Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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F11. Biting penis .


penis burns, bites, eats food.

Tjintje Vara, Bondo, Sora, Juang, Agaria, Maria, House, Ancient Greece, Asian Eskimos, Northern Alaska Inupiate, Taltan, Lower Ampqua, Kalapuya, Upper Koulitz, Klikitat, clackamas, ne perse, munduruku, caduveo.

Australia. Matuntara (tjintje-wara) [a person's penis is a tooth crawling underground and is caught by rats; it is bitten by a snake, a person dies]: Roheim 1945:260.

South Asia. Bondo [his penis first had a tongue that was then stolen by a snake]: Elwin 1950:71; juang [women bit off their penises with their vaginas; one had a thorn at the end, knocking out his teeth with it , they turned into bhoir trees; the woman is angry, cut off and buried her penis, a bombax tree has grown; a liquid similar to sperm flows from under the torn bark; it is dangerous for pregnant women to go under this tree; its crooked thorns look like teeth]: Elwin 1949, No. 18:382-383; sora (Lanjhia) [my husband's penis had a thorned tongue, he scratched his vagina; his wife pulled it out, threw it away, it was eaten by a tiger; c Since then, tigers have a rough tongue]: Elwin 1949, No. 37:394; agaria [the young man came to the girl twice but fell asleep drunk without satisfying her; she cut off his penis; the penis grew again, now with a point at the end; the South got along with her, pierced her to death]: Elwin 1949, No. 1:373; maria (Bison-Horn Maria) [the women had teeth in their vaginas, and the man's penises were incredibly long and thorned like a tree bombucks; vaginas gradually gnawed penises to the size they have now, and men's vaginal teeth were knocked out with pests]: Elwin 1949, No. 13:380; home [the monkey married a woman's son Rakshasa's daughter with a toothy vagina, but the young man had a penis with teeth; during copulation, the vagina bit off the penis, and the woman died from a penis wound; the monkey brought another, then a third wife, with remnants The son also killed the penis; the monkey laid wood on the house and burned the young man and his mother]: Elwin 1949, No. 17:382.

The Balkans. Ancient Greece: Apollod. Bibl. ["Mythological Library" of Pseudo-Apollodor (1st-2nd centuries): "Booth married Chthonia, Xuf married Creus, and Kefal, son of Deion, Prokrid. Prokrida, taking a golden wreath from Pteleont as a gift, shared a bed with him, but was caught treason by Kefal and ran to Minos. The latter fell in love with her and talked her into getting along with him. But every woman who got along with Minos had to die. The reason was that Pasiphaia, angry at Minos' frequent infidelity, bewitched him, and every time Minos met other women, he gnawed them {in the original - theirα '(small) wild animals'} and women died. But Minos had a frisky dog and an unmissed spear: after he gave them to Prokrid, she agreed to share a bed with him, after giving him a drink of Kirkey's root infusion to protect herself from harm. Later, fearing Minos' wife, she fled to Athens and, having come to terms with Kefalus, went hunting with him (she indulged in this activity with passion). When Prokrid was chasing game in the bushes, Mullet, not recognizing her, threw a spear at her and killed her on the spot. He was tried for this by an areopagus, and he was sentenced to eternal exile" (trans. V.G. Borukhovich)]: III. 15.1; Ant. Lib. ["Metamorphoses" by Antonin Liberal (2nd century): "Kefalus, son of Deion, married Prokrid, daughter of Erechtheus, in Attic Forik. He was a handsome and brave young man, and Eos, falling in love with him for his beauty, kidnapped him and made him her lover <... > Then Kefal began to test Prokrida if she wanted to remain loyal to him. Under some pretext, he decided to go hunting, and sent an unknown slave to Prokrid with a lot of gold and taught him to tell her that a stranger in love with her would give it's gold if she gets along with it. Prokrida first refuses gold, but when Mullet sent twice as much, she agrees and accepts the offer. When Kefal saw her enter the house and lay down on a bed with someone she thought was a foreigner, he brought in a burning torch and found her at the scene of the crime. Prokrida, leaving Kefalus in shame, fled to King Minos of the Cretans. When she found him grieving because of the absence of children, she promised him healing and taught him how to have children. For Minos <во время совокупления> uprooted snakes, scorpions, and scolopendras, and the women he joined died. But Pasiphae, the daughter of Helios, was immortal. So, Prokrida comes up with the following for Minos to have offspring: she inserted a goat's bladder into a <некой> woman's body, and Minos first uprooted the snakes into the goat's bladder and then went to Pasiphae and connected to her. And when they had children, Minos gave Prokrid a spear and a dog; no beast could evade them, but they caught up with them all" (trans. V.N. Yarkho)]: XLI.

The Arctic. Asian Eskimos [a man always beats his wife; she turns a bucket of water into the sea, a bag of meat into a boat, sails away with a young son; sails to an old man, that daughter; at night an old man sends her long penis scratching the baby's neck; the woman avoids copulation; runs away, turning a bucket into a lake; throws a piece of her hair, it turns into a forest; climbs a tree; the old man sees her reflection, dives three times; hears her laughter, sees her in a tree; cuts a tree with her penis; a woman jumps on another; a fallen tree has run over an old man to death; a woman falls to another old man, five daughters; the old man stretches the baby's dicks, turning him into a young man; shows the woman a scar around the boy's neck from being hit by a penis, she recognizes her son; the old man and his daughters show him how to wear eagle clothes ; in the form of an eagle, a young man tries to raise a mammoth, his claws get stuck; the Eagle sisters help him; he brings whales and people for an old eagle who eats human; a mother tells her son about his evil father; An eagle son takes a boat with his father into the air, throws it, brings his mother's father's corpse]: Bogoras 1913, No. 7:426-429; Northern Alaska Inupiate (Noatak): Hall 1975, No. PM33 [leaving home, always jealous locks his wife; a woman tells her to run with a baby; swim across the sea on a self-propelled seal skin; teaches her what to do when she comes to a dangerous person; this man does not tell the person who has come to see for the house; she finds the corpse of a woman there; sees a man cutting wood with his flint-ended penis; with it he killed all the women he copulated with; a woman offers to copulate, repels a man who falls on a wooden couch, his penis pierces a tree, a woman runs away, climbs a tree; the stalker cuts him down with his penis; the woman jumps to another tree, tells him to fall run over a stalker; he dies; female bears (brown) help a woman and her son], PM152 [a woman travels alone, comes to a man; his pants in his groin are wiped to holes every day; she finds the corpses of former wives, their genitals are bloody; the woman prepares for copulation, pushes the man away, he falls on a wooden bed, the penis pierces the tree, the woman runs away; comes to To another husband, he is kind; sharpens the ulu, asks her to kill the woman who comes to beat him every year; when she comes in, the new wife kills her by hitting her neck]: 201-204, 383-384.

Subarctic. Taltan [the old man has a long penis with teeth at the end; he crawls like a snake under the ground, gnaws like a mouse, feeds on the female genitals; one girl grabs it; he cannot cut it off with a bone knife; men cut off; the old man dies; if the end of his penis were returned to him, men would still have teeth in this place]: Teit 1921a, No. 50:245-246.

The coast is the Plateau. Upper colitz [Coyote sees girls bathing, asks Wren to lend him his penis; the penis must be carried in a basket, fed with odorous ants; the Coyote sends it across the river to the girl; The lark screams to cut off the penis with a blade of grass; the Coyote returns it to the Lark, comes under the guise of a shaman to the sick girl; tells him to hit the tambourine louder, copulates with her; running away, screaming what to call child to be born]: Jacobs 1934, No. 1:102-103; clickitate [Coyote meets a man rolling trees with his penis, begs him to change penises; Coyote's new penis is hard, he bites; The coyote returns it to its owner, takes his penis back]: Jacobs 1934, No. 29:75-76; clackamas [Coyote sees a man feed his long penis with chips; changes penises with him; sends to youngest girl; afraid that water will carry her, tells her to cut off her penis with a sedge; the end of the penis remains in the vagina; Coyote, disguised as a shaman, comes to treat the girl; after copulation, she recovers]: Jacobs 1958, No. 9:88-92; ne perse [Coyote sees a man with a big penis crumbling trees; persuades him to switch penises; his new penis first knocks down trees, then bites and eats himself Coyote]: Walker, Matthews 1994, No. 18:61; lower ampqua [Coyote lures his sister's two daughters onto a log path across; when girls step over a log, he looks at her vagina more; frying salmon, lets the fire flare up; girls lean back, he sees their genitals again; after learning that the Coyote has a penis with teeth, the girls run away]: Frachtenberg 1914, No. 19:89-91; kalapuya [ man feeds his huge penis with chips; Coyote changes penises, lets his new one across the river into the chief's bathing daughter; screams to other girls to cut off the tip with grass; changes penises back; girl falls ill; Coyote comes to her as a shaman; tells everyone to sing loudly, copulates; water pours out of her vagina; people send a louse, then look at the flea; both are washed away by water; the spider comes back reports; Coyote runs away]: Gatschet et al. 1945, No. 5:240-244.

Central Amazon. Munduruku [women refuse to have sex with a man whose seed is burning; he masturbates to a calebasa; his sister opens it; sperm, sister, and himself turn into different kinds of toads]: Kruse 1949, No. 27:634.

Chaco. Kaduveo [Ribeiro 1950:151-153; Go-noeno-hodi finds a man cut in half; he makes brothers Godá-kil ("out of the head") and Godá-txák ("from the legs"); they go to the old woman, who trapped men, deprived men of their genitals; the brothers climbed into the trap, sprinkled gold on their mouths so that the old woman thought the prey was dead; the old woman sees two young men trapped behind their legs, they big cocks; freed, they came to life, brought them to themselves; both lay down with her, she had teeth in her vagina, she bit off their dicks; but their cocks were burning, the old woman began to scream; the young men came back, she gave them poisonous fruits, they died]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1990a, no. 52:88.