Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

F19. A dangerous relationship with a frog. 59.-.63.66.68.

After copulating with a frog, a man's penis is crippled (if not otherwise: it becomes long, see motif F18A).

Guiana. Oyana: Magaña 1987, No. 20 [a man wakes up screaming a toad; sees a beauty; she warns not to have sex with her, he insists; his penis becomes as long as a snake; in in the village, he turns into the lover of all women; men are going to kill him; women solder men drunk, leave with their lover; this Month]: 38; 1989 [copulates with a frog]: 28.

Ecuador. Colorado [the hunter is married to the lazy Frog; always finds only feathers trapped; comes earlier, finds a clay woman, takes her as his wife; the frog pushes her into the water, she melts; The frog asks her husband to have sex with her from behind; the husband copulates from the front; the Frog's gut pinches his penis; the frog dies; the husband tries to make a new woman out of clay (she starts moving); in a boat Nutria arrives, frees a person by cutting his gut; tells him not to talk about what happened; at the festival, a person says, disappears]: Mix 1982:88-90.

Western Amazon. A young man copulates with a frog, which he calls inadvertently when he hears its screams; unless otherwise: aquatic creatures heal the young man, cut off pieces of his penis, and they turn into an anaconda. Maihuna [penis crawls towards a woman; her brother cuts it off with a trap; man recovers; his wife buries his penis]: Bellier 1991b, No. 271-273; kofan [man meets a girl in the woods, on in fact, she is a toad; brings her into the house, marries; his relatives find that she is cooking chicha with a toad in a vessel; they scold her; at night she tells her husband to insert his penis deeper, runs away into the forest, pulling her out his penis; Otters wrap him around his husband's belt; treat him, tell him never to copulate again; at the festival he breaks the ban, dies]: Calífano, Gonzalo 1995, No. 57:108-109; napo [ The young man was cutting trees, heard a frog's voice, called her, and a beautiful black-toothed girl (black teeth because she chews special leaves) and a face painted with uruku appeared; she agreed to make love, but she is not like women; kicked the young man in the penis, it began to grow, it was impossible to walk; complained to the Wankani otter; V. began to cut off pieces of the penis, scattered them along the rivers, they turned into snakes; the young man's penis became of normal length; most pieces were thrown into the lake where the mother of snakes now lives]: Mercier 1979:91-93; canelo [in the afternoon at the site, the younger brother tells the older brother what he wants a woman; in the evening a frog (her name is apparently Piripiri) came up to him; the youngest had sex with her, she galloped off, stretching his penis with him; the eldest went away for help; at that time the Big Otter (yacu) came puma, "river jaguar"); cut off excess from the penis, pieces into a basket, scattered along rivers; amarun anacondas appeared from pieces]: Whitten 1985:66-67; shuar: Pelizzaro 1993 [treat manatees]: 164-165; Rueda 1987, No. 45 [Hearing a frog's voice, a young man wants her to become a woman and get along with him; meets a girl, converges with her, his penis becomes long; he takes drugs, squeezes out boaters Wankánim aquatic people; they cured him, cut off excess from his penis; the pieces were thrown into the water, they turned into an anaconda; contrary to warning, the young man comes to fish in these places, his anaconda swallows], 45a [as in (45)]: 198-199, 200-201.

NW Amazon. Andoque: Landaburu, Pineda 1984:153-158 [Capybara has a wife Toad (the word also means "vulva"); in the forest he met another woman, the black-toothed Frog, and brought home; she does not help Toad dig cassava, brings little, but makes a lot more starch at home; Toad has lightning in his mouth, she cuts off the Frog's head with it; tells her husband that she went to look for ants; husband and Toad also follow ants; Toad lifts the stone, the husband sees the Frog's hair sticking out of her ass; pours boiling water on her, the Frog comes out; later the husband copulates with the Frog on the site, falls asleep; the frog climbs the tree, dragging him with him the husband's lengthened penis, the penis turned into a vine; the frog refuses to give their son to her husband, the husband cuts the tree, it falls, the Frog fell to pieces that turned into frogs; the husband walked carrying his penis in the basket; when he saw the women, he crawled to them underground; when the women trampled on their penis, the man screamed in pain], 159 [a similar option, the tree is cut not by Capybara, but by the Opossum].

Central Amazon. Munduruku [the hunter hears the frog Wawa's voice; says his penis inside her will make her moan; V. turns into a beauty, they copulate; when he has an orgasm, V. turns back into a frog, jumps with his penis in it, it becomes long; Otters catch karatinga (fish), fry it, burn the penis; it becomes small]: Murphy 1958, No. 51:127; Murphy, Murphy 1974:100.

Bolivia - Guaporé. Guarazu [hunters go through the forest; the person left in the hut hears the voice of the cururu toad, says that if she were a woman he would lie down with her; Cururu goes down, converges with him, jumps back, the penis stays in her vagina, becomes long; when he lets go of the penis, the person is forced to wear it around his waist; in the village, the wife rejects it; at night he sends his penis to crawl into vaginas different women; when he crawled into the chief's hut, he woke up, cut him off with his sink; the man died; his spirit stayed in the ground, still sends his penis to sleeping women; they wake up wet vagina]: Riester 1977, No. 43:298.

Southern Amazon. Trumai [the young man finds a frog in the basket under his roof; the frog warns him not to copulate with it, but he does not listen; his penis becomes long; shamans try to heal him, but his penis becomes only longer; birds peck the penis, it gradually becomes normal]: Monod-Becquelin 1975, No. 61:191-192.