Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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F31. A broken egg. .


girl or woman conceives without knowing whether it is from a reptile, when she touches a dead reptile unnoticed, or when liquid that has leaked from a reptile gets inside it (usually when the contents of a snake's egg accidentally flow between its legs).

Baltoscandia. Finns [Sy öj ät är - Lapahiitto spat in the sea; girl Kasaritar swallowed sea foam, became pregnant for three years, gave birth A lizard living in a pile of brushwood, in a rotten stump]: Abercromby 1900, No. 13a: 331.

Amur - Sakhalin. Manchus [a woman cannot be born for five days; a beggar advises sending for an old woman living for 20 years in SE; she helps, tells her to set up a trough, two snakes come out of the woman, they are lowered into an ice-hole; a woman became pregnant after eating some grass (berries?) on the mountain]: Lattimore 1933:276-279.

Guiana. Calinha: Magaña 1982:100

Central Amazon. Lower Rio Negro (manao?) [a woman comes to live in a married man's house; she spins, she is poorly fed; the owner gives her two mutum eggs to eat, puts her hair in one of them; the woman becomes pregnant, the son talks to her from the womb; crawls out like a snake, climbs a tree, sheds fruit for her mother; a woman runs, a man hides her in a vessel; a snake rises to heaven; tells her grandfather that she will appear in early summer when necessary will weed the gardens]: Barbosa Rodrigues 1890:242-243; parintintin [Tabae (Baira's grandmother) finds an egg; a snake crawls from an egg into her stomach; when she comes to a chestnut tree, she spreads her legs, the snake crawls out, collects fruit for her; people followed the old woman, killed her and the snake, burned the corpse; at this place there was a vegetable garden with corn, cassava, yams, bananas, etc.; birds taught people cook agricultural products; the snake turned into a vine on a chestnut tree]: Pereira 1980 (2): 589-591.

Eastern Amazon. Spiking [the younger brother does not give her sister fish, she catches herself; on the way back she finds, bakes, eats a mutum bird egg; gives birth to boys and girls; they hunt for her, return to her in in the womb; they climb a tree for chestnuts; she tells her brothers that chestnuts have been found on the ground; the younger brother watches, cuts the umbilical cords of the children who have come out of the womb; the pieces turn into inedible fish; the children go away become Munduruku Indians; kill their uncle when he visits them; both tribes begin to feud]: Nimuendaju 1922:399-400

Bolivia - Guaporé. Surui [two girls have their first period; one picks up an ant bird egg, it breaks, the contents flow into her vagina; she becomes pregnant; her unborn Rainbow Son tells her to go alone to to a fruit tree, comes out of the uterus, collects fruit for the mother, returns; people spy on her; a young man in love with her cuts the Rainbow; most of them rush to the sky, the rest rushes back to the uterus; a girl gives birth to a boy, he immediately becomes a man; cultivates a huge field, sows previously unknown corn; a monkey steals several grains, people learn about corn; several women are lost among corn, they became turtles]: Mindlin 1995, No. 1:3-5.

Southern Amazon. Kalapalo [the man married his younger sister, his elder rejected him; he cooked snake eggs for her, she ate and became pregnant; went to get bark, and the snake son from his womb offered to get bark, crawled onto a tree, began to shed its bark, and the tail remained in the woman's womb; the next time he threw fruit from the palm tree to his mother, but he crawled out and his mother killed him; cut off her head, threw him into the river, this is how the electric eel appeared; the body turned into ferocious Kayapo Indians]: Basso 1987:286-291; mehinacu [the woman had a huge dirty vagina; digging cassava, she put it in without noticing basket snake egg; the snake hatched, went down, penetrated her vagina; her stomach swelled up. everyone thought she was pregnant; the snake inside her ate all the food, stuck its head out, ate her excrement; became crawl out, returning to the woman to sleep; when it was time to give birth, the woman asked her brother to clear the branches of the tree, sat in front of him, the serpent crawled out, climbing the trunk; the brother cut it into pieces. they were the Suya Indians]: Gregor 1985:56-57; Kamayura: Münzel 1973:199; Seki 2010, No. 3 [Returning from the garden, the woman picked up an egg, thought it was a bird, put it in a basket of tubers cassava, the egg broke, the contents fell into the woman's vagina, she became pregnant by a snake; three older brothers scold her, the youngest fourth does not scold her; a woman wants to collect palm fruits, a snake comes out from her from the vagina, the tail remains in the woman, the snake crawls on the palm tree, sheds fruit, returns to the uterus; the woman tells her younger brother about this; he sees everything for himself; the woman provokes the snake to get fruit from a taller palm tree, then an even taller one; this time only the tip of the tail remains in the vagina, then it comes out; at the sister's request, the brother cuts the snake apart, puts the pieces in four piles; returning three days later, he sees that the pieces have turned into warriors, they make arrows; the warriors ask their mother to come; they kill her older brothers, leave; (p. 70: these are the ancestors of the Indians living below Shingu Current)]: 205-221; trumai [a girl finds a snake egg, takes a pakurau bird for an egg, carries it on her head; the egg breaks, the contents enter her vagina; she gives birth to a snake; her mother cuts the snake to pieces; they make the Suya Indians, kill everyone but mother and uncle]: Monod Becquelin 1975, No. 57:188; Rickbacza [thinks it's a bird's egg, hangs it around her neck]: Pereira 1994 , No. 7:87-88; paresi: Pereira 1986, No. 2:92-93; Pereira 1987, No. 105 [a girl finds a water snake egg, plays with it, gets pregnant, gives birth to a snake; he pulls palm nuts for her; swims in a lake and returns; when the woman's brother Matina did not bring game to her snake nephew from hunting, he swallowed it; replies to her mother that he could regurgitate her brother back; goes to the lake forever]: 588; umotina : Oberg 1953 [a woman finds anaconda eggs in the forest, puts them in a basket, carries it behind her back, the liquid from the burst egg enters her vagina; she conceives a snake son; he comes out of her womb, climbs Pick a palm tree for her, return to her bosom; a woman's two sons cut it into pieces; a woman buries it in a cleared area; it grows the first corn]: 108; Schultz 1962, No. g [people fish is suppressed with timbo poison; a woman picks up an anaconda egg with the fish, mistakes a mutum bird's egg, puts it in a basket; the liquid from the burst egg enters her vagina; she conceives an anaconda son; he comes out of her womb, climbs a palm tree to collect nuts for her, comes back; a woman's two sons cut it into pieces; before his death, an anaconda son asks him to bury him in a cleared area; he grows out of him first corn]: 236-237; bororo: Wilbert, Simoneau 1983, No. 71 [the monstrous serpent Butoríku devours a woman, hangs her necklace above the entrance to his cave; her son Pari Jura trains strength leaves obstacles on the path; B. gets stuck under a fallen tree, PD kills him with a club; every woman gets a piece of meat; Aturuaródo does not cover her genitals with leaves, a snake conceived of blood; son comes out of her womb, climbs a tree for her mother's fruit, returns to the womb; A. tells the men about this, provokes her son to go out again; he is killed, burned; uruku, tobacco, cotton grow from ash] , 72 [Colbacchini 1925:190-192; Atuaroddo meets a husband who killed an anaconda (ğure); becomes pregnant from blood flowing from a snake's body; a snake son crawls out of her womb onto a tree for fruit for his mother, returns to the womb; A. tells his brothers about it; they kill, burn a snake; uruku, tobacco, corn, cotton grow in this place]: 138-141, 142-144.

Chaco. Chorote [a woman is menstruating, she finds snakeskin in her vagina; her stomach is swollen; a young man who converges with her dies from a snake bite;]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1985, No. 105 [a woman named The vampire is monthly, she touches snakeskin with her genitals; the Joisá hawk sticks a piece of wood, snakes bite her; he leads the woman into the thickets, people set them on fire; he sees snake heads in her vagina; she runs throws a rattlesnake at him, but he dodges; it burns, the snakes too, but some of them have crawled away, they are the current ones], 106 [the woman has her period, snakeskin accidentally enters her vagina; in her womb now many snakes; skin with menstrual blood has produced poison; men who converge with it die; Ahóusa puts a cane on his penis, feels snakes bite it; he takes the woman to where men set fire vegetation; it jumps out itself, only slightly burned, now the feathers on the back of the head of this bird of prey are short; the woman burned down, all the snakes crawled out of her; A. raked up the ash, there was a worm, it became sucking blood is a vampire; some snakes A. pulled out poisonous teeth, they are now harmless]: 203-204, 205-208.