Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

F15. The trickster's penis grows out of the ground, K1315.2.1.



trickster sticks its plant-like penis out of the ground, provoking the woman to sit on it.

Melanesia. Trobrians [two women go to the beach for water; a man makes an ax, invites him to his place, gets rejected; digs into the sand on the beach, exposing his penis; both women, pushing each other away, they copulate; on the third day they decide to take the “stick” with them, snatch the deceiver; he runs away and teases them]: Malinowski 1932:345-346.

Malaysia—Indonesia. Senoi (Semai) [Enku (Thunder) wished his younger brother's wife, turned his penis into a mushroom (a type of fungus similar to an erected phallus); the woman accidentally sat on it; after learning about the prank, the younger brother made a fire around the mushroom; this is how Thunder got his voice (the informant laughs)]: Dentan 1968:23.

(Wed. Amur — Sakhalin. Nivhi [nivhi did not eat pork before, because pigs eat mushrooms; nivhi mushrooms did not eat either; the mushroom is a penis feature that he stuck out of the ground]: Bereznitsky 2003, No. 34:132).

Subarctic. Taltan [people don't know about sexual intercourse; Raven copulates with a girl, her legs are swollen; to recover, he tells her to find something sticking out of the ground and sit on top; this is his penis; the girl gets pregnant; the Raven forgets to explain how to give birth; first, women's bellies were ripped open; one refused, gave birth normally; since then all women have given birth like this]: Teit 1919, No. 1.8:206-207.

NW Coast. Hyda (Skidgate) [The raven puts yellow cedar in the fire, sparks fly between his sister Sivas's legs; the Raven says the burn will go away if you go and sit on something red and short, protruding from the ground; sister does so, finds her brother under her, immediately gives birth to a boy]: Swanton 1905:127; bellacula: Boas 1895, No. XXII/1 [as in McIlwraith; The raven asks trees how they burn; the spruce throws sparks; the girl hits the Raven]: 243; 1898 [The raven marries a widow, he likes her daughter; he asks various trees how they burn; thuja replies that sparks fly off her women in the genitals; The raven advises the girl to cure the burn by planting in the forest on a certain plant; hiding, exposes her penis, she sits down; The raven is not invited to the party; pretends to be sick, secretly comes up, screams, tells his sons to sprinkle ash on him as if he had never left the house; says that those screams mean enemies are approaching; people are leaving, the Raven is eating holiday food; asks the Deer when fattest; leads to the meadow to the edge of the abyss; says he, the Raven, was already there when the mountains began to grow; the deer replies that he was when the Sun was just beginning to give the world its current appearance; Raven pushes the Deer off a cliff, eats; when he enters an empty house, sees fish stocks; tells his sisters to load everything into the boat; invisible hands beat him and his sisters; the raven goes to the guests, asks for return visits; the bird cuts his leg with a stone knife, caviar falls from there; the seal holds his hands over the fire, fat drips; another bird sings, fills the box with berries; the raven only hurts himself, there is excrement in his box; he swims to Salmon; tells sisters to hole boats; asks the chief's daughter to help carry food to his boat, takes the girl away, Salmon in leaky boats can't chase him; at home tells his wife to make his hair the same as long as hers; she warns that salmon hanged to dry will get entangled in his hair; as it happens, the Raven screams that he does not want to catch them again; the offended wife jumps into the water, all salmon come to life and swim after it]: 90-95; McIlwraith 1948 (2) [The raven tells the burning bark to fall between the legs of a woman sitting at the hearth; to cure the burn, he advises going to the forest and sitting on a plant that can be recognized by his vibrational motion; hides in the ground with her penis exposed; the girl notices the Raven's eyes, leaves]: 410-413; quakiutl (tlatlasicoala neveti) [like a bellacula]: Boas 1895, No. XVIII/1:178 -179.

The coast is the Plateau. Chilcotin [like bellacula; Raven]: Farrand 1900, No. 5:17; clackamas [Coyote tells Fasaniha he is her brother; asks her children to dance (with their eyes closed?) , quietly curls their necks; some escape, they are the ancestors of today's pheasants; Coyote comes to the house where mother and daughter; says that a short girl, let her come to the beach, will find healing means; hid in the sand with his penis out, the girl sat on it; the mother tells her daughter that she has grown up; Coyote sees girls on the other side of the river; they call him to copulate; the Coyote swims across the river, but The girls are now on the side he was before; Coyote's excrement tells him they're not girls, but... (the informant did not know the translation); the Coyote tells them to become two rocks; comes to a man whose body oozes; he collected it, baked it, gave it to the Coyote; the Coyote does not eat, the owner put it in his bag; when he opened it, there was sturgeon; the Coyote returned, water instead of home; relieved his need, his excrement says that the owner was Sturgeon; the Coyote helps the man put brushwood on his back; he says he has the wife gives birth; the Coyote squeezes pus out of the woman's finger, tells the fetus to be carried in the womb rather than in the finger, shows how to copulate; another person cuts trees into chips, feeds his long penis with chips; Coyote exchanged penises with him; if you do not give his penis chips and branches, he bites his legs; Coyote lets his penis underwater into the younger girl; fears that she will be carried away by the river, tells her to cut off the penis with a sedge; comes disguised a shaman treats a sick person; pretends to be weak, 5 girls, 5 widows, 5 abandoned women should carry him; copulates with them; tells Cranes, Vultures, Geese to sing loudly; Flea comes in, sees that a shaman copulates with a girl; Coyote runs away, girl has recovered; see further K1H motif]: Jacobs 1958, No. 9:80-92.

Plains. Two girls pick strawberries; an old man sends his penis to them underground; girls mistake it for a berry, lick it, it's sweet. Blacklegs [one sits on him, raised by him]: Josselin de Jong 1914 [both girls run away]: 23; Wissler, Duvall 1908, No. 20 [torn by a penis]: 35; crowe [Old Coyote hides in the ground, exposing their penis; the girls can't pick that berry, they go for a rock to break it; the Coyote old man runs away]: Lowie 1918:44; Simms 1903, No. 3:284.

(Wed. Big Pool. Western shoshones [the celestial penis is a plant with a rhizome 15 cm long; it is baked, peeled, and eaten; it is the Coyote's spare penis; cf. motif F59]: Smith 1993:58).