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E11. Burnt skin.


A future family member discovers or stays with a person after an object that defines the character's inhuman appearance has been destroyed. After a person destroys (usually burns) a dropped animal cover, the character retains his human appearance. See motive E9.

SW Africa. The Bushmen [women refused to marry Chief Kwantsikutshaa; one girl dreams that she married a baboon; scolded her crooked digger, Baboon ran up and said she laughed at him with a crooked tail; she ran to K., who hid her in his hair; Baboon came for his wife, K. beat him and drove him away; that girl refuses the young men, loves only K., they hated him, tried to poison him; K . became a snake, lives in water; taking off the skin of a snake, secretly comes to that girl's hut to eat the pieces of potion she left behind; the girl burns her skin, stays with K.; he revived the killed antelopes, took them out of their bodies Assegai, the rest of the people starved to death]: Kotlyar 1983, No. 73:124-127.

Bantu-speaking Africa. Nyamwezi [parents have a son and head; asks the brothers to take him to the king, who promised a daughter to the one who will cultivate the field; he is taken to the site, the workers go out of their heads, return to do their work ; head gets wife; at night a handsome man comes out of the shell; wife burns the shell; everyone is happy]: Spellig 1929:240-243; bondei [chief promises to give daughter to the winner on the run; the turtle negotiates with a hare to place 10 turtles at a distance; the falcon cannot distinguish them, believes that the turtle is ahead of him; the turtle gets the girl; at night he removes its shell and becomes a young man; the wife throws the shell into the fire, stays with her handsome husband]: Abrahams 1983, No. 12:75-78; (cf. kaguru [young men cannot pay for brides, go to other villages to look for them; girls marry crows; one refuses, lives with their father; a chameleon followed her; she chases him, father Throws him away, but then she takes him to bed; he turns into a handsome man; she hides his chameleon skin; promises to give him back if he creates a good house, a big village, servants; he creates, but a skin does not receive; other girls abandon crows, marry the inhabitants of a village created by a chameleon]: Beidelman 1975, No. 10:565-567); maragoli [girls go to a neighboring village to be married there; One is the most beautiful; it is turned into a broom, then into a pot; but the people they meet still say that everyone is beautiful, but especially the broom (pot); then sausage skin was thrown on her; the mother of one young man came later When all the girls have been dismantled, she got a dog; her son sees the imaginary dog taking off its dog skin, bathing; cooking and cleaning the house; trying to grab the skin, but does not have time; finally she and his mother grab her; seeing a beautiful woman, other men killed their wives, children and mothers and then killed themselves; a young man with an ex-dog gave birth to new, beautiful villagers]: Kavaji 2005, no. 6:210-214.

West Africa. Mofu-gudur: Sorin-Barreteau 2001, No. 16 [a girl gets married, gives birth nine times, but all her sons are one head without a torso; when parents go to work a distant area, heads turn into nine young men, cultivate a field near the house; a woman tells their mother about this; the couple ask for advice from a black ant, who tells the vulture to slaughter and leave the black chicken, that will take their heads away; young men notice a vulture, it flies away; the couple turn to the red ant, who tells him to leave the white chicken; a vulture arrives, takes their heads away with the chicken; sons remain young men ; but they refuse to eat, they are silent; the black ant advises rubbing the sesame so that sons, when they hear the sound, think that something is burning and would tell their parents; they do not react; parents ask the red ant he tells them to drip fat into the cauldron; sons ask their mother if anything is burning; everyone is happy], 17 [the girl rejects the suitors, promises to marry only someone whose body has no scars; the toad pees where a girl, a medicinal plant grows; a girl has an upset stomach, she eats the leaves of the plant, becomes pregnant, gives birth to a son; when she is three years old, her father gathers men, the boy must give his father a calebas with meat and dough; the first time he does not find his father, the second time he gives it to the Toad; the girl is passed off as a Toad; when everyone goes fishing, the Toad takes off his skin, makes him handsome, tells his wife to hold the horse, catches for her fish, she does not recognize him; at home she scolds the Toad; the clairvoyant explains to her what is going on; she is happy, at home she serves Toad food in a beautiful calebass, but her son tells her to serve the old one; a black ant advises to slaughter a black one chicken, hawk will carry away the skin of the toad; the son has time to grab the skin; the red ant tells the red chicken to be slaughtered, the hawk takes the skin; the handsome man lies, is silent; the black ant tells you to rub the sesame seeds, the husband does not react; red tells me to drip fat into the fire, the husband says that the food is about to burn; the woman is happy; her sister asks her husband's name, she answers "Head down, legs up"; the wife should not say her husband's name In his presence, the husband falls into the ground, leaving only feathers in his hands; someone cultivates her field; the sorcerer tells her to go to the field at night to bring beer; the husband appears with the dead, they cultivate the field; the husband drinks beer, eats bread; the wife grabs him, he stays], 23 [seven sisters get married; they consistently ask those who herd chickens, goats, donkeys, which of them is more beautiful; all say that the youngest; sisters go swimming, tell the youngest to swim for acacia; she wanders through the acacia, her skin becomes stiff like acacia bark; now those she meets regret that a freak is walking with the beauties; girls it is easy to find grooms; the old woman chooses the youngest to marry her son; he is dissatisfied, does not want to take water from the bride; the clairvoyant notices from the mountain that when this girl rubs the grain, she takes off her hard skin, desired by a beautiful woman; a black ant advises slaughtering a black chicken, telling the vulture to grab it, carry the skin away; he does not have time; the red ant advises slaughtering the white chicken, the vulture takes the skin away; Now the beauty herself does not want to cook, supply water, hides in the room; but the young man goes there, takes the beauty as his wife]: 112-117, 118-125, 169-176.

Sudan-East Africa.

Mundang: Louafaya 1990:202-209

[Matallé's girlfriend went to a distant village in the evenings to dance; on her way back, she sang a song, telling her father to open the door; Hyena overheard, sang instead of M., her father heard a rude voice, did not open it; the fortune teller advised Hyena to go to the Guianriang monster, who was in ants, they gave her a thin voice; her father believed that M. opened it, Hyena ate it; M. saw Hyena in blood, told two young men to kill her, put on her skin; began to grind millet for beer for her father's funeral, asked the frog for help; she ordered her to be hit with a millet stalk, became beautiful, and M. in Hyena's shoes is ugly; both came to the chief, who took the Frog, sent M. to herd oxen; while swimming, she sings every day that the beautiful woman is herding oxen, and the despicable woman is in the palace; the old woman hears, advises the leader to listen; tells the hawk to grab the hyena's skin while M. is swimming, throw it into the fire; M. burn on the skin, the leader grabs it, leads it to the palace, sends the Frog to herd oxen], 117-120 [ten the leader's daughters go to look for their husbands; the shepherds they meet each time say that the youngest is the most beautiful; others throw the skin of a dead animal over her, flies flock to the stench; now the people they meet answer that The youngest is ugliest; no one in the village takes her as his wife; the old woman invites her to marry her son; the young man's bride is disgusting, he puts a prickly branch between his wife and him on the bed; his mother sees how a girl takes off her skin with flies to swim, is amazed by her beauty, says it to her son; now he wants to hug his wife, but she puts a prickly branch between them; the fortune teller tells the old woman to ask for a hawk to take their skin away and throw them into the fire; the young are happy; all sisters must publicly bring water to their husbands; sisters are waiting for shame for the youngest, but they see a beauty; they envy, tell the chief that only he is it is appropriate to own a beautiful woman; he organizes a collective hunt, everyone must come with a sled animal; on the advice of a fortune teller, the young man's wife gives honey and flour to the derby antelope, her husband comes on an antelope, looks the best; the chief tells the older sister's husband to get water from the well, he sends her husband next in seniority to the youngest; when he goes down, the stairs are removed; the antelope lowers him rope; tells you to pretend to be dead, vultures fly, you must grab their leader, he will give amulets for himself; with the help of amulets, a young man kills and revives people; the leader orders to kill himself, the young man occupies him place]; moru [Kiden girl was carried away by monkeys, put monkey skin on her; monkeys ruin the warrior's field Kenny, Kiden asks not to kill her, she is not a real monkey; lives in his house, swims in the river, taking off his monkey skin; the hare says Kenny, who solders everyone with beer when Kiden sleeps, skins it, burns it; Kenny's first two wives dig a hole for her, a cow falls into it; they poison the meat it was eaten by a dog; Kenny chases them away, stays with Kiden; once she hit a crocodile, he swallowed it]: Katznelson 1968:277-280; joluo [girls compete in beauty, the latter is the most beautiful; others turn it into baskets, but men say that although all girls are beautiful, the basket is even better; they turn it into a stick, rope, other objects - the same thing; then into a dog; men have chosen wives, mother Obong'o took a dog; someone grinds grain; children say that the dog takes off its skin, turns into a girl; Oh enough {and destroys?} skin, gets married; one day all men are hunting; the wife goes from one group of hunters to another, bringing her husband food; each time she is sent on; the last group of men says O. is dead; she brings home his corpse, buries him]: K'Okiri 1970:52-66; sandave [every time a woman gives birth not to a child, but a big snake, throws it into the grass; she has raised the latter; the serpent hunts, brings game to its mother; says that she had killed his brothers and sisters in vain; a girl came and took the snake as her husband; the mother saw: the son threw off his snakeskin and sleeps with his wife like a man; the mother threw her skin into the fire, the son remained human] : Arnold 1984:194-196.

North Africa. Tunisia: Al-Aribi 2009, No. 11 [Spouses are childless. The wife begged for a baby, even a turtle. She gave birth to her. Time passed, the husband and wife grew old, and the old woman could not carry water into the house, so the turtle decided to help her. She went to the spring to get water and started bringing water on a donkey every day. It got to the prince himself, and he decided to find out what was going on. He followed the turtle and saw her shed its shell, so he decided to marry her. He went to her parents, insisted on getting engaged, they agreed, he gave them money and took her to the palace. He once told her he was going far away on business. That night she dropped her shell and fell asleep, then the prince burned her shell and took her to her parents, showed her and asked for permission to marry. They got married and lived happily ever after], 45 [The king has seven sons, he thought they were preventing him from managing his subjects, and he imprisoned them in a palace. A maid brought them food. Just bread and water, but she felt sorry for them and started bringing them tasty and tasty food. She once told the king that his children had stopped eating and she did not know what was wrong with them. Then the king decided to marry them. He dressed them like a king, gave them each an apple. The princes threw apples. For one, it pointed towards the vizier's court, the other towards the court of a noble man, and so everyone decided on the bride, except for his younger brother. There was no way he could find his apple. Six got married and gave them a gift from the king of the palace, while the youngest was left alone. One day he went hunting and saw his apple, and a frog stuck to him. He wanted to unhook it, but he didn't succeed, so he threw the apple and the frog under the bed. When he left, the frog shed its skin and turned into a beautiful girl. She did all the household chores and went back under the bed. This went on for several days. When the prince returned, he thought it was the neighbors' wives who had decided to help him. He went to thank his neighbors, but it turned out they weren't them. Then he addressed the sheikh. He advised him to hide and see what was going on in the house in his absence. So the prince saw the beauty, burned her frogskin, married her and got his own house. Once the king decided to visit his son and daughter-in-law. When he saw his daughter-in-law, he wanted to get rid of his son and marry her himself. He ordered the prince to make a burnus out of a piece of marble. The frog told her husband to go to his father, take a sandbasket with him, and ask him to make silk threads out of sand. The king admitted that his son overcame his ordeal. He ordered the army to be brought in and the entire army fed with "musarrad". The frog made a couscous, then added the king's musarrad and his handkerchief to it and told her husband to say: "For the hungry!" This is how he fed an entire army. The third task is to bring a talking baby. The frog sent her husband to her sister, who had just given birth. She said to the baby, "The one who came for you is your aunt's husband, and whoever you're going to talk to wants to kill your aunt's husband and marry your aunt himself." She said that and handed him a sword. The prince took the baby to the king. The baby said to him, "We speak and we want words over words, and we cut off your head." A baby cut off the king's head], 54 [Once upon a time, husband and wife were happy and happy, but they did not have children. One day, while walking in the woods, my wife exclaimed to Allah: "Well, at least a camel!" She soon realized she was pregnant and gave birth to a camel nine months later. First, she told her husband that they had a daughter, and 40 days later she told him the whole truth, to which he replied that she should thank Allah for this as well. As time passed, the camel grew up. One day, when her parents went for a walk, she threw off her camelskin and turned into a beautiful girl. Al-Jamala did all her homework and put her skin back on. This went on for a while, and one day a prince drove by the house and saw Al-Jamala hanging her clothes. So he decided to marry her. His parents told him that they did not have a daughter, only a camel, but that didn't bother him, so he married her. The prince waited a long time, but Al-Jamala still took off her camel skin. He chose to marry his cousin. Then all the women went to the bathhouse before the wedding and Al-Jamala went too. She shed her skin and everyone looked only at her and not at the bride. And the prince's sister told him about a beautiful woman who was in the bathhouse. Then, on the wedding day, Al-Jamala took off her camel skin again and went to the party. But the prince found the skin and burned it. Al-Jamala smelled scorched and returned to the room where she found the prince. He told her he knew everything. The cousin was sent home, and the prince began celebrating his wedding with Al-Jamala, and her parents were informed about everything. They were very happy, and everyone lived happily ever after] in Korovkina MS; the Arabs of Libya [the Sultan's daughter buys a magic mirror from a Jew; it tells her that her happiness lies in a dog that should be in in the garden; the princess brings the dog into the room; she turns into a young man; the mother spies, throws the dog's skin into the fire; the young man disappears; the princess gathers old people to tell stories; alone saw three ships at sea; a dog jumped ashore, turned into a young man, threw three apples: for the east, for the west and for the princess; the princess asks the old man to take her to where he saw it all; lovers recover]: Panetta, l'Arabo parlato, p. 102-105 in Novak 1969, No. 245:237-238; the Arabs of Egypt [the sultan tells three sons to shoot a bow and take wives where the arrows fall; the elders are married on the daughters of noble people; the youngest's arrow hit an empty house where the turtle is; so three times; the prince insisted on marrying a turtle; the sultan fell ill and lost his appetite; orders that daughters-in-law be prepared for his food; the turtle sends the maid to ask the wives of the older brothers for rat and pigeon droppings for seasoning; they refuse to give it and put the droppings in their food, the smell is terrible; the food sent by the youngest son's wife, the Sultan likes him, he recovers; asks his daughters-in-law to come to him; the turtle sends a maid to the wives of his older brothers to ask them to borrow a goose, a goat as riding animals; they do not give, but they go like this themselves; the wife of the Sultan's youngest son arrives in a carriage; she is beautiful; she sprinkles rice and jute on herself, they turn into pearls and emeralds; the older daughters-in-law do the same, everyone is dirty; they had to leave palace; the younger prince burned his turtle shell, his wife remained in human form]: Artin Pasha 1895, No. 6:103-114.

Southern Europe. Spaniards: Malinovskaya 2002 [the poor man goes for the bars, grabs the willow, the dragon tells him to bring him what he meets first at home; he thinks it will be a dog, the youngest daughter comes out; he first sends the eldest, middle, the dragon rejects them; at night he sheds his skin, becomes handsome; the dragon's wife visits the sisters, they envy, burn their skin, the husband tells them to look for him in the gilded castle, wearing him out seven pairs of iron shoes; wife and son come to the old woman, she tells her to wait for the Moon Eagle to return; the Moon sends her Sun Brother, he sends her to the Wind Brother, the Wind takes her to the castle, where she marries her missing husband; the wife consistently kindles three coal given by her husband, each fulfills the wish to have a beautiful spinning wheel; for three spinning wheels, the wife buys three nights in the prince's bedroom; on the third night, the prince does not drink sleepy potion, returns to wife and son]: 233-237; Camarena, Chevalier 1995, No. 425A [the childless queen wants at least a crocodile; he bites off the nurse's nipples; finally, Mariquita's girlfriend agreed to her feed when her chest is covered with iron; he grew up asking to marry the girl; Mariquita's older sister goes first; the crocodile tells her not to sleep, he will come at midnight; she falls asleep, he killed her; the same with middle sister; M. does not sleep, the crocodile says that this girl will spoil him; took off 7 crocodile skins, became handsome, told his wife not to touch her skin; M. told her mother-in-law, she came in, burned her skin; the husband flew away You won't go back to the castle, his wife will find him, wearing out 7 pairs of iron shoes and the same number of her son, whom she will give birth to; they were almost worn out; St. The virgin gave M. three nuts with valuables inside; the eagle carried M. and her son on her back from the eagle castle to the castle Go, you won't come back; M. opened the first nut, in which the spinning wheel, sells her husband's bride for the right spend the night, but she gives the young man sleeping pills, he does not wake up; the same second night (spindle); the third time a golden egg, the servant threw away the stunning, the husband recognized M., the spell was removed; told everyone that found the lost key and the new one is no longer needed]: 241-246; Aragon [the prince looks like a crocodile, pig, etc.; the third daughter of the poor man agrees to marry him; at night he turns into a man; wife violates the prohibition to report this, either her mother sees her son-in-law in human form or his animal skin is burned; the wonderful husband disappears; the wife finds and returns him]: González Sanz 1996, No. 425A: 81; Italians (Naples) [a childless peasant woman sees a snake and laments the absence of her son; the snake offers himself as a son; the serpent grew up and told his father to marry him a princess; the king demands make all the fruits in his garden golden; the serpent performs; let the fence and land of the park become gems - the same; the golden palace is the same; the serpent received Princess Grannonia; in marriage threw off the snake skin; the king and queen peeked, threw their skin into the fire; the young man became a dove, hit the glass and got hurt; the fox to the princess: we must anoint the wounds with the blood of the birds that told about the snake prince; fox brought a bottle of bird blood, but ran away, because her blood was also needed; G. persuaded her not to be afraid, killed her, took her blood; when she came to the prince's country, made him healthy again; G. opened up to the prince, who first hers didn't find out; wedding]: Basile 2018, No. II.5:199-207; Sicilians: Calvino 1980, No. 164 (Palermo) [{=Gozenbach 1870.1, # 6:29-30?} ; the poor young man is starving; the Greek promises to support him well, and he will have to work only once a year; once a Greek brought a young man to a steep mountain; stabbed a horse and told him to climb into its skin; the eagle raised his skin together with the young man on the mountain; the young man was supposed to throw stones to the Greek, but when he saw that they were diamonds and gold, he guessed the trap, collected stones and went to look for a place to go down; found a hatch and found himself in the palace of the Sorcerer Savino; he was going to kill and fry the young man: he does this to everyone the Greek sends for jewelry; the young man convinced S. that he had not thrown a single stone to the Greek; then he took him into service: each time to give each of the 12 an end 99 blows with a baton; one of the horses says that they were all human too, but S. bewitched them; let the young man hit the ground with a truncheon so that S. could hear blows, and horses will laugh; the horse says that in the morning 12 turtles fly to the pond, take off their clothes, become girls and swim; you have to hide the most beautiful clothes; the young man did so, ran and ran to his mother's house, the girl after him; the young man warned his mother not to let his daughter-in-law out of the house; but when the young man went to sell the jewelry brought from the mountain, the wife begged his mother-in-law to give her the hidden clothes, put them on and flew away with their necks; the young man went in search; three robbers ask to share the items they stole: an inexhaustible purse, speedboat boots, an invisible cloak; the young man pretends to wants to check if the objects are really like this, takes everything and disappears; finds himself again on the same pond and steals and immediately burns his wife's pigeon clothes; the wife promises to stay with him, but he must To kill a sorcerer and restore their human form to their horses - snatch three hairs from everyone; he does; it turns out that his wife is the daughter of the King of Spain]: 591-594; Crane 1885 [the poor young man goes to seek his fate; the old woman says that 12 doves will fly to the spring, become 12 girls; let him hide the most beautiful clothes; the young man does this, brings his wife, gives her clothes to his mother for preservation; one day she gives it to her daughter-in-law, she flies away; so twice; the third time the hero burns clothes, his wife is disgraced - she was a Spanish princess]: 77; Gonzenbach 2004a [1870], No. 19 [the childless queen wants a child even if a snake (scursuni is a black poisonous snake); a snake son gives birth; he grows up, sends his mother for the bride; the weaver gives his daughter; at night Prince Skurtsuni comes out of snakeskin; when he learns that the bride is a daughter weaver, he gets back into the skin, bites the girl to death; the same with the locksmith's daughter; the stepmother of the shoemaker's daughter wants to get rid of her, sends a snake to his wife; but the girl says that she is rich princess; gives birth to a child, hides it from parents; the queen hears a lullaby, the daughter confesses; The serpent says that his skin should be burned as soon as his wife's clothes are put on him; this succeeds; the wife admits that she is not a princess, but that doesn't matter]: 123-129; Maltese [the queen gives birth to a snake; stepdaughter is told to feed him; on the advice of her late mother, on whose grave the girl sheds tears, she puts a cup of sweetened milk on her chest; the snake has grown up, demands a wife; several newlyweds are strangled; the stepdaughter remains alive and disagrees with the prince; at night he was made human; teaches that you can't light lights and make noise in the city for three days; the wife burns seven snake skins, which he successively drops]: Mifsud-Chircop 1978, No. 433b: 119-121; Corsicans : Massignon 1984, No. 11 [husband and wife's son is a red pig; demands him to marry; the girl marries him; confesses to his mother that he becomes a handsome man at night; his mother snuck into the room, she grabbed the pigskin that had been dropped and threw it into the fire; three times the skin jumped out of the fire, but then burned; the husband says that his wife will not see him without wearing out a pair of iron shoes; the wife put on her shoes consistently comes to three old women who give nuts (apparently walnuts), almonds and another nut (hazel); the first nut contains a silk thread, for which she buys the night with her husband from his new wife; she gives husband has a sleepy potion; almonds contain a silver thread (same); in the last nut there is a gold thread; neighbors heard the wife try to wake her husband up the previous night, told him; he did not drink potions; spouses reunited and returned to their husband's parents], 42 []: 25-27, 97-101.

Western Europe. Germans [a childless peasant says he would like a son, even a hedgehog; his wife gives birth to a hedgehog; Hans-Hedgehog (GE) lives behind the stove, asks for a bagpipe, tells a rooster to shove a rooster, narrows donkeys on a rooster and pigs; watching them from the top of the tree, they multiply incredibly; the king is lost in the forest, hears the sound of bagpipes, GE promises to get him out of the forest if he writes a paper promising to give the first thing he will meet at home; the king only pretends to write, his daughter comes out to meet him, the king says that he has deceived GE; the same with another king, he keeps his word, the princess promises to marry GE brings the herd to her father, he goes on a rooster to the first king, forces her daughter to be given, but only colitis with needles to blood, sends her back; taking the daughter of the second, orders to make a fire near the bedroom walls, sheds her hedgehog skin, tells Burn her, becomes human; his black burnt body is smeared with drugs, he becomes handsome; visits his father, takes him to his kingdom]: Grimm, Grimm 1987, No. 289-294; Germans (Hessen) [y The king and queen had a son, but the witch turned him into a wild boar; the rich master had three daughters; the boar fell in love with the eldest, her father forced her to marry a wild boar, since that prince; when the newlywed lay down in bed, the boar jumped on her, hit her neck, she died; the same with her middle daughter; when the boar went to the youngest, he was driven into the forest; one day everyone went for a walk, a boar appeared and took the girl into the cave; she sees tears in his eyes; he says that he can save him if he agrees to marry him; she agrees; at night she dreams: she must burn the boar's skin; she got up in the morning and burned it; from the cave a beautiful young man came out; soon he inherited the throne, his wife became queen; if they still haven't risen from the throne, they still sit on it]: Wolf 1845, No. 3:16-21; Germans (Tyrol, Abzam) [at the Countess beloved and loyal maid; one night someone got into bed with her, having previously thrown something heavy on the floor; he disappeared in the morning; the same the following nights; the girl told the Countess everything; she gave precious carbuncle: it will help you see a night guest; she did this to enchant her stepson again for 7 years; the girl took a carbuncle and saw a beautiful young man next to her; he named her cursed witch: now he will put on his donkey skin again and stay in it until someone splits him; jumped up, put on his skin and rode away; in the morning the girl asked the Countess what to do; Countess: let The donkey remains a donkey; the girl has heard of a forest hermit; he directed her to another who is older; the one to the oldest; each has a longer beard than the previous one; the third teaches: to a neighboring lake come bewitched; we must come, grab the donkey skin removed and throw it into the water; the girl threw donkey skin and the others into the water; as the disgraced men and women went out to shore; the young man told how the Countess bewitched him; they returned to the people and got married]: Zingerle, Zingerle 1980:163-167; the Alsatians [childless spouses ask for a son, a donkey is born; he asked teach him to play the lute; when he saw his reflection, he went on a journey with his companion; the king has a daughter; the donkey was let in when he played the lute; allowed to sit next to the king; with the princess; the king fell in love with him, gave his daughter as his wife; at night he took off his skin and became handsome; the servant saw everything, told the king to spy for himself, throw his skin into the fire; the king's son-in-law remained human, inherited the throne]: Lefftz 2006, No. 5:169-172; Bretons [a toad clutches the old man's face at the well, demands his daughter as his wife; only the youngest agrees; the Toad takes her to his castle; sisters spy, see the beautiful prince; they burn the skin with a toad; the husband scolds his wife, runs away; she follows him, he hits her, three drops of blood fall on his shirt; she tells that the stains do not disappear before she comes to wash them off; she walks past lions, a hare brings her to the castle; she helps the laundresses wash off the stains, is hired as a shepherdess; buys three nights from the new bride with her fiancé for three golden balls that her husband left her while running away; the new bride gives him a sleepy potion; the servant tells him about it, he does not drink a potion; marries his ex-wife]: Lopyreva 1959, No. 39:166-173; Irish [at the king of the Desmond region Coluath O'Hara has three daughters; in the absence of her father, the eldest envelops herself in a veil of darkness, wants a handsome man as her husband; he immediately arrives in a golden carriage drawn by two white men and two black horses, takes her away; the same is the middle daughter; arrives in a carriage with four black horses; the youngest wants the best white dog in the world, who comes with a servant in a carriage drawn by four white horses ; the husbands of older sisters are people during the day, and seals at night, the youngest's husband is a dog during the day, handsome at night; when he leaves, he tells his wife not to shed tears if the child is born and something happens to him; she gives birth to a son, his the crow takes away; the same with the second; when a daughter gives birth, a tear drips into the mother's handkerchief; the husband returns, scolds his wife for it; daughters and husbands come to their father; the mother spies, sees with the two eldest seals, from the youngest handsome man; throws dog skin into the fire; the husband says that if he spent three days in his father-in-law's house, he would remain human, and now he must leave; the wife follows; meets in the first house the first kidnapped son, the old woman gives scissors that turn rags into a golden dress; in the second, the second, receives a comb that turns bad hair into golden curls; in the third, a daughter, she does not have eyes, the mother pulls out a handkerchief, it does not contain a tear, but the daughter's eye, the girl finds it; the hostess blows a whistle calling on all the birds; the husband pulls out his reed, goes to the lower world, he must become a husband the queen of the Land of Youth (Tir na N-og), who bewitched him; the wife pulls out another, follows him; the woman turns the rags of her daughter henwife (poultry house?) in a luxurious dress; she reports to the queen; the queen demands scissors, the dog's wife asks for a night with her husband for them, gets it, but the husband sleeps; the same is the second night (tidies up henwife's daughter's hair, gives it comb); the dog's wife whistles on the whistle, all the birds fly in, including the bird of song and new tales; the dog's wife asks the bird how to kill the queen; she says that there is a ram in the holly, in he has a duck, an egg in it, only the queen's husband can cut down a holly; the dog's wife hides a fox in a box, a hawk in the other; spends the night in exchange for a whistle, leaves a letter to the servant for her husband; he wakes up, cuts the holly , the fox grabs the ram, the hawk the duck, the egg breaks, the queen dies; the former dog and his wife remain to rule the country Tir na N-og]: Curtin 1975:15-25.

Western Asia. Arabs of Iraq [an infertile woman asks Allah for at least a chicken; gives birth to a chicken daughter; King's son Mohammed sees her shed her chicken skin near the pond, turns into a girl, bathes; he demands marry him to a chicken, marry him; she sheds her chicken skin for the night; when M.'s cousin's bride is taken to the bathhouse and all women are with her, M. makes his wife shed her skin, go with everyone; burns skin; mother M . happy; cousin chases his wife away, buys chicken, tells her to become a girl; M. tells him to return his real wife; father-in-law M. made his assistant]: Yaremenko 1990, No. 28:153-156; Yemen [ An infertile woman is despised by her neighbors; she asks Allah for at least a chicken; gives birth to a chicken daughter; she goes to a pond, sheds her chicken feathers, turns into a girl, bathes; the Sultan's servant spied told the Sultan, who tells the parents of the chicken to marry her son; the Sultan's son hides by the pond, tells the servants to grab and burn the chicken feathers; everyone admires the girl's beauty; feast]: Daum 1992, No. 19:169-174.

Melanesia. Ilahita arapesh [The First Man heard laughter; saw several cassowaries; beauties swam in the pond, taking off their feather skins; the man hid the most beautiful skin, brought it to him, arranged it like this for her to make a hole in her genitals; her name is Nambweapav; the couple gave birth to sons and daughters for many years, these couples became ancestors of different nations; the eldest son is the ancestor of ilachite arapesh; the father took the children to the garden, the mother stayed at home with the youngest, they alternated duties day by day; the father put on a cassowary skin to scare the younger one so that he would not be capricious; at the age of six, the boy found the skin, gave his mother for promising pieces of coconut; N. flew away, telling the children how to find it; a few months later they went to her, taking their father; N. asked them to go down from the trees and take theirs spears; one spear was left untaken; N. found her husband under the leaf, broke his head; under N. there was no death or pain, everything was easy; her children, except the youngest, broke the food taboo, grace was over; N. turned into a wallaby, arranged for the youngest to kill him; when she died, she ordered people to die hard; the youngest sailed away with streams of water, became the ancestor of whites; one day he would return]: Tuzin 1980:1-8 in Gregor, Tuzin 2001:325-326; mountain arapes [cassowaries went down to the pond, took off their clothes from their feathers, began to swim; the man hid the clothes alone, brought them to the village, hid them in a hut for menstruating; she does not have a vagina; he placed her female where she relieves her need, she pierced her vagina, she began to menstruate; gave birth to four sons, a daughter, and another son; when he was five years old, the elders went to the forest, the mother told the youngest to find her spratan clothes, put it on, flew away; after a while, three brothers came to the tree, beat drums, blew flutes; the mother flew in and invited her, but they returned to their father]: Mead 1040, No. 32:376-377; kiwai [a young man in ulcers secretly removes dirty skin, becomes handsome; wipes himself off with feathers, turns into a white heron; puts on or takes off if desired heron skin; only one girl took care of the imaginary patient; peeked, burned the dirty skin, hid the heron's skin under her skirt; others began to fight who should be with this handsome man; the young heron began to dance in front of the beautiful Ponyponi; Shark too, some liked the Heron better, others liked the Shark; a fight began between fish and birds (the origin of the appearance of both); P. went up to him, lightning - her smile, the thunder is the noise, as it was during that fight]: Landtman 1977, No. 102:280-291; (cf. Valman [sister and brother went to the banana plantation; they answered the Serpent that they were their bananas, not his; he made their eyesight impaired, they came to the village of Serpents; the Serpent married the girl, He left his brother on the street, threw his bones; while hunting, the Snakes left their human skin at home; brother and sister burned down the house with their skins, ran to their parents; the snakes remained in snake form]: Becker 1971, No. 49:805-806); San Cristobal (Ugi island near the main island) [a woman found a short fat snake, brought it home; the snake cries, the woman offers "her son" all kinds of food; when asks if he wants a wife, he says what he wants; she and her husband buy the eldest of their two sisters; that snake does not like it, she sticks him in the water with a stick; parents return her, buy her the youngest; she treats the snake well; the snake takes off her skin, becomes human, catches fish; each time she replies what someone has brought; parents spy, burn their skin; seeing the handsome husband of their younger sister, the eldest asks them to make her a maid, but they refuse; the eldest hangs up]: Coombe 1977:242-244; Banks Islands (Mota Lava) [two chiefs are friends; one has three daughters, the other has a gecko son; he asks to find a wife for him; the father married the eldest daughter of another leader, but when she saw a gecko on her bed, she ran back to her parents; the same with the middle daughter; the youngest caressed the gecko; at night he shed the lizard skin, went and caught fish; the next night the wife watched, burned the skin; the husband felt burned, rushed home, but agreed to remain human; older sisters are jealous, killed the youngest husband; then she hanged herself]: http://alex.francois.free.fr/AFtxt_mtp-gecko_e-3lgs.htm; Espírito Santo [Sari lived in a cabin covered with leaves; when he was hunting pigeons, the girl Venatu saw his arrow, surprised at how skillfully it was made, and went to the side where the arrow came from; watched S. take off his beautiful skin and put on his old one; V. became S.'s wife, although her mother was surprised why did the daughter need such an ugly husband; S. gave her mother-in-law a small banana and a little pig, wrapped it in a leaf and told her not to turn it around on the way; but she put everything on the ground and went to relieve herself; when she returned , saw a large bunch of bananas and a huge pig running away; S. himself and his wife did not care about anything: at S.'s request, they were given food by the supreme god Taotae; S. took his wife and went to the party wearing beautiful leather and told his wife to take sticks; they had to fight off women, they liked young S. so much; women found and destroyed old skin; since then S. has not been able to change his skin and people have begun to die]: Guiart 1958:191.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Tibetans [spouses are childless and quarreling; a snake crawled into her husband's bag; crawled home and then became a boy named Tsarong; grew up quickly, but most of the time was in the form of a snake; tells his father to marry him the royal daughter; filled the spring with a huge stone; as soon as the king agreed, the stone rolled back; C. richly endowed everyone in the palace, Princess Drolma moved to the old people's house; they went to a fair where they saw a young man riding a white horse; a woman told her daughter-in-law that it was her husband; she burned snakeskin; C.: you broke the curse; all is well]: Komissarov 1997:52-55; Tibetans (Sikkim ) [King Magpie learns that the boy dreamed that he would become king instead of him; tells the boy to leave the country and return when his shoes are worn out; they do not wear out; the boy sees white and black water snakes, throws a shoe at black, carried away by an eagle, a white boy hides him from black horsemen under his hat; grateful whites (naked) invite him to an underwater palace; he pours out food and drinking into the crack near the hearth; an old woman comes out, whose mouth was covered with an iron flap for her chatter; thanks for the food, tells her to leave as soon as possible, ask for a white dog, a curtain, a stick as a gift; a stick with a curtain turns into a tent, there is a lot of good inside; someone cooks; a young man waits for a girl, throws a dog skin into the fire; the wife tells me to disperse the ashes from the skin, the slope is covered with cattle, jewels; Magpie offers competitions, the winner will get the young man's wife; 1) whose milk spilled from the mountain reaches the foot faster (nagas give a jug); 2) who collects mustard seeds (nagas give a chest with pigeons, a dove with a broken wing collects); 3) the wife tells you to ask for a military chest of nagas; Magpie demands "a-pho-pho", little men jump out of the chest, kill, eat the king, the young man reigns]: Krapivina 2001:15-33; Tibetans (Amdo): Kajihama 2004, No. 16 [the maid's son told his mother that he had dreamed of ascending to the royal throne; the mother spilled out; the king expelled the young man, allowing him to return when he erases his iron shoes; on the seashore, a young man sees a white snake fighting a black snake; a black snake wins, but a young man killed her by throwing an iron shoe at her; at the same moment he rushed at the serpent kite; the young man hid the white kite and took the black kite; said this to the 7 black horsemen who came out of the sea, they disappeared; then 7 white horsemen came out, said that the white snake was the son of the naga king; the young man was brought to the world of the nagas; he leaves excess food at the hole; from there comes a woman with her mouth sealed; the young man tears off the bandage; the woman is grateful for giving her food; tells the king to ask the naga king for a redhead as a reward a knot puppy, a white bamboo cane and a multicolored curtain; on the seashore, a young man makes a tent out of a curtain and a stick, ties the puppy; when he returns, he sees a giant tent, the inside is full of different products ; someone cooks; the young man saw: a beautiful woman comes out of the dog's skin; he throws his skin into the fire, takes the girl as his wife; she gives grains, tells them to be scattered over the mountains, the grain turns into cattle; contrary to advice wives, the young man calls the king to visit; the wife smears soot, but the streams of sweat washed away the soot, the king saw her face, demanded her as his wife; then decided that the woman would go to the winner of the competition; 1) pour down the mountain yogurt, which first flows down to the foot; the king orders to collect yogurt from all over the country, but the young man's wife tells her father to ask for help; he gives a bag of yogurt, its stream immediately reaches the foot; 2) who is faster he will collect scattered mustard seeds; all his people help the king; the young man receives a box from the sea; opens it ahead of time, the pigeons will get rid of it, is left alone with the damaged wing; but he also manages to collect seeds earlier than all royal people; the wife tells her father to ask her father for a box of war; asks the king if he wants "in a way"; he says what he wants; warriors come out of the box, kill the king, the young man reigns], 28 [ a mare gave birth to a boy, an old woman adopted him; with two friends he hides from the rain in a cave; they see three turtles fly in, become girls, pray, fly away again; the same day 15 August the following year; two years later, young men grabbed and destroyed pigeon bodies, married girls; wives wither away; young men watched a kite fly in, became a copper-beaked witch, she drank blood girls, flew away, the mare's son managed to injure her with an arrow; the young men are following a bloody trail, the companions let the mare's son go missing, cut off the rope, the garuda picked him up; a local shepherd says that the witch wounded by an arrow; another shepherd herds many goats; this is the son of a witch; replies that in order to tie the goats, you must tell them to "Contact"; to transport them across the river, you have to tell the river to retreat up and down go dry; after bringing goats, he will lick the wound on the mother's back inflicted by the mare's son; the mare's son offers to remove his lice; witch's son: I have a black mole around my neck, my mother's strength is in him, be careful; the second part of the mother's life is at home wearing a needle in a salt bag; the mare's son crushed the mole {and apparently killed the shepherd}, put on his clothes, took his yak tongue with him; told the waters to part, goats contact; the witch takes him for a son, asks him to lick the wound; he explains that his tongue is hard because he did not drink water today; breaks the needle, the witch dies; after leaving the witch's house, the son of a mare killed a snake that was going to eat a garuda chick; the chick explains to its mother that the man saved him; the mare's son asks to be brought to the ground; the garuda asks to prepare 100 bird carcasses and 100 wineskins of water; carries the son mares across the sea; he forgives companions, reigns, everything is fine]: 58-65, 117-123; Tibetans (Amdo): Kajihama 2004, No. 19 [a dog comes to a woman with three daughters, asks her to keep the zamba bag until his return from Lhasa; after three years they decide to eat zamba, eat it, the dog comes, demands a girl for what they eat; gets an older sister; by the river she agrees to eat meat and tsampa, and to the dog the bones are laid; replies that it is not his, but he, the dog, must move her to the other side; the dog sends her back, gets the middle daughter (the same with her), then the youngest; she shares meat and tsampa equally, says that the water can carry him away, carries him by itself; the dog takes her as his wife, brings her to the palace; dressed up, sends him to the party; everyone admires the handsome horseman; the next day the woman goes to the bazaar, there he sees the same rider again, recognizes familiar clothes; when he returns home, burns the dog's skin; the husband says he will not live without dog skin for more than 7 days, because his life is under the power of a demoness; wife goes to the demoness, her husband teaches her what to do; she must replace her buryuk with his leaky one, find and return the black and white stone in which her husband's life is; on the way he drinks from a dirty pond, divides the hay equally between the two horses , bones are between two dogs; while the demoness goes to fetch water with a leaky swapped wineskin, the woman finds a stone, runs away; dogs and horses refuse to detain her, the pond allows her to drink cold water, and for the demoness, the water is poisoned, she dies; everything is fine]: 71-77; Potanin 1893, No. 8a [the young man went on a journey, hit the whirlwind with a staff, a shoe remained on the ground, the whirlwind disappeared into the hole; they reported to the king, the young man promised to return the missing princess; the warriors lowered the girl into the hole, the young man sent her upstairs; the warriors were afraid that the dragon would also get out, left the young man in the hole, filling the exit with a stone; below, the dragon with with a broken arm - during a thunderstorm, the shaman threw (a stone from) a sling at him; after recovering, the dragon took the young man to the Water King; he offers a reward for saving his daughter (she was a dragon); the daughter tells me to ask a piece of wood and a black donkey; in the parking lots, the young man finds himself in the palace every time, with delicious food nearby; when he returns to his mother, both wonder who cooks and cleans; the young man saw a piece of wood a beautiful woman came out, threw a tree into the fire; contrary to his wife's advice, invited the king to visit; he ordered to build a bridge from his house to the royal one; his wife ordered needles to be scattered, a bridge arose; to plant trees (same, the wife gives seeds); spread red and white felt (the same, the wife gives two bunches of wool); the king came to visit; the wife took off her beautiful face, hid it under the pillow; the husband ordered her to make tea, she did not reacts, he began to scream, called her the daughter of water; she took her face and went out, the king saw a beautiful woman; tells her to compete, whoever wins is his wife; 1) whose dog is stronger (the wife gave the dog, that bitten to death the khan's); 2) who will build the mountain (the khan's warriors dug a lot, his wife's aunt and younger sister immediately turned the mountain upside down); 3) whose army would win; the wife's mother gave a box of knives, the husband let them try the stone, his knives sparkled; his wife tells him to go again; the mother-in-law sharpened the knives, they destroyed the king and the army, the young man became king]: 149-152; Tibetans (Ham): Hyde-Chambers, Hyde-Chambers 1981:71-75 [young the shepherd cries by the lake, because his mother does not love him, does not feed him, tells him to work hard; the old man takes him under water; the king of the lake gives him a puppy; since then, the shepherd's house has a lot of food and money; he saw saw how the dog shed its skin, became beautiful, filled the bins and chests; he threw his skin into the fire, took the girl as his wife; smeared his wife's face with soot so that the prince's son would not be flattered by her; becoming rich, decided that he could not be afraid of the prince's son, took his wife to the city; the prince's son saw her, sent people to take her away; the shepherd cries again by the lake; this time the king of the lake gives the box, tells her to open it on the mountain, calling the prince's son to fight; the warriors from the box kill the prince's warriors, the young man returns his wife, becomes a prince himself; (almost the same in Lhamo 2012:195-198; except for the warrior box, a bottle of water; the young man opens it at grief, the stream of water washes away enemy warriors)], 83-93 [Pema, Tsokyi, Dekyi are older, middle, younger sisters, live with her mother, herd yaks; P.'s yaks disappear; she looks for them, comes to a cave with treasures, there is a white rooster on the throne; he promises to find yaks if P. becomes his wife; she refuses, returns home; the same with C.; D. agrees; comes to the races in a rich outfit, without a husband; always wins unknown handsome man, smiles at her; she comes home before her husband, finds and burns cock skin; the returning husband says that now he will have to become a slave to demons again; they only let him go In cockerel appearance, he could take off his cock skin only a few days a year; to save her husband, D. must sit at the door for a week with a lit candle; on the last day she falls asleep, demons take her husband away; D. returns home to his mother; one day she meets a husband who carries firewood for demons; he tells him not to think about him, take his jewelry; since then, mother and daughters have lived richly]; Tibetans ("stories ghost") [the shepherd's eldest daughter hides from the rain in a cave, at which time the cattle disappear; the white bird behind the golden and silver door promises to return the cattle in exchange for marrying her; the girl refuses; the same middle sister; the youngest agrees; at the party she is handsome; the witch explains that this is the bird husband, tells her to burn the birdskin; the wife must drive away demons for seven days, at the end of the seventh day demons take the husband, he must tear down his shoes; the wife makes new feather clothes, the husband comes back]: MacDonald 1931:308-310; Vladimirtsov 1958 [Mongolian version of Twenty-Five Vetal Tales; in In search of the missing buffalo, the older sister enters the door in the rock; there the bird asks to be his wife, she refuses; the same middle sister; the youngest agrees; at the festival every evening she meets an unknown young man ; the woman says that this is the bird husband, advises him to return home early, burn his shell; the husband says that demons will now grab him if his wife cannot hit him with a stick for seven days in a row while sitting in at the door; the wife falls asleep on the seventh day, the demons take her husband away; the wife finds him, he carries water, must wear out many pairs of boots; orders to make a stuffed bird, returns to it, reunites with his wife]: 58-61; Qiang [a woman gave birth to a toad daughter, and when she dropped her toad's skin and went to heaven, she secretly burned that skin]: Wang 2016:1613; Mustang: Kretschmar 1985, No. 4 [son of a king, son of a minister and the son of a beggar is friends; the king's son wants to marry Princess Dimi Bomo; brings gold, she does not look at him; the minister's son (silver); the son of a beggar comes to DM's mother, who gives him alms - toasted grain, he clamps a hot grain in her hand, tells her to explain the princess's behavior; her mother says that in her previous life the princess was a chicken, she laid eggs in the garden, and the prince filled it with water, drowning her and the rooster; in another life she was a doe, she and her husband had children, the prince shot them all; the son of a beggar came to the princess, told these stories as if he were that rooster and that male fallow deer who died with the chicken and the doe; the princess laughed; he put his nose rings on the ground: this is for white, this is for blue, this is for brown, this is for colorless Yakkuh; the princess burst out laughing again; the sons of the king and minister agreed that the son of a beggar marry the princess, but decided to take revenge; animals and birds steal crops from the king's field every year, and demons take the guards away; the sons of the king and the minister ask the son of the beggar to guard him, promise to send him food; he goes to guard with his wife, but supplies run out, but they do not send new ones; the son of the beggar goes to buy food, promising his wife return before dark; the sons of the king and minister gave him drink; when he returned at night, the DB had already been kidnapped by the demon king; he gives DB keys, tells him to guard the chest and keep the fire; she opened all the rooms in who are treasures and supplies, but there is no key; she found it above the lintel of the door; there are thin, aged women; they were the wives of a demon, and now they are starving to their knees; advises DB put the figure in his clothes, take the chest and run; puts his skin on it; DB in the guise of an old woman walks past 9 demons, each time says that the chest is guarded by a young woman - standing there; DB, disguised as an old woman, is hired to work for the king; one day the younger prince sees her taking off her skin, becoming a young beauty; refuses to marry the princess, the king drives him away and the DB; she takes him out the chest is a palace, they live in it; a demon comes, but DB dug a hole, he fell there, the prince finished him off; threw DB's old skin into the fire; the prince invites his parents, they see luxury and beauty; DB gave birth to an heir son and a daughter], 21 [the mother of three daughters fell ill; says that only grass and water in a remote part of the valley will heal her; the eldest daughter is coming; there is a dog, she will allow her to take grass and water on the condition that the girl will marry him; she refuses, leaves with nothing; the same with her middle sister; the youngest agrees, the dog gives grass and water, promises to come in two days; the mother recovers; hides the youngest daughter under a copper cauldron; the dog hits the older sisters, sits on the cauldron, the youngest screams that she is here; he leads her across the lake, across the plain, there's a golden house, then silver, then out of dog crap; girl each time she replies that the house suits her; there is abundance inside the house, and the old woman is the dog's mother; she advises to pretend to be sleeping, wait for her son to take off his dog skin and go to bed, throw the skin in fire; in front of the girl is the young king Kyirken Gambala; he says that the skin was burned too early, there will be problems; when going hunting, he leaves a bunch of keys; the girl opens rooms in the golden palace, there are plenty gold, silver in silver, coral in coral; there is no key from the wooden one; she finds the key on a stick under the ceiling, unlocks the door, behind her is a mother-of-pearl staircase, you can see the whole world from it, she sees her native village, her parents are hungry and sick; the older sister married a blacksmith, the average butcher; she searches for KG in her head, drops a tear, admits that she feels sorry for her parents; they go to them together, give them gifts gifts; older sisters are jealous, the eldest leads the youngest to the lake, asks what she feeds her husband and what her servants are; the youngest guesses, answers incorrectly (my husband has buckwheat and pepper, I throw a plate out the door, to the servants rice with meat, plates on the shelf); the eldest pushes the youngest into the lake, puts on her clothes and jewelry, invites KG to return home; he suspects deception; the imaginary wife is afraid to go across the lake, does not want to enter the house out of dog crap, feeds her husband as servants and servants as husband; a shepherd sees sheep coming to the lake, a bird flies out of the water, asks about the king; the shepherd talks about this to the KG; he goes with him to the lake, brings a bird, puts it in a cage; the imaginary wife kills and cooks poultry, lets her husband eat it with rice; he notices that there is poultry meat in the rice, throws it into the garden; trees grow there; the imaginary wife tells them cut down, split it into firewood; poor old husband and wife, husband went to bring firewood, found a piece of meat, put it in a chest; a few days later a girl came out; after that, the old men became rich; the girl gives the old man the ring that was left on her finger when her sister pushed her into the lake; he calls the king and his wife, puts them on golden and turquoise thrones, shows the ring; the king demands his finger to the ring; his wife goes out, his older sister turns into ash; KG: these were the problems I mentioned; the ash was hidden under a black foot; KG made his wife's parents' house his summer residence], 23 [the old man with 9 goats old woman; a young man came, praised the old people - they live well, they do not starve; joyfully, the old woman gave him a goat; he came again, so he received 8 goats; when the old woman was going to give the ninth, the husband pulled the goat, not wanting to give it back, the tail came off; the old man died, the old woman was going to cook the tail, he turned into a tiny boy, promised to give his grandmother whatever she wanted; the old woman asked for flour; the tail boy brought a bag of flour from the king's palace, asking to open the door; old woman: come in through the hole; boy: I'll go in, but the bag won't fit; a barrel of butter (same); old woman asks for meat; boy -the tail hid under a pile of manure in the field where yaks grazed; three thieves who came to steal yaks are going to throw stone into the heap; the tail boy tells not to throw, promises to help steal; brought a knife from the palace the king, the thieves stabbed the yak and the female yak, the tail boy asks to give him the bubble, not to carry him again; he cheated him, began to beat him and shout that he did not steal the royal yaks; the thieves thought that the tail boy captured by the king's men, threw the meat and ran away, the tail boy brought meat to his grandmother; decided to marry the princess; began to scream on the roof of the palace, the king sent the eldest daughter to find out what was going on, she did not see anyone ; the same is the middle daughter; the youngest tail boy fell into the hem, demanded that the king give her to him as his wife, if he did not, I would laugh; king: please laugh; the tail boy laughed, the walls of the palace staggered; to cry; a flood of tears flooded the palace, the king promised to give his daughter, but did not give it back; then I will leave; the tail boy went, followed by the whole palace; the king advises his daughter to ask the groom to drive the horse when they reach deserts, she will trample him; but he grabbed the horse's chest, unharmed; the princess had to put up with it; the king calls his daughters to the party, the tail boy tells his wife to stay at home, he will go; took off his skin, became a beautiful young man; the princess also went, came back earlier, threw her skin into the fire, a piece stuck to her palm; her husband says she burned her skin too early; he left for three years on trade, his wife for it time became poor; when he returned, they did not recognize each other; then he only recognized her by a piece of skin in the palm of his hand; all is well]: 39-49, 128-137, 144-148; Lepcha: Siiger 1967, No. 4 [orphan lives in the forest, feeds on roots; the wild yam tuber tells him not to eat it; he leaves it on the shelf, finds the hut tidy in the evening, the food is cooked; spies on the girl coming out of the tuber; grabs her, throws yam peel into the fire, marries; meets mung (evil spirit); answers him that water will defeat fire, wind will defeat the cloud, god mung; mung offers competitions, the winner will get the other's wife (wife munga is ugly); 1) whose excrement will be whiter; the wife cooks wild yam for the young man, the mung eats rice and white fat; the munga excrement is red, the boys are white; 2) whose rooster, 3) the ram, 4) the bull will win; the wife tells me to go to the lake, a young cockerel who came out of the lake kills seven mung roosters, a lamb a mung ram, a goby a bull; 5) whose army will win; a box appears from the lake, the wife does not order to open it until the battle; the young man opens, a thunder-man pops up, he can still be heard; the young man manages to slam the lid; the mung warriors kick the box, a thunderwoman pops up, kills all warriors; 6) martial arts with mung; young man cuts off his head, feeds his flesh to the birds, grinds his bones on a grain grater, throws dust down the wind; takes mung's treasures, burns his palace, joins his lands to his own], 5 [an orphan kills an eagle, the boy who is about to capture; the rescued leads the orphan to his father, the master of the underworld; the orphan falls in love with the owner's daughter; she tells her father to ask her father only for dog skin; an orphan returns to earth, wild animals and birds come out with him (they weren't on the ground before); while working in the field, someone cooks in his house; he waits for a girl, throws a dog's skin into the fire; marries, gets rich; the king has a wife with an abscess around his neck; the king offers competition, the winner will take the other's wife; each time the wife tells them to go to the place where they come out of the ground, ask for what they need (rooster, ram) ; orphan wins; 1) roosters fight; 2) rams; 3) bulls; 4) warriors; the underground father-in-law gives a box, the wife does not tell you to open it along the way; the orphan opens it slightly, the thunder-man jumps out (the origin of thunder); Reopens at the sight of warriors, a thunderwoman kills them]: 220-223, 223-224; Stocks 1925, No. XXIII [an old woman asks her husband how many goats they have; he calls fewer and fewer goats; goats eat a leopard ; the old man wants to slaughter the last one, the old woman has only a severed tail; she puts it in a box; the tail asks the old man not to eat it; fills the vessels with water, brings firewood; goes to kill three buffaloes king; on the way he hides from the sun under a mushroom hat; Prince of Sunrise and Prince of Call shoot a mushroom, the Tail screams, they all three go to kill buffaloes; princes carry dead buffaloes, Tail is a blood bubble ; warns princes to run away if he screams (which means danger); he screams when they are near his house; calls the king to a feast; after the feast, he notices the heads of his own buffaloes; Tail explains that he wanted to teach the king generosity; the king agrees not to demand the buffaloes back and give Tail his daughter if he can steal the jewelry from his box; the guards sleep at night; the tail changed dogs with sheep, bows with sticks; the king hands the box to the queen, goes to bed; in the dark, the tail, disguised as a king, takes the box back; gets the princess; unrecognized three times in the guise of a handsome man comes to dancing; the wife suspects the truth; finds a tail (empty shell), throws it into the fire; the husband runs in, says that the wife was in a hurry, tells me to scatter the leftovers, they turn into gold, people, cattle; Tail becomes equal to the king]: 383-387; Bhutan [the old man and the old woman decided to slaughter the goat, but do not know how to do it; the old man began to pull the horns, the old woman by the tail; the tail came off; the old man eats meat in different species, and the old woman has only given bones once; the goat tail, which she put on the shelf, laughs at her; she wants to bake it, but he promises to be useful to her; came to the mill; there the girl poured it ground wheat into the bag; the tail grabbed the bag, it could not be picked up; she went to call for help lift the bag, the tail took it away and brought it to the old woman; then killed the bull in the royal pasture, brought it to the old woman, and put the tail into the quagmire, as if a bull had drowned; the king's men began to pull its tail, and the tail boy (he is immensely strong) pulled him deeper into the swamp; everyone thought the bull was gone; the king has a treasure; who can steal it to him he would give his daughter and half his kingdom; his tail waited until everyone fell asleep; fed the dogs with meat; took the dogs to the barn, the cows to the kennel; the horses to the sheepfold, the sheep to the stable; smeared the stairs with slimy juice; tied stones to the fringes of the guards' capes, put leather bags over their heads; carrying the treasure, shouted that it had been stolen; a terrible stir; his wife got a tail; she goes to a party where she sees a handsome man; on the third evening she remained on guard; her tail shed the appearance of his tail, became a beautiful young man; the wife threw her skin into the fire; the husband: hurried a little; ordered ash to be scattered everywhere; cattle and the farm appeared; but that is, ahead of schedule, all with a slight defect; garments have a torn seam or no collar; another rooster without a scallop, and some animals without a tail]: Choden 1994:109-114; toto [the old man wanted catch shrimp and crayfish, but only big toads were caught; he told the old woman to cook them, but the water was only warm; the old man threw the toads into the cauldron, and they jumped out and fled; was left alone; asked the old woman did not eat it, he would help her; the toad son grew up, asked the old woman to bake 7 cakes, went to marry the king's 7 daughters; the first 6 did not even notice him, and the seventh told his father that there was a frog outside the door; the king refused; the frog began to laugh; after that, the sun began to shine incessantly, the king's cattle died from lack of grass and water; the king agreed to give his daughter, the frog caused rain; the king again refused, but the frog sent a continuous downpour - I had to agree; for a year the frog took care of the harvest in the king's fields, then received a younger princess; at night she became a young man; the wife asks where her husband keeps his skin; "In the oven"; while her husband was away, the wife burned her skin; when she burned, the husband died; the frog's adoptive mother moistened the ash with water, sprayed her son's body and he came to life; the princess and her husband lived happily in the royal house]: Majumdar 1991, No. 11:236-239; apatani [two sisters, the good Biinyi and the unkind Biine, began to eat fruit; the serpent crawled out of his skin, said that the tree was his, took his sisters as wives; Biinyi had a son from him; to her tired of her husband turning into a snake at night, burned his skin; said it was her son who set her on fire; so women don't eat snake meat or marry snakes]: Blackburn 2008, No. 1:56-57; riang [u the widow's lazy son; asked the mother to catch and cook fish; she caught it, put it to swim in a jug until tomorrow; at night a girl came out from there, cleaned everything up; on the second night, the son and mother spied, on the third they caught the girl and threw a fish skin into the fire; when he found out about the beauty, the king decided to take her for himself; ordered the young man's goat to butt his goat - if he lost, the young man would give his wife, and if he won, the young man and his relatives will receive a life sentence; the young man does not have a goat, but his wife gave a goat that easily cared for a huge royal goat; the young man called relatives even those who were not; The king could not feed everyone; he ordered the house to be set on fire, the imaginary relatives ran away, and the young man continued to receive maintenance]: Mandal 2009:120-121; meitei [the frog offers the widow take her son; tells the adoptive mother to marry the princess; the first time the king sent her away, the second time he ordered her to be beaten, on the third he sets the condition: to build a palace with a roof of flowers and fruits by morning, from the palace - a wall of gold and silver, hundreds of servants in the palace; the frog groom does everything, gets a wife; she dreams that a prince is next to her; in the morning she sees frog skin, burns; the couple is happy, many children]: Oinam et al . s.a.

Burma-Indochina. Burmese: Aoun 1957 [older sister gives birth to a handsome man, younger sister gives birth to a turtle; he is given the name Golden Turtle (ZC); the turtle's brother becomes a merchant, ZK hides on his ship; on the island of women sailors marry them without knowing that they are cannibals; ZCH overheard plans to eat three sailors, found out where the casket in which the lives of cannibals are, the precious ruby, the wish-fulfilling drum; breaks the casket, cannibal pursuers drown; the turtle's brother marries the princess, gains the throne; with the help of a drum, the ZF is transported home to his mother; wants to marry; ZC builds gold and silver bridges, smashes enemies; The princess throws her shell into the fire, pours water on her husband, he remains human]: 74-77; Nikulin 1988 [six sisters are girls, the family is a frog, her parents keep her in a vat of water; to the prince to watch they bring brides, the frog sneaks in secretly, sheds its skin, becomes beautiful, then runs away again; so twice; the prince sees everything; takes the frog as his wife, the king drives him away; the prince lives separately; the frog is human to him only in his sleep; he also pretended to fall asleep, and when the girl came out, he burned frog skin; everything is fine]: 444-448; inta [the queen gives birth to an orange; 16 years later he rolls up to the river, a beautiful woman comes out of it, swims, hides back; a prince from a neighboring country sees this; asks him to marry an orange; his wife comes out of the orange when the prince falls asleep, eats food ; the old woman tells the prince to pretend to be asleep, throw orange peels into the fire, wash the unconscious princess with buffalo milk; everyone is happy]: Kasevich, Osipov 1976, No. 47:158-161; Arakan people [after living many lives in the land of celestials, punished: he must live as a snake on a fig tree for three months; the laundress and his wife have daughters Shwê Kyên and Dwê Pyâ; the mother washed under it, as a joke said: I'll give the DP if you throw off my figs; called them to their house; at the fork I regretted my words, asked the stump to remain silent, gave him a fig; the same with the anthill; the stump answered the snake that he did not see anything, but the snake saw a fig and understood everything, I had to say; the same anthill; the snake wrapped around the woman's hand, the mother told DP to go with the snake; once S. was summoned to a meeting of the gods; the wife found empty skin, decided that her the husband died; in order not to make a fuss, the skin was burned; S. appeared when he felt the fire; remained human; the Virgin herself gave S. a wand; warned that snake blood should not touch him , otherwise he would become a snake again; the SC became jealous of DP, pushed her into the river and took its place; she was caught and brought to the nest by an eagle, where she gave birth to a son; Prince S. heard voices, took his wife and child, giving the eagle to compensation for a lot of fish; put his wife in a chest and gave it to her imaginary wife who came out to meet her; opening it, the SC was disgraced; asked the father to get a snake as her husband; in bed, the boa constrictor became swallow HK; father refused to help; DP begged the prince to kill the boa constrictor, who cut it, but a drop of blood fell on him, he became a snake himself and crawled into the forest; DP followed him; {"to be continued," but it's not in the next issue}]: Houghton 1893b, No. 1:98-102; mona [younger, seventh, sister is a frog; the elders go to the prince's screenings with other girls; the frog secretly turns into beautiful, comes to the palace three times; the prince watches her, orders her to bring a vat with a frog, takes her as his wife; the king drives her away; he lives alone, enjoys the beauty's love at night; one day burns frog skin; returns with his wife to the palace]: Kasevich, Osipov 1976, No. 146:337-340; Lao [the childless Queen Chanthevi finally gave birth, but not a child, but a golden snail; the king drove her away; she stayed with old people; someone was cleaning the house; C. watched the handsome young man Sang Thooong come out of the snail; she broke the sink, the ST remained human; the vizier persuades the king to kill him; the sword he does not take him, he was drowned with a stone tied to his neck; the river lord entrusted him to the care of beautiful Phanthurak, not knowing that she was an evil witch; P. tells ST not to look into one room; ST looked in, there human bones, jugs of gold and silver water; he put his finger in a jug, his finger turned gold, he tied it with a cloth; and there were also clothes, shoes, and a spear in that room that gave strength and allowed him to fly; the next time the ST was completely drenched in water and flew away, and P. died after scratching the spells; whoever reads them will understand the language of birds and animals; ST returned, read, arrived in another principality, began to live under the appearance of an ugly beggar Chau Ngo; the prince summons men to extradite the youngest of seven daughters, Rochanu; she sees ST in his true form and puts on a wreath for him; the prince drives them away; tells all sons-in-law to go to hunting who returns without prey will be executed; ST summons animals, gives older sons-in-law a beast, for which everyone has cut their nostril; the same is to fish (everyone has cut off the edge of the ear); enemies attacked, ST smashes them, appears in his form, gains rule in the principality, and then the throne of the king father, who returns his expelled wife]: http://www.hobobo.ru/catalog/narodnye_skazki_byliny_skazaniya/laosskie-skazki; viets : Karpov, Tkachev 1958:14-27 [Kam is his own daughter, There is a stepdaughter; K. brings T.'s harvested shrimp to her mother as if she had collected it; only one shrimp remains in T.'s basket; Buddha tells T. to throw it in well, feed rice; K. spies, she and her mother eat shrimp; Buddha teaches how to bury the shell, beautiful clothes and a horse emerge from it, T. goes to the king's party, loses his shoe, shoe it turns out that only T. is on the leg, the king marries T.; the stepmother invites T. to climb a tree, cuts it, T. falls, drowns; the king has to marry her sister K.; T.'s soul turns golden a bird, flies to the king; K. asks his mother to kill her, bury her feathers; two trees grow in this place, K. cuts them; a spinning wheel is made of wood, the end is in the shape of a bird, he threatens K.; she burns a spinning wheel, a fruit tree grows; the fruit falls into the old woman's basket; someone in the old lady's basket, a fruit tree; the fruit falls into the basket, the old lady cooks in the house, the old woman spies, sees T., breaks the fruit on pieces; the king finds T., returns; K. asks how she managed to preserve her beauty; T. replies that she bathed in hot water; K. jumps into boiling water, dies; the king sends her meat to her mother, the crow screams that she is eating her daughter; stepmother dies], 147-150 [a young man saved an antelope from a wolf; she says that if he needs anything, he must go to the hohe tree; inside the tree there is a house, the old man gives him an antelope; in the absence of a young man, someone cooks; he spies, grabs a girl, throws an antelope skin into the fire; marries]; ahem: Lindell et al. 1977, No. 9 [wife 7 years pregnant, gives birth to a turtle son ; he promises to build a vegetable garden; he releases 50 workers on each side of his paw; a bitter pumpkin grows; he asks his mother to marry him with a pumpkin; the older sister refuses, the youngest I agree; her father kicks the pumpkin with contempt, but gold and silver are inside; the wife spies on her husband flying weeds, sees a hundred workers in the field; sees the shell removed, grabs it, throws it into the fire; Seeing her son returning from the field handsome on horseback accompanied by servants, the mother fell and died]: 56-60; 1978, No. 12 [the woman gave birth to a turtle son; he tells her to leave him in her bag where she is I would like to have my own field; at night there was a storm, in the morning the forest fell down on the site of the field; the same with the burning of vegetation; the son orders to sow only melons and pumpkins; they are ripe, collected them; the son tells me to marry his daughter ruler, take only melons and pumpkins as a gift; the ruler kicked out the woman, she dropped her burden, the melons broke, became gold, pumpkins became silver; the same for the second time, but the third time, the ruler sees melons turn into gold; tells the Turtle to build a water pipeline and a road made of gold and silver from the palace to the woman's house; the task is completed, the Turtle gets a wife; everyone goes to the market, the Turtle tells his wife to go too; he crawls out of the shell himself, rides there on horseback; the Turtle's wife admires the stranger; the same for the second time; the third time the woman returns, finds an empty shell, burns it; the ruler's son-in-law remains man, happily lived with his wife]: 103-107.

South Asia. Ancient India (Panchatantra) [the girl married a snake with the consent of others; at night he turned into a man, explained that he was a real husband; Serpent's father, a brahman, threw a snake's body into the fire in the morning showed his son to people]: Syrkin 1962:175-176; Marathi: Frere 1868, No. 12 [the jackal offers the barber to set up a vegetable garden; he gives him money, the jackal buys the plot, eats everything himself, invites him other animals, each time he tells the barber that the fruit is not yet ripe; he spies, ties a knife to a cucumber, the jackal cut himself; he lay on the rock for three days, the blood has dried to the stone; it has begun to rain, the jackal freed himself; found the bull's carcass, climbed inside, the carcass dried, there was no way out; people came to bury the carcass; the jackal says from the inside that he is a local god, tells me to bring chicken and other food, water the carcass; the carcass is soaked, the jackal got out; the poor brahmana has 7 daughters, he says that he should take one jackal; the jackal persuades him to give him the girl; leads to a crevice, there is a palace, the jackal takes off his skin, becomes a prince; gives her father-in-law a melon to plant; many melons grow, a neighbor buys them, jewelry inside; the youngest daughter opened the last one, the brahmana went to the neighbor, she said that nothing does not know; the brahmana took the jewelry that was in the last melon to the jeweler, who accused him of stealing, took everything away; the jackal gave him a magic dish; the Raja found out about it, took it away; the jackal gave it a rope and a stick; a rope tied the raja and his entourage, the stick began to beat, the Raja returned everything; the same with other offenders; the younger sister saw the eldest's husband in the guise of a man, the jackal's wife left him skin into the fire, he remained human]: 175-194; Kudinova, Kudinov 1995 [Indra sent Shiva a dancer, but Indra's son took her for himself; I. told his son to go to earth and be a donkey; Shiva: let the donkey sit in the afternoon, the man at night, and when a son is married and a son is born, the spell will be canceled; the donkey went to the potter's house, ordered him to marry him; the king demanded a copper fortress with a silver gate; the fortress is ready , the donkey received the princess, she was happy; her mother peeked and ordered the donkey to be burned; Indra's son returned to heaven, telling his wife to leave; the city was destroyed by fire and water, and later a city appeared on this place Cambey]: 146-148; Nepali [the king tells seven sons to shoot a bow; where the arrow falls, take a wife; the youngest's arrow hits the hollow of a tree, the monkey sitting there follows the young man; the king orders each of the daughters-in-law to arrange a feast; the monkey asks her husband to throw a letter into that hollow; when he returns, he sees a city with palaces, the monkey has become beautiful; the older brothers are jealous It is advised to throw his wife's monkey skin into the fire; he threw it, his wife's face caught fire, she disappeared; one hermit gives the prince an invisible hat, another speed sandals, a third stick that hits herself, the fourth is a balm to heal his wife's burns; he takes the form of a yoga, treats the patient, appears to his wife in her true form, she is happy; the prince asks his wife's father for her hand, he is angry, the prince tells everyone's stick beat; his wife's father agrees to everything, the prince tells how it happened; everything is fine]: Heunemann 1980, No. 10:95-101 (=Aganina 1971:162-172); northern India (Hindi) [they catch a golden horse in the river, place to the royal stall; the princess asks to look at it, then the horse refuses to eat; she and the horse are driven into the forest; the horse is the enchanted son of the king of snakes; at night it takes its true form, leaves to swim; her mother's messenger advises the princess to burn her horse body; another advises to ask permission to eat from his plate; he refuses, turns into a cobra, crawls into the water; the princess follows him; both return to earth, happy]: Rouse 1895, No. 153:209-210; Assames: Borooah 1955:13-17 [the king has two wives, the eldest gave birth to a boy, the youngest is a sour fruit ow; threw it in the trash; he rolls back; rolls to the river, a girl comes out of it, a prince sees her, asks her father to marry him; performs a wedding ceremony; in the prince's room, a girl leaves the fetus while the prince sleeps , eats abandoned food; the old woman advises to pretend to be asleep when the girl comes out, throw the fruit into the fire; she will lose consciousness, but recover if you put a compress of rice, bananas and cottage cheese; the prince did so, happy with his wife], 84-86 [the fisherman caught a singara fish; she said she was the king of all singara, promised to herd the fisherman's cow; the monster wants to eat the cow, the fish stabs it with a fin, he lets her and the cow go, spits out the ring that makes the house gold and silver; the fisherman gives his daughter for the syngara; when he bathes, taking off his fish appearance, she burns fish skin, her husband remains human]; Goswami 1960 [two wives, the eldest beloved, both have daughters; Champavati is the youngest's daughter; a voice answers her from the forest; her father promises to pass her off as someone in the forest; this is a boa constrictor; the morning after C. returns with lots of jewelry; the eldest wife tells her husband to pass her daughter off as a boa constrictor; at night he swallowed the bride; father and stepmother want to kill C., but the boa constrictor swallowed them too, took his wife and her mother to their palace; the mother died, the beggar persuaded C. to burn snakeskin; the husband feels the fire, but C. rubbed it with oil; then the beggar persuades her husband to open his mouth wide: she will see the whole world there; husband: Do you want me or do you want the world? C.: the world; she sees the world, but her husband leaves her for 6 years; that beggar is the servant of his demonic mother; his ring will protect C.; the demoness sends C. to another demoness with a letter asking him to kill C.; the son killed demonic mother]: 91-93; santals [the young man herds buffaloes every day; sees a dog swimming in the river; watches her, she takes off her dog skin, turns into a girl; he finds out whose dog it is asks to marry her; at night his wife takes off her dog skin, he throws her skin into the fire, now he has a beautiful wife; another man also decides to marry a dog, she remains a dog, he is ashamed hanged himself]: Bodding 1942, No. 4:65-69; ho [7 Raja daughters swim in a pond, hide dirt from their skin in a hole in the ground; a tree grows there; the older princess promises to marry whoever guesses what the tree grew out of; the poor sick shepherd watched the sisters, got a wife; at night he sheds her skin, becomes handsome, goes to dance at the Raja's court; the maid sees this, tells the mistress, she throws his skin into the fire; the husband remains handsome, but continues to go out only at night, because his body emits a dazzling light; the Raja went to see, lost consciousness, but his son-in-law revived him after that stopped shining like this; moved with his wife to the palace, became an heir]: Bompas 1909:474-475; muria: Elwin 1944, No. 2 [crab eats rice shoots, man catches crab, he asks for adoption; raja calls everyone to work in his daughter's field; Crab asks his mother to send him and, turns into a young man, works well; the princess brings him food; when the Raja calls the grooms, the princess hangs a garland on the crab; at night he turns into a young man, rides horses; Raja spies, burns a crab shell, essa hangs a garland on a crab; at night he turns into a young man, rides horses; Raja podsm gives his son-in-law throne], 4 [Mahapurub's daughter descends to earth; kills an old woman, puts on her skin; stays at Seth's house; he is horrified when his son announces that he will marry her; takes off before the wedding ceremony skin, made beautiful, dog takes skin away, Seth celebrates his son's wedding; husband beats his wife when she brings eggshell rice to the field; this rice is enough for everyone and the wife disappears], 5 [son Raja rejects beauties, marries a lousy beggar; the old woman says that she takes off her skin at night and turns into Bhagavan's daughter; the husband burns her skin; the end is like (5)], 6 [the man married his daughter for Rakshasa; the girl runs, kills an old woman, puts on her skin; works for the Raja; he sees her take off her skin, burns her skin himself, marries; Raja's army kills Rakshasa; the girl goes to visit her parents, comes on charred Rakshasa bones, dies], 8 [god Kanda Hurra gave Raja seven mangoes for his seven infertile wives; the elders gave the seventh mango to the hare; he ate it, spit on a rock; the younger wife swallowed a stone; everyone gave birth, the youngest gave birth to a hare; the Raja drove her out; the merchant and his wife picked it up; the child grew up, shed his hare's skin, the merchant's wife burned it; the young man sends the Raja a letter asking him to give him the throne; letters replaced, the Raja allegedly asks 1) to come on a horse with a peacock tail (KH shows where there are similar horses in the forest); 2) bring a silk turban from a tree across seven seas (the tree flower turns into Fire Maiden, she revives the young man, when a bird grabs him and throws him down, he brings a turban); 3) bring a rakshasi drum (this is the mother of the Fire Virgin, she gives the young man her necklace, the rakshasin recognizes him; The virgin says that her mother's soul is in the basket; he takes the basket and drum away); runs away with the Virgin, throws coal (everything is burning), bamboo (bamboo thickets), pebble (mountain), sand (river, rakshasi) stops chasing); the courtiers who replaced the letters are buried alive, the young man reigns]: 136-138, 139-141, 141-143, 143-145, 147-152; Oraons [the old woman finds a crab in the pumpkin, considers her son, takes his wife; she disgust the crab, she goes dancing; the Crab tells the tree to bend down, takes out its human image, puts crabs instead; at the dance, Crab's wife falls in love with an unfamiliar young man gives him his jewelry; at home, the Crab shows it to her in the form of a crab; next time she watches the Crab, asks the tree to bend down, burns the crab shell; the crab boy does not find his wife dancing, finds her at home; they live happily]: Elwin 1944, No. 1:134-135; baiga [Raja Gonda has 6 married sons and the youngest seventh is single; bothers older wives; they advise him to find a wife for himself; he went to live with monkeys, who dressed him in monkey skin; he went to steal food to the baiga, was caught, began to live with the elderly; the king summons men to harvest rice; the monkey boy gathered the most; daughter The Raji saw him go swimming and take off his skin, golden hair appeared; the old woman confessed that she wanted to marry; the king gathered the men, the daughter put a wreath on the monkey boy three times; the king resettled them to the forest a hut; the wife found a monkey skin and burned it; the king gave the young man the throne]: Elwin 1949, No. 5:496-498; (cf. gondas [six older brothers tell their wives to be sick so that their unmarried seventh brother cooks and brings food; he plows six plows at the same time; the brothers are afraid of him, they want to kill him, he runs away; changes skin with wood; Raja promises to give her daughter for someone who milk a cow that is not given to anyone; a young man covers himself with salt, lures cows; disguised as a dirty beggar, comes to Raja , milks a cow, gets a princess; an old woman sees his skin change with a tree; he is grabbed, the throne is given to him; his brothers become servants]: Elwin 1944, No. 7:145-147); Bengalis [the king is concerned The absence of an heir; fearing a rival, Rani says that she is pregnant; but she found out in a dream that the future son will die as soon as the king looks at him; the king moved Rani to a separate palace, and Rani listened to the crying of the baby, whom the maid had just given birth; later agreed with the teacher whom the king sent to teach her imaginary son; when the imaginary prince was scheduled to marry, Rani placed in palanquin wax figure; at a stop on the way to the bride's house, a snake crawled into the palanquin and revived the figure; when he saw the prince, the father hugged him; after the wedding, the princess asks her mother-in-law to tell her about her husband, but she advises you to ask him yourself; the prince asks his wife not to insist - the less she knows, the better; begins to turn into a snake; the princess insists, the prince became a cobra, disappeared into the water; the princess decided not to return, she came to the poor woman; the king believes that her son is missing because he looked at him; while snakes began to crawl into the poor woman's house in the evenings, lay down at the princess's feet; she fell ill; the serpent crawled into the room, threw off its snakeskin and became human; the king at that time came to spy, threw his skin into the fire; everyone is happy]: Devi 1915:20-28; oriya [poor brahmana grew eggplants, his pregnant wife ate the fruit; brahmana: whoever eats the fruit without asking, let him give birth to a frog; a frog daughter asks her mother to go to the party with her; takes off his frog skin by the pond, becomes a girl bathes; the brahmana's son sees this, makes his parents marry him a frog; when there is no one, the wife becomes human, cleans and cooks; the mother chases the frog away; she agrees to return after humiliating requests; one night husband burned frogskin; wife remains woman, all is well]: Mohanti 1975:62-65; Tamils [fisherman has 7 sons; parents invite them to do business; each chooses one thing, the youngest - does not know what he is intended for, goes fishing; he caught a big one, but she swallowed it; another person pulled out the fish, sold it to the Raja; when they were going to cut it, there is a voice from the inside: give me rice, I'm hungry; {it's not directly said, but it's clear that the image of a boy in the belly of a fish is gradually turning into an image of a young man with fish cover}; a young fish asks him to marry; in the same house parents give I do not feel sorry for the stepdaughter (she is the daughter of her husband and his first wife, who died); for a long time, the young fish only asks him to feed him or cook everything for swimming; finally, the wife enters the room when her husband has left fish skin; she throws it into the fire and her husband stays with her; she goes to visit her home; just in case, her husband changes rings with her, tells her to leave the outline of his hand on the wall, hide some jewelry; stepmother sends a young woman to fetch water with her own daughter, asks her to vilify her jewelry; pushes her stepdaughter into the well, dresses her stepdaughter in her stepdaughter's clothes; at home, the husband checks: the outline the palms are not the same, the ring is different, where what is hidden, the imaginary wife does not know; in the well a young woman gave birth; the snake holds her like a nanny in front of her 16 snakes, she gives them milk, the woman's son is with them; a bracelet dealer walks by, shouts for his goods; a woman asks a cow to help the merchant go down to the well and put bracelets on her son; getting back, the merchant came to the house of Raja (a former young man) fish) and told me everything; he ordered to bury his imaginary wife up to the neck and relieve everyone only on her head; otherwise he would hang it; the mother came buried; daughter: "Everyone defecates on me, but why are you?" Her mother dug it up, brought her to the river to wash, but did not wash it; laundress: you can wash it if you hit her head against a stone; her head split into small pieces; the Raja went down to the well; the wife tells her to wait for her snake father; He lets her, her child and her husband go; but she forgot to cool the milk for the 16 snakes and they died; the serpent crawled to the palace to bite the woman, but hears her singing a lullaby, mentioning him lovingly; realizes that the woman was innocent, hit the gate and died; the woman put the snake's body in a casket and placed it at the head to protect her and the child; after a month of snakes {did he come to life?} gave the woman a pearl necklace; her husband checked the signs: everything matched; the woman's father's youngest daughter {the narrator forgot that her head was shattered to pieces} wandered around the world and did not marry]: Blackburn 2005, No. 43; the Tamils [the Raja and the Minister agreed: if one has a son and the other has a daughter, they will marry; the Minister has a daughter and the Raja has a turtle son; he asks to marry him the Minister's daughter; he demands to get a flower growing in a holy city beyond the 7 seas; a turtle son asks to let him into the sea, stops in front of Surya (the sun)'s chariot; asks why he became a turtle; Surya: when- then you put the turtle in the hand of a meditated hermit; agrees to break the spell; about the flower, he advises you to contact a sage who opens his eyes once to guard (watch); he sends to the one who opens his eyes every two guards; he opens his eyes every three guards; the last; only 7 heavenly maidens Cannimar can give a flower; you must steal one's clothes and run to the temple without looking back; the temple should return the clothes for promising to get a flower; the prince did so; the maidens were amazed at the prince's beauty, brought a flower and let the pipe call them if necessary; the third sage persuaded him to give it to him a pipe instead of a stick that defeats all enemies; the prince killed the sage with this stick and took possession of both items; the same with the second sage, the prince took away his bag that could fit everything at will; the same with first (sandals that carry anywhere); the prince returned home with his turtle shell again; meanwhile, the other 4 daughters of the ministers got married; these sons-in-law go hunting, do not want to take the turtle; he took on his sunny appearance, created a pond with clean water, gave food to his sons-in-law in exchange for their rings; enemies attacked, the prince defeated them in a sunny form; demanded that his sons-in-law cut off their index fingers and give them to him; the wife saw her husband take off his turtle shell while swimming, burned the shell; at the wedding, Cannimar danced to the sound of his pipe; the prince gave their rings to his sons-in-law]: Blackburn 2005, No. 89; Sinhales: Volkhonsky, Solntseva 1985, No. 62 [Parker 1914b, No. 163:401-405; the couple bring pumpkin, covered it with pots, they shook, python in a pumpkin; marry his wife; six sisters refuse, the youngest seventh agrees; says that she has no place to lie down, the python consistently releases the seven beds on which she lay; the girl does everything wrong (she sprinkles rice not in the pot, but outside, etc.); By doing this, she provokes the python, who explains how to do it; everyone goes to the temple with their husbands; python removes the skin, comes in the guise of a man, his wife recognizes him, runs home, burns his skin; now older sisters they want him as husbands, the youngest drives them; the oldest asks the father to bring her another python from her husband; at night he eats her], 63 [the king marries the daughter of another king to his son as his wife; the princess turns out to be a mouse , the prince brings her in the box, she jumps out, hides; secretly goes out to cook; sends mice to harvest in the prince's field; the prince hides, throws the removed mouse skin into the fire, stays with beautiful wife]: 127-130, 130-132.

Malaysia-Indonesia. Simalur: Koehler 1964:57-62 [childless spouses want a son, even if he be an iguana; wife gives birth to an iguana; mother goes to marry her son's wife; uncle's three daughters drive her away, fourth youngest agrees; swimming in the river, the husband sheds the skin of the iguana, the wife takes her home to burn it, it turns into kitchen utensils; the sisters send her poisoned food out of envy, the husband does not allow her to be taken to mouth; sends his wife's sisters three lemons; after washing their hair with lemon juice, they see three men, get married, happy], 62-66 [herons ruin the rice field, Palombana catches one of them, keeps them caged at home; someone cooks in his absence; P. finds a girl, burns feathers in the morning, they turn into poultry; the couple go to live in the forest; the howler monkey wants to kidnap his wife; she offers to poison her husband bananas and rice; when monkeys gather to see the imaginary dead, the wife closes the door, the husband kills everyone; a pregnant female who did not enter the house escaped]; Mentawai [three sisters raised a boa constrictor near the house; the eldest said that if the fire she left in the evening could not be inflated in the morning, she would have to follow the fire to the boa constrictor; the same middle fire; when the younger fire leaves, the eldest floods it at night, sends it sister to boa constrictor; she becomes his wife; when his wife in the garden, a boa constrictor turns into a beautiful young man, comes to her; in the evening she tells her husband about the visits of an annoying handsome man; the neighbor advises follow the boa constrictor, his wife burns his skin, he remains human; the older sister demands him as her husband, because his father let her feed him first; Boa constrictor says she marries someone whose saliva is white; her older sisters are black, he stays with his youngest]: Loeb 1929, No. 5:92-98; Bali [the fisherman threw his fishing rod, each time he pulled out only a piece of coral; he liked the latter, he brought it into the house; when she comes up, he sees that the girl is in the house, when she enters, there is no one, the food is ready; next time she appears unexpectedly, grabs the girl, breaks the coral; the Raja wants to take possession of her, calls the fisherman to a duel, dies, fisherman becomes raja]: Leeuven Bomkamp 1983, No. 42:213-215; Timor: Correia 1973 [princess gives birth to a monkey son; he saves ants, a cat, a dog, a snake from the river; the Snake tells you to ask for her father's reward is only a snake tail; the youngest daughter of another leader agrees to marry the Monkey, or rather move to his mother's house; mother-in-law and daughter-in-law go to the party and see an unknown handsome; they return home earlier, find and burn monkey skin; the young man is glad to be freed from witchcraft; his wife's envious sisters steal the snake tail, the source of the young man's magical abilities; ants, rat, cat, find and return it; the dog takes it away, brings it; the young man wants to punish the cat, reward the dog; the cat tells us what's going on; since then cats have been kept in the house, and dogs only in the yard]: 147-153; Morris 1984 [Buik Ikun is the youngest of seven sisters; an old woman gives birth to a green snake, hides it in the hearth; BI comes and sees a snake; then spies on how the young man takes off his snakeskin; burns the skin, goes beyond young man]; Pascoal 1967 [after the flood, two brothers live alone; raise a pig; someone cooks in their absence; a brother named Mai-Léqui hides in a tree, sees a girl; when he comes down, he throws piglet skin into the fire, takes the girl as his wife; their descendants never ate pork]: 141; loda [the woman has an iguan son; she went to marry him the king's daughter, everyone refused except the youngest; in the afternoon, the husband in He sat on the ceiling in the form of an iguana, turned into a man at night; the sisters envied; everyone went for fruit, while the iguana husband was in the tree, the older sisters took the youngest; they offered him a silver tray for betel, but he took the betel from his wife's tray; hid the iguana's skin in a bamboo vessel at home; the sisters found it and burned it; the Iguan said it was cold, left; the wife went to look; stayed with a writing expert, with him six wives; their bowel movements stank and hers smelled fragrant oil; (further unclear)]: Baarda 1904:398-400.

Taiwan - Philippines. Nabaloi [the mistress invites her wife to sit on a swing, cuts off the rope, she breaks, turns into a crow; flies in the absence of her husband and his new wife to her daughter, takes off her wings, takes care of her; daughter throws her wings into the fire; at this time her husband and new wife enter; ash from the wings turns into fleas jumping on those who enter (fleas origin)]: Moss 1924, No. 41:275-277; kalinga [snake tells the girl Ikanayang to go with her, otherwise she will eat her; I. runs away, but her sister Kiwada, who remains at home, is friendly to the snake; sees the beautiful Dulliyala in the field, burns his snake skin; K. gives birth, I. replaces the child is a kitten, the newborn is taken to the forest; for example, with three children, they were raised by a woman Magsalipa; they steal sugar cane from the D. field; he catches them, M. tells us what's going on; K. gives everyone kitten]: Rybkin 1975, No. 10:38-40.

China - Korea. South and Northwest (Jilin?) China, also Miao [the son of the Dragon King in the form of the Frog marries the emperor's daughter; she throws his skin into the well; he says that otherwise he would soon become human forever, flies away; Zhejiang and Guangdong provinces, the skin is burned, the hero remains living in human form]: Riftin et al. 1977:417-420; Chuan miao [an egg rolled out of an abscess on the knee of a childless wife, from a smelly toad hatched him; the woman's husband leads her toad son into the forest, offers to climb the tree to see if his mother is bringing dinner, brings down the tree, hoping that the toad is dead; soon the son returns, dragging for a tree; the father thinks to crush his son by putting seven steps on him, he drags everything; the Toad asks the mother to marry him her brother's daughter; he is forced to give her back, because Toad's crying fills the rice checks with water, and laughing makes them dry; when they go to work in the fields, the Toad asks his wife to send the dog forward, then carry him lunch; the wife spies, sees a handsome man with a book and many workers; the toad grabs the skin throws him into the fire; the husband says he will die, tells him to steam him for 7 days, then he will become a frog; if not, bury him on the terrace from where everyone can be seen; the wife and mother cook for 4 days, the husband dies, is buried, turns into a tree on the moon; when babies cry, they are taken by the knee, they say that if you cry, a toad will come out]: Graham 1954:180-181; meo Vietnam [childless spouses decide to cherish pumpkin as son; Pumpkin tells them to marry him his uncle's daughter; he tells him to bring water, a log, gets a wife; in the field quietly turns into a man, works; his wife takes him for a stranger; neighbors tell him to cut peel, throw it into the fire; the husband says he is the son of forests and mountains]: Nikulin 1990:149-151; lahu [the widow got drunk from her elephant trail, became pregnant; she was expelled from the village; she gave birth to a son without a torso, one head; he has grown up, tells him to be left alone in the field; every time she comes back for him, a woman sees that all the fieldwork has been done; she is getting rich; the god of heaven Popayi and the god of the earth Poyana have begun to fight with each other; Poyana promises one of his 7 daughters to someone who will help him defeat Poyaya; Head promises; becoming an eagle, Poyayi takes Poyani's youngest daughter; storm, lightning - this Head fights Poyai, defeats him; Poyana asks her daughters, only the youngest Nala agrees to take the Head as her husband; he brings her to his mother; she is blind; when N. goes to the bazaar, he turns into a handsome young man, meets her tries to seduce, but she refuses; so twice; the third time he could not return to his head form, because a blind mother accidentally pushed her into the fire; the wife is happy; her sisters too, although to be her husband's wives, but he refuses; everything is fine]: Miller 1994:194-201; namuzi [the crow screams that the woman has someone in her knee, tells her to cut it with a sickle, a frog jumps out; promises to bring herself wife; he leaves three hemp seeds in the first house, they are eaten by a mouse, he demands that a mouse be given to him for this; this is how he gets larger animals; brings a horse, the family has seven daughters; each, Hearing dogs barking, she looks out, says that there is no one, but the youngest says that it was the frog who brought the horse; the mother sends her daughter with the Frog, but tells her to beat the Frog with a pestle along the way; he dodges ; a beautiful rider appears at the races; the Frog's wife suspects that it is him; hides, burns the skin he has shed; he dies, saying that he would be human forever; the wife sweeps the floor, throws garbage, bamboo grows there; it accidentally breaks it; then tobacco, it brings relief (the origin of tobacco)]: Lakhi 2009 (2): 49-100; Koreans: Choi 1979, No. 200 [woman gave birth to a son -snake; he wants to marry the daughter of a rich man; the eldest and middle reject him, the youngest agrees; at night he takes off his snakeskin, tells his wife not to show others, not to burn; sisters burn out of envy; husband disappears, the wife goes in search; plows for the man, washes for the woman, they show the way; in the Dragon Kingdom her husband has two wives; he will take the one who 1) will bring three eyebrows to a live tiger (two wives) cats bring, earthly wife receives real tigers from mother): 2) bring grapes in winter; safe return of spouses]: 57.

The Balkans. Romanians [a childless wife tells her husband to adopt whoever he meets first; he brings a pig; a pig tells him to marry him a royal daughter, creates a bridge and a palace overnight, gets a wife, at night he turns into a prince; his wife's mother advises to burn piggy skin; the husband says that he is Fat Frumos, let him look for him in the Frankincense Monastery, tighten the woman's belt with a hoop so that she cannot give birth without him; the wife consistently comes to Saints Sereda, Friday, Diminika, who give a gold spinning wheel, a reel, a tray and a hen with chickens; over a year, flying over monsters, a lame lark brings a woman to Frankincense- monastery; the key witch allows her to spend one, second, third night in the FF bedroom in exchange for the gold items she receives, each time gives FF a sedative potion; for the third time, on the advice of an FF servant, she does not drinks potions, he hugs his wife, the hoop falls apart, the witch is tied to an immense mare; the witch was a pig who wanted to marry FF to one of her 11 daughters (piglets who, when they left home, saw an old man who adopted a pig)]: Sadetsky 1973:342-358 (=Moldavian tales 1968:38-50); Romanians [a poor widow with 7 children steals a bull from boyars; the judge sentences him to cut off his head, but the youngest son proves that in this case the children will also starve; the boyar makes the boy his son's friend and his brothers servants; he became known as "Holy Justice" (SS); once he wakes up from a strange silence and thinks that everything entrusted to him has been stolen; meets God in the form of a sheep shepherd; he points to his adoptive father (i.e. boyar); the boyar gives a snake in a barrel, which can only carry a horse with 7 hearts; at rest, the SS goes to fetch water, and when he returns, she sees a beautiful house, and in the morning a beautiful woman next to him; throws a snake skin into the fire; wedding; but his own son is a boyar wants a beautiful woman for herself; advisers suggest giving the SS difficult assignments; by morning turn the forest into a field, bringing the corn cobs grown there (the wife does); so that during the night the heifer becomes a cow, gives birth the other, both gave birth again, slaughtered them and served goulash (the same); bring God's head of cheese and a pot of sheep's milk; the torturers kill the SS, but God revives them; God destroyed the boyar's house and grew up in this place grass]: Bîrlea 1966:418-419; Hungarians [the childless queen agrees to give birth to even a snake; and gives birth; the serpent has grown up, tells him to marry the queen; at night he is handsome, during the day he is a snake; the witch advises burn the skin; the husband disappears, leaving a nut rod; when he turns green and bears fruit, then go look for him; the wife will not relieve herself of the burden until her husband hugs her again; the wife comes to the old woman, she sends to the middle sister, the middle sister to the eldest; their sons Month, Sun, Wind; each gives a golden spindle, a forearm, a ball; the wind carries them to the castle; for three items, the wife buys three nights with her husband from the local queen; she sprinkles sleeping pills into the wine twice, and the third time the servant did not put it; the wife immediately gave birth to twins; the local queen was torn apart by horses]: Ortutai 1974, No. 2:72-92; Hungarians [king sent three sons to look for brides; they came to the old woman, she gave each an orange; it should be cut where there was water nearby; the eldest hurried, the girl who came out of the orange died of thirst; then with his middle brother; the youngest opened an orange at the spring; left the beauty to wait in the tree for him to bring clothes from the city; the gypsy woman came to get water, first thought that the spring reflected her, then raised her head; persuaded the girl to go down, pushed her into the water, took her place; the one that fell into the water became a goldfish; the gypsy woman explained to the prince that when she entered the human world, she had lost some of her beauty, but would find her again; after the wedding, she pretended to be sick, she needed to eat goldfish; fish scales fell into the yard, a tree grew; the prince's wife told him to cut him down and cook her food on wood; a flat chip the old woman picked up a jug of milk to close the house; in her absence, someone was cleaning the house; once she waited; the girl told her everything, and the old woman threw a sliver into the fire; told the prince everything; a gypsy woman was tied to a pillory]: Stier 1850:83-91; Gagauz people [a childless old woman sends her husband to find a child; he brings a pig; a pig tells him to marry a boyar's daughter; the boyar orders create a golden bridge, a garden with golden apples; everything appears; tells dos to stand on the water - the house is standing; the boyar gives his daughter; at the wedding, the pig sheds his pigskin, becomes handsome; at night, the wife throws her skin into the fire; her husband puts a hoop on her belt, only his hand will take him off, only then his wife will be born; she comes to Duma-báb (makes sure no one spins on Friday), she refers to her sister Pazar-báb (watching on Sunday); she collects birds; only a lame bird saw the woman's husband at Jada Bába (witch); P. gives a gold spinning wheel, arshin, reel - sell J. for the right to hold night with a guy; two nights J. puts him to sleep, his wife can't wake him up; on the third night, the maid told the guy not to drink potions; he takes off his wife's belt, she gives birth to a boy, all three return home]: Syrf 2013: 149-153; Greeks: Paton 1901, No. 22 (Lemnos) [three princes fire arrows; two of them hit the vizier and the nadir, where the brothers take wives; the youngest gets to an old woman whose daughter is a fox; Lisa turns into a beauty, warns not to burn her skin; builds a palace; the father of the princes sees him; at a feast, the rice of pilaf woken up by the Fox turns into pearls; the prince burned his skin, his father fell in love with him wife, sends an old woman to chase her spouses; they see a black cloud; the fox turns her husband into a cypress, himself into a bird; the sea and the seagull; the church and the Virgin Mary; they escaped the chase, but came to the father's castle, he killed son, married Lisa]: 207-208; Megas 1970, No. 28 [the king and the priest agree that their future children will marry; the queen gives birth to a beautiful girl, the priest's wife is a crab; the crab grows up, tells the mother marry the princess; the king makes it a condition to remove the mountain that obscures the sun; at night, dragons (drakoe) do their job; the Crab gets a wife; leaves the shell at night as a man; tells you to keep a secret; wife tells her mother, the Crab disappears; the wife has worn out three pairs of iron shoes; the blind and lame directed her; three pigeons flew in, dived into the pool, became young men; they usually drink to their health the beauty said, the windows and doors were crying; and then they laughed; the husband saw his wife, she threw his wings into the fire, the husband and wife returned home]: 65-70; Schmidt 1877, No. 9 [the fisherman caught a golden crab; he talks, fills the plate with gold every day; tells him to marry him the king's youngest daughter; the king: 1) let him build a wall above the towers of my palace overnight and all the flowers in the world on it; 2) nearby three springs with gold, diamonds and diamonds; everything is done, the crab tells the mother to go to the mountain, ask the Moor for a golden pillow; on it she brings it to the palace for the wedding; at night it turns into prince; a year later, the princess gave birth to a son named Benjamin; the king wants to arrange a tournament to give his daughter to the winner; the crab tells his wife to ask the Moor for luxurious tournament attire and a silver apple; he will leave him to her and she must tell her sisters that she does not know who it is; if it says that it is her crab husband, he will leave her; the next day, the golden apple; this time she confessed to her mother, who burned her shell with crab, her husband disappeared; an old man chased a dog that took his bread; down the stairs, there was a palace, a table for 12 people; the old man hid; 12 eagles flew in, swam in the spring, became young men; one of them drank to his beloved's health and to reproach his mother-in-law, who burned his shell with crab; when the eagles flew away, the old man went to the princess and told her everything; the princess hugged her husband; he told her wait three months for the spell to end; she sent an old man to tell his parents about it; three months later everything is fine]: 83-88; Albanians [after 9 years of infertile marriage, the couple has a snake son; the father learns from the healer that his cry means wanting to marry the queen; he tells him to pave the road with gold, let trees along the edges; the serpent gives land, an apple, must be woken up, thrown on the road, that's it appears; at night after the wedding, he takes off his snakeskin, turns into a young man; the mother throws her skin into the fire; the son screams that it has burned his soul, that there will be two grandchildren, one will bring them happiness, the other misfortune for neighbors (text ends)]: Samoilov 1958:221-225; Croats [a childless woman asks God for a son, even a hedgehog; having given birth to a hedgehog, she sent him to the forest with a pig and a hog; he bred there pigs and lived for 9 years; one hunter saw pigs and heard the owner's voice, but he was not visible; he was frightened, told the forest owner; he came to the hedgehog; asked him to take him out of the forest - he got lost; gave a hundred gold; he brought pigs to his parents and called himself a son; gave him a hundred guilders and told him to marry; one girl was not afraid and agreed; at night the hedgehog became a young man; his mother-in-law advised him to burn hedgehog skin; When he found out that the skin had burned down, the hedgehog said that he should have waited a little longer; {the end seemed to be cut off}]: Leskien 1915:151-153; Serbs [the queen asks God for a son - even a snake; 22 years later, snakes asked him to marry any girl; his parents offered him to choose himself; he pointed to a poor girl; his wife was soon pregnant; his mother-in-law persuaded him to confess: at night, snakes become handsome; mother-in-law advised me to take the skin at night and give it to it through the window; burned the skin; husband: you will see me when you foot your iron shoes and an iron staff; and you can give birth when I forgive you; my wife has been pregnant for three years; went in search; came to the mother of the Sun Girl; she hid her; the Sun feels the human spirit; the Sun sent for the Month; the mother of the Sun gave a gold spinning wheel; the same; the Month sent to the Wind; Mother of the Month gave a golden hen with chickens; Wind: your husband is king in another kingdom, married; Mother of the Wind gave a gold loom; Wind: lay out your gifts there in front of the palace; gives them to the queen one by one three nights with her husband; she gives her husband a sleepy potion; on the third night, the servant told the king, who quietly poured out the potion; the wife gave birth to a boy with golden hands and hair; all three of them returned to their country] : Karadzic 1854, No. 10:81-89 (=Eschker 1992, No. 4:34-40); Serbs [a childless woman asks God for a child - even a daw; gave birth to a daw, holds her daughter; she asked permission to go to the river along with her laundry bags; the prince saw her take off her feather outfit, put on dresses made of silk, silver, gold; told her parents to marry him to a daw; at night she threw off her feather outfit; mother The prince peeked, threw her feathers into the fire; everyone is happy; jackdaw's mother asks why she did not confess to her; daughter: you asked for a daw, and if you burned the feathers, I would die]: Eschker 1992, No. 37:176- 178; Bulgarians [(many records); the father tells his sons to marry where the apples, feathers, arrows they have abandoned, thrown, fall; the youngest's arrow falls into a swamp (spring, lake) to a turtle or frog; he brings her into the house; someone cleans and cooks at home; he finds a beautiful woman, throws her shell, her skin into the fire; the beauty stays]: Daskalova-Perkovska et al. 1994, No. 402:139-140; Slovenians [childless The Countess is ready to give birth to even a pig; he is successively married to three daughters of a poor man; every time at the wedding he falls out in the mud and rubs against the bride's dress; two older sisters reject him, the youngest protects; at night he sheds pigskin, becomes handsome; upon learning of this, the Countess Mother burned the pig's skin; the husband disappears, telling his wife to look for him beyond seven mountains and valleys; she consistently comes to three To the winds, everyone gives a nut, the third gives her her boots, says that tomorrow the count has a wedding; the earthly wife is hired as a pigsty, consistently breaks nuts, pulls out gold rings and earrings from them, a luxurious dress, buys them from his first wife for three nights with her husband; the first two he does not wake up, does not drink a sleepy drink on the third evening (his friend advised this), returns his first wife]: Arkhipova 1962: 111-116.

Central Europe. Poles [a childless woman has a hedgehog son; he marries a princess and the youngest queen agrees to marry him, or the hedgehog sends an army and the king has to give her daughter, or he does difficult tasks; hedgehog skin is thrown into the fire and the hedgehog turns handsome]: Krzyżanowski 1962, No. 441:139; Poles [the prince gives three sons bows and orders them to fire arrows; where the arrow falls, there and the bride; the elder's arrow hits the daughter of a rich knight, the middle one hits the landowner's daughter, the youngest hits the frog in a silted pond; this is an enchanted princess; daughters-in-law must bake bread; the frog tells you not to worry; 7 girls appeared, baked the best bread; now daughters-in-law must give an embroidered belt; 7 girls decorated the belt with gold, silver, pearls and diamonds; the elders daughters-in-law have arrived for the party; the youngest Grand Prince says: if it rains, it is his wife who swims, if there is lightning, then she dresses up, if thunder, she has arrived; a beautiful woman enters the hall; the prince runs into the house and throws frogskin into the fire; the wife is in flames: a little more and the spell would be over, and now she is bewitched again for a long time; she has melted like a fog and was never seen again]; Woycicki 1920:58-62; Russians (Arkhangelsk, Karelia, Orel, Tambov, Voronezh, Kursk), Ukrainians (Transcarpathia, Eastern Slovakia, Galicia, Volyn, Podolia, Kiev, Poltava), Belarusians : SUS, No. 402 [frog princess: three princes go to look for wives in the direction of abandoned objects or arrows fired; the youngest finds a frog in the swamp, she becomes his wife, the best of all carries out the king's errands (she sews, weaves, bakes, dances) and turns into a princess; the husband burns her skin; the princess disappears. - The sequel is most often type 400: the husband is looking for a disappeared or kidnapped wife] 402* [bride who despised an unloved admirer: during a matchmaking, she goes underground and turns into a mouse, settles in the house of a rich man whose son penetrates her secret, burns the abandoned skin and marries her], 402A [Beautiful Pig: The enchanted beauty looks like a pig; the prince marries her, then burns her skin; his friend also marries a pig, but a real one]: 128, 129; Russians (Arkhangelskaya) [the queen dies, the tsar marries Yagishna; Y. gives birth to a two-eyed and three-eyed; stepdaughter Maria Tsarevna sends cows to herd; she bows to the cow in the right leg, full, dressed; I send watch the Two-Eye, M. puts her to sleep; Three-Eye M. comes forgets to put the third eye to sleep; I. tells her to slaughter the cow; M. asked for a gut, a bush grew out of it, berries, birds on it; Ivan Tsarevich promises to marry the one who picks his berries; they are given only to M.; she gives birth to a son, goes with her husband to visit her father; I turn her into a goose, gives her daughter to her; the old servant calls the flying geese, M. goes down, removes goosebumps, feeds the baby, promises to fly far the day after tomorrow; I. watches, burns the skin, grabs M.; it turns into a jump (?) , a lizard, a different reptile, a spindle; I. breaks it, throws his heel back, a sock in front of him, M. appears; I. says he will take the wife who jumps up on the gate; Yagushna jumps up, I. shot her]: 152-154 ; Drannikova 2001 (Arkhangelskaya) [the old man consistently leads three daughters to give for the first person he meets; the eldest passes off as an old man, the middle for a rich man, the youngest for a dog; the dog has its own house, a house ; parents invite daughters and husbands to visit; the dog sheds its skin, turns out to be a handsome man; the wife burns the skin, the husband dies]: Afanasiev 1958 (1), No. 101:36; Russians (Arkhangelskaya, Pinega, c. Shotova Gora): Karnaukhova 1934, No. 100 [Grandfather and woman go to the forest for mushrooms, find a crooked duck, take it home, make a nest. The next day, while they pick mushrooms, the duck turns into a girl, cleans the house and cooks dinner. Neighbors say they saw a crooked girl. The next day, grandparents and woman hide in the closet, when they see that the duck has become a girl, they burn her feathers. She cries, asks for a golden shuttle and a spinning wheel, spins a tow on the porch, asks flocks of swans flying by for feathers, they do not give. A lonely swan throws her feathers, she becomes a duck and flies away]: 201; Russians (Arkhangelskaya, p. Sura, 1927) [Father gives his sons bows and arrows, orders them to shoot in different directions, and look for brides. The elders find merchant daughters, the youngest find a frog. The father instructs the brides to embroider "a pair of underwear", the brides of the older brothers embroider, the frog cuts the fabric and throws them out the window. Her embroidery is the best. The father orders the brides to bake bread; the frog gets the softest one. The father invites his sons and brides to a feast, the frog comes after her husband. The frog in the box is a beautiful girl. Her husband burns frogskin, she leaves it and lives in the swamp for a long time. Then he returns, her husband inherits his father's throne]: Nikiforov 1961, No. 55:134-135; Russians (Arkhangelskaya, Pinega, d. Lebskaya, Y.E. Golchikov, soldier, village shoemaker, 1927) [The soldier decides to flee from service, "they will kill me anyway," writes in his bag "bag, serve yourself", on the gun "tell the captain, I will not serve". He walks into a rich house and eats himself. At night, Black Muff comes, knocks with one leg, asks the soldier to remain silent for three nights, no matter what they do to him, says that she is an enchanted princess, and the "mounds" around the house are an enchanted provincial city. At night, a soldier's friend comes, followed by a feldfebel, persuades Ivan to return to his seat, he is silent. Gutter comes in the morning, and she has become beautiful to her chest. She tells Ivan that if he stays 2 more nights, she will be completely healed. In the afternoon, the soldier drank vodka again, ate, had fun, officers appear at night, demanding that Ivan return, they are going to whip him with a rod, but they disappear at dawn. Guns only have legs bewitched. On the third night, a general, a colonel and an army of soldiers arrive and promise to forgive him if he returns to service. They cut off the soldier's head, arms and legs, but he doesn't feel pain. In the morning, the Tsar Devitsa (Golovnya) comes, tells Ivan to stand up and he is safe, seeing the provincial town outside the window. The girl says that he saved her and the whole city, calls him his master, gives him a personalized ring. He becomes king. But she is not completely disgraced yet, at night the Tsar Maiden becomes Golubnya, wears a black dress, Ivan burns it and she flies away with a turtledove ("Now you won't see me until it's loose through the sands if you pass, you won't get great power"). Ivan refuses to take another wife, goes to look for the Tsar Maiden, puts on iron boots and a hat, and takes a staff. The road is difficult, Ivan finds himself between a rocky bank and a river of loose sand, gives wine to the Mogoway bird and catches. She asks me to carry him across the river, she sobers and carries him. Ivan comes to town, visits an old widow, who says that the Tsar Maiden is her goddaughter, that many are marrying her. Ivan sees the Copper Hero dead on the street, buries him (others do not bury him, because this requires a thousand rubles, Ivan did not regret it). For this, the hero brings him to his tent at night, gives him a drink of strong water - he gives Ivan his strength, his armor and horse. The same is repeated with the Silver (2 thousand rubles) and the Gold (3 thousand rubles) hero. The golden hero, after giving Ivan strong water, asks if the land carries him, he replies, "swaying", gives him weak water and the earth carries Ivan again. The Golden Hero promises that once each of the heroes will rise from the grave and help Ivan. He goes back to the old woman, who puts him in the closet, says that his goddaughter will come to her, if she refuses Ivan, he must go out of the closet and hit her, he does, the girl does not want to go for a savior-soldier when a general marries her. She turns into a snake, a lioness, a tigress, a bear, but Ivan does not stop hitting her. She becomes beautiful, says that Ivan has repulsed all her cunning, and she will become a faithful wife. They're getting married. Ivan sits on a copper horse, jumps into the field, but gets into someone else's army and defeats it. Celebrates victory, feast. An even bigger army approaches, Ivan defeats him on a silver horse. Celebrates victory. This is the third time Ivan is riding a golden horse, but the army is too large, he calls three heroes for help. Celebrates victory for a week, the old tsar gives the state to Ivan]: Karnaukhova 1934, No. 138:266-273; Russians (Arkhangelsk, Pomors) [when dying, the wife orders to marry the one her shoe fits; the backyard grandmother advises you to ask your father for a silver; gold dress; a feather dress and that all the feathers from different birds; the father takes it out; the grandmother turned the girl into a chicken, she hid her dresses under her wings; the father opened the cage, the chicken ran away; Ivan Tsarevich wants to shoot her in the forest, but she caresses him; he took her to his bedroom; she swallowed his soap; when he went to the feast, she came there in silver dress; then in gold, I. put his ring on her finger; in a feather dress; I. rushed home, burned the "kurushkin covers"; wedding]: Razumova, Senkina 1927:194-197; Russians (Karelian Pomorie, Sumy Posad; a brief summary of the text from the archive of the Karelian branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences) [an old man and an old woman catch cancer, he becomes their son; marries the royal daughter; performs the tsar's difficult tasks; turns into a handsome young man; the princess burns the skin of cancer, he disappears; the princess finds her husband]: Razumova, Senkina 1974, No. 463:398; Russians (Vologda) [after the death of his wife, the old man took a yaga baba; he has a daughter, yaga has three daughters: one-eyed, two-eyed, three-eyed; stepdaughter herds a cow, put her one-eyed to sleep, got into the cow's ear, ate, got drunk and dressed; the lordly son came, she talked to him; then back in the cow's ear, went out, woke up the one-eye; the same with the two-eye; when the three-eyed went, the stepdaughter forgot to put her third eye to sleep; the stepmother stabbed the cow, the stepdaughter asked for a horn; they grew out of the horn apple trees; sir: whoever brings me apples, I will marry her; apple trees are not given to the daughters of yagi baba, the master married his stepdaughter; while her husband is away, the yaga baba wrapped his wife in a trot; the nanny told her husband that the lynx will come running, shed his skin, feed the baby he brought; the husband went by himself, grabbed and burned the skin; the wife became a spindle, he broke it, became a woman]: Smirnov 1917, No. 41:213-215; Russians (Pskov) [There is no one to pump the baby girl; the woman asks the dog, promises to marry her daughter; the daughter grew up, had to give it back; at night the dog becomes a handsome young man; the girl burned her skin; husband: not me anymore you'll see; old lady to girl: you'll see when you tear down three pairs of iron shoes; another witch tells you to eat these sieves of iron wallpapers first; old man: get living water from the royal well, jump off the place where she burned the skin; she jumped off, her husband appeared; but the girl died of fear and greed]: Ploshchuk 2004, No. 13:29-30; Russians (Tverskaya) [grandfather and woman went to pick mushrooms, picked up a crooked duck; when they left in the morning, the duck turned into a girl, cleaned the hut, made pies; neighbors say that the crooked girl carried water; the grandfather and woman hid in the closet, threw feathers into the fire; the girl saw and cried asked for a spinning wheel, began to spin on the porch; a flock of geese is flying, she asks to throw off a feather; geese: swans will give; swans: others will give; a lonely goose is flying, threw off its feathers; she became a duck and flew away] : archive of the Center for Tver Regional History and Ethnography, sent by V.E. Dobrovolskaya; Russians (Tverskaya) [the master tells three sons to fire arrows; the elder's arrow fell into the courtyard of the neighboring master, the middle one is the clerk, the youngest is for the frog; after the wedding, the master tells the daughters-in-law to knead the dough; the frog's pie is ready - best of all; the same is to cook a shirt; let the wives come for lunch; the frog became beautiful; husband threw his skin into the fire; wife: now look for me from Kashchei; the husband went to look, came across an old man whose nose grew into a stump; released him; he gave a ball, the husband followed him to his wife; when Kashchei fell asleep, my husband played the pipe, he fell asleep in eternal sleep; the young returned home]: archive of the Center for Tver Local History and Ethnography sent by V.E. Dobrovolskaya; Russians (Moscow) [the Tsar's sons Vasily, Fedor, Ivan; orders to shoot; where the arrow falls, there is his wife; I.'s arrow in the frog's paws; the tsar tells you to bake a cake; the frog shed its skin, went out onto the porch: babysitters, bake like that the priest was at the festival; the king orders the elder daughter-in-law to give the cake to the poor brethren, the middle one to the hungry in prison, the youngest to eat himself; the carpet (the same); the frog goes to the feast as a beauty; I. burned his skin, The princess turned into a cuckoo, flew out the window; I. goes to look; in the forest a hut on a chicken leg is spinning; turn your back to the forest, in front of me; Baba Yaga: Koshchei's wife, his death in an egg, an egg in a duck, in a hare, in a bear, in a casket, an oak casket on an island in the sea in the thirtieth kingdom; gave a ball, we must follow it; I. did not kill a bear, a she-wolf, a falcon, a pike; everyone promises to come in handy; when I. got a chest, a bear killed that bear, a wolf caught up with a hare, a falcon caught up with a duck, a pike took an egg out of the sea; I. took a needle out of the egg and broke it; Koschey died, I. returned his wife]: Vedernikova, Samodelova 1998, No. 37:89-91; Russians (Ryazan) [the tsar tells three sons to shoot: where the arrow is, there is the bride; the eldest took the princess, the middle took the general's daughter, the youngest found an arrow in the frog's mouth; the tsar tells his daughters-in-law to do it shirts; frog: nursing nurses, do it; sons bring shirts to the king; the eldest to wear in a black hut, the middle one to go to the bathhouse, the youngest to wear on Christ's day; the same: bake bread; the frog does the appearance that he dumps the dough into the oven, and he turns to the nannies, the mothers; the eldest sons have bread kuli-muli, the youngest for Christ's day; bring daughters-in-law to the ball; the frog has become beautiful; hides in Sleeves food and drinks; waved her hands - forests and waters, birds fly; other daughters-in-law poured over people; I. found and burned the casing; wife: look far away in the thirtieth kingdom; I. came to the old woman; hut to the forest backwards, in front of me; the old woman does not know about Elena the Beautiful (EP), sends her to her older sister; she sends to the oldest, teaches me what to do; she viet gold, locked the spindle in the box; I. unlocked, broke the spindle, threw the tip back, the spine in front of him, the beautiful EP appeared in front of him; they flew home on a flying carpet; the other groom chased, but he can't go to Russia]: Afanasiev 1958 (2), No. 237:329- 331; Russians (Ryazanskaya) [father tells three sons to fire arrows; where they fall, take brides; younger Ivanushka's arrow in the frog's paws; when he brought it, the frog became a girl; at a feast puts bones in her sleeve, money flies out; then she becomes a frog again; the father tells his daughters-in-law to sew shirts; I. brings the best; embroider carpets; I. has a month and stars on the carpet; he threw a frog skin into the fire, Koschey took his wife away; (then Koshchei's life in an egg, the informant does not remember)]: Samodelova 2013, No. 83:91-93; Russians (Voronezh) [The first part of the fairy tale repeats story No. 41 (frog princess, motif K113, c increasing the brothers' mockery of Ivan because of his frog wife. The king asks his daughters-in-law to make him a duck, a tablecloth and a cake, and Mary Tsarevna gathers mothers and nannies who, during the night, prepare these items as used by the princess's father. The king asks his sons to bring their wives to the ball. Then everything is the same as in No. 41. Without waiting for his wife to return from the ball, Ivan Tsarevich burns her skin, Marya says that the time for this has not yet come, she is kidnapped by Kashchshchey the Immortal. Ivan goes looking, meets an old man who gives a ball that shows the way to Koshchei. On the way, he sees devils fighting over a samobic baton, an invisible hat and a magic tablecloth, offers to resolve the dispute, ties a 40-meter rope and promises magic items to the first will make it to the end. While the devils are competing, Ivan picks up items and goes after the ball, goes to the oak tree, sees a chest under it, kills a hare in it, pulls a duck out of it, an egg from it. He comes to Kashshchei's palace, puts on an invisible hat, sends a samobic baton to beat the animals guarding the entrance. Ivan meets Mary and Kashchei in the palace, breaks (presses) an egg, and the enemy dies]: Baryshnikova 2007, No. 41a: 175-180; Russians (no place of recording) [merchant sends three daughters to sleep in a new home, to dream of a groom; the eldest sees a merchant, an average nobleman, a younger goat; a goat carries her on his horns; he has snot flowing, drooling, but she wipes it off with a handkerchief; around his house there are tyn, on each stamen the girl's head, one is empty; the geese tell the girl that they came from her native side, her older sister marries a merchant; at the wedding, the Goat turned into a guslar, sings "Kozlova's wife, a jerk's wife," she beats he's up on the cheek, leaves; the same at his middle sister's wedding; the third time the girl's father's house is just a holiday; the girl manages to return before the Goat, burns his skin, he remains great, her husband]: Afanasiev 1985 (2), No. 277:285-286; Russians [(after Afanasiev 1863); Dmitry Tsarevich brings his sister to Ivan Tsarevich; the nanny turns her into a duck, dresses her daughter in her dress; D. was imprisoned for deception into prison; the duck flies to him, leaves its wings at the entrance to the dungeon, I. burns them, catches the girl; she turns to various reptiles, he does not let go; turns into a spindle, he breaks it, throws it half forward (girl), second back (birch)]: Potanin 1891:153-154; Belarusians [(according to Romanov); after the death of his wife, the father wants to marry his daughter; the mother from the grave advises to ask the father to fix dress like stars and a month; the same is a wagon and horses; father performs; mother advises him to marry a widow with three daughters; a cow performs stepmother's tasks; she sends daughter to spy; stepdaughter looks for her in her head, puts her to sleep; the stepmother inserts her daughter's third eye; when she learns the secret, she tells her to slaughter the cow; the stepdaughter finds grain in her intestines, an apple tree with golden and silver apple trees grows, they are not given to anyone; The stepmother and three daughters go to church, leaving her stepdaughter to clean the poppy from the ash; she wears a dress with stars, rides in a wagon trained by her father, sees her by the king's son; spills resin, one shoe is stuck; The prince finds his stepdaughter, gets married; the stepmother comes to visit, turns her into a fox in the bathhouse (trot?) , replaces her daughter; the midwife carries the baby, calls the fox, she throws off the fox skin, feeds it; the prince spies, burns the skin; the stepmother and her daughter are tied to the horse's tail; to this Khudyakov's record (Velikor. sk., II: 71-75) is close to the option; in it, yarn is not placed in the cow's ear, and the cow eats it and releases the finished fabric; it is not the grains that are buried, but the tripe and legs are buried, and a garden with golden ones grows apples; in the bath, the stepmother turns the stepdaughter into a lynx; the nanny calls the lynx to feed the baby, the woman takes off her skin, feeds; the husband burns the skin, grabs the wife; she turns into a snake, a toad, a spindle; he breaks the spindle, throws it in front of her, the wife regains its former appearance]: Potanin 1891:155-157; Belarusians (Polesie): Smirnov 1984, No. 51 [the girl picks flowers; she asks her to come from the pit at midnight to to see her in human form; he explains that his sorcerer uncle wanted to marry him to his ugly daughter, he refused, his uncle turned him into a snake for 15 years; three years left; the girl's brothers they followed, their father ordered the skin to be burned; the serpent and the girl threw themselves into the water, died; oak and birch were planted on their grave]: 208-209; Ukrainians (Yekaterinoslavskaya) [grandfather and woman have fish, they want children; two children were born, there are fewer fish; they died - not at all; the grandfather caught cancer; he tells him not to kill, teaches him to get gold from the bottom; tells him to marry the princess; the king puts the condition is a golden palace, a bridge so that the fruits of the next day ripen; cancer does everything, gets the princess, does a great job at night; the princess burned her shell; the husband says that she will return when she wears out the iron shoes; she wore out, her husband returned]: Pankeev 1992:82-93; Ukrainians (Transcarpathia) [the mother in her hearts wished her son to turn into a snake; the tsar went blind, water from the spring would heal him; only the youngest the daughter decides to take water, although the voice of a snake from the spring promises to make her his wife for this; the king leaves her daughter in a separate room, crawls at night, sheds her skin, becomes handsome; domestic the skin was stolen, burned; the husband disappears, saying that the wife will not be born until he puts two fingers on her; only the Third Wind directs her to the Black Sea; gives a valek, it must be given to his new wife Snake to wash a blood shirt in exchange for permission to sleep with her husband at night; the second wife puts her husband to sleep; the same on the second night (for a golden hen with chickens); the servant tells everything to her husband, he does not drink potions; the third gift - gold yarn and spindle; the wife gives birth to two boys, one has golden curls; he grows up, is led by a frog, turns into a beauty; she is carried away by a 12-headed Serpent; the wind is killed by a snake , but the girl must be a frog for three days; the father shot his son because he does not see his bride; the bride revives him with living and dead water]: Verkhovyna's tales 1970:265-271; oriental (?) Ukrainians (western in Kiev) [healers tell the childless queen to catch and cook pike, eat her head; a year later, the queen gave birth to a snake; he immediately spoke; ordered the tsar to leave him in the stone house and through a month to marry; in a month it has become long; no girl agrees to go for a snake; the woman has 12 daughters, the youngest is single; when he found out that the youngest wanted to marry, the king summoned her and she agreed, but told her to give her 12 dresses, shirts, shoes; she is led to a snake; he demands to throw off her dress, she demands to throw off her skin; when the girl is left in her last shirt, she has shed her last skin and became human; she threw snakeskins into the fire; the serpent tells her parents not to tell her parents that he has become human; she said her husband is gone; she went to look for him; the mother of the Wind hides her from her son, who senses the spirit, but tells her to give it to the girl silver apple; came to the mother of the Month; the same (The Month tells me to give a golden apple); the mother of the Sun (the same, gives a diamond apple; her husband already has a different wife; we must take the form of an old woman, put a silver an apple on a handkerchief and play with it; the girl sells it to his new wife overnight with her husband, but she put him to sleep; the same on the second day (the golden apple); on the third night the husband only pretended to be asleep; the new wife was smashed horses to pieces]: Rudchenko 1859, No. 43:81-85; Ukrainians (Poltava, Gadyach, c. 1978) ["Here, in the de facto kingdom.." The king sends his beautiful sons to look for brides: shoot arrows. The elder brother fires an arrow into the princess's garden, the middle brother shoots an arrow into the princess's court, and the princes take the brides. The younger brother gets into a rural swamp, a toad raises an arrow and does not give it back until the prince agrees to marry her, he tells his father, cries, he says this is his share, the prince takes the toad in wives. The king asks his daughters-in-law to weave a towel, the toad sheds his skin, goes out into the yard, screams, whistles, the female servants appear, prepare a towel with eagles sewn on - it turns out to be the best, his king keeps it for himself, gives the rest to the kitchen. The king orders buckwheat to be baked. Daughters-in-law spy on the toad's actions, they can't repeat it, the king praises her. The king invites his sons and wives to the "benket", the toad sends her husband forward, says that the rain means that she is washing her face, the thunderstorm dresses up, the thunder is approaching. The brothers laugh at Ivan. She arrives in a carriage, everyone admires her, puts pieces of food at lunch, leftovers in her sleeve, and her daughters-in-law repeats. He dances - a garden appears from his sleeves, a pole on which a cat walks, a lake overflows, swans swim. Daughters-in-law fall with bones from their sleeves to the king's forehead, and the queen's eyes. Ivan comes home, burns the skin of a toad, returns to the party. She finds out that Ivan has burned his skin, cries, turns into a cuckoo, tells her to look for it in the kingdom of far away with Baba Yaga's bone leg. Ivan goes after her, meets his grandfather "yak milk civy", who gives a ball pointing the way to Baba Yaga. On the way in the forest, I. meets a bear, wants to kill, he promises to be useful, sees a pike by the sea, wants to eat, it promises to be useful, he throws it into the water. She comes to the hut on the "chicken bottom", Baba Yaga says that Ivan's wife works for her brother on the island and comes to look in her head, advises him to grab it and run without looking back when he sees it. He comes to the sea, a pike appears, hits the water with its tail, and a glass bridge with golden railings appears from coast to island. On an island in the forest, Ivan gets lost, starves, a falcon kills a hare, Ivan eats it, then the bear spreads trees and helps him find his way. He goes out to the valley, to the glass palace, and can't find anyone. She finds his wife behind the golden doors, she becomes a cuckoo, takes him under her wing, and they come back. She says that her father cursed her and gave her to work for three years, now she is free]: Rudchenko 1870, No. 28:99-106; Ukrainians (Chernihiv region) [grandfather and woman see a limp duck in the nest, bring home; someone cooks and cleans, neighbors saw the girl; grandfather and woman waited, threw feathers into the fire; the girl says she will now leave them, tells her to give her a spinning wheel and a spindle; refuses to fly with with the first pack of ducks - you left me; on the second; but everyone throws a feather; with the third pack he flies away, covered with feathers and became a duck]: Petnikov 1956:17-19; Poles: Dombrovsky 1992 [younger sister wants to collect water in the spring; a gold-scale serpent says he is an enchanted prince; if a girl loves him within a year, his human appearance will return; after a while he can remain human during the day; the girl takes him to her; but the parents want to give their eldest daughter first; they send him to the witch, who gives tasks: who will fill the tub with water earlier, the mug with dew; the younger sister brings little by little, but the vessels immediately fill up; who will quickly wrap the ball of pre-dawn haze; the youngest winds her up; the eldest kills her, buries her; the prince promises to marry the eldest; the shepherd comes with a pipe cut off at the scene of the murder; the pipe talks about the crime to the player; the older sister throws a snake skin into the fire; the prince turns into a snake again, the older sister falls through the ground]: 241-251; Krzyżanowski 1947, № 325 [(many records); due to a rash wish or spell, a snake son is born in the family; at night he takes on a human form; the girl promises to marry him or her father promises to give her (as payment for a flower picked for her); the girl removes the spell from her snake husband (snake, donkey, dwarf, hedgehog, toad, etc.) - burns the skin, cuts off her head etc.; due to the fact that the skin was burned ahead of time (because of the machinations of his wife's sisters, etc.), the husband disappears; when going in search, the wife must wear out her iron shoes; receives magic objects from the old woman; from winds and stars finds out where to go, climbs a glass mountain; for three valuable items he buys three nights next to her husband, returns him]: 70-71; Czechs [a son was born shaggy like a bear, king heard about his mind, will give him his daughter Mina if he turns Labu, otherwise he executes him; in the morning the river flows across the castle; the same is to build a castle; a bridge from his castle to the royal one; a young bear gets M., becomes human at night; wife and mother burned their skin, husband is gone, wife goes looking; sun: ask my brother of the month; month: ask the wind; wind: he has the sorceress overseas; carries across the sea, teaches you to throw one bouquet to a bird, the other to an old woman, otherwise they will kill; the sorceress allows you to talk, but the king falls asleep; on the advice of one of the queens, the king changed the wine bowls, the sorceress drank and fell asleep, the king killed her with a sword; the castle turned black red, everyone parted, M. and the king began to rule]: Talova 1956:110-113 (=Bogolyubova, Talova 2000:219-224).

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Urums ("Greeks g. Mariupol"; judging by fragments of the original texts and other lexical materials in the notes, these are urums, not rumei) [the padishah has three sons; he said it was time for them to marry and ordered them to throw them up on a stone; the eldest son's stone fell into the courtyard of one of the padishah's close associates, and he married the daughter of this close associate; the situation is similar with the middle brother; the youngest's stone fell on a rock; there a monkey; the youngest had to marry her; after the wedding, the wives of the eldest and middle sons gave the padishah an embroidered shirt; the youngest told the monkey about it; she told him to go to that rock on which they met, and say three times: "Let's say bobi-navel!" ; when the youngest did this, an old man appeared and gave a shirt; the youngest took it to his father; he was amazed at the wonderful work and forgot about the shirts given by the other daughters-in-law; after a while, the older and middle wives the sons were given a pair of Arabian horses to their father; the youngest's wife told him to do as he had done for the first time; an old man appeared and brought four Arabian horses; the youngest son gave them to his father; he was pleased ; when the padishah decided to have a feast, the monkey told her husband to go back to the rock and ask the old man for a carriage and 40 female servant souls; he did this and returned in a carriage and with 40 girls; in the palace they became to skin off the monkey wife and she turned into a beautiful woman; the husband went crazy with joy and burned her skin; when she found out, the wife turned into a dove and flew away; the female servants also flew away with her; the husband went to the rock where he used to call the old man, but no one appeared at his call; he was left without a wife]: Markov 1892, No. 3:21-23; Kalmyks [the old man brought wormwood for fuel, there was a snake in the wormwood; grew up quickly, ordered the khan's daughter to be married; the old man came to the khan on a yellow-striped bull; they put a brand on the bull, the old man was torn apart; the Serpent revived him, sent him again; the khan ordered to build a golden bridge from door to door doors, a bush with fruits on the sides, both houses have poplar on the stars; by morning everything is ready, the khan gave his daughter; the husband, leaving the snakeskin to his wife, became a swan, flew to frolic with Hormust-Tengri's daughters; wife hid the skin in her hair; her sister-in-law burned it, forced it to give it away, burned it; the husband in the guise of a swan flew in, said that now he must fly to the place where heaven and earth merged; the wife went there, taking two iron staffs, two (pairs?) iron sandals; the bird taught me to enter the iron palace, hug her husband; they had a son, they came to see the khan, the husband tortured her sister-in-law to death]: Basangova 2002:114-117; Abkhazians [three the brothers are shot at a tree; after the eldest is shot, a girl comes out of the tree; the same is an average girl; when the youngest shoots, a frog comes out; the parents drove the youngest to live in the forest; he has just begun to build a house, distracted, returned - the house is ready; every evening food is cooked; he waited for the girl, threw frogskin into the fire; the older brothers are jealous that the younger one is beautiful; one told the prince that the younger one could 1) bring a wild boar; the wife gives three nuts, tells you to go to the swamp, give one nut to the wild boar immediately, lure the rest to the prince's court; 2) bring the deer (the wife gave the cob, you must give it to the deer, sit between him horns, the deer will come by himself); 3) make a golden bridge across the sea; the wife tells me to go to that tree, call her mother; she gave three rings, we must throw it, the bridge will appear; the prince gave power to the young man (=Bgazhba 2002:232- 236)]: Shakryl 1975, No. 33:169-174; Abkhazians (zap. K. Shakryl in 1934, p. Lykhny) [the prince's son saw an arapka in the forest, she was placed in a stable; he saw how the arapka took off her black skin by the river, turned out to be beautiful, strung rings on a branch, bathed, put on the skin again; he took away one ring; married an arapka, the prince left them to live in the stable, the arapka took off his skin for the night, light emanated from it; the prince saw and ordered to move his son and daughter-in-law to the palace, but the son refused; threw skin into the fire; the former arapka replied that she was the daughter of Kudapsha {Shakryl: from the Kudapkh-Psha family, "daughter of red beans"; Bgazhba: daughter of God Ayerg); people began to laugh; she agreed that her husband took another wife, gave gold for her palace; the maids of the new wife see K. bathing in boiling milk; the new wife says she can do it too, tells me to put the cauldron, cooked; the husband married again; this time the maids see how K. sits on a gold nail hammered into the wall and spins it with a golden spindle; the new wife wants the same, jumped on a nail, he pierced her, she died; the husband leaves to find out what kind of K. really is; the old woman tells him to pretend that he went hunting and died, let them bring him bloody; then a golden chariot will descend from heaven on a gold chain for his wife; we must jump up and cut the chain with a sword ; wife: let the one to whom the small stars were maids and the big stars were servants, to whom the sun was the father and the moon his mother, take pity on me; the chariot descended, the prince's son cut off the chain; feast]: Khashba, Kukba 1935: 125-131 (=Shakryl 1975, No. 44:233-239, =Bgazhba 2002:133-137); Ossetians: Byazirov 1960, No. 65 [his younger brother's arrow hit the swamp and he married a frog; at night it shed her skin and turned beautiful; the young man burned his skin; Aldar, wanting to take his wife away, gives difficult tasks to her husband: build a palace, take away a wonderful carpet from the giants, etc.; in the end, the young man achieves happiness]: 329; Dzagurov 1973, No. 123 [the wife of the Eastern Aldar gave birth to a bear cub; Western Aldar: all is well what God gives; the bear cub asks the Western Aldar to persuade his father, the Eastern Aldar, to marry him; 7 brothers have a beautiful sister, she agrees to marry a bear cub; she is happily married; one woman stole the skin and threw it into the fire, although the healer warned that after that the husband of the sister of 7 brothers would die; he went to heaven, turning golden as a bird; a shepherd noticed the bird; the wife came to the tree on which she was sitting; the bird said that she was at the mercy of Falvar's pet patrons; hay should be harvested and exchanged in the hungry year F. has him for one of the workers; choose the one who is in beggar attire will be him, the husband; the wife saved her husband, he remained human]: 527-533; Shanaev 1876:1-? in Dumezil 1976 [Khamyts comes to sea lord Donbettyr, gets his daughter; but on earth she will only take off her turtle shirt for the night; Syrdon sneaks into the couple's bedroom, throws her shell into the fire; the wife cannot live without him on the ground, she is pregnant, puts the baby in a tumor on H.'s back, spitting or blowing between his shoulder blades; disappears; nine months later Satana opens an abscess, from there a red-hot little man, Batraz, pops up]: 134-135; Terek Cossacks (v. Umakhan-Yurtovskaya) [the son of a poor widow buys the dog and cat that their owners wanted to kill; the widow scolds her son; he buys the snake that the men wanted to kill; goes with his mother to work in the garden for all day; in the evening they see that the stove is heated at home and food is cooked; this is the case every day; the widow comes home in the middle of the day; sees a snake shirt lying on the table; burns it in a burning stove ; a girl enters the hut; tells the widow that if she waited three more days, she would marry her son; then turns into a snake and tells her to be taken to her father and mother; the widow's son goes with her to the forest; from the father of the snake comes out of the glass house; asks the daughter whether to reward her savior with gold or a ring; at the daughter's insistence, he gives the widow's son a ring from which three young men appear who fulfill wishes; son the widow returns home; tells the fellows to build mansions and the mother to go to marry the royal daughter; the king gives the task: to build a crystal bridge between his palace and the mansions by morning; thanks to the ring, the widow's son performs it; marries a princess; decides to test her and turns the mansions back into a hut; the princess takes off the ring from her sleeping husband and returns to her father; the widow's son asks the cat and dog to help return the ring; the cat and the dog come to the palace; the mouse king caught by the cat asks him to let go; the cat tells him to order the mice to steal the ring from the princess; the princess sleeps and holds the ring in her mouth ; the mouse tickles her nose; the princess sneezes; the mouse grabs the fallen ring and brings it to the cat; on the way back, the cat and the dog must cross the river; they agree that the cat will hold the ring in its teeth and sit on the dog's back, and when it gets tired of swimming, they will switch places; the dog gets tired and wants to take the ring; the ring falls into the water; the dog catches the cancer king; on his orders, crayfish find the ring; the dog and the cat run home; the cat gives the ring to the widow's son, who is already being led to the gallows; he escapes thanks to three fellows and returns home]: Kikot 1892, No. 1:179-184; Ingush [witch doctor advises childless a woman to eat a pig's lung and liver; she gave birth to a son who is a man at night, a pig in the afternoon; asks the father to marry him the stepdaughter; she advises her father to give the groom difficult errands, knows that at night he young man; padchah demands a golden carriage full of pearls, they appeared in the morning, the groom got a bride; she threw pigskin into the fire; the husband disappeared, telling him to be found; the wife finds him in the cave, they return to his parents]: Malsagov 1983:335-337; Avars: Saibov, Dalgat 1965 [the arrow of the khan's eldest son falls on the roof of the vizier's house, the middle son is a nuker, the youngest into the swamp; he marries a frog, a khan tells him to live with her in a forest hut; the frog turns into a beauty, he burns her skin, she regrets it; the brothers are jealous, persuade his father 1) to send the youngest to the mill from which oil flows, honey and flour; mother-in-law frog gives a horse, the hero rides it to the mill, kills the dragon, brings millstones; 2) ask the late mother where the treasures are hidden; the horse brings the hero to a hole in the ground; mother says where the treasures are, wants her son's father and brothers to become dogs; the hero pulls treasures, dogs run to the mountains]: 247-253; Khalidova 2012, No. 198 [an evil spirit turned Khan's only son into a bull; the khan married him, at night the bull turned into a young man; he asked his wife not to talk about it; she told his mother, his mother threw a bull's skin into the fire; the goby boy flew away like a dove, told his wife to look for him on heaven; the girl has been looking at the sky since then, and pigeons live on roofs and attics, fearing to fly into the house]: 219-220; Dargins [the serpent requires the ploughman to give her daughter; only the youngest agrees; in her the snake palace sheds her skin, turns into a handsome man; older sisters sweep, find skin, burn; the husband disappears; the wife goes down the hole into the lower world, where the boy came for water, she throws in jug ring; Agaikhan's husband recognizes her; his bloodthirsty mother Vahig gives difficult errands; 1) clean the house using triangular needles (the wind cleans); 2) cover the house with feathers (birds perform); 3) bring from behind the mountains, a zurna with a drum for the wedding A.; A. teaches to praise, sip blood and bitterness from rivers, shift meat to dogs, hay to horses, open the closed gate, close the open gate; the girl brings zurna and drum, the guard orders her to stop in vain; V. passes A. off as a freak - the daughter of another V.; A. kills her, with a girl in the guise of pigeons they fly to the ground, V. chases an eagle; pigeons to oats, eagle to chicken with chickens, grains are pecking; I did not notice two grains, returned to the lower world, and A. and his wife became human, they live well]: Ganiyeva 2011b, No. 42:378-383; Lucky [stepmother tyrannites stepdaughter; father they sew their daughter into the skin of a white gazelle, that girl turns into a gazelle; the old woman gives seven nuts, each with a new dress; the father sells gazelle to the son of a pachah; taking off the gazelle skin and wearing dress, the girl appears at feasts; the pachaha's son falls in love, gives her a ring; goes to look for her; the gazelle makes a churek, gives it to the servants, the pachah's son finds a ring in the churek, understands everything; at night the gazelle in his the room turns into a girl; the old woman learns the secret, brings the skin of a gazelle to the pachaha, he burns it, the girl flies away with a falcon; after wearing out his steel boots, the son of the pachaha finds a cave, secretly eats the cooked the girl is eating, grabs her before she flies away again, explains that it is not her fault; they return home]: Ganieva 2012b, No. 45:408-418; Lezgins [the snake asks the poor man to give him one of the three daughters; the eldest, the middle refuse, the youngest Tavat Khanum agrees; the serpent asks him to step on his tail, turns into a young man named Sad-Eskander; the old woman persuades TX to ask her husband how to burn him skin; the third time he replies, TX burns it on the onion peel, SE disappears; after three years he comes to the spring, sister SE gives her water, she throws her ring into the jug, SE recognizes it; explains that the locals are Azhdaha, the old woman wants to marry him off as her daughter; on their wedding day, SE and TH run in the wind horse; throw razors (mountain of razors), salt (salt mountains), barley (barley to the sky) behind; TX po mistakenly pours water from the jug forward, the sea overflows in front of them; the horse moves to the other side, the old woman drowns; SE leaves TX in the cemetery, hires a merchant for two hours; he cuts the horse, plants SE inside, a parrot bird brings the horse's carcass to a rock where gold and yakhonts; SE scares the bird, does not throw gold to the merchant, comes to the old man; he tells the huge birds to take SE to his wife; SE finds TH, king amazed at his wisdom, gives him the throne]: Khalilov, Osmanov 1989:158-164; Georgians (Imereti) [three brothers decided to marry where everyone's arrow falls; the older and middle married the rich brides; the youngest's arrow fell into the swamp, he married a frog and moved away from his brothers; returning, finds the house tidy, lunch cooked; the young man followed, found the woman, burned frog skin; the king wanted to take his wife away, ordered him to sow bread for the whole barn in a day; the wife sent her husband to the magician test, who gave workers; the king orders to collect the seeds sown in the ground; the father-in-law sent birds; the crow with She brought the last grain with a broken leg at the last moment; the king orders him to bring his grandmother's gold box from the underworld; the young man sees an obese bull grazing on the bare ground and skinny on the way, grazing on juicy grass; husband and wife are not cramped on a narrow bed, and others do not fit on a wide bed; one woman bakes dirt, but makes bread, and the other bakes bread, but it turns out dirt; another hanged by the hair; the king's grandmother tells the young man to give him the box not by himself, but through servants; on the way back, those he meets give explanations; hanged by the hair envied someone else's beauty; whose it turns out that the dirt did not repay debts, and whose bread was good; those lying on the wide bed were quarreling, on a narrow bed they lived in harmony; the skinny bull was greedy, the obese bull was hardworking; when the king opened the box, a fire blazed out of it and burned it]: Khagan 1898a, No. 19:58-61; Armenians [a dervish gives a childless old woman three apples, tells her to eat them for three days; she eats them at once, gives birth to a bull; he asks to marry the royal daughter; performs tasks: create a gold tray with gold, an unsewn dress, bring the bride home so that her head does not see the sun, her legs do not touch the ground; at night she becomes handsome; the wife burns a bull skin; husband turns into a dove, flies away; wife follows, turns into a dove, finds her husband at the bottom of the sea, happy with him there]: Ganalanyan 1965:66-71; Azerbaijanis: Bagriy 1930 (1) (Nukhinsky district) [the king gathers the girls, tells three sons to throw an apple at the chosen one; the eldest throws the vizier at the daughter, the middle throws the nobles, the youngest falls into the frog, and so on three times; the king tells the daughters-in-law to weave rug; the frog goes to the swamp, croaks with his goods, the prince has the best rug the next morning; the same is a large carpet; the king calls to a feast, the frog turns into a beauty; the prince secretly and in spite of his wife's warning burned frog skin; the wife was gone, the prince went in search]: 30-33; Bagriy, Zeynally 1935 [the daughters of the vizier and vekil teach the king's three daughters to send melons to their father: ripe, ripe, weeking unripe; the vizier explains that it is time to marry her daughters; the king tells everyone to fire an arrow; the eldest's arrow hits the roof of the vizier's house, the middle arrow falls at the vekil, the youngest falls by the bush; the girl finds there a snake, she turns into a young man named Shamsi-Kamar, he tells her not to reveal secrets; otherwise she will find it again only when she wears out her iron shoes and her iron staff bends; the king invited her daughters; the elders put rice in their sleeves when they were dancing, it fell down; precious stones fell from the youngest's sleeves; the mother persuaded her daughter to reveal the secret, threw a snake skin into the fire; the husband disappeared with the house; the wife I looked for him until she wore out her iron shoes and bent her staff; the SHK slaves came for water, his wife threw a ring into the jug; the HK recognized her, but told her not to open; his father thinks the princess is one of maids, tells them to bring firewood from the forest; the HK teaches them to say in the forest that the HK is dead; then the firewood gathered themselves; at night, the HK poured boiling water on the bride, which his father had prepared for him, rode off with the princess; wedding; the bride's relatives did not catch them]: 216-221; Turks: Stebleva 1986, No. 17 [an elderly childless peasant gives an apple, tells him to eat in half with his wife; he eats one, falls out of his ass donkey head; he buries it, drowns it, she returns; asks to marry the padishah's daughter; builds a palace overnight; left with his wife, turns into a young man; the maid spies, he disappears; the sultan asks his father to build a bathhouse, let everyone come there to wash for free, but with a story about disasters; Keloglan, clinging to the tail of a wood-loaded donkey, follows two woodcutters with fused backs; hides in an underground room; Donkey Head enters, swims in the pool, turns into a young man; a dove arrives, swims, turns into a girl, tries in vain to cheer up the young man; in the morning both take former appearance; K. tells the sultan about this, brings him to that room; the husband tells her that he was captured by the daughter of the padishah of birds; the young man burns his skin; sits with his wife in a cage with sharp protrusions; daughter The padishah of birds and all her bird army die on thorns; the sultan returns her husband], 27 [the younger sister's horse secretly turns into a young man from others; she does not marry, meets an imaginary horse at night; burns his skin; he flies away with a dove, says she will find him when she wears out her iron shoes and staff; at the spring, the maid says she is collecting water for Chamber-Tiar; his wife, disguised as a beggar, throws at jug her ring; THU recognizes him, comes for it; devas want to eat it, Thu's mother gives tasks; 1) sweep - don't sweep the room (collect garbage in the middle); 2) go to a neighbor behind bars (meat lying in the middle) in front of the horse, give the dog grass from the dog to the horse, venerate the neighbor's chest thrown behind his back); 3) fill the cauldron with tears (add salt to the water); 4) fill the bag with down (the birds gave); during the wedding Thu tied the daughter of the devas to a pole instead of the padishah's daughter, runs with his wife; she throws a comb (spikes), soap (slippery), a jug (water); Thu became a gardener, his wife a garden; a tree and a snake wrapped around him (deva they broke the net - they tore off their little finger); into flowers at the feet of the padishah; he gave them to the devas, they are grains, the chickens are pecking, two grains remain, turn into a boy and a girl, they are having a wedding]: 48-54, 105-109; Walker, Uysal 1966, No. 11 [the pigeon takes the padishah's daughter first a needle, then a thimble; she falls ill; the padishah is advised to build a bathhouse, visitors must tell a story as payment; the patient does not listen; comes an old woman tells how she grabbed the tail of one of the loaded camels going to the bottom of the sea; pigeons flew in, each dipped into the water, became human; their padishah was the last to fly, admired the needle and thimble brought, invited everyone to cry; everyone cries, camels laughing; the padishah's daughter goes with the old woman; the padishah of pigeons finds her, marries; she must give birth, he sends her to earth, says he is Shimsi Bani ("giving life"), the son of an earthly padishah, kidnapped by fairies; his wife comes to his parents, gives birth; at night he flies to her, dipping into the water, becomes human; teaches him to burn his feathers; when they burn, he strives into the fire, but his father does not let him in; when the feathers are burned, the magic of the fairies has collapsed, he inherited the possessions of his wife's father and father]: 104-111; Kurds [the shepherd had a snake son; demanded that the father marry the padishah's daughter; fulfills his conditions (bring a camel caravan, build a palace, spread the carpet); drops the snake at night skin, turns into handsome; mother-in-law spies, throws skin into the fire, son-in-law flies away like a bird, his wife will find him if she hears about forty dervishes; a young man tells how he was in a parting the rock where another young man poured water to forty dervishes; the wife finds her husband, reunites with him, the spell dissipates]: Jalil 1989, No. 16:203-207.

Iran - Central Asia. Persians: Osmanov 1958 [the dervish gives pomegranate to be eaten by the Shah's childless wife and the apple by the vizier's wife; the vizier gives pomegranate to his wife, she gives birth to daughter Bibi-Mehrnegar (B.), the Shah's wife - son in in the form of a black snake named Mirza Ustu-Humar (M.); the shah tells the vizier to give his daughter for his son; at night, the serpent sheds its skin and becomes a young man; at the request of his father-in-law B. burns the skin when he learns that it will burn in fire from garlic husks and onions; M. says she won't find it before she wears out seven iron dresses, a pair of shoes, staffs, chews seven boxes of chewing gum; on the way she meets seven divas, throws a box to each; throws a ring into the jug that the maid carries for M.; she pours water into M.'s palm, he recognizes the ring; to prevent his aunt from eating B., M. disguises her as a maid; opens it, taking a promise from the divas not to kill B.; the aunt demands 1) sweep the yard with a broom covered with pearls so that no one falls (M. fulfills); 2) water the yard with a sieve (the same); 3) take the box" play-dance" to her aunt's brother, bring "grab and plant" from him; on the way she opens the box, cannot put the dancers back; burns a hair, M. comes, puts it back, tells you to do everything against orders aunts; accordingly, B. throws straw to the horse, bones to the dog, calls the hole of mud and blood honey, opens the closed door, closes the open door, greets everyone, leaves one box, grabs another, runs, doors, etc. refuse to detain her; M. marries her aunt's daughter, cuts off her head at night, B. says goodbye to all objects, forgets about the stone (a measure of weight); B. and M. run, the stone wakes up her aunt, she pursues; fugitives throw 1) reed (reed thickets), 2) needle (needle forest), 3) salt (salt marsh), 4) sea foam (sea); aunt asks how they crossed; M. replies that she steps on the rocks; she steps on foam flakes, sinks]: 15-24; 1987:43-48 [the serpent asks the lumberjack to marry him; agrees the youngest of three, Mehrnegar; the groom is the enchanted Snake King, who takes the form of a young man at night; sisters ask the youngest to ask how to burn his skin, steal, burn him; the husband tells M. to put on his iron shoes, take an iron staff, flies away in the form of two pigeons; M. comes, throws him into a jug with her ring with water, the husband recognizes her; tells her to pretend to be a maid; the mother-in-law is going to marry her sister's daughter, tells M. to bring water with a sieve (the husband makes sure that the water does not spill out); sends bring scissors in a letter for his sister; the husband tells me to call everything differently on the way (dirty water is clean, etc.); M. grabs scissors, runs, objects do not detain her, because she praised them; the husband kills the bride- a snake, runs with M.; they throw needles (forest), salt (salt mountain), a wineskin with water (sea); the pursuers died in it, the couple returned to M.'s house], 301-306 [a childless woodcutter wants to kill a snake, it promises to become his son Sabzkaba ("green caftan"); orders to marry the ruler's daughter Shakarhava ("sweet wish"); he requires 70 bags of jewelry, etc., S. sends, receives a wife, takes off a snake at night the skin; warns not to burn it; otherwise, in order to return it, you will have to wear out seven iron dresses, shoes, staffs; Sh. Sh. came, threw her skin into the fire; S. goes in search; meets women girls, everyone says that their father S. went to S. and disappeared, they would kill her; one girl carries water to S., S. throws a ring into the jug; S. meets Sh., tells him to venerate his diva mother's chest; mother-in-law tells you to pour tears on the floor (S. performs); wash the black bag white (dip it in water when white water flows); bring a sieve from her diva sister, she must tear Sh.; S.: there are bones in front of the horse, straw in front of the dog, must be shifted; put cotton wool in every bell on the door; S. grabbed a sieve and ran away; at the wedding of the divas, S. and S. put hot candles in their arms, but they did not throw candles; at night S. killed the bride and groom, runs with Sh.; brother S. pursues, S. became a broom, S. became a rope; uncle (garden and gardener); father (mill and miller); mother (cypress and dragon); S. killed mother, everything is fine]; Lorimer, Lorimer 1919, No. 6 (Kerman) [the wives of the vizier and king are pregnant; the king offers to marry children if they are of different sexes; the vizier has a daughter, Mer Niga (Eye of Grace), the king has a son, a black serpent Miz Mast, or Humar (Sleepy Head); on the wedding night, H. takes off his skin, appears as a young man; puts his skin back on in the morning; the king tells his daughter-in-law to prevent her husband from turning into a snake; the prince tells his wife that his skin is can be burned in a fire made of egg shells, a broom handle, and hair from a dog's tail; in which case it will disappear and they won't see each other; MN burns the skin; prince says his wife will find him after trampling seven a pair of iron shoes and wearing out seven paper cloaks; after wearing out the last pair, MN meets a slave; she says that H. is going to marry; MN throws the ring into the jug, tells the slave to make it fell into H.'s hands along with water; after recognizing the ring, H. finds MN; she faces death if found out; MN pretends to be a slave; H. gives her his curl, tells her to burn her hair every time she needs it help; mother of the bride H. (this is his aunt) tells the imaginary maid 1) sweep with a broom to which the pearls are attached without losing a single pearl; they immediately crumble, MN calls H., he does everything; 2) bring water in a colander and sprinkle the floor (X. performs); 3) fills the box with stinging insects, says that it is full of pearls, tells you to take it where it should be; throw bones on the horse on the way, straw the dog, do not open the closed ones doors, do not close the open ones, do not go to the hole with dirt and blood; MN looked into the box, insects crawled over it; H. collected them; ordered them to do the opposite of what his aunt told him to do; MN opens and closes the doors, greets everyone, gives bones to the dog, horse straw, says that she would like to taste honey from a sweet pit; the aunt orders the door, the dog, the hole to catch the girl; they refuse; on the wedding day, the aunt tells his wife to put candles on the fingers of the slave (i.e. MN) to illuminate the path for the bride; the prince tells his wife to say goodbye to all things; after the wedding ceremony, she cuts off her head; takes away many; she forgot to say goodbye to the pound weight; the kettlebell talks about the bride's murder and escape; Aunt H. and her husband (they are divas) follow the fugitives; turning to God in Solomon's name, H. throws reeds, it turned into reeds; the needle is a grove of needles; salt is a salt marsh; sea foam is the sea with a clot of foam floating in it; aunt: how did you get there? H.: stepped on a rock in the middle of the sea (this is foam); the pursuers jumped on it, drowned; everything is fine]: 25-32; parya [padishah tells his three sons to marry; everyone shoots an arrow, it hits the house brides; the eldest married the daughter of (another) padishah, the middle to the daughter of a vizier, the youngest to a monkey; the father demands to show his wives; the monkey takes off his mask, becomes beautiful; the young man threw the mask into the fire; the wife flew away as a dove; the young man followed her for 40 years; one day he fell asleep at the house; peri went to get water; it turned out to be his wife; they achieved their wishes]: Vinnikov 1977, No. 8:161; mountain Tajiks : Rosenfeld, Rychkova 1990, No. 2 [the Shah's three sons shoot arrows; the elder's arrow fell at the gate of Kazia, the middle fell at the mufti's gate, the youngest fell at the frog on the riverbank; the young man brought the frog home, she said it bet's daughter, put on frog skin so as not to amaze people with beauty; the young man asked to lose the skin, burned it; the older and middle brothers want a beautiful woman for themselves; the shah sends his youngest son to visit his grandfather in paradise and grandmother; daughter bet three apples from Mount Kof, tells her husband to ask her husband to collect a mountain of firewood, climb it, set it on fire; she picks it up; tells him to take apples to his father, say that grandparents are waiting visit them; the shah and his elder sons let themselves be burned, the youngest becomes a shah], 4 [the serpent puts edible kulches on the handkerchief of the Shah's youngest bathing daughters, pays the rich dowry, takes his wife away; in the room sheds her skin, becomes a prince; while hunting on Mount Kof, an old woman burns her skin; the prince and his wife go to seek happiness; while the husband is hunting, the wife is sitting on a tree above the pond; the old woman sends three daughters fetching water, each seeing a reflection, thinking that she has become beautiful; an old woman locks the prince's wife in a dungeon, replaces her eldest daughter; makes the prisoner dance on needles; she flies away like a dove; the old woman asks the prince to kill the dove, a willow has grown out of drops of blood; the old woman orders to split it into firewood, the sliver bounced, the poplar has grown; the old woman orders to make it a cradle for her daughter's newborn; a sliver falls into the master's throat, tells his story in his voice; the old woman killed the master with a ladle, the sliver fell into the hearth; the neighbor took hot coals; when the prince went to her, his wife jumped out of the hearth; the couple returned home], 7 [the old woman's calf asking him to marry him the Shah's daughter; first the old woman is beaten, then the vizier suggests setting a condition for them to fight in the sky two sheep, and seedlings immediately grew on the street; the calf goes to its parents on Mount Kof, who fulfill the conditions; after the wedding, the calf turns handsome; the wife burns calf skin]: 37-38, 41-44, 47-48; Shugnans [the old man finds a baby girl with a ruby in her mouth; when she is 12 years old, she says that a rooster will be brought at night, let her father marry him a royal daughter; the rooster says his name is Shoisilangor; at night, he sheds his cock's face; the king orders to create 1) a garden with water and milk fountains, 2) a mill that grinds three types of grain at once, 3) a shady alley from the royal house to the groom's house (girl and the rooster creates all this easily); S. appears to the king in his true form, he is happy; after the wedding, the young mother persuades him to throw his cock's face into the fire; S. flies to Mount Kof, his wife will find him, when she wears out her clothes; a hand from the spring gives her an invisible hat; finds Sh.; a feast; the young visit the king]: Grunberg, Steblin-Kamensky 1976, No. 20:223-235; the Wakhans [the shepherd's son is a lame chicken; grew up quickly, tells him to marry him the king's daughter; the king wants to kill the shepherd, the vizier advises not to do this; the king demands 1) bring the Talking and Laughing Rubab; HC sends his father to bet, tells him to ask Rubob on his behalf, they give it; 2) 40 white camels loaded into the tower, 40 gazelles with the same horns, a garden with different fruits per night; HC tells his father to throw handfuls of fruit behind him, everything appears; HC gets a princess, turns into a handsome pari at night; the princess burns his guise, he flies away as a dove; she comes to the plane tree, there are three pari men, her husband is among them, takes his wife, reigns on the throne of her father-in-law ]: Grunberg, Steblin-Kamensky 1976, No. 21:235-240; Rushans [the tsar gives his three sons guns, let them marry wherever the bullet hits; the elders hit the houses of the king and arbob (foreman), the youngest in a heap stones; breaking it, the young man sees the serpent, greets her; the big one offers to choose whichever one he likes, the young man chooses a colorful snake; the brothers shy away from the young man, at night the snake becomes beautiful; when she washed the hair, the brothers saw her, pushed the snake shell into the hearth; the brothers suggest that the father get rid of the youngest in order to take possession of his wife; the father tells 1) to bring a cauldron with 40 ears; the mother-in-law sends him to Baba Yaga; along the way, you should call the crooked bridge straight, the sloping garden flat, the loose sand hard, the squeaky door good, take the hay from the dogs, put the bones on the contrary; BYA will sleep with his eyes open you need to take the cauldron, do not touch the door with your ear; the young man touched, but all the servants of the BU refused to detain him; 2) a mare with 40 foals; mother-in-law teaches how for the first time, a mare should not touch the ceiling with her head; it is necessary hit her head with a bottle of sour milk, she will scream, the foals will run after her; 3) the Green Book; in the cemetery, you must take the jews harp away from the Lady playing it, in exchange she showed her grandfather in paradise; he gives an apple, give a piece to his brothers and father; they ate and died]: Andreev 1927d: 113-137; Yazgulyamtsy [a man has two sons from one wife, one from the other; he tells them to shoot wherever the bullets hit, get wives there; the bullets of the elders hit a house where two brides, the youngest into a stone scree; he dug for a year, there is a door, a woman; she put on a skin, became a snake; he threw the skin into the fire; the wife is afraid misfortunes; the brothers came, fell in love with her, told the father to get the youngest out of the light; he tells me to get 1) a magic flower like; wife: three bets will come to the lake to swim, one on the dress; on grab, run without turning around, otherwise you will become petrified; husband brings a flower; 2) a mare with 40 foals; wife: jump on a mare by the same lake, foals will follow her; 3) a cauldron with 40 ears; wife: diamond sleeps with your head on him; when your eyes are open, he sleeps, you have to grab it and run; 4) bring the news from the dead; the son tells his father to climb on a pile of firewood to catch another world, sets fire to firewood, the father burned down; brothers they put the youngest in a bag, carried him to drown him, left him on the shore; he told the shepherd that he was being forcibly married, the shepherd changed places with him, thrown into the river; the youngest comes, chasing the herd, saying that from the bottom; The brothers tell them to be thrown into the river; the young man poured flour chatter on their wives' blankets; they thought they were dirty; he said they had disgraced the house, tied mares to their tails, and the horses tore them to shreds]: Grunberg, Steblin-Kamensky 1976, No. 7:108-113; Uzbeks: Konovalov, Stepanov 1986 [chasing a pheasant, the youngest of the old man's three sons enters a cave, spends 40 days there with peri; when the young man returns home, Peri tells him to ask his father to build a house for him, build a yurt; when he comes to his son, the old man sees only a cat next to him; secretly peeks, sees a beautiful woman; before a relative's wedding, the old man tells make dresses for daughters-in-law, bake cakes; other peri do everything on the orders of the young man's wife; Peri replies to the other daughters-in-law that he will make clothes out of paper; they also make paper dresses, peri sends rain, the dresses get wet; the old man asks his son where he keeps the cat's skin; when he finds out, he throws it into the fire; peri flies away, telling her husband to wear his iron boots and staff; the young man comes to the house of Almauz Kempir (AK), in the same place his wife and boy; the young man asks the boy for water, he does not give it, the water in the jug turns into blood for the first time, into pus the second; peri tells the boy to give water to a stranger; the young man throws in the jug is a ring, peri recognizes it, goes to her husband; when AK is at home, turns it into a flower, hides it in his hair; then passes her husband off as a younger brother; AK tells her to look in her hair, sucks the young man's blood; Peri tells her husband to give the dog meat, hay to the camel (AK did the opposite); when AK falls asleep, tie her hair to a pole, take a comb, scissors, a mirror, run; doors, camel and dog refuse to hold fugitives; they throw a comb, answer AK that they need to pull out two teeth, make axes out of them, cut the road; the same is scissors; the AK has only four teeth; they throw a mirror, it turns into a river; fugitives they answer that you need to tie stones to your neck and put stones in your sleeves, walk along the bottom; AK sinks; young man and peri live in their own house]: 166-178; Sheverdin 1972 [elderly spouses are childless, the fox asks to make it them son; easily does any job; tells him to marry the Shah's daughter; the old man is executed, the fox revives him three times, the Shah has to give his daughter; he takes off his fox skin for the night, becomes handsome; wife burns his skin; the husband leaves, the wife will find him by taking down his iron staff and boots; she does so, she meets her husband when he hunts, the couple is happy]: 122-126; Pashayas [father married three sons, they have moved out; the fourth bald man lives in a lonely hut; a female enters, a young man starts beating her, the female says she is a fairy, turns into a beauty; puts the dog skin in the box, tells her not to touch it; wear it when someone comes; the young man is dissatisfied, burns his skin; the fairy disappears, saying that he will find it after wearing out his iron sandals and iron staff (it should become as thick as a needle); leaves his ring; the young man went to look for her, after 7 years he wore out his sandals and staff; throws a ring to the maids who came for water, the fairy finds her ring, tells the person to dress up in precious clothes, reunites with him]: Morgenstierne 1944, No. 9:66-69.

Baltoscandia. Icelanders [the Duke's wife gave birth to a girl named Marthöll, three fairies came to the newborn; one: let her tears turn into gold; the second: let her marry the prince; the third, who the feast was surrounded by food: let it turn into a lark on the wedding night and fly out the window; for the first three nights it will shed the lark's skin, and then not anymore; if you burn the skin on the third night, M. will remain human; M.'s best friend is Helga, the daughter of a lady of the court; the prince is married; H. must stay with M. for three nights; these three nights she sticks a sleepy pin in the prince's head, and hurries to the hill where M. arrives and briefly sheds off the lark's skin; on the third night, the pin fell out, the prince woke up: his wife is not around; he sees M. and H. on the hill, filling the bag with gold; he grabbed the skin and threw it into the fire; everything is fine; H. married the most noble man]: Poestion 1884, No. 17:137-143; Eastern Sami: Volkov 1995 (1946) [the son of some people takes the form of a dog during the day, walks with successful hunting; marries three sisters successively; kills the first and second, and lives with the third; the wife, with the help of her mother-in-law, burns the dog's skin removed for the night; the husband runs away into the forest forever]: 65; Yermolov 1959 [childless old people dream of a son even with a dog's nose; a boy in dog skin was born; grew up asking his father to marry him; the girl eats meat herself, throws bones to the groom like a dog; at night he is hers tore it; the same with the second girl; the third gives the groom meat; at night he took off his dog skin, became handsome; the old woman tells his daughter-in-law to burn her skin; husband: you won't see me until you drown three pairs of iron boot, three iron buttons will not melt in her mouth, three iron staffs will not be worn off; the girl went, trampled one pair, melted, worn out; she sees a hut - she turns around; "Turn to the forest with a window, and to me by the door!" ; in the hut they answered: they did not see the passers, only the wind missed; they gave copper and a copper scallop; the same in the second hut (the silver ones hung and the comb); in the third - gold; let him comb hair and will put up copper hangs and comb where beautiful Katerina and her husband are playing ball at the extreme hut; give the comb to sleep one night at the door at the doorstep; the same for the second night (silver); on the third (gold); then KK grabbed a box of needles, threads, beads, colored scraps and ran to the seashore; threw it all into the sea and ordered it to turn into shells; so shells, starfish, etc. scattered on the bottom; and husband and wife returned home]: 67-69; Kert 1961, No. 19 (Lovozero) [childless old man and old woman want a son, even in dog skin; son has grown up, wants marry; the old man has three daughters; the eldest comes; asks why the dog is barking; mother-in-law: this is your husband; the young woman throws bones to the dog; at night the husband ran over her; the same with the middle sister; the youngest caresses dog; at night she sheds her skin and becomes a young man; one day my wife burned her skin; husband: in three years I was destined to take off my fur coat; and now you will look for me while you wear out three pairs of boots and three staffs, three tin buttons in her mouth will melt; the wife wore everything out, came to town, where they play ball, her husband was playing among the players; she hid the ball; gave it back on the condition that her husband would take her to sleep in her sleeping bag (and he already remarried); the husband does not recognize her; the second time the wife says who she is; the husband turned away from the new one, turned to the old one; when they returned, the old woman burns fire at the end of the spindle, and the old man at the end of the knitting net needles; when they found out that their son and daughter-in-law had returned, the old people were happy and died], 39 (Teriberka) [the old man and the old woman want a child, even with a dog's nose; a son was born, gradually became altogether a dog; his wife was married to him; at night he became handsome, taking off his dog skin; the wife said to his mother-in-law that her husband was human, she burned her skin; the husband disappeared, telling him to look for him; the wife came to the old woman; she says that her husband has beautiful Katerina; gave a copper pole and a comb; K. will play ball, run after the ball, see the comb; we must ask for the comb the right to spend the night under the threshold of the house; the second old woman gave silver (sleeping by the bed), the third gold (sleeping behind her husband's back); the third time the wife cried so much that her husband's back got wet and turned to his wife, turning away from K.; K. threw herself into the water, became with a stingray, a needle with a tail, beads and beads with shells, simple needles with grains of sand, faceted with capelin; a woman and her husband went to their parents, on the way their son was born; old people do not see, hear, hold fire at the end of the spindle; the woman pinched the child three times, he cries, the woman says that the child asks her grandparents for news; the old people happily jumped to the end of the hook (on which they hang them cauldron); the old man turned into peat, the old woman into ash (the origin of peat and ash)]: 58-61, 154-157; Charnolusky 1962 [a childless old woman is ready to give birth to at least a dog; gives birth to a puppy; son asks to bring him a bride ; the bride is afraid of him, he tore her teeth; the old woman brings a new one, she takes a dog, at night he turns handsome; his mother and wife have burned the dog's skin; the handsome man left, saying that his wife will find him, after wearing out three iron jars; the wife comes to three old women sequentially, they give copper, silver, gold combs; the husband plays ball, the wife combs her hair, the ball flies into her window every time; she asks players to have her husband's wife Ulita let her sleep 1) on the doorstep of the house, 2) at their feet, between spouses; husband recognizes his wife, Ulita jumps into the lake; husband and wife return to his parents]: 171-175; Finns [the Queen hears the older sister promising to feed the army three grains of barley, the middle sister to weave clothes for him from three linen threads, the youngest three times to give birth to nine sons; each time The servant is looking for a midwife, Syöjätär is called to give birth, replaces beautiful babies with three crow chicks, then crows, then magpies, hides the children in the field under a stone; but for the third time the woman hides her two sons under the blanket; the queen orders her wife to be thrown into the sea in an iron barrel; the woman hides and takes with her two rescued sons; the barrel swims, the sons grow up; after 13 years the barrel sails to the island, splits; the pike tells her to rip her belly, there are two handkerchiefs, with their help a palace and a bridge appear; the beggar enters there, then tells the Queen that he saw two young men with with golden hands, silver legs; the Queen comes, hears the story of the young men, recognizes his sons; brings them and his wife to him; when they left the island, they waved their handkerchief, the palace and bridge behind them disappeared; when they found out that they should have brothers, the young men go in search; once he wants to shoot the eagle three times, he asks not to shoot, he will help later; takes them across the sea; rises high three times, asks, as you can see the ground ("the size of a pan", etc.) rushes down, then soars again; this is so that they too feel the fear that the bird felt when an arrow was aimed at it; the bird leaves the brothers on the other the shore; a pike handkerchief leads them; the griffin on the fir does not know where their brothers are, but sends them forward to the house; in it, a woman says that seven brothers fly in the guise of swans, then turn into young men; two they come to the brothers' house, where the woman hides them: when the swans become young men, they must grab and burn their swan clothes; the brothers recognize each other, they all return to their father together]: Goldberg 1953:53-71 ( brief summary in Heartland 1894, No. 2:321); Karelians: Concca 1959, No. 23 (Kalevala District, 1937) [the black sheep is lost, Syvyatar turned the woman into a sheep, took her form herself, her husband did nothing noticed; the daughter knows that her mother is a sheep, does not allow her father to slaughter the sheep as S. wants; the daughter's sheep: they will slaughter anyway, the bones must be buried under the birch tree; S. brought his ugly daughter; the king calls to a feast, S. tells her stepdaughter to divide the grain by grade; the mother from under the birch tree tells her to wave a branch, say "seeds apart", gives a horse, you have to get into one ear, get out of the other in a beautiful outfit; at a feast, daughter C . picks up bones under the table, the girl knocked out her eye with her foot; next time S. tells her to separate the milk from the water; the third time S. breaks the stove, tells her to return to fix it; the girl broke the leg of daughter S. on the way back, she lost her glove, ring and shoe; the Tsar's son tells everyone to try it on, takes the girl as his wife; on the way across the river, daughter S. is going to push the girl into the water, but she confronts her herself; wife the prince gave birth to a child, S. thinks that her daughter is there; she wants to break the pipes under the bridge, her daughter asks not to tear up: it's me; S. comes to the palace, turns the woman into a vazhenka, takes her place; Vazhenka comes to old woman, asks to bring the child to feed; the prince follows, the old woman teaches how to grab and burn the skin of the vazhenka; S. was burned, his wife returned]: 97-104; Onegin 2010, No. 25 (Kalevalsky district) [the healer gave the peasant water from which his wife will become pregnant; but he took a sip himself, also became pregnant, went to the forest, gave birth to a girl, threw it on a tree; the prince's dog barks, girl (she says her man carried her, raven grew up, the breeze rocked, the heavenly water washed) asks for clothes; the prince brings her home, marries; Syuoyatar became a midwife, turned the prince's wife into a vazhenka in the bathhouse, stayed with the child together her; but the cuckoo does not cuckoo on her head, the bells on the hem do not ring, the baby is crying; the shepherd saw how the vazhenka shed her skin and became a woman; answers her that her son was crying; she asks tomorrow bring her to feed him, and then migrate with the deer; the shepherd brings him, the woman asks to bring her son tomorrow; the shepherd tells the prince about this; the prince threw a deer skin into the fire; the woman became a snake (the prince cut it), with a lizard (the same), with a rolling pin, then with a man; the cuckoo ate, the bells rang, the birds on his shoulders sang; the prince orders to heat the hot bath, under the floor there is a fire pit, S. leads there on the red carpet, she rejoices; when she falls into the hole, she tells her fingers to become devils, earthworms, gnats, hair become sedge, prickly thickets; and so it happened; the prince began to live with his wife and child]: 268-271; Stepanova 2000, No. 103 (northern, Tungud parish) [sister will step with her foot - gold, cry - beads, a month on her shoulders, Bear stars on her forehead, sun on top of her head; brother went to the palace , the prince saw the embroideries on the hoop, asked who was embroidering, ordered his sister to be brought; the sister said she would not marry until the millstone handle broke from work; the brother cut the handle; until it collapsed the shop made by the father; the spinning wheel made by the father will break; the threshold will not break; the brother saws every time; the sister agrees, they are going in the boat, Suottyariha asks to take it, puts her sister sleepy in her ears needles, tells me to spit in the sheath, jump into the sea, the sister swam with a duck, the brother brought S.; the prince put his brother under lock and key - why did he bring an ugly one; the sister sails to the widow's house, becomes a girl, sews on the hoop, the widow sells; tells the prince to hide behind the stove, throw duck plumage into the oven, grab his wife; she turned into a snake, he beat her, did not let her go, she became a woman; they dug a hole, S. was taken to the bathhouse , pushed into a hole, her brother was released; S.'s mother came, sees two blades of grass, wants to tear it off, the daughter shouts out of the hole, "This is my umbilical cord, don't touch it"; the mother went to the gate, rejoices that her daughter is there, the prince ordered take it to the gate]: 181-183; Lutsie (1893) [old people are childless, they have found a white snake, at night she turns into a beautiful young man, and during the day she turns into a snake again; asks to marry him a princess; the old man went to the king; king: you will receive it if you come not full and not hungry; not naked or dressed; son: sip oatmeal; wrap yourself in a net; king: come in a horse-drawn carriage; create a palace, the road to my palace is covered with velvet, silver along the edges and golden apple trees with silver and golden apples; the church is made of wax, they serve in it, the candles light up themselves; the snake son does everything; the evening after the wedding, the serpent turned into a young man; the princess's sisters threw snakeskin into the fire; husband: now look for me with three pairs of iron shoes; also three iron hats, three iron beans in your pocket; go to my sister, she will teach me further; the one in the room that turns on a chicken leg; turned the girl into a needle, hid it on her chest; an old devil came, the hostess said that he was the one who was flying around the world; in the morning she gave me a gold spinning wheel, silver spindle; sent it to her second sister (all the same, gave a precious handkerchief); the third (still the same) gave an embroidered tablecloth and gave a ball to follow; tyn around the apple orchard, only for one stake the head is not yet planted; the damn daughter bought a spinning wheel with a spindle overnight with her husband, but gave him a sleepy potion; the same second night (handkerchief); on the third he quietly poured the potion; the husband killed the devil with iron with a rod, took the precious items, he and his wife run to her older sister, her head is cut off; he revives her with dead and alive vodka; the same with her middle and younger sisters; yudas are chasing, her husband left tablecloth, it became a lake of fire, the Judes could not cross; everyone got home, they still live]: Annom et al. 2018:84-89; Latvians: Aris 1971 [childless spouses ask for a child as tall as hedgehog; the Hedgehog gets out of the stove, says that he is their son; herds pigs; the king is lost, promises the Hedgehog a daughter if he takes him out of the forest; at night the wife sees the hedgehog coat taken off, burns; Hedgehog for two weeks suffers, then turns into a prince]: 144-147; Aris, Medne 1977, No. 402 [when it is time for sons to marry, the father fires three arrows and tells them to look for wives where the arrows (or sons fall) throw stones, follow a ball); the youngest son marries a frog (toad, mice _; father tells me to bring beautiful shirts, bake delicious bread; the frog does the best tasks; puts it in his sleeve at the feast bones, and beautiful objects fall out of the sleeve; the brothers' wives try to do the same without success; the frog's husband burns the frog's skin, the frog disappears, he's looking for it]: 281; Lithuanians: Kerbelite 2014, № 80 [the daughter married without her mother's permission, she cursed her and she gave birth to a goat; when the owners are not at home, someone cooks; the poor man sees the goat take off his skin and become a girl; the priest teaches to quit skin in the oven; wedding]: 179-180; Lébite 1965:133-135 [while the old people are clearing the felling, the Swan arrives every day, turns into a girl, puts the house in order; the old man hides, burns his wings, the Swan stayed with the old people; the king notices her, brought her to the palace, she gives birth to him a son; swans fly over her, offering to shed her wings; she refuses her father, mother, takes wings from her swan friend, flies away; her friend dies; the king marries Lauma; the Swan regularly flies to his son, the rest of the time the baby sleeps; the king spies, the old man advises to smear resin on the windowsill; the king catches A swan breaks its wings, executes Laume; (translated in Zheleznova 1974:174-178)], 174-178 [the woodcutter brings home a hedgehog; while he sleeps with his wife, he cooks, cleans; old people adopt him; he asks to be married he is a queen; the king tells 1) to take out all the manure overnight, plow the field, collect wheat, bake bread; The hedgehog does everything, gets a wife, sheds his skin for the night, becomes handsome; the queen burns the skin, the husband goes to the sea for seven years, says that the queen will turn into iron what she touches {this motive is no longer used}; the father visits the Hedgehog, who allows his wife to come; tells she collects white foam, not red foam in a bundle; pulls her wife across the sea, through fire; teaches her to identify him when he becomes one of the storks (lowers his wings), one of the horses (in scab); her husband is returned to her, all happy]; Vėlius 1998 [through the door of Riga, where linen was being dried, a farmhand saw a girl and a wolf skin next to her; he grabbed the girl, threw fire on her skin; the girl stopped resisting when the skin burned down; becoming the wife of a farmhand, she was silent for ten years, then spoke]: 234.

Volga - Perm. Marie [the wife of a poor Tatar gave birth to a snake; a snake son tells his father to marry the daughter of a rich man; he beats the poor man for the first time, then cuts to pieces, burns; the serpent resurrects the father every time; the daughter of a rich man proposes to demand 41 from the groom a savrasuya mare, a palace, a garden with birds; the serpent climbs into a hole, tells his father to pull it all out of there; on the wedding night, the serpent turns into a handsome man; the wife's sisters burn snakeskin, the groom disappears; one hunter sees a house on the lake shore, a bird flies there to drink milk, sings about what happened; the wife comes to the house, throws her ring into the milk, the husband finds human appearance, returns to his wife]: Chetkarev 1948:58-63; Mordovians [a man asks three daughters what to buy for them at the bazaar; the elders want new outfits, the youngest wants a hazel branch; the bear grabbed the man: why did he break a branch in his possessions; tells him to bring his youngest daughter tomorrow; the youngest agrees to go; the bear brought the girl to the den, then to the underground palace, did a great job; through for a year, my wife threw a bear skin into the fire; husband: I was bewitched, I had six months to wait; three geese flew in, threw it on the pen, my husband also became a goose and flew away; one day he returned: lives with a sorcerer; let his wife He will take those three goose feathers and come to the sorcerer; his son will want to marry her; we must put these feathers in boiling water, pour this water into the wine to the sorcerer, his wife and son; if one feather is broken, it will become horses by ship; she did it all; the sorcerer and his family turned into geese, and the geese around did a great job; the girl and the boy got married, built a palace for themselves and the bride's father]: Samorodov 1985:269-272; Komi [the eldest daughters ask their father to bring them jewelry and new clothes three times, and the youngest is the Falcon Ashes (Pepelysty); the father brings the falcon only for the third time; in the girl's room, the falcon turns into a young man; gives the girl is a beautiful outfit; one day she threw his falcon skin into the fire; he flew away, telling him to look for him beyond 9 lands, 9 seas; the girl took gold reels and hoop, balls of silk, walked for a long time, came to a house where an old yoma woman, her three daughters and P.; a girl consistently buys three nights from yoma for items she wants to buy; yoma solders P., but on the third night he wakes up and returns to her home with the girl]: Wichmann 1916, No. 36:105-110; Bashkirs: Barag 1989, No. 21 [father tells three sons to take wives where everyone's arrow falls; the youngest's arrow falls into swamp; the frog tells the young man to lie down; when he wakes up, there is a palace next to him, at night the frog takes off his skin, becomes a girl; appears in the guise of a beautiful woman to the wives of his older brothers; they are jealous they persuade the younger brother-in-law to throw her skin into the fire, the palace disappears, the wife flies away as a dove; the young man comes to the old woman, she refers to his sister, she says how three doves fly to her, take off the plumage, one girl is sad; tells the old owner to grab the plumage hidden in the chest; the young man returns home with his wife], 22 [the bull tells the old owner to marry the khan's daughter for him; the old man is beaten; after the third time, the khan agrees; at night the bull takes off her skin, the bride is happy, burns her skin; the husband orders to pour milk from the barn, walk with an iron staff for the milk stream; flies away as a white bird; the khan's daughter comes to the elder to her husband's brother, he sends to the middle, to the youngest, the eldest gives food for the middle cow, the middle one for the younger goose; all four brothers gather, the fourth (still in the form of a bull? or an ogre?) feeds and hides the girl; the elders say that honey and meat were not enough; the elder advises the girl to wrap herself in silk when her fourth brother executes her; she refuses, is ready to answer; the husband accepts human appearance, everyone is happy], 23 [the king drove the old men to live in the forest; the old woman gave birth to a snake; he grew up quickly, asking his father to marry the king's daughter; the old man was cut to pieces, the serpent revived him; the vizier suggests telling the groom to build a golden bridge overnight; the serpent takes the princess, sheds her snakeskin, tells anyone not to tell anyone that he is human; the wife burned her skin, the princess went in search, her ship drowned, she came to a girl who turned her into a dog; to another into a cow, to the third into a human again; gives a letter to the mother of fairies, teaches her what to do, but on the condition that she becomes a second wife; mother the fairies give butter and cheese that never run out; the princess picked up the wounded quail, began to fight the golden eagle, the quail rolled out the golden eagle's egg, the princess broke it, the palace doors immediately opened, to meet her husband; returned home, lives with two wives]: 121-125, 125-128, 128-132; Zelenin 1991, No. 100 (105) [two brothers are married, the third is single, sees a girl sitting in the water in the lake; she agrees to follow him; mother-in-law praises the bride for arguing work; the husband finds frogskin clothes, throws them into the fire; the wife flies away; the husband goes in search; the old woman says that the magical wife is the daughter of her older sister; gives the key the husband enters the house, the old woman turns him into a needle, hides it in moss; 9 geese have come, become girls; the ex-wife wants to kill her husband, then forgives him; throws him into the oven when he falls asleep, makes a handsome man out of ash; agrees to return to him, sends him back, giving him a magic bag, but she cannot ask for anything but bread; the husband shakes money out of the bag; the wife forgives disobedience; burns her aged brother and husband's mother, sculpts young, beautiful; they live richly]: 434-436.

Turkestan. Kazakhs [a young man lets go of a wolf who took his horse; he promises to marry his sister; at night the she-wolf turns into a beauty; mother-in-law warns not to throw away his wife's wolf blanket earlier 40 days; he throws his skin into the fire three days before the deadline; the wife predicts misfortune; the khan sees the young man's wife, the old woman advises sending him for 1) a gold bar that the khan's father dropped into the sea; the wife does a silk flower, a young man uses it as bait, pulls out a hanshu fish, which brings a bar; 2) a herd of horses missing from Khan's father; the wife gives a stick, the young man brings a herd with it; 3) a stallion slaughtered at the father's wake; the wife cannot help, the bar thrown on the ground by the mother-in-law turns into an iron yurt; the wife takes refuge in it while her husband goes to her mother-in-law for advice; she tells me to dig up the grave, old khan throws the stallion away; when he saw him, the khan was ashamed, the old woman cut off his head]: Sidelnikov 1952:42-49 (=Daurenbekov 1979:67-73, similar text in Tursunov 1983:116-122); Kazakhs (Xinjiang) [at bai Baocha in Each herd has a thousand heads; the shepherd sees another - a thousand black sheep - come to his flock; he tries to separate his own from those who come; it is so hot that he stripped naked and then found no clothes; the owner of the black sheep came, but they disappeared; then they appeared, but the owner did not come again; the shepherd slaughtered the ram and pulled on its skin; three fishermen laugh; they caught goldfish; the shepherd gave it for three rams and let her go; the shepherds took three more, laughed and left; the shepherd discovers that no matter how many sheep he slaughtered or gave away, there are still a thousand in the flock; a man came, stayed, invited to him, led him to an underwater palace; the underwater king says that the shepherd saved his son, and the inexhaustible black sheep saved him; the underwater prince advises to ask his father only for the skin from the belly of a ram, which the attic, and the puppy; if there is trouble, you have to go to the river and shout "Friend!" three times ; when the shepherd brings the herd in the evening, the yurt is tidy, the food is cooked; the shepherd waited for the girl, is going to burn the dog skin; the girl asks to wait 6 days, but on the third day the shepherd's skin is still burned; the girl became his wife, but predicts misfortune; two came; they are the king's servants, he is ill and will recover if he is brought a quail roasted in the sun; but the quail is not fried every time, but deteriorates; the shepherd's wife roasts the quail and tells these people to hold it in the sun during the day; the king will recover, but let them say that they did everything themselves; so it happened; they gave it a piece to all wives and ministers etc., everyone felt better; the Minister demanded that the envoys say who actually fried the partridge; one was beaten to death, the other let it slip; the minister came to the shepherd's wife and said that The king will arrive with 30 ministers, I must receive; the shepherd's wife: go to the river and ask my brother to help; all those who came easily fit in a yurt, a sumptuous feast; the king was so amazed at the beauty of the hostess that accidentally cut off his finger; the king demands that the shepherd migrate to his headquarters; wife to the minister: let us build a house entirely of iron; the house has been built; as soon as the king wants to enter, the shepherd's wife closes door; the minister proposes to divide the people into noble and poor and organize a competition; if the noble win, the shepherd will give his wife; the shepherd's wife's brother gave a horse, the shepherd won the races; the competition fighters; a little boy sent from the river easily defeated the royal hero; shooting at the target; his wife's brother gave a magic bow; the king lost his 6 wives and concubines and died]: Coyaud 2012, No. 73:197-212; karakalpaks [bai has three wives, each wife has a daughter; one day he was about to go somewhere, but a serpent wrapped around the stirrup; bai hit the snake with a kamcha, but he only wrapped around the knee of the bay; then around the neck; bai consistently offers the snake to each of the three wives, starting with the eldest, then each of the daughters; the snake let go of the bay after promising to give him his youngest daughter; will return in a month; the youngest daughter listened to her father; asked her aunt to sew her a hedgehog fur coat; put on and waited for a snake; snakes to the girl: Hedgehog, hedgehog, hedgehog! Throw off your hedgehog coat! Girl: Serpent-Snake-Snake, Snake! Throw off your snake coat! The serpent threw off his snakeskin and turned out to be a beautiful horseman; the girl threw off her hedgehog coat and turned out to be beautiful; bai gave young people six species of cattle and a festive white yurt; her husband tells him to hide his snake skin: if someone throws it into the fire, they will have to part; one day one of Bai's wives was visiting, noticed skin under the bed and threw it into the fire; the husband came back, turned into a bird and flew away; the girl followed, came to some yard; there was a woman: if you don't leave, my husband and brother-in-law will eat you; the girl told me everything, the woman hid her in the chest; the devas came: it smells like human; woman convinced them that this was not the case; when the devas left, the girl moved on; an old woman met; said that there was a bird at the top of the tree, she sleeps during the day, and cries at night: "Oh, my cattle, six species! Oh, my white holiday yurt! Oh, my beautiful wife!" The girl followed the tree and grabbed the bird by the tail. The couple reunited, achieved their goals and desires]: Aimbetov 2014a: 22-23; Kyrgyz [poor old man and old woman; an old man trapped a badger; asks not to kill: he will become a son, he will talk about them take care; the badger drags partridges to the elderly, the old people eat up, raise cattle; the badger offers to move to the village; easily drives away dogs; the khan tells them to come with the badger; the khan has a daughter Iperi; the badger addresses her by name; a year later, the badger begins to wither away, says that he is in love, asks A. to marry; the khan ordered the old man to break his arms and legs, tie him to a mare and sent home; the badger tells the old woman does not worry: the old man is safe again; next time the old man is broken in half; the old man is alive again; the old man was killed, burned, the badger revived him from a handful of ashes; Khan is advised to give the old man the impossible task; let him plant a Munaru tree and a plane tree before, and a lake of milk and a lake of butter at the roots, let the fish jump from one lake to another; let there be only sheep in one trough, yaks in the other , the third has horses, the fourth has camels, and even if their number is innumerable; let there be a golden throne between the two trees, so that the khan can sit on it and admire the fish; at night the badger asks the old man to slaughter and cut the mare, the ears have turned into two trees, the eyes into lakes of butter and milk; the hair cut from the mare's mane turns into fish, the skull into the golden throne, the blood and the contents of the intestines and stomach into cattle four species, legs in 4 golden horseback riding; in the morning the mare stands in its place safe and sound; the khan gave his wife to the badger; her good aunt cheers A., the angry one mocks her; at night the badger takes off from his own skin, turns out to be a young man of unearthly beauty; the good aunt rejoices; in the morning the badger puts her skin back on, tells his wife to wait; but the trouble that the evil aunt will bring will have to endure 6 years; the next evening an angry aunt serves, throws her skin into the fire; the young man turns into a bird and flies away through the upper opening of the yurt; the evil aunt is tied to the tails of 40 horses; A. goes to look for her husband ; khan gives her iron boots and an iron stick; she wanders for 5 years, meets a tall white-bearded old man in her sixth year; he advises going to a hut at the foot of the mountain; an old witch in the hut; it is necessary ask to accept her as a daughter; the old man will turn around in the wind, shake the hut until morning; in the morning the witch will get tired and lie down with his head on A.'s lap; let A. tear the witch out by a thread until her the eyes will roll and turn white, but they should not turn red; the old man hands A. the hair, tells them to run it through the witch's body when her eyes turn white, she will twist and freeze; after that A. must run; later for months, the old man meets A. again, tells him to go to the hill that looks like a skullcap, there will be the white yurt where A. spent her wedding night; in the yurt there is a golden stand (for birds of prey), A. must dig into the ground under her; her husband will fly in, circle for several days, saying he smells like a human being; saying "where can a person come from here", he will sit on a stand; the old man hands Iperi a net and reports that her husband is the son of Peri, who gave birth to a child at the top of a tree near the Khan's yurt when Khansha gave birth to A.; when she saw that the human child was a beautiful girl, mother Peri spat on her cheek A., putting a mark; his peri husband's name is Aktilek; sitting on a stand, he will begin to say "fell asleep, fell asleep", but this means that he is awake; when he starts saying "woke up, woke up", then he will fall asleep; you have to throw a net and hold it; Aktilek will fly out of the yurt and start wearing A. across the sky; three pigeons will arrive, also peri, talk to A.; the first will say, "Hey, long hair, short mind, are you an equal Peri's son?!" ; the second will begin to feel sorry for A., and the third will offer help to go down to earth; Aktilek will ask A. to open his eyes, but only after the third sentence A. should open them; helping A. go down to earth, pigeons were bruised, which is why some pigeons are not white but blue; Aiperi and Aktilek have healed happily]: Sabyr uulu 2008:555-572; Uighurs [old man tells three sons to marry where they fall arrows; the eldest takes the khan's daughter, the middle takes the vizier, the youngest, Drink, a monkey in the forest; she leads to her golden palace, turns into a beautiful Maymunyak; the father tells her daughters-in-law to make bread, sew a seamless dress, strain the threads; M. does everything with the help of his two magical assistants, the wives of his older brothers spoil the good; they persuade P. to burn his wife's yellow dress; under him is a monkey skin, now M. must leave; P. wears out seven pairs of iron shoes, three iron staffs; stepmother M. orders to split the tree into 41 pieces, M. helps; M., P., both maids fly away in quails; stepmother sends her husband, making his coccyx; M. turns P. into a melon, his friends into bags, himself into a melon; into a bag, a dung, an old woman; himself into a flower, his father turns into a beggar, asks for a flower; into grains, a father into a rooster, one grain rolls; father admits defeat]: Kabirov, Shakhmatov 1951:92-98 (=Kabirov 1963:202-213); Dungans: Riftin et al. 1977, No. 5 [the old man finds a frog, he calls him father, old woman mother; marries his daughter the emperor; he asks to build a golden bridge, next to willows with pearls; the Frog destroys and restores the emperor's palace, fulfills the requirement; at night the Frog turns into a young man, the wife finds skin, throws it into the well; the husband is weakening; says that he is the son of the Dragon Lord, tells him to leave the valley; the city is flooded, the Dragon is flying away]: 56-61; Cherkasova 1961 [an elderly wife gives birth to a frog, he tells him do not throw it away, she goes to marry the ruler's daughter; when she laughs, cries, jumps, the palace trembles, you have to give the girl back; the eldest, middle, throw millstones at him, he slips through the hole, returns the woman; the youngest agrees to be his wife; an unknown handsome man wins the horse competition; the wife finds frogskin, burns; the husband says he is the son of Earth, now he will die; the wife turns into stone]: 157-166; salars (Ullagyl, Xunhua-Salar Autonomous County) [on a deserted mountain, a mare gave birth to a child; he grew up, went to look for brothers; shot a bow at a stone, from who was pouring smoke; a man screamed inside the stone; both went on; they fired an arrow at the tree; from there a man screamed; they began to live three; the one who came out of the stone was named Tash-gaga (brother Stone), made of wood Agash-gaga (Brother Derevo), and Masembu, born as a mare; they went to look for wives, came to some dwelling; there was no one there, food was cooked in the cauldron; the brothers went hunting the next morning and returned in the evening; bread and tea were made; in the morning they left T. in the house and went hunting together; T. hid, saw three pigeons fly in; they threw off their feathers, turned into girls; one cooked food, the second made a fire, and the third swept the yard; then they put on their raincoats and flew away; one of them was Kyung-ana (Sun Maiden), the other Ay-ana (maiden Moon), the third Yultus-ana (Star girl); in the evening T. told his brothers what he saw; the next morning A. was left to guard the house; he saw and told his brothers the same thing; the next day M. stayed in the house himself; when the girls started cooking, he jumped out of the shelter and threw their feather cloaks into the fire; Kyung-ana smeared herself with dust and soot; her brothers came in the evening; T. chose Ay-ana, A. Yultus-ana; M. went to Kyung-ana; in the morning she washed her face and compared to the other two girls, she turned out to be beautiful; T. and A. did not like it; they threw M. into the abyss, took his bow and arrows, and gave Kyung-anu to herd his sheep into someone else's house; a bird that flew to abyss, told M. that she had a baby there; M. told her about her brothers who betrayed him; the bird promised to carry it on its back; then she brought a hundred sparrows and said to M.: "Sit on my back Take all the sparrows. When I make a circle, open my mouth, you throw [there] one at a time!" ; M. did as she commanded; fed her all the sparrows and, when he was upstairs, set off; came to his wife, asked her to look in his head; the wife cried, said that her husband had a similar mole; M. admitted that he had escaped the abyss; they came to his brothers; they played with a bow and arrow; said to M.: "You will not be able to pull the bow. Masemba played with that bow and arrow!" ; M. replied that he would pull a bow, grabbed it, put an arrow, and killed both brothers; he got their wives]: Tenishev 1964, No. 53:104-105.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. A dog. Tuvans: Vatagin 1971, No. 13 (Dzun-Khemchik District) [Oskus-ool herds of Karaty Khan; his tailless mare gives birth to 9 foals, good horses; K. wants to kill him, take possession of horses; the old man tells O. to run; the wolf eats all 9 horses, turns into a man, is ready to reward; the old man tells O. to ask for a dog, 3 millet grains, 3 poles, a golden chest; O. wakes up in a rich yurt; the beauty chores the housework, disappears when you approach; O. spies through a hole in the yurt, sees the beauty coming out of her dog's skin, throws her skin into the fire; Karaty Khan suggests hide; he and O. turn into different objects, the wife tells O. where K. hides O. from K.; K. orders to find the missing arrow, the harpoon; animals and fish are found; K. sends an army; the wife sends O. to her parents, who give a box with an army, it destroys K.'s army: turns him and his wife O. into servants]: 121-130 (=Samdan 1994, No. 3:249-271); Hadahane 1984 [dying, father tells Oskus-ool to go north to to the golden lake, gives a bag; the white rider says that O. will not get there, the black one shows the way; O. is the first to bring a bucket of water from behind the black mountain, but refuses the khan's daughter, moves on; exchanges Keep your father's bag for the goldfish that the fishermen wanted to cook in a hole with water, there's always fish; once the fish is gone; the rider calls him to the bottom of the lake to Dalai Khan, tells him to ask for fish as a reward dog; comes back with her; she brings game; turns into beauty; O. burns dog skin; when they see her, Karata Khan's people forgot about the cedar he told them to fry, O.'s wife makes a cedar tree out dough and meat; K. tells O. to exchange yurts for three days; O.'s wife bewitched K., who cannot budge; K. goes to war, his wife tells her father to ask for help; they jump out of this box Iron warriors, smash K.]: 5-17; the Altaians [when the old man Ölengmir cuts down the third stump, a red dog jumps out of the hollow in it, bites it; YE. is forced to promise him a daughter; the eldest, the middle one refuses, the youngest agrees, follows the dog to his camp, there are two dogs; the dog is invited to that one three times; each time the wife loses his tracks, and a handsome man pulls up to her; for the third time he takes out the dog's hidden skin, explains that he was the dog; the sisters visit the dog's wife, she reveals the truth to them, they throw their skin into the fire; the wife snatches her out of the fire; the charred husband enters; speaks What leaves tells him to look for him; the wife climbs the mountain, falls, breaks her thigh; breaks the mouse's leg; she eats the root, runs away; the woman also eats, recovers; the old man gives her a staff; tells her to go through the swamp on bumps; there will be birds on the river; the husband will be one of the ducks, swimming in front and behind; one of the geese will wave his wings; one of the birds will go down to the ground and climb to the top of the tree; wife identifies her husband; he takes his form, leads to the camp, those two dogs are parents; the spouses live well]: Sadalova 2002, No. 23:223-233; Kumandins [the wolf grabbed the horse, told the rider not to enter it shoot, follow him; the door opened in the mountain, the wolf was the master of the mountain, offered to take what the man wanted; he took the dog; the wolf cried and told the dog not to beat; the man returned home, eating in the morning prepared; the man waited for the girl, threw dog skin into the fire; his wife gave him 77 children; they separated and began to speak 77 languages]: Dyrenkova 1949b, No. 16:131; Mongols (Ordos) [boy learned to play the hora (violin genus), he was invited by the underwater king; the old man ordered to pay for a puppy and a door latch; the boy wakes up on the shore of rich yurts; someone cooks; he pretends sleeping, sees a girl taking off her dog's skin, throws her skin into the fire; the girl says that he was in a hurry, Shatsgai (Soroka) Khan will begin to take her away from him; entering the yurt, the khan's servants looked at the woman, the meat was burned; she gave something else, it tasted better, the khan had to confess; the wife tells the boy to invite the khan to hide; the boy wins three times (the wife helps); the khan offers to compete whose horse is faster; the father-in-law sends the boy an eight-legged horse and a four lion from the sea, this horse wins; the boy crosses the boiling lake twice, saying Khoshuai; the khan dies; the noyon asks what is hoshuai; wife gives a red bean, he kills noyon and warriors with iron hail; the boy becomes khan]: Potanin 1893, No. 8b: 152-156; Mongors: Riftin et al. 1977 [(commentary with description parallels of the Frog fairy tale); in the Mongor version, the Frog is born from a tumor on an old woman's knee or thumb, the wife finds and burns the skin]: 417-422; Stuart, Limusishiden 1994 [in the elderly the couple has no children; the wife's finger is swollen, the abscess was opened, there is a frog son; (var.: On the fifth day of the fifth month, you should not take water from water bodies, because frogs swim at this time; the wife washed her hands, then finger swollen); jumping, takes dinner to his father in the field, plows; goes to marry the girl; her mother does not let him; then the Frog cries, the storm begins, he gets a wife; on the way to his house she tries to kill him with a stone, fails; at night, the husband takes off his frog skin, becomes handsome; the wife secretly burns the skin, everything is fine]: 182-183; Dagurs [Kurugure and Karegure live with their mother; while they are hunting, they descend from the sky two heavenly maidens ask the woman if her sons, their dog and falcon are at home; when they find out they are not, they take off their clothes from their feathers and help around the house; the mother told her sons; they pretended to go hunting hid, burned their feather clothes, married virgins; Dagurs are their descendants]: Kevin et al. 1994:80.

Western Siberia. Southern Selkups: Bykonya et al. 1996:139-153 (retelling in Tuchkov 2004:238) [the old man found hazel grouse, which spoke in a human voice; began to marry him the royal daughters, only the youngest agreed ; before the wedding, hazel grouse became a young man, began to squirrel; envious sisters burned his skin, his husband disappeared; the wife, with the help of her husband's sister, found and held him by the finger]; Tuchkova 2004 [the elderly have an ox son (Pyka and ); the old man marries him twice to royal doego at least since the Bronze Age; each time the king orders him to cut off his head, P. licks his body, revives him, sends him again; third the youngest daughter agrees; P. comes handsome, builds a palace; the older sisters burned a bull's skin out of envy, he disappeared in the form of a whirlwind; the bride visited P.'s three sisters, the youngest helped find him, hold him, sewn into cow skin; when seven cow skins burst, he became human again]: 254-255.

Eastern Siberia. Ilympic Evenks (village. Murukta) [western 1940; fish are not caught, the old man sees an otter (Dukun), wants to kill, he asks to take him as his son; find him a wife; the eldest, middle daughter of another person refuses, the youngest agrees; in the plague D. turns into a shining young man, the wife hides the skin of an otter under a pile of chips; the sisters are forced to say where the skin is burned; they see D. in the fire; when he disappears, he gives his wife half an arrow; she points to her the road; a deer carries her across the river, she sews a tail on it; a goose transports him across another river, she gives him red shoes, embroiders patterns on her wings and neck; a woman transports him across a third river; everything is there women try to wake up a young man who wakes him up, marries him; this is D., his wife wakes him up; D. and his wife stay by the river]: Yermakov 1988:57-62; Amur Evenks (Ust-Nyukzha village) [two elder The brothers are hunted, the younger fool Ivulder remains in charge of the tent; two girls arrive, clean, cook, comb I.'s hair, fly away before the brothers return; I. replies by saying that everyone he did it himself; the next day; on the third day, the brothers spy, call I. to hunt, order to kill an elk, which is supposedly driven, a stone is rolled down the mountain themselves, I. dies; the brothers return to tent, one dresses like I., the other hides; they catch girls, burn their wings, get married]: Malchakitova 2003:225-226; Evens: Dutkin 1980a (Allaikhovsky District of Yakutia) [Umchegin is an older brother, hunts wild deer, Buyundya is the youngest, stays at home; sees seven swans fly in, take off their feathers, become girls, play ball; do not tell B. to tell his brother about them; B. knits knots on clothes, but still forgets; W. guards, swans notice him, fly away; when the swans arrived for the fourth time, W. hid well, hid one of the girls's skin and clothes; married her; she invites B. to play ball, gives him the ball for B. giving her her clothes hidden in a hollow driftwood; flies away towards the midday sun, telling W. that she is pregnant; W. goes in search; sits on the ground, digs a little, there is a plague, an old woman in it; gives water, meat, taking them out of her sleeping bag; W. does not drink, does not eat, hides under clothes; the hidden disappears, he is full; the old woman sends to her older sister, the same place; she gives a plaque, you have to send it to the sea, it will freeze, you can cross the ice; W. ran over with an ermine; seven girls are playing there, one child is nursed by a bird, telling him that his father came; the girls beat her, they don't believe her; W. found, burned his wife's skin; the wife and the bird became girls; the sea crossed one step; houses from B. only bones; W. revived him with living water]: 111-117; Lebedeva 1981 [Irkanmel is the elder brother, Sulerken is the youngest; S. sees three swans shed their wings, become girls; helps I. steal the wings of one; one day she deceives S., takes wings, flies away; a year later, swans arrive again; I. turns into an ermine, steals wings, returns his wife; throws wings into the fire]: 40; Novikova 1987 [Buyundya sees seven playing on the lake a ball of swan girls; ties knots on his clothes to remember and tell his older brother Umchegin at home, but forgets; for the third time W. hides himself, but the swans notice him, do not take him off wings; on the fourth, W. hides the clothes of one Swan; takes the girl as his wife; she gives B. the ball, for which he says where her wings are hidden, she flies away; W. follows her; meets one, then the other old woman; the second gives a plaque freezing the sea; W. runs across to the other side with an ermine; seven girls play ball; the bird nurses the child, sings that his father has come; W. finds out from the bird where the birds are hidden skins, burns his wife's skin; the babysitter became a girl, all three returned home; W. revived B. from bones]: 51-58); Yakuts (Srednekolymsky ulus, 1945) [Erbehchin Mergen saves Aiyi hero Suksuidaan Baatyr from persecution by Abaasa; before returning to his country, the Security Council invites EM to visit him; after three years, EM sets off; in the second year His horse refuses to go further; EM continues on foot, but before reaching the SB home and exhausted, falls on the road; he is found by the SB sisters; the SB cares for EM, and gives him a horse and a black one goodbye puppy; EM returns home, eventually begins to notice that in his absence someone is cleaning the house and cooking for him; under the guise of a puppy, SB's sister, shaman Eigerime, hides: in the absence of EM, she turned into a girl and ran his household; upon learning about this, EM burns the puppy's skin; Eigerime grieves, but EM manages to calm her down; they become husband and wife]: Yemelyanov 1990:97-98.

Amur-Sakhalin. Garin Nanai: Aurora 1986, No. 2 [the young man lived with his older sister, she disappeared; married the Bear, her brother met her bear children; the bear sends him a bear daughter; the young man wakes up, in the house is light, it is night outside; this bear cub has taken off his skin; a young man sneaks up, throws his skin away, takes his sister's daughter and Bear as his wife; more about Mergen's campaigns to avenge his father and acquire new wives; the text is confused, with passes]: 31-33; Beldy, Bulgakova 2012, No. 31 [lazy and dirty Doinwa lived with his mother; mother cut pieces of fish skin and treated them to perfume; D. came to a man with daughters; they shy away from him, the man refuses to give his daughter; D. regurgitates snakes and worms, the man promises to give it back; D. creates a huge turtle, it attacked a man, he gave his daughter, resettled D. with his wife; their house is like a dog kennel; the wife asks for a normal home, it immediately appears; the older sons-in-law go hunting; D. asks his heavenly wife for a horse and equipment, takes off to heaven, descends, kills a wild boar, takes only the best meat for himself; came to the festival under the guise of a heavenly man; ordered to take the leftovers of the meat to his wife D. (that is, to his wife); when he returned to his wife, he quarreled with her; and at night she saw that a heavenly man was next to her; hid his dirty skin in a hole and covered him with clay; when parents and sons-in-law of powders came, they were amazed]: 214-245; Kiel 1996, No. 14 (Amur District of Khabarovsk Krai) [The dog asks the old man to give his daughter; brings water in a bag, pours it out, the old man begins to drown, gives his daughter; there is wind on the river, Dog swims to the other side, kills an old man and an old woman with stones, who are shaking blacksmith's fur in the cave; the wind subsides; in a few movements he made a boat out of birch bark, swims, hits the old man and the old woman with a jail , throws children into a boat, they turn into various fish, brings them to his wife; takes her away from her parents, she sees a rich house, at night she sees a handsome man, hides her dog skin in a mouse hole; the husband remains human]: 175- 183; Hodger 2011 [the frog offers the elk to race, whoever wins kills the other (if the frog, the elk suffocates with blood); the frog sits quietly between the horns, the elk suffocates; the frog says Pudin that he killed the moose, which brings meat home, leaves the frog on the cana; at night he sees a handsome man, puts a frogskin in a mouse hole; Mergen says he was hidden in a frog the skin of evil spirits; P. replies that he is now strong himself; M. kills evil spirits, he and P. have many children]: 80-81; Udege people: Kormushin 1998, No. 5 [Uza's elder brother comes to the old woman, corrects fishing hooks, sees a lot of poultry, takes two burnt females away from the fire so as not to get burned; peeking, he sees how the females have become beautiful, dry his boots, drag sledges; begs for one female; at night he hears someone planing in the hut; opens the door, grabs the girl, tears the dog's skin; the girl below is half a dog; Udza goes to the old woman himself, breaks hooks, hits geese and ducks, kicks and hits the dog; at night she hears the sound of planing, swears, lets his wife twist the rope to catch a whale, which drags him under water], 34 [the girl goes to look for her husband; Humpback witches, blows her two off the hill companions; she enters his house, he throws a knife at her, she bandages her wounded leg with a piece of robe, leaves; Gorbaty's mother, seeing a fragment, tells him to return the craftswoman; he brings the girl home, marries; she watches, sees him shed his werewolf skin, turns into handsome; she takes the skin, he remains her handsome husband]: 108-114, 171-175; Lebedeva et al. 1998, No. 24 [the old man finds a snake at the top, they he is adopted with an old woman; the youngest sister agrees to marry a snake; at night, the wife sees a handsome man shining, hides snakeskin; older sisters come to tickle her, want to know where the skin is; the husband allows say, they throw their skin into the fire, the husband, engulfed in fire, flies to heaven; before that, he gives his wife half a whetstone; the boy, the husband's younger brother, comes to her; the crows in the storage eat the meat left by the elder brother; the youngest cuts off his thigh, gives it to the woman, she fries, eats; finds the boy dead in the morning; red deer, duck transport her across rivers; she finds her sleeping husband, puts half a whetstone to his half, they grow together, the husband wakes up, lives with her], 25 [while the older brother is away, the bird girl flies to the younger Latige, takes off her wings and claws; he sews her clothes to his own, the elder her brother grabs her, hides the bird's clothes in a box; while her husband is away, her son cries, wanting his mother's clothes; she takes the clothes, flies away with her son, the husband shoots his son's little finger; sends a decoy duck to the bird-wife (given by an old woman), grabs his wife, rips off, burns her birds' clothes; when they returned, L. stuck to the door (because he ate good meat, not bad meat as ordered); they revive him]: 187-197, 197-203; Udege people: Lebedeva et al. 1998, No. 25:197-203 [while her older brother is away, a bird girl flies to the younger Latige, takes off her wings and claws; he sews her clothes to his own, the older brother grabs her, hides the bird's clothes in a box; while her husband is away, her son cries, wanting his mother's clothes; she takes the clothes, flies away with her son, the husband shoots his son's little finger; sends a decoy duck to the bird wife (given old woman), grabs his wife, rips off, burns her bird's clothes; when they returned, L. stuck to the door (because he ate good meat, not bad meat as ordered); they revive him]; Nikolaeva 2003, No. 5 [Lektige lives with younger sister; she can't sew; someone washes, sews, embroiders in L.'s absence; L. waits for a duck woman; grabs her feathers; one day their son cries; sister L. says he's looking mother's duck clothes; mother takes her clothes, flies away with her son; L. goes in search; the old woman says that a woman with a child stayed with her, must be on the red lake; L. lures her with data an old woman with a decoy duckling, catches; she agrees to throw off her feathers, he burns them; at home, her sister stuck to the door; says that L.'s wife's seven sisters ate all supplies]: 38-41; Udege [old woman sends her husband to fish; he does not want to, but goes; the serpent wraps around him, tells him to take him with his son; crawls to live with them; tells him to find a wife; the old man swims downstream; there are four girls in the house, only a fourth, the maid, I agree; for three years the snake has been bringing game, but does not live with the girl as a wife; she is going to hang herself, but first hits a snake with a stick; the skin falls off, she hides it; a handsome man comes instead of a snake; three other girls tickle the Snake's wife to confess where the skin is, the skin burns; the husband burns, rushes into the fire, leaving his wife a knife; if you stick the beast in the trail, the beast dies; taking her son, she goes to look husband; wants to be stabbed, her husband's spirit tells her to climb the vine into heaven; the old man (he is the master of heaven) and the old woman accept her; the old man tells her husband to be identified among 20 identical; the old woman teaches her son to hit, his father will cry; the old man puts the couple on a horse, sends them home to the ground]: Nikolaeva et al. 2003, No. 12:86-90; Podmaskin, Kireeva 2010 [the old man catches Dzabdal's runner in the net; he leads him to the hollow, there is a baby; the old man adopts both, gives the boy the name Nadiga; D. explains that he will become human when a girl loves him; N. splits a pebble, invites the girls to find the other half, quietly gives it to the one The one who liked is Ladika; she will come out of the hero; agrees to marry D.; that good hunter; L. sisters watch him take off his snakeskin; bring it to L., who throws her skin into the fire; D. sits on a stone in a burning robe; he will be saved by the one who sews the robe with the same pattern (i.e. like a snake's skin); only L. succeeds; L.'s sisters also make such robes, but N. detained them; when L. put them on D. wore his robe, D. recovered; the rest of the girls gave their robes to the animals and birds, since then they have been in the appropriate color]: 189-173.

Japan. Japanese: Ikeda 1971, No. 425A [Snail's Son. I. Because parents are too quick to wish for a child (C758.1; T553), they turn out to be a Snail (Frog, Slug, Snake) or Boy with a Finger (F535.1); he comes out of his mother's body in an unusual way by way, through the thumb or lower leg (T541; V52); in some cases, the son has been silent for many years (L124.1). II. The little boy easily controls the horse while sitting in its ear (F911.3.1), and when his father is fishing, he finds his son in its belly (F913). III. (1) After staying overnight in a wealthy house, he enters the master's daughter's bedroom or asks him to be left there, smears her lips with chewed rice, accuses her of stealing his rice, forcing him to marry him as redemption. (2) The three options begin as type 312 I (1) and II (1): The snail marries the farmer's three daughters, promising to irrigate his field (H1138). IV. A young wife most often seeks to change the situation (she presses the Snail at his request or on her own initiative {several options}, (5) Crumbles the shell when it comes out; The Snail turns into a handsome young man]: 111.

SV Asia. Yukaghirs (Russified {probably tundra}, p. Nizhnekolymsky District Hike) [the poor man hooks Sherkala, a girl fish (it looks like a fish); brings it home, throws it in the corner; someone cooks and cleans in his absence; he waits girl, throws her fish skin into the fire; she says she is now forced to go back, flows down with sea water]: Bogoras 1918, No. 26:101; Chuvans [Orphan worked for a rich man. Their yarangs were nearby. The lazy son of a rich man did not herd deer; he kept sitting in a yaranga. And my parents were already old, they could not fall. One day, a rich man's son and Orphan went to a nearby camp. The rich man's son was given a beautiful dagger there. And Sirota is a shabby dog with scorched hair. When Orphan goes to herd deer, the dog gets up, takes off its skin, turns into a beautiful girl, and starts cooking. The orphan ran into the yaranga, grabbed the dog's skin and threw it into the fire. The girl said to him, "Why did you burn my skin?! Where am I going to hide now? You'll see, they'll take me away from you!" After the rich man's son saw Orphan's girlfriend, he couldn't find a place for himself. With the help of her fiancée, Orphan performs the tasks of the rich man's son: bring a dagger from a cliff, bring a bear tied to the pass, and bring their knife from the "parents" (i.e. cannibal devils). During the last task, Orphan, when asked by the devils who he is, replies that their son sent him to get a knife. The fourth task is to bring "parents" (i.e. cannibal devils). An orphan brings the devils into the yaranga of a rich man's son. The fifth task is to bring a bear. When Orphan brings the devils and the bear, the rich man's son cries and asks them to be taken back. An orphan and a bride migrate from the rich. There was no one to herd the deer, the herd fell apart and the rich starved to death]: XXX, No. 18.

The Arctic. Asian Eskimos [childless husband and wife raise cormorants; when left alone, chicks take off their skins, dance; husband or wife catch them, tear their skins; chicks become human]: Menoschikov 1985, No. 50 [the husband brings home five chicks, they turn into sons]: 112; Rubtsova 1954, No. 18 [Kanisyak on Fr. Diamida sees six little cormorants on the cliff, wants them to be his children; his wife gives birth to five males and one female cormorant, the Mouse is a midwife; K. breaks into the house, throws the skins taken by the birds at fire; becoming human, former cormorants married a reindeer herder's children]: 262-266; Asian Eskimos (Chaplino) [a single man lived with a female dog; left her bones to eat; once heard from yarangi dancing; spied: the woman was dancing, the dog's skin was lying separately; when he came in, the dog was in the yaranga; the next day he laid down the fuel in piles; hid behind the far one; when the dog shed his skin and the woman went out, looked around, came back, the man ran from one heap to another, ran into the yaranga, burned her skin; began to live with a woman]: Rubtsova, Vakhtin 2019, No. 4:70-72.

Subarctic. See motive E10. Helmet; tagish; inner tlingits; taltan; tsetsot.

NW coast. Puppies. See motive E10. Tlingits; Tsimshian; Haida; Bellacula; Heiltsuk; Quakiutl; Nootka.

The coast is the Plateau. Chilkotin [the little boy does not sleep, cries; someone calls him from the street, promises to give him food; he goes out, there is an Owl, takes the boy in the basket; feeds him at home, gives a necklace of shells dentarium; parents found their son when Owl was not at home, set fire to his house, took the boy away; the owl chased, on the bridge the boy put goat's horns on his fingers, spread them out, the Owl was frightened, fell into the water, returned ; the boy gave people dentistry, since then these shells became known; the mother sent her son to swim, he went reluctantly, disappeared under water; in winter he began to break women's buckets when they took water into the ice-hole; two sisters went to get water with beautiful buckets; when the boy grabbed the first bucket, the second took it out by the hand; the sisters brought it into the house, put it by the fire; it was covered in mucus; in winter, people cannot find ski trees; the boy can hardly get up, brings an armful of material, tells one of the sisters to ruin it in the house, many skis appear; he asks everyone to hit him in an arrow; the raven gives an arrow with a leather one with a tip; in the forest, the boy removes a layer of dirt and mucus like a shirt, becomes a strong handsome man; kills a deer with each arrow, and a coyote with the Raven's arrow; when he enters the village, he puts on slimy skin again; The raven watches the boy, finds the hidden skin, tears and throws it away; the boy repairs it; next time the Raven sees the young man in all its splendor; the young man retains this appearance, takes two sisters as his wife]: Farrand 1900, No. 22:36-37; lillouette: Teit 1912b, No. 9 [woman burns a false branch wife; see motive E9], 15 [puppies turn into children, see motive E10], 44 [Coyote has a branch instead of a wife; four brothers- Bears burn it; two wives are slaughtered for the Coyote from alder and aspen; they descend from tribes with darker and lighter skin]: 309-310, 316-317, 357-358; Thompson: Hanna, Henry 1996 [child cries, one parent warns that an owl will pick him up; at night an owl carries him away in a basket; feeds him with snakes, mice, squirrels; he grows up, hunts, sends meat to his real parents; when he comes back, enters the steam room, becomes covered with ulcers; the girl who rejected the grooms agrees to marry him; he steams again, becomes handsome; goes out, puts on his shell with ulcers; the wife burns her, he stays handsome]: 85-87; Teit 1917b, No. 16 [the baby cries, parents: Owl, come pick it up; the owl takes it away in its basket, makes him grow up quickly, hunt for himself; the owl's heart hangs on the wall in his house; a young man throws him into the fire, the owl dies; the raven shows the young man's relatives where to find him; his sister and mother take him home; he swims in the lake, turns into a loon; goes out to his sister, bringing she has dentium shells; one girl rejects her suitors; follows that young man's sister, asks him to be grabbed when he goes ashore, pours a potion on him, restoring his human appearance; he enters the house nttsaaz (a small smelly creature), puts on the skin of n; parents mockingly tell that girl to marry n.; everyone laughs at her; the husband comes out of his skin at night, carries out her father-in-law's errands ( chop a lot of wood, hunt at night); his wife burns his skin, he stays handsome]: 26-30; see motif E10 [puppies]. Quarry; Thompson; Quinolt; Quileout; Comox; Chalkomel; Clallam; Upper Chehalis; Lower Chehalis; Katlamet; tillamook; halkomel (StSeélis) [the girl is naughty every night, carried away by the owl Slalakem, raised, made her wife; she asks permission to go out of need, goes down from a tree, leaves urine responsible for her, runs away; S. comes to her parents, who tell her to return to her husband; she gives birth to S.'s daughter; sends a bird to her older brother; he and his other sister come to S.; he sends S. for a deer, they all set fire to the house with her daughter S., run away, his brother falls into the lake, disappears, the sisters return home; a girl from another village rejects her grooms, leaves, sings on the shore of that lake ; an ordinary dive, a northern dive, a female dive who became the wife of a missing young man consistently emerge, the girl replies that she did not call them; for the fourth time he emerges himself, takes off the dive skin, goes out ashore, takes the girl as his wife; near the girl's village, a young man enters the leper's hut, throws him out of his skin, puts her on himself; the wife suspects that the leper is her husband and stays with him; parents send her food with her younger sister; when the imaginary leper washes, the drops of water turn into Ts'ákwes (some jewelry); the sister brings it to the parents, who ask the daughter and her husband to himself; the wife carries her husband on her back, the Raven mocks her; at night the young man sheds off the leper's veil; he drives all the deer together and hides them; in the morning he goes skiing after them, leaves the skin on the tree, the wife follows, burns his skin; the young man puts the meat of the dead deer in a bag, brings his father-in-law into the house; the bag is opened, the whole village is littered with meat, everyone admires the former leper; he visits his parents with his family, who considered him dead; at the festival, the Raven eats all the meat alone, hiding it from his family]: Hill-Tout 1904b: 347-352.

NW Mexico. A dog. Tepecano; huichol; cora.

Mesoamerica A dog. Mountain Totonaki; (cf. half [no mention of destroying the skin]); tlapanecas; mixtecs.

Honduras-Panama. A parrot. Cabecar.

Orinoco Delta. Varrau [monkey]; lokono [dog]; kalinha [dog, parrot]; galibi [rain flooded the ground, the hunter and the dog climbed the tree, threw fruits down to see if they came down water; when he got off, went down; when he came back from hunting, the kashiri is ready; the hunter waited for the girl, threw the dog's skin into the fire, got married]: Renault-Lescure et al. 1987, No. 1:11; vapishana [while alone a man hunts, a pet parrot turns into a girl, cooks and cleans the house; he catches the Parrot by surprise, throws her feathers into the fire, marries her]; trio [vulture]; oyana [ vulture].

NW Amazon. Uitoto [the wife of the sick chief goes to the dance; he changes her skin, comes to the party handsome; his wife does not recognize him at first; suspects the truth, runs home, throws his skin into the fire; he turns his wife into a butterfly, goes to the ancestral world]: Preuss 1921, No. 20:110-111.

Central Amazon. The exact location of the recording is not known. {Rio Jamunda?} [Many women sailed along the river to the edge of the forest; with them the only Pahi ("father") Tuna ("water" or "black") man; women always killed boys; one woman gave birth to an ugly man, regretted it; fumigated with smoke, he became handsome; other women began to chase him to make him their lover, called Pahi-Tuna-Re; his mother hid him in the water; the women summoned him, imitating his mother's voice, grabbed him, made love to him; PT told women to cut their hair, twisted a rope, caught a PTR, killed him, cut off his penis, hung it over the entrance to the cave where the women lived; they ran away, hid in another cave, blocking entrance by poisonous creatures; PT lived alone; once food was cooked; saw a parrot fly in, became a girl; PT threw feathers into the fire; lived happily ever after with a girl]: Barbosa Rodrigues in Barroso 1930:99- 102; munduruku [while men hunt, women make cassava drink, take it to the river, hit the water with calebasa; the Serpent comes out, drinks beer, becomes a man, copulates with women; alone a person watches them; men call the Snake with the same signal, kill with arrows; women leave; a pet parrot lives in the same house; turning into a woman, cooking and drinking for the owner; he finds A parrot, burns her feathers, gets married]: Kruse 1949, No. 32:640-642.

Southern Amazon. Bororo [Magureréu and Aroro Ikáre go to the forest, M. tells A. not to tear the fruits, he vomits, he is left with only one head (not a decree, as it happened), rolls after M.; M. builds a hut, brings two turtledots there, A.'s head lies on the floor; when leaving, M. dreams of his wife cooking in his house; someone cooks; M. finds two girls, marries them, he throws their birdskins into the fire; a large group of women enter M.'s house, stumble over A.'s head; M. tells her to jump into the river, her head turns into the evil spirit of Imédu; M. catches him on the hook, tells her never to show himself to people]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1983, #57:114-116