Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

D4H. The swallow produces fire. .16.31. (.33.) .34.

The swallow makes fire for people. See D4A motif.

Western Europe. Walloons [The swallow did not report, wren brought].

(Wed. Central Europe. Ukrainians (Transcarpathia) [you can't destroy the swallow's nest, or it will burn down the house; it will find where to get fire]: Bogatyrev 2007:126).

Baltoscandia. Latvians; Lithuanians.

(Wed. Turkestan. Donggang (Guizhou) [there was no fire, people ate raw food; many animals died after the volcanic eruption; people tasted grilled meat, wanted fire; a man named Adang went to look for fire; in exchange for permission to nest under the roofs of houses, the swallow explained that it was necessary to go to Mount of Fire at the foot of the Western Sky; the wild horse allowed me to ride it in exchange for a promise to take care of horses when they become pets; there is a river in front of the mountain, they swam, the water is hot, A. began to eat boiled fish; the horse explains that you can cross the river with an ax at it in the water a dry passage forms; an ax in the cave where the dragon is; you have to lure the dragon out, run away from him in a circle, he will get confused, at this time take the ax; when he sees the thunder ax in A.'s hands, the dragon was frightened, explained that there is a recess in the butt, it is necessary to hide the fire in it; A. ran dry, grabbed the coals, returned, the river flowed again; A. brought coals to people; this ax is the same sickle with flint liners; coals are cream]: Shujang Li, Luckert 1994:97-101).

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Khakas: Alekseev 1980 (Sagai people) [Erlik Khan stole fire from the ground; there are rumors that Kudai lost the sun and will soon be gone; birds led by Orel decide to send for Swallow's fire, because it feeds on the fly; in the underworld, she sees a black yurt, flies in through a chimney, carries a coal; a serpent guarding a hearth with coals grabs her tail, now there are only two feathers; rushes in pursuit; the swallow threw the coal on the rock; it crashed, sparks flew from the rock; people began to carve fire out of the stone]: 105-106; Katanov 1963, No. 582 [God sent the Swallow to steal from Erlik Khan flint; she stole, meets Komar on the way back; he says that E. was sent to find out whose blood is sweeter, turns out to be human; The swallow asks him to show his tongue, bites off; The mosquito only buzzes; Uh . chases the Swallow, tears off her middle tail; she threw half of the flint on the rock; (Quail in Troyakov 1995:9-10)]: 157; Mindibayeva et al. 2016, No. 19 (Sagais; Abakan, 1946) [on the land of burning fire it was not; they quietly heard that old man Ilhan had a fire; in the land of the Ainu; birds after forty chose a flamingo as their khan; the man who saw the flamingo bird probably did not exist; only her voice seemed to be heard; They made a new singing bird; a happy man hears her voice as if; now the flamingo bird sends a swallow; steal the fire from old man Ilhan; the swallow of all the birds on this earth is the most a fast-flying bird; a swallow flew to Ilkhan's ground; old man Ilkhan, noticing when a swallow had stolen a coal, flew under the sky, fired a gun; the bullet divided its tail in two; the swallow charcoal to the ground she reported; when her paws began to burn, she threw it to the tops of the Taskhyls; it turned into flint, they began to carve fire out of it; now smoke is carved out of flint, the pipe is lit]: 131-133, 335- 336 (comm.); Buryats: Barannikova et al. 1976:387 at Barannikova et al. 2000 [The swallow stole fire from the Burkhan creator; he shot after her, the arrow pierced the tail; the swallow brought people fire, made a nest near the chimney in a man's yurt; swallows have been living with people ever since]: 13; Uboniev 1926 [Esege Malan Tengri sent Swallow to steal fire from Gal Normo Khan (King Fire); while he was sleeping, the Swallow took away the fire; G. shot her, her tail turned black and remained forked; her breast turned red with the fire]: 75; Sandschejew 1928 (Alar) [people had no fire, were starving and freezing; The swallow stole fire from Tengri (Sky) for them; he shot her, but only pulled the feathers out of the middle of her tail; the swallow cannot be killed; alternatively, the fire from lightning sent by Sky]: 970; Mongols [The inhabitants of the sky owned the fire; they sent the Swallow, she grabbed the fire from the hearth, the hostess managed to hit her tail with coal tongs, the tail remained forked, the Swallow brought fire to Earth; residents The lower world was sent to earth for the fire of a moth; it pinched off blue fire from the smoldering coals, since then the inhabitants of the Lower World have blue fire; {based on the materials of the expedition of the Russian State University for the Humanities led by S.Yu. Neklyudov, the Mongols do not have this story and have no idea about the "inhabitants of the sky"; perhaps the recording was made in Mongolia, but not among the Mongols}]: Skorodumova 2003:34-35; Buryats; Mongols.