Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

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F100A. A chaste woman revives a man..29.33.34.

To revive a man or remove the arrowhead (bullet) from his body, a chaste girl or woman must touch (step over) a killed or wounded person.

Kalmyks, Kyrgyz, Altaians.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Kalmyks [an arrow pierced the boy Dzhangar's shoulder blade; Aranzal's horse brought him to Shikshirgi's headquarters; he ordered the young man to be cut; Hansha Zandal Gerel was going to do so, but Hongor rushed to his mother and blocked J.; asked him to remove an arrow from his body, because only the holy wife could do so; ZG stepped over J. three times, the arrow came out, but the tip was stuck; ZG says The year after her marriage, she glanced passionately at the stallion who covered his uterus; ZG began to pray and the arrow came out]: Lipkin 197:32-34.

Turkestan. Kyrgyz: Baidzhiev 2011 {resume compiled by Ruslan Doutaliev from the Kyrgyz original} [Semetey, Manas's son, continues his father's work, embarks on a trip to China's borders. After recklessly breaking away from his companions, he is attacked by Kalmyk Khan Konurbay, his father's longtime enemy. Konurbay shoots at Semetey with an ochogor (heroic rifle). The wounded Semetey is found by his companions - a wise old man Bakai, who was formerly an adviser to Manas, and Semetey's vigilantes, his milk brothers, the sons of his father's vigilantes, Kanchoro (Hanchoro) and Kulchoro (Gulchoro). Bakai, seeing Semetey's threatening condition, stops Kulchoro, who is going to catch up with Konurbay and avenge Semetey. Bakai calls on Kulchoro to ride Surkoyen's fast-footed horse and immediately go back to Talas to visit Semetey's wife, Aichurek. He says that the bullet is stuck in Semetey's body and Aichurek needs to perform a stepping ceremony when his wife, whose loyalty is beyond doubt, steps over the wounded to get the bullet out of the body. At the same time, the vigilantes Semetey and Bakai decide that if Aichurek steps over Semetey, but the bullet does not come out, which indicates her infidelity, they will kill Aichurek by cutting her throat, and try to open it themselves with a knife Wound Semetey and get a bullet. Kulchoro, thanks to Surkoyen's playfulness, who literally flies across the sky, arrives in Talas in three days and three nights and tells Aichurek about the incident. Aichurek, shedding tears for her husband, turns into a white winch and flies to Semetey. Bakai, meanwhile, breaks a tent over exhausted Semethei, while Kanchoro, to alleviate his suffering, sucks black bad blood from the wound with cards, a special jar of cow's horn. When Aichurek arrives, he turns back into a person. Overjoyed, Bakai calls on her to immediately perform a stepping ceremony. Aychurek steps over Semetey twice, but the bullet doesn't come out. Shocked, Aichurek cries, begins to blame herself that at the time of his maiden life, Semetey kissed her while taking care of her, which then made her feel a strong love feeling, saying that she was otherwise guilty does not know {In Russian translation, ACH says that when she turned into a swan and flew to her groom in Talas, she saw a man from above and thought it was S.; but when she went down and saw his face, that it was K. and flew on; this is her sin}. Then she steps over her husband for the third time, causing a huge piece of lead the size of a bowl to fly out of the wound. Semetey's delighted associates begin to smear the wound with various drugs, Semetey recovers and soon fully recovers from the wound]: 193-196; Fielstrup 2002 [It was such a custom. If, during a battle or under other circumstances, a person was hit by a bullet from a gun and could not be pulled out, the wounded man lay down and asked a woman to step over him ("katyn chin zholdash" - "woman - a true satellite"). If the invited woman is an honest, faithful wife, then for the second or at least the third time, the bullet itself jumped out of the patient's body. And all women agreed to this, which (showed - B.K., S.G.) their high morality in the old days. Such a woman did not walk with anyone, neither as a girl nor as a young woman. If the bullet doesn't come out, then the woman is dishonest. In such cases, in order not to embarrass herself in public, the unfaithful wife hid in advance]: 243.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. The Altaians [The faithful horse of the murdered knight Altai Buchyya (AB) named Temici-Eren comes to his mother, a White Old Woman (ak emegen), and asks if it is possible to revive the hero. The white old woman replies that White Burhan has three daughters who can find a remedy. If one of the daughters named Ak Taji undertakes to revive the deceased, she will succeed. Next, the White Old Woman sits on Temhi-erena and goes to heaven. There she demonstrates her horse's incredible abilities to White Burhan's daughters, who are delighted to ask permission to ride a horse. One of the daughters, Ak Taji, sits on a horse. Temi-Eren's horse's two front legs dance, and his two hind legs go in continuous amble. He plays with both eyes, shakes his head to the ribs. The girl Ak Taji sang like a pipe (sybyski). When I remembered, I found myself seven months away. Temici-eren's horse has a black bronze bit (cooler) under the root of seven fangs, and puts his head between his front legs; stretching his body, runs to the top of Altai. The girl lost her senses. The horse runs faster than an arrow fired, straighter than a bird's eye view; AB has stopped at the bones. The girl Ak Taji regained consciousness. AB came to see the bones. Temichi-Eren's horse says: It's only for AB's soul that I brought you. Ak Burkhan's daughter Ak Taji took a golden shawl. "I didn't know sin," she says. She stepped over the lying bones of Altai Buchyya back and forth. The deceased AB got up, rubbing two hands, saying: Adanyn...! Well, I was sleeping!] : Nikiforov 1915:18-19.