Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

F28D. Children are born from a wooden penis .

Masturbating with an artificial penis, a woman conceives children.

Baiga, Shuswap, Lillouet, Thompson, Kerdalen, Coastal Yuki, Valapai, Navajo, Hopi, Yupa, Chacobo.

South Asia. Baiga [across seven seas and 16 rivers, there is a country of Triadesh women; if a boy is born there, he becomes a eunuch; when a woman wants, she turns into a bird, flies to people, finds a handsome young man, turns him into a bird, returns with him to the country of women; at night he becomes human, conceives children; when other women notice pregnancy, they are angry, pregnant again turns her lover into a bird, sends him back; if he does not get home safely, the woman's ruler (a huge fat woman with a big beard) hits the culprit; sometimes women satisfy each other in pairs using wooden penises; if a child is born as a result, he is boneless and dies]: Elwin 1949:463 (quail in Ho 1967, No. 203:363-364).

The coast is the Plateau. Shuswap [Kwelaallst was the grandson of an aunt of four transformer brothers; some say his mother conceived him from the hogfennel root (Peucedanum palustre, marsh mustard)]: Teit 1909a, No. 3:644; lillouette [woman masturbates with an edible root, gives birth to a son; lies to him that his father has drowned; he is going to kill Water, she replies that she did not kill his father; mother tells her son other false stories; he throws her into the lake in anger; travels the land, turning people into animals, fish, rocks]: Teit 1898, No. I: 95-96; Thompson: Adamson 1934 [The converter learns from a bird, that his father is the root; Root confirms this; he turns his mother into stone for hiding the truth from her, tells women not to copulate with their roots anymore; travels, disappears; returns together with Coyote, judge the dead when they return]: 15; Teit in Reichard 1947 [the girl takes the root (hogfennel, Peucedanum palustre, marsh mustard plaster), gives birth to a son; other children abuse him by birth; his mother confesses to him; he goes on a journey (sometimes with the Qwoqtqwal brothers), changes the nature of bad creatures; the mustard root grows where he passed; he also leaves behind water sources; it is not known where he went]: 63; kordalen [a woman goes daily to dig rhizomes (probably hogfennel, Peucedanum palustre, marsh mustard); her son is looked after by her mother; he has grown up, asks about his father, the grandmother replies that he did not have a father; he threatens to kill her with a stick, she admits that his father is the rhizome of a mustard plaster; the young Chief Son-Root (UK) leaves, calls out of the water a monstrous fish, pulls its throat out, turns it into a boat; the Pest boy asks to take it with him, jumps in a boat, SK just turns it into a pestle; sees a burning tree, comes up, there is a black grouse (Foolhen, Falcipennis canadensis) touches his burnt eyebrows; SK tells him to peck raw moss, no longer build a house or cook on fire; and Grouse used to collect moss under his wing, set fire to a tree, and rushed into the fire; the rabbit jumped into the boat, the UK killed him; the Otter (Fisher) demanded its prey, threatened to hit her tail, began to hit the water with its tail, spraying the UK; he killed her, threw her to the rabbit; comes into the house, there are many children there, the hostess tells them that their father will soon return from hunting; the children see an Otter killed by the UK, he was their father; the UK revives him; enters a house with an awl on the walls; beret a large one with patterns, awls they dig into it; he sets fire to the house, says that Shilla will no longer be cannibals, but will become awls for making moccasins; the same in the house where the Combs are; where Bubbles (they will now store tobacco); The kingfisher dives, but the fish slips out; he washes the smell of fish into the bucket, cooks soup, he likes it; he makes the Kingfisher claws and beak so that the fish is easy to grab; he should not live in the house, but by the river, there is raw fish; the same is with Osprey; by the river there is a man with one leg - a spear; SK turns into salmon, harpoons himself, breaks off, carries the tip; he harpoons the fish with it; Ostronog again sharpens his tibia; SK comes to him, says he has caught salmon with the tip stuck; Ostronog tries to cover his leg with a cape; SK offers to play hoop and stick on capes, wins, Ostronog is forced to give his own, SK hits him on the leg with a stick, makes it normal, gives a moose horn, tells him to make tips from moose horn from now on, not from his own bone; everyone comes out meet the UK; the ugly Toad causes rain, enters the house; the UK is forced to enter her; he addresses her, calling her varying degrees of kinship, finally says "wife"; she jumps between his eyes; she cannot be torn off ; Coyote says to choose Sun and Month; Robin is too hot, Coyote talks about everything he sees; SK says it will be the Month, will go far without the Toad visible on his face; son One-eyed toadstool becomes a good Sun - it does not see everything so clearly and is not so hot; when the sun is less bright, it shows a one-eyed toadstool]: Reichard 1947, No. 1:57-63.

California. Coastal Yuki [a young woman lives with her grandmother; finds a stick, she becomes her husband, brings game, firewood, acorns; a woman conceives from a stick and gives birth to a son and daughter]: Gifford 1937, No. 37:168-169 .

(Wed. Big Pool. The cannibal bear (this is Coyote and Wolf's aunt) uses an artificial penis. Southern Payutes: Lowie 1924, No. 1 (Shivvitz) [Coyote and Wolf's aunt - Bear; Coyote spies on her masturbating with an artificial phallus; offering her services; hugging the Coyote, the Bear ripped off his back; the Wolf healed him by attaching the muscles of the deer; sent the Coyote to kill the Bear, giving him a wineskin of blood with cream inside; he gave a drink to the Bear's sons, they died; when the Bear asked for her sons give her her phallus, Coyote said they were sleeping, offered to drink blood; the bear died; the wolf ordered to collect all the remains, but the Coyote forgot the bag of blood; asks the tip of his tail why the Wolf tells her he uproots a bush; tail: to make arrows, the Bear's blood will try to kill you; lightning is approaching from the south, the Wolf shoots; killed when Coyote notices the Wolf's beautiful armor; property The wolf turned into stones; a Coyote comes to two women, asks about their customs, kills them, puts the skin of one on himself and the other on his penis; their sons wonder why old women are so fast eat; Coyote sees girls lying down, his secret penis took care of them, he killed the sons of old women; while dancing, Coyote jumped out of the old woman's skin, grabbed the clothes of the killed Wolf, ran; turned into a litter a coyote a year ago; then into the pen; every time the pursuers guess they shoot, but the Coyote runs away; the pursuers caused snow, the Coyote the wind, hid in an acorn on an oak tree, rolled with an acorn snow to their cave; put tracing paper and bones in Wolf's clothes; when he woke up, he wasn't; Coyote found Wolf sleeping with a woman; broke his bow to come back; tried to rape a woman, she climbed into oak, Coyote's penis got stuck; Wolf cut off his penis, Coyote asked him to be called "with a short penis"; Wolf killed him; found Coyote's cock in his wife's vagina; he stayed there forever (cause of genital odor)]: 93- 101; Sapir 1930, No. 1 (kaibab) [The wolf sends a Coyote to bring edible seeds from their aunt Grizzly Bear; The bear returns, asks her two children to give her an object to masturbate; Coyote offers his services; the Bear hugs him, does not let him go, rips the meat off his back; the Wolf heals the Coyote, sends him to kill the Bear, warns him not to leave anything there; the Coyote puts the Bear to sleep and cubs, kills, forgets the bear bubble; you can hear thunder, it's Rain that throws lightning; the Wolf sends the Coyote to hang in the tree many times (apparently a play on words); the Coyote asks his tail, who explains that the Wolf wants arrowpoles; the Wolf tells the Coyote not to look at him during the battle, the Coyote looks, lightning strikes the Wolf; the Coyote meets two old women (his tail explains what they are talking about); kills puts her penis in one herself, her penis in the other; imaginary old women come to where everyone has gathered around the Wolf's property; kill children they trust; the Coyote takes its true form, takes away property; turns into dog crap; into gopher crap; pursuers only suspect it may be a Coyote, kick a bunch; Coyote revives the Wolf; asks trees that sparkle when burning; last the spruce answers; the Coyote puts her in the fire, sparks fly, the Coyote discovers that the Wolf has a wife; rapes her in his absence; she glues him to the aspen; the wolf rapes him; tells him to bring a jug, then brushwood; they stick to the Coyote; The wolf sets fire to the firewood, the Coyote burns]: 338-345).

The Great Southwest. Valapai [The bear lights her smoking pipe and when she gets hot, she inserts it into her vagina; the Coyote sees it and rapes her aunt; she manages to rip off his back; the bear conceives it like this two sons and a daughter]: Kroeber 1935:255-256; Navajo [separated from men, first women use artificial penises and conceive monsters]: Haile 1938 [moose horn, oblong stone, feather eagle, cactus]: 77; O'Bryen 1956 [oblong stones, turkey feathers, cacti; they give birth to Rolling Stone, Cannibal Birds, Cannibal Giants]: 8, 39; hopi [like Navajo; wooden penises; from cactus cores]: Stephens 1929, No. 4:11.

The Northern Andes. Kogi [only sea and darkness exist; mother goddess uses wooden penis; gives birth to nine male ancestors]: Reichel-Dolmatoff 1985 (2): 19; yupa [woman finds a stone, makes from his phallus, gives birth to a girl; people break the phallus, blood flows from it; a woman dies of grief; his little daughter begins to create European cars to destroy Yupa; God sends Vulture; he, in the form of a man, invites the girl to go with him, climb a tree, throws away the stairs; the girl's tears form the sea, from the water she conceives a son, gives birth to him overseas; when he grows up, she takes husbands; Europeans come from them]: Wilbert 1974a, No. 10:92-94.

Bolivia - Guaporé. Chacobo [see motif J16; in her husband's absence, the first woman masturbates with a clay penis, conceives a son]: Balzano 1984:29; Kelm 1972, No. 1a: 215; (cf. takana [Enidu Atsru peada ("demon breast-one") is a cannibal with one breast in the middle of her chest; lived in the mountains, wore shirts like the Chama Indians; lived without a man, masturbated with a wooden penis; from edutzi (first ancestors, deities) came to another world, the Master of the Rain and the Master of Fire; began to fight the cannibal; when they took possession of her wooden penis, she lost her strength, her head was cut off; her head became jump around; edutzi are back in their world]: Hissink, Hahn 1961, #52:110).