Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

F18C. Girls across the river, K1391. .19. (.29.) .41.-.46.48.50.

The character sees a girl on the other side of the river, copulates with her in an unusual way (sends his penis across the river; turns it into a bridge along which the girl crosses the river; a dam that blocks the river in front of her; dives, swimming to the girl under water; sends an object into the girl's vagina). See F18B motif.

Melanesia. Varaber; viram [Duviar sees two girls swimming in his stream; to punish them, he puts a piece of sugarcane in a magic crocodile tooth, sends them underwater into her vagina the older girl; she falls ill, her genitals are swollen; two young men, first the eldest, then the youngest, come to treat her; each says he is D., cannot heal; the real D. comes (accepts on the way cassowary appearance), extracts a piece of cane; the girls persuade him to lie down with them; at night, D. copulated with the eldest so much that she already went to give birth in the morning; the next night the same with the youngest; both give birth son]: Williams 1969:390-391; Trobrians.

(Wed. Caucasus - Asia Minor. Abkhazians [Sataney-Guasha noticed a shepherd on the other side of the river and wanted him; she hid behind a rock; he let his seed across the river, it fell into the rock; she extracted an embryo from the rock, kept him under her clothes, pretended to give birth to Sasirkva; he was hardened in a furnace, given him molten metal, he immediately grew up and was stronger than his older brothers]: Inal-ipa 1977, No. 1-2:14-16; Salakaya 1978, No. 2-6 [five options]: 170-179; Kabardian people: Aliyeva et al. 1974, No. 1 [Sataney Guasha washed, shepherd Sosom saw her from the other side of the river, his seed fell into a stone near S.; that brought the stone home, it was born to Sosruko with a steel body; when the blacksmith Tlepsh hardened it, held it by the knees with ticks, they remained vulnerable], 2 [Satan washed by the river, the shepherd Shokar splashed it into it with seed from the other side, it fell into the stone; S. brought it home; 11 months later it began to boil; blacksmith Tlepsh took the boy Sosruko out of him; when he hardened him, he held his legs with ticks]: 189, 189-190; Karachays, Balkarians: Aliyeva 1994, No. 32 [Kyun-Biyche saw a shepherd on the other side, hid behind a stone; the shepherd's seed fell into the old stone (granite; large river boulder ); her mistress Kyrs-Biyche, whose sledges were gaining wisdom, ordered the stone to be brought to the fortress; nine months later it split, Sosuruk was born; Kyrs-Biyche rinsed his mouth with the water of mountain streams, it's milk for him], 33 [a silly shepherd named Sozuk had dogs Jeter (catching up) and Tutar (grabbing); when Sozuk played the flute, J. danced for the man, T. for a woman; Sozuk saw Satanai washing on the other side; his seed fell into an old stone; Satanai told him to be brought in, cut; nine months later she took out the boy; it was Sosuruk; she raised him in secret from Öryuzmek], 34 [sledges saw a stone on the river island; it split, a boy appeared; Yoryuzmek swam to the island, brought a boy; he was named Sosuruk; his mother YE. gave him a breast]: 365-366, 366, 366-367 (Appendix 1) [Shepherd Sojuk saw Princess Satanai across the river, leaned against a stone; S. ordered blacksmith Deuet 60 hammers; 60 young men cut a stone with them; S. broke it herself Sosuruko took out the last shell, gave the boy to the genies; they hardened his body like steel, except for his knees]).

Subarctic. A helmet.

NW Coast. Bellacula [one boy and many girls go to dig the roots of the fern; the boy causes rain; the stream separates the girls from the boy and from the house; the young man lays his huge penis as a bridge, the girls on it are moving]: McIlwraith 1948 (2): 453.

The coast is the Plateau. Shuswap; thompson [penis swims into girl's vagina; penis bridge]; lillouette [dam]; skagit; quileut; clackamas; upper colitz; sanpual; ne perse; tillamook; tututni [Coyote sees girls across the river sitting with their legs apart; penetrates them as salmon]: Frachtenberg 1915, No. 15a: 222-223; upper coquill [Coyote turns into salmon, swims in shallow water; two girls undress and start catching him; he pokes his vulva with one head and the other with his tail; runs away as a Coyote; they squeeze each other out a friend from the abdomen his semen; he sees girls from afar; asks his crap what to do; crap advises to send his long penis to the girl he likes; the girl notices penis, cuts it with a digging stick; Coyote dies; comes to life but when someone bites it]: Jacobs 2007:258-259.

The Midwest. Winnebago [Wakjunkaga wakes up from his erected penis lifting the blanket high into the air; he rolls his penis in rings, puts it in a box, carries it on his back; sees on the other Lakeside bathing girls; sends a penis to the chief's daughter; strongmen can't pull it out; the old woman stabs it with an awl; V. takes his penis, laughs]: Radin 1956, No. 15-16:18-20; illini (peoria) [ stories about Wambä sending his long penis to a girl across the river]: Michelson 1917:494.

Northeast. Malesit [Laks (probably wolverine; aka Loup Cervier) sees women fishing on the other side; asks his brother (i.e. his anus) how to master them; he advises cutting off the penis, tie to a long pole; in the middle of the river, the penis is swallowed by fish; "brother" advises taking a boat, harpooning a big fish, hitting not in the stomach, but in the tail; L. pulls his penis out of the fish's belly, but by mistake puts it backwards on herself (when wolverine urinates, her penis is pointing back between her legs)]: Mechling 1914, No. 19:81-82.

Plains. Blacklegs: Josselin de Jong 1914 [The old man sees Bobrikha sleeping on the other side of the river; asks Muskrat to drag his penis across the river, insert Bobrikha into the vulva; the muskrat pulls his penis into the prickly bushes; helps the Old Man remove thorns]: 19-20; Wissler, Duvall 1908, No. 21 [N. sees Bobrikha sleeping on the other side of the river; sends his penis into her; she is blown away by the current, N. can hardly pull his penis back]: 36; grovantre [Nishant sees a girl on the other side; asks the Mouse to carry his penis across the river; penis crawls into the vagina]: Kroeber 1907b, No. 6:68; iowa [Ishiinki sees bathers girls; sends her penis underwater across the river to the most beautiful one; lets her go when an old woman stabs her penis with an awl; laughs]: Skinner 1925, No. 22:485; arpahoe: Dorsey, Kroeber 1903, No. 29 [ Nihansan sees a woman sleeping on the other side of the river; asks the Mouse to carry his penis across the river; the penis falls into the sink, is cut off, N. dies], 30 [as in (29); The mouse sinks, the bird carries N.'s penis. he enters a woman]: 63-65; pawnee (kitkehahki) [the Coyotes had a long penis, they wrapped it around their waist; sitting on the shore, they let it into the water; women thought snakes were swimming, they rushed to run; The coyote chief had the longest penis; he hears a rustle in the ground, promises to kill the one who scrapes with his penis, throws it into a hole; the penis is gnawed to pieces; the Coyote throws a handful of pieces in four sides; pieces turn into plum trees, vines, berry bushes, walnut trees; an insect appears from the mink, says that now the Coyote penises will be short; this story They tell children not to eat too many fruits and berries, but to leave them to adults]: Dorsey 1906, No. 142:464-465.

California. Hupa [Coyote eats grasshoppers, they fall out of his ass; he covers his ass with resin; accidentally sits on hot coals, the resin lights up, he jumps into the river; girls go, he turns into salmon; girls can't catch it, it slips between her legs, one of them gets pregnant]: Curtis 1976 (13): 184-185; shasta: Frachtenberg 1915, No. 15a [coyote sees two girls, turns into salmon, swims in a stream; girls sit on opposite banks of a stream; imaginary salmon climbs into their genitals; takes on its former form, laughs], 15b [Coyote sees girls across the river, sends her long penis at them; then the girls see something sticking out of the ground; one hits it with her digger, the Coyote squeals, removes the penis]: 222-223, 223; screw [Coyote sees on the other side rivers of bathing girls; comments on their genitals; dives while raping them]: DuBois, Demetracopoulou 1931, No. 62:388.

The Great Southwest. Lipan.