Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

F28A. Monstrous penis. (.12.) .

There is only one penis - the husband of the first women or Amazons, usually (except Ojibwa and Montagnier) growing from the ground or water in the lake.

(Wolof), Mackenzie Eskimos, Igloolik, Polar, Angmassalik, Ojibwa, Montagne, Kamsa and Ingano, Shikuani, Oyana, Kofan, Napo, Carijona, Yukuna, Urubu, Tenetehara.

(Wed. West Africa. Wolof [fulbe has a cow, but as soon as he gives milk, a big penis appears and demands to give everything to him; the lion promises to deal with his penis, but is beaten and defeated; the same is a hyena; then the cock jumped on the penis and it was gone forever]: Copans, Couty 1988, No. 46:116-118).

The Arctic. McKenzie's mouth [the hunter sees and hears his wife calling the earth's penis with a song, copulating with it; the hunter sings the same song, cutting down the penis with an ax, the blood turns into red berries; woman next time doesn't find a penis]: Ostermann 1942:128-130; polar Eskimos [husband watches his wife, sees her coming to the lake, calling the penis, he shows up, she copulates with him; husband himself causes a penis, kills with a stick, cooks, feeds his wife; puts worms, flies, etc. under her blanket, they eat her; he burns insects; someone cleans his house; he finds a beautiful woman; this is Lisa; in Hare and Kal live in another house; the hunter and Kal change wives; Kal and Lisa are dissatisfied with each other's smell; they turn into a fox, feces, a hare into a hare; the hunter is looking for a Fox; comes to the cave where they live the worms he burned; they are now humans, Lisa lives with them (text ends)]: Holtved 1951, No. 38:166-172; Menovshchikov 1985, No. 231:449-450; Igloolik (Repulse Bay) [Kiviuq sees his two wives naked they go to the lake, ask "Substitute penis" to show up; take turns satisfying themselves with it; K. calls the penis in the voice of his wives, cuts it off, cuts it apart at home, cooks, gives it to wives; they say it's tough and tasty; they cry when they find out that they ate; K. collects worms on the shore; asks one if she is more afraid of worms or a knife; she replies that a knife; sits on worms; they crawl into her anus and vagina, crawl out Through her mouth, she dies; the second wife says she is afraid of worms; K. hacked her; someone cooks and cleans his house; he notices a fox hole under his wives' grave; finds a woman grabbing her skin; one day Wolverine offers to swap wives; K. tells me to close the door tightly, but he forgets; the wife pees in bed, Wolverine asks what the stench is, the Fox grabs her skin, runs away; Wolverine's wife, with whom K. slept, turns into feces; K. follows the Fox's trail to the hole; Lemming, the Wolf, comes out of it, offers himself; K. rejects them; they let him into the hole; there is a crying wife; she first sits down from him, then goes home with him]: Spalding 1979:64-66; East Greenland (Angmassalik) [husband watches his wife as she calls at the shore of Lake Penis, he appears, copulates with her; husband calls Penis instead of his wife, she kills, cuts them into pieces, mixes them with ordinary meat, gives it to his wife, says she ate her lover; puts flies, worms and larvae under the skin that his wife has covered, they eat her; then he burns them themselves; someone cooks in his absence, he waits for Lisa, makes him a wife; in winter they come to visit Crap married to Hare; change wives; Fox and Crap do not like each other's smell; when they hear the words of Crap, the Fox runs away, the husband follows the trail to the hole; the Fly comes out of it, then the Larva, offers himself; the husband rejects them, climbs into the hole himself, but there is only a worm woman, she says he suffers because of what he did to her; he's left alone]: Millman 2004:98-99.

The Midwest. Ojibwa (Minnesota) [a large cocoon-shaped penis is the only man in the world; a girl sleds him; descends into the river from the mountain; the penis tears his wet wrappers, gets out of- under the ice, becoming a man with arms, legs, etc., chases a girl; an old pike lets her in her, bites him in half; his body is cut into pieces, from which modern people emerge]: Radin, Reagan 1928 , NO. 17:103-106.

Northeast. Montagnier [like an Ojibwa; the girl has a penis lover; she carries him on a sledge; an old woman kills the Penis with a needle; all animals come to share fat (species origin); The rabbit wanted to be Caribou, but he was not allowed]: Desbarats 1969:4-5.

The Northern Andes. Kamsa, ingano [ancient women; the penis crosses the river to reach women, crushed in a trap set by the hero; ancient men chase the hero, thunder kills them]: McDowell 1989:112-113.

Llanos. Sicuani [a man is carried away by Tapirih; the Amazons kill her; one of them secretly takes a man as her husband; he pours boiling water over a penis that grows out of the ground, the husband of the Amazons; returns home]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1992, No. 83 [while hunting, Tapiriha runs up to a virgin youth, turns into a woman, says she will pick him up, becomes a tapiriha again, carries him away on his back; in the forest she does not tell him to copulate with her in the first night; gives a vine infusion to make his penis bigger; takes the young man across several rivers; finds themselves in the country of women; they say they have found a tapir trail; Tapiriha asks if he heard he is something, the young man lies that he is not; women trap Tapiriha, she warns the young man not to eat her meat; women kill tapiriha, look for a young man; a virgin who has not yet copulated with Irrabowáto (në), notices him in a tree, hides him from others; tells him to taste the meat of the murdered tapiriha; I. has "The Penis of the Earth"; the girl who saved the young man does not want to copulate with him, because he is not only her husband, but also her father and other women; I. regularly examines everything at home; if he finds a male child, kills and eats; the young man stays with the woman, she becomes pregnant; lies to his mother that I. is in the central house of the village, he is a penis protruding from the ground, women sit on it; when they leave, they cover it with a clay pot; the wife brings pepper for her husband to pour pepperwater on the Penis, gives him her clothes and jewelry; when a person lifts the pot, a stream of seed hits from there; he is warned not to let the seed fall on his face; fills his penis with boiling water and pepper; I. screams, women run away, but he is already dead; he was buried; a man's wife gives birth to a boy, women hope that he will replace his common husband with him; she refers a man to his former family, otherwise the Amazons will kill them all; he crosses rivers, cries at the seashore; Ducks of three different species consistently take him into their boat, tell him not to let the winds in; every time he does not hold back near another island, the ducks take off, he reaches the island by swimming; Mother Tomáliwa ducks in the guise of a man with a long penis tell them not to look back, he carries them; he looks around, she quilts it with her penis for eating Tapiriha meat; he returns to his family; T. is not the moon, although many people think that the moon shines], 84 [while hunting, Tapirih takes the young man in the form of a woman; to do this, he turns him into a tapir for a while; under the sea, he crosses with him into the country of women; they kill Tapiriha; the girl finds a man, hides; he refuses to eat Tapiriha meat; the girl says that their husband is their father, she does not want to copulate with him; Amazons kill boys; the man sees how women take turns sitting on a penis that protrudes from the ground; it is covered with a cassava push-up bag; the man takes it off, the sperm splashes into his face; he fills the penis with boiling water; the wife sends the man home; women revive the Penis, happy; various ducks, herons swim across the sea; their boats are their beaks; each group takes a person, leaves him in the water every time he blows the winds; the last one Tomalinae; her paddle is lightning, the boat is her pelvic bone; she puts the man aft, tells him not to look back; on the shore he turns around, sees her vulva; she is ashamed], 85 [Tapiriha takes the man, crosses lakes and rivers on the bottom; Amazons trap her, kill her; their name is Irboatowi, "People of the Earth's Penis"; twice a day at noon and in the evening they copulate in it; boys are killed, eaten; a man is found virgin; says that every man is copulated by a woman while his penis is hard, then killed, eaten; his wife sends him home; three types of ducks take him sequentially, leave him in the water when he blows the winds; the tree tells him to go with their Mother Moon; her boat is her genitals, she tells him not to look; he watches, she gushes him with her pubic hair; when she reaches, the Moon gives him a banana, from who can be bitten off forever; tells you not to look at the new moon; he looks, turns into a nightjar], 86 [Agouti steals cassava from the field; the man traps her, she turns into a woman; takes him away; crosses the sea, turning itself into a tapiriha and it into a tick in her ear; on the land of the tsaki-momobi women's community, tapiriha eats bananas and pineapples; women catch her in a trap pit, kill her; a girl finds him; a person lifts a vessel that covers the penis protruding from the ground; the seed splashes into his chest; he fills the penis with boiling water; ducks of various species undertake to transport it across the sea, but throw it when he it blows the winds; finally, ordinary people bring him home; after becoming the fruit of a palm tree, he sees his mother, she is old; he goes down, becomes human]: 309-321, 323-326, 327-328, 329-332.

Guiana. Oyana: Magaña 1987, No. 5 [brothers watch their sisters, see their penis name coming out of the ground; brothers tell them this; women take their penis, go underground through a hole in the village square; a parrot tells men about it, but the hole is too narrow for them], 10 [all women in the village copulate with a penis protruding from the ground in the garden; everyone becomes pregnant; men watch them, cut off their penis; when they find out, women hide in a hole in the ground; birds report this to men; they soon stop stalking]: 34-35; 1989 [women become pregnant, through they give birth for two months; men watch them; they see their penis in the garden; it comes out of the ground, they copulate with it; men call the penis with the same words, cut it apart; women take their children conceived from the penis, fire and cassava, go through a hole in the ground; men learn about it from a parrot; follow women to a wide river, return; they paved the way for women lover]: 27-28; (cf. aparai [man kills his wife's lover, cuts off his penis, hangs it where the wife does her job; women come back from the garden, recognize the penis; this is their mutual lover; one throws it on the sky, it turns into a Month; women go away, become Olisian Amazons]: Rauschert 1967, No. 31:200).

Western Amazon. Kofan: Borman, Criollo 1990, No. 8 [the woman has two boys, their younger sister and a baby boy; her husband is an underground trickster; while her mother is in the garden, the children started drumming calebass and a mat cup in the house by a hole in the ground; something green appeared from there - the trickster's penis; the children did not recognize their father, mistook him for a snake, cut off the penis; said, let this be a sign that people are mortal; The severed part crawled into the forest; the mother heard her husband's moans, ran home, started drumming, no one crawled out; she beat the children, drove them away, did not let them into the house; they began to think what to become; stones - people will make hearth stands; sand - they will dig holes for the supports of the house; earth - will walk on us; trees - will cut down to build houses; rivers - will float us in boats; cedars - they will make dowels out of us; in the evening they came to the pebble tree on the river, raised their heads, saw the stars, decided to become stars; told their sister to hide the cotton rope, broke the reeds, tied the rope to reeds, they began to throw them into the sky, but did not ask; in the morning the younger brother asked the elder to give him; he gave only a crooked reed; it pierced the sky, the rope went down, became a ladder; the children climbed to heaven, they liked it; they went back to pick up the pet parrot; the mother said she would climb with them; they agreed, but told the parrot to cut the rope when the mother climbed high; the mother climbed, taking a couch, firewood, hearth stones, ash; the parrot cut off the rope, the children told their mother to become a laughing falcon (gavilan, Herpetotheres cachinnans); when they saw the children, the mother cried; falcon feathers turned white due to awakening ash; the children became the Pleiades (when they are not visible, the rivers are flooded)]: 107-123; Calífano, González 1995, No. 38 [the woman has three small children; her husband is an underground worm; she hits her tambourine, sits on the ground, from there her penis rises; her daughter does the same, tells her brothers; the youngest cuts off his penis; he screams that the children killed him; the children reject turning into stone ( they will put them in the hearth), earth (trampled), wood (cut down and burn), sand; decide to become stars; the youngest manages to throw a crooked stick into the sky; from there the stairs fall; they go up to the upper world, he is them I like it, they come back to pick up their parrot; the mother climbs after them, taking ash-stained stones for the hearth; the children tell the parrot to cut the rope; the mother falls and turns into a bird (apparently laughing falcon, see Borman, Criollo 1990), still screams plaintively]: 87-89; Napo: Mercier 1979:40-42 [a man warns his wife (her name is Wakana is Owl) that if she dies, she must bury his penis; does the trap, climbs into it, dies; the buried penis turns into a big worm; the woman hides it under a vessel; removing the vessel, sits on the ground; her son finds a worm, the daughter pretends to sit on the ground, they cut off the penis with a loop; thunder sounds; three children climb into the sky along a vine resembling a ladder, turn into the Pleiades; the girl's basket into the constellation Ship or Hare (p.51); a woman turns into an owl , carries a penis in his beak, eats snakes and worms ever since], 43-44 [the son and daughter of a lazy mother rise to heaven in a stream of smoke, take a basket and a parrot with them; come back; rise again; this time the mother follows them; they throw a piece of cloud into her chest; her breasts split so women have two breasts; the mother falls down and turns into a panda (the size of a dog, eats bananas, papaya)]; Wavrin [man fell into his own trap, hung on a tree, his penis came off, fell; his wife dug a hole for his penis, began to water the chichi, covered it with a vessel; stomped her foot, removed the vessel, the penis came out of the ground, they copulated; her two sons and daughter wonder why the mother cooks so much chichi; the brothers turn into a cicada and a cockroach, watch; later they stomp on the ground like their mother, a penis appears, they tie it up with a rope and tear them off; mother beats them; brothers flee to the end of the world where the Morning Star rises; Cayman offers a transfer across the seas, asks if he stinks; they say no; younger brother sits down Cayman on his head, the eldest turns into a bird; jumping ashore, the elder shouts to Cayman that he stinks, Cayman bites off the youngest's leg; the elder shoots into the sky; the second arrow gets stuck in the sky, then falls into the sea, it dries up; the elder kills all the Caymans, cuts off their tongues; takes out his leg from the latter, his leg grows; while continuing their journey, the brothers ask for the excrement of the Yns, cuts off their tongues; the last tapir, how long they lie; several years, then a year, six months; when he finds a tapir, the elder pierces a spear; the back of the tapir falls into the water, turns into a manatee, the front into the current tapir; returned to their sister; the elder sent a parrot to make notches in the vine hanging from the sky; the parrot picked up his sister in the basket; the younger brother got up holding four fish; the elder with a harpoon, a forest, and jaws caimana; mother turned into a snake eagle, carried her husband's penis in her beak; siblings and objects turned into constellations; when their coexistence sets, brothers on earth turn into birds like plows or plows] 1937:611-614; 1979:63-64.

NW Amazon. Women live without men; they copulate with a penis column growing out of the ground; the hero marries one of the Amazons, she is pregnant; he runs away. Carijona [the hunter wants to get the tapir alive, puts his hand in his ass, he drags him to the river; he transports him across the river; there's a field of pineapples; the tapir falls into the Amazon trap pit - Giirinomo ; the hunter touches their leader's vulva; she first combs scorpions, ants, spiders out of the pubis; G. copulates with objects from which seed splashes; the chief allows the hunter to have sex with everyone, but only gets pregnant herself; the rest want to kill him for it; he and the leader fill the mirrors in which G. everyone sees; one old woman has a mirror; the fugitives sail in the boat, taking them with them deer; G. throw a harpoon, pull out a deer; fugitives swim to carijona land, live among people]: Schindler 1979, No. 14:120-128; yukuna [Kawarimi's older brother sends younger Maotchi to a tree for parrot eggs; asks four times what they are; each time she hears my daughter-in-law; breaks off the branch, M. falls into the hollow; K. leaves, takes his wife M.; parrots carry M. food; when they fly away, M. an ant crawls inside the trunk below; asks the Aguti woman to help, promises to lie down with her for this; she cuts a hole in the trunk with an ax, breaks M.'s spine with the last blow; heals, but since then people have pain in the back; they lie down with a jack in her hammock; she starts eating his anus; bit the bottom of his body; he asks for food from his children's mother's garden; Agouti came back, said that his wife scolded her; in Next time Aguti is in the form of a man, his wife gave her food; M. returns home, first asks his son not to tell his mother; digs a hole in the garden to the lower world (a hole in the center of the world); sends his son for K.; jumps into a hole, climbs out a vine; K. jumps, falls, screams, cotton, clap; M. screams, Stone, stone; picks up his wife; K. waits, a Sun boat sails past the underground river; his crew Kojopana and Lu'uina, black with the heat; K. waits for the boat of the Month, the little brother of the Sun; K. kills flies, the Month says they are his sailors; stopped to eat, the Month asks for a top with fish, K. sees anaconda; The month gets it by itself; the cauldron, the plate are curled snakes; the calebasa is the wasp's nest; the month cut off the tip of K.'s tongue, it turned into a toad; K. refuses to marry Ocherie Months; that brings him to maloka, where women want to copulate; the old woman's vagina swallowed him, the Month pulled him out; K. met a woman in the forest; she says she was bitten by a jaguar, but her wounds were caused by a bat; K. cured her; Maloka's mistress said that this woman was too young; she gave it to an old woman, she turned young at night, they had a son; he grew up, they were going to eat him, he was a deer; a penis (grandfather) in the form of a hemp with a worm inside warns K. that they want to eat him; his son was killed, his mother eats him too; all the exits from Maloka scream when K. tries to get out; he runs away through a hole in the roof; wasps bite the pursuers, they come back; . comes to the Month; the owner of the animals is a big grasshopper; copulates with her sons; K. at an animal festival; closes her eyes, finds herself on the ground in the form of an umari fruit; falls, turns into K. sees his sons; kills his brother and unfaithful wife; promises to see how they now get out of the lower world; marries M.; one by one asks three groups of cranes to take him; the latter give he has feathers; they tell him not to look down when they fly on little ones, or else he falls; people shoot arrows at the cranes, they shout that a scorpion, ant, spider are biting them; he looks at the next little one, falls, cranes pick it up, bring it to their aunt's husband; it's an anaconda; etc.; see motive I14]: Jacopin 1981:69-130.

Eastern Amazon. First women. Urubu [Mair carves a man and a woman out of mahogany; men do not have penises; women's common husband is a giant rankuay-ana underground worm; women summon it by stomping on the ground; then they urinate in a vessel, a child emerges from the urine; one man calls a worm with the same signal, cuts off the head; women block the river so that there is no water, leave, establish a special village; Mair cuts the worm into pieces, makes penises out of them for men; one man, when copulating (the women obviously reappeared), the penis remains in the vagina; then M. ties his penises with palm fiber (pubic hair); women begin to have children]: Huxley 1956:150-151; tenetehara [Maíra created man and woman; Tupan banned them from copulating; the man's penis was constantly erected; the woman washed M.'s clothes, she was seduced by the river by Ywan (water spirit); every day she called him by tapping on the calebass placed on the water; M. told the man about this; he called I., I. stuck his out of the water penis, the man cut it off; when the woman came, no one went out to her; the man poured cassava drink on his penis, but the erection did not go away; the woman showed what to do; seeing that the man's penis was no longer erected, M. said people would now conceive children and die themselves]: Wagley, Galvão 1949, No. 1:131.