the sink, from there he went out to her as an adult man; her great-niece Arero peeked, pulled the eel out of the sink, killed it, cooked it, let W. eat it; she created a crocodile, lured Arero to a tree above the river, she fell, killed her; the victim's mother threw a bag of W. into the river, but she managed to take fire, a dog and a heron with her; she sailed to a place where people did not knew fire, cooked in the sun; W. secretly cooked in the house of two brothers, the dog and the heron were her watchmen; the youngest watched, W. married the elder; Unkinye came to ask W. for fire, stole it; his brothers found, released W., cut W. into pieces; the head grabbed the elder's testicles, it could not be torn off; the youngest climbed the breadtree, but threw down only the unripe fruits; the elder climbed, the head agreed get off temporarily; he threw the ripe fruit, threw it away alone; while his head grabbed him, the brothers ran away; his head grabbed the boar's face, he took it away; tore it off the trunk of a white palm tree]: Schwab 1970, No. 3b: 774-778; motu [people ate raw food or baked in the sun; saw smoke in the ocean; only the Dog swam, grabbed the woman's burning head, swam back; Snake, Bandicoot, Kangaroo, who are not decided to swim, attacked the Dog, but she drove them to the tula, where they are now (a snake in an earthen hole, etc.)]: Lawes 1879:371; mekeo [Amaka went to sleep in a boat from the upper reaches and was carried down the river at night ; he woke up, saw a vegetable garden, the owner was also named Amaka; both are glad that they are namesakes; A. from the lower reaches told his wife to prepare a tarot, he put it in the sun; A. left the lower reaches, supposedly out of need, divorced fire, baked tarot; A. from the lower reaches gave areca palm nut and betel to chew, putting a wand in his wife's vagina and moistening the gum; A. taught me how to use lime from the upper reaches, then the gum is red; A.'s wife from the lower reaches began to give birth, her husband wanted to cut her belly; A. taught her how to give birth from the lower reaches]: Mosko 1991:145; cotton wool [a lonely man ate the ground, drying it in the sun; two women came down from the sky and gave it to him cultivated plants, showed how to cook in a clay jar; she became his wife, another returned to heaven]: Fischer 1963, No. 3:138; vedau [Kapikoa's black cockatoo was the chief, consumed betel himself , he gave the servants only walnut shells; they sailed with him in a boat to some shore; went for a drink, muddy the water; offered to stop the boat while he went for a drink; because the water was muddy, I had to go far away, the servants sailed away at that time; K. went, climbed a tree near the shore; the girl came to get water; he took an image on the fruit, threw off the fruit; the second time the girl noticed the image, suggested K . get down, they got married; the people of this country do not know fire, they warm their food in the sun; K. got fire by friction, taught his wife]: Ker 1910:97-100; Admiralty Islands: Meier 1907, No. 8 (Uarwei) [Snake asked the man to cook; he began to bake fish in the sun; the snake told her to get what was there from her stomach; he took out fire, tarot, sugar cane, baked tarot; the snake went to sea for another island], 9 (Manus) [The serpent told the girl to get together with him, she gave birth to a son and a daughter; the serpent told his son to cook fish, he tried to bake fish in the sun; the serpent told his son to get into his stomach, get it from there fire, tarot, bananas, sugarcane, yams, coconuts; began to cook on fire; brother and sister met; the serpent said it was bad, sailed to another island; brother and sister planted the received from Snake plants, plants bred], 10 (Papitalaí) [brothers Morau and Morer did not have fire and cultivated plants, baked tree bark in the sun; the serpent opened its mouth, Morer took a tarot out of his belly, bananas, sugar cane, clay vessels, fire; the brothers cooked tarot in a pot on fire; when Morau climbed, he took a tarot, a sago, but also a tree that was the bones of the Serpent's tail; the serpent said it would sail away to another island], 12 (everywhere) [people warmed their food in the sun; the woman sent Osprey and Starling to heaven for fire; Osprey took it out, carried it, handed it halfway through to Starling; he was burned, smaller than Osprey; brought fire]: 653-654, 654-656, 656-659, 659-660; D'Entrecasteau [in heaven in the world of the dead, all food is ready, mixed in one pot; but pigs must be cut and cooked in the sun, because there is no firewood]: Jenness, Ballantyne 1920:146; Massim County [people warmed food in the sun, old Goga owned the fire; when cooking for ten young men, she did not eat fire, and when for herself, she took fire out of his body; one young man found a piece of boiled tarot, followed; someone who could run on a log was chosen to steal the fire; he dropped the smut, the grass caught fire, the old woman sent rain; the tail caught fire a snake crawled into the hollow; after the rain it was found, fire was distributed to people]: Seligman 1910:379 in Dixon 1916:114-115; mono (Shortland Islands) [younger brother fell behind the elder; took food and water, which is the eldest left him, climbed into heaven; married two daughters of a local chief; local people do not eat when it rains, because they cook only in the sun; the man lit a fire, showed how to cook; the elder wife pregnant; her husband did not allow her stomach to be ripped open, she gave birth normally, everyone is happy; the husband and wife went down the rope to the ground; the brothers allow them to be baked in an earthen oven; the eldest was eaten, and the youngest, thanks to the forces given in the sky, unharmed; became a great leader]: Wheeler 1926, No. 22:54; Tanna [the first ancestors of kapiel stones did not know fire, reed roots, ferns and wild fruits were prepared in the sun; Kooman sat in the shelter to shoot pigeons; the dove sat on his arrow, became a Penoa woman; K. brought her into the house; his mother was convinced that her daughter-in-law was not a spirit because her face was painted; P. refused to eat dried rhizomes, said that she had a middle name Naunum ("food"); in the morning she went across the sea to her country for cultivated plants; when she went, the water parted, closed again; came back, bringing yams, tarot, bananas, coconuts, breadfruit, chickens, sugar cane and hot coals, cooked chicken and yams on fire; mother and son set up a vegetable garden, gave plants to neighbors; one day P. and K. went to visit, leaving their daughter in the care of her grandmother; the girl burst into tears, her grandmother put her on her knees, and she peed herself, the old woman scolded her; P. felt it, took her daughter, went across the parting sea to an unknown island; the daughter then returned, from her - the descendants of K.]: Bonnemaison 1987:87-89.

Micronesia-Polynesia. Yap: Christian 1899 [people baked yams in the sun; asked the heavenly god Yalafath for help; Dessra thunder fell from the sky, stuck in a breadtree; Guaretin was just baking yam, rescued D.; he taught her how to make fire by friction, make and burn clay pots; to make fire, I put tupuk wood sticks under my arms, they were filled with heat, now they are used to produce fire]: 320 (quoted in Frazer 1930:90); Mitchell 1973, No. 69 [Gilwaay returned home, found out that his brother had died, was buried with a lut shell bracelet; G. decided to return the bracelet; cut the boat out of the barrel; while he was cutting, Lanman was collecting chips for his hearth; G. demanded that he go with him now; L.'s parents taught him how to deceive G.; he ate a lot of coconuts on the boat, vomited, vomited red; G. decided that he fell ill, told him to be thrown overboard; L.; swam home; on the way, the rest of G.'s satellites died, were left alone; he and G. sailed to the rock; G. wondered, said that it was necessary to climb it up; satellite - what go west; the satellite left, G. saw blood, a monstrous crab lived on the other side; G. himself reached the eagle's nest, which was flying to heaven; sat on an eagle; when he was in the sky, he threw hidden pieces of fish , the eagle went down for them, G. jumped; in the sky, Gudubwo left the stove in the sun seven portions of food for her sons (they did not know the fire in the sky); G. stole one; Gudubvo distributed portions, the youngest did not have enough; she She waited and grabbed G.; said she saw his brother pass by, he was the last; hid G. from her sons under one of her long breasts; then said that G. was her youngest son; ordered not pick up a stone near the house; at first G. did not see the spirits passing by; Gudubvo made him see them; G. grabbed his brother's hand, but centipedes and ants began to bite him, he let go of his hand, a bracelet returned to spirit; the next day he did not let go, received a bracelet; picked up a stone, saw his parents below; began to cry, ask to go home; Gudubvo realized that he had violated the ban; tied him to his hands roosters; told her heels to be tickled when she falls asleep; kicked, he fell into a hole, sat down on roosters; returned home; today's roosters come from those heavenly ones]: 98-202; Müller 1918, No. 75 [there was no fire, a Deneman woman was baking a tarot in the sun; a thunder in the form of a dog fell to the top of the pandanus; asked the woman to lower it, he was afraid of scratching himself against the thorns; saw her tarot, asked, she asked gave it raw, he put it under his arms, returned the baked goods; he also dried pieces of wood under his arms, made a fire drill; then taught him how to sculpt and burn clay vessels on fire; a woman with two of her children hid the fire from people, using it only at night; people followed the woman, took the fire; paid her for pots but not for the fire]: 604-607 (paraphrase in Frazer 1930:90-91); Uliti (Caroline) [Having been refused by the bride's relatives, Haluwai ordered the servants to sail the boat; six died, H. and the last one sailed to the tree - the supports of the sky; the trunk branched; H. sent the servant one by one the lizard cut the trunk in half; then he climbed differently to the giant bird's nest; hid under its feathers, flew on it; seeing an island below (in the upper world), threw a pebble to make the bird went down to grab him; jumped to find an inhabited island; a blind old woman bakes a tarot in the sun; H. secretly takes her tarot; confesses when she says her cannibal sons are coming; H. cut through her eyes with spicy grass, she saw the light; taught her how to bake tarot (on fire); she hid it under her chest; her sons are also grateful to H.; the old woman does not tell X. to lift the mat in the corner of the house; he picked it up, through the hole saw my village on Fr. Yap; the old woman threw it there in the box; now it's a rock; H. marries his fiancée; the excrement of the old woman's rooster with her became yams]: Lessa 1980, No. 25:8-11; Niue [Maui is surprised that his father is soft food; he advises to hold food in the sun; this does not help; M. pretends to be sleeping; when his father gets up in the morning, comes to a hole in the ground, descends into their world, M. follows him; there fire; the father attacks him, M. runs, carrying the fire; the father sends a downpour, but the fire on the banyan has not been extinguished; therefore, his wood is used to make a device for obtaining fire; Father M. cursed three types of fruit that became bitter, and the red banana, which became not straight, but saggy]: Loeb 1926b: 212-213.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Lepcha [there was no fire; it was owned by blacksmiths in Mashyok Matel's demon land between heaven and earth; Tarbong wanted to marry, but Komisithing told him that he should cook boiled first rice and millet; T. is afraid of demons, so K. gathered all living beings and asked who would get the fire; the Kahryok Fo bird volunteered, flew to the blacksmith, took her head, and began to peck chestnuts on the way back, the head fell, a huge fire broke out; since then this bird has short feathers and a black head in front; then an insect flew (something like a wasp or a flying grasshopper?) ; in the forge, it lay on its back and the whole house turned upside down; for promising to restore the house, the blacksmith allowed fire; the insect took a smut in his mouth, and the blacksmith put flint and tinder in his ass; smut the insect dropped (it has been black since then), but it brought tinder and flint, rice and millet were cooked]: Gorer 1938:482-483; dulong [Nishan had a tail and wings; took food from people, ate in a tree; there took the girls away; people asked him to go down to the roof, hang his tail, grabbed his tail, killed him, threw his tail into the river, N.'s body swam, the river dammed, the flood began; brother and sister were collecting mushrooms went higher and higher up the mountain, where there were more mushrooms; only brother and sister, as well as two snakes, survived; brother and sister wanted to throw them into the water, but the snakes warned that then they would die themselves; therefore snakes exist; the water came down after 9 days and nights; brother and sister went in different directions but found no people; there was no fire, sister baked meat in the sun and brother ate raw; while going to bed, brother and sister they left a cup of water between them; but the cup moved by itself; they decided to marry if nine rivers flowed in the morning (they flowed); they gave birth to 9 boys and 9 girls, who got married; their father told them to shoot an archery; the first was the eldest, the couple went to China, became the ancestors of the Chinese, the second to the Tibetans, the third to the Dulong; they shared the songs, the Chinese and Tibetans carried them away in bags, but the Dulong did not know how to sing; Dulong said that his A horse is a stick, so dulongs don't have horses]: LaPolla 2001:28-35

Malaysia-Indonesia. Western Toraja [people living in the east are burned to black by the heat of the sun when it enters the world through the east door; they use the sun's heat to bake bananas; if The sun delays sunrise, which means that those people delay it before they have enough time to bake the fruits; they eat them all day; the sun guards make sure that fish do not swallow it, so they feed them grasshoppers; the sun is trying to swallow a shark, it is visible as the constellation Shark; to avoid falling into its mouth, the Sun deviates north and then south]: Kruyt 1938, No. 21:368-369; eastern toraja [The sun enters the world through the eastern gate, leaves through the western gate; the eastern ones have dwarfs; they have neither food nor fire; at sunrise they buy unripe bananas from the Sun and give them to their own children; they must catch bananas in the sunny heat, otherwise they will be left without food all day; var.: Giants live at the eastern gate, whose babies are the size of an adult; once parents threw it away the baby grew up in the forest; a giant sea eagle sat on a tree; the young man sat on his spur, which brought him to the giants in the east; they kept him, he lived with their girl, became pregnant with her, she grew up , became much larger than him; the young man saw giants use the moment of sunrise to bake bananas]: Adriani, Kruyt 1950, No. 4:373-374.

Taiwan - Philippines. Yami [after the flood, there were his ancestor grandfather, whom the supreme god threw from heaven to earth at the beginning of time, and his grandson and granddaughter; first there were two suns, their heat was enough for cooking; All that was left was left, brother and sister started looking for fire; along the way they found various animals and plants, then saw spirits on the reef; one cooked a clam on fire, taught them how to use fire]: Benedek 1991; manuva [when the sky was still close to the ground, people ate bark, cooked in the sun, made bamboo vessels; god Tumanod taught how to make ceramic vessels; the sky rose, food remained in the sun half-baked; then god Pamuligang taught to get fire by rubbing and carving]: Eugenio 1994, No. 192:325-326; bagobo [people living where the sun rises ("at the door of the sun") are very black; up At noon, they hide in a hole to escape the heat of the sun, leaving vessels with rice ready for cooking; by noon, the rice is cooked, they get out, eat it, work]: Benedict 1913, No. 6:18-19.

(Wed. Caucasus - Asia Minor. Turks [the bragger hunter fires an arrow through his wife's earring every night; he really only hunts hares; the neighbors dressed up the boy as a bear, the hunter is frightened; the old woman advises his wife send a hunter to an Arab beyond Mount Kaf, who supposedly shoots better; the lioness guards the gorge; the old man gives magic bread to tame it; the hunter throws pieces to the lioness, the birds, the dragon; the Arab is monstrous giant; the hunter ran away from him, threw bread to the diva, who hid it in the hollow of his tooth; told the Arab that he did not see anyone, he went back; the diva tells him who broke his tooth; there were 40 brothers; they were met a giant who is knee-deep in the sea; he caught whales, cooked them in the sun, swallowed them; chased his brothers, killed several, and broke the narrator's tooth with a stone; the hunter swore that there would be no more brag, received diamonds and gems from the diva; the firebird brought him home; he lived happily with his wife]: Aganin et al. 1960:80-85).

The coast is the Plateau. Lkungen (lummi) [people cook under the sun; girls sing all day long, Cook fast! ; Shelas converter teaches how to produce fire by friction]: Clark 1953:147-148; Stern 1934:108-109; Halkomel (kovichan): Boas 1895, No. 1 [Kels descends to earth; travels, turning people into animals (crows, seagulls, blue jay, etc.) and stones; man sharpens shells; answers that he makes spear tips to kill K.; he turns him into a deer, shells into ears; a group people fry fish in the sun; K. teaches them how to make fire by friction]: 45-47; Harris 1901 [people ate meat raw or dried it in the sun; the climate has become colder, fire is needed; the bird gives fire to a good woman]: 10 -12 in Clark 1960:23; sanpual [before fire was stolen from heaven, food was eaten raw or warmed in the sun]: Clark 1953:189.

The Midwest. Menominee [see motif K23, K50; early in time, a single woman and daughter dig roots; they don't have fire, they bake roots in the sun]: Skinner, Satterlee 1915, No. 1:239-241.

California. Yurok [all food was cooked on rocks in the sun; people came up with a fire drill to be able to cook at night]: Kroeber 1976, No. P2:363.

The Big Pool. North Piute (Owens Valley) [people cook meat on sun-hot black rocks; Coyote sees ash flying in the air; tries to jump high, falls; Eagle, Hawk can't fly high enough; the raven takes off, sees fire behind the mountain in the west; the Coyote takes the form of a girl, comes to dance with the fire owners; lets his hair catch fire, runs away; takes the baton the flame Eagle, Hawk, Rat; The Rat gives it to humans]: Steward 1936, No. 9:370-371.

The Northern Andes. All kinds of food. Embera (chami): Reichel-Dolmatoff 1953:162-164 in Blixen 1994:20; chimila [people cooked on a rock in the sun; enemies across the river had fire; the shaman turned into a toad, swam across the river, swallowed fire, swam back, spit it out, remains a toad; toads cannot be killed]: Reichel-Dolmatoff 1945, No. 6:8.

Llanos. Sicuani: Wilbert, Simoneau 1992, No. 41 [Maltoni, MS; people baked meat in the sun or ate raw; the man noticed that the old man has fire; he does not allow him to come close to his fire; people They send the Woodpecker to steal the fire; he asks for permission to warm up, takes away the smut; the old man caught up with him, turned him into a woodpecker; the same with the Parrot, Mako, Capybara, Paka, the Mouse; the Winter Parrot (flies very fast) took the fire away, the old man did not catch up with it; then he taught people to make fire; he says to himself that there will be a flood, we must make rafts, load supplies; the Rabbit overhears, tells people that they do not believe him; only the family that stole the fire makes a raft; rain, thunderstorm for several days, those who did not believe drowned; those who escaped the flood were cold, so they spoke different languages; that old man was Nakuënni, God], 42 [Ortiz 1982:146-148; the woodpecker owned the fire, the others ate raw food; the fish were baked on rocks in the sun; the man sent the Pigeon to steal the fire; the Dove carried the coal, but the Woodpecker caused rain, it poured for 10 days, the fire again went out; a person dreams of a water snake {obviously an anaconda}; contrary to his wife's advice, he goes to the lake; reeds and cassava come out of the water; Anaconda falls from a tree, calls the man a brother-in-law, asks to be brought to the shore; warns that his sisters stink, but the aroma must be praised; Anaconda father is happy, teaches how to make fire by friction, gives reeds for arrows, bananas, cassava, tells us to plant it all , do not give to others; but others stole what they had brought from Anaconda; he gave a few more times, then stopped giving]: 182-187, 188-189; Kuiva: Wilbert, Simoneau 1991, No. 19 [owned a fire drill the creator of Namun; people ate raw food, dried it in the sun; the dove stole fire from N.; fire was the son of N.], 49 [Namun owned fire; he did not give it to others, for Fire was his son; people ate meat and fish raw, tried to dry it in the sun; the woodpecker was the first to take the fire away, N. caught it and took the fire away; the pigeon took it away again, hid in the hollow, then brought it to the village; N. ordered people to feed their son-in-law well], 51 [with fire Namun owned, people dried meat in the sun; Woodpecker failed to carry the fire drill, the Pigeon succeeded], 52 [the children cried when they ate raw meat dried in the sun; the woodpecker failed to carry the fire drill, Dove succeeded, he hid from the chase in the hollow], 53 [Namon owned the fire; people ate meat raw or dried it in the sun; N. did not want to give up the fire drill, considering it his son; further as in (52)]: 40 -41, 96-98, 100-101, 102-103, 104-105.

Southern Venezuela. Makiritare [people eat raw food; Kawao Toad, wife of Jaguar Manuwa, spews fire from her mouth, then swallows; tells her husband she cooked in the sun; finds two fish eggs, from which brothers Iureke and Shikiemon are born; they do not believe that an imaginary mother cooks in the sun; they dive into the river, their real mother Uio (The Great Serpent killed by birds) tells them the truth; I. spies on K. making fire; brothers kill K., put fire in trees]: Civrieux 1960:120; 1980:55-61

Guiana. Varrau: García 1993, No. 20 (option 1) [people lived in the sky; the hunter's arrow pierced a hole, fell to the ground; he went down the rope, he liked the ground, but there was no fire, he cooked eating in the sun, which was hotter than the current one; sent a parrot to bring fire from the Toad; he pecked her, but only burned its beak; the man climbed a tree, threw fruit on the Toad, it began to smoke; threw off a heavy a bunch, she crushed it, fire all over the earth; the man returned to heaven, called the others to go down to earth; when his pregnant wife climbed, she got stuck in a hole; people behind her began to beat her, push her, her gut fell out, now she can see it's the Morning Star], 20 (option 2) [fish and starch were baked in the sun, which was hotter than it is now; the fire was owned by a woman, she did not give it to anyone if anyone approached, swallowed; she was invited to the forest for rare and tasty fruits; the man began to throw fruit from her tree; threw off a heavy bunch, she crushed it, the fire came out of the woman, penetrated the trees; now from them it is received, it does not go out]: 90-91, 92; Wilbert 1970, No. 166 [(Roth 1915:133); see motive J16; a woman enters the house of an old frog Naniobo; she asks to remove her poisonous lice, warns don't bite them; the woman bites, dies; the frog pulls twins out of her belly; teaches them how to cook fish in the sun; one of the brothers turns into a lizard, watches her, sees her spits out fire, prepares starch, taking it out of the scratches on her neck; the brothers tied the old woman on the site, covered it with brushwood; the fire from her body passed into the trees, from which it is obtained by friction], 190 [people cook in the sun, only the Toad owns the fire; swallows it; The parrot carries the coal, it goes out along the way; a woman with two sons follows her father; the mother promises her to close the Toad's path; the Toad opens her path, closes her father's path; because of the fire of the Toad, the trail is getting hotter, so the woman puts the twins in her stomach; the Toad asks the woman to clean her of fleas, tells her not to bite through them; she bites falls dead; two jaguars living at the Toad devour it; the Toad brings up twins found in the mother's womb; they throw fruit from the tree, the Toad picks it up; the Lizard advises to abandon the fetus unexpectedly; the Toad before he gets ready, it explodes, the fire spreads in the world; one brother turns into a star, the other into a snake], 209 [The toad swallows all the fire; people cook fish in the sun; the man sheds for the Toad, fruits from the tree; throws a heavy bunch at it, the Toad explodes; since then, the fire in the wood]: 360-361, 440-441, 485; taulipan [the fire was owned by the old toad Pölinosamóng; when bent down, a flame flew out of her ass; people baked manioc cakes in the sun; one girl peeked; the Toad assured her that she had no fire; people put her on a pile of brushwood, pressed, and the fire blazed; he turned into flints, from which it is now extracted]: Koch-Grünberg 1924, No. 23:76; akuriyo [people were sick of raw meat dried in the sun; The Vulture gave them fire]: Jara 1990:83; oyana: Coudreau 1893 [a group of dancers descended from the heavenly village, including White, covered with boils; left at dawn, White stayed, recovered, did not communicate with people; rain flooded the ground by the flood, Bely took the boy and girl to the mountain; then the children boarded the boat, and Bely returned to heaven; after the flood he told them to build a house; the children grew up; the young man comes to White in heaven; they bake meat there and cassava on a rock in the sun; the sister also comes and finds a house with cassava cuttings as pillars; White shows cassava making utensils, instead of a juice push-up bag, an anaconda, manaret - wasp swarm; a piece of wood is a ball of snakes; then the objects took their normal form, a piece of wood fired; White sends brother and sister to the ground, giving cassava, yams, bananas, etc.; a piece of wood burns itself (the origin of fire); men and women come out of the two halves of the calebasa; brother and sister attach the feathers of the macaw parrot to their shoulders, fly forever to heaven to White; all three are seen as constellations; White - Atacassi, boy - Mopére, girl - Quélépo]: 549-552; Magaña 1987, No. 16 [everyone goes to dance, left in the village covered with ulcers; the monkey gives him a drink made from the fruits of the genipa, the ulcers disappear, his body is covered with drawings; at the dance, his wife does not recognize him; the monkey sits down with him and his son in a stupa, causes a flood; they wait for him in a tree, then go down a rope from wakalimë bird excrement; there is no fire, they cook fish in the sun; the old toad steals fish, owns fire, keeps it in its ass; the owl steals the coal, it goes out; the bird says that the Jaguar killed them (who?) mother; they invite the Jaguars to dance, knock down the roof of the house on them; one escapes]: 37.

Western Amazon. Shuar [people cooked in the sun or under their arms; Takea had the fire; his wife finds a frozen Hummingbird, brings him to bask; he carries the fire on his tail, puts it in the trees]: Barrueco 1988:33.

NW Amazon. Whitoto: Preuss 1921, No. 2 [see G5 motif; cassava used to be baked under the arms, under the knee, and in the sun; girl rejects grooms; Sikire Buneima (B. - aquatic mythical creatures) unnoticed She fertilizes her when she is sitting on a trough; she gives birth to a boy who turns into a huge tree; all cultivated plants and roots are edible on its branches; the woman bakes them under her arms and under her knees, brings parents; people stop eating crushed stones, white clay and rotten wood; they cut down a tree; a night bird, the mistress of the fire (Dormilón, apparently, a nightjar) tells the children to collect brushwood, sets it on fire, spewing fire from her mouth; baked cakes and left, taking the fire; so several times; the children answered their parents that they had baked themselves in the sun; then one boy hid the coals in a pot, people got fire; now the fire mistress lives in the hot coals of the hearth]: 57 [summary], 188-199; San Roman 1986 [cooking cassava]: 118; chikuna [no cultivated plants; the old woman noticed how leaf cutter ants carry something white; she liked the smell; following the trail, she came to the river channel; on the bank there was a tree, yam, sweet potato; fruits in the form of sweet cassava tubers fell into the water; she baked cassava under her arm, then dried it in the sun; her grandchildren Dioy and Epi came to visit, she did not tell them where the cassava came from; her friend Bacurào kept the fire in his beak; with him the old woman no longer baked food under her arm, but cooked on fire; answered those who asked what she was baking in the sun; when he heard such an answer, Bacurào laughed, the fire blazed from his beak; people forcibly opened it to him the beak, since then it has been wide; people have found the tree, knocked it down and uprooted it; the deer picked up the shoots of cultivated plants, hid it in the basket; D. called the Deer to pick up the poisoned fish, said he was leaving, He himself turned into a tree above the river; the deer hung the basket on its branch, D. carried it away; the basket contained the tubers, shoots and seeds of all cultivated plants]: Nimuendaju 1952:130-131.

Central Amazon. Mura (piraha) [in the second lower tier of the world is a corpulent woman Eohoe with small eyes, a huge vagina with blond hair all over her body; she has all her fingers rings she steals from sleeping people; she does not match men, but conceives and gives birth; eats bananas, piranhas and river dolphins; has no fire, but cooks in the sun; everything she eats - red; for this purpose, it colors the products in uruku red; there is a big river and the land is white; in small lakes, water is almost like honey; there is eternal day and hot sun]: Gonçalves 2001:159-160 .

Eastern Amazon. Tenetehara: Nimuendaju 1915, No. 3 [people cooked meat in the sun, vultures owned the fire; people killed tapir, vultures flew to the smell of rotting carcass, took off their feather clothes, and bred fire, they began to fry worms; people rushed to the fire, but the vultures managed to carry it away; then they built a hut, the old shaman hid in it; when the vultures rushed to their robes out of alarm, the shaman took it away smut, put fire in the trees from which it is now extracted]: 289; Wagley, Galvão 1949, No. 4 [there was no fire, the meat was baked in the sun, it was closer to the ground; Vultures roasted on fire; Maira turned into a dead deer, the vultures flocked and began to fry it, M. jumped up, but the vultures managed to carry the fire away; then M. became a dead tapir; the Vultures made a fire, began to peck at the tapir; when the coal was at hand, M. grabbed it, hid it in a uruku stick; from there people now get it]: 133.

Montagna - Jurua. Shipibo: Eakin et al. 1986 [all food; the sun was closer to the ground]: 36; Bertrand-Rousseau 1984 [see motif B36; shipibo cook meat in the sun, the sun was closer to the ground; harvest wild fruits; the Inca has corn, bananas, cassava; people (=birds) kill it, get colorful plumage]: 215-222; Gebhaert-Sayer 1987 [after the flood, the sun rose higher, became impossible to cook in the sun], No. 3, 24, 34:49, 348, 372, 383; Roe 1982, No. 10 [fish]: 68; cachinahua: Ans 1975:74-83; Capistrano de Abreu in Tastevin 1926 [see motif B36; old woman Yauchiku Nava owns fire and cultivated plants, its gardens are guarded by wasps, scorpions and snakes; Kashinahua roasts meat in the sun; the ancestor of little black-headed parrots began to cry plaintively near YAN; that threw coal at it, thought it was extinguished; the parrot brought coal to people, its beak turned black; people made a fire; YAN began to hit the bone of the creature that had drowned in the flood, it began to rain; bird people they spread the thieves, saved the fire]: 164-166; matses [before the appearance of cultivated plants, people ate clay; there was no fire, clay resembling manioc flour was baked in the sun; the pauhil bird (Mitu tomentosa) gave people cassava, babans, corn, peach palm and other cultivated plants]: Erikson 1994:80 (retelling in Matusovsky 2019:249); kulina [two brothers flee a tree from the flood; they throw one amulet down, it goes with the flow; they throw another, he makes a hole in the ground, the waters go through it, the earth dries up; first the brothers bake bananas and meat in the sun; then the grandfather An owl brings fire]: Adams 1962, No. 18:139-142.

Bolivia - Guaporé. Chacobo: Bossert, Villar 2002 [old Ashina owns cultivated plants and fire, people eat meat raw or dry it in the sun; A. gives them only cooked corn, crushed cassava; tareche (parrot?) warns her when every thief is approaching, she puts a person in a basket, cooks, eats it; The cricket steals a seed, brings it to people, and grows out of it a huge stem with cobs of all kinds of corn, they are current; the tareche bird carries coal in its beak, the beak is burnt, it has become shorter; A. sends a storm with rain, but the fire did not go out; the old man gave fire to every family; A. cooked and ate every son; She left one, his name is Virika; he got married; A. ate her grandchildren who were born; V. tries to hit his mother with an ax, arrows, her body is like a stone; V. arranges a holiday, birds take him and his wife to heaven ; A. longs; people push it into a hole, it turns into an armadillos; those who laugh and scream have become birds and animals; colored uruku have red feathers and wool; the anteater made a tail out A.'s brooms; the battleship's shell from her basket, turtles from the shard of the vessel; those who did not laugh dug up and took cassava A.]: 368-369; Kelm 1972, No. 2 [the old woman owns corn, cassava and other crops plants; The parrot guards, whistles, the old woman comes out, grabs trying to steal plants, cooks, eats her; she cannot be killed, because the body is like a stone; The cricket made a mink, took away a grain of corn; from the seed grows a stem, all kinds of cobs are ripe on it; there was no fire, people cooked in the sun; A parrot stole coal from the old woman, her beak was burned; to steal cassava, people dug a ditch, an old woman fell into it, became burgos (Momotos sp.); everyone who entered her house and took something became animals; the anteater took the broom, it grew up, became its tail; the battleship took the basket, the shell; who went to the plot remained human, they dug up cassava tubers for themselves]: 219-221; wari [the old woman owns fire, gives a little in exchange for fish and game, eats them raw; people try to bake food in the sun, but they they only rot; (they steal fire), climb the vine into the sky; the old woman's two grandchildren hide in a tree hut, shoot birds, throw them down, the old woman devours them raw; they tell one bird to separate them away; at this time they go down, fry the bird, eat; they return to the tree, the old woman climbs after them; they turn into woodpeckers, fly to their father in heaven; she climbs the vine into the sky; grandchildren let piranha gnaw vine; an old woman falls into her fire, turns into jaguars, ocelots, jaguarundi, foxes; people throw seeds from the sky, trees grow, people jump on them from the sky; decide to become animals; remember that the fire has forgotten in the sky; two boys have not yet descended; become partridges, swallow fire, fly to the ground; Peen kills partridges, pulls out fire, swallows himself, turns into a big frog (from the Anurans family); boys come to life when they become human again, others converted also regain their human appearance; people cook in the sun, only P. roasts meat; emits fire, when the winds blow; the frog shaman swallows a spark, fires people; P. curses them, promises that children will die and people will fry them (the custom of endocannibalism)]: Conklin 1989:577-583; synth larga [people roasted meat on rocks under the sun; Ngurá explained how to get fire, make clay pots]: Leonel Queiroz et al. 1988:27; guarazu [people cook in the sun; alone the man pretends to be dead, the vultures flock to fry it; the white vulture Uruvushi brings fire; the man jumps up, but the vultures have time to pick up the fire; the little toad hides a few coal, brings people; later they lose fire; W. comes and teaches them how to extract it by friction]: Riester 1977, No. 1:223-225.

Southern Amazon. Nambiquara [people bake meat and cassava in the sun; an anteater owns a fire drill; a man with a Bombus sp. bee goes to steal fire; The bee flies away, carrying a spark; after a while, fire goes out, a man makes a fire drill; when the Anteater came to the village to look for fire, all the fires were extinguished]: Pereira 1983, No. 5:21-23; kayabi: Pereira 1995, No. 15 [people baked meat and fish, dried cassava in the sun; Pazhavi pretended to be dead, covered with termite clay; flies laid larvae; urubu flocked; one rose to the sky, told Urubu-Rei that there was a lake below with dead fish; that came down with burning smut; P. turned into a woodpecker, flew away with smut, placed fire in trees, brought it to people, showed people how to use a fire drill; urubu was left without fire], 36 [first eternal hot day, food was cooked in the sun; the man went to look for the night; the Jaguar, the Monkey surucu had no night; the Owl had a vessel with the night; the man broke it, it became dark; those who worked for the site (forest birds are listed) did not find their way home (apparently turned into birds); people in the house fell asleep, woke up in the morning, it was light again]: 71, 94; paresi [(end of a long text); vulture began to eat raw meat, and tachãs (Chauna torquata) placed it on a tree to fry in the sun; when two tachãs climbed the tree to pick up the meat, Wakomoné told them to drop the leaves trees on the savannah, they became game; others into the water, they became fish; W. said that paresis will now hunt and fish, bring him sacred flutes to his house]: Pereira 1986, No. 32:365.

Eastern Brazil. Suya [people bake meat and fish in the sun; old people Sun (Mbyut) and Month (Myudroa) learn that the Otter owns fire; the Sun turns into trout, the Moon turns into a battleship; son Otters catch forl, throw them into the fire; Trout escapes with fire through the battleship's hole; the Sun and the Month bring fire to people; part of the forest burns out and turns into savanna; the bird to Jacques (Penelope marail) swallows coal, since then her throat has been red]: Frikel 1990:19-20; Kayapo: Wilbert 1978, No. 62 [people have baked meat in the sun; man asks his wife's younger brother to climb a rock to get it out of the nest mako chicks; the boy finds only two pebbles in the nest; throws them to his sister's husband, he catches them, he is in pain, he threw away the stairs, went home; the boy is starving, eating and drinking his excrement and urine; he notices him A jaguar cuts down a tree, makes a ladder, brings the boy home; there Jaguar's wife spins; when leaving, the Jaguar tells the guest to take tapir meat; the wife only allows venison to be taken, shows her claws; after the third once the Jaguar makes a bow and arrow to the boy, allows him to kill his wife; gives him meat and yarn, a piece of smut; the boy returns to his sister; people fry meat; turn into animals, follow the fire of the Jaguar; Tapir carries away a smoldering log], 64 [(Lukesh 1968:127-131); people did not have cultivated plants, they ate rotten wood, baked meat in the sun, could not spin; a man asks his wife's younger brother to climb a rock get mako chicks out of the nest; the boy climbs into the nest, the fallen stone falls into his sister's husband, who threw away the stairs, went home; the Jaguar notices the boy's shadow; makes a ladder, lowers him; at home feeds the boy roasted meat, cassava, etc.; the Jaguar allows him to take tapir meat, but Jaguar's wife threatens, shows her claws; the Jaguar makes a bow and arrow, allows her to be killed; sent the boy home after giving grilled meat, smoldering smut, cassava; the boy came to the village; people went to Jaguar's house, took everything, he had only a gleam of fire in his eyes], 65 [(Lukesh 1968:131-132); people baked meat in the sun, cakes - between two sun-heated stones; Bebgoroti went down to the ground, came to relatives in the village, brought fire, two pieces of wood (a fire drill) to plant it, seeds of cultivated plants ; returned to heaven; grilled meat only liked the third time, and women even later], 127 [Metraux 1960:14-16; there was no corn, people ate wild fruits, avocados, wood and lizards; there was no fire, dried meat in the sun; when he found out that his wife had a lover, the husband decided not to fight with him, but took his wife two mountains; cleared the plot, planted corn, cassava, yams, bananas; turned into a snake with a man's head; from the hunt he brought a tapir, bakers, and a battleship; a lover came, his wife hid it under the roof; when he returned to the village, he told him what he saw; he also came to see, but answered the question of the snake who was there, the snake he ate it; men killed a snake with arrows, burned down the house, took away cultivated plants; the snake's wife gave birth to snakes twice; people born in the village killed, those born in the forest crawled; the mother told them to bite people once they killed their father]: 177-179, 188, 190, 314-316; Wilbert, Simoneau 1984a, No. 43 (pau d'Arco) []: 134; crash: Wilbert 1978, No. 57 [Schultz 1950:72-74; fire only at Pud and Pudleré (Sun and Month), they went up to heaven; people bake meat in the sun, eat puba wood; the husband of a ten-year-old boy's sister told him to climb a rock and get a mako parrot from the nest; removed the stairs and left; boy suffers from dirt in the nest; the Jaguar sees his shadow, tells him to jump, catches him, brings him to him, washes, gives him food cooked on fire; his pregnant wife frightens the boy; the Jaguar gives him a bow, tells him to shoot, if his wife threatens her again; the boy shoots her in the paws, runs home; people take the fire from the Jaguar]: 160-163; Wilbert, Simoneau 1984a, No. 39 [Melatti 1978:325-327; the fire was owned by a jaguar (Ró pti); people ate raw meat dried in the sun; the man told his wife's younger brother to get the mako parrot out of the nest; the parrot is not given, the boy is afraid of it; the sister's husband threw the stairs, left; the boy two lives in a mako nest for months; a Jaguar notices his shadow; tells him to drop his mako, eats them, tells the boy to jump, catches him, leads him to the stream to wash, brings him to himself, does not tell his wife to eat it; she shows the boy has claws; the Jaguar makes him a bow, tells him to shoot at his wife if she threatens; the boy shoots, runs home; his father and others took the Jaguar fire]: 122-124; frame camera [ Nimuendaju 1946a: 243; there was no fire, people dried meat on rocks in the sun; the man told his wife's younger brother to climb the rock to get the macaw parrot chicks; they screamed, the boy was frightened, did not throw it off the chicks, the man is angry, threw away the pole leaning against the rock, left; the boy is thirsty, the macaw defecates on his head; the Jaguar notices the boy's shadow, tells him to throw off the chicks, eats them, tells him to jump, catches, leads to the river, gives water and washes the boy; feeds grilled meat at home; Jaguar's pregnant wife is furious when she hears the boy crunching meat, grins; the Jaguar gives the boy a bow and arrow; when she grinns again, the boy shoots her paw and runs away; comes home; everyone goes to pick up the fire of the Jaguar; he is not at home, his wife asks to leave her embers, but the Toad spit on everyone and extinguished; smoldering the log was carried to the village by relay]: Wilbert 1978, No. 58:164; apinaye [see D4A motif; there was no fire, food was baked in the sun; people bring fire from the Jaguar]: Wilbert 1978, No. 60:168; line [the man led his wife's younger brother to ruin the Arar's nest in the hollow; he climbed the pole, said that there were no chicks, only eggs, showed a white pebble hidden in his mouth; the man asked throw it down, it turned into an egg, it fell to the ground, crashed; the man removed the pole, left; five days later, a Jaguar came; the boy threw him two Arar chicks, jumped, the Jaguar picked him up, led him to himself; said that you can't drink from the stream, it belongs to the urubu vulture; the other to little birds; from the third, the boy got drunk and drank it all; it was the Cayman stream, which scolded the boy; the Jaguar fed the boy with grilled meat; when he went to the forest, Jaguar's wife growled at the boy; when he returned, the Jaguar scolded her; took the boy home, giving her two baskets of roasted meat; gave an onion, told him to climb a tree and shoot her Jaguarihu, if she pursued him; the boy shot him, brought the meat to the village; first said that the meat was baked in the sun; his uncle admitted that it was on fire; everyone went to take his smoldering log from Jaguar; Mutum and waterfowl brought it, and Jacques (Penelope marail) picked up and swallowed falling coals, now his throat is red]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1984a, No. 41:129-131.