Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

E15A. A boat is like a bird's sternum. (.32.) .41.45.


bow of the boat is modeled on a bird's sternum. See motive E15.

(Wed. Volga â€" Perm. Komi-Permyaks [the sparrow went to plow, the mouse remained at home; sparrow: why is the porridge so tasty? mouse: I interfere with its tail; the next day the mouse is in the field, the sparrow is cooking dinner, stuck its tail, scalded it; the mouse: lie down, I'll cure it; bit it myself, made a boat out of the sternum, made a boat out of the sternum, swam along the river, sings about himself; reluctantly lets a hare; a fox; a wolf; when the bear sat down, the boat turned over; everyone swam out, the mouse is gone; the bear takes turns accusing everyone, they run away, and he swallows the mouse himself; she sings at him stomach: I sharpen the knife, I'll cut the bear's stomach, I'll go out; the bear asks to go out through the mouth, through the ass, the mouse refuses; the bear vomits, the mouse runs between his teeth, but he steps on it]: Klimov 1997:9-11 in Kippar 2002:169-172); Komi-Zyryans [magpie and mouse lived together; only a mouse baked bread and made dinner; magpie: give me soup; mouse: take it yourself; magpie fell into a boiling pot, the mouse cooked it there and ate; made a boat out of her sternum; sings how it sails upstream in a boat from the sternum of a magpie, a paddle with beaver blades, a crossbar from an otter's tail; the hare asks to take it too; mouse: the ears are long; the hare: I'll pick it up; the mouse took him; the fox (the tail is long); then the bear; he feather, everyone hit each other, the mouse climbed into his ass; the fox ate the hare and followed the bear for three years, waiting for his mouse eats, intending to eat the mouse as well; but the mouse got out of the bear carcass and hid under its roots]: Fokos-Fuchs 1915, No. 21:198-203).

Subarctic. Koyukon; upper kuskoquim; tanana; kuchin; upper tanana.

Northeast. Mikmak.