Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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Ethnicities and habitats

F100. The test of chastity (queen and maid) .

The magic tool shows that the only chaste woman is a maid, an orphan, etc. The king chooses a maid.

Igbo, Ancient Egypt, Ancient India, Telugu, Koreans, Norwegians.

West Africa. Igbo [in the family of kings, men die young from an unknown disease; the king wants sons; the wife who has given birth leaves her in the forest; the girl is picked up and raised by an old woman; the king falls ill; the sorcerer says that parrot eggs from the world of the dead will cure him, but only an innocent girl can bring them; only the old woman's adopted daughter manages to bring eggs; the king eats the egg, recovers; the sorcerer suggests that all the king's wives prepare meals; the girl chooses a simple meal that her mother has prepared; so it becomes clear whose daughter she is; her father takes her into the house with an old teacher, her mother makes his beloved wife]: Anpetkova-Sharova 2010:68-70.

North Africa. Ancient Egypt [the throne of Sesostris was inherited by his son Feron; during the flood he threw his spear into the river, became blind; in the eleventh year, the oracle said that the punishment had expired and the king would see the light after washing with the urine of a woman who had intercourse only with her husband; the king tasted the urine of his wife, then the other women; when he saw the light, he married the chaste woman; gathered the rest to the city of Erifrabolos and burned together with the city]: History, II.111; Herodotus 2001:137-138.

South Asia. Ancient India [Somadeva's Ocean of Tales, a fairy tale collection of the 11th century, which is an arrangement of Gunadhya's Great Tale of the 12nd centuries AD, says that the king of Ratnakuta wanted to become the ruler of the world to assemble the largest harem; Vishna promised to give a flying white elephant as a reward for his asceticism; it can be used to fly to any kingdom, the local king will immediately submit and will give her daughter; this is how 80,000 wives will gather; one day a bird pecked an elephant in the crown, it sank to the ground, stopped moving; a voice told the king that the elephant should be touched by a woman who had never changed to her husband; 80,000 wives and all the other women of the city touch the king with their hand to no avail, but the servant of a visiting merchant revives him; sitting on an elephant and taking the maid, the king flies to her father and marries her youngest sister, saying that virtue is more important than nobility]: Vasilkov 2006; Telugu [when the king wants to sit on his elephant, he sees that the elephant is covered with dark spots; the soothsayer explained that in order For the stains to disappear, Patiwrata (a woman who only knew her husband) must wave his lamp; the king announced that his husbands would send him faithful wives, but no one came; the servant promised to send him wife, but she replied that she had 32 lovers, and she was going to meet 33 that night; the servant cries by the river, the laundress asked her to tell her what was going on; instead of the servant's wife, the elephant stains disappear , and the poor laundress is wearing a luxurious robe, the objects are all golden; the king gives half of the estate to the servant, and he calls his savior sister and shares it with her; there is only one thing left on the elephant speck: One day, the wife started eating without waiting for her husband]: Venkataswami 1923, No. 17:54-56.

China - Korea. Koreans [there is a stone table in the emperor's palace; a stone glass fell on it from the sky; when the emperor wanted to take it from the table, he could not do it; predictor: only that one can take a glass a woman who has always been loyal to her husband; a certain Yun-zanani was happy to hear this: everyone would be convinced that the only honest wife in the whole country was his; sister Yuna told him that in fact you need a woman whose husband will be ninth; wife Yunu: comfort yourself, the gift is ours; after that, the sister has recovered: you really need a woman loyal to her husband; Yoon fell silent; all the women gathered but no one came to the table; suddenly an elderly woman appeared, covered in white, as she should be in mourning; she turned to Heaven: you are a witness to my words - nineteen years old I was widowed, faithful to my husband when his life, remained true to this day; she took a glass, it swung, but did not separate from the table; the widow recovered: once in a lifetime, when she met a handsome man, she looked at him lustfully; after I was able to get a glass of this; women: we didn't know lust didn't count]: Garin-Mikhailovsky 1958:.

Baltoscandia. Norwegians [the English prince is looking for a bride, each time he passes by the goose Annie, who replies that she is waiting for an English prince and, if destined, she will get him; the prince has a stone, reporting the chastity or depravity of a woman who goes to bed with him; the princess asks A. to lie down with the prince in the evening and give her seat when he falls asleep; the stone first says that the girl clean, and because this woman had three children; this is repeated with several princesses; the prince puts a ring on A.'s little finger; when he meets a goose in the morning, he sees that her finger is tied; rips off the bandage, recognizes the ring, marries A.]: Dasent 1970:414-418.