Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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Ethnicities and habitats

F34. Communication with terrestrial quadrupeds. (.10.) .21.23.

.27. (.29.) .37.43.-.

A woman takes a large land animal as a lover. Her husband, brother, or (adopted) children kill or maim her lover and (sometimes) the woman herself. Sometimes it's about a group of women and their husbands. (Unlike the K102 motif, Demon's Mistress, a lover is not dangerous to the hero and plays a purely passive role, and a woman, if she becomes hostile and dangerous, only after the death of her lover. Unlike the K76 motif, a woman and her husband/lover of an inhuman nature are clearly assessed negatively).

Bori [tiger], miniong [snake, dog, tiger], bugun [bear], sora [boar], (ami, atayal, saisya, payyan, puyuma [deer], Ancient Greece [bull], (Abkhazians [wolf], Turks [bear]), Orochi [ bear], Udege [bear], nivhi [bear], lillouette [lynx], Thompson [horse], modoc [deer], menominee [bear], steppe cree [bear], ojibwa [bear], fox [bear], kickapoo [bear], seneca [bear] ], malesit [bear], penobscot [bear], mikmak [bear], sarsi [bear], blacklegs [bear], assiniboine [bear], teton [bear], omaha and ponka [bear], iowa [bear], arikara [bear], arpaho [horse], kiowa [bear], lipan [dog], popoloka [deer], zapoteci [deer?] , masateki [deer], chinanteki [deer], tricky [deer], chatino [deer], mixteki [deer], Puebla Nahuat [deer], mihe [deer?] , mocho [tapir], kekchi and mopan [tapir], cabecar [jaguar], yupa [anteater], warrau [tapir], lokono [sloth; tapir], akawai [jaguar?] , akawai or carinha [tapir], kalinya [tapir], galibi [tapir], aparaí [tapir], oyampi [tapir], coreguahe [jaguar], carijona [jaguar], tariana [deer], tucano [deer], yukuna [jaguar], uruar itoto [jaguar, tapir jaguar ], maue [tapir], paracana [tapir], surui [tapir], munduruku [tapir], parakana [deer; tapir], tenetehara [tapir], kanamari [tapir], takana [tapir; deer], tupari [tapir], guarazu [tapir], wapir ura [tapir], kalapalo [tapir], rickbacza [tapir], iranshe [battleship], paresi [tapir], bororo [tapir], suya [tapir], kayapo [tapir], kraho [tapir], chamakoko [horse], maka [horse], nivakle [horse], topus [tapir], pilaga [tapir] ], ofaye [tapir].

The lover is a bear.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Bory; bugun.

Amur - Sakhalin. Orochi; Udege people; Nivkhs.

The Midwest. Menominee; Steppe Cree; Ojibwa; Fox; Kickapoo.

Northeast. Seneca; malesitis; penobscot; mikmak.

Plains. Sarsi; blacklegs; assiniboine; teton (oglala); omaha, ponka; iowa; arikara; kiowa.

The lover is a deer.

(Wed. Taiwan - Philippines. Ami, atayal, saisha, payan, puyuma).

The coast is the Plateau. Modoc.

Mesoamerica Popoloka; Masateki; Zapotecs [person?] ; chinantecs; chatino; mixtecs; tricks; Nahuat (Puebla); mihe [man?].

NW Amazon. Tariana; tucano.

Bolivia-Guaporé. Takana.

Lover is a tapir.

Mesoamerica Mocho; kekchi, mopan.

Guiana. Varrau [tapir]; curl? ; akawai; akawai or cariña Guyanese; kalinya; galibi; aparai; oyampi.

Central Amazon. Maue; parintintin; munduruku.

NW Amazon. Uitoto [jaguar tapir].

Eastern Amazon. Tenetehara.

Montagna - Jurua. Kanamari.

Bolivia - Guaporé. Tacana; tupari; surui; guarazu.

Southern Amazon. Vaura; kalapalo; rickbakza; paresi; bororo.

Eastern Brazil. Suya; kayapo; crash.

Chaco. Toba.

Southern Brazil. Ofaie.

The lover is a jaguar.

Honduras - Panama. Cabecar.

Western Amazon. Koreguache.

NW Amazon. Carijona; yukuna; witoto.

A lover is another animal.

Northeast India. Tiger. Bory; miniong.

South Asia. Sora [boar].

The Balkans. Ancient Greece [bull].

The Northern Andes. Yupa [anteater].

Guiana. Lokono [Sloth].

Southern Amazon. Iranshe [Battleship].

Deviant versions.

SW Africa. The Hottentots [stallion].

The coast is the Plateau. Thompson [stallion]; lillouette [lynx].

The Great Southwest. Lipan [dog].

Plains. Arapaho [stallion].

Chaco. Chamacoko [stallion]; nivakle [stallion]; maca [stallion, donkey].

(Wed. SW Africa. Hottentots [the girl took a horse as her lover; her father followed her, killed the horse, she called him in vain, grieved]: Schmidt 2007, No. 50:117-118).

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Bori [brother has four sisters; they go fishing, see a snake, only the older sister sees a man; the next day she carries rice not to his brother and sisters in the field, but to the river, returns with fish; so many days; her brother waited for her, killed her snake lover, her sister became a bird screaming, Taki -Rigo; hearing her voice, snakes crawl out of the ground; middle sister goes to the forest for firewood, her dog brings her game; her tiger lover brings deer to her third sister, the bear digs roots for the fourth sister; the brother watches the sisters every time, remains alone]: Elwin 1958a, No. 1:356-359 (=1958b: 395-398; miniong [brother has three sisters; he watches the eldest, who carries rice and meat, stomps at the shore, causing a snake; his brother calls him with the same signal, kills him; the next day, the sister sees a snake cut, hangs up; her brother cuts her belly, snakes crawl out of it; since then snakes and people have been at odds; the second sister meets the dog, goes with him to the forest, gives birth to three puppies; brother comes to his sister, eats her rice, does not eat meat given by the dog; when the puppy's parents go to the site, it kills the puppies; the caterpillar from under the hearth says that it will tell her husband's parents everything; the man takes the caterpillar; leaves it in the forest, she does it for him Tibetan bronze vessels; carrying them home, he wakes them up with the ringing of monkeys, they kill a caterpillar with arrows; a young man lures monkeys into the hollow, burns them; one escaped, became pregnant from a leaf that fell from the sky, a monkey bred again; the third sister met the tiger; the brother came to them, the tiger brought meat, belching it; the brother left, dressed the dog in women's clothes, the tiger rushed at it, the brother killed him; returned his sister; she smeared herself with egg yolk, took a knife in her mouth, turned into a tigress, but he managed to kill her]: Elwin 1958a, No. 2:359-365 (=1958b: 398-404); bugun (Khowa) [brother sends sister for fruit; she agrees with As a bear, he sheds her fruit when she calls him by the tree with her song; the brother wonders why her sister's dress is always torn, watches, kills the bear; the sister grieves; since then, women have not eaten bear meat]: Elwin 1958a, No. 6:367-369 (=1958b: 407-409).

South Asia. Hill Saora [Dom had pigs; at that time, the boar genitals were huge; one day, the husband came back and found his wife with a boar; beat his wife, cut off the boar's genitals and threw it into the garden; Six months later, a pumpkin vine grew in this place; the wife made a pumpkin vessel and let her husband drink it; "Now it's in your mouth too"]: Elwin 1954, No. 22:169.

(Wed. Taiwan - Philippines. Ami [husband dies, Hongay loves a deer; gives birth to five half-deer; she has a son Poro from her husband; out of shame that they are freaks, all the children are gone, have become Pleiades; mother pierced herself deer horn belly, joined the children; there are now seven of them; the motif of the deer, the woman's lover, also has saisha, atayal, paywan, puyuma]: Yamada 2009, No. 8:72).

The Balkans. Ancient Greece: {the ancient Greek version does not fully meet the definition of motive; but is getting closer to the Indo-Pacific than any other in Western Eurasia} Bacchyl. Dith. 26 [papyrus passage of Bacchilides' praises (c. 518 - c. 451 BC): "... Pasiphaia.../... sowed Cyprides.../... desire... /Son of Eupalam, /To the most skillful between builders, /Daedalus, she discovered /Passion; taking a sacred oath,/[Wooden] ordered to build a [heifer],/[To] unite with the bull [by force] /Secretly from her husband, /Minos, the bow strainer, /Governor of Knossos; /And he, having learned it, /Conceived thought:/[Watching] spouses..." (trans. M.L. Gasparova)]; Palaept. II [About the Unbelievable" by Palephate (probably 4th century BC): "Pasiphae is told that she fell in love with a grazing bull, and Daedalus made a wooden cow, locked Pasiphaya in it, and thus a bull After covering her, he joined a woman; she became pregnant, and a child was born with a human body but with a bull's head. I'm saying this could not have happened. First of all, it is impossible for one living being to fall in love with another, even though their male and female organs do not fit together. It is impossible for a dog or a monkey, or a wolf, or a hyena to connect with each other, or a gazelle with a deer (even these are different breeds), nor to unite and produce offspring. It seems even less likely to me that a bull will meet a wooden cow. After all, every four-legged person sniffs the other's reproductive organs before mating and, thus, covers it. Then, a woman would not stand it if a bull climbed her and could not carry an embryo with horns" (trans. V.N. Yarkho)]; Diod. Sic. IV. 13. 4; 77. 1-5 [The Historical Library by Diodorus of Sicily (1st century BC): "Hercules then received an order to deliver from Crete the bull with whom Pasiphaus was in love. Arriving on the island and enlisting the support of King Minos, Hercules brought the bull to the Peloponnese, riding it over a vast expanse of sea"; "After that, Daedalus fled to Crete, thanks to his his artistic fame was greeted there with enthusiasm and became a friend of King Minos. According to myth, Minos' wife Pasiphaya fell in love with a bull, and then Daedalus built a device in the form of a cow with which Pasiphaya was able to satisfy her desire. The myth says that even earlier, Minos used to sacrifice the most beautiful bull to Poseidon every year. When he met a bull of extraordinary beauty, Minos sacrificed another, less perfect bull, and then Poseidon, angry at Minos, inspired his wife Pasiphaya to have a passion for [this] bull. With the help of the skillful device mentioned above, Pasiphaia combined with a bull and gave birth to the fabulous Minotaur, who is said to have a dual nature: his upper body is shoulder-length was bullish, and the lower one was human. To keep this monster, Daedalus built a labyrinth with winding passages, from which it was impossible for the uninitiated to get out. The Minotaur was kept there, devouring seven young men and [seven] girls sent to him from Athens, as mentioned above. After learning about Minos' threats caused by the construction of a cow statue and fearing royal anger, Daedalus sailed from Crete with the assistance of Pasiphaia, who provided him with a ship to escape" (trans. O.P. Tsybenko)]; Verg. Aen. VI. 24-26 [Virgil's Aeneid (1st century BC): "The lands of Knossos rise from waves to another: /Here is Pasiphai, attracted to a bull by cruel passion, /The trick is shameful; here is a monstrous memory of love,/ Its fruit is biform, the Minotaur, the birth of the queen" (trans. C. Osherova)]; Ovid. Met. VIII. 136-137 [Ovid's Metamorphoses (Er Er): Skilla, addressing Minos: "No wonder Pasiphay/Ox husband chose you: you were more ferocious" (trans. C. Shervinsky)]; Apollod. Bibl. III. 1. 4; 15. 9 [The Mythological Library of Pseudo-Apollodorus (I-II centuries): "Poseidon, angry that Minos did not sacrifice that {beautiful} bull to him, turned ferocity on the bull and inspired a love passion for this animal, Minos Pasiphae's wife. Falling in love with this bull, she took as her assistant the builder Daedalus, who was expelled from Athens after the murder there. Daedalus made a wooden cow on wheels, hollowed it out from the inside and covered his product with freshly torn cow skin. After putting it in the meadow where a bull used to graze, he let him enter this wooden Pasifae cow. The bull that appeared met her like a real cow, and Pasiphae gave birth to Asteria, nicknamed the Minotaur. He had a bull's head, but the rest of his body was human. Minos put him in a labyrinth, according to the oracles he had received, and ordered him to be guarded there. This labyrinth, which Daedalus built, was a building with intricate passages that made it difficult to get out of it"; "When Pasiphaia fell in love with the Poseidon Bull, Daedalus made a wooden one for her a cow; he also built a labyrinth where the Athenians brought seven young men and the same number of girls to be eaten by the Minotaur every year" (trans. V.G. Borukhovich)]; Hyg. Fab. 30, 40 [Myths attributed to Guy Julius Gigin, who lived at the turn of the eras, but most likely date back to the 1st and 2nd centuries: Hercules "[b] yka, with whom Pasiphaia reclined, brought alive from Crete to Mycenae";" Pasiphaia, daughter of the Sun and wife of Minos, did not perform priests to the goddess Venus for several years. For this, Venus gave her unholy love. She fell in love with a bull and <не подпускала к нему коров, чтобы> the other one didn't love someone she loved herself. When the expelled Daedalus arrived, she asked him to help her. He made her a wooden cow covered in the skin of a real cow, and she met a bull in it. When she became pregnant with him, she gave birth to a Minotaur, who had a bull's head and a human lower body. Then Daedalus made a labyrinth for the Minotaur, from which it was impossible to find a way out, and the Minotaur was imprisoned there. Minos, after learning about everything, took Daedalus into custody, and Pasiphaya released him from his shackles. Then Daedalus made wings for himself and his son Icarus, attached them and they flew away from there. Icarus flew too high, the wax melted from the sun, and fell into the sea, which was why it became known as the Ikarian Sea. Daedalus flew to King Cocal on the island of Sicily. Others say that when Theseus killed the Minotaur, he brought Daedalus back to his homeland in Athens" (trans. D.O. Torshilova)]; I Myth. Vat. I. 43. 1-3, III. 1. 73 ["The First Vatican Mythograph" (compiled at the turn of the I-II millennium by an unknown medieval compiler): "Having learned from the Sun about the betrayal of Venus with Mars, Vulcan surrounded their bed with the smallest with a network. Unaware, Mars and Venus were entangled by it and freed in great disgrace before the eyes of all gods. Worried through this incident, Venus began to pursue the entire family of the Sun with unprecedented love desires. So, Pasiphaia, daughter of the Sun, wife of King Minos of Crete, fell in love with the bull and came together with him, enclosed by Daedalus art inside a wooden cow covered in the skin of a beautiful heifer. From this, the Minotaur was born; enclosed in a labyrinth, he ate human meat"; "Pasiphaia from Taurus gave birth to the Minotaur" (trans. V.N. Yarkho)].

(Wed. Caucasus - Asia Minor. Abkhazians [zap. 1984; when God destroyed the Atsans, he escaped death alone because he was hunting; married; his wife is visited by a wolf lover; she tells the Wolf to make a trap pit for her husband, but the dog is Atsan The thin man rushed, tore the Wolf to pieces; people branded the woman's forehead with a hot iron, let go]: Hvartskia 1994:51; Turks [gypsies bring a bear, give a performance; padishah drives them, but his daughter buys a bear and sleeps with him; runs away with him into the forest; the butcher finds them, kills the bear, takes the princess for himself; tells his wife that it is his old friend (disguises his mistress as a man clothes?) ; the truth comes out, the butcher leaves his wife, taking the girl; the padishah is happy that his daughter is alive, hands the throne to the butcher]: Boratav 1955:31-32).

Amur - Sakhalin. Orochi [hunting brother hears sister singing, Friend, go, no brother, go eat elk, musk deer meat; brother puts on her clothes and jewelry, sings her song; shoots at her lover, that disappears; sister leaves; brother meets her in the forest with two sons and her bear husband; accidentally kills a Bear; sister and her children turn into bears; one day he accidentally kills her; she says which bear carcass parts should be eaten by men, which should be eaten by women]: Sternberg 1933:438; Udege people: Voskoboynikov, Menovshchikov 1951 [younger brother brings a lot of meat from hunting, sister still complains that there is no meat ; he hides, sees her call the giant, treats him and hugs him; brother puts on her clothes, calls her lover with the same words, wounds him with an arrow; sister walks away on a bloody trail; later her brother follows her, her the trail becomes bear; brother meets two cubs - her sons; sister hides it; her giant husband does not kill him, they hunt together, when hunting, the giant turns into a bear; fights another bear , the brother accidentally kills both with a spear; the sister becomes a bear; hunters kill cubs; for killing nephews, the brother receives two wives from them; their children are told not to allow their wives to eat bear meat and sleep on a bear's skin]: 381-385; Kormushin 1998, No. 19 [while the brother is hunting, the older sister dresses up, calls the Bear, feeds him lard, copulates; feeds his brother with old guts; he spies on her sends for meat, dresses up in a dress, sings it in her voice, kills the Bear with a spear; the sister leaves, the brother watches, sees her copulating with a four-year-old bear; later, the brother meets two cubs, they call him Uncle Tsong; he goes hunting a bear with his brother-in-law, accidentally kills both bears; later he kills a bear, it turns out to be his sister (after breaking the carcass, he finds a negligent plaque); raises his sister's children; they go to the den; beont people kill them; for killing nephews, the young man receives their sister from Beont]: 127-132; Lebedeva et al. 1998, No. 6 [the younger brother brings a lot from hunting meat, my sister keeps complaining that there is no meat; he hides, sees her call biata (the bear's name in myths), feeds him; her brother puts on her clothes and jewelry, calls her voice to Biata, hurts her with a spear; sister leaves; brother meets two cubs - his nephews, sister's husband, an ogre bear, returns; both went to hunt a bear, the man mistakenly killed his sister's husband; the sister turns into a bear, her brother accidentally kills her while hunting; when the cubs were killed by hunters, her brother received two girls as a ransom for them]: 81-85; nivhi [father, three brothers, younger sister, elder lived brother is married; sister and daughter-in-law went to dig sarana, daughter-in-law left, sister saw that a bear approached her, took the form of a human being, they copulated, the bear left; sister and daughter-in-law returned home; in the morning daughter-in-law disappeared; brothers follow in the footsteps, human footprints turn into bear marks; they come to the house, where the wife takes out the man's lice; the brothers shoot him, the victim is killed by a bear; the woman is not touched; the following year we saw her as a bear with two cubs; nivkhs and bears of the same breed]: Ulita 2011:29-30.

The coast is the Plateau. Lillouette [a woman's lover is a lynx; her husband tells her to climb a tree, puts her on a sharp top of her head like a stake; the woman's brothers ask animal people for help; only the Snail climbs the slippery trunk, but the woman is already dead; one of the brothers puts on her clothes and wig, goes to bed; cuts her husband's throat at night]: Teit 1912b, No. 33:339-340; (cf. thompson [a woman takes a stallion as her lover, leaves with a mustangs, turns into a horse herself; she is caught but cannot be tamed and let go]: Teit 1917b, No. 33:53); modoc [the hunter has two wives, The Grasshopper and the Ant; The Ant brings many roots, the Grasshopper steals little, steals from the Ant; she watches her dance, sings a love song, spends the whole day with the Lover Deer; from dancing to her moccasins wear out on stones every day; her husband also watches, kills the Deer, feeds his wife meat, says she ate; pierces her with an arrow, turns her into a grasshopper; from the arrow on the sides of the grasshoppers still hole pore]: Curtin 1912:355-358.

The Midwest. Menominee [a woman takes a bear as a lover]: Hoffman 1896 [Myanyabush lives with her grandmother; she takes the Bear as a lover; Myanyabush throws a burning birch bark at him, he dies; Myanyabush offers his grandmother his meat, she refuses; he throws a blood clot between her legs; women have been menstruating ever since]: 174-175; Skinner, Satterlee 1915, No. 4 [Myanyabush lives with her grandmother; she feeds her lover with boiled acorns; takes red paint from her grandson's bag to attract a bear; Myanyabush kills a bear in a den with an arrow; asks his grandmother to help carry meat; she refuses to carry meat the head, paws, or other parts of the carcass, carries the back; she's gone for a long time; Myanyabush comes back, sees her masturbating with a bear's penis; he kills her, throws her at the moon], 19 [as in No. 4; Myanyabush adds Bear fat to deer meat, lets the grandmother eat it; she agrees to carry only the bear's ass; he takes it away, throws it into the sky (the origin of the constellation Bear Butt)], II2 [ summoning the Bear from the hollow, the woman knocks on wood; quietly takes red paint from her husband's bag; sprinkles her dandruff on him to deprive him of luck; the bear gives her giblets with which she feeds her son and daughter; son shows this food to his father; he burns lovers in a hollow; his wife's corpse is buried under the hearth; her relatives are looking for it; the husband tells his children to flee; the Bear's relatives take him to heaven and torture him; a young man marries a frog, his sister kills her; he comes to dangerous women, revives previously killed suitors, chooses an old woman as a wife, who becomes a girl; they have two sons; her brother marries a young man's sister; they have a son with two heads; he asks where his grandfather is; together with her cousins, he goes up to heaven, kills bears, brings his grandfather back to the ground], II14 [a woman calls the Bear with a blow on wood; he cuts off pieces of meat from him, she feeds them to his two sons; the father kills his wife, buries him under the hearth; goes to the ground, tells his sons to run, take the sharpener and awl; the dead mother pursues sons, screams that he wants to breastfeed the youngest; an abandoned sharpener turns into a mountain, an awl into many awls; a crane asks to take out his lice; these are toads; a young man bites through cranberries; two Cranes stretch their necks like a bridge; mother disgust refuses to bite through toads; cranes remove their necks, she sinks; see motif K27]: 251-253, 294-296, 305-311, 364-366; steppe crees [every day a woman puts on her best outfit, comes back in the mud; her husband watches her, kills her lover Bear; he previously tells her that after his death, she will be able to become a Bear herself wearing his skin; her Twin sons are half bears, maiming other children; people kill them; a woman puts on skins, kills people; leaves her younger sister and parents alive, tortures; a younger brother returns from hunting, kills rabbits for her younger sister; asks her to know the Bear's vulnerable place; this is the sole of the foot; people dig sharp pegs into the ground; the bear steps on them and dies]: Bloomfield 1930, No. 12:63-65; Ojibwa (Southeast Ontario) [the hunter returns empty-handed; his wife's lover, Black Bear, supplies her with meat; the hunter watches his wife, kills the Bear with an arrow; shoves his wife's throat a bear cub dies; her brother comes, finds her body in ash; a hunter rises to the sky to fight his wife's six brothers; kills five, then kills himself; a daughter carries a baby brother, running away from the dead mother; the person agrees to transport fugitives across the lake if the girl collects lice from him and bites them; instead of lice, she bites through cranberries]: Radin, Reagan 1928, No. 41:143-145; fox [a woman takes the Bear as a lover; takes the red cloth out of her husband's sacred bundle, makes herself a skirt while going on a date; the husband finds lovers, kills the Bear; makes his wife cut it up and eat everything meat alone; she can't eat anymore, he slaughters it with a club]: Jones 1907, No. 9:161-165; kickapoo [woman takes Bear as lover; he lets her cut off pieces of her meat; she eats them and feeds them son; he reveals the truth to his father; the father kills the Bear when he copulates with a woman; tells his wife to eat meat by force (like Fox); finds a baby in her womb, throws it into the hollow; he goes out Steals brother's arrows brother finds him, they become friends; Thrown out turns into a baby, brother brings him to father; they leave father]: Jones 1915, No. 9:67-75.

Northeast. In addition to penobscot and mikmak: a woman adorns herself, comes to the hollow, knocks on the trunk; the Bear comes out, copulates with her; the husband watches his wife; calls the Bear with the same signal, kills him, feeds him The wife goes with meat; she goes to the chief; first the husband, then the sons come for her; she or her new husband command them to be killed; good people save and raise sons; the chief's mother and infant son come to them. Seneca [on her way to the chief, a woman gets rid of the Bear's children she was carrying; cuts off her breasts, pretending to be a young girl; the Crows raise her sons; they allow the mother to stay with them]: Curtin, Hewitt 1918, No. 9:102-104; Malesit [sons put or drop a baby on the ground, he dies; his mother choked and died too]: Mechling 1914, No. 8 [The raven takes care of the boys]: 50-53; Stamp 1915 [see J4A motif; a woman does not care about her first husband and sons; sons are raised by Wolves]: 243-244; penobscot [Hazel grouse is unlucky hunting; he cuts flesh off his hips, brings it to his wife A jug woman; when only bones remain from her legs, he grows them with birch wood; the legs of the hazel grouses take on their current appearance; The jug gets a lover bear; asks him to cut the meat off his legs, so feeds the family; children inform Hazel Grouse about her behavior; he kills the Bear; after feeding his wife meat, he tells her what she ate; she runs away to the forest, still wanders there]: Speck 1935b, No. 38:83-84; mikmaq [Spruce Partridge starved to death in winter, Birch Partridge took his family; she can't find game, feeds homemade meat cut first from her feet and then from his feet; the wife is surprised that the meat has neither bones nor fat; spies on him cut off strips of his own flesh, makes them a lot of meat; sits in a teepee, falls into the lower world, comes to the house of Marten and his grandmother Bears; Marten sends a woman to the chief's house, marries the chief's son; her son and daughter come down to her from the ground; her mother is reluctant to give them meat, they go to Kunitsa and his grandmother; her ex-husband comes to see the woman A partridge, she tells him to let the dogs down on him, pull his skin over the door frame; the game goes missing, people believe that those two children are to blame, they are hung by the heels of a tree, left; Grandmother Bear hides the fire for them; the marten burns the tree trunk; when it falls, puts a pile of moose hair, the children fall on it; the marten gnaws through the fetters, catches up with the departed; the boy hunts successfully, and the departed they are starving; the boy on the arrow sends a moose skin to the Grandmother Bear to show that he is alive; the crow flies to peck the corpses of children, but they feed her; she brings meat to her children; people send to the Raven a girl, but she only sees the mushrooms she cooks; her brother asks the Month to make him and her sister adults; when she goes hunting, she tells her sister to go out only when she hears his voice three times; sister every day greases her hair, goes to the lake, where the Big White (white, not polar) Bear licks her fat; brother wonders where the fat goes; she sees her sister and Bear from the mountain; she explains what else The bear will eat them both; his brother pierces his heart with an arrow; Bear: shoot in the paw! brother pierces his paw, Bear dies; people come back; brother and sister greet grandmother and marten, do not want to see the mother; after eating Bear meat, both people die; brother and sister come to the sea; people believe that they have dispersed the game; they put the horn of the Horned Serpent on the young man's head, which grows through it and around the tree; the sister tries to saw off the horn with a shell; the Killer Whale takes her away, she gives birth to him son; Killer Whale's sister tells you to make a circle on the horn with red ocher; the killer whale is first sent for ocher, then for a piece of red cloud; the killer whale chases his wife, sister and son; pieces of clothing are thrown at him the boy, then his cradle, he picks them up, wasting time; the woman frees his brother, the Killer Whale's sister marries him; one day she returns to sea, taking her son and the woman's son from the Killer Whale]: Whitehead 1988:24-43.

Plains. Except for arpahoes: a girl or woman takes a bear as a lover. Sarsi [husband notices that when he returns from the forest with brushwood, his wife is covered in mud; she watches her, sees her copulating with the Bear, kills him, lets her skin off him; she cuts it; tells her the younger sister keeps the angriest dog with her; wearing the skin, becomes the Bear, kills everyone; only the dog protects the sister; six siblings return from war; at the spring, the younger sister tells them what happened; they learn from her that the Bear's feet are vulnerable; they dig up pegs near the house; the bear steps on them, they try to burn her, she chases them; the younger brothers sister rises into the sky, becomes the seven stars of the Ursa Major; the star next to her is the sister's dog; the bear turns into stone]: Simms 1904:181-182; Blacklegs: Michelson 1911b, No. 2 ( piegan) [every evening, the older sister goes to the forest; the mother tells the younger sister to see her sister copulating with a bear; the father and the men shot him; the older sister asks the younger sister to bring her paw, call young people to play bear; asks not to push her into the hips; the girl pushes, the older sister turns into a Bear, devours everyone, turns her younger sister into a maid; she meets Seven brothers who have returned from the campaign; they ask her to know how to kill the Bear; she replies to her sister that she has injected it in her paw with an awl; the brothers give her sister a rabbit; the bear tells her to eat it herself, then wants kill for not leaving her half; runs out, attacks the awls; the brothers burn the corpse, a piece of finger flies off, the Bear revives, chases; the older brother blows on the feather, it takes off, they follow him, become the seven stars of the Ursa Major; the sister runs to the old man, who hides her, cuts off the Bear's ears and tail]: 244-246; Spence 1985 [a man has seven sons, two daughters; the eldest takes the Grizzly as a lover; the father tells him to be killed; the older brothers go camping; the sister takes a piece of Grizzly skin, turns into a Grizzly herself, kills everyone except Sinopa's younger sister and Okinai's younger brother; takes human form again; older brothers return; let younger sister scatter prickly fruits in front of the elder's house; brothers and younger sister run; older sister steps on prickly fruits, turns into a Grizzly, chases; O. waves his pen, creating a thicket, a lake, a tree; everyone climbs a tree; O. shoots arrows into the sky; with each arrow, one of the brothers flies away to heaven; they turn into the Big Dipper; the dim star on one side is S.; the four bucket stars are brothers who were pulled down from the tree by the Grizzly]: 182-184; Wissler, Duvall 1908, No. 7 [father and brothers girls kill her lover; she asks her younger sister to bring part of her bear paw, invites her to play, tells her not to touch her kidneys; the ban is broken, she turns into a bear; the brothers give the rabbit's younger sister, who has difficulty convincing the Bear that she killed him herself; they all run, spray water (lake) behind, throw a comb (thicket); the bird tells the Bear to shoot in the head; she is killed by an arrow; six brothers and younger sister turn into Pleiades, younger brother into (Polyarnaya?) Star]: 68-70; assiniboine [people kill a lover; a girl asks for a piece of his skin, turns into a bear; kills everyone except her parents and younger sister; her older brother returns from hunting; his younger sister tells him that the bear's right leg is vulnerable; he kills the bear with an arrow; pushes her heart, sprinkles powder into her hearths; people are reborn]: Lowie 1909a, No. 23:179; teton (oglala) [ a woman summons bears from hollows, hitting a tree with an ax; copulates with bears, then kills them, feeds them meat to her three children; her husband wonders where the meat comes from; feeds his wife bear meat to death; her head haunts her children; they throw a whetstone, it turns into mountains; she asks the snake to make a gorge; the children hide in a tree; she breaks it, they go down to the ground, sitting in a bird's nest; man carries them across the river in a boat; his head climbs the oar, he hits her with an oar, drowns her]: Wissler 1907, No. 6:195-196; Omaha, Ponka [the girl has a grizzly lover; hunters kill him; she asks father to bring her skin; pulls it on, turns into a Grizzly; kills people except his younger sister; their four brothers return from hunting, fleeing with their younger sister; creating thickets behind them, a forest, awl, crevice; Grizzly falls into it, closes behind her]: Dorsey 1890:292-293; iowa [Grizzly rapes a girl, she becomes his mistress; her younger sister sees them, father kills Grizzly; the mistress herself turns into a Grizzly, kills people, keeps her sister captive; their four brothers return after visiting thunder; give her younger sister a rabbit; the Grizzly pursues them; they hide in a rock that becomes tall; kills the Grizzly with arrows, burns it; the ash is scattered throughout the village; the ash first turns into ants, then the village is filled with people again]: Skinner 1925, No. 9:465-468; arapaho [a woman has a stallion lover; her husband watches her, kills a stallion; horses go missing; her husband asks his wife to return them; she does it]: Dorsey, Kroeber 1903, No. 107:247-257; Arikara: Dorsey 1904d, No. 44 [the husband notices that when he goes to the forest to cultivate the garden, the wife takes more food than necessary; watches her, sees a man with a bear fang necklace helping her; after eating, they copulate; the next since the husband wounds his lover with an arrow, hits his wife; she says that the lover is a bear, that now he will come to war; bears attack the village, kill people until they find and kill the woman's husband]: 126-127; Parks 1996, No. 11 [the wife returns late from the garden; the husband watches her, sees a white bear lying down with her; wounds him with arrows, drives his wife away; the bird tells him that the bears will come war; he builds a palisade, kills many bears, they retreat; converging with a woman, a polar bear wanted to bless her husband, and now he has lost his luck]: 177-180; kiowa [every day husband paints his wife's face red; her bear lover licks the paint; the husband watches his wife, kills the Bear; sees the wife crying while scraping her skin; the wife plays a bear, turns into a Bear, kills all the people in the village, turns her younger sister into a slave; tells her to get a rabbit, otherwise she will kill her; the girl's six brothers come back, give her a rabbit, teach her how to show that she got it herself; they run away with her, climb a rock; her sister tells her brothers that the Bear has vulnerabilities between her toes; brothers shoot there to kill the Bear; they and her sister go up to heaven, become stars ; the brothers are named Sensitive Ear, Fast Runner, Sharpshooter, Smart (others unnamed)]: Parsons 1929a, #3:9-11.

The Great Southwest. Lipan [his wife has a dog lover; she gives him the best meat; her husband followed her, killed the dog with an arrow; puppies in a woman's stomach tear her with their claws; she dies]: Opler 1940:220-224.

Mesoamerica A deer, if not otherwise. Popolok: Jäcklein 1974:275-278 [Si Gu ("born in the woods") kills her father, a deer, with an arrow, gives his meat to her mother; the next day she waits in vain for her husband (Var.: SG copulates with her, people are their descendants; in some cases he does not seem to know that the deer is his father; in others, the father is an ogre, SG frees people by killing him); SG goes to travel, mother stays in the San Felipe Mountains; she seduces passers-by; those who succumb to her spell die; she is a Woman with Beautiful Hair, an evil spirit with one eye in her forehead; SG is identified with the sun and Jesus], 293-294 [ the boy lives with his mother; gets the name Montezuma; one day he wants to shoot a nightingale; he says that his father is a deer; M. spies on his mother bringing food to her husband; he kills a deer with an arrow, brings his mother his meat, she eats it with pleasure; the next morning she brings food to the deer, the chameleon tells her what she ate; she hits M., he goes traveling]; masateki: Inchaustegui 197:27-32; Williams García 1953:360-362; Zapotecs [person?] : Parsons 1936:324-325; Chinantecs: Bartolomé 1984:13-14; Weitlaner 1952:161-171; 1972:169-173; 1977:52-54; Chatino: Bartolomé 1979:24; 1984:10-11; Carrasco 1961:64-65; Cicco, Horcasitas 1962 [a girl played with a bird, is pregnant with it; she gave birth to two boys, they are like dolls, her parents threw them into the river; the woman picked them up, said she was their mother; they guessed that this is not the case, that her deer husband is not their father; they killed a deer, made him a scarecrow full of bees, brought her his meat; the frog said that she was eating her husband; she ran to the scarecrow, the bees bit her; the children burned her in temazcal, she became a temazcal spirit; the children met their real mother, who weaved clothes for all animals, took her with them; they don't know where to get maize to feed their mother; they broke the bottle, threw it on the milpa, the fragments turned into husband and mosquitoes; left the mother, came to where the snake was going to swallow the girl; killed the snake, throwing hot stones into its mouth; the Sun climbed into the sky by thread, Month climbed his own way; his wife climbed after him; The sun told the tuza rodent to gnaw through the thread, the woman fell; The month still wants to return to his wife]: 74-78; mixteks: Dyk 1958:10-16; Solano González 1985 [Our Creator Father (BUT) learns that the owner of a temazcal (steam bath) owns a ball of thread to measure the world; she comes ashore, where she washes, fires miniature arrows at her, she thinks flies they bite; he turns into a baby, gets out of the water; she brings him home, tells her twin sons that they have a little brother; she goes to take food to her husband who works in the forest; when she comes back, feeds the baby with his milk; the next day, the boy asks the twins to let him play with their mother's ball; it is stored in a vessel; BUT pulls the thread, measures the world, puts the ball back, lies down in the cradle, cries; the woman scolds the twins for not caring for her brother or comforting him; on the fourth day she returns when BUT is still measuring the world; he explains that he is looking for meat to eat; goes for a walk, she warns not to go to the right; he goes screams, Go get some food, dad!" A deer appears, BUT kills it with an arrow, makes a scarecrow, fills it with wasps and bees; brings meat to a woman; she eats it with her twins; when she brings food to her husband, he does not answer, she hits him with a stick, Wasps and bees fly out, bite it; BUT drowns the temazcal to treat it, closes the exit; it stays inside; it takes the twins and takes it away]: 172-177; tricks: García Alvárez 1973 in Bartolomé 1984:17; Hollenbach 1980 [twins are born to a girl (or a married woman but not by a husband); they are thrown away to ants, they are alive; then they are thrown into the river; they are caught by old woman Ga'ah , tells his deer husband that she gave birth to them; The deer lives in the forest, she carries him tortillas; when he leaves, the twins jump out of the cradle to play; the birds warn them when G. returns; one day the birds overslept G.'s appearance, the twins no longer take the form of babies; they do not believe that the Deer is their father, they kill him, stuff the scarecrow with wasps; the possum is sent to bring fire (see the D4A motif), fry Deer meat, give G.; The frog tells her what she ate, she does not believe it, hits her, now the frog's skin is wrinkled; G. is angry that the Deer is silent, hits him with a stick, bitten by wasps; kicks the twins out of the house; the snake is going to devour the world, the twins throw hot stones into her mouth; send a fly to check if the snake is dead; the fly defecates in her left eye; the younger brother takes a brighter right eye, the older one - left; brothers go, younger wants to drink; the elder gets water as soon as the youngest agrees to change eyes; G. comes to the twins; they put her to sleep and rape her, putting stones on her penises; run away to the sky, the eldest becomes the Sun, the youngest becomes the Month; he swallowed the rabbit, which is now visible on it; the birds wake up G., she is covered in blood; throws after the twins the parts of his loom (turn into Taurus constellation) and sandals (turning into the Pleiades); G. herself becomes the spirit of a steam bath], No. 8.26-8.37:463-468; Relatos Triquis 1998 [the only woman lived in the forest among animals, her husband was deer; answered her son and daughter that their father did not have time to go home, she took him food to the forest where he works; the children met a deer, talked to him, he did not answer, they caught him in a trap, a skin they stuffed him with bees, asked her mother to cook meat; in the morning the deer did not come to her call, she found it, hit him with her hand, the bees that flew out bit her; when she returned, the children began to laugh; she asked God Riki punish them; he turned his son into the Sun, his younger sister into the moon; they will walk above the earth and shine until they are forgiven]: 26-29; Nader 1969:412; Nahuat (Puebla) [a woman has two sons; they are surprised that the mother takes food to the forest; they see a Deer there; the youngest disguised himself as a woman, lured a Deer; his brothers killed him, filled his skin with stinging insects; when the woman came, the scarecrow fell, insects They bit her to death; the brothers rose from the fire into the sky; the eldest was frightened, the youngest threw himself into the fire, became the sun; the eldest took not hot coals, but ash, became a month]: Barlow, Ramirez 1962:55-57; Miche [person?] : Miller 1956:81, 89-90; mocho [(=Relatos Mochó 1995:36-39); a woman cooks a lot of food, but her two sons who work in the fields get a little; they pretend to be asleep, they see Tapir, with with whom their mother shares a meal; this is their father; they dig a trap, he falls into it, dies; the mother cries; asks them to fry crabs on the bank of the river, blows on the coals; the coals fly into their eyes, they cry, turn into monkeys; a woman enters a river, becomes a moon, placed in the sky]: Petrich 1985a: 219-238; kekchi, mopan: Thompson 1930:120-123 [three brothers live with old woman Xkitza, they bring her birds killed while hunting; each time she puts the boys to sleep, feeds her monster lover with poultry meat (some say it's a tapir); she greases the boys' mouths, and in the morning assures them that they are all they ate it themselves; the trogon bird asks the brothers not to kill her, talks about the grandmother's behavior; the brothers dig a trap hole, the tapir falls into it, the brothers let the grandmother eat his fried penis; send a toad, then a lizard, she says that an old woman by the river grows her claws and sharpens them; the brothers leave calebasses in bed, the old woman sticks her claws into them, the brothers laugh; because the younger brother did not want to kill grandmother, Shulab and Keen invited him to climb a tree for a dead bird, he became an arachnid monkey, the current ones come from him; Keen asks that there is a stick with which water flows; Shkitsa answers That's right - the penis (not the vine); Shkitsa: what is the water flowing between two hills? Kin: S. urine; what does Trump do, Truma? Shkitsa: my spindle; Keane: throwing top, throws at it but she dodged; Shkitsa: three hills, flat from above? Keen: Three stones with a clay brazier on them; what goes up and then down? Shkitsa does not know; Keane: arrow; shoots, killing S. His current grandmother comes from him, Shulab and Keane invited him to climb a tree for the dead bird, he became an arachnid], 124 [mother gave birth to Keane unmarried, put it in a box, left him by the river, where Shkitsa found him; K. came to her unrecognized, she offered to be her husband, he angrily said who he was, left].

Honduras - Panama. Cabecar: Margery Peña 1989 [two men caught a parrot; someone is cooking at their house; they hid, waiting for a woman, one of them caught her (the second is not discussed further); every time, When he returns, his wife gives him fish; he waits for the one who supplied his wife with fish, wounded him, he rushed into the lake, became Dínama ("water jaguar")]: 54; Stone 1962, No. 7 [sister feeds the brothers fish; replies that the fish is being given to her by their son-in-law (i.e. her husband); the elder watched, saw a jaguar approach his sister's bed, wounded him with an arrow; the jaguar ran away, rushed into the lake; the sister followed him; the younger brother went to the lake, there was a road, he came to his sister's house; she refused to return, and her jaguar husband told her to give her brother a parrot; at home, the parrot did all the homework she did sister; (the informant doesn't remember further than the text, but it's called "The multiplication of human beings", clearly the beginning of a forgotten myth]: 59; bribri [three brothers caught two parrots; someone cooks them at home; they waited, caught two women; (hereinafter referred to as one person); he waited for two jaguar brothers who gave his wife fish, killed them; after that, his wife became a parrot again, flew away]: Margery Pe ña 1989:54.

The Northern Andes. Yupa [woman catches an anteater, hides it in a cave, inserts its face into her vagina; the husband finds out, cuts off the anteater's face, cooks it, lets his wife eat; the woman goes to the cave, realizes that she ate; people drive her out of the village]: Wilbert 1974a, No. 28:114.

Guiana. Warrau [tapir; love affair is not explicitly described]: Wilbert 1970, No. 58:149-150; curl [woman brings food and drink to the Sloth, calls, Howe, how! He gets down from a tree, makes love to her; a young man spies on her; a sloth scratches her when he sees a young man and is jealous; when a woman leaves, a young man kills the Sloth; when a woman comes the next day and sees a corpse, a young man offers himself to her, becomes her lover]: Roth 1915, No. 134:204; curl? [The two sisters have a tapir lover; they bring him a fruit drink, whistle him; their brother watches them, calls Tapir with the same signal, kills him with an arrow, cuts them to pieces; the sisters find them, throw them into pieces river; one turns into a manatee, the other turns into a freshwater dolphin]: Roth 1915, No. 183:245; akawai [Walyarima, the chief's wife, takes over (a black jaguar?) ; men call him with a conditional signal, kill him, bring his meat, arrange a party; the chief's wife suggests that every woman poisons her husband with a poisonous drink; all men die; to these women are joined by women from other villages; they repel men's attacks; they leave to form their own village; men visit them occasionally; women kill boys born]: Brett 1889:180f in Koch-Grünberg 1920, No. 34:90-93; Akawai or Guyanese Carinha [Roth 1915:265: Caribbean: Sirikio is a star, Wallya is a watchman, Wawa is a sister or wife; but Sahtai in akawai means "axe"; Wawaya takes Tapir as a lover; he promises to take her east, where heaven meets earth, where he will take a human form; her husband Sirikoai climbs a tree for fruit; when she begins to descend, she cuts off his leg with an ax; his mother cares for him; he walks east on crutches in the footsteps of lovers; kills Tapir with an arrow, cuts off his head; V. and Tapir's spirit run to heaven, S. after them; V. turns into the Pleiades, Tapir's head into Hyada (red Aldebaran is the eye), S. into Orion, Rigel is the upper part of his healthy leg]: Brett 1880:191-200 (=Roth 1915, No. 211:265-266); kalinya [three option; there are no other men around; two sisters take Tapir as lovers, scream every time, Go drink kashiri; their brothers watch them, call Tapir with the same words, kill them with arrows or machetes; the older sister decides to become a manatee, the youngest a dolphin]: Magaña 1985:19-22; 1988a, No. 125-127:226-227; Galibi [two sisters and two brothers live in the village, there are no other people; sisters take Tapira is a lover, they bring him kashiri, their name; the brothers called them with voices, killed them; the sisters found the corpse, left; the eldest turned into a manatee, the youngest into a dolphin; she still has the kashiri vessel she took ( part of the dolphin's body?)] : Magaña 1988a, No. 125-127, 128:226-228; aparaí [a woman takes a tapir as a lover, her brother kills him; she and her sister throw themselves into the water, turn into dolphins, she gives birth to a dolphin]: Rauschert 1967, No. 12:187; oyampy [two sisters met with a tapir; the brothers traced, killed the tapir with arrows, let the sisters eat meat; they rushed into the river, became Pilavi's (mother of fish) water spirits ]: Grenada 1982, No. 59:346-347.

Western Amazon. Koreguahe [A jaguar lives in a tree hollow on the edge of the garden; a woman takes him as a lover, he kills her husband; the victim's two sons bring a lot of meat from the hunt, but the mother gives everything to her lover; brothers they are going to kill Pauhil, who tells them about the death of their father; the brothers watch their mother, see her summon Jaguar with blows to the barrel; call him with the same signal, kill him with arrows; when they learn of death lover, furious woman; gives birth to a son with a Jaguar; coreguahe jaguars (who can turn into jaguars) come from]: Jimenez 1989, No. 45:100-101.

NW Amazon. Carijona [a woman takes Jaguar as a lover, allows him to kill her husband; when she is two years old, her son Months asks his mother how his father died; Missing in the woods; boy wanders through the woods, Forest says he did not kill his father; Fell off a tree; boy jumped off a tree, fell slowly; Earth; Didn't kill; - Drowned while fishing; boy swims in a hollow over rapids, Water: She did not kill; the boy took a hummingbird egg, from which his younger brother Tukuchimobi (hummingbird egg first) was born; he is the Sun, smarter than the Month on the third day; the Month brings a lot of meat, but his mother gives everything to Jaguar; brothers kill birds to tell them about their father's death; the woodpecker who hammered the tree in which the Jaguar and the Night Monkey lived told; brothers revive dead birds; spy on how a mother dressed as a girl brings food, calls Jaguar, knocking a vine on wood, copulates; when she leaves, the brothers call Jaguar with the same signal, kill him with poisoned arrows; T. made his fangs necklace, wears it for war; when the Month wears the necklace, the hunters have a lot of prey; the mother takes a palm larva as lovers, the brothers burn the palm tree, the larva dies; the mother causes T.'s eye disease (then but after the murder of Jaguar); the forest chicken screams about it; T. tells all the birds to voice, finds a chicken by voice, brings it to the mother to fry; she breaks the bone, water pours out of it, fills it for a while the earth in a flood; T. tells her mother to drop her milk into a pot of ash, from which a fruit tree grows; animals come to the tree, including the Night Monkey; around her neck she has a horn from Father T.'s skull; brothers They kill the Monkey in an ambush, but the mother creates a snake, which steals his father's skull; therefore, he could not be resurrected; see motive E9 below]: Schindler 1979, No. 1:21-38; Tarian [comes to the woman at night The husband is a deer; copulates with her while the children are sleeping; they eat birds brought by the Deer, and leave bones and wings to the children; the brothers suspect that their real father has been killed, and the Deer is not their father, they kill him, after mixing fish poison in the drink; mother gives birth to a son Deer, hides him in a bag; brothers find him, he turns into a deer, runs away into the forest; brothers turn into mutum birds (Nothocrax urumutum Spix); mother seeks them; they turn into ants, bite her genitals; she hits ants; they decide that their mother really doesn't love them, they fly away forever; the mother has turned into a small beetle]: Brüzzi 1994:200-202; toucano [her reindeer husband comes to the woman at night; she gives birth to a son with him, hides him from her two eldest sons and daughter; the elder brother followed; they killed the Deer by adding poison to his drink; little the boy turned into a deer, the older children into mutums]: Brüzzi 1994:202-204; yukuna [after a long absence, the hero returns to his mother; she has a new jaguar husband and daughter; daughter tries to kill his half-brother; he kills her, turns her into a paka, asks her mother to feed her jaguar meat; kills a jaguar when he climbs a tree for him; kills a mother by throwing it in her mouth hot toad caviar]: Jacopin 1981:152-156; Uitoto: Preuss 1921, No. 7:270-304 [tapir jaguar], 304-314 [jaguar]; Rodríguez de Montes 1981, No. 23 [jaguar]: 195-200.

Central Amazon. Maue [at the festival, the husband turns his wife into an anteater, her lover into a tapir, and others dancing in other animals]: Pereira 1954:118; parintintin [woman wears tapira tortillas, causes with a song; he comes out of the river, eats, copulates with it; men call tapir with the same song, kill, fry, bring some meat to a woman; she and her son turn tapir into dolphins; in females female genitals, males have tapir-like penis]: Pereira 1980 (2): 621-622; munduruku [Karusakaibo's son killed by wild pigs; father hears his voice, sees two trees; carves a doll, but from a person, she has only ears - orehla de pau wood mushrooms; K. makes a new doll, she turns into a handsome boy; he hides him at home from women under the supervision of an old woman; one woman penetrates the boy, copulates with him; his penis remains tight; the same is repeated the next day; K. turns his son into Aniocaiche's tapir; he runs away to the forest, copulates with everyone women; one person sees it; men send women to the garden, send a friend with pumpkin breasts; A. comes out, killed by arrows; mother does not breastfeed her young son; he tells his mother that women's lover is eaten, flies away as a bird; the mother runs to name A., only the Battleship comes out to copulate with her; while men hunt, women paint, jump into the river, turn into fish; three old women turn into caimans and crabs; young children become birds; the man left in the village becomes Jacques's bird; men catch new wives from the river; see motive F7]: Kruse 1952, No. 8:992-994; Murphy 1958, No. 2: 73-76.

Eastern Amazon. Parakana [a girl lives with married brothers; in the forest she copulates with a tree branch, the brothers find it, break it; the same with a vine; with a deer, the brothers kill it, tell her sister that they killed a deer, that calls her lover in vain, sees blood; the same with tapir; the same with fish; then she takes her brothers' children away, they sail away, turn into Europeans, greet their fathers with gunshots, fathers understand that children can't be returned]: Fausto 2002:73-76; tenetehara [girl takes a tapir as a lover; calls him by knocking on a tree; her brother spied; father and brothers call the tapir with the same signal, kill with arrows, they fry, bring them to the village; the girl finds out that she has eaten her lover's fried penis; pushes her brothers and father into the river, jumps herself, they all turn into fish; (var.: throwing herself into the river, she and her children turn into Ywan water spirits)]: Wagley, Galvão 1949, No. 23:148-149.

Montagna - Jurua. Kanamari [Wahpaka met the tapir in secret; when she heard the thunder struck, she realized that her lover had been killed]: Carvalho 2002:274.

Bolivia - Guaporé. Takana: Hissink, Hahn 1961, No. 162 [1) the wife takes the tapir as a lover, does not work in the garden; the husband followed, wounded the tapir with an arrow; dispersed the healing animals who treated the tapir, finished off the second with an arrow; cut off the tapira's penis; after wandering in the forest, he returned home; took his sons, left his wife and son tapir; 2) the tapir promises the woman not to ruin the garden if she lies down with him; the owner of the forest told her husband; he killed a tapir with an arrow; gave a fried penis to his wife, then killed her with an arrow; married a forest owner; went to look for her in the forest, did not return], 164 [a woman in the garden cheats on her husband with a Deer; husband followed, saw the wife calling the Deer; the deer comes out, the husband kills him, the wife runs away; the husband brings his wife the genitals of a deer under the guise of a bird's testicles; she finds out what it is, her husband kills her], 172 [wife feeds her husband cassava and bananas, gives good food to her anaconda lover; screams by the lake, brought you food; the beetle tells her husband about it; the husband watches himself, kills Anaconda with an arrow; the wife gives birth to a son with a man's body and a snake's head, he goes into the forest; then asks his mother to find him a bride; one girl agreed, he became human], 217 [the wife takes Tapir as a lover; the husband looks after them, hurts both with an arrow; thinks he has been chasing them for two days, it turns out to be a year; the woman herself also turns into a tapiriha; the husband reaches the crushing rocks at the edge of the earth, sees the red world behind them; the woodpecker shows him way back; var.1: man pursues only male Tapir, returns eight years later; his wife married someone else, he kills her; var.2: Tapir flees to the edge of the world where Sloth (animal shaman) can cure him; a man kills both; finds a wife with her son from Tapir at home; kills both]: 294-298, 340-342; Nordenskiöld 1924 [the husband watches his wife, sees her calling the Deer in the garden, copulates with him; the husband kills the Deer with an arrow; asked the son to put the Deer's genitals in the wild boar's mass; tells his wife what she ate, kills her]: 283; tupari [the men went to cut down the forest, the shaman remains; he watched how the women called for a tapir, gave him food and drink, each met him; the next day, the men called the tapir themselves, killed him with arrows; the angry women left and began to live separately; only occasionally copulate with men coming in]: Caspar 1953a: 213-214; surui [a woman who has just given birth lives in a separate hut; goes to the woods to copulate with Vasa's tapir, calling him Ha-re, ha-re vo! Her husband watches her, kills the tapir with an arrow, hangs a severed penis in the door of the hut, tells his wife to look in his head while sitting in the doorway; blood drips on her; her husband kills her by piercing her vagina with a huge one thorn]: Mindlin 1995, No. 6:23-24; guarazu [the hunter brings meat to his sister, but it immediately disappears; he watches her knock on the tree with a stick, calling Tapir, feeding him, copulates; brother calls Tapir with the same signal, kills with an arrow, buries, hangs severed genitals on a tree; a woman sees them, rushes into the river with her little son, turns into freshwater dolphin]: Riester 1977, No. 21:260.

Southern Amazon. Tapir, if not otherwise. Vaura [a woman goes swimming, meets a tapir on the river bank, gives him a home-made fruit drink, copulates with; the boy accidentally sees it, tells the woman's husband; he shoots a tapir with a bow, finishes off with a club; hits his wife; leaves her, marries a tapir's widow]: Schultz, Chiara 1971:110-111; kalapalo [a man's five wives deceive him with a tapir; husband killed a tapir, wives were buried; wild fruit trees grew out of his eyes, nose, mouth, ears]: Basso 1973:34; Rickbacza [people eat tapir crap, tree mushrooms, cassava, don't know onions and arrows; woman commanded men, only drank and ate, men cooked; one finds a seed, it turns into a bird's egg; she puts it in all the folds and depressions of the body; when she clamps it in the palm of her hand (var.: under the knee , in a crease in her stomach), a boy is born from an egg; while the mother was not at home, another woman massaged his penis, got along with him; the penis grew; the mother took her son to the forest, he turned into Tapira; mother made his legs and ass invulnerable by burning fire, stuffing leaves; but he can be killed in the armpit; Tapir copulates with all women, starting with the one who came when he was a boy; men suspect, send birds to find out; while women in the field make their first bows, go to the river, imitate the voices of women, shoot Tapir who appeared; the husband of the one who came to see the child hung the cut off Tapir's penis above her hammock; women turned their children into birds, animals; one blew on a leaf, water poured, formed a river; Cayman carried first ugly, then beautiful ones; warned that the wind will blow in the middle of the river, they should not spit; the ugly ones restrained themselves, one beautiful one spat, it drowned them; their voices and laughter can be heard from the river; some have turned into fish, stone, birds; at the bottom sweet potatoes and corn grow; The Sloth told the men what happened; they began to copulate with him, he ordered them to catch women better; the men caught the Carp first, but missed it; then Akara fish, she turned into a woman, new people from her; if Carp were more beautiful; women carried fire across the river; first one iguana steals coals; women come and extinguish them; men find a tree that spews fire cannot be approached; they pick up fire seeds that have fallen to the ground, find fire]: Pereira 1994, No. 1:17-34 (Pereira 1973, No. 12:46-47); Iranshe [husband does not hunt; the wife takes the Battleship as her lover, he gives her honey, she feeds the children; the husband watches her, kills the Battleship, beats his wife; the children are hungry again]: Pereira 1985, No. 61:227-228; paresi [when grandchildren Yuanalore copulates with the owner of the Buriti palm tree, who always gets up and leaves first; Yuanalore got up first, his penis remains in his vagina, has become long; he cut off a few pieces, the owner of the buriti swallowed them; carried the rest in the basket; at night his penis began to crawl towards women; his son cut a snake; Yuanalore threw himself into the river, became a tapir; four women hit the water with a buriti stalk , call a tapir, copulate; Kaimare followed, killed the tapir with an arrow, hung his penis over the entrance to the house; invited women to look in his head; blood drips, women recognize the penis; call tapira river, but only the Water Measure Spider comes out; his penis is too small; women drink Kaimare drunk with Euterpe precatoria chicha; take away sacred flutes; Dove tells K. what happened; K. rushes in pursuit; women leave their flutes, reach a place where the edge of heaven hits the ground]: Pereira 1986, No. 13:227-231; bororo [Chief Baitogógo's son tells his father that his mother is copulating in the woods with Butóre Agádu; Baitogogo comes, shoots him first in the arm, leg, then heart; he turns into a tapir and jumps into the water; since then, a tapir can only be killed by hitting the heart; strangled at home his wife, told the battleships to bury her; the son cried, became a bird, and left the prags on his father's back, from which a taruma fruit tree grew; Baitogogo disappeared into the water; people fish and find tobacco inside her; No one smokes a cigar in honor of the water spirit that Baitogogo has become; he blinds sleepers in the form of a bat, blind people throw themselves into the water, turn into otters]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1983, No. 26:62-66.

Eastern Brazil. Tapir. Suya [Seeger MS; wife copulates with tapir when going to the garden for sweet potatoes; calls her lover by name; gives big yams to tapira, little ones to her son; husband wants to kill agouti; he asks not kill, talks about his wife's infidelity; the husband calls the tapir in his wife's voice, kills with an arrow; the boy tells his mother about it; she calls the tapir, cries, throws away sweet potatoes; the husband hangs the tapir's penis above the entrance into the house; wife asks what it is; What you copulated with; she eats tapir meat with everyone]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1984a, No. 154:148-151; kayapo: Wilbert 1978, No. 112 [Metraux 1960:25- 27; returning from the field, women at home copulated with Bira's tapir; did not care about husbands and children; one hunter accidentally saw this, told others; the men surrounded B.'s hut, killed him with arrows; the children were given meat by bakers, for their mothers the meat of the killed B.; the women threw themselves into the water, turned into fish; one fell on a man making an arrow while dancing; an arrow pierced her from behind, she became a stingray; a woman with a pestle became an electric eel; Takakö caught fish with a fishing rod, she became a woman, cooked food for him and her brother O'oimbre; he did not believe that T. was cooking porridge; became as an ant, found his sister, bit her; she screamed; went to catch the woman too, pulled out the fish, but did not grab it, but put his dick in her mouth; the fish jumped back; T. set fire to the area where O. was, but he hid under snaggy and alive], 113 [Lukesh 1968:89-93; men learn that handsome Bira is the lover of all married women in the village; when they hunt, they turn B. into a tapir, kill, fry, give a piece to each woman; when they learn that they ate, women jump into the river, turn into different types of fish; more about catching a woman ~ (122)], 123 [Metraux 1960:23-25; near the village there is a river, along it with buriti palm trees; woman collected fruits, met with a tapir; the little son followed her, saw her with a tapir, threw a fruit bone at him; the son's mother beat her, threw her into the thorny bush, rubbed her wounds with coal; the son told his father; the men hunted, killed this tapir, the boy identified him on the trail of a fetal bone that had fallen into his head; the husband put a tapir's cock in his wife's vagina at night, she died; burying a woman, her friends saw a dick fall out; the woman's brother killed her husband at night with a club, the body was thrown into the river], 124 [Lukesh 1968:94-96; the woman went to the savannah to copulate with Tapir; her son followed, launched into the tapir with a fetus, he kicked the woman; she scratched her son with a sedge; he told his father; the men killed this Tapir along with others; the husband injected the woman with a severed tapir member at night, she died; when from her vagina blood flowed, relatives guessed that her husband was a murderer; he was caught up, strangled with an arrow like a garrot]: 276-278, 279-284, 304-305, 306-308; Wilbert, Simoneau 1984a, No. 155 [], 157 [similar to Wilbert 1978, No. 112]: 452-458; crash [Schultz 1950:153-154; wife calls her husband to the forest for buriti palm fibers to make baskets, but the husband goes hunting deer; the wife goes alone, agrees to become Tapir's mistress; he promises to guard a palm tree for her; she becomes pregnant, confesses to her husband that it is from Tapir; her husband tells her to surrender to Tapir again; she knocked on the tree trunk, and Tapir appeared at this signal, her husband killed him with an arrow; at night he put the tapir's severed penis into her vagina; the woman dies; the woman's mother and sister noticed the tapir's penis; her four brothers called her husband into the field, pushed him into the fire, he burned down; The mother of the burnt man was told that her son ran away]: Wilbert 1978, No. 122:301-303.

Chaco. Chamacoco [woman collects algarrobo pods, converges with a stallion; refuses to have sex with her husband; a shaman turns into a bird, watches it, tells her husband; a woman gives birth to a foal; going out light, it tears the mother's belly, she dies; the husband kills the stallion with a spear]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1987a, No. 131:488-490; nivacle [stallion]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1987b, No. 140:313-314; toba: Wilbert, Simoneau 1982b, No. 184 [the woman's husband is a Yulo bird; he sleeps outside, she is in the house; the son finds her with her lover, tells his father; he asks to pull out a few hairs from his lover, identifies the hair tapira; secretly follows his wife into the forest; shoots tapir when his wife copulates with it; lovers climb different trees but cannot separate for a long time; wife drinks, water spills out of her torn vaginas; the husband kills the deer, then the wife; puts the meat both in the basket, brings it to parents; they cook and eat meat; he reports that it is their daughter's meat; turns himself and his children into birds, they fly away]: 349 -350; 1989a, No. 30 (pilaga) [Yulo is surprised why his wife stays in the forest; sees that after drinking water pours out of her vagina; Yu follows; the woman sings, Tapir whistles back, they copulate; Tapira's penis enters her from vagina to mouth; Yu frightened Tapir, killed his wife with an arrow, fried the meat, brought it to his mother-in-law and her relatives under the guise of nanda meat; father-in-law chases him; Yu and his two sons climb on a tree, from there they fly to heaven, turn into stars; Y. also turns into a bird], 31 (pilaga) [as in (30)], 157 [women go for fruit; Lesogó's wife (bird) brings nothing; when she drinks, water spills through it; the husband watches, sees her copulating with an anteater; kills an anteater first with an arrow, then his wife; puts her meat in deer skin, brings it to parents, tells his children not yes; parents chase him, stab him in the neck with a stick, now she is red], 158 [Lesogó found his wife with another, killed him, stained his neck with blood, she is still red], 159 [Lesogó Lesogó found wife with tapir; killed, brought pieces of meat to her parents; went up to heaven himself; the fox gave him a red neckerchief], 401 (western toba) [a girl presented as an old shaman does not want to sleep with him; he throws bewitches her in such a way that she goes to copulate with a tapir; her father finds her, no longer lets her into the forest alone]: 48-50, 51-52, 230-231, 231-232, 232, 554-555; poppies: Wilbert, Simoneau 1991a, No. 91 [stallion], 92 [donkey]: 208-209.

Southern Brazil. Ofaye [wife does not sleep with her husband, carries tapir food to the garden; calls him, he eats, copulates with her; the man followed, killed the onion tapir; the woman's brother cuts the carcass; she takes a penis , keeps her in the basket, masturbates to them; women call her to swim, men set fire to her house; she dies of grief that her penis is gone]: Ribeiro 1952:133-135.