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F35. Severed genitals.


A woman or man has an illegal or unnatural relationship, often with a monster or animal. A husband or relative kills or maims a sexual partner and feeds him meat to someone who has been in contact with him (or her). Usually a man gives his lover's severed penis to his wife or sister. (The Ontong Java option is peculiar, but clearly related to the rest).

Isanzu, Yoruba, French, Kewa, Monumbo, Porapora, Maori, Niue, Ontong Java, Khmers, Gondas, Makassars, Timor, Polar Eskimos, Igloolik, Angmassalik, Tsetsot, Taltan, Chipewayan, Haida, Bellacula, Quarry, Shuswap, Thompson, Lillouette, Puget Sound, Modoc, Menominee, Northern Ojibwa (Sandy Lake), North Solto, Ojibwa, Timagami Ojibwa, Fox, Western Swamp Cree, Steppe Cree, steppe ojibwa, montagne, nascapi, seneca, malesit, penobscot, blacklegs, teton, caddo, popoloka, chinanteca, chatino, tricky, mihe, tsotsil, tseltal, kanhobal, kekchi, mopan, tsutukhil, quiche, kakchikel, chorti, pipil, yupa, muiski, sanema, galibi, oyana, aparai, oyampi, Imbabura, coreguahe, siona, baniva, vakuenai, tariana, carijona, cubeo, desana, barasana, kabiyare, yukuna, makuna, tatuyo, andoque, parintintin, surui, tenetehara, urubu, shipibo, cachinahua, sharanaua, yaminahua, tacana, guarazu, waura, mehinacu, kayabi, rickbacza, paresi, karaja, suya, kayapo, cracho, chamacoco, maca, ofae, selknam, yagana.

Bantu-speaking Africa. Isanzu [the woman rejects various animal suitors, marries the Elephant; he turns out to be human; she brings him lunch in the field; on the way, the Serpent invites her to have sex, eats part of the food; to her husband the woman explains that she met a relative; this is how every day; one person sees this, says to her husband; they summoned the Snake with the song that the woman summoned him with, killed him; the wife brings a full vessel for the first time food; the husband says he took out antelope meat; when the wife ate, he explains that she ate her lover; she gives birth to snakes; the husband kills five, the sixth hides; six months later she goes out, calls the Elephant father, asks for a bow; asks to find a bride; five sisters refuse, the youngest sixth marries the Snake; at night he turns into a man; mother advises her daughter to throw snakeskin into the fire; husband receives human clothes from her mother; sisters' husbands are surprised at their new son-in-law; sisters lead the youngest to fetch firewood, push her into the well; the eldest takes the place of the youngest in front of her husband; the firewood dumper hears voice from the well; parents pull out and treat their youngest daughter; father kills the eldest with an ax]: Kohl-Larsen, Allensbach 1937, No. 47:61-66.

West Africa. Yoruba [the girl refuses her grooms, looks for the most handsome young man; on the market square, a girl meets a handsome man, falls in love with him; Nosha says that he is a fish and lives in a river near Idunmaibo; the girl replies that if he comes out of the water from time to time and comes to her as she sees him now, she will be happy to become his wife; the young man brought her to the river; taught her a song whom she should call him out of the water; since then, every day a girl came to her fish husband and brought him food; the girl's younger brother followed her and told her parents; they sent her for a few days daughter to kill her husband; younger brother, imitating the girl's voice, sang a song, calling the young fish; as soon as he appeared, the girl's father killed him with a knife; when he died, the young man turned into a fish and his father fed him her daughter with meat; while she was eating, her younger brother sang that she was eating her husband's meat; the girl ran to the river, called her husband, but no one went out, and the water turned red; the girl jumped into the river and became alive at the bottom as a mermaid]: Fuja 1969:24-27.

Western Europe. The French (fablio Le auf Iñore) [Knight Inhor seduces 12 young women; they gather on the lawn, choose an arbitrator from among themselves, and take turns telling her lover's name in her ear so that she chose the most worthy gentleman; everything opens up, women want to punish I., he promises to serve only one from now on; the earphone tells her husbands about everything; they lure I. into a trap, kill, and from him hearts and genitals cook roast, which their lovers treat; when they find out what they ate, women refuse to eat and die]: Mikhailov 1986:302-303.

Melanesia. Keva: LeRoy 1985, No. 13 [an eel swam into the girl's vagina; she declined offers, gave birth to an eel, went to the river to breastfeed him every day; her brother followed her, knocked on the river a tree (as the sister called her son), killed an eel, cooked it, gave it to her sister; she went to her Eel husband; when the brother came to them, Eel promised not to be angry at him; the second son of Eel went with his uncle, he kept him in a puddle in a hollow; while his brother was hunting, other men found and killed an eel; his brother came back to Eel; he gave him a tarot to take home, hid inside a tuber, wrapped around the man on the way; another man I saw it, cut the eel; most of the body swam away, the head remains; so we have few eels], 14 [my sister does not go to the garden to help her brother; he watches her, sees her coming to the river to feed her her son's eel chest; brother makes fake pumpkin breasts for himself, causes eel with a conditional hiss, bakes, gives it to her sister; she cries; he offers her pork, she continues to cry; brother leaves, he is killed strangers, butchering to eat; the old woman asked to leave her liver; the sister went to look for her brother, the old woman gave her a liver, told her to bury her under a tree; when there were many lightning in the sky, sister I realized that it was time, I came to the tree; there was a vegetable garden with a variety of cultivated plants, in the garden a boy and a boy, both like her brother; one day she dug a tarot, bleed; both brothers they shouted that their liver hurt, died; if the woman hadn't dug up the sago, the liver of the dead would be buried and they would have revived]: 46-51, 48-51; monumbo [building a house for the initiation of young men, people cut down and they brought a wooden beam; when the boat was approaching the shore, light came from the beam; the beam was installed in the house; when the men left, it became human, he was dancing with the children; the men threw the beam into the sea, she sailed to Fr. Manam, people made her a headrest; when everyone left, he became human, ate all the chickens, pigs and dogs; the men threw the headrest into the sea, he swam to the shore of the main island; he became a baby; husband and wife adopted him; at night the baby became an adult, made love to the foster mother, who became pregnant; while his wife was away, the husband wanted to throw the baby on a palm tree, but he jumped into the river and swam away; the women of the village came to fish; the headrest man came out of the water and met them; the men sent the boy; the women covered him with nets, but he cut a hole, peeked; the men hid on the shore, they killed the one who came out, cut off his penis, let his wives eat; the old woman put her piece next to him; he flew to heaven, became the Month]: Höltker 1965, No. 4:80-82; porapora: Schwab 1970, No. 3b [ the Arero woman was hiding in a stone ax hanging on the wall; she came out, pierced the children with sharp leaves, cooked, ate; she was waiting for her, she jumped back into the ax, he was thrown into the fire, he jumped into the river; from there A., as a woman, moved to the top of a palm tree; the trunk could not be cut down, they called her brother Ambang, he hit her with an arrow, finished her off with batons, divided the meat, A. asked for a vagina; at night, his vagina glowed, he kept it in a bag to illuminate the forest when hunting wild boars; A.'s mother did not care about his property, he killed her; met people fused together in two, separated; they did not have anuses, and men also had holes in their penises, A. made them; other people lived in a hole, croaked; A. taught them to talk and walk; A.'s grandmother was W.; an eel jumped into her vagina; she gave birth to a son, hid him in the sink, from there he went out to see her as an adult man; her great-niece Arero spied, pulled the eel out of the sink, killed her, cooked it, let W. eat it; she created a crocodile, lured Arero to a tree above the river, she fell, killed her; the mother of the victim threw a bag of W. into the river, but she managed to take a fire, a dog and a heron with her; sailed to a place where people did not know fire, cooked in the sun; W. secretly cooked in the house two brothers, a dog and a heron, were her watchman; the youngest watched, W. married the elder; Unkinye came to ask W. for fire, stole it; the brothers found it, released W., cut W. to pieces; his head clung to pieces into the elder's testicles, not to tear it off; the youngest climbed onto the breadtree, but threw down only the unripe fruits; the elder climbed, his head agreed to get off temporarily; he threw the ripe fruit, threw one away; while his head grabbed him, the brothers ran away; the head grabbed the boar's face, which carried it away; tore it off the trunk of a betel palm tree], 4 [the eel climbed into the vagina of Waro's widow; it was a dead man who had turned into an eel; she began to copulate with them regularly, hid them in coconut; her daughter found an eel, killed them, cooked with sago; V. lured her to a tree, let wasps, the girl fell, V. killed her; people decided to throw B in the river, she managed to take with her fire, a female and a dog, an osprey, a pot, a sago, one of the dogs then turned into a heron; swam out, began to live in the house; hid when two brothers came; the eldest went into the forest, the youngest lay in wait for V., grabbed it; she told them her story]: 774-778, 779-780.

Micronesia—Polynesia. Maori [(zap. H. Beattie on the South Island); Rona married Hine-Aroaro-te-Pari (“Cliff Maid”); while he was fishing, Hoka descended from the sky, converged with H.; R. waited for him, killed him, cooked a certain part of his body, gave eat to his wife, said she ate; she chased him, he hid the children in the rocks, and he rose to heaven himself; now he can be seen on the moon with a calebasa lying in front of him; the children have become spirits living inside rocks; when someone screams, they repeat their words (echo)]: Best 1982:281; Niue [hairy lizards are just like snakes in Europeans; one woman cheated on her husband, he gave her under the guise of the fish is the meat of a hairy lizard, then said she ate; she vomited and died; alternatively, the husband fed his wife a taboo part of her lover's body]: Loeb 1926b:170; Ontong Java [leaving To collect clams, Asinga would go into the forest every time and call the spirit, “Here are my genitals!” ; she took them off, gave them to her spirit, went to the lagoon herself, and then came back, called the spirit again, and he returned her genitals; her husband Apunga overheard; went into the thickets before his wife, called the spirit, who gave his genitals to him thinking that he was returning Asinge; Apunga cooked them and mixed them with food; Asinga called the spirit in vain, returned home and fell asleep; her husband invited his wife to pick them up and eat her genitals; she felt unhappy]: Keopo 1981:85.

Burma — Indochina. Khmer [husband goes to sell beads; his wife Ni drops an ax into the hole, the Kengkang snake, agrees to meet him for returning the axe; every night she sends a daughter for K., who brings him to his mother ; the father returns, the daughter talks about what happened; he tells him to call the snake in the usual way, cuts off his head and tail at home, gives meat to his wife under the guise of pork; the raven screams that she is eating her lover; N. cries when he sees K.'s head hanging on a branch, replies to her husband that he was burned with soup; her husband calls N. to give birth on the river bank, cuts it in two, the snakes that crawled out of her womb gave birth to current snakes]: Gorgoniev 1973:127-132.

South Asia. Gondas [sister carries soup to her brother in the field; he drinks broth, throws rice into the river to Kajal fish; sister is surprised that the brother is still losing weight, spying on him; decides to drain the pond; the fish asks not do this by addressing your father-in-law, mother-in-law, daughter-in-law; parents refuse to fish, sister catches; then the same when to gut the fish; sister cooks it, eats it, leaves a piece for her brother; a piece tells him that he is his girlfriend; his brother makes a cage in the field; when his sister brings him lunch, puts his sister in it, sets it on fire; promises to put it out if she calls him her husband; she keeps calling by his brother, burns; he eats her grilled meat; feeds her parents; tells them what they ate, they cry]: Elwin 1944:377-380.

Malaysia—Indonesia. Makassary (Sadang) [every day a boy calls an eel, gives him his rice; the father is surprised that the son is losing weight, watching him, calling an eel with the same song, killing him, giving his son eel meat; the son leaves, throws beads behind him; the father follows, loses time picking up beads; the boy asks the stone to open, hides in it; the father breaks the stone, but only two pigeons fly out]: Loosdrecht, Adriani, Veen 1916:371-373 in Lessa 196:336 (translated into Teselkin 1959:38-40, =Braginsky 1972:151-152); Timor [father dies; eldest daughter finds a chicken egg, hides it in her room; at night the egg laughs , a girl is with him; in her absence, her mother Si-Mau finds an egg, cooks, her daughter says that it has not been such a delicious dinner for a long time; without finding an egg, she cries; SM says that since the daughter cries, she will go to father's grave; daughter calls her mother from the grave to feed her youngest daughter; only the mother's hair is shown, the older sister cuts it off; brings her sister to Mau-Quíac, hides with her in a tree; MK and his father dresses in baban leaves; the girl, by the power of her mother's hair, creates clothes and everything she needs; MK and his father dress; the chief's son pays them a rich ransom for the bride, marries his older sister, his brother — on a grown-up youngest]: Pascoal 1967:309-311.

The Arctic. Polar Eskimos [the husband watches his wife, sees her coming to the lake, calling the penis, he appears, she copulates with him; the husband calls the penis himself, kills with a stick, cooks, feeds his wife; puts it down worms, flies, etc. under her blanket, they eat her; he burns insects; see motive F28A]: Holtved 1951, No. 38:166-172; Menovshchikov 1985, No. 231:449-450; igloolik [husband watches his wife; she calls the penis of the Spirit of the Lake; the penis crawls out of the lake, enters it; the husband calls it, imitating his wife's voice, cuts it off, cooks it, lets his wife eat; worms fall on her, they crawl into her, kill her; returning from hunting, he finds food cooked; finds a fox woman; see motive E9]: Rasmussen 1930a: 221-222; East Greenland (Angmassalik) [husband watches his wife as she calls at the shore of Lake Penis, that appears, copulates with her; the husband calls the Penis instead of his wife, kills, cuts it into pieces, mixes it with ordinary meat, gives it to his wife, says she ate her lover; puts flies, worms and larvae under the skin that the wife covers himself, they eat her; then he burns them themselves; someone cooks in his absence, he waits for Lisa, makes her wife; in winter they come to visit Crap, married to Hare; they change wives; Fox and Crap do not like each other's smell; when they hear the words of Crap, the Fox runs away, the husband follows the tracks to the hole; the Fly comes out of it, then the Larva, offers himself; the husband rejects them, climbs into the hole himself, but There's only a female worm, she says he's suffering because of what he did to her; he's left alone]: Millman 2004:98-99.

Subarctic. Tsetsot [two brothers notice a bag hanging on a tree, open it; a man with a huge penis falls out of there; brothers cut off the penis, cook caribou with meat, give it to their wives; they say that they they eat a lover; wives grab clubs, chase their husbands; brothers throw the contents of the caribou stomach, it turns into ravines and gorges; wives overcome obstacles; brothers ask for help from a bear-like a horned monster, his wives kill him; brothers throw the contents of the caribou stomach again — the same; the second horned monster kills women; husbands return home]: Boas 1897, No. 2:259-260; Taltan Teit 1921a, No. 45 [the widow takes the Otter as her husband; hides it in a sack; her two sons find the bag, kill the Otter, let his mother eat its meat under the guise of bear meat; tell her the truth; the mother stalks them; they throw caribou giblets behind them; they turn into a gorge, mountain, water, fire; mother burns], 47 [wife takes an aquatic creature as a lover (not described); every day she paints, goes to the lake shore; husband watches her; paints and dresses like her, calls her lover with a conditional signal; he gets out of the water, her husband kills him, cuts him off and cooks his penis, lets his wife eat; says that she ate; she feels bad; he cuts off her head (var.: she commits suicide]: 239-240, 241-243; chipewayyan [a person sees his wife coming to a tree, calling her husband, copulating with snakes that have crawled out; he calls the serpent in her voice kills, lets his wife eat their boiled blood; she runs to the tree, comes back, attacks her husband; he cuts off her head, runs away; asks the grasshopper woman to transport him across the river; she stretches out his leg like a bridge; The head chases her husband, asks him to stretch out his leg for her as well; the husband breaks the Head with an ax, the gnat flies out of it; var.: The grasshopper throws his Head into the water, the Head disappears]: Petitot 1886, No. 14:407-410.

NW Coast. Hyda (Skidgate) [woman picks oysters; hits her mat with a digging stick like a drum, causing a killer whale; it jumps out of the sea, copulates with her; her husband watches her; puts her on clothes like hers, hits a mat with a stick, sings the same song; cuts off a whale's penis, a whale swims away; bakes a penis, lets his wife eat, asks if her husband tastes good; a woman rushes into the sea, turns into a rock; she was a killer whale's daughter]: Swanton 1905:286-287; Hyda (Masset) [{probably the same thing in Skidgate, skipping pages in my copy}; husband gives his wife meat (penis?) lover, explains she ate; wives have not deceived their husbands since then]: Swanton 1908a, No. 64:? -640; bellacula [The month is the son of the Sun; the woman goes for berries, meets the Month, returns with an empty basket; the husband puts on her clothes, goes instead of them, cuts off the Month's head, brings it to his wife; The sun burns the earth for this, only the mistress of the Month remains unharmed; she will fill up a bucket of water with fish in advance; after the fire, she pours out, the rivers form again]: Boas 1895, No. 3:247.

The coast is the Plateau. See motive F33. Quarry [sons kill Otter, their mother's husband; feed her Otter meat under the guise of bear meat]; shuswap [like Thompson; husband puts severed genitals on the bottom of the basket, gives it to his wife; she finds them , her husband kills her with a knife]: Teit 1909a, No. 47:725-726; Thompson [his wife's lover is the spirit of the lake; the husband cuts off his genitals, cooks, lets his wife eat]; Puget Sound [the chief's daughter has an affair with a whale; she is given her lover's meat to eat]; lillouette [the wife has a young lover; the husband lies in her place; cuts off the penis to the young man who comes; he dies; the husband cooks a penis with venison, lets his wife eat; soon she dies]: Teit 1912b, No. 30:335-336; modoc [the hunter has two wives, the Grasshopper and the Ant; the Ant brings many roots, the Grasshopper takes few, steals from the Ant; she watches her, sees her dancing, singing a love song, spends the whole day with the Lover Deer; dancing on the rocks wears out her moccasins every day; her husband also watches, kills the Deer, feeds his wife meat, says what she ate; pierces her with an arrow, turns into a grasshopper; from an arrow, grasshoppers still have holes on the sides]: Curtin 1912:355-358.

The Midwest. Menominee (see motif F34 [an old woman has a bear lover; her grandson adds Bear fat to deer meat, gives it to her grandmother]); Bloomfield 1928, No. 63 [a woman makes a hole in the bark made from bark on the wall of the house to copulate with his lover; the voice tells the husband about the origin; the husband lies in his wife's place, knocks on the tipi wall, as the wife did, cuts off the lover's penis; he dies; the husband quietly ties his penis to his wife's hair, her mother notices it; the husband does not reproach his wife; no one takes revenge on him for that man's death]: 115-123; Skinner, Satterlee 1915 [woman makes a hole in bark wall of the house to copulate with her lover; husband lies in her place, grabs the lover by the penis; he dies], No. 20:453; Western Swamp Cree (stone crees) [woman came together with the Serpent; her husband kills him, makes snake blood soup, gives it to his wife, explains what she ate; she runs to a tree, finds the Snake decapitated; the husband cuts off her head, she chases him; he runs on the water, head sinks; children ran away earlier]: Brightman 1989:59-60; northern Ojibwa (Sandy Lake) [see motif F30; a hunter meets a woman in the forest, marries; she goes to the stump, undresses, calls Machi- beckons; snakes crawl into all holes in her body; her husband watches her, sends her prey, kills snakes with an ax, gives her their blood instead of bear blood; cuts off her head, her head kills him, chases sons]: Ray, Stevens 1971:48-52; Northern Solto [the hunter's children are always hungry; he watches his wife; she knocks an ax on a tree, a man comes out of the trunk, copulates with her; hunter causes him with the same signal; kills him, mixes his blood with the blood of a deer, lets his wife eat; cuts off her head, leaves; the youngest son tries to suck his mother's breast; the head haunts his sons; see motive L5]: Skinner 1911:168-169; Ojibwa: Jones 1917, No. 60 [grandma sends Nyanabusha to fast; he secretly returns, sees her in her husband's arms (this is a bear, as discussed later in connection with his with his skin), sets fire to his wool from behind, he runs away; N. comes to him, calling him grandfather, says as if he had a dream that Sioux was coming; turns his excrement into enemy warriors; tells his grandfather to escape, himself kills him with an arrow; tells his grandmother to dance and eat his meat]: 449-451; Radin, Reagan 1928, No. 41 [a woman takes Black Bear as a lover; her husband kills him, makes him eat his meat, shoves meat down her throat until she dies]: 143-145; timagami ojibwa [a woman makes a hole in the teepee wall so that her lover can copulate with her at night; the husband lies down in his wife's place, cuts off his penis lover; mixes elk with meat, lets his wife eat; tells her what she ate]: Speck 1915d, No. 22:73; fox [like Ojibwa; husband ties a severed penis to his wife's belt, she is disgraced; her brother kills her; husband marries her younger sister]: Jones 1907, No. 4:145-149; Steppe Cree [see motive F30; wife has a snake lover, husband kills him; cuts off his head, cooks meat, gives broth to his wife; says, from why the soup is made; the wife runs to the tree, sees that her lover is killed; comes back, her husband cuts off her head; flies away, turns into a star; The head chases her sons, drowns in the river, turns into a sturgeon]: Bloomfield 1930, No. 1:14-16; Steppe Ojibwa [(comparative material for text No. 20 in Menominee)]: Skinner MS a Skinner, Saterlee 1915:534.

Northeast. Montagnier [woman copulates with a handsome man coming out of her hollow; husband watches her; puts on her clothes, kills a snake with an ax; cooks his blood and gives it to his wife; many snakes and worms, a woman among them disappears; her husband and her children go to people]: Desbarats 1969:14-15; nascapi [Point's husband is a bad hunter; she dreams of a handsome man coming out of a dried tree they copulate; she finds that tree; the serpent promises meat to her children, she lets her climb under her skirt; the husband wonders where the meat comes from, cuts for his wife, puts on her dress, cuts the snake into pieces, cooks, gives wife eat; she vomited, vomiting turned into snakes; P. and her children are gone, the man is left alone]: Millman 1993:54-56; malesitis [woman makes a hole in the wall of the teepee to her lover he could have sex with her at night; the husband lies down in his wife's place, cuts off his lover's penis, lets his wife eat; tells her what she ate]: Mechling 1914, No. 21:83-84; Penobscot: Speck 1935b, No. 38 [Hazel Grouse unlucky when hunting; he cuts flesh off his hips, brings it to his wife, a jug; when there are only bones left from his legs, he grows them with birch wood; the legs of hazel grouses take on their current appearance; the jug turns on A lover bear; asks him to cut the meat off his legs, this is how he feeds the family; children inform the Hazel Grouse about her behavior; he kills the Bear; after feeding him meat to his wife, tells her what she ate; she runs away to forest, still wandering there], 58 [like malesites; makes wife fry and eat penis]: 83-84, 93-94.

Plains. Blacklegs [a woman promises herself to the buffalo chief if he leads them into a hunter's pen; the husband finds a wife, they turn into flying ants, fly away from the buffalo; when he kills the bison leader, a woman cries; realizing that she loved Bison, her husband cuts off her breasts and genitals, puts a severed bison penis down her throat; the woman dies]: Wissler, Duvall 1908, No. 27:112-116; teton (oglala) [a woman summons bears from the hollows, hitting a tree with an ax; copulates with bears, then kills them, feeds them meat to her three children; her husband wonders where the meat comes from; feeds his wife bear meat to death ; her head haunts her children; they throw a whetstone, it turns into mountains; she asks a snake to build a gorge; children hide in a tree; she breaks it, they go down to the ground, sitting in a bird's nest; man carries them across the river in a boat; his head climbs the oar, he hits it with an oar, drowns it]: Wissler 1907, No. 6:195-196.

Southeast USA. Caddo [a talking dog tells the owner that his wife goes to a tree, where she whistles three times, copulates with a snake crawling out of the hollow; the husband calls the snake with the same signal, cuts to pieces, gives eat it under the guise of a fish; the wife turns into a snake herself, crawls into the same hollow]: Dorsey 1905, No. 39:66-67.

Mesoamerica Popoloka [deer]: Jacklein 1974:275-278, 293-294; Chinanteca [deer]: Bartolomé 1984 [meat to a woman]: 13-14; Weitlaner 1952 [heart to a woman]: 161-171; 1972:169-173; 1977:52-54; chatino [deer; female liver]: Bartolomé 1979:24; 1984:10-11; Carrasco 1961:64-65; Cicco, Horcasitas 1962:74-76; tricks [deer; meat to woman]: Bartolomé 1984:17-18; Hollenbach 1977:129-131, 140-145, 159-165, 168-170; Nader 1969:412; Micah [man? ; testicles to a woman]: Miller 1956:81, 89-90; tsotsil [at night, the lover puts his penis outside to urinate; the husband cuts it off; gives the wife venison with meat or (noted) with agouti meat; she is tormented by thirst, she drinks, bursts]: Guiteras-Holmes 1961 [with agouti meat]: 261; Gossen 1974, No. 48:279; Laughlin 1977, No. 26:147-148, 278-286; Laughlin, Karasik 1988:225-231; Celtal [hunting dog tells the owner that his wife has a lover; the husband is watching; after finishing the act, the lover sticks his penis into the slit outside to urinate; the husband cuts off the penis, the lover dies, the wife buries it shallow under the bed; the husband gives her a penis disguised as animal meat, tells her to cook with tortilla; his wife eats, she is thirsty, she drinks, bursts; Jesucristo has moved the dog's ass and head to prevent dogs from talking again ]: Stross 1977:13-15; kanhobal, kekchi, tsutuhil, quiche, kakchikel [husband gives his wife her lover's penis severed off under the guise of other food; she eats, dies from thirst]: Peñalosa 1996, No. 650A: 73-74; tsutuhil [husband is told that his wife is unfaithful; he goes to the coast to sell something, secretly returns; at night, his wife's lover slips his penis into a hole in the wall to urinate, the husband cuts off his penis; the lover died, the wife buried her body under her bed; the smell spread, she had to confess everything, she was imprisoned; the husband sprinkled cut off his penis with pepper, let his wife eat it; she died of thirst]: Sexton 1992:121-126; chorty: Fought 1972 [like a tsotsil]: 235-240; Pérez Martínez 1996 [husband returned when his wife was lying with lover; quietly cut off his penis, his lover died; the wife buried the corpse under the hearth; the husband told his mother to cook the cut off with the meat; while eating, the wife got a penis; she was terribly thirsty, began to drink water, she began to vomit, she died]: 39-40; kekchi, mopan [tapir; woman's penis]: Thompson 1930:120-121; pipili: Campbell 1985 [the woman's head leaves the body at night; the husband smears his neck with pepper, the head (skull) sticks to the husband's neck; eats everything he preys; the priest advises him to climb a tree, throw a heavy fruit into his head; a deer runs by, his head jumps on him ; the deer rushes through the thorny thickets, falls into the ravine, dies; the head of the vultures that have descended asks her husband not to eat; dies, a mountain tree grows in this place; an old woman with iron teeth, the woman's mother comes, picks the calebass, brings it home; a month later the fruit bursts, the seeds turn into boys; the old woman makes hammocks for them; the boys grow up, kill the deer; the old woman eats all the meat with her lover; the youngest boy, Nanauacin, watches her, finds out that she is greasing the boys' lips to make them think they've eaten; brothers make a hole trap with stakes at the bottom, lover falls into it, dies; they give its meat to the old woman, report that she ate; brothers send a lizard, who reports that the old woman is sharpening her teeth at the edge of the canyon; the old woman hits the lizard on the head; the brothers offer compete to see who will stream to the roof; the loser must be killed; they can do it, she doesn't; they lock her in the house, burn her]: 907-910; Schultze-Jena 1935, No. 6 [husband doesn't know what his wife leaves every night instead of himself, a piece of wood disappears; in the morning the food is ready; someone tells her husband about it; he discovers that only the torso remains; on the advice of that person, sprinkles ash and salt, head and the wife's limbs cannot return; the head is attached to her husband, he must wear it; she asks for fruit; sits on her husband's clothes while he is in the tree; the unripe fruit falls on the deer, he ran, the head mistook him for her husband, attached herself to the sacrum, the deer runs, it is scratched by thorns, she dies; the priest tells her husband to find and bury his head; a huacal tree grows, a flower, a fruit on it, and comes out of it many boys; a man's mother takes care of them; a fat lipped giant becomes her lover; eats what boys bring from hunting; the youngest spies on how the giant lubricates his lips with leftover food sleeping; brothers dig a trap hole, a giant attacks stakes, they finish him off; the penis is fried, given to an old woman, she says the meat is tough; tells me to bring water, they bring it in a net; she is surprised; they they stream urine over the hut; the old woman tries the same thing, but she has gone down; they tell her grandmother that she ate her lover's penis; more about getting corn from inside the cliff, see motive G3]: 25-31.

The Northern Andes. Yupa [a woman's anteater's head, which she used as a penis]: Wilbert 1974a, No. 28:114; muisque [Chief Guatavita kills his wife's lover; lets his wife eat his penis, tells her sing about what happened; she rushes into the lake with a newborn girl; becomes the wife of a water monster; the chief sent a shaman, he emerges with a dead girl whose eyes were eaten by the monster; G. left the girl back to the lake, that's what the monster wanted]: Simón 1882-1892 (2) [1627], ch. 2:245-246 (translated to Siebert 1972:202-205).

Southern Venezuela. Sanema [the husband kills the forest spirit, brings its sperm to his wife under the guise of a partridge; after eating it, the wife rushes into the forest, calling the spirit (love affair with the forest spirit is described in text No. 257)]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1990b, No. 261:488

Guiana. Galibi [tapir; penis to woman]: Magaña 1988a, No. 128:226-228; oyana [all women in the village copulate with a penis protruding from the ground in the garden; everyone gets pregnant; men watch they cut off their penis; when they learn about this, women hide in a hole in the ground; birds report this to men; they soon stop the persecution]: Magaña 1987, No. 10:35; 1989:27-28; aparaí [ a man kills his wife's lover, cuts off his penis, hangs it where the wife does her job; women come back from the garden, recognize the penis; it is their mutual lover; one throws it into heaven, he turns into a month; women go north, become Olisian Amazons]: Rauschert 1967, No. 31-32:200; see motive F34. Oyampy [tapir; meat for two sisters]).

Ecuador. Prov. Imbabura: Chávez 1989 [the husband cuts off his lover's penis in the dark; he leaves without noticing; the end remains in the woman; she dances at the party; the penis falls on the plate; he says that he came across a hard piece]: 33-35; Jara, Moya 1987 [a woman sits on the ground near her hearth; a big worm crawls into her; the husband wonders why the wife washes the hearth so often; finds a worm, kills, peppers, gives food to his wife]: 112.

Western Amazon. Lover's body parts are given to a woman. Koreguahe: Jimemez 1989, No. 5 [big fish: penis and testicles], 17 [anaconda: meat], 40 [people: penis and testicles]: 16, 36, 99; Siona: Chaves 1958 [a woman has a plot near the lake; told her husband that she would plant cassava herself, her husband went to work elsewhere; every morning she made breakfast, hit a tree three times in the garden, and an anaconda came out of the water in the guise of a naked man in a crown from feathers; the woman gave him cassava and pineapple chicha, copulated; the husband noticed that his wife was pregnant; was a shaman's apprentice, came to the station, called his lover with the same signal, saw a snake, the next the day called again, killed with sharp stakes; cut off the penis and meat from his chest, told his wife to cook; from the pot, the meat told the woman that it was him, her lover; the husband ran away, leaving a spear; a storm flew, a pot of meat burst, a lake formed, a woman drowned in it; if her husband hadn't left his spear, he died]: 147-148; Langdon 1991 [a woman asks her husband not to go to the garden with her; hits a tree, calling Anaconda from Lake to in the appearance of a man; feeds the meat that her husband brings her, drinks, copulates with him; becomes pregnant; the husband calls Anaconda with the same signal, kills him; lets his wife cook the penis and breast tenderloin; from the cauldron It sounds, It's me; the husband runs away, a lake forms on the site of the house, the wife drowns in it]: 14-15; shuar [the woman returns late from the garden; the husband watches her, kills her lover with a poisoned arrow; cuts off the penis, lets her fry it; makes her swallow a hot penis]: Rueda 1987, No. 64:267-268.

NW Amazon. Unless otherwise: a water monster or snake takes the form of a man; a penis to a woman. See motive F33. Baniva [by the river, a woman calls a water snake to hit a calebas; her husband kills a snake with an arrow; when a woman is told that she ate, she feels nauseous; another fish emerges from her vomiting; the woman wants to collect fruits; a snake son crawls out of her womb, climbs a tall tree; she runs, a snake flies after her; she rushes into the river, turns into a fish of the Pimelodideos family]: Brüzzi 1994 (kumandene) [husband pretends to be sick, lousy; his wife does not feed him; the husband looks after his wife; his brother throws snake scales into the river, they turn into fish; brothers eat fish, the woman is given snake meat; they tell her; the snake son answers the mother from the womb; she leaves saliva responsible for herself, hides in the house; her mother tells her to go to the snake]: 220-222; Wright 1995 (hohodene) [two young men inform her husband about his wife's infidelity; the forest spirit is the host a wind gun helps kill a snake with an arrow; sperm turns into four types of fish; husband's brother catches them, gives them to a woman; brothers say she ate her lover's penis; woman hides under a vessel, a snake sits on the roof of the house, sends ants for it; the woman returns to the tree, leaves the frog in her place, rushes into the river; people kill the snake]: 41-42; vacuenai [wife of the created from bones (SK) goes to the site, calls Anaconda by the river, hitting the water with a calebasa; Anaconda goes out, takes off her snake clothes, copulates, returns to the river; gives the woman a necklace of their shells for this; The bird said about this UK; he took a relative with him, shot at the sky, so that the dart hit Anaconda from above; they wanted to kill the woman too, but the arrows hit only his lover; they found Anaconda's corpse, already containing worms; They are now called “Anaconda's penis”; they are Europeans; the UK let his wife eat Anaconda's penis under the guise of a fried fish; she ran to the river, regurgitated the crab and fish; and an anaconda began to grow in her womb; getting part out of her vagina, ate the food that the woman tried to take in her mouth; on the advice of relatives, the woman came to the fruit tree; the anaconda got out to pick fruit; the woman spat in one of dropped fruit, put the tail of an anaconda in it so that her son thought he was still connected to his mother, ran away; relatives hid her in a hole in the forest; Anaconda did not find her, returned to the river; people also abandoned the woman into the river, she became a catfish with a swollen belly (bagre-sapo)]: Hill 2009:33-37; carijona [vultures kidnap Kuwai's wife, he brings her back; her next lover is the owner of the waters Kanakanañi; calling him, a woman spanks on the water with an inverted calebas; two sons of a waterbird tell K. about this; he calls the monster with the same signal; the water parts, a little (house) appears and fruit trees; Kuwai sends two gadflies to bite Kanakananyi in his testicles; he does not react to yellow bites, dies from black ones; Kuwai cuts off his penis, sprinkles him with pepper and salt, gives his wife instead palm larvae seem to accidentally break all water vessels; a woman runs to the river to drink, Kuwai kills her with a club, she turns into a river dolphin; all dolphins are her children; burning smut in her her hand became a stingray, the Kuwai club became an electric eel]: Schindler 1979, No. 3:66-69; Tariana [Wanani's wife took the Tunini water snake as her lover; approaching the river, she summoned him, hitting him a calebasa on the water; T. gave her a gold earring; V. dressed up as the woman's old grandmother, came to her in the field, persuaded her to store the earring; then the woman saw it in her husband's place, realized that he had deceived her; V. waited for his lovers, killed T. with an arrow; his penis, disguised as a fish, let his wife eat, told her about it; she ran to the river, she vomited, this gave rise to jacunda fish; V. decided to leave, having arranged Dabukuri festival; the wife must serve the organizer a cup of beer; but W. and after him, all but the last men refused to accept the cup; the last was the Woodpecker (Pica-pau), said it was him a woman became pregnant; men led by V. began to dance and on the third attempt took to the sky, throwing down their dance rods; left alone, the woman collected fruits, the snake son crawled out of her womb, climbed a tree for fruit; the woman left the frog to answer for herself, rushed to the river, began paddling in the boat, sailed to her father's house; the snake went to the house, called her mother; the woman's father threw her into the water, she became a daruyë fish]: Moreira, Moreira 1994:21-23; cubeo: Goldman 1963:148; Pereira 1980 (1): 272-277; desana [man; penis cut off]: Kumu, Kenhiri 1980:141-142; Reichel-Dolmatoff 1968, No. 12:203; 1971:261-262; Barasana: Torres Laborde 1969:50-52; Kabiyari [Manuena cheats on her husband Kua with Fishman Takami; The Crane (Martin-Pescador) told K. how M. knocks on the water with a calebass, causing T.; K. waited for lovers, killed T. with an arrow, turned the severed penis into a shrimp, gave it to his wife, she ate with pleasure; K. hit her, she became an animal; fish for a long time persecuted K.]: Correa 1989, No. 6:95-96; yukuna [Majnori took his wife from the fish family; his pet parrot sees her copulating with her brother and fish chief jacunda fish; she summoned him by letting him go calebass on the water; M. hid, threw a dart out of the sarbakan, but missed, the dart became a bee; the second poisoned arrow hit his lover's hand; the wife thought it was a gadfly; the lover died; M. cut him off penis, let his wife fry, she ate with pleasure; M.: first ate with her vagina and now with her mouth; the woman ran to the river, regurgitated her penis, now it is a fish of a certain species; the war of birds began, i.e. people M. with fish; fish chased M. until he used fish poison; made peace with him]: Hammen 1992:251-252; macuna: Århem et al. 2004 [see motive J15; Meneriyo turned to the cannibal ~ Gãs; he kills her with a dance rod; G.'s mother saved her baby Ryãkomakü (her son from her Month-Brother) by releasing him into the river; R. goes ashore to play, painted butterflies (those were white); Mawão's three daughters buried one of them in the sand, wrote on the sand, butterflies flew, R. came up to them, the girl grabbed him; he stopped crying in the younger one's arms; he in a day grew up; W. had to take him to G.'s house, talk about his mother's death; W. tied him with bitter leaves; G. licked it, it turned out to be bitter; in the forest G. became a jaguar, but R. became a lizard, slipped away; at night R. put into the hammock instead of himself, G. attacked it; in the afternoon, G. and his brothers began to throw M.'s head like a ball, and R. gave a lighter calebass; if R. did not throw his own over the maloka, he would be eaten; R. carried force from the mother's head to the calebasa, threw his ball; since then, children have not been allowed to throw the ball over the maloka (it's like throwing their mother's head); R. threw garbage into the backwater, puño fish (Serrasalmus) appeared rhombeus) and piranhas; he created a fruit tree on the shore, fish constipation like a bridge; when G. and his people went, R. told the bridge to fall apart; piranhas ate everyone, but G. only ate their legs, he went up to heaven; W. suggested that R. burn the site from the middle, lit it around the edges himself; R. became a fish in a pit of water, waited out the fire; W. sent R. for Thunder's daughter; R. replaced Thunder's lightning club with a wooden fake; R. brought daughter G. to W., telling her to be unfaithful; she took the Leader of Pisces as her lover; knocked on the calebass on the water, calling him; the bird told W. about it; W. killed his lover with an arrow, cut off his penis, gave it to his wife under the guise fish; told her what she ate, turned them into a dolphin; fish began to fight W., he defeated them, went to heaven; in the morning W. appears in the form of a rainbow]: 484-494; arapaso [anaconda Dia Pino is an ancestor arapaso; taking the guise of a handsome man, converges with his wife Iapo; she calls her lover from the river every time, hitting the calebass; I. hid in a tree, waiting for lovers, began to let the poisoned at the man wind gun darts; he threw himself into the water, became an anaconda, swam to Numiani Tuku Island, his body surfaced; the husband cut off the anaconda's penis, put it in a bag with the fish, let his wife fry and eat it; began to play the flute, the wife understood everything, rushed to the river, began to drink, regurgitated a snake-like fish; the husband left, the woman became pregnant; the child from her womb invites her mother to pick fruit from the tree for her; came out of her mouth in the form of a snake, threw fruit, the tail remained in the woman; she left the frog to answer for itself (when the fruits fell, the woman always said “wow”), sailed away in the boat; anaconda son, his name Unurato, he noticed, lay down on a house that was actually a hill; people drove the woman away, she threw herself into the river, became a piranha; W. in the guise of an anaconda, grew bigger, swam to Manaus; taking the form of an anaconda a man, met a European; when he appeared in front of him in the form of a snake, he shot him, the snakeskin came down; so the arapaso poet is Pina Mahsa, “Snake Men”]: Chernela, Leed 2003:46-48; tatuyo: Bidou 1972:93; andoque: Landaburu, Pineda 1984:98-102.

Central Amazon. (The exact recording location is not known) [Many women sailed along the river to the edge of the forest; with them the only Pahi (“father”) Tuna (“water” or “black”) man; women always killed boys; one woman gave birth to an ugly man, regretted it; fumigated with smoke, he became handsome; other women began to chase him to make him their lover, called Pahi-Tuna-Re; his mother hid him in the water; the women summoned him, imitating his mother's voice, grabbed him, made love to him; PT told women to cut their hair, twisted a rope, caught a PTR, killed him, cut off his penis, hung it over the entrance to the cave where the women lived; they ran away, hid in another cave, blocking entrance by poisonous creatures; PT lived alone; once food was cooked; saw a parrot fly in, became a girl; PT threw feathers into the fire; lived happily ever after with a girl]: Barbosa Rodrigues in Barroso 1930:99- 102; parintintin [tapir; meat for women]: Pereira 1980 (2): 621-622.

Eastern Amazon. Tenetehara: Wagley, Galvão 1949, No. 1 [water monster; penis cut off], 23 [tapir; penis female]: 131, 148-149; urubu [monstrous penis cut off]: Huxley 1956:150-151.

Montagna — Jurua. Shipibo [in the morning, a woman by the lake paints red clay, puts calebas on the water, knocks on it; Anaconda comes out, satisfies her with her tail; cuñado spied on her, told her brother; both the men called Anaconda with the same signal, killed her, brought a piece of his skin to the woman; she recognized her, ran ashore, turned into a black bird out of grief]: Roe 1982, No. 5:56-57; cachinahua [people eat land; The squirrel takes the form of a man, marries a woman, grows all kinds of cultivated plants; all the work is done by herself; the wife cheats on Belka with her ex-husband; The squirrel turns into a bat, cuts off his penis, takes him away; the man dies; The squirrel mixes pieces of his penis with tapir meat, lets his wife eat; she gets sick; people try to kill Squirrel, he turns into a squirrel, runs away; arrows they pierce supply vessels, plants in the garden; stocks turn into wasp gnezds, cultivated plants into weeds]: d'ans 1975:172-186; sharanahua [people eat mud and shrimp, Squirrel has corn; he marries two girls, works in his father-in-law's garden; a mouse, paka and other rodents help him; his father-in-law, despite a warning, comes to the garden and drives away rodents thinking they are stealing harvest; one of the two wives has a lover; The squirrel turns into a bat, bites the rope of the hammock in which the lovers lie, they fall; later bites off the lover's penis, he dies; fried gives a penis to his wife, she eats, is thirsty, dies; The squirrel turns into a bat, flies away]: Siskind 1973:123-125; yaminaua [The squirrel works on the father-in-law's site; one of his two wives turns on lover; The squirrel bites the rope of their hammock, the lovers fall; bites off the lover's penis, wraps it in leaves, bakes it, lets his wife eat; turns into a bat, flies away]: MacQuarrie 1992, No. 5: 117-118.

Bolivia — Guaporé. Takana: Hissink, Hahn 1961, No. 162 [tapir; testicles for a woman], 164 [deer; penis for a woman]: 294-298; surui [a woman who has just given birth lives in a separate hut; goes to the forest copulate with Vasa's tapir, calling him Ga-re, ha-re vo! Her husband watches her, kills the tapir with an arrow, hangs a severed penis in the door of the hut, tells his wife to look in his head while sitting in the doorway; blood drips on her; her husband kills her by piercing her vagina with a huge one thorn]: Mindlin 1995, No. 6:23-24; Nordenskiöld 1924 [deer; penis and testicles to a woman]: 283; Guarazu: Riester 1977, No. 17 [person suspects wife is unfaithful; female Bat confirms this, advises to hide by the bed, pierce the lover's penis with a sharp sliver; the lover dies, the man marries the Bat, becomes the chief of the Bats; since then, the penis has the end of the hole; var.: The bat hides itself and bites off the tip of the penis], 21 [the hunter brings meat to his sister, but it immediately disappears; he watches her, sees her knock on the tree with a stick, causing Tapira, feeds him, copulates; his brother calls Tapir with the same signal, kills him with an arrow, buries him, hangs her severed genitals on a tree; a woman sees them, rushes into the river with her young son, turns into a freshwater dolphin]: 252-253, 260.

Southern Amazon. Vaura [man; penis torn off]: Schultz, Chiara 1971:107-109; Mehinacu [husband threw a noose over his sleeping lover's penis, cut it off, he died; husband put his penis in a fish, let his wife eat it ; her tongue immediately became long to the ground, she cried out and died]: Gregor 1985:19; kayabi [human; female genitals under the guise of animal meat]: Pereira 1995, No. 14:70-71; Rickbactsa [tapir; severed penis hanged over a woman's hammock]: Pereira 1994, No. 1:224-25; paresi [when Yuanalore's grandchildren copulate with the owner of the Buriti palm tree, she always gets up and leaves first; Yuanalore got up first, his penis remained in his vagina, became long; he cut off a few pieces, the owner of the buriti swallowed them; carried the rest in the basket; at night his penis began to crawl towards the women; his son cut snake; Yuanalore rushed into the river, became a tapir; four women hit the water with a buriti stalk, summon a tapir, copulate; Kaimare followed, killed the tapir with an arrow, hung his penis over entering the house; invited women to look in his head; blood drips, women recognize the penis; call a tapira on the river, but only a water meter spider comes out; his penis is too small; women drink Kaimare drunk by a chicha from Euterpe precatoria; sacred flutes are carried away; The dove tells K. what happened; K. rushes in pursuit; women leave the flutes, reach the place where the edge of the sky beats against the ground]: Pereira 1986, No. 13:227-231.

Araguaia. Karazha: Baldus 1937a [women come to the lake shore, paint themselves, summon Cayman, copulate with it; he gives them fish and peka fruits that men do not yet know; men women they bring only peels; the boy watches women; hides peks and other food in the flute, brings them to men, talks about what they see; women attack men; women have sharp arrows, men have stupid arrows, men killed; women disappear in the river]: 265-267; Aytay 1985 in Baer MS and Prinz 1997:89-90 [like Baldus; women cut off their left breasts, put a calebas on their head, jump into the river, turn into dolphins]: 16; Peret 1979 in Prinz 1997 [women exhaust their husbands' strength by repeated copulation; take away weapons, sacred masks, shaman's magic wand, leave the village; when they return, install dominating men, forcing them to take care of children and do household chores; copulate with Cayman, who supplies them with fish; boy watches women, reports everything to men; shaman makes a new rod, men seize power again; summon Cayman, imitating women's voices, kill him; pieces of severed penis give women food mixed with fish; women learn the truth, try attack men, they are defeated; they leave; they form a new tribe together with the children they have born]: 112-116.

Eastern Brazil. Tapir. Suya [Seeger MS; wife copulates with tapir when going to the garden for sweet potatoes; calls her lover by name; gives big yams to tapira, little ones to her son; husband wants to kill agouti; he asks not kill, talks about his wife's infidelity; the husband calls the tapir in his wife's voice, kills with an arrow; the boy tells his mother about it; she calls the tapir, cries, throws away sweet potatoes; the husband hangs the tapir's penis above the entrance into the house; wife asks what it is; What you copulated with; she eats tapir meat with everyone]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1984a, No. 154:148-151; kayapo: Wilbert 1978, No. 112-113 [meat for women] , 123 [Metraux 1960:23-25; near the village there are buriti palm trees along it; the woman was picking fruits, met with a tapir; the little son followed her, saw her with a tapir, threw a fruit bone at him; the son's mother beat him, threw him into thorny bushes, rubbed his wounds with coal; the son told his father; the men hunted, killed this tapir, the boy identified him from the trail of a fetal bone that hit his head; husband at night put a tapir cock stiff in his wife's vagina, she died; while burying the woman, her friends saw a dick falling out; the woman's brother killed her husband at night with a club, the body was thrown into the river], 124 [Lukesh 1968:94- 96; a woman went to the savannah to have sex with Tapir; her son followed, threw a fruit into the tapir, who kicked the woman; she scratched her son with a sedge; he told his father; the men killed this Tapir along with others; the husband injected the woman with a severed tapir member at night, she died; when her vagina bleed, the relatives guessed that her husband was a murderer; he was caught up, strangled with an arrow like a garrot]: 276-281, 304-305, 306-308; Wilbert, Simoneau 1984a, No. 155-156 [penis to a woman], 157 [meat for women]: 452-458; crash [wife calls her husband to the forest for buriti palm fibers to make baskets, but husband has other things to do; wife she goes alone, agrees to become Tapir's mistress; he promises to guard a palm tree for her; she becomes pregnant, confesses to her husband that it is from Tapir; her husband tells her to surrender to Tapir again, kills him with an arrow; at night she puts her in vagina severed tapir penis; woman dies; her relatives throw her husband into the fire]: Wilbert 1978, No. 122:301-303.

Chaco. Chamacoco: Wilbert, Simoneau 1987a, No. 77 [eel; women are allowed to eat it]: 270-271; poppy: Wilbert, Simoneau 1991a, No. 93-94 [eel; dead penis-like eel to a woman]: 210-212.

Southern Brazil. Ofaye [woman continues to use tapir's severed penis until men burn it]: Ribeiro 1952:133-135.

The Southern Cone. Selknam [Gusinde 1937:666-671; Sea Lion seduces girl; gives her lots of fish; brothers notice her pregnancy, she denies; brothers watch her; she gives birth to a son; brothers kill A Sea Lion, when he copulates with their sister; a child throws himself into the water, becomes a sea lion; when a Sea Lion is butchered, his sister asks for her genitals]: Wilbert 1975a, No. 47:132-135; Yagans: Wilbert 1977, No. 19 [Gusinde 1937:1176-1182; the eldest of two sisters of the two Yoálox brothers met the Sea Lion; gave birth to a son with him; the brothers invite the Sea Lion into the house, send sister, Sea Lion is killed, meat is cooked, his son is fed with it; when the mother sees this, the mother threw a sea urchin at her son, the son became a prickly fish; the brothers throw pieces of her husband's meat to their sister, the last to throw their genitals ; in the end, the woman also begins to eat this meat], 27 [Gusinde 1937:1198-1199; the mother carries the baby behind her back in her bag; went to pick wood mushrooms; the baby became a grown man, climbed on a tree, began to throw mushrooms to her; then told her to lie down, threw them into her vulva; when he went down, began to have sex with her; her mother brought a lot of mushrooms, distributed them to the women, they were happy; began to go after her every day mushrooms; the women followed, told her husband; the husband told his wife to take off her bag, the baby fell out, the husband saw his huge penis, cut it off; the child turned into a little woodpecker (Dendrocopus lignarius), whose beak is strong and long red tongue], 30 [people; the bodies of lovers are pecked by birds, the genitals remain]: 51-57, 75-78, 81-85.