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Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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D4Q. A fly produces fire. 48.50.


fly rubs its paws and produces fire.

Serrano, Juaneño, Cahuilla, Cupeño, Valapai, Javasupai, Yavapai, Mojave, Maricopa, Cocopa, Diegueño (including ipai, kamia), yuma, seri.

California. Serrano: Benedict 1926, No. 1 [first in the darkness Pakrokítatc and Kúkitatc; they created animals, quarreled, P. is gone; K.: man dies and comes back to life; people: no, earth would overflow; they decided to kill K.; the shaman sent the Frog to swallow K.'s excrement when he, as always, went to sea in the morning to relieve himself; K. realized that the excrement had not fallen into the water and that he was now would die; asked him to cremate, having previously sent the Coyote; when he saw the fire, Coyote returned, slipped between Badger's legs, took and ate K.'s heart]: 1; Kroeber 1925 [like mojave; Coyote slips between Badger's legs]: 619; Juaneño [like a Mojave; Coyote rips off a piece of flesh (without specification)]: Kroeber 1925:637; Reichlen, Reichlen 1971:245; Cahuilla [like Mojave]: Hooper 1920:324-325; Strong 1929 [inside the cluster of darkness, male and female; Temaīyauit and Mūkat gave birth; they got out, wondered which one was older; M. took a black pipe and black tobacco out of his heart , and T. was a white pipe and white tobacco; to light the pipe, M. took the sun out of his heart, but it fell and rolled into the darkness; M. took out Western light, T. took out the eastern light, they lit the pipes; smoke from the tube M. formed clouds; M. said he lowered the phone and picked it up himself, T. did not see it; T. said he picked it up and lowered it himself, but M. found it; so it turned out that he was older; they took it out of their hearts are the central pillar of the world, but it did not stand; they created all the snakes to support it — they could not hold it; two mountains were the same; then spiders; they braided it with webs and the pole was established; they climbed to the top of the table and we saw clouds of smoke below; these are all kinds of diseases that arose from where M. and T. were born; M. and T. decided to create shamans to treat diseases; M. extracted black earth from their hearts, and T. laid white earth it to the top of the pole, but it fell down; then they took out black and white spiders, they entangled the earth with their webs; the ants spread it, and the whirlwinds did it quickly; but the world swayed, for ants too light; then around the earth, M. and T. created an ocean, placing two water demons and all aquatic creatures in it; the earth stopped swaying; they placed the sky, but it swayed in the wind; they fixed the sky with his saliva, stars; T. created (always: took it out of his heart) a coyote, and M. created an owl; making a person, M. worked slowly and diligently; and T. turned out to be a man with a stomach and face in front and back, with eyes everywhere, hands are like dog paws; T. managed to make three times more such freaks than M. created the moon; T. and M. argue; T. wants people not to die, or come back, clearing themselves of mortal smell; there is not enough food, let them eat the land, if necessary, we will expand it; M. objects every time: let people die forever, otherwise the earth will overflow; offended T. decided to go underground, taking his creations; he wanted to take both heaven and earth, but M. did not allow it; this shuddered the earth, formed a crossed relief; when the sun appeared, M.'s people spoke different languages; when the sun appeared, the dog stopped talking; Luna (she is a woman) divided people into a coyote fratria and a wild cat; everyone offended the rattlesnake, but M. gave her a poisonous tooth; invited people to shoot at each other, many were killed; M. made a hole in the ground for the souls of the dead to go into it; Luna was a beautiful naked woman, sleeping separately from the others; M. once touched her (no details, but it was “terrible the sin of the Creator”); the moon fell ill and disappeared; but then reappeared; people decided to get rid of M.; the lizard saw where he was relieving himself, the frog swallowed his excrement; M. fell ill and died; the coyote ran after the fire, but at that time the fly received fire by friction; the Coyote jumped over those surrounding the fire, grabbed, carried away and ate M.'s heart; strange plants grew at the site of M.'s burning; the shaman caught up with the spirit of M. and asked what it was; M.: tobacco grew out of my heart, pumpkin from my stomach, melons from my pupils, corn from my teeth, wheat from nits, beans from sperm; all other vegetables are also from parts his body; after Coyote ate M.'s heart, he fell ill; then he rolled reeds into a ball, swallowed and regurgitated all diseases; he made sea cane (and something else to get out of the sea) image of M.; people, singing mournful songs, put it on the fire and burned it (funeral ritual)]: 130-141; cupeño [like a mojave]: Strong 1929:269-270.

The Great Southwest. The character (usually the Creator) dies, is put on a funeral fire; his ancestors surround him with a ring; the Coyote jumps over those who are shorter, grabs the Creator's heart, carries him away, eats him away. Walapai [Matavil'a is ill, asks Coyote if people should be alive in four days; Coyote: no; M. died, people sent Coyote to bring fire from Kwataugaba, who lived far south; after that asked the fly to light a fire, it started it with a fire drill; people put the body of the deceased on the fire, surrounded it; the Wild Cat and Badger were short; the Coyote who returned jumped over them and carried them away the heart, only a small piece was left; Coyote was chased, he first hid in a pile of stones, then ran on; people saw only a stump]: Kroeber 1935:249-250; havasupai [the snake is so long that is wrapped around the world four times; the chief sent a Coyote to run to the Snake's head, ask her to come and teach her songs; the Snake tells Coyote to make a home for her to hide from the sun and to the shadow followed the sun; after many attempts, the Coyote guessed to dig a tree and dig it where the Serpent would sing; but the Snake's body crawls; then the Coyote cut it in half; the Snake sang only “the tops songs” (top parts of songs); after that, the chief died, telling himself to be cremated, otherwise the Coyote would eat his body; let the Coyote be sent for fire, corn would grow from the ashes; when he saw the fire, Coyote came back, jumped over after two people who are shorter (Badger and Porcupine), he ate and ate his heart; {the etiology of death is not clearly expressed, but the Havasupai has no other texts about the origin of death}]: Smithson, Euler 1994: 102-103; yavapai: Gifford 1933a (SV yavapai): 349-364 [people lived underground at the bottom of a deep dip; there was a pine tree (“dog-tail tree”) wrapped in a vine; people climbed it to the ground, theirs the chief is Hanyiko' (Frog); his shaman daughter made him sick; before he died, he ordered him to be burned and watched for the stars; when two stars appear in the east before sunrise, they will adorn him feather head; in 2 months 5 stars will appear — this is his right hand; in 3 months it will be cold, his whole body will be visible; the red star will celebrate 4 months; corn will grow on his grave; when the corpse they burn, everyone goes around the fire, but the Coyote jumps over the short Badger, grabs, carries, eats his heart; before that, people said that the deceased would be reborn in four days; Coyote: let him die forever; H. died forever; Coyote agreed; his daughter died, people refused to change their minds; it snowed; people: the mountains were covered with cornmeal; Coyote: snow; so the snow does not consist of corn torment; when it rained, the dry tree did not get wet; Coyote: let it get wet; because Coyote took possession of H.'s heart, water poured out of the hole from which people came to the ground; people placed all kinds of things the seeds and the girl into the hollowed out pine tree trunk were sealed; after the flood, the girl went out, the others died; she lay down so that water dripped into her vagina, the sun was shining on her; conceived and gave birth to a girl; she grew up, her mother put her in the same place, but the Water and Sun did not want to get along with her daughter; then the mother covered her with her body and the daughter became pregnant; her son Skatakaamcha; his mother took the eagle and fed her chicks; he interrupted the partridge's leg; when he repaired it, she told about the fate of his mother; S. decided to kill the monstrous bull (bison?) ; The badger dug an underground passage under him, S. stabbed the monster with a hot knife, killed him; put on a blood-filled stomach; the eagle brought it to the nest; the eagles say that the prey is alive, the eagle does not believe; the eagle flew away, the eagle flew in, S. killed her with a hatchet; told the eagles to remain silent; killed the eagle when it returned; threw the eagles out of the nest; made the rock half as low, but no more; The Bat lowered it in the basket ; he opened his eyes, they fell, the Bat was injured, S. cured her; came to his grandmother, who was crying; he threw eagle feathers at her, said he killed both eagles; married; The Wind stole his wife; Spider warns that Wind offers to compete, kills losers; S. beat him in a ball and ring game; won a competition whose hair is longer; Wind stabbed S. 4 times without causing harm; S. killed him with a knife; threw one hand east, the other south, one leg west, the other north: let the wind blow from different directions; S. brought his wife back; grandmother: there is a bad Chewasistesikkaamcha; S. came to him into the house, slowly throws food away for fear of being poisoned; killed C. with a knife; Bear's arrow reeds; S. invites him to marry his grandmother; he gave reeds; believes that the best tips are coal ; S. killed him with flint; the tree for the ends of the arrows at the Owl; S. and offered him his grandmother as his wife; she found the heart of the Owl, it was on the sole; S. shot there, killed the Owl; an bow tree in the canyon with converging and diverging walls; S. put a deer horn between them; went east to his father the Sun; the Sun's wife warns that the Sun will try to kill S. in the steam room; but S. is not afraid of the heat; the Sun recognized his son, let him choose a horse; a man at the cliff pushes passers-by with his foot; he grew up with his back to the rock; S. lets a chanterelle first, it dodges; then a rattlesnake, the man is afraid of it; S. disconnected him with an ax from the cliff, threw it into the abyss; below 6-7 women devour the fallen; S. threw that man's stomach into the fire, he burst into the eyes of the women, S. hacked them; there was a boy, he ran to the cave, S. did not I managed to get it, left the snakes to guard, but they fell asleep; the boy left, creating new ones like him; grandmother: you can't handle them], 402-412 (Western yavapai) [people live underground; younger brother invites the elder to illuminate the world; he makes a disc, smears ocher, hangs it, but the younger one makes a disc of white lime, smears ocher; it gets light but too hot; the younger brother asks the eldest to raise the sky with a reed pole, he did it; at night, the elder brother touches the genitals of his two daughters; they hide on the shore under the willow, where he relieves himself, and swallow his bowel movements; he begins to lose strength, tells him to be cremated after death; people sent the Coyote for fire, at which time they lit a fire, standing around; the Badger was lower than the others, the Coyote jumped over him, took his heart and ate it; the burnt heart had to lay the ground, cultivated plants would grow; and so only one corn stalk would grow; the best cobs went to the Hopi and Navajo, and the worst yavapai; people decided to get to the upper one world; the hummingbird found a hole in the sky; under the guidance of their younger brother, they planted a pine tree and a vine that wrapped around it; they climbed up, but the old man and his two granddaughters stayed; when they got to the ground, from water poured in the holes; the flood was caused by those two daughters of the older brother who turned into frogs; people hollowed out a pine tree, put food inside the girl and sealed it; only the girl survived, the rest drowned; she lay down with her vagina under the rays of the sun and under drops of water, conceived, gave birth to a daughter; she grew up, tried to repeat everything, but the Sun and Water recognized their daughter, conception did not occur; then the mother covered her daughter's body with her body, the Sun and Water did not notice the substitution; the daughter gave birth to a son Matinyaupakaamcha; the eagle took her to its nest and ate it, M. stayed with her grandmother; interrupted the bird's leg with a stone; she: if you'll cure him, I'll say something; when he finds out that the old woman is not his mother, but his grandmother, killed the eagle, on the advice of his grandmother, by heating the tip of his spear; the grandmother sends him to kill the bison (ox); the badger and the gopher dug an underground passage under lying bison; the mouse plucked the hair from where the heart was, explaining that its children were cold; M. pierced the bison from below; he plunged his horn into the underground passage, but M. dodged; made a cape out of the skin, and under it bison blood; allowed the eagle to grab itself; blood gushed, the bison decided that M. was killed; the chicks see that the prey was alive, but the eagle did not believe; when it flew away, M. found out where the eagle would fly; becoming a lizard, smeared with resin the place where the male and female sit; killed the eagle; told the chicks to remain silent, otherwise they would kill; The Bat lowered M. in the basket, ordering them to close their eyes; he opened, they fell, M. broke the Bat's bones, but cured her; M. looked into the grandmother's house through a hole in the roof; called her; grandmother: the wind was whistling; when he saw her grandson, she began to dance with joy; the bald eagle took M. to an island on the lake; there were already many prisoners there; M . ordered the prisoners to eat crushed flint to the eagles and hide, digging an underground passage; the eagles died; the crane stretches its leg across the lake; people cross it like a bridge; children fall into the water, turn into ducks; M. decides to make a bow; the grandmother warns of dangers every time where to look for bow materials; onion wood where the canyon walls converge and diverge; M. shoved between they have a deer horn, took out the material; reeds for arrows owned by Owl; M.: I propose marriage to my grandmother; Owl is glad, he gave reeds himself; when Owl came, M. told his grandmother to find out where his heart was; in the sole legs; M. shot there, killed Owl; grandmother straightened her vulva with an arrow; when M. looked, the arrow broke; where the flint for the tips, sparks fly out; M. covered himself with a turtle shell, took out flint; wood for the front of the arrows owned by the Bear; M. called him to marry his grandmother; said he was making charcoal tips; The bear believed, shot M. with a coal arrow with a tip, and M. killed him with an arrow with a flintlock tip; grandmother: cut the deer in a clearing, not under a tree; M. began to cut under a tree; a naked woman came down from the tree, chased M. to get along with him; the grandmother hid it under the hearth; but the woman began to write there, M. got out; M. made penises out of blue stone, quartz, lava and clay, used it every single night, breaking off women's vaginal teeth; she became his wife; she was actually a bear; offered to drive game at him; he hung his clothes on a pole; three or four bears rushed at her, M. killed them, pulled out their fangs and claws; Spider told M. that the Wind took his wife away; let M. compete with him outside, not in his cave; who would chase the ball faster; M. won all the prisoners and the life of the Wind; who has longer hair, M. won again, killed The winds were a club; they spent the night in the Wind Cave; the wife became snakes in front of the entrance, M. jumped over them; M. went to look for his father, the Sun; spent the night with people who wanted to kill him; closed him for the night eyes with pebbles (“glass eyes”), the owners think that he is awake; the Sun's wife to her husband: your son has come; he wants to test the visitor, invites him to the steam room; M. all gives up a couple and says it's cold, The sun believes he is his son; M. tamed the horse, went home; the Sun and the Cloud began to argue over him; each painted one half of his body; M. returned east to the Sun, and the grandmother went west to the Sun, and the grandmother went west to ocean]; mojave: Bourke 1889 [when Matyavela umur, Mustam-ho was about to cremate the body and Coyote wanted to eat it; there was no fire yet; the Blue Fly showed him a star in the sky, said it was fire, asked to bring it; at this time she received a fire with friction, began to cremate the body; the Coyote looked around and saw the fire, the crowd stood around the fire; the badger is short, the Coyote jumps over him; burns his mouth, since then he has been black]: 188; Densmore 1932a [Skunk, Raccoon, Badger, Possum are short, Coyote jumps over them]: 98-99; Kroeber 1948 [The frog kills the Creator by swallowing his excrement and thus getting power over him; he (apparently) was the first to die; Coyote grabs and eats his heart when his body is cremated]: 52-53; 1972 [Ammaya is a male sky; Amata is a woman earth; they all gave birth to Matavilya, Mastambo, humans, plants; it was overseas in the dark land of Pi'in (not etymologized and not mentioned elsewhere); Matavilla was first; reached our country by turning 4 times, behind him all people followed; Matavilla was young, Mastambo was a boy, the Frog was a girl; getting out of the house in the dark out of need, Matavilla accidentally touched his daughter's vulva with his hand; she followed him and swallowed his bowel movements; then he fell ill and died, telling Mastambo to make the sun, moon and stars; if Matavilla hadn't died, people would also live forever; his body was placed on a funeral fire, but There was no fire; the blue-green Fly got fire when she rubbed her legs with her paws; Coyote saw the fire, ran up, threw himself into the ash; Mastambo wanted to hide it, but the wind, hail, rain only exposed his bones; he led people; water poured out, the flood, the woodpecker's tail got wet; Mastambo sdedad so that the water came down; ordered to build a house by digging pillars; shouted, it was light, the sun and moon appeared]: 5-10; maricopa [water floods the world; Kukumat and Isacipas (hereinafter just Cipas; I.) sink to the bottom; I. pops up first, answers K. that he kept his eyes open; K. goes blind from salt water; both swim on a log, gradually water descends, but around the swamp; one of them digs a hole, pulls out sand, scatters it, the earth dries up; I. rolls his hair into a ball, puts it in the eastern sky, making the sun; from the nail, the moon; puts it on different the sides of the world, it slides off; when it stays in the sky to the west; throwing sand into the sky, it creates stars; I. and K. make people out of clay, K. people have webbed fingers, he says that it is more convenient to take this way Drink water; I. says that it is more convenient for people to make their hand with a cup; I. and K. argue whose creations are better; K. falls into the ground in anger, breaks what he has created, throws fragments into the sea, from which they arise ducks, beavers and other creatures with webbed legs; Failing, I. pulled the sky with him; left a hole in the ground, blood (i.e. diseases) flowed from it; I. covered the hole with his foot, but left a small one a stream so that people do not become too numerous; now they sometimes get sick; I. gives the tribes their customs; the Rabbit offended the Snake, I. gave the Snake poisonous teeth, she bit the Rabbit, he died; for this people decided kill I.; The frog drank water from the reservoir where I. was swimming, he fell ill, died; the Coyote was sent to the sun to buy a fire for a funeral fire, lit a fire in his absence; looking around, Coyote ran back; animals and birds formed 4 rings around the fire; where the Opossum, Fox and other stunted ones stood, jumped over those standing, carried away and ate I.'s heart; I. waits for people to speak; first to speak the Indians of Southern California (Mission Indians), then maricopa, then the others; the Chemewevi at night, so their speech is incomprehensible; Europeans are the last; they were crybabies; in an attempt to calm them down, the Creator made them richer than Indians]: Spier 1933:345-352; Cocopa [like Mojave]: Crawford 1983, No. 1:13-23; Densmore 1932a: 86-96; Olmos Aguilera 2005 [1) When the creator of Sipa died, Coyote was sent to the sun to make him did not eat the corpse; at this time S.'s body was cremated; 2) Superman (Earth Wizard) fell ill, died; the first ancestors of the animals formed a circle around the funeral ring; the Coyote found the one who was shorter, jumped over, took my heart away; as soon as he ate, died]: 79-82; diegueño: Gifford 1931 (kamia) [Heaven and Earth lay tight together; Chiuy, Chiyi, Pukumat, Mastambo, White Woman; earth were between them was wet; Chiyyuk and Chiyi went west, where heaven and earth converge, brought a handful of red ants from there, rubbed the ground, it dried up; appointed P. their son and head of people; when P. died, his M. took the place; Chiyi was the first to come out of the ground with a red fox; Chiyyuk replied that he had come out with his eyes open; he did so, Chiyi threw sand into his eyes, Chiyyuk went blind; both began to make birds; because Chiyyuk blind, making them too large-mouth and long-legged; both brothers put green leaves in the water, the sick birds drank and recovered; both told P. that they made birds; Chiyyuk went out with the brown fox, Chiyi the fox changed; when he learned about this, Chiyyuk went to the ground, wanted to tear down everything on the ground; Chiyi wrapped around it, but his illnesses went through his fingers; a month later Chiyyuk ascended in the east, and left again a month later; this Chiyuk constellation - the month is visible, the other is not; Chiyi made all living beings (except humans), they looked like human beings; handed them over to P.; that night he made a fire, all created people gathered for the fire; the Month said what will go east will revive in the west in 4 days; reported the names of 6 months; the hanuchip bird told the kwasaman bird that the dead bird will not be reborn and the same will happen to people, otherwise the earth will overflow; the lizard spoke at sunrise and died, the corpse was burned; daughter P. The frog let another Frog swallow his hair from his head; P. fell ill, died; Coyote ran to the sun for the fire, at which time the others lit a funeral pyre; Coyote returned, jumped over those around him the fire took away and ate P.'s heart; M. ordered the first ancestors to become animals, told who to do; sculpted 10 people of each tribe out of clay; they were small, then grew up; the White Woman descended from heaven , gave birth to many people; M. invited the Mayihauchawit sea serpent to a memorial ceremony; it was created by Chiyyuk and Chiyi, it is speckled; the houses where the snake crawled, burned, and ritual came out of the body of the snake songs from different tribes; different tribes went to their habitats]: 75-81; Spier 1923 [the sea first came from both the west and east of the hills; a man came up, opened his eyes to see the sun; second He came up, was blind; there were two foxes, silver and plain, silver belonged to a blind man; he touched the ordinary; the sighted said it was his, silver; but he knows not; the blind man created a coyote, ankle birds, moon; fell into the lower world, and the sighted man rose to heaven; when the blind moves, earthquakes occur, if he turns over, the earth will turn over; the sighted one descends where the blind man came down, took red clay, made a man and a woman, left him by the fire; one of the figures fell apart; so several times they finally came to life; the sighted said that the blind man could not make people, so he did he; returned to heaven; one of the people, Tcikumat, was in the east, fell ill; he was brought home, he died; he was put on a burial fire, blue flies lit fire with their fire drills; the Coyote did time was sent away; when he came running, only his heart was not burned; the Badger was standing on the east side of the fire, the Wild Cat on the west; the Coyote grabbed the heart, carried it away, ate it; a drop of blood fell into the water, from it birds with red feathers appeared; the Wild Cat sent the Crane to bring the Mattiawit snake, placed Tcikumat's property inside the fence, the snake lay inside in a ring, set it all on fire; part of the snake flew back other fragments, to people, became different songs; those who received them became different groups of people, parted]: 328-331; ipay [like a mojave; without swallowed excrement]: Dubois 1901:183-184 ; kamia [The frog pulls out the hair of its father, the creator of Pukumat 'a, lets another Frog swallow; P. dies from this; while the Coyote is sent for the fire of the sun, the first ancestors light the funeral a fire; the Coyote jumps over them, takes and eats P.'s heart; after that, the god Mastamho convenes the first ancestors, turns them all into animals and birds]: Gifford 1931:76-77; yuma [like mojave]: Harrington 1908:337-339 Olmos Aguilera 2005 [The Rattlesnake was defenseless, the Rabbit often scratched it; Big Brother agreed to give her poison; she bit the Rabbit, he died; this is the world's first death; to The Coyote did not eat the corpse, they decided to burn the Rabbit's body; behind the fire for the funeral fire, the Coyote was sent to the Sun, while the Fly made a fire drill; when he saw the fire, the Coyote returned and jumped over the circle who surrounded the fire, grabbed Rabbit's heart, ran to the mountains across the Gila River, fat dripped from his heart, which is why they are now called Montaña Grasosa]: 182-184; Russel 1908 [see motive i75; quail in Judson 1994:175-177; Big Brother created humans; gave a sting to a rattlesnake, it bit the Rabbit, he died; the Coyote was sent away, the Fly made the first fire drill, the Rabbit's body was put on the fire; the Coyote broke through , took the Rabbit's heart, ate it; the food began to fall through the Coyote, the Wolf and the Puma sewed him; he pretended to be sick, asked Puma's wife to carry it, began to copulate; the sorcerers hid all the ungulates in the cave; the Coyote released the animals, ran away; one young man was told to close the deer passage, and he began to build a fence from hill to hill; shoot a pregnant woman (deer), he killed a woman; an old man ( horned male) - killed an old man]: 216-218; serie [bluebottle fly was fired with a fire drill while sitting on the corpse of a fallen animal; the fly still sits on the corpse and seems to be preying friction fire]: Moser, Marlett s.a.