Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

E1. Human creation.


The first person was created, made by a character, and did not exist originally (on the ground, underground, in the sky, in a small container) and did not appear spontaneously.

Yei, Chuka, Karanga, Efik, Eve, Nupe, Isoko and Urhobo, Malgashi, Algerian Arabs, Sicilians, French, Flemish, Sumerians, Old Testament, Kamilaroi, Cucucucu, San Cristobal, Gaoua, Ifaluk, Lepcha, Limbu, Lushi, Tripuri, Kachari, Garo, Mikir, Khasi, Nepali, Birkhor, Korku, Birjya, Mundari, Sora, Oraons, Kol, Haria, Baiga and/or Bhumia, Bhuya, Muria, Gondas, Sinhalas, Semangas, Ibanas, Maloh, Kayan, North Borneo, Ngaju, Mangarai, Loda, Galela, Bilaan, Tboli, Lisu, Meo, Chinese (Sichuan, Shanxi, Hebei, Hubei, Hunan, Shaanxi, possibly Jiangsu), Serbs, Romanians, Bulgarians, Macedonians (?) , Russian literary tradition, Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Abkhazians, Balkarians, Ingush, Nogais, Tabasarans, Svans, Armenians, Iranian Zoroastrians, Pamirans (group?) , Kho, Komi, Udmurts, Mari, Mordovians, Chuvash, Kazakhs (north), Chulym Turks, Altaians, Chelkans, Tubals, Kumandins, Shors, Balagan Buryats, Khalkha Mongols, Inner Mongolian Mongols, Oirats, Tundra and Forest Nenets, Mansi, Northern and Eastern Khanty, Central and North-Western Yakuts, Evenks (Western, Baikal, Far Eastern), Evens, Negidals, Orochi, Nanai, Ainu, Russkoe Ustye, Forest Yukaghirs, Aleuts, Chugach, Koyukon, Ingalic, Atna, Upper Tanana, Inner Tlingit, Tlingit, Haida, Steppe Ojibwa, Seneca, Onondaga, Sarsi, Choctaw, Karok, Wappo, Pomo, Patvin, Yuki, Achomavi, lake mivoks, coastal mivoks, (mountain ones?) mivok, salinan, maidu, konkov, nicenan, cahuilla, washo, southern utah, valapai, diegueño, yuma, maricopa, cocopa, papago, tarahumara, tsotsil, quiche, bokota, embera, sanema, yanomam, oyana, kashuyana, taulipan, kofan, shuar, macuna, bora, machigenga, pyro.

Bantu-speaking Africa. Yei [Urezhwa created people out of clay, breathed his soul; first lived with people, married a woman; she fell ill; he went by boat to buy medicine, not throwing away the body if his wife died; she died, the corpse began to smell, it was buried; when W. returned, said that he would not be able to revive this woman now, and if she hadn't been buried, the other dead would revive; W. left the people]: St. Lys 1916:129; Chuka (Meru) [Murungu (Ngai, Mwene inya) is the creator; people lived in Mbwa, without clothes, did not work; God created a young man first, then a girl, they had a child; God prohibited eating the fruit of a certain tree; the serpent said that whoever tasted them would find the mind of God; the woman tasted it, the man refused, but finally accepted, Adam's apple formed; God punished the serpent, flattening her head; sent a mole to tell people that they must be reborn after death; the mole met the hyena, talked about God's commission; the hyena resisted - it would have nothing to eat if people became immortal; threatened the mole to swallow it, he agreed to tell people that death would be final; God punished the mole by telling him to live underground far from heaven; since then, the mole has been getting out of lands only at night]: Scheub 2000:162; karanga (hungwe): Frobenius 1931 [god Maori created the Mwuetsi man at the bottom of the lake ("The Month"); he went to empty land; God gave him a wife Mossassi ("Morning") Star"), she gave birth to plants; took her, gave birth to Morongo ("Evening Star"), she gave birth to pets; the next morning after copulation again, she gave birth to sons and daughters, who immediately became adults; God warned against further copulation, but Mvuetsy did not listen; after the fourth copulation, the wife gave birth to predators, snakes, scorpions; then told her husband to marry their adult daughters; she slept with a snake; Mwuetsi wanted to sleep with her, the snake was under bed, bit him, he fell ill, the rains stopped; his children strangled him, burned him, Morongo also killed, chose another ruler; (=Frobenius, Fox 1937: 215-220; retelling in Abrahamsson 1951:72)]: 237-240; Beier 1966 [{source? This is a slightly different text than in Frobenius 1931}; god Maori created a man at the bottom of the lake, Mwuetsi ("The Month"); he went to nothing; God gave him a wife, Mossassi (The Morning Star), she gave birth to plants; two years later, Maori took her to live in heaven, eight years later he married Morongo (Evening Star) for two years; she gave birth to pets on the first day, wild herbivores and birds on the second day, and wild herbivores and birds on the third - people; contrary to warning, the Month slept with her for the fourth time, she gave birth to predators, snakes, scorpions; the Month met with her daughters, they gave birth to many children, the Month became the king of a large people; Out of jealousy, the Evening Star sent a snake to bite her husband, who fell ill, the rains stopped; the children killed the Month, threw them into the sea, chose another king; the Month ascended to heaven, haunting its first wife The Morning Star I was happy with]: 15-17.

West Africa. Efik [the supreme god Abasi created man and woman; did not want to have rivals in his affairs, so he did not allow the first couple to go down to earth; Abashi's wife Atai did not agree, sent people to the ground; Abashi forbade them to make love and get food on the land, every day, at the signal, the first couple returned to heaven to eat; the woman violated the ban, cultivated the field, fed her husband, food They thought it tastier than heaven, they slept together; to hide Abashi's pregnancy, her husband replied that the woman was unwell, so she did not go out; but Abashi knew everything; when the woman gave birth to a girl; Athai him reassured: people will not be stronger than him, because she sent them death; parents died, children began to quarrel]: Scheub 2000:3-4; eve [Mavu created people immortal; the old woman sat down to rest with termite mound, heard crying; brought her husband, they found a mouse mourning a mouse; they gave the mouse to the elder, who ordered the coffin to be made, the funeral should be arranged with shooting and mourning; M. ordered people to also now they were dying because they were happy to die]: Abrahamsson 1951:100 (=Kotlyar 2009, No. 486:248-249; =Olderogge 1959:162); isoko and Urhobo [Oghene created humans immortal, old people dumped the skin, like snakes, became young; the earth overflowed; the dog, being man's companion, wanted people to live forever, and W. expanded the world; the toad wanted the dead to die forever; they decided that O. would agree with whoever came to him first; the dog first overtook the toad but decided to sleep; the toad came first, people became mortals]: Scheub 2000:198-199; nupe [God Soko created The turtle, people and stones; when old, humans and turtles became young again; the turtle asked for fertility; S. replied that then humans and turtles would die; people agreed ; stones chose not to give birth or die]: Frobenius in Abrahamsson 1951:68, in Beier 1966:58.

Sudan - East Africa. Malgashi: Parrinder 1967 [God created two men and a woman, each living separately without knowing about the others; the first man carved a woman out of wood, the second dressed and decorated her, the woman took her to She went to bed and revived herself; God called the first man father, the second husband, the woman the mother of a former wooden figure; two couples got married, they are people]: 43; Richardson, v.2 (Tanala) [God created a man and a woman; offered to choose to be like the moon (reborn but have no children) or a banana (have descendants but die); people chose the latter]: 100 in Briffault 1927:655, in Abrahamsson 1951:120-121; Abrahamsson 1951 (Bezanozano, Sakalava) [Ratanimasina ("sacred ground") made human figures out of clay, and Zanaharibe ("great god") revived them; Z. asked R. what he wanted them to be people are like trees or snakes; he replied that like trees (snakes are ugly); snakes change their skin and become younger, and trees and people grow old and die]: 122.

North Africa. The Arabs of Algeria (Tiaret Plateau) [when man was expelled from paradise, it was an intangible spirit; God made man out of clay; Satan came down to earth to see what shape God would give man; The man looked so disgusting that he spat at him; the spit hit where the navel is now; when the angels brought (the soul) of the man to place it in the body, they saw it on the body a stain; one of them scraped off the soiled clay from this place and threw it aside; the dent in this place remained; God turned the piece thrown away into a dog; because the dog was created from the devil's saliva, Muslims consider it unclean, but since it is also from a part of the human body, the dog is his best friend; angels began to infiltrate the soul from their feet; when it reached his knees, the man tried to get up, angels prevented; same when the soul reached the waist; and only when the soul reached the head did the angels allow man to stand up; impatience is a human characteristic]: Aceval 2005:10-11; Tunisian Arabs [ intending to create Adam, God sent Jebrail to bring the land from which a creature would be created, some of whose descendants would go to heaven and some to hell; Earth refused to give land, with some then will go to Hell; God sent Michael - the same; sent an Angel of Death, and Earth refused him, but he replied that he must obey God's order anyway; he took four handfuls from the four corners of the earth, of different colors, from different places; by order of God, the Angel of Death mixed what he had brought with bitter, sweet and salty water; 40 years later, God sculpted a human figure and left paradise in front of the door for 40 years; He told the soul to enter the body through his mouth; it refused three times, finally entered, gradually penetrating from head to foot; as man gained abilities and desires; when he got up, God covered him with a layer, which is now only preserved on the nails, and has been replaced by skin on the rest of the body after the Fall]: Ayadi 2008, No. 16:25-27.

Southern Europe. Sicilians [Sicilian peasants say that God made two human figures: one from finely tormented clay and gilded clay, and the other from simple clay; the first had a brain from a diamond, the heart is made of iron; the second has a bone marrow made of cork oak bark, a heart made of gold; God revived the first figure and left; Lucifer came up and blew into her mouth and revived the second; from the figure that the devil had revived, the rich come from God's revived, and the poor come from God's revived]: Sébillot 1908b: 433.

Western Europe. The French: Kabakova 1998, No. 127 [God sculpted Adam and Eve out of clay], 128 [God took Adam's rib out to make Eve, but the cat grabbed the rib and ran; God grabbed her tail, the tail came off and in order not to take another rib from Adam, God made Eve out of a cat's tail]: 133, 134-135; Flemish: Van den Berg 2000, No. 24 [when God created Adam and Eve, it remains to sew up their belly; he started with Eve, but the thread was short, so there was a hole left; and for Adam he took a long thread and the end remained hanging out], 25 [when Adam fell asleep, God took out his rib to make Eve; the dog grabbed the rib, ran, God grabbed its tail, the tail came off, had to make Eve out of the dog's tail]: 37, 37-38; Germans [Dähnhardt 1909:184-185, link to Simrock 1864, where the places of recording are not specified; conditionally north; Jesus and St. Peter is wandering; the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia are empty; Peter proposes to create people there, Jesus warns that nothing good will come of it; the Czech is made of a stick, grabbed Jesus' cloak and ran away; The Slovak was made of road dust and immediately began to beg for bread; the Croat immediately demanded "Life or Purse" from drops of blood on the road, most likely wolf.]: Balzamo 2004, No. 28:46-50.

Western Asia. The Sumerians [The Tale of Enki and the Ninmah; the Gods Anunnaki suffer while doing various works; hearing their screams, the ancestor of Nammu (Ninmah) wakes up her son Enka and asks for something to be done; he decides to create people who will work instead of gods; Ninmah makes people out of clay, everyone is defective, but Enki determines for everyone an occupation in which to do their job (whose hands are weak - royal guard; who does not see well - singer; bowlegged - silversmith; impotent - also lives; an infertile woman is a weaver in a women's home; "without a masculine root and female womb" - a palace servant ; then Enki sculpts people, and Ninmah must determine their destinies (lines are destroyed)]: Afanasyeva 1997:42-47; Babylonia ("Enuma-Elish") [after defeating Tiamat Marduk with the help of her father Ea created people from the blood of King, a rebellious god who was the leader of the hostile Tiamat troops; according to another source (prologue to a spell to purify the temple of Babel), at first there was nothing, "everything the countries were a solid sea"; then the gods were created and Babylon was built; after that, Marduk built a structure on the surface of the waters from reeds and, with the help of his mother, the goddess Aruru (Sumerian Ninmah, aka Nintu, aka Nihursag) created people; after man, Marduk created steppe animals, the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, grass, reeds and reeds, green shoots of fields, land, swamps and thickets, a cow and a calf, sheep and lamb]: Kramer 2005:111-112; Old Testament: Gen. 1, 26-27 [and God said, Let us create man in Our image, in Our likeness; and may they rule over the fish of the sea and on with birds of heaven, and over cattle, and over all the earth, and over all the reptiles that reptile on the earth; and God created man in his own image; in the image of God he created him; man and woman created them], 2, 18 and 21-22 [And the Lord God said, It is not good for man to be alone; let us give him a helper corresponding to him; and the Lord God brought man a deep sleep; and when he fell asleep, he took one of his ribs and he covered that place with flesh; and the Lord God created a wife from a man's rib, and brought her to man.]

Australia. Kamilaroi [Byamee sculpted the first two men and a woman out of red clay; they ate plants, but during the drought, one man and a woman ate a kangaroo rat; the other man refused, went west, died under a white gummy tree; a black figure with red eyes picked it up, put it in a hollow; there was thunder, a tree with two white cockatoos flew to the southern sky; the Southern Cross - two eyes Yowee, the first person to die and cockatoo (the cockatoo pointers); gum tree resin is now red and people are dying]: Waterman 1987, No. 3180:87 (same text in Parker 1965:33-34).

Melanesia. Kukuku [Imatje (ancestor) created all animals and people in the hole from which they came to the ground; made a woman out of black clay; his wife told her to try, the woman cracked; he laid her down on her bed, copulated; she bleed with the new moon; that blood was like tar; then she said she was pregnant, gave birth to a boy, his umbilical cord was cut off, washed]: Fischer 1968, No. 3:370-371; San- Cristobal (Solomon Islands) [Aguana created people; the woman grew old, went to the stream to change her skin; when she saw a young mother, the daughter did not recognize her; the mother found the skin covered with water, put it on, since then people have not revive]: Fox 1924:81-82 (=Fox, Drew 1915:238); Gaua (northern Vanuatu) [Quat and Marawa decided to make people; Quat carved them out of dracaena in 6 days, hid them for 3 days, revived them for 3 more days, divided into men and women, everything came out three pairs; Marava made people out of tavisiviso wood; when they started moving, he buried them in a hole for three days and they rotted; so people are mortal]: Permyakov 1970, No. 75:182.

Micronesia-Polynesia. Ifaluk [Aluelap created heaven, then earth and islands; he has brothers Saulan, Autran (according to another version, she is a woman, she created people) and Meta ("what"); Aluelap began to live in the sky, S. under water. Autran is in the air, and M. is in people's words; but more often M. is Aluelap's wife; S. lives in the lower world of Ilal, where there are no lights, only water; its inhabitants are mortal people living in waterproof houses; S. manages fish; for a person to die, Aluelap and S. must both agree to this; if one does not agree, the person continues to live; A. decides, S. reports, and he tells Meta who (who?) extracts the soul from the body]: Burrow, Spiro 1957:209-211.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Lepcha [at first one water; Tashey-Takbo-thing created two fish - ordinary and serpentine; the turtle keeps the world and T. placed birds and animals on it; T. made the first person out of oil, but that blurred; made of oil, people would be beautiful; then he made man out of earth and clay, and the wind breathed life into him; T. made blood from water and poured into man, made bones out of stone; but man was silent, without veins or nerves; T. made them out of vines; man came to life but did not have a woman; T. caught birds with snare, one day a woman fell into a snare; at first a man and a woman could not marry because there was no matchmaker who would agree to marry; then (supreme god) Rum sent an owl]: Stocks 1925, No. IV.1:355-356;; limbu (kirati) [first the gods created man from precious metals, but he did not respond to their call; then they mixed yellowish earth, droppings of several species of birds and bamboo ash, which grows high in the mountains, with water, and sculpted the figure; the man came to life and began to answer; they were outraged and cursed him; accidentally spit on him, after which the man died; that's why people are mortal]: Tumbahang 2013:80-81, 90-91, 97-98; best (aka kumi, hami) [God first created trees and crawling creatures, then sculpted a man and a woman out of clay; while sleeping, the snake ate the figures; so two or three times; then he made a dog, she drove the snake away; so now if a person dies, the dog howls]: Lewin 1869:90 in Shakespear 1909:399, in Kapp 1977:51; tripuri: Niyongi 1983 in Mandal 2009:85 [it was dark at first, God lived on the waters; he created a wife out of mud on his body; they were born Brahma, Vishnu, and Maheswara; Brahma created people, they multiplied], 85-86 [at first only water and sky, where the sun, moon and stars are; God took dirt from his body, wrapped a banyan leaf, threw it into water; from this came the earth; then God created an earth rat, and then a man and a woman out of clay, and put their lives into them; this couple had children; the man asked God to give them food; he advised me to take seeds from the queen of the Gandharvas in heaven and sow them, taught me to send a rat to steal seeds; people started farming]; kachari [water first; Alow Ilaja tells crabs to dive to the bottom; they scrape off the silt together as long as the mountain of earth does not show up above the water; by creating the earth, AI creates a man and a woman; he made their bodies before nightfall, went to rest before he could put his breath into them; at this time, his five brothers found figures divided into pieces and these parts were hidden in different places in the forest; the same thing happened the next day; on the third day, AI created two dogs, leaving them to guard the figures; when the brothers came, their dogs drove away; these man and woman became the ancestors of humanity]: Soppitt 1885:32; garo [water at first; Tatara Rabuga sent Nostu Nopantu as a woman to create land by giving some sand; she sat on a spider-woven web, there was no other place; she could not glue the grains of sand into a ball; sent a big crab first, then a small one, both returned before reaching the bottom; the water beetle brought it from the bottom clay, NN creates land, TR creates the sun, moon and wind, they dry the earth; Mané's land is a woman; Tatara-Rabuga gave her a robe from the clouds, made her hair grow - trees, reeds and grass; created a gibbon (hullock ape) to prevent M. from sleeping with loud screams, forgetting the duty to produce all living things; then TR created monkeys and other animals; from aquatic creatures first he created fish and then a frog; created rivers and rain to fill them; sent a goddess to earth to prepare a place for people to live; the first man and woman created were Sani and Muni, their grandchildren Noro and Mande became Garo ancestors; first people ate wild roots and fruits, then a couple of dwarfs taught them how to farm; they gave God pumpkin and God rewarded them by giving them rice]: Playfair 1909:82-84; mikir ( carbi, western 1990) [Brahmapo created the earth, but there was no water, plants, or animals at first; B. told the seed god to plant plants; but who would look at them? B. created a Hempro man and a Mukhra woman, and they have many children; at first people were overcome by malicious spirits, but then people coped with them; people wanted to honor God, but this requires the leaves of the Lourop tree, it grew in the sky; three birds were sent (named); in the sky they were sent to an old woman, who showed where the tree was growing, the birds brought its seeds to the ground; at first the tree did not want to grow, because wild boars, etc., went its leaves; the birds have calmed the tree: let's plant you on top of a hill; the tree has been transplanted, but the vines are interfering with it; H. and M. cut off the vines; after that, the leaves for rituals are available]: Mandal 2009:79-80; khasi [god created man, left him on earth, evil spirit destroyed him; so twice; then God made a dog first, then man, the dog drove away the evil spirit, the creation was preserved]: Biwar 1876 in Kapp 1977:50.

South Asia. Nepali [Mahadev (aka Nārāyan) appeared at Indra's house, in Narayan's house head east, feet west, right hand north, left hand south; asks his daughter Sita (aka Pā rvāta), what dowry she wants; S. rejects metals, cattle, wants land; M. replies that the world is soft, fragile, fluid, with nine moons and nine suns; S. tells us to leave one sun, one the moon; the world has hardened, stones in one direction, soil in the other; four directions of the world have opened, rivers have been filled; S. says that without a person she will not take the world as a dowry; M. tries to make a person out gold, silver, copper, brass, nickel, but these people do not speak; made of iron is monstrously strong, chews trees, breaks stones; then they burned a huge fire of sandalwood, and M. sculpted a man out of ash, adding chicken manure from a chicken owned by the demon lady; M. put his breath on him, he spoke; S. cries because man is doomed to death; M. tells her to grow and bring cucumbers; she brings cucumbers of different ripeness and size; M. explains that the cucumber flowers she brought are miscarriages, the small ones she put in her mouth are dead babies; larger ones are teenagers with yellowed ones on the sides are adults, the withered are old people; (hereinafter about various animals; the rooster is chosen for sacrifices)]: Maskarinec 1998:7-15; Birkhor [Singbonga created the Pankhraj winged horse; then sculpted it out of clay man, left to dry for the night; at night P. trampled on the figure fearing that the man would harness horses; the next day S. sculpted a new figure and the figure of a dog towards it, placing it with his face against the wind; in the evening, the dog dried up and the wind revived it; S. left the dog to guard the figure of a man that was not yet dry; at night the dog barked and drove the horse away; the man was imperfect, his joints did not bend ; then S. redesigned it]: Roy, The Birhors, 398 in Elwin 1949:16; crust: Howey 1923 [Mahadeo (~Shiva), at the request of Rawan (Ravana), decided to populate the uninhabited mountains Vindhyan and Satpura; for this purpose he did clay figures of a man and a woman; Indra sent two ferocious horses, they came out of the ground, trampled on the figures; M. made new attempts to create humans for two days, but with the same result; then M. created a dog, it drove the horses away; a couple of people sculpted became the ancestors of the crust]: 214; Fuchs 1988 [Bhagwan worked in the field, came back sweaty and dirty, rolled mud pellets off his body with his hands, dropped, blew on him, he turned into a man; he found the second fallen pellets later, he dried up, B. turned him into a woman who is more beautiful than a man]: 386 in Osada 2010; birgia [Mahadeo did made of clay, a lot of Mua (people's souls, presented as small figures), left to dry in the sun; horses came running out of the forest, trampled on the figures; so several times; then M. left the dog as a guard and that drove away horses; figures turned into people of different nationalities]: Das Gupta 1978:57-58 in Osada 2010; mundari [Siege records; text A: on the Ganges, at sea, we will create a land, a field; for this purpose They sent Mother Turtle and Mother Crab; the Turtle put the earth on its shell, took the Crab with ticks, but when they got up, the water washed away the earth; they sent Mother Worm, Mother Leech, they drank the earth, spewed it out, after urinating, earth arose; stone and wood were created to decorate the earth; they sculpted a human figure out of clay, left it to dry in the sun; they made a winged horse for beauty; a winged horse came from from the east, came from the west, they trampled on the figure; made a male dog named Chaura, a female dog Baura, put them on guard; they drove away the winged horse that came from the east, drove away the one that came with of the West; text B is almost identical]: Osada 2010; Hill Saora: Elwin 1954, No. 18 [Kittung made a home for himself and painted figures of a man and a woman on the wall with white clay; all living things are already were born, but K. could not create a person; asked Uyungsum for advice from the sun; he ordered him to cover the drawings with green leaves for a week, then drop two drops of blood from his little finger on the man and three on the woman; Nine days later, the female figure turned into a girl, and the next day the male figure became a young man; K. called W. to marry them and people descended from them], 20 [Kittung asked his wife how to make people; she ordered to dig up clays from 7 different places and make 4 figures in a day: raja and rani, breeds and rocks; K. finished the work at midnight; painted the Raja and Rani figures with turmeric, and the other two accidentally with soot; in the morning he saw that they were black; K. made excuses to his wife: not all people would be black]: 436, 437-438; stake [Singbonga first created a child; a horse came and trampled on the figure; then S. created to drive the dog away the horse; also created a girl {except the young man}; S. called on all the living, but everyone stayed, and the tiger came first, so he was so powerful; people became vicious, only danced and drank; then S. sent a flood of water and fire; brother and sister have escaped inside the tree; since then, the wood of this tree has been black, as if charred; all people come from this couple; they chose different occupations for themselves, so castes have appeared; in order not to send a flood again, S. created the snake Lurbing (Lur is the name of a rare snake species, bing is a "snake" on Mundari); it exhales its soul from the clouds and is a rainbow, then it rains ends; Lurbing is the ubiquitous name for the rainbow in Munda; Urauh Kohls's brother and sister escaped from the flood in the crab hole]: Jellinghaus 1871:332-333; haria [God sculpted human figures, left dry; two winged horses named Goose Tsar and Winged King flew in and smashed them; then God made four dogs named Caõra, Bhaõra, Lili and Bhuli, sculpted two new figures, told the dogs to guard; the dogs drove the horses away, the figures were dry, God blew their souls into them; he cut off the horses' wings, told them to walk under the saddle, and the dogs would run freely]: Pinnow 1965, No. 26:142-143 (quoted in Kapp 1977:13 -14); dhanwar [Pārvatī made the figure of a man by mixing milk from his right breast with the ground, the woman from the left breast; they have a son Ādigonda; Shiva and P. asked him for a plot of land and dug there a hole, they hid sheep in it; the ring in P.'s nose remained there in the form of a muttala plant; Padmagonda, the youngest of A.'s six sons, is lounging; the brothers' wives told him to weed the field; he pulled out the muttala plant, the sheep came out; he got scared, drove them back, piled up brushwood, set fire; the sheep jumped out again, burned, so they were of different colors; one day P. had no fire to boil milk; he came to Rakshasi's house for him, found her daughter; killed Rakshasi, who managed to create wolves out of revenge; married Rakshasi's daughter and another girl; during the wedding ceremony, the first one has woolen bracelets on her feet, the second has cotton bracelets]: Sontheimer 1989:110-111; Oraons: Hahn 1906, No. 44 [Dharme sculpted a man and then a woman out of clay, left to dry; the horse came and trampled on the figures; D. sculpted again, put the dog as a watchman and a woman came to life, gave birth to people]: 82; Koonathan 1999 [on the advice of the Old Mother, Dharmes created Kingfisher, who dived into the ocean, brought the seed of earth from the lower world; D. made earth out of it; Sita advised make human figures out of clay, but D.'s horse trampled on them, fearing that people would harness it; S. advised to make dogs drive away the horse; soon people inhabited the land]: 144 in Osada 2010; Rosner 1982 [ Dharmes (=Mahadeo) made the figures of a man and a woman out of clay, left it to dry in the sun; a horse flew from the sky, trampled on the figures; M. tried again and guarded one of his dogs, Khauri; M. gave life to the figures, they came to life]: 156 in Osada 2010; baiga [(=Fuchs 1960:405-418); Bhagwan hadn't washed for 12 years, rolled dirt from his armpits and chest, blinded a man and a woman, revived; this is Nanga Baiga and Nanga Baigin; they were ashamed of their nudity, sat in the sea up to their necks, fished, ate raw (there was no fire); when they extracted land from the lower world, the NB came to honor it]: Fuchs 1952:608-617; bhumia (? {clearly the same text as baiga in English}) [Bhagavan fasted for 12 years, did not wash himself; after collecting dirt from his chest, sculpted a man and a woman, covered him with blood from his little finger; Nanga-Baiga's man came to life, blew on his wife, she also came to life; Kotma, the mother of five Pandava brothers, complains to Bhagavan that there are only rocks on earth; B. suggests that Pandava descend into the underworld of the serpent king Burha Nang; after a crack in the ground Turtle king Kichhul descends, with him an earthen wasp, an earthworm, a white ant; the wasp sent everyone to the other side of the river; the serpent king placed seven traps, next to the Kakramal crab; one of his claws in underworld, the other reaches the sky; the crab sleeps, Kichhul and his companions pass; then see motive B3]: Fuchs 1970:15-18; bhuya [there were 14 parts water and 7 parts clay, all mixed; out of the water came out of the water Dharam Deota; after collecting dirt on the right side of his body, he sculpted a female doll, on the left side a male doll; revived it was Boram and his wife; at first they are brother and sister, but DD changed their features by sending smallpox, they met and did not recognize each other; they have a son Parihar; the gods created the tiger and sent him to grab P.; the tiger poured ash on P. who had slept and ran away in horror; P. found a sleeping tiger, also poured ash and ran away; the gods told the tiger to attack when P. went swimming and left his weapon on the shore; the tiger killed P.; his blood was shed on the ground, the ground became hard and reddish; his legs turned into big trees, hands in small, hair in grass, bones in rocks and stones, head turned sun, chest moon; moon print on the moon; B. lamented the loss of his son, but DD gave him many other children ( named)]: Elwin 1949, No. 3:29-30; Muria (Jhodia): Elwin 1954, No. 11 [Dharmo Deota went to work on the site and Mother Basmoti stayed to peel rice; it was hot, she rolled mud off her body, sculpted a doll, she turned into a girl, B. hid it in an empty jug; at this time D. made the boy in the same way, brought it into the house; found the girl in B.'s absence, and B. found the boy in the absence of D .; wanted to kill them so that her husband would not think she was a witch; D. stopped her: a boy and a girl would grow up, marry, give birth to people; these children had no eyes; D. bought cowrie from a merchant and made eyes], 12 [Dharmo Deota and Mother Basmoti decided to make a person - D. the upper part and B. the lower part; when B. saw the top, she laughed: D. forgot about his teeth; D. made a crow out of the dirt on his body, sent for with her teeth; in the upper world, a crow saw an old woman take seeds out of a gourd pumpkin, brought them to D.; he made teeth out of seeds and connected the top and bottom of a person]: 445-446, 446; gondas [Sambhu Mahadeva sculpted human figures out of clay, left them to dry overnight; Indra's horses broke the figures; SM created a dog to protect him and put other guards with swords, covered the figures with cloth; at night the dog barked, the guards cut off the horses's wings; SM poured nectar on the figures, but they didn't come to life; Guru advised them to go to Sirma Guru; he brought his daughter, took veins for people, the figures came to life; at first they were as small as rats Parvati did not approve; then SM made men 16 feet tall, women 12 feet; P. disapproved again; then made the current ones]: Kapp 1977:44-45; Sinhales [at the end of the Kalpa, rain floods the ground; Saman replies to Vishnu that only the asur king Rahu can revive the land; R. asks V. to grow a lotus; goes down its stem to the bottom, brings a handful of land; V. puts it on water, creates land; Surya has come and Chandra (sun and month) to illuminate the earth; S. and V. sculpted a brahmana, who sculpted a woman for himself, revived her]: Volkhonsky, Solntseva 1985, No. 1:28-29.

Malaysia-Indonesia. Semangi (batek de) [Allah's older brother and younger Ta' Allah descended to earth; A. sculpted a man in the east, TA a woman in the west; named their body parts; figures are inanimate; A. went to Tohan, who lived at sunset, persuaded him to give him the soul of a long life (water life-soul); on the way back he stumbled, dropped, Tohan no longer gave him; I had to take the soul of a short life (wind life-soul) from a banana; people came to life but became mortal; some say that Tohan first took the soul-life for people from a perennial tree, i.e. a long life from a tree, a short life from a banana]: Endicott 1979:83-85; ibanas : Dunn 1906 [there was water, and two bird-like spirits, Ara and Iraq, swam on it; they dived, picked up two lumps of firmament from the water, the size and shape of a chicken egg each; from one A. created the sky, from the other I. created the earth; it turned out that the end of the earth extended beyond the edge of the sky; they squeezed the earth, valleys and mountains appeared; trees and other plants grew on their own; A. and I. had been looking for such a tree for a long time, whose juice would resemble blood; when found, they could not turn a tree into a human; then they sculpted a man and woman, the ancestors of the Dayaks, out of clay]: 16; Gomes 1911 [Salampandai by order of the gods (Petara) made a man out of stone, he did not speak, he was rejected; the same was made of iron; then out of clay, this one spoke; the gods ordered them to do the same]: 197; Furniture 1899:11 in Dixon 1916 Sarawak (Baram and Rejang counties) [ Having created land, plants and animals, the birds Iri and Ringgon made man out of clay; he dried up, could neither move nor speak; they attacked him, he fell in fear and crashed; the next one was made of solid wood, but it turned out to be stupid and useless; then a man and woman were carved out of Kumpong wood, which has hard fibers and red juice; this creation succeeded; they went to do more, but forgot how to do it, orangutans and monkeys turned out]: 174-175; little [in seven days Sampulo created heaven, earth and everything on it; on the eighth day he began to make man; first out of stone (he did not move, when no blood flowed), from wood (same), from clay (began to move, blood flowed); made a woman from his rib]: King 1975:151; dayaki (b. Sakarran, western Sarawak) [also a brief retelling in Dixon 1916:175 by Horsburgh 1858:20; the invisible Rajah Gantallah was on lumbu; lembu in Malay is "bull" or "cow", but the Dayaks had that term there is no specific image; at his request, two birds, male and female, appeared, who created the sky, earth, sky and the Batang Lupar River - the mother of rivers, the first water; when they flew, they saw that the earth was larger than the sky; therefore, they collected with their feet the ground in piles, i.e. into the mountains; they created trees, they tried to make people out of them, but unsuccessfully; then people did not speak out of stone; then from clay (earth), and in the veins the resin of the kumpang tree, it is red; called out - the man answered, cut it - blood flowed; they called him Tannah Kumpong, "made of clay" (Moulded Earth)]: Ling Roth 1896:299; kayan (prov. North Kalimantan) [the god of thunder Belanijap created the man Alang-Biloung and made the egg containing the Souri-Lemloi woman fall from the tree; this couple descended from the Dayaki Kayans]: Backer 1874: 44; ngaju [Lahatala created everything except land and people; Ramjing Pahatara found seven earth eggs, made them the figures of a man and a woman, went to bring them stone breaths and bones; at this time his wife Andin Bamban came to his wife Peres (Raats 1970, p.40-41: pe - "good", res - "bad"; associated with the lower world), said that people with stone breath will live forever, earth it will overflow, we must take a breath from the wind, bones from wood, blood from water; AB agreed, Angoi, Uncle Rangang Tingang, carved the bones out of wood; when he returned, RP found people alive, from the stone brought made them only hair, teeth and nails; people first hung in the air, RP caught a sea serpent, placed people on it, the serpent became earth; var.: RP poured earth on the snake, when it moves, it shakes]: Schärer 1966:144-146; mangaray [Deva sculpted the first people out of clay like a clay vessel; Deva is considered father and mother mother]: Arndt 1931:832; loda [messenger of the supreme deity made images of people out of clay, returned to heaven to receive souls from God for them; in his absence, the Devil broke the images; so twice; the third time the messenger made two dogs out of the Devil's bowel movements, a female and a male dog, told them to drive away the Devil; he would disgust them, for they were made of his feces; when the messenger brought souls for the third time, the dogs replied that they had driven away the Devil; messenger put souls into figures, they came to life, became man and woman]: Baarda 1904, No. 13:444; galela [the creator created two people, went for souls for them; at this time an evil spirit destroyed the figures; then the creator He made two dogs out of the bowel movements of an evil spirit, they drove him away, the figures were revived]: Kruijt 1906:471 in Kapp 197:55; Dusun (Tempasuk): Evans 1953:15-20, 372-387 in Stöhr, Zoetmulder 1965 [ the gods made people out of stone, but these people did not speak; then from wood; the wooden ones spoke, but were rotted; then out of the ground; they talked and lived longer, the present ones come from them]: 43; Williams 1961 [After sculpting the earth and man, the Creator asked the man, the snake and the lizard which of them would shed their skin in old age; the lizard and the snake immediately responded, but the man kept silent because his mouth was full with rice flour; now people are mortal]: 69.

Taiwan - Philippines. Tboli [d'Wata, son of the supreme god, has two wives, Hyu We and Sedek We; D.'s sons dug holes for the pillars of his house; D.'s wives sculpted human figures from this land; H. did the right thing, and S.'s nostrils were opened upwards, the genitals were on their knees; S. began to destroy the rice, hit the sky with a pestle, it moved away from the ground; S. and H. quarreled, H. hit the figures sculpted by S., their noses and genitals ended up where now; H. wanted to place the figures on the moon so that they would always be children; S. wanted to place them on a stone to be hard as stone; H. disagreed, turned away, then S. put it on a banana; so people breed like bananas and die; D. revived figures by blowing on them]: Eugenio 1994, No. 182:307-308; bilaan [Melú and Fiuweígh men, Dwata and Saweígh women lived on a tiny land the size of a hat; sent a Saswit bird to bring land from across the sea; M. took what he had brought, made land, sowed seeds brought by the bird; made people out of wax, they melted by the fire; then out of mud; F. put their noses up with their nostrils, rain would pour inside; refused to change what they had done, M. corrected them imperceptibly, the dent remained; M. and S. now live underground, D. and F. in the sky]: Cole 1913:136-137 ( retelling in Dixon 1916:175).

China - Korea. The fox [Mubupa sculpted a couple of macaques out of clay {essentially humans}; people multiplied; the sun was hot, the baby cried, the mother put it in the shade under the pine tree; the parrot began to bite the bump, it fell, killed a baby; mother: let trees fall and new ones grow, let people die, otherwise there won't be enough space on earth; this is how death appeared]: Miller 1994, No. 2:77; meo (northern Vietnam) [Ndo Chii created heaven and earth, 10 Suns (female), 9 Months (male), myriads of stars; Suns, moons, and stars were meant to drain and illuminate the earth; 7 years was no night; the earth dried up , NT created trees and herbs, animals, sculpted a man, breathed his soul into his stomach, gave him tongue and breath; people got hot, they made onions from huge trees, knocked down excess suns and moons; after Brother and sister, who escaped in a wooden drum, married at the behest of the flood, continued their human race; meo went north, where the ice and night were 6 months, later gradually returned]: Nikulin 1982e: 206 ; Chinese (Shanxi, W. Wenxi) [after many Kalpas, the world's egg split, Pangu came out of it; the top of the shell became the sky, the bottom became the earth; stars appeared in the sky, mountains, rivers, plants and animals on the ground; P. hit himself on his face, his nose bleed, he mixed it with clay, sculpted many men and women; when he was in a good mood, he sculpted beautiful ones, when in bad, ugly; put them to dry, combining beautiful ones with beautiful; but it rained, P. raked everyone together, carried them to the cave, the beautiful and the ugly mixed; after 49 times for 49 days, people came to life]: Zhou Yang et al. 1999, No. 1-3; Chinese (Shanxi, wu. Wenxi) [Mother had 3 souls, 6 misconceptions, 72 doubts; she went up to heaven, poured water from a heavenly river into the calebasa, collected clay from the ground, sculpted a hundred people; the water ran out, she urinated on clay, sculpted a hundred more; broke it in pairs, gave each a surname; therefore, people call "a hundred surnames"; during the day they dried them in the sun, cleaned them into a cave for the night; men cannot grow taller than Heavenly Vladyka, women than Mother; one day a thunderstorm began, Mother gathered people in a hurry, some had broken limbs, their ears deteriorated; some got dirty in a cast, others in animal blood, and others in ash, so the skin is different in color; then Mother gave red threads, let each couple meet if these man and woman were together before the turmoil; but some began to look for beautiful wives, there was a mess, Mother did not have time to teach people as she wanted]: Zhou Yang et al. 1999, No. 4:7-8; Chinese (Shanxi, wu. Pingdin) [Pangu separated the sky from the ground; the sky was held on the four legs of a sea turtle, and the earth rested on the back of the carp; immortals lived in the sky, and there was no one on earth; the Jade Lord sent Nuiwu on earth to create life; the first day is the Day of the Tree, N. created for flowers, herbs, trees; the second is Water Day, N. populated rivers and lakes with fish, turtles, crayfish; the third is Metal Day, N. populated mountains with wild animals and birds; the fourth is the day of Fire, N. populated the plains with cattle; the fifth is the day of Earth; N. began to crumple a ball of clay; the Golden Boy appeared in front of her; said that Mother Vanma sent him, she she is afraid that N. will become lazy; N. said, so she does not know what to do next; he promised to report to Mother; N., got angry and sculpted a figure of Youth, 50 of them out of clay; on the sixth day, the day of the Moon, N. wanted to lie down, but the Jade Maiden called her a lazy person; N. got angry again, sculpted 50 Virgo figures; laid out male and female figures in pairs and fell asleep; on the seventh day, the day of the Sun, she wanted return to the Sky Palace, I saw that the figures came to life; gave names to everyone, and called the couple who looked most like those Boy and Virgo Fusi brother and sister; they asked what to eat, what to eat, what dress where to live; N.: wild herbs and animals, dress in leaves and skins, live in caves; N. returned to heaven; wolves, tigers and leopards and ate 10 pairs of siblings; supportive the ground is carp, part of the earth collapsed, and with it 10 more pairs; the turtle supporting the sky was tired, jerked its foot, the NW corner of the sky collapsed, 10 more pairs died under the rubble; Wangmu found out, told N. to return to the earth to help people; N. tied the carp with dragon veins, smelted five-colored stones on Mount Fushan and patched the sky, cut off the turtle's paws and made supports for the sky, drove wild birds and animals away, returned to heaven; but wild animals and birds returned, ate 5 more pairs; the carp blinked an eye, the ground staggered, the mountains shook, volcanoes woke, 5 more pairs died; the turtle that had lost its paws began to cry pain, her tears turned into ice and snow, rains and glaciers killed 5 more pairs; it kept raining, the snow cover was getting thicker, the carp was getting heavier; the ground sank, the turtle's legs trembled, the sky and the land staggered, the ice and snow melted, the seas overflowed; N. sent Vanmu again; she threw her hairpin into the water, it turned into a boat, only Brother and Sister Fusi escaped; the flood was over, but the land is empty; Mount Fushan, where N. melted stones, was the highest, N. took her brother and sister there - let them multiply; they were embarrassed; N. gave everyone a millstone, ordered them to roll down the mountain; when the millstones rolled down, they lay on top of each other; the eastern and western Millstones in the Changshigou ravine are those millstones; shame will pass, and if you want to call each other brother and sister, please; newlyweds are still called that]: Zhou Yang et al. 1999, No. 9:12-14; Chinese (Shanxi, Wu. Linfen) [his parents died, the boy lived with his older sister; when he fell asleep in the cave, he heard a voice: the sky would collapse and the earth would split, he must take food and return to the cave; the boy took food and brought it with him sister; when the dust cleared, brother and sister saw a light, came to the old woman, who was knocking a thread; she put a jug of water on the fire, put half a date and a few grains of rice in it; a jug full of porridge; in the morning neither the old woman nor the hut, but next to a piece of paper with Mother Wanmu's command to marry; the matchmakers will be millstones: the brother must stand on the eastern mountain, the sister on the western mountain, the millstones will unite; when brother and sister got married, Mother Wangmu came down to help recreate humanity; she cooked porridge, boiled it, and the couple sculpted clay into men and women, old and young, tall and short, sitting, lying down, walking and running; once they didn't have time to hide them from the rain, some broke; so there are cripples]: Zhou Yang et al. 1999, No. 9a: 14-15; Chinese (Hebei, wu . Chanley, 1986) [God discovered that there were mountains, water, grass and trees on earth, decided to create people, began to make clay figures; put some on the mountains, some on the plains, some on the shores lakes, some to the seashore, and wanted the sun to dry them; all the figures turned into living people; one day it rained heavily, some clay people washed their hands, others had their legs washed, others had their legs washed, and others face; so now some people have scarred faces, others do not have an arm or a broken leg; also, all modern people have clay residues on their bodies: when we sweat, we can wipe the sweat with our hands roll off pieces of clay (apparently, we're talking about "old skin")]: Bai Gengsheng 2007b:3; Chinese (Shaanxi) [there was a big stone egg in the world; it was spinning, the stone inside crumbled, turned into soil; man grew out of soil like a chicken; he lay in a curled position, so he was called Panren ("curled man"); he was the first human, so he was popularly called Pangu ("curled up ancient"); when his body was formed, he woke up and found only stone and darkness around him; sculpted an ax out of the ground and waved it; the stone around him split easily, what was next did not give in; then P. cried, his tears mingled with the breakaway stones and formed mountains; he continued to cry, tears flowed like rain, forming seas; therefore, sea water bitter and salty; P. continued to cut the stone, sparks fell, flew up, turned into stars; one day he hit with all his might, cut off two large stones, they flew up and turned into fiery the balls are the moon and the sun; the stone egg split, and a cold wind blew through the cracks; P. strained and began to grow, raising the upper half of the stone egg, and it turned into a blue sky; while P. grew, the breakaway stones also grew and turned into mountains, and their fragments into yellowish and plains; the sky separated from the ground, P. grew old, he felt lonely, he made many clay men out of yellowish earth and breathed life into them; one day he injured his hand, and where his blood had dripped, there were herbs and flowers; he was happy and began to water his blood on the ground, but soon died, and his bones turned into trees; when P. raised the Sky, then looked down, saw Mount Jifeng and stuck his ax into it; the mountain settled and took its current form with a crevice in the middle]: Zhou Yang et al. 1996, No. 2:4; Chinese (Shaanxi, wu. Suide) [When heaven and earth were divided, there were no people in the world. The Jade Lord made Fuxi, Shennong, and Nuiwu the Three Augusts-Heavenly, Earthly, and Human, and commanded them to create humans together. They gathered at Mount Yueyashan in the ancient Shangjun region to discuss this assignment. Heavenly August Fuxi and Earthly August Shennong began to discuss the boundaries and the name of states, and left Nuiwu between the Wuding and Dali rivers to create people. She worked very hard to create men like Fuxi and Shennong, and women her own way. She created white people from white clay near the Bainichuan River (White Clay Stream), and black people from the black clay she dug from the rocks beyond Mount Shuli. People had arms, legs, noses and eyes, but they had no life and couldn't move. Then she did what the Jade Lord taught her and said, "The Jade Lord told Three August to create a world and mold people out of clay, so come to life!" ; Then the clay men jumped in and started talking and laughing. Nuiva was happy, took off her belt, dipped it in liquid clay and waved it, shouting "Turn!" Clay fell from the waist to the ground and turned into clay men and women, tall and short, fat and thin, beautiful and ugly, healthy and crippled, yellow, black and white, or even all colors right away. Nuiva did not realize that she created twice as many men as women, and when they split into pairs, there were not enough women for everyone. Then the remaining half of the men started fighting for them with the other half. The women complained to the Jade Lord, who became angry and blamed everything on Nuiva. She was offended and replied that the Jade Lord himself sent two men and one woman to earth, so he himself was to blame for the inequality. There have been single men in the world ever since, but no single women. Crippled and ugly men could not find a couple and began to molest the Jade Lord asking what to do (zenme baths? ). But he didn't hear it, and he thought they were saying "bachelors" (Guanguner Han). Then he told them they would be called bachelors. The Jade Lord saw that Mount Yueyashan was full of yellow, black and white people, or even people of all colors at once, and there were countless of them. He then asked Nuiwu how many types of people she had created. She replied that they were nine, and the Jade Lord ordered them to be resettled in different countries. People have since said that "one mother raised nine types of people"]: Zhou Yang et al. 1996, No. 3:5-6; the Chinese (Hubei, Hunan) [the creator made people out of clay; the rain damaged some of the figures, therefore, there are cripples among people; creators: a couple of first ancestors who survived the flood; God; Pangu; goddess Nuiwa (Nü-kua); data from the beginning of the Qing era]: Eberhard 1937, No. 70:114-115; Chinese ( Sichuan, wu. Dechang) [After King Pangu separated heaven from earth, there were no people on earth. Some time later, a goddess named Mother Nuiva appeared there. She was bored. She went to the riverbank and saw her reflection in the water and decided that the world would be more fun if it had creatures like her. She squatted down, took a handful of clay, moistened her with water, and, looking at her reflection, she made a figure with her head, body, arms and legs just like hers. She put the figure on the ground and it screamed. Nuiva was delighted and called her a "person". Then she prepared a lot of clay, kneaded it during the day, and sculpted people out of it in the evening. Years later, people spread all over the world. But all these people were the same, they were not divided into men and women, they could not start families, and they felt lonely. Then Nuiva divided them into men and women, paired them, created families, and began to have children. Since then, there have been more and more people every year, and the world has become more fun]: Zhou Yang et al. 1998b, No. 6:27; Chinese (Sichuan, wu. Jianyang) [In ancient times, Fuxi and his sister played at the top of the mountain, a bird flew in, put a seed next to them, they buried it, and soon a big pumpkin grew. It started raining for 49 days and flooded the whole land. Brother and sister cut the pumpkin into two halves, and each sat in one of them. When the flood receded, all the people on earth died. Then brother and sister made many little men out of yellow clay: brother men and sister women. In the evening, the little men drank dew and came to life, paired up and began to rejoice. When the clay ran out, they went up the mountain to get the clay from there, but they were noticed by an immortal guarding the mountain and asked when they would return the stolen clay to him. Fusi said that when people die, they would be taken to the mountain to the beat of gongs and drums. Since then, the dead have been taken to the mountain, thus returning clay to the immortal guarding mountain]: Zhou, 1998b, No. 27:49; Chinese (Sichuan, Wu. Mianzhu) [A long time ago, the world was in chaos and resembled liquid clay. This clay gradually settled, and clear water rose to form the sky, and the sediment fell down to form the earth. This land was somewhere high, somewhere low, somewhere flat, somewhere protruding, somewhere there were holes, somewhere lakes, and somewhere canals. Then there were mountains, hills, and rivers. Heaven and earth formed, but there were no people, and the world looked sad. At this time, a god named Great-Grandfather the Infinite descended from heaven, and with him two disciples. He told them to make figurines out of clay, and the older student began making women and the younger student made men. On the first day, the senior student made 99 women and the youngest 100 men. They put them in front of Great-Grandfather the Infinite, who breathed his magical breath on the figures, and they came to life and turned into real people. Great-grandfather divided them into pairs, but the last man did not have enough woman, and Great-Grandfather Infinite told him: "You will hang out with prostitutes." On the second day, Great-Grandfather the Infinite again told his disciples to make clay people, but now the elder made men and the youngest made women. As a result, the senior student made 99 men and the youngest 100 women. They put them in front of Great-Grandfather the Infinite, who breathed his magical breath on the figures, and they came to life and turned into real people. Great-grandfather divided them into pairs, but the last woman did not have enough man, and Great-Grandfather Infinite said to her, "You will be someone's lover." So as soon as people appeared in the world, there were those who go to prostitutes and those who turn out to be mistresses]: Zhou Yang et al. 1998b, No. 7:27-28; Chinese (Sichuan, wu. Pengshan) [After King Pangu separated heaven from earth, there was everything in the world except humans, and then he began to sculpt them from clay. King Pangu once made a batch of people and put them to dry in the sun, but when they were about to dry, the sky suddenly darkened. He realized that it was about to rain, hurriedly threw them together with a broom and carried them into the house in his back basket, but before he could bear them all, it began to rain. As a result, some of the figures became wet, and some lost their arms, others had their legs, and others had an ear. People with disabilities have existed in the world ever since]: Zhou Yang et al. 1998b, No. 8:28.

The Balkans. Romanians [God was born out of nothing; made a butterfly out of a woodworm, a man out of a butterfly; Tartar comes from God's thought; God sends him to dive, T. brings land, God weaved on the sixth day the earth; the land is too large; God sends a bee, it overhears the Hedgehog thinking out loud what valleys and mountains should be made, the size of the earth will decrease; T. makes a man out of clay, asks him to revive, he revives; they agree that God will get the living and T. the dead; God knows that there are more dead; sends an archangel to learn how to break the contract; this requires a flower that Mary smelled; Mary conceives, gives birth to Jesus Christ, the contract is broken]: Murgoci 1929:137-139 (retold in Johns 2005:269); Bulgarians [first God creates a gigantic gidovina man; he could reach heaven with his hand, could not bend down, could not see in front of him, fell down all the time; then God created the human pedu, he was tiny, animals and reptiles ate him; then God created the middle man; the descendants of the first two races also they live, verlina-man (vurlina), such people are tall, but stupid, and stunted juje (chovecentse, jivelek), such people are not allowed to participate in religious rituals]: Marinov 2003:228-229; Macedonians: Johns 2005 [{God does not directly say about the creation of the body and soul by the Devil, but this follows from the following} St. John learns from the devils that God will not be able to take away his (i.e. soul) until he incarnates on earth; Peter wants to tell God about this, but the Devil is watching Peter; then Peter offers the Devil dive, who will be the first to bring something from the bottom; when the Devil dives, the sea is covered with ice; Peter runs, the devil has time to scratch his heels with his claws; God tells him to cut off and throw the flesh off his feet since then recesses on people's feet]: 267; Ortenzio 2008, No. 1 [God began to make people like potter vessels; but so God kept only one day for each type of work, and in the afternoon he began to hurry, so many people are ugly, crooked, etc.]: 25-28; Serbs [God created a sheep, the Devil a goat; Ox God, Horse Devil, Dog God, Wolf Devil, and so on all living creatures; God created an angel in his likeness, and the Devil from a creature like an angel made earth and water, but could not revive it; began to blow into him, the air escaped, forming an anus; the runoff water made a furrow in the ground, it became a snake; the devil could not to revive man, God put his soul into him; they agreed that the living would belong to God and the dead to the Devil; all the dead began to go to hell; God heard their moans; began to send different animals to serve To the devil to learn how to break the contract; the devil sent them away; the bee served not three years, but nine years; the Devil told her that if God gave birth to a son, he would not be bound to the Devil by contract; bee flew to God, the Devil managed to cut it, God folded the halves, but all the insects became thin-waisted; Mary became pregnant by smelling the basil given by the angel Gabriel; gave birth to Jesus; hid it from Judas in the hay; the ox and the sheep covered the baby, and the horse ate almost all the hay, almost revealing the child to the Jews; the Mother of God cursed the horse, telling them to be full only once a year on the eve of St. George; when Christ ascended, the Judes threw ropes and hooks, tore off a piece of their leg; so people had a dent on their feet; the angel opened the door to hell, souls came out of there, went up to heaven]: Vukicevich 1915: 109-114.

Central Europe. The Russian literary tradition [in "The Tale of How God Created Adam" God created the first man in eight parts, "and look imachi's eyes from the sun and leave Adam lying alone on earth. But Satan, cursed, will come to Adam and smear him with feces and tinn and ages. And the Lord will come to Adam and put your eyes on the sun, and the sight of his husband is smeared, and the Lord is angry with the devil and began to say: Cursed to the devil! Can't you die? What did you do for this man's dirty trick - his smear? and damn you wake up! And the devil will disappear like lightning, through the earth from the face of the Lord. But the Lord will take Satan's dirty tricks off him and mix him with Adam's tears, and in that create a dog, put up a dog and lead Adam's streaks; and he himself will go to mountainous Jerusalem by Adamlevo's breath. And Satan will come second and rise to Adam, let evil filth, and see a dog lying at Adamlev's feet, and Satan, afraid of Velmi. The dog began to bark evil at the devil; but Satan, who was cursed, took the tree and the leaf of all Adam's man, and gave him 70 ailments." God had mercy on Adam, drove Satan away, and turned all ailments inside human body]: Afanasiev 1994 (3): 61-62; Russians (Orel Gubernia) [God created Adam and Evga, let them live in paradise, left the clean Dog to guard paradise from the evil one; he gave the Dog a piece of bread, she missed it, he spat on A. and E. from head to toe; God turned A. and E. inside out, so the saliva is filthy; made the dog an unclean animal, it is naked by its hair, but clean in its gut, it is not called a dog, but a dog]: Vlasova 1986, No. 41:38; Russians (central and northern provinces, (Kharkiv governorate) [God created the human body, departed, leaving the dog, which was then without hair, to guard it; Satan, having let the cold in the cold, seduces the dog with warm hair to let it approach the man; spat man; God turned man inside out unclean inside out]: Kuznetsova 1998:99, 101, 160; Morokhov 1998, No. 457 [God created man, the Devil smeared him with snot and mud; God removed dirt, created it from it the dog, ordered to protect the man; the devil was afraid of it and left; (zap. E.T. Solovyov in 1874 in Kazan Gubernia)]: 427; Ukrainians [God made a man out of clay, left the dog to protect him, flew to heaven for his soul; the devil let the cold go, gave the dog a warm fur coat to make it missed him; spat on a man; God turned the man inside out, then blew his soul]: P.I. [vanov] 1892:89-90; Belarusians: Dobrovolsky 1891, No. 9 [God made a man, went away, told the dog guard; Damn it cold, gave the dog a fur coat, for which she let him go; therefore, the dog is not allowed to go to church, and the cat is left to catch mice; Satan spat on man, God turned the man inside out]: 230-231 ; Grynblat, Gurski 1983, No. 21 [after the creation of heaven and earth, God decided to create man; created Adam and left because there was not enough material; left the "abaka" to guard; Satan threatened the "abaka" let the cold go, gave her a fur coat; for disobedience, the dog has not been allowed to go to church, since then they have been called a dog; and the cat is left in the church to catch mice; Satan spat and spoiled man; advised God to turn it around a person inside out; if he coughs, he will remember God first, then the devil, otherwise he will not remember]: 46-47.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Abkhazians: Bartsyts 2005 (the author is an ethnographer, knows from his mother) [when the world was being created, the devil sent horses to smash him, otherwise they say will torment them all his life; the man managed to snatch a handful of clay from his stomach and throw them into horses, these clods became dogs, drove the horses away]; Gabnia 2002 (recorded by folklorist Valentin Astamurovich Kogonia 11.07.1991) [God created man from clay; Damn warned horses: "If a person comes to life, you will not live. Kill him!" The horses rushed at the man. Dogs, seeing this, rushed to horses to save man; therefore, man and dog are considered close]: 56; Balkarians [Allah created man; Ibeliz laughed that he was not good, created a beautiful woman, but could not revive her; stole from Allah the pipe with which he blew life into creation; blew life into a woman, but the evil spirit was purified by passing through God's pipe; therefore, the woman's body diabolical and the spirit is diabolical]: G. Malyavkin 1893 in Jurtubayev 2007:419-420; Ingush: Dakhkilgov 2003 [God first created giants; walking under the sun, they bent down to prevent their hats from being knocked down; they did not have enough food, they ate each other friend; earth: I was all trampled; then God destroyed giants with a contagious disease, created man, and the earth calmed down]: 30; Dakhkilgov 1991 [God created angels, showed them different things, they are nothing they could name it; then God mixed clay and sculpted man; sent Jabrayil to heaven to catch a soul, but souls were not given; the same with other angels; Azrail brought one soul; God began to put it into man and, when the soul reached his lower back, the man tried to stand up, but could not run; if at that moment the soul had reached his feet, man would have run far away; but God revived man slowly; showed him a sheep, a buffalo, a dog, the man named everyone; since he could not get along with angels, God brought man down from heaven, gave cattle and sheep; Jebrail gave a plow and barley]: 106-107 in Tsaroev 2016:170; Nogais [first Tengri created the soul of a man in the guise of a fly out of fire; Yeryoshi ("lord of the land") for a long time did not agree to give land for human creation; he agreed when he was promised that this part of the land would be for him returned; but when Su-iyoshi ("lord of water") looked at the ground, he said that it was impossible to create man from it; then Sazagan (the master of lightning) struck the ground with lightning and the ground in a saz balshyk ( singing clay); Su-iyoshi sprinkled water on it, and Sazaga began to knead and made a human figure; the man was foolish, shouted, sang songs, did not like Umai; then Tangri breathed a fly soul into his body; she entered through nose; the soul also leaves the body through the nose, the body must be buried in the ground, Yeryoshi is pleased that this part is returning to him; after the creation of man, on the advice of Umai, a woman and a dog were created to protect human]: Kapaev 2012:169-170; Tabasarans [Umchar created the earth with everything on it, settled animals, fish, birds; to control them, he created a man out of yellow clay, called Adam; he knew the language of all creatures, loved animals and they loved it; he became bored and W. created Eve from A.'s rib; they inhabited the earth]: Khalidova 2012, No. 5:32; Svans [like Abkhazians; archaeologist Alexey Vladimirovich Turkin in In 2004-2005 I was in Svaneti and heard this story from an old man; translated by Ruslan Champrioni]; Armenians (Lori, West 1941) [The world consisted of water and darkness. God walked on it and cared for it. He separated light from darkness, then water from land, created plants, then animals. God had twelve ranks of angels, three ranks did not obey, he cursed them, they turned into demons (letters. - "Satan"). God told angels to bring land to create man from four sides of the world, let man take care of plants and animals. If demons ask you to open your hands, do not open them. The angels did not open their hands to the demons, they brought the earth, God stretched it, made a man, put it in the sun to dry. The demons told the horses that people would sit on them every day and torture them. The horses trampled on the figure. God sent angels to land again. This time, the demons made them open their hands and spit inside. God mashed the ground, squeezed Satanic saliva onto his navel, then tied it up, cut off the umbilical cord (there is still room), saliva, and told it to become a dog, to drive away enemies from man. The dog did not let the horses in, the man was dry, God blew into his mouth, gave him his soul, called him Adam, put him in paradise]: Zhamkochyan 2012, No. 8:138-140 {translated by Lilit Simonyan}.

Iran - Central Asia. Iranian Zoroastrians: Boyce 1989 [the dog created by Ormazd to protect Adam's physical body from Ahriman is at the Chinwat Bridge, preventing those who were cruel to during his lifetime with dogs, and barking by scaring virgins away from the righteous; he also helps Mihra identify demons trying to punish sinners more than they deserve]: 146; Dresden 2005 [Gaiomart (Gaya-Martin," mortal life") is the first person, but does not have a wife; when G. was defeated by Ahriman and, dying, dropped his seed to the ground, 40 years later, the first couple of people, Martya and Martyanag, grew out of the ground in the form of rhubarb]: 309-310; Litvinsky, Sedov 1984 [Having created the first man Guyomard, Ormuzd instructed the seven wise men of Amesh Spent to protect him from Ahriman, but they failed; then Ormuzd appointed Zarr & # 299; ngoš ("yellow ears"), and he has since successfully protected souls going to the other world from demons; even if the soul must go to hell, but a person fed dogs during his lifetime and did not harm them, Z. demons took possession of their souls; he prevented those who were cruel to dogs from crossing the Chinvat Bridge]: 165; Pamiris (Deputy Researcher at the Institute of Humanities N. Kurbonkhonova in 2001 from Mekhrubon Akdodov, 60 years old, a resident of Khorog) [God sculpted Adam's body out of clay, and until he put his heart into it, he was guarded by a dog]: Yusufbekov 2009; kho [before as man was created, the world was inhabited by horses; their efforts to trample Adam's clay-made body (one of their hooves is the navel) was in vain thanks to a sensitive dog that has been guarding ever since man like his close friend; the clay that sticks to the finger of a human figure has become a falcon, which is why it always returns to this place]: Yettmar 1986:444.

Volga - Perm. Komi: Konakov 1999 [=Konakov et al. 2004:272; originally, people had a strong corneum instead of skin, now left only on their nails; parents left the child under supervision dogs; Omöl, seducing the dog with warm hair, gained access to it to the child and smeared it with his snot and saliva; after that, the horn coating remained only on his nails]: 43; Konakov et al. 2004 [ Jen put the dog to guard the unfinished man; Omegave it a warm fur coat, which allowed him to approach the human figure, O. smeared it with drooling]: 271-272; Nalimov 1907 [Yong created the first man a helpless child; Mistletoe tried to harm him; Yong put the Dog as a guard; O. began to caress her, promising a fur coat as a gift; she missed him to caress the man; O. smeared him with his saliva; the man became drooling, snotty; Yong ordered the man to give the dog as much bread as it could fit on its nose; many options, all similar]: 20; Rochev 1984, No. 107 [the peasant hired a dog to babysit; the goblin promised her a fur coat if he let her examine the child; the goblin spat on the child, turned it inside out, gave the dog a fur coat; the owner returned, drove the dog into the yard; the child used to have hard skin, now he remains only on his nails]: 114 (=2006:156); Udmurts [Inmar blinded a man, went to heaven for his soul; Shaitan bribed a dog guard, giving wool to protect him from the cold, spat on a man; I. turned the person inside out, so all the diseases are inside; and the dog serves man faithfully]: Vladykin 1994:321-322; Perevozchikova 1988:39; Marie: Aktsorin 1991, No. 7 [Humo created man, left To protect a naked dog; Uday caught up with the cold, promised the dog a fur coat if it let him go to a person; spat it on; because of this, a person has various diseases]: 38; Anonymous 1858 [Yuma created the human body, went to another place to create the soul, left the dog as a watchman; the dog was without hair; Keremet produced cold, gave the dog hair, which allowed it to enter the body; K. K. laughed at the man, putting the embryo of all diseases]: 210; Vasiliev 1907 [Yuma blinded the man, went to heaven for his soul; Kiremet spat on his body, Yu could not clean it, turned it inside out]: 50-51; Vereshchagin 1996 [(based on V. Bekhterev 1880); Keremet swam in the form of a drake, Humo told him to get land from the bottom; K. brought land, but hid some in his mouth; Yu covered the water with earth, and K. spit out the hidden, creating mountains and bare rocks; Yu. hit the stone with a hammer, the sparks turned into angels (shukchias); the sparks from K.'s blows turned into evil spirits; Yu left the black dog to guard the human body, went behind his soul; K. sent cold, bribed the dog warm hair, spat on the human body, making it sinful]: 134; Mordovians: Kuznetsova 1998:100 [(Veselovsky, Research..., vol. 5, pp.11-12); Shaitan collected clay, sand from 77 stars of the world, became create a man, but it turned out to be a pig, a dog, or a bastard; sent a bat to the sky, where Cham Pas's towel hangs, he wipes himself off after the bath; we need to make a nest in it, raise the children, the end the towels will become heavy, it will fall to the ground; S. wiped the man he made with that towel, the man acquired the likeness of God, but remained breathless; the emergency revived him, and S. began to ask Man and his share; the state of emergency gave him his body, took his soul; the bat punished by taking away his wings, putting his bare tail and paws like S. acquired the likeness of God, but remained lifeless; it was a pig, a dog, or a bastard; sent l], 101 [Veselovsky; Cham Pas made a man out of clay, left to create a soul, putting the dog to guard the body; Shaitan let it fall, offered to dress the dog with hair if it allowed him to man; spat on a person, this caused illnesses; began to blow his bad breath into him; the emergency drove W away, ordered the dog to always wear unclean hair, turned the man inside out, blew him into a person his breath; now man is prone to both evil and good]; Devyatkina 1998:169 [Shkai made a man out of clay, put the dog on guard, went to breathe himself; the devil bribed the dog with hair, spat man; Shkai turned the spit places inward, they turned into diseases], 297-298 [in the absence of Shkabavaz, Shaitan comes to the gates of paradise, deceiving the dog, penetrates there, spits on a person, except fingertips and toes; before that, the skin was horny; Shkabavaz failed to clean the spits, he turned the person's skin inside out]; Sedova 1982 [Cham-paz (sun god) spits, spit turns into a stone, he breaks it, he turns into Shaitan; C. tells you to dive, get the earth from the bottom; S. hid part in his mouth, spit it it out, mountains appeared; C. made a blue sky, S. made clouds, C. told them bring rain; C. made useful animals, S. - predators, snakes, spiders, mosquitoes; C. made a man under the protection of a dog, S. blew cold on her, she was naked, hid in the hay; S. spat on a man, giving him diseases, vices; C. gave man reason, S. sent him to the lower world]: 13-15; Devyatkina 2004 (moksha) [God made man out of the stump of a 39-year-old tree; put a stump - legs appeared, shook his hands, rubbed - eyes opened]: 121; Chuvash [Tură creates land flat, it grows; Shuittan spits out silt hidden in his mouth, creates mountains, ravines, or causes a storm in the ocean before the earth has time harden; for S. to spit out the silt, T. beats him, evil spirits emerge from the splashes of blood; T. begs for land, agrees to a patch to lean on his staff, makes a hole in the ground, falls into the lower world; from holes come out diseases, reptiles; T. drives them back; S. clumsily imitates T.; T. makes apples, cow, sheep, Sh. - potato berries, goat, pig; predatory and harmful animals, reptiles, fish (throwing into pebbles water); T. made a man, went for his soul, left the dog without hair to guard; S. let the dog eat bones, promised the dog a fur coat, spat on the man; T. turned the man inside out, told the dog to eat bones, to be beaten]: Egorov 1995:117-118.

Turkestan. Kazakhs ("Siberian Kyrgyz") ["Akmola Regional Gazette, 1890; God created the human body from clay, followed his soul, leaving the dog as a guard; Damn, the dog did not let him in; C. let the cold go, the dog disappeared, C. spat on man (hence sins, torments, illnesses); God returned, put his soul into it, scolded the Devil, left diseases and sins because they are necessary; he rewarded the dog with a warm fur coat ]: Ivanovsky, 1891:250; (cf. Kondybay 2005 [source in Kazakh; in a Kazakh fairy tale, a motley mare made a man from clay, and a dog helped her]: 203).

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Chulym Turks [water is everywhere, loon is swimming; God: what do you eat? - Earth. - Where is it? - Underwater. - Get it, thank you. Loon brought the earth three times, it turned out to be a cake, God lay down on it; the devil grabbed his leg and threw it into the water; God was on land, a lot of land was formed; the devil grabbed the sleeping God by the legs, pulled him into the water, and the earth expands; dragged until it was dry all around; hell asked for half the earth; God refused; well, at least stick the stake; God allowed, damn stuck the stake and took out mosquitoes, midges; God plugged the hole; did dog; made a man; went after his soul, told the dog to protect the man; the devil asked to miss: I'll feed and shower it with black hair; the dog missed; the devil pierced the navel and did not care; God told the dog serve man; since then, people have been ill]: Lukina 2004, No. 5.1:97-98; Altaians: Anokhin 1924 [Ulgen created human bodies, sent Raven to Kuday to ask for souls for them; he gave them The raven carried them in its beak; flew past the corpse of a camel, the horse, when he saw the corpse of a cow, shouted, Carr, what eyes! Souls fell into the coniferous forests, which became evergreen; at this time Erlik gave the dog guard a warm fur coat, blew his soul into people's bodies, their bodies came to life]: 18; Verbitsky 1893 [Ulgen did men, including Maidera, who was made of clay and reed, was a woman; she began to fall apart, he wrapped a snake around her; left the dog to guard; Erlik came and gave the dog a fur coat (wool) and food (crap) blew seven frets in his nose with an iron pipe, reviving a woman; she is as evil as a snake, always 7 frets; M. cursed the dog]: 92-93; Ivanovsky 1891 [Ulgen created 7 men, left for three days; Maider created woman; ran towards God, leaving the dog to watch; Erlik blew an evil soul into the woman, gave the dog a fur coat; M. ordered the dog to be a servant of man, to eat droppings; men rejected that woman; W. created the other of the man's two ribs]: 251; Nikiforov 1915 [after the flood, Ulgen ordered the Dog to guard people's workpieces; Yerlik bribed her with a fur coat and food, breathed mortal souls into people]: 241; teleuts [ (Your backup missionary. Postnikov in d. Myyuta, whose population was formed mainly from Bachat migrant teleuts - see below. Potanin 1883:130, note 2; Funk 2004:9); there was only water; Ulgen went down to create the earth; Yerlik volunteered to dive, brought earth from the bottom in his mouth; W. made the earth, it was all from turf; There was a little land left between E.'s teeth; he spit it it out, a hummocked swampy place formed; W. scolded him; he asked for as much land as the end of his stick took; he fell into that the place he asked for; the swallow brought turf in his beak; W. scattered it; made the forest and everything on earth; created the human body from earth, bones from stones; a dog without hair; went to look for a soul for the man, left the dog as a watchman; E. appeared, promised to give the dog hair and soul to the man; the dog ate E.'s excrement, overgrown with hair; E. put a pipe in the man's ass, blew, thereby reviving him; W. came I wondered whether to exterminate people; the Frog persuaded them to leave them as they are]: Potanin 1883, No. 46a: 218-220; Chelkans (Lebedin Tatars, Otkushtö, 1863) ["At first it was just water and nowhere was land. Then God sent a white swan into the water and ordered him to bring water to heaven in its beak. But when he was diving, a little bit of earth stuck to his beak. The swan blew the ground off its beak, and it fell into the water with small specks of dust and began to swim on its surface. These dust particles began to grow and expand, and from them became earth. But the ground was smooth and flat. Then God sent a second bird to earth to blow up the ground with its beak, and this made mountains and valleys on the earth. But the trait did not like the beautiful treeless land, and he created a mob with its swamps, where people can hardly live and are very poor. At first, God created a man who lived alone on earth. It was a man. One day, while he was sleeping, the devil touched his chest and a bone began to grow from his thigh, and as she got longer, she fell to the ground and a woman appeared out of it"]: Radlov 1989:211 (the swan diving episode mentioned in Dyrenkov 1929:123); Kumandins [The Creator made a human body, went after his soul, left the Dog and the Cat to guard; the Demon bribed the Dog by giving it warm skin, spitting on the man; the Cat did not the Demon missed, he spat in her mouth, she fell silent; the Creator had to turn the man out; the dog has a filthy skin but a clean mouth, the cat has the opposite]: Khokholkov 1997:16-17; Shors: Khlopina 1978 [Ulgen created luminaries, smooth earth, rivers; Erlik created mountains; W. created man, went to look for a soul, left a naked dog to guard; E. gave it wool so as not to freeze in winter, for which she let him into creation; E. smeared the man with mud; W. returned, unable to find a soul; agreed that the soul would breathe in E., it would belong to him; E. breathed the soul through his mouth through the hollow stalk of angelica; W. agreed to give E. the land against which his staff rests; snakes and insects crawled out of the hole; E. fell into it, lives in the lower world; W. got fire, dispersed reptiles with smoke]: 71-72; Shtygashev 1894 ("Kuznetsky foreigners") [first one water; God often spits on one place, saliva forms a heap, the devil Aina comes out of it, calls him a friend; God tells him to dive to get the earth, say, Help, Oh my God! A. does not say, the earth is washed off his hands twice, but at the bottom he eats it; the third time he brought the earth, God dried it, scattered it, creating land; the earth in A.'s stomach began to grow; God cut it, cleaned it, cured A., went to bed; A. tried to turn the earth over, but only stretched it; begged for a piece of land at least the size of a crutch; fell down, and reptiles and insects, prickly plants came out of the hole, mountains and swamps appeared; God strengthened the land on three whales (ker-palyk); when they change places, earthquakes occur; God created man from clay, went after his soul, left the dog as a watchman; the devil Aina gave the dog hair, for which she let him near the man, he spit in his mouth; so people have saliva and harkotin in their mouths; God revived the man, told the dog to be his servant]: 1-8; tubalars [ Poyana created a man, went to Kuday for his soul, told the dog to watch; Erlik promised to give her golden hair, she gave him a man, he spit on him; K. could not clean it out, turned inside out, made the dog filthy]: Radlov 1989:221; Khakas [first it was a duck; having made another friend, sent her to the bottom of the river for sand; she brings it three times and gives it first; the third time some of the sand left in its mouth, this part became stones; the first duck scattered the sand, crushed for nine days, the earth grew; mountains grew after the messenger duck spit the stones out of its mouth; because of this the first refuses to give her land; agrees to give land the size of a cane; the messenger pierces a hole in the ground, goes into it; the remainder sends a swallow for a man's soul, telling the dog to watch and bark on Erlik Khan; E. created winter, gave the dog a fur coat, spat on man; God poured his soul on man, made him a wife out of a rib; ordered him to eat red currants at sunrise, but not at sunset; the wife ate; a woman with a child and a mare with a foal eat grass, a woman has crossed seven slides, a mare over one; God has decided that if people eat grass, they will eat it all; see motive D13]: Katanov 1963:155-156; Radlov 1907:523-524; Burnakov 2008 [the dog was naked, without hair; Aina went to the man's house, the dog wouldn't let him in; the Aina let the cold go, offered the dog a warm fur coat in exchange for she will miss it; Aina could not harm a person because there was a cat in the house, drove him out of the house; since then, the person has been happy to pet the cat, and does not like to pet the dog, believing that she has damn skin]: Venary Alekseevich Burnakov, researcher at the Siberian Ethnography Sector, IAET SB RAS, Internet; tofalars [when the earth thawed and dried, burkhan made human grass; eyes were left undone, the burkhan left the naked dog to guard the creation, went to look for his eyes; Aza spat on the dog, which was covered with hair; spat on the man, left; the burkhan found a man covered in snot, turned inside out]: Rassadin 1996, No. 8:16; Balagan Buryats (Khangalov's recording): Gomboev 1890, No. 1c [=Khangalov 1960:8-10; there is only water everywhere; Shibagani-Burkhan, Madari-Burkhan and Esege-burhan saw an angata bird, it was swimming with 12 children; they told it to dive, get black clay, red clay, sand (hara-shoro, ulan-shoro, ilhe); she dived, took it out; they scattered it on the water black earth, red clay and sand, created the earth, grass and trees grew on it; then man was created; from red clay, a body, a bone stone, blood from water; they made a man and a woman, lay down sleep; whose candle will burn the next morning, in whose pot a flower will grow, will revive people and protect them; Shibagani Burhan woke up and saw that Madari-Burhan was burning in front of Madari Burhan a candle, a flower in his pot; changed, lay down again, was recognized as the winner; M.: now the people you animated will also steal and quarrel; after that, M. and E. rose to heaven, and S. stayed in earth, revived the two people made; the Burkhans made them covered with hair and the dog naked; Shibegani Burhan went to heaven, left the dog to guard; Shithir came, the dog began to bark, that seduced her by giving her hair and food, spat on people, left; Shibagani-burhan returned, cursed the dog, telling it to gnaw bones, eat excrement; scraped off people's hair, leaving it on his head, for people held hand on his head, so it was not spat on], 1g [=Khangalov 1960:10; Burkhan made the ground flat; Shithyr stood beside him, hiding some earth under his heel; when Burkhan finished creating, Sh. hidden, scattered, mountains and valleys were formed; explained to the Burkhan that when people go down the mountain, they would call, Ay, Burkhan; and when they climb, they would remember, "Shitkhyrova is high mountain"; thus both of them will be remembered constantly]: 65-66, 66-67, 67-69 (the creation of land on p.67), 69; the Mongols (khalha) [(recorded by the missionary you. Postnikov); water was everywhere, the Ochurmans lived in the sky; decided to make land, looked for a friend, found Chagan-Shukuta; both went down to the water; the Frog that noticed them dived; O. sent ChS to find it in water; he took out the Frog, put his belly up on the water; O. sat on it, told ChSH to dive, get the earth; he brought an armful of liquid earth from the bottom, said O., If it weren't for me, you wouldn't get land; earth immediately fell out of his hands, fell into the water; O. told him to dive again, take the land and carry it on his behalf; O. poured the land he had brought onto the Frog, the earth began to grow, both sat on it and fell asleep; Shulmus grabbed them to throw them into the water, but the earth grew faster than he ran to its edge; he abandoned them; O. and ChS made a man, went looking for a soul, left the dog as a guard; promised to find for dogs wool; the devil gave her wool, fed her, lit yarn, blew smoke into the man's nose, reviving him; O. and ChSH put a cup of water; on whoever side he would grow up in a cup, rule the earth; S. asked himself he got as much land as at the end of his stick; stuck worms, snakes, reptiles into the ground, crawled out; the flower grew from O.'s side, but he dozed off and ChSH put it on his edge; O. said that now both people and animals will steal and enmity; went to heaven; he is a real god, and Ulgen was invented by the Kams (shamans)]: Potanin 1883, No. 46b: 220-223; the Mongols [there were water and air, Buddha Ochirvani was in the sky; he decided to create the earth, found Tsagan Schuhert's assistant White Umbrella; told him to turn a turtle swimming in the water over his stomach, dive, bring it from the bottom of the earth, think about it (O.), sat on the turtle himself; grabbed the ground, but felt that something was interfering; thought that O. should take the land; immediately a handful was filled with earth, the CSH surfaced; poured the earth onto the turtle's stomach, earth appeared instead of the turtle; both the celestial fell asleep; Shulmas went to the edge of the island to drown them, but as he ran to the edge, the earth expanded; O. and the CSH sculpted the people, O. ordered the CSH to make a guard, who sculpted the dog, Oh . and the CSH went for intelligence for man and hair for the dog; Damn gave the dog hair, said that it would be fed by its owner, a man; lit a thread in front of the man's nose, he came to life from the smoke; O. and the CS argued which of they should rule by living beings; they decided who would have a flower in a cup of water first; O., but the TS put it in his cup; O. said that now people would deceive each other, flew to heaven]: Skorodumova 2003:35-37; the Mongols (Inner Mongolia) [God descended to earth, made a man and a woman out of clay; their figures were covered in hair; went to heaven for holy water to revive the figures, leaving the Dog and the Cat to guard; the devil gave the Cat milk, the Dog meat, they missed it, he urinated on the figures; God came back, told the Cat to lick the figures; the hair came down and God covered the skin with it Dogs are covered with hair; humans have hair left on their head (this part of the Devil's urine is not dirty), in the groin and under their arms (the Cat did not reach there); therefore, the cat's mouth and the dog's hair are filthy; if people were revived according to God's plan by the water they brought, they would be immortal]: Nassen-Bayer, Stuart 1992:324-325; Oirats (written from Tsagdaghiin Zodova Durbut, born in 1911, in Ubsunur aimag, 1984) [God sculpted two people out of clay, left them to dry; a cow came, picked up one figure with its horn, it fell, crashed; this figure became a dog that has been angry at the cow and barking ever since; the dog separated from human, so their bones are the same]: Skorodumova 2003:51-52; Oirats (Xinjiang): Menyaev 2017 (based on Khan Tenger magazine, published in 1981-1993 in Urumqi) ["A long time ago in the world There was a great flood, and mountains, forests, people and animals, including pigs and dogs, were flooded with water all over the world. At that time, even a creative god called Eji Baba could not find shelter; he, carrying his mother on his back, climbed Mount Sumeru and there, in the cave, began to contemplate with his mother. After a few years, the flood stopped, the land gradually hardened, and puddles and soil began to dry out. There was no one on earth but them - neither people nor animals. One day, Eji Baba's mother was sad and began to cut off two edges of the mountain sheep's skin with a stone. From these pieces she made two little dolls - little men. She attached a penis to one man and was going to sew it on to another, but at that moment she ran out of thread, and she said, "That's enough." When she filled the figurines with clay, her creator son saw the two figures, read the spells, and revived them. This is how a boy and a girl appeared. These two living creatures descended from Mount Sumeru and started a family. They had children, and their family began to grow. Humanity originates from them"]: 339.

Western Siberia. Nenets: Golovnev 1995 [(4 options); Num Vesako (Old Man) made a man and a dog out of sand; went to bring them clothes, ordered the Dog to protect the person; Nga Sesako gave the Dog clothes, they didn't bark, he spat on a man, now the man is sick; Num Vesako told the Dog to serve a man]: 399-400; 2004 [1) Num Vesako made a man and a dog out of clay ; went to get clothes for them, told the dog to protect the man; and Vesako bribed the dog with clothes, spat on the man; Num W. said that now the man would be sick; made it the owner of the dog; 2) Num wanted to make a dog, and he was ahead of him; if Num made the dog, it would have a valuable skin; 3) Num created a dog and a person, left; the dog was forgotten; came A, scattered ash, which became human diseases; Num returned, saw diseases, kicked the dog, her left side was dumb]: 100; Kuleshevsky 1868 (the area between the Gulf of Ob and Tazovskaya Lip) [Num created a man and a dog, both were naked, the man did not feel the frost, the dog guarded him; the devil let him in a particularly severe frost, the dog agreed to let the Devil go to man for the devil covering her with a fur coat; the devil spat on the man, who became blistered, fell ill with smallpox; the dog stopped guarding, began to chase the beast; to comfort the man, Noom gave he has a woman, since then people have begun to multiply]: 116-117; Labanauskas 1995 [a red-throated loon and a dog swam in the water; the loon dived, brought blades of grass; the dog asked her to make the ground; the loon from many blades of grass grew dry ground; the dog met two people in copper clothes, who offered it to have an owner; they made two copper idols, promised to return in seven days, told her not to give up idols to whoever comes earlier; on the third day, a black man came, blew on idols, they turned into people, he called them the owners of the dog; people in copper clothes returned, said that now the owners of the dog will be mortal; if they (two in copper clothes) made the dog owners, people would not die]: 13-15; Lar 2001 (Yamal) [Num and Nga are sons of old woman Puhutz; Nga asks for food, P. says that let Noom make the earth first; tell her to build a plague where she will live underground with old man Wesoko (Iri-Vesoko); Num tells Gagara to dive, she brings sand from the bottom first, then silt, grass for the third time; Num sculpts the earth, throws it into the water; it is unstable at first; Num puts it on the whale, the earth trembles again; throws a stone of copper, iron and transparent stone behind the ground; the earth freezes; for his mother, Num makes red earth, puts a plague; Nga wants land for herself, brothers fight for a long time; reconcile; Num rolls a ball, throws, the sun comes up; Nga gets a moon; Num sculpts naked man, he wants to eat; Nga makes hairy people, they fight, Num advises to send them underground; brothers fight, Numu has to agree for them both to breathe life into the person; it was warm the man and the dog walked naked; Nga gave the dog a warm skin, for which she let him see the man, Nga spat on him, caused illness; the man began to hunt, dress in the skin of a dog; Num told the dog to eat feces, to be a servant; taught man to shamanize; went to heaven, gave Nga the underworld]: 188-205; Lehtisalo 1998 (Forest Nenets) [Num made a man out of a piece of land, then naked The dog; ordered to protect the man, left himself; Nga told the Dog that it was cold because she was naked; gave her hair for permission to eat a man; Num came back, told the Dog to eat a human feces; made a man and a woman, gave advice on how to live]: 9-10; Nenyang 1997 (Taimyr Nenets) [the Loon and the Dog swam on the water; the loon dived, on the third day brought a blade of grass from the bottom; at the request of the Dog, continued to dive, assembled the island, he grew up; a man in iron mittens and bacaries made a man and a woman, went after souls, telling the Dog to protect the creation; a man with a black face came and revived the dolls, left; the first man came back, said that people would now get sick; people inhabited the land, began to build a stepped house; a man in iron gloves and bucks hit with mittens, people were scattered, they spoke different languages]: 21-23; Mansi: Kannisto 1951, No. 3 [zap. A. Cannisto in 1906 on the river. Pelymka; God pushed the Devil out, thought it was in vain; Damn came back, said he knew that God intended to create man, but there was no black earth; God offered him land; Damn dived brought God from the bottom to in both hands of black earth, God drew a man and a woman on paper, made them out of the ground, created people; the devil himself tries to make them too, but it turns out to be a lizard, then a beetle, a toad; God left the Dog to guard the people he created, the hell let the frost fall, the dog began to freeze; the devil began to cough, pulled his skin over the Dog for letting him approach people; smeared people with snot and drooling; God twisted people inside out, told them to blow their nose and cough now; told the dog to stay tight in Devil's skin]: 10-12 (translated into Lukina 1990, No. 114B: 300); Munkácsi 1908 (Sygva) [Num-Torum's son rises to sky, asks his father how to make people; he tells us to make people, animals and birds out of snow; NT's son does this, the figures fall apart, he comes to his father again; he advises to knead the snow in half with clay; now the figures come to life, the land is inhabited]: 226-227; Mansi (village. Vejacors on the river. Ob) [Yoli-Torum-xian (Mother of Earth, the elder sister of Num-Torum, the "upper god") tells Winged Calm (God's messenger, daughter of Torum) to ask her father to make people; he promised, but others must revive people; Topal-Oike (son of Num-Torum, guardian of places along the Pelym River) ordered people to be made; he cut down seven figures from larch; Hul-Otyr (Num-Torum antagonist associated with the lower world) sculpted seven of clay; T.-o. . agreed to change with him, because H.-O. would revive the figures; H.-O. took the wooden ones to T., he blew, they scattered, so he could not catch them; took the clay ones to K.-E., she revived them, telling him not watch (so men can't see childbirth); because people are made of clay, their eyelids are short, they drown in water, sweat protrudes from the heat; larch people would be stronger and would not drown in water; H.-O. should have become menquas (apparently, they were larch people)]: Lukina 1990, No. 113A: 298-299 (similar version in Chernetsov 1935:26-28); Mansi (Upper Sosva) [starting as in Lukina; old man Tapel carved seven larch figures; Shul-Atyr made his own from clay; offered to change, he agreed; SHO's wooden men became menquami; only Mother Earth (the creator's sister) managed to revive clay ones ; that's why men are not present at childbirth now; people break their limbs easily; if people were made of wood, they would be strong and would not drown]: Munkácsi 1908:228-230; northern Khanty [ Numi-Torum first makes people out of larch logs; menkvas turned out {this name for evil spirits is typical for the northern Khanty and Mansi; Eastern Khanty has seves; V. Petrukhin, according to M. Hoppal, December 2016}; then from a larch core woven with larch roots; these people turned out to be shaggy, destroyed; real people are made of talnik, coated clay]: Petrukhin, Khelimsky 1982:567; Eastern Khanty (Surgut, p. Tromagan, western 1992) [the Khanty god made a man and a woman out of material that is now only nails; ordered to have only two children, live until the age of 100; left on business; at this time, the Russian god deceived the dog, which was a watchman, gave people's bodies a modern look; ordered them to have many children; then people will die quickly, the Russian god will eat them; the Khanty god returned, decided to take revenge; went to city, turned Russian people into ants there; therefore, there are many anthills in the forests; otherwise the Russians would have inhabited the whole land]: Kerezhi 2000:185-186; Southern Selkups: Pelikh 1972 (Narym) [The dog drove away The vine (Devil) barked from the owner; he had skin like a man's nails; another Loz invited the Dog to change his skin, the Dog agreed; God told him to eat what man would throw; The dog was no longer barks at Loza, a person does not know when he will come]: 341; Baulo, Tuchkova 2016, No. 4, fragment 3 [recording by I.N. Gemuev, 1980, an informant shamanil when he was young; "The Earth was the first to sink. God sent a loon, it didn't get anything. Gogol (porya) took out sand. This is our land. God let the snake go, then the bird, the speckles. And earlier - to a hoof. And the speckle frightened the hoof. The hoof began to bite at him, which is why the grouse only has a little white meat, the rest is black. And he let everyone go ahead - he let people go. People got into a fight, he let the snake go to disperse them. He let the dogs go, as he let a naked man go. She's freezing - damn it. - What happened? I'm freezing. Got the hell out of her skin. Now we are sick - we cough. God sent - made a man out of clay, sitting like a man. And the hell spit, I spit. This is what we're rooting for].

Eastern Siberia. Central (? ; recorded from a Yakut guide) Yakuts [the creator built a stone house, made statues of people, put a watchman not to let an evil spirit inside; he bribed the watchman with a promise to give him a warm fur coat; when he entered the house, he stained the statues with sewage; the Creator turned the watchman into a dog, turned the statues inside out; since then, the people inside have been full of dirt]: Middendorf 1989:20 (retelling in Ergis 1974: 142, in Holmberg 1927:374); northwestern Yakuts [Ayyy-toyon created two woolen creatures, left them in a barn under the protection of a naked watchman; Allaraa-Ogonyor created cold; gave them to the watchman wool, for this he was allowed into the barn; hungry creatures asked him for food, one he gave a berry, the other half a berry; this made the wool come off, the first being became a woman, the second a man; Ayy-toyon turned the watchman into a dog, ordered him to eat garbage]: Gurvich 197:195-196; Evenki: Vasilevich 1959 [(everywhere, many options); God began to make man, told the watchman not to let anyone in watch the blanks; Hargie promised the watchman a warm fur coat, he let him in; H. spoiled people's preparations, made them mortal; God made the watchman a dog, a servant of a man who eats his excrement]: 175-179; Romanova, Myreeva 1971 [Seveki (the master spirit of the upper world) secretly made figures of people and animals from his older brother; the dog was watching; her brother (or Avahi) promised her unusual clothes or make tireless, got figures; S. drove the Dog away, made him a servant of man], No. 1, 2:325-326; Ilympic Evenks (Chirinda, 2007) [A long time ago, the dog knew how to speak like a human being; God did men and women made of clay, sprayed with special water - they came to life; one day he went to get water, ordered the dog to protect people; the dog told the evil spirit (hargi), who spat on people's faces; when he recognized This, God was angry with the dog, said that from now on it would eat scraps and become dumb; if an evil spirit hadn't spit on people, they would not die]: Duvakin 2013; Evenki Podkamennaya Tunguska (b. Katanga) [God (shovoki) cultivated the stone and earth; put it on the board to dry, said that let the person have a strong soul, left the Dog to watch; Satan gave the Dog a caftan, for which she allowed him to people's souls, he spit on them; God returned, cried, people began to die from Satan's spit]: Vasilevich 1936, No. 31:30-31; Cyrenian Evenks [two brothers lived in the upper world; elder told the duck to dive to the bottom of Lake Baikal, get sand; the youngest put a leaf on the sea, earth on it; the wind crumpled the leaf into folds, turned out to be mountains; the youngest made a dog and a man, covered it with a strong shell , ordered the Dog not to give his older brother the keys to the barn where the man was; the elder promised to make the dog a warm skin, received a key from it, tore off the man's shell, left only on his nails; for this, the youngest speechless the dog]: Pinegina, Konenkin 1952:49-50; Olekmin Evenks [the elder brother made insects on the lower ground, the youngest lived on the upper ground; made people; locking them with a key in the barn, left them To guard the dog; the elder bribed the Dog with woolen clothes, went into the barn, blew on people; the youngest came, saw that people were sick; told them to become bloody, people recovered; told the dog to be with the man , there are from his hunting prey]: Vasilevich 1936, No. 32:31; Evenki Orochons [two brothers Kharga and Saveki made animals, muscles from clay, hearts from iron, blood from diluted ocher; S. made useful animals, H. - harmful; the dog knew how to speak, was supposed to protect people's sculptures from H.; in the absence of S. let H. in, he made people sick; S. left the dog speechless, did human assistant; S. and H. quarreled, H. went to the lower world, S. stayed on earth]: Mazin 1984:22; Evens: Bolshakova, Chaiko 2015 [Havki made his children out of clay, hid them, left the dog to guard; Arinka (devil) bribed the dog with warm eternal clothes, began to poke at people, say what illness they would suffer from; H. returned, took away the dog's tongue, ordered them to be a watchman; since then the dog is covered with hair and does not speak]: 23; Danilov, Danilova 1991 [God told the dog to hide the person under his arm, not to show the line; the devil promises to give warm, nervous clothes; the dog showed the child, the devil rubbed his joints, the man became weak; God told the dog to live in need and be wordless; a person, when he is sad and rejoices, remembers God, and when he is angry, the devil]: 21-22; Limorenko 2008 (Momsky Ulus of the Republic of Sakha) [Savki entrusted the dog to protect the newly created person; Satan (arivki or arinka) promised the dog warm skin, made his way past the dog to the man and drew his veins; diseases spread through his veins, so since then the person has been susceptible to illness; for this, Savki punished the dog - it lives on a leash and feeds on garbage]: 19; Robbeck 2005 [Havky ordered to protect the dog, not to show Arinka (Aringka); A. promised her a warm coat if she showed what she was hiding under her arm; when he saw the man, A. told him to live badly, and before that he was strong; H. told the dog not to talk anymore; A.: if a person does not know need, he will never remember H.; and now he remembers in grief, and remembers A. in anger]: 230; Chadaeva 1990 [God told the Dog guard the man from the Devil; The dog was without hair; Damn blew on her, froze her, she said where the man was; Damn spit on him, now the man is sick; God gave the Dog hair, ordered him to serve a person, eat his feces]: 124.

Amur - Sakhalin. Negidals [Buga created a man and a woman, went to get a breath for them, left the Dog to guard; Amban said that B.'s breath would make people immortal, they would have no place to live; gave The dog had a fur coat, for which she missed it, he put mortal breath into people; B. deprived the Dog of the ability to understand speech, told him to eat crap; B. asked who wanted to have how many children; Hare: three or four, Dog: five or six; the woman was shy, asked only one thing; B. told the animals to beware of people; Wild hazel grouse did not hear because of the sound of the water in the stream; B. told him to remain in the dark; Wild boar said he was not afraid of a bipedal; the man jumped on him, dragged him by the ear, the Pig recognized his strength]: Khasanova, Pevnov 2003, No. 1:51-53; Orochi [Hadau created man, told the Dog not feed, went to get clothes; The dog fed the man; for this, H. made the Dog a dog, ordered him to eat gnawed bones; H. wanted to give the man hard clothes, now he did not; the remnants of this clothing were nails; H. killed two of the three suns with arrows; a woman was born; children from her marriage to the first man became ancestors of separate families]: Aurora, Lebedeva 1966, No. 49:195-196; Nanais (Sungari) [during creatures of the world, heavenly spirits made people out of clay and made them dry; when it rained, some people got their feet wet and lame; others got their hands wet became crooked; those to whom the rain hit their heads, became bald; those who saw the rain went blind]: Kotvich 1910:216-217); Manchus: Chen, Wang 1989:13-14 [The sky has 17 levels, the earth has 9 levels; controls With a seventeen-level sky and a nine-level earth, the heavenly spirit of Abukaenduli; there was no land, only water and sky; A. created a man and a woman in his own likeness, put them in a stone jug, a jug put it in the water, the jug began to swim in it; a man and a woman married, gave birth to many people, generation after generation, the jug also grew; when there were too many people in the jug, A. built it for people another place to live; he created a mainland out of clay, put it on the surface of the water, told three fish to support it; and also sent the heavenly spirit to bring it every few days fish food; sometimes the little heavenly spirit was lazy and brought food at the wrong time; fish pulled their bodies when hungry, and the earth also swayed, they were earthquakes; there were more and more people, they ceased to fit on the ground; then A. cut down the largest and thickest tree in the sky, placed it on the edge of the earth, and humanity has since begun to develop along the branches of this tree; therefore, in the world various peoples appeared], 21-24 [Brother Dow and sister Eyun lived at the foot of the mountains; the sister was older; the father was gone, the mother was collecting firewood; one day E. and D. climbed the mountain for brushwood, tired, fell asleep, leaning against a stone sculpture of a lion; when they woke up, they found that the food was gone; the same the next day; one day a stone lion appeared to them in a dream: "Wake up soon, it will happen soon misfortune! Take everything you can carry and go away"; she and her mother came to the mountain; E. warned her fellow villagers, but they laughed at her; but birds and animals also climbed the mountain; lion: come in; birds, animals, and brother with sister, entered the lion's mouth, but the mother did not have time - her mouth slammed shut; E. and D. found food in the lion's womb; seven days and seven nights later, the lion reopened its mouth, the animals and birds saw the light and ran and flew outside; E. and D. after them; gave each animal and bird a grain to sow them on high mountains that humans cannot reach; the land is green; brother invited sister to marry; sister: "I will take a needle and I'll wait at the top of the mountain, and you take the red thread and stand on the opposite mountain; if you get a thread in a needle, we'll be husband and wife." My brother picked up the thread and thought, "The eye of the needle is so small, and we'll be so far apart, how can I get into it?" Ants, bees, and little birds promised to help; the birds took a thread in their beaks and flew to E., the bees were afraid she would see them helping her brother and circled randomly in front of her, and ants thread a red thread through the eye of the needle; sister: "This is not enough; there are millstones on the mountain; tomorrow you will lower the upper seed from the mountain, and I will lower it, and if they roll down the mountain and join together, we will become husband and wife"; wolves, tigers and leopards promised to help; one seed rolled to the wolf and he pushed him forward, saying, "I almost hit me!" Another seed rolled to the tiger, and the tiger pushed him forward, saying, "I almost crushed me!" Whichever animal the millstones rolled to, everyone pushed them down, and so they found themselves at the foot of the mountain, where a snake wrapped around them and placed their brother's seeds right on top of their sister's grain. Brother: "We should be husband and wife now." The sister said, "Let it be as heaven wants!" ; E. gave birth to ten children, but there were still too few people in the world, so she decided to make them out of clay; now there were too many people to remember everyone, and then they gave them names based on their appearance. When the little men were ready, they put them to dry in the yard, but one day it started raining and the couple hurriedly ran to clean them up. But it started raining too fast, and some figures lost their noses, eyes and ears, and some had broken arms and legs. There have been cripples in the world ever since. It is said that all people in the world have been around ever since].

Japan. Ainu: Etter 1949 [The creator sends a Sparrow to the god of Heaven to ask how to make people; Out of wood (willow); later God changes his mind, sends an Otter to say it's made of stone; The otter loses time catches fish; wooden men are mortal; the god of heaven punishes the Otter by stepping on its face]: 22-23; Chiri 1973:196 in Mashiko 2002 [Kotan-kar-kamuy sent a sparrow to the god of heaven to ask what to make people out of; that replied that it was made of wood; after changing his mind, he sent an otter to say that it was made of stone; but it stopped fishing and was late; therefore, people are mortal, but they grow and multiply; the god of heaven stepped on the otter in anger the head, it has become flat; because people are made of willow, they bend like a willow in old age]: 4.

SV Asia. Russian Mouth [human bodies were prepared; Christ went to heart, left the dog without hair as a watchman; Satanael promised her wool, for which she missed it, he spat on the bodies ; Christ came back, put his heart into it, said that now people would be sick; the dog would be beaten, would live in the cold]: Azbelev, Meshchersky 1986, No. 76:214; forest yukaghirs (p. The ridiculous Verkhnekolymsky ulus of Yakutia) [Christ decided to create people; made a temple; left, collected what was necessary to make people; locked the temple, and gave the key to the guard dog; when Christ flew away, hell came to the dog; asked for keys again, this time he brought food that made the dog drool; she forgot everything, ran and lost her keys; the hell took them and while the dog was eating, spit and grumbled at people; Christ came, scolded the dog and told it to climb the garbage; then he cleaned people, cleaned some completely, some were left with mud (they are now bad character)]: Zhukova, Prokopyeva 1991, No. 3:146-147.

Subarctic. Inhalic [Denato first makes men and women out of stone, but they only moo; then it sculpts from mud (not clay); now they speak but are mortal; if they were out of stone, they wouldn't die]: Osgood 1959 : 103; koyukon: Attla 1983 [huge animals enter the sea, water floods the land; animal people flee on a raft; Raven and Seagull fly in different directions, find no land; many dive, but only The muskrat pulls clay from the bottom, the Beaver helps to put it on the raft; when enough land has been piled up, the land reappeared; vegetation appeared; the Raven drew the channels, the water in them flowed in both directions at the same time; then decided that it would be too easy for people to let rivers flow only downstream; made a man out of stone; decided that he would live forever and would not be smart enough (his mind would not be right); then he made it out of clay; this man knew how to think, was able to reproduce his own kind; made a woman; at first people died and reborn, but Raven decided that people should only live once; he was about to marry, others tried to take this woman away from him; then Raven brought rotten willow, sprayed dust, it turned into mosquitoes (to bite rivals); then animal people became animals]: 129-137 (=Ruppert, Bernet 2001:84-89; narrated in Smelcer 1992:124-125); Nelson 1983:20; upper tanana [The creator makes people out of green leaves; they fall and die in autumn; then he makes people out of stone; people still live]: McKennan 1959:213; atna [The raven makes people out of stone; they are too heavy, the earth bends; they make wood; they are light, they die quickly]: Rooth 1971:343; inner tlingits [The raven makes people out of stone; they don't work, they are slow, but they eat; they make new ones from leaves; they move but are short-lived and die just like leaves fall in autumn; but hungry too]: McClennan 2007 (3), No. 114a: 484-485.

The Arctic. The Aleuts (Unalashka) [God, after the creation of the islands, also made people who were immortal at first and when they lived to old age, climbed a high mountain and rushed into the lake there , from where they came out young again; meanwhile, God fell in love with one of their maidens, took her to replace his wife, and how she once talked to him told him what he did when he created the Aleutian Islands a great mistake, making them mountainous and treeless, then for such audacity God became angry and killed her brother, after which the entire human race became mortal]: Sarychev 1952:215 (1802:164); chugach [north of Kayak Island on the mainland in Kilkak, a mighty old man created a man and a woman; first made it out of stone, but when he put the ready man on his feet, he accidentally broke his left leg; then made out of earth; so people die, and people out of stone would live forever; people multiplied, decided to settle; man made a boat out of sand, the old man, if he wanted, turned it into a real one, they sailed first on Kodiak]: Doroshin 1866:369.

NW Coast. Tlingit: Boas 1895, № XXV.1.20 [(=2002:623); Ravens consistently make people out of stone, clay, wood, grass; herbal people are alive, but grow and wither like grass]: 319; Swanton 1909, No. 1 [The Raven turned the first people who escaped the flood into stones; makes new ones from leaves], 31 [The creator makes people out of stone and leaves; he fuss with stones, makes a lot of fuss with leaves quickly; people would not die if they were made of stone]: 18, 81; Kaigani [having created humans, the Raven tells them to be immortal; the wren objects, because he lives under graves, he will have no place to nest; the Raven agrees]: Swanton 1905 (Contributions to the Ethnology of Haida): 238 Boas 1916:664 (here with a deaf reference to Ri 5.214 {ethnology is not clear}: Nōaqaua and Masmasalā'nix want to be immortal, but the bird wants to be immortal, but the bird wants to be immortal to nest in their graves; they agree to die if they are resurrected after four days; the bird insists they agree not to resurrect; after death they go to heaven; people mourn them, they return in drops blood that women breathe in and give birth again).

The Midwest. Steppe Ojibwa (Lake. Winnipeg) [Weese-ke-Jak makes a human figure out of stone, goes to admire it; the angry Bear gets out of the den, rubs against the figure, it falls, breaks; V. makes a new one out of clay, so people weak]: Simms 1906:338-339; (cf. Eastern Ojibwa (Southern Ontario)] [the creator sculpted a man out of clay, burned it, the firing was weak, the creator threw away the figure, it was a white man; the next once I burned it too hard, it turned out to be a black man; the third time it turned out right - Indian]: Laidlaw 1915:23).

Northeast. Seneca [in heaven, a woman is instructed in a dream to dig a tree with the flowers of light; people dig it up, it falls into the abyss; the leader orders to leave the woman after him; Loon tells the Osprey pick her up; rejects the Horned Serpent's offer to take care of a woman; the Turtle is chosen for this role; animals and birds dive to get the ground, emerge dead; Hell-diver brings some land; her put on the Turtle, Beavers and Ducks make the earth big; a woman gives birth to a daughter; she becomes pregnant by a man who turns out to be a Turtle; gives birth to twins; the youngest comes out of her armpit, killing her mother; his the head is flint; the woman is buried, one of her breasts grows white and the other red corn; the older brother makes people; the younger one tries to imitate him, creates monsters; the elder puts them under earth; after death, the good go to the elder, the evil go to the younger brother]: Curtin, Hewitt 1918, No. 74:409-415; onondaga: Hewitt 1903:141-201 [in heaven, the first man dies; the first woman (his sister) ?) gives birth to a daughter with him; a girl visits a coffin, receives instructions from her father; marries a heavenly leader; gives birth to a daughter with him although she did not sleep with him; he thinks it is a child of the Northern Lights; pulls out The Tree of Light, throws his wife and girl into the abyss; waterfowl pick them up; the muskrat brings land from the bottom of the sea; it is placed on the Turtle's back, the earth grows; the woman's daughter gives birth to twins from a stranger; one of them is Flint, comes out of the mother's body under her arm, killing her; a good brother, a Young man, makes the sun out of his mother's head, the moon out of her body; Flint hides animals in a cave; Young man releases them] 1928 [like Seneca; a good brother creates berries, corn, sunflower, animals; evil brother Flint hides animals in a cave; kills only for himself and his grandmother; man says good to a brother where animals are hidden; he opens the cave door, makes animals wild; Flint creates thistles, flies; a good brother makes people out of clay; Flint imitates, but makes only a frog and a monkey; instead of a deer and a bear, he makes a grizzly; creates monsters; a good brother separates the world of Flint with a water barrier, sends monsters to the other side; good creates Indians, evil creates Europeans; both brothers agree that monsters will remain in the cave in the mountain; the good one revives the mother, turns her into the moon]: 470-543; mohawks [a man dies in the world in heaven for the first time; a girl whose father is unknown goes to his remains; They watch her, hear her call the deceased father; he tells her to go to the chief at the end of the world; the chief likes how she cooks porridge, he marries her, sends her home for a while; as a result, from above corn falls; the woman becomes pregnant, the leader falls ill; tells the tree to be uprooted, asks his wife to look down, pushes her, recovers immediately; ducks pick up the falling one, put her on her back turtle; woman asks animals to dive; Beaver, Otter emerge dead, Muskrat brings silt under her claw; while a woman sleeps, earth emerges from it; a woman gives birth to a daughter; a man comes at night leaves an arrow near the girl; she conceives twins; good brother Rostock is born normally, the evil Flint comes out of the mother's side, killing her; proves to her grandmother that it was Rostock who killed her daughter, she throws her away Sprout in willow thickets; Sprout creates birds, Flint creates bat; Flint and grandmother hide animals; Sprout finds and opens the door in the rock; monsters are still in the rock; Flint and grandmother hide the sun on the tree on the island; the Beaver, the Spider, the Rabbit, the Hawk do not want to take the Otter Talker with them; they take out the sun, the Rabbit runs away with him, the glitter has whitewashed his belly hair; the otter talker is hit with an oar, the jaw has become short; the sun is thrown into the sky; Flint and Sprout fight to create irregularities in the landscape; Flint is thrown into the lower world; Sprout creates people, Flint creates evil spirits; Grandma Rostock creates evil spirits; Grandma Rostock cuts off the head, makes the moon out of it]: Rustige 1988:3-18.

Plains. Sarsi [The old man made rivers to the south, his wife to the north, the Old Man was smoother; his wife decorated her lands with lakes and forests; the old man sculpted people without fingers and replied that they floated like chips , so people will be reborn after death; the wife replied that then the earth will overflow, let them die for good, like a stone going to the bottom; and let people have fingers; the old man made the buffalo like this that they kill people; the wife objected: let the bison serve people as food; the old man taught people to hunt buffalo, shoot at the stain on the shoulder blade, where the skin is thin and the meat is soft; so this spot is called "human flesh"; the old man went south and his wife went north; the old man lay down to rest, the dent on the ground is still visible; the bird shot him in the side, he jumped up, ran where he lay down, there were blood stains, which became ocher deposits; both rose to heaven, the Old Man became the sun, his wife the Moon]: Dzana-gu 1921, No. 1:3-4.

Southeast USA. Choctaw [in a cave in the depths of the earth, the Great Spirit Aba created men and grasshoppers out of yellow clay; along the passage leading to the top of Nané Chaha Hill, they began to surface and disperse across the world; then the mother of grasshoppers in the cave was killed by people, new grasshoppers no longer rose; people still got up, stepped on grasshoppers in the grass, trampled on them; the grasshoppers were frightened that they would all be trampled, Aba was asked to kill people; he closed the passage; the people who remained underground turned into ants, still crawling to the surface from cracks in the ground]: Bushnell 1910, No. 2:527 (quail. in Swanton 1931:37ff, in Mould 2004:65-66.

California. Karok [Kareya created the world - first fish and animals, then Man; told animals to gather and Man to make bows of different sizes; let those who should be the strongest get the most long bows, and the weakest ones are the smallest; the coyote decided to outwit everyone and come first in the morning to stay awake at night; when his eyes began to stick together, he chipped his eyelids, but they only pierced eyelids; the coyote fell asleep and could not open his eyes in the morning; everyone laughed at him, he received the smallest bow; but the Man took the chips out of his eyes and asked K. to give the coyote tenfold cunning and intelligence size; coyote became Man's friend and did a lot of good things]: Powell 1877:35-37; Vappo: Radin 1914, No. 7 [during the flood, Coyote and his grandson Hawk close themselves in a hole in the rock; after the flood builds a steam room, puts some feathers there, they come to life; but they don't talk, move, laugh, walk, eat; every time Coyote goes to the old man Month, brings him a bag of words, with fleas (bites make people move), laughing, walking, porridge and soup; people are happy], 9 [Coyote builds a village, puts as many feathers in every house as people should be there; the next morning feathers turn into people, but do not speak; Coyote goes to old man Cooks, who gives a bag of laughter, tells him not to open it on the way; the Coyote opens, writhes laughing, pours the rest on people; in the morning people laugh but still don't talk; K. gives a bag of lice, Coyote unties it again along the way, pours the leftovers on people; people start walking in the morning; same with a bag of lice; then K. comes by himself, now people run, say]: 45-46, 65-69; Pomo: Angulo 1935 [Marumda makes the first people out of wool, feathers, flint; they are strange, monstrous, M. destroys them with rain and flood; creates with his own word a village of people; they are not good either, he tells the Fireman to burn the earth; he saves himself every time in the sky; after a fire, he digs a hole near the river, places willow sticks around; falls asleep, goes to watch; after the third attempt, they become human beings; he teaches men to hunt, women to dig roots, appoints elders, etc.; this third world is destroyed by snow and cold, the fourth by a hurricane; everyone once M. makes people out of sticks again]: 239-260; Curtis 1976 (14) [Coyote makes willow and dogwood sticks, paints them striped on the flat side, puts them in a circle inside the house, sprinkles crushed ones next to each other bark; sticks turn into humans, pieces of bark into fleas; The lizard wants people to have five fingers in their hands, the Coyote wants to have paws like him; they fight, the Lizard wins; the Coyote wants for people to kill game by pointing fingers at it; the lizard objects that it would be too easy; a bow and arrow were invented]: 170-171; patvin [the man wanted to marry two forty women; those to him refused; then he went north, set fire to the world, and he boarded a boat and sailed into the sea; the fire was rapidly moving south; the Coyote took two little boys, put them in a bag, put honeydew in his mouth, and sprayed it on the fire; the fire was over, but there was no water; the Coyote dug a hole, spit honeydew there, the water reappeared; two boys suffered from loneliness; the Coyote made many sticks, left them on night in the steam room; they became men and women who repopulated the land]: Powell 1877:227; Yuki: Curtis 1976 (14) [Foam on the water; Taiko Mall ("Lonely") comes out of it; puts four times a rope from south to north, but water absorbs it; then it places "stone hooks" at the four corners of the world, pulls them to cross in the middle of the world, creates land; covers its edges with whale skin, so that the sea does not wash away; creates mountains, rivers, birds; takes sticks of mountain mahogony, turns him into people (thickened at the end into men, smooth into women, small into children); Coyote helped him, placed on sky sun and month]: 169-170; Kroeber 1932b, No. I6 [when the earth and sky are ready, Taikomol tells Coyote to build a house; sticks sticks in a circle in the floor, the larger ones are men, the smaller ones are women, the sticks are children all around the edge; in the morning the house is full of people and children], II6 [about the same, but all creation without Coyote], IV6 [about the same; Coyote is the only Creator; creates yuki first, then Wailaki]: 909, 914, 926 ; Clark, Williams 1954:14-15 [The first race was destroyed by fire and flood; the evil eagle Gilluk ruled the world was also destroyed; Coyote, his wife Frog, Kingfisher, and Lizard were about to make new humans; Coyote tore feathers out of the eagle's body, placed dugouts on the floor in pairs; said that these people would be better than the past ones, made from sticks or clay; waited four days, then fasted for eight days, facing the hearth, people did not appear; then they turned to the hearth, after 4 days the feathers began to move, after another 4 days they became human, each couple spoke their own language; Coyote told who where to live and what to eat], 48-49 [The Lame Curlew (Snipe) - Fire Man; the Magpies rejected him, he set fire to the world and sailed away in a reed boat; people escaped as birds; Coyote laid down his two grandchildren into the bag, ran north, put out the fire; made new people out of sticks]; achomavi: Curtis 1976 (13) [The silver fox swims in the boat, then the Coyote appears; both arose from the fog; the fox combs out The coyote's head, makes a lump of skin scales, throws it into the water; the earth grows, the Fox does everything on it; makes service-berry shrubs out of sticks; each takes out two bones makes them a woman (K.: the achomavi hardly had the opportunity to borrow this motive from Europeans); the sons of Fox and Coyote die; the Fox resurrects them, the Coyote tells them to die forever; the Fox kills the Coyote, that comes to life; Coyote's daughter forcibly forces her relative (cousin) Apon to live with her; at night he runs away to the men's house (steam room); she demands his extradition; sets fire to the house; the Fox tells the Mouse to shoot at the sky with a straw; a straw turns into a ladder, the Fox and Coyote go up to heaven]: 206-210; Yana [The Lizard, the Gray Squirrel, the Coyote live in a big winter house; the Coyote decides to make people; the Lizard takes three sticks to make Hat Creeks, Wintun, Pit Rivers Indians; Coyote makes Yana from small pieces; boils water in a basket, puts sticks in it, leaves it on the roof; people are there in the morning]: Sapir 1910, no.1:209-210; lake miwk [Hawk Chief, grandson of Coyote and Frog, asks Coyote to make people; he takes sticks of different types of trees, sticks him into the floor of the house, sings and dances all night; in the morning sticks turn into humans but are dumb; the Coyote makes them dance the next night; in the morning they say that fleas have bitten them; the Coyote, along with his wife and grandson, goes overseas to the land of the dead; says that people will come to him after death]: Angulo, Freeland 1928, No. 3:236-237; mivok: Barrett 1919, No. 5 [Coyote pretends to be dead; crows and vultures peck him, get inside; he catches them and plucks; turns crow feathers into ordinary people and vulture feathers into chiefs (human origin)]: 9; Merriam 1993 [Coyote pretends to be dead, catches Vulture, Raven and Raven; tells his grandson Falcon pluck them; wanders with Falcon, leaving three feathers in place of future villages; vulture feathers turn into chiefs, crow into female leaders, crows into poor people]: 83-87; (mountain?) Little Cap [all animals are gathered and arguing about what a person should be; everyone suggests making him in their own likeness (owl hiding, mole blind, etc.) while they argue Coyote made a man]: Powell 1877:359-360; lake miwok [Falcon is lonely; his grandfather Coyote tells him to bring the feathers of the geese that Falcon killed on the lake; both wander, wherever there is room for households, Coyote sticks a pair of feathers; each couple turns into a man and a woman, the country is inhabited]: Merriam 1993:146-149; coastal miks [the world is covered with water except Mount Sonoma north of San Francisco; Coyote comes on a long raft of sticks and reeds; throws it into the water with the long side along the north south line; land appears; the center of the raft was on the mountain; the frog sits next to him, jumps into water every time he wants to grab it; when the water falls, she doesn't have time to jump to the water; she is Coyote's wife; when the ground is dry, the Coyote planted bushes and trees; The Falcon wants people; the Coyote wants people; the Coyote throws feathers into the air, they fly around the country, turning into people]: Merriam 1993:203-205; salinan [The Old Woman of the Sea wants to destroy the Eagle, brings the sea in the basket, pours out, the flood floods the ground, Mount Santa Lucia remains; the eagle takes the Puma's mustache, makes a rope, throws a lasso over the basket, the old woman dies, the water stops rising; the Dove brings clay, the Eagle makes it a new land; transforms it three alder sticks per woman and two men; they are lifeless; he revives them in the steam room]: Mason 1918:105; Maidu: Curtis 1976 (14) [Heavenly Chief (HV) sends the Turtle to the bottom; the second time she brings earth under its claws; HB puts it on water, land grows; Talking Through the Nose (GN) eats a piece of salmon placed in the river; the river dries up; calls not two deer or badgers, but many at once cannot catch any; HB calls salmon from the hollow tree, fills the basket; warns not to eat the first fish; GN eats, calls fish from the next tree, frogs and snakes fall from there; HB puts two sticks side by side, by morning they turn into a man and a woman; a woman tickles him, he doesn't laugh; GN brings ten sticks, HB takes eight of them; the remaining two make two beauties ; they tickle GN, he laughs, they become old women; NV creates a rejuvenating lake; Kuksu swims in it, becomes young and handsome; GN says people should die and celebrate ceremonies; NV sends a rattlesnake, the bitten son of the GN dies; GN regrets that the death has been made irreversible; NV goes inside the mountain, meets the first dead, the son of the GN; sends back the GN himself, for he alive]: 173-176; Powell 1877 [the earth was a mass, from which fire penetrated into the trees; Big Man created a woman, met her, her descendants settled the world]: 287; konkov [Kó-doyam-peh and Hel'-lo-Kai-eh came from the east; K. promised to create man, H. did not believe; K. took two yellow sticks, put them to bed; in the morning they turned into man and woman; H. tried to do the same; in the morning I felt him poked under his ribs twice, laughed; two women nearby, normal and one-eyed; K.: this is because you laughed; K. sent the man he created to the ground; the fruits and game were there are plenty and easy to access; but K. forbade lighting a fire; H. advised to break the ban; game and fruits immediately disappeared, leaving only rhizomes, clover and earthworms; K. also made three times years, rain, wind, etc.; illness and death appeared; K. said that those who behaved correctly would follow the right path after death, and those who were wrong would follow the left path]: Powell 1877:292-294; Nisenan [all created the Month and the Coyote; they created man - some say in the form of a stone, while others say it was a clot of flesh like an earthworm without hair or limbs; the first person was called Aikut, his wife is Yotótovi; she died, A. remained grieving at the grave; she came out of the grave, told him to remain silent with a sign, for he who spoke to the spirit would immediately die; they came to the hair bridge over the river; Y . crossed, but came back and allowed A. to go to her; A. died and they crossed the river together; they left a daughter and a son; to prevent incest, the Month created another couple of people, these two come from people]: Powell 1877:339-340; cahuilla: Hooper 1920 [Darkness spawns two eggs, from which Mukat and Tumayowit emerge; quarrel over who first heard the noise coming from the Darkness; M. pulls hot eggs out of his heart coal light their pipes; brothers climb two pillars up, reach the ground, M. makes it strong; creates dark and T. bright people; T. people have faces in front and back, their feet are directed to both the sides, the breasts of women on the chest and back, on the fingers of the membrane; M. says that he worked in a hurry; M. creates normal people; T. wants people to live forever or be resurrected the next day, M. objects because the land will overflow; both agree that the harvest will ripen not in 40 months, but in 4 months; T. finally quarrels with M. and falls into the ground, taking the people he created; M. does not lets Heaven and Earth follow him; where he held the sky with his palm, his fingerprint remains; after that, the sky became crooked; so the Sun stops at noon, reaching its highest point; people M. made T., who remained on earth, normal, but forgot the duck, so it has membranes]: 317-321; Strong 1929 [within the cluster of darkness, male and female; gave birth to Temaīyauit and Mū kat; they got outside, wondered which one was older; M. took the black pipe and black tobacco out of his heart, and T. took the white pipe and white tobacco out of his heart; to light the pipe, M. took the sun out of his heart, but it fell and rolled into the darkness; M. drew out the western light, T. took out the eastern light, they lit the pipes; the smoke from the tube M. formed clouds; M. said he lowered the phone and picked it up himself, T. did not see it; T. said that he picked up the phone and lowered it himself, but M. found it; so it turned out that he was older; they removed the central pillar of peace from their hearts, but he did not stand; they created all the snakes to support him - they could not hold it back; two mountains are the same; then spiders; they covered it with cobwebs and the pole is established; they climbed to the top of the table and saw clouds of smoke below; these are all kinds of diseases that arose from where M. and T. were born; M. and T. decided to create shamans to treat diseases; M. extracted black and T. white earth from his heart, put it on top of a pole, but it fell; then they took out black and white spiders, they entangled the ground with their web; the ants spread it, and the whirlwinds did it quickly; but the world swayed because the ants were too light; then around the earth, M. and T. created an ocean, placing two water demons and everyone aquatic creatures; the earth stopped swaying; they placed the sky, but it swayed in the wind; they fixed the sky with their saliva, stars; T. created (always: took it out of his heart) a coyote and M. an owl; making man, M . worked slowly and diligently; and T. got a man with a stomach and face in front and back, with eyes everywhere, hands like dog paws; T. managed to do three times more such freaks than M. - people; M. created the moon; T. and M. argue; T. wants people not to die, or to come back, cleared of the mortal smell; there is not enough food, let them eat the earth, if necessary, we will expand it; M. objects every time: let people die forever, otherwise the earth will overflow; offended T. decided to go underground, taking his creatures; wanted to take heaven and earth, but M. did not allow it; because of this, the earth shuddered and formed crossed terrain; when the sun appeared, M.'s people spoke different languages; when the sun appeared, the dog stopped speaking; the moon (she is a woman) divided people into coyote fratria and wild cat; everyone offended the rattlesnake, but M. gave her a poisonous tooth; invited people to shoot at each other, many were killed; M. made a hole in the ground for the souls of the dead to go into it; the moon was beautifully naked a woman, slept separately from the others; one day M. touched her (no details, but it was "the Creator's terrible sin"); the moon fell ill and disappeared; but then reappeared; people decided to get rid of M.; lizard saw where he was relieving himself, the frog swallowed his excrement; M. fell ill and died; the coyote ran after the fire, but at that time the fly received friction fire; the coyote jumped over those who surrounded the fire, he grabbed, carried and ate M.'s heart; strange plants grew at the site of M.'s burning; the shaman caught up with M.'s spirit and asked what it was; M.: tobacco grew out of my heart, pumpkins from my stomach, melons from my pupils, melons from my pupils, and my teeth corn, wheat from nits, beans from semen; all other vegetables are also from parts of his body; after Coyote ate M.'s heart, he fell ill; then he rolled cane into a ball, swallowed and regurgitated all diseases ; he depicted M. from sea cane (and something else that needed to be taken out of the sea); people, singing mournful songs, put it on the fire and burned it (funeral ritual)]: 130-141 (translated into Zolotarev 1964:156-160).

Big Pool. Washo [a woman makes people out of cat-tail eggs; gives a vessel to a Coyote; when he hears a noise inside, he opens the lid; most people fly to heaven in the form of bees; a woman becomes Thunder]: Dangberg 1927, No. 6:441-443; Southern Utah: Lowie 1924, No. 2 [Süna'wavi (Wolf) cut pieces of branches, put them in a bag; Coyote untied out of curiosity, people jumped out, ran away; S. wanted people to live on order, everyone mixed up, Utah was not enough], 2a [The wolf put pieces of branches in the bag, let the Fox pour out the contents behind the hill, but not earlier; Utah were at the very bottom, there were few of them]: 3-4.

The Great Southwest. Valapai: Kroeber 1935:245-246 [One mountain rises in the primary ocean; then the water around it dries up; Matavilla cuts reeds, turns reeds into people, each reed is special tribe], 247 [first the earth is covered with water; (waters descend); Coyote cuts reeds, turns reeds into people of different tribes]; diegueño: Gifford 1931 (kamia) [Heaven and Earth lay dense to each other; Chiuy, Chiyi, Pukumat, Mastambo, the White Woman were between them; the earth was wet; Chiyyuk and Chiyi went west, where heaven and earth converge, brought handfuls of red ants from there, rubbed the ground, it dried up; appointed P. their son and head of the people; when P. died, M. took his place; Chiyi was the first to come out of the ground with the red fox; answered Chiyyuk that he had come out with his eyes open; he did so, Chiyi threw sand into his eyes, Chiyyuk became blind; both began to make birds; because Chiyyuk was blind, making them too large-mouth and long-legged; both brothers put green leaves in the water, the sick birds drank and recovered; both told P. that they made birds; Chiyyuk went out with the brown fox, Chiyi changed the fox; when he learned of this, Chiyyuk went to the ground, wanted to tear down everything on the ground; Chiyi wrapped around her, but his illnesses passed through his fingers; through a month Chiyuk ascended in the east, left again a month later; this constellation Chiyuk - a month is visible, the other is not; Chiyi made all living beings (except humans), they looked like human beings; they were handed over to P.; that at night he made a fire, all created people gathered for the fire; the month said that it would go east, in 4 days it would revive in the west; reported the names of 6 months; the hanuchip bird told the kwasaman bird that the dead bird will no longer be reborn and the same will happen to people, otherwise the earth will overflow; the lizard spoke and died at sunrise, the corpse was burned; daughter P. The frog let another Frog swallow his hair from his head; P. fell ill, died; Coyote ran to the sun for the fire, at which time the others lit a funeral pyre; Coyote returned, jumped over those around him the fire took away and ate P.'s heart; M. ordered the first ancestors to become animals, told who to do; sculpted 10 people of each tribe out of clay; they were small, then grew up; the White Woman descended from heaven , gave birth to many people; M. invited the Mayihauchawit sea serpent to a memorial ceremony; it was created by Chiyyuk and Chiyi, it is speckled; the houses where the serpent crawled, burned, and ritual came out of the body of the snake songs from different tribes; different tribes went to their habitats]: 75-81; Yuma: Densmore 1932a [as in Harrington, without details]: 5; Harrington 1908 [The creator and his companion live under the sea; rise to the surface, the satellite opens his eyes, goes blind; he is the Blind Old Man; the creator makes an island; both make people; the Blind Old Man makes freaks, the Creator throws them back into the sea; The Blind Old Man jumps after them, diseases arise from water splashes]: 328-329; maricopa [water floods the world; Kukumat and Isacipas (hereinafter just Cipas; I.) sink to the bottom; I. pops up first, K. replies that kept his eyes open; K. goes blind from salt water; both swim on a log, gradually the water descends, but around the swamp; one of them digs a hole, pulls out sand, scatters it, the earth dries up; I. rolls into a ball puts her hair in the eastern sky, making the sun; out of her nail, the moon; placing it on different sides of the world, it slides off; when it stays in the sky to the west; throwing sand into the sky, creates stars; I. and K. they make people out of clay, people K. have fingers with membranes, he says that it is more convenient to take water to drink; I. says that it is more convenient for people to make their hands with a cup; I. and K. argue whose creations are better; K. is angry falls into the ground, breaks what he created, throws fragments into the sea, from which ducks, beavers and other creatures with webbed legs emerge; failing, I. pulled the sky with him; left a hole in the ground , blood (i.e. illness) flowed from it; I. covered the hole with his foot, but left a small stream so that people would not become too numerous; now they sometimes get sick; I. gives the tribes their customs; Rabbit offended the Snake, I. gave the Snake poisonous teeth, she bit the Rabbit, he died; for this people decided to kill I.; The frog drank water from the reservoir where I. swam, he fell ill, died; the Coyote was sent to the sun for fire for the funeral fire, lit a fire in his absence; looking around, the Coyote ran back; animals and birds formed 4 rings around the fire; where the Opossum, Fox and other stunted people stood, jumped over through those standing, he took and ate I.'s heart; I. is waiting for people to speak; the Mission Indians of Southern California spoke first, then maricopa, then others; chemewevi at night, so their speech incomprehensible; Europeans were the last; they were crybabies; trying to calm them down, the Creator made them richer than the Indians]: Spier 1933:345-352; cocopa: Densmore 1932a [at the beginning of time they rise to earth two; one creates light and people, the other creates a destroyer (no details)]: 86; Olmos Aguilera 2005 [Sipa and Komat under water like in a mother's womb; S. pushes K. the first one up, so he is two older; replies that his eyes must be opened; he opened it in the water, went blind; the brothers sent flying ants to dig land, land was formed; they began to make people, K. did better, he left, S. replaced them with his own; the next time he replaced his fox with his fox of a different kind; both times K. guessed it; S. wanted to put his eyes on his toes, K. wanted to put his eyes on his toes, K. wanted to put his eyes on his toes, better on his head; S. made a bow and arrow, shot up, the arrow fell slightly hitting K.; S. made the sun, but turned out to be pale; K. made it bright, let it go across the sky from east to west, the sun S. became the moon; S. replaced people again; K. furiously broke the sky, made a hole in the ground, left down, releasing smoke, lightning and everything that kills people, including diseases; Coyote annoyed his sister Snake; S. gave her poison, Coyote died; S. died, vomited four colors, from her - edible wild plants (comidas silvestres); Coyote was sent to the sun, at which time S.'s body was cremated; chants came out of it before the body burned down]: 75-79; papago: Densmore 1929a [after the flood Big Brother, Coyote, and Great Wizard create different things; the Great Wizard gets angry, falls into the ground; at this point, diseases and fear emanate from him and spread throughout the world]: 17-21; Underhill 1946 [dark at first; The Creator of the Earth (NW) and the Yellow Vulture (JS) meet four times in the void, each forcing the other to create peace; the NW took something out of his heart or rolled dirt off his skin, put it on palm, from which a green branch grew, greasewood; the louse on the plant produced resin and from this NW created the earth; he sang, bored it, it became flat; he placed bird down on the ground, on the tops of the mountains (clouds) and shamans; when the earth spread out, shamans and mountains spread everywhere; the Earth expanded to the dome of Heaven; I'itoi jumped out, said he was the son of Heaven and Earth; he was small, bearded, gray or blond; from the northwest, a Coyote came out from under the bush; the earth was swaying, Coyote, I. and JS unsuccessfully confused to fix it; this was done by two Spiders, connecting heaven and earth with a web; all the mountains were inclined to to the west, all the rivers flowed there; the JS flew by, waving its wings, gave the mountains a variety of shapes, the rivers flowed in different directions; the NW splashed water to the north, west, south, east, the moon and the sun appeared; spit out like saliva, stars; created people from his body, she began to fight; he and I. sent a flood; for this purpose I. created Handsome Man, who became pregnant with all the girls, each gave birth the next morning; the sorcerer did so that the Handsome Man himself gave birth; he left the child, he began to cry, his tears flooded the earth with a flood; NW escaped on a magic rod, I. in a large vessel, Coyote in a reed, JS pierced the sky; some people became birds, clung to the sky with their beaks; others became trees and took root; others with their dog climbed to the top of the mountain, turned into stones there; traces of foam on the water can be seen on them; NW and I. agreed that whoever emerges first after the flood is older; the first NW, then I., the last Coyote; but I. made sure that he was considered the oldest; all three began to sculpt new people; made The coyote is shapeless, thrown overseas; the NW made is also shapeless, and I.'s people are real; the NW and I. began to argue; the NW tried to pull the sky down, then fell through the ground, spreading diseases; I.'s people became pima, papago, apache, maricopa; I. made papago his people, taught culture (bow and arrow, house-building, drinking ceremony); I. retired to the cave; people, especially maricopa, kicked a defenseless rattlesnake; I. gave her poison; she bit maricopa, who died; he was burned (maricopa has been cremated since then); Coyote stole the heart from the funeral fire; a hole in the ground opened, from there water or the wind; closed when two boys and two girls were thrown at her; this is how Santa Rosa ceremonies arose; the cannibal stole children, she was strangled with smoke in a cave; I. killed the cannibal eagle, feathers for witchcraft; the monster sucked everyone into himself; I. let himself be sucked, killed the monster, freed the swallowed; I. grew old, began to attack the girls during the adulthood ceremony; people killed him three times; to the advice of the Sun, JS managed to kill I. with an iron bow (gun); after 4 years, I. revived, went west; I. created deer, an evil shaman drove them into the pen; two brothers paid the shaman to hunt everything; JS is scalped, so bald; I. sometimes returns from the underworld]: 8-12; papago (or pima) [The creator, our sister, decided to destroy the earth by the flood; she sat in a vessel herself (olya), made of wood latex; the fox found out, sat in an empty tree trunk, but did not know how to seal a hole; she showed him; a blue bird, a red bird, and a little bird clung to the sky; an olive the sisters swam east, the Fox deck to the south; the water wet the tails of the birds; after the flood, the Fox said that he was the first to come out, the birds that they were; the sister kept silent; the fox and sister began to sculpt people; the fox made people- halves with one eye, one hand, etc.; the sister said that these people should be placed overseas into another world; she revived her own people; the Indians mockingly call the fox brother]: Neff 1912:52- 53.

NW Mexico. Tarahumara [when God and Atanasio came down from heaven to earth, they decided to make people and animals out of clay; God asked A. to give people breath, he tried it three times, but he couldn't; then God Himself revived people]: Mondragon et al. 1995:19.

Mesoamerica Zotzil: Guiteras-Holmes 1961 [God first made man out of earth (mud), but he did not stand upright; man suggested making clay; God made Eve and Adam out of clay; when Eve met white a dog, she gave birth to European ancestors]: 157; Gossen 1974, No. 131 [second race made of wood], 106 and 133 [real people (third race) made of clay], 164-165 [first race destroyed by boiling water], 169 [until people knew about sex, they made children out of clay and sticks]: 308, 321-322, 336, 339]; quiche [The Creator and Creator make the first man out of clay, he soaks in water; they make people out of wood; they are deprived reason, destroyed by the flood, animals, animated objects; monkeys are their descendants (the appearance of modern people is not described)]: Popol-Vuh 1959:14-18; tricks [God creates people, they do not move; he tells lice, mosquitoes and other insects to bite them; no reaction; then sends fleas, people move]: Hollenbach 1980:456; shank [first tiwix o Ow kajna'tata (hereinafter O.) did a man from the core of a particular tree, but he could hardly walk and did not remember his creator; then the gods tried to make people from different types of trees and finally found a suitable one; trees count "older brothers"; then T. sculpted the man out of unburned clay; he was smart and walked normally; but when O. sent a downpour, the man blurred; finally, O. made a man out of clay and burned the workpiece in on the coals of the fire; when the man came to life, O. sent a downpour, but it did not harm the man; O. made clay also a woman and people multiplied]: López Ramírez 2007:115-118.

Honduras-Panama. Bokota [Doya lives in a world where there are only stones, Chube in another; C.'s father sends him to defeat D.; C. (again) born a woman; D. kills all newborns, but instead of C. destroys a doll; C. and D. agree to compete; D. cannot make land, and C. throws the earth in four directions, it arises; before these were only stones; C. creates a living boy, D. cannot; D. throws a lot of salt into the water, but cannot create the sea; C. throws a handful, the sea becomes salty; C. makes good animals, D. makes bad animals]: Margery Peña 1994a, No. 1:42-46.

The Northern Andes. Embera: Rochereau 1929 (katio) [Karagabi makes people out of stone, Tutruika from clay; only Tutruika's people came to life; Karagabi asked for a piece of clay, made him alive humans; Tutruika predicts that they, like everyone else in the Karagabi world, will be mortal]: 86-87; Wassen 1933 [recorded by Nordenskiöld in 1927; The devil wanted half of the people made by Karagabi; decided to compete, the devil made bitter reeds out of the stick, and K. sweet; so the devil did not get people; K. made men in San Juan and women at the mouth of the Rio Baudo; made immortal people out of wood, but they went to the lower world, they have no anus, they feed on the smell of food; after cutting his hand, K. does not want to use wood anymore, sculpts people from clay, they are mortal; if they were not from clay, they would change skin like snakes and crustaceans]: 110.

Southern Venezuela. Sanema: Wilbert 1963:232-233; Wilbert, Simoneau 1990b, No. 49 [(Colchster 1981:75; {insert at the beginning of a long text about the origin of fire}); Omao wanted to make people out of solid wood, asked Soawe for help, he made it out of bad wood, so people are weak], 190 [(Colchster 1981:37-38); Omao began to look for solid wood to make people, asked his younger brother Soawe to look for too, that he brought soft wood, so people are weak; O. wanted to make people younger by changing their skin, and snakes from soft wood so that they would die shortly after their children were born; angry O. left S. for heaven; O. decided to make anacondas die as soon as they give birth to young, and people shed their old skin and become young; this would be possible if humans were made of solid wood]: 111, 375-376; yanomam [Omamë wanted to tie Tëbërësikë's daughter's hammock to a hardwood pole that changes bark; Yoasi hurried, put up a pole of soft wood, cleared it of its soft bark; therefore, people do not change their skin, do not get younger, but die]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1990b, No. 191:376-377.

Guiana. Oyana [one of the twins makes people out of twigs by inserting their teeth out of corn]: Magaña 1987, No. 97:54; Kashuyan: Frikel 1970:12-17 [Purá and Murrá made humans; P. left hardwood bows in the house, they turned into people; put them in a boat, told them to live downstream; the boat was swallowed by the Marmaru-imó snake; P. sent people in several small boats, M. swallowed everyone again; the japu bird warned her about the near harvest; no more hardwood onions turned into humans; P. and M. began to be made from different breeds, but they turned out to be wild pigs, bakers, snakes; bows made of soft wood have come to life, so now people are mortal; P. and M. got into the boat themselves, let themselves be swallowed, inside they cut M. with knives - P. on the right, M. on the left; when they went out, they saw snakes - M.'s children; saved their lives; the skin removed from M. was covered in patterns; P. ornamented baskets, cassava push-ups, etc.], 19 {addition explaining the origin of the snake} [great shaman found a snake, the son of a big snake from the lower reaches of the river; dug a hole of water for him, raised it, then dug a canal into the river; this snake turned into a marmaru-imó, which was then killed by Purá and Murrá]; taulipan [after the flood, a world fire broke out, people died, animals hid in a hole in the ground; Makunaima made new people with wax, they melted in the sun; then from clay, they only stronger from the sun, they make people]: Koch-Grünberg 1924, No. 3:38-39.

Western Amazon. Cofan [god made man out of the land; sent Curasso (Crax daubentoni, a family of forest chickens, Cracidae) to bring flint to make his teeth; he hesitated; then God sent the Trumpeter ( Psophia sp., Psophiide; looks like a guinea fowl with long legs, close to cranes and shepherds, he brought balsa to wood; God turned one into a trumpeter, the other into curasso, made bakers teeth out of flint and dogs; and he made teeth out of balsa for humans and jaguars; that's why they go bad]: Borman, Criollo 1990, No. 4:59-64 (quoted in Zumbroich, Stross 2010:62); shuar: Pelizzaro 1990:169 [=1993:169; to make Man, Ayumpúm sent Hummingbird to bring clay, Cricket wood, Sesenk a stone; Hummingbird and Cricket brought him, but the Beetle did not return; A. created man from clay and wood, breathing life into him, but without a stone, a person became mortal, dies at any age], 172-173 [the person falls ill; Ayumpúm ordered the shaman to be called Stone and not to call the Langust shaman; Sesenk was sent for the Stone, he walked slowly skirting obstacles; then Cricket was sent for the Lobster, who quickly got there and brought him; Langust told people to get sick at any age and even before birth; then Stone came in and turned into a mysterious Namur stone; A. said that only shamans who know how to find this stone would be able to heal a little; humans trampled the beetle, lobster, and cricket, giving them their current shape]; Rueda 1987, No. 5 [Etsa ( Sun) told Sesenk to bring a stone, he lingered, so people were not made of stone and mortal; Bat E. ordered to bring a parcel with a woman, Duck with gray hair; the first opened the bundle, smelling a woman, the second out of curiosity; the first turned into a bat, the second into a duck whose feathers resemble gray hair], 6 [to make a man, Etsa (the Sun) sent Cricket to bring the stone, but the Sesenk volunteered to do so; he walked slowly, and Cricket quickly brought clay; E. made a man out of clay, so he was mortal; the man met the Beetle dragging the stone and crushed it with it]: 60, 61.

NW Amazon. Makuna [Romi Kumu (Female Shaman) creates the world with the help of Mythical Male Heroes (MG, including the Sun); the Earth is her body; the Eastern Outlet is the vagina of the RK; the Earth's northern and southern outlets are her ribs; the calendar cycle is her menstrual cycle; when her vagina is closed, rivers flow to the mountains and from there to the sky, falling down in rain; when closed, the Milk River, which has absorbed the waters of everyone else, pours out to the lower world (dry season); fertilized by MG-mi, RK gave birth to the first ancestors buku masa; from the vagina (Eastern Outlet), they sailed upstream to the center of the earth in the form of anaconda ancestors, where they created the tribes then came back; the first people were Yaguars (yaia), ate each other, copulated with sisters; so RK destroyed them by the flood and then burned them; MG stayed, created new people different from animals]: Århem 1981:70-71; bora [Our Heavenly Father created water, earth, then man, and plants; the earth was in the shape of a fruit; the first humans were no different from animals who ate the earth; this world destroyed first by water, then by fire; one man survived the flood; humans were created again]: Girard 1958:107.

Montagna - Jurua. Machigenga: Baer 1984:188, 242 and 244 (=1994:159) [Tasotintsi made people out of soft balsa; says they won't die; after seeing what they're made of, people said they wanted to be mortals; some spirits are made of hard wood, so they are immortal], 425 [people made of softwood die soon; from hard wood, they live longer]; pyro [Tsla created Indians from red, and Europeans made of white clay, breathed their breath]: Matteson 1954:71.