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F5. Brides for first people .

The character does not want or cannot give all applicants his daughters to marry and turns various animals into girls. (Usually after a flood or early in time, men want to marry the only daughter of a deity or patriarch.)

Kaguru, Lingala, Kono, Western Dan, Crane, Berbers of Morocco (Rif), Arabs of Syria and Palestine, Macedonians, Hungarians, Gagauz, Abkhazians, Ossetians, Ingush, Azerbaijanis, Kurds, Lithuanians, Mari, Kyrgyz, Uighurs.

Bantu-speaking Africa. Kaguru [Muputa gives his daughter a break a day to three men, each receiving a cow; the grooms come for the bride; the man in the forest tells him to put the dog and cat with him for the night daughter; the next morning there are three identical girls, each man gets his own; to find out which daughter is real, you need to offer them milk (an ex-cat chooses), meat (an ex-dog will choose), vegetables (choose an ex-dog) a real girl)]: Beidelman 1975, No. 6:555-558; lingala [four men consistently come to marry a girl, her father promises her to everyone; asks the sorcerer to help; he turns a rat into girls chicken and dog; father goes to visit his sons-in-law; rat wife steals money from her husband, chicken is dirty, dog is grumpy, real wife is good]: Vinogradov 1984, No. L9:300-302.

West Africa. Kono [a man promises a daughter to three suitors, a donkey and a dog turn into girls]: Holas 1975:64-66; Western Dan [many men have come to marry the only daughter of the supreme god Xra ; he asked them to come back tomorrow; turned cows, antelopes, dogs and other animals into girls; the descendants of Xra's real daughter are people who are good in every way; the descendants of female animals have various flaws]: Fischer 1967:705; crane (chien) [God created three men, they wanted to have girlfriends; the hunter got a dog, a merchant a horse, a farmer a woman; a hunter and a merchant asked God to change their dog and horse for wives; God turned these animals into women; those women who are from dogs and horses have an appropriate character]: Pinney 1973:289-291.

North Africa. The Berbers of Morocco (Reefs) [Banu Adam ("children of Adam", but identifies the individual, corresponds to Noah) saw that a flood was beginning, built a ship, took his daughter, a wife, a donkey, a dog, a cat, seven men; after the flood, each man began to demand a daughter of BA; he prayed, in the morning instead of one daughter, he was seven, and the animals disappeared; the donkey, the dog, and the cat became girls, each two; all men have taken wives, people come from them]: Coon 1931:146-147.

Western Asia. The Arabs of Syria and Palestine [when the flood was over, a young man came to Noah and asked for his daughter to marry; Noah told him to build a house first and plant a vineyard; the same with his second fiancé; y the third house and vineyard were already there and he got Noah's daughter; then the first, then the second groom came, each said he had fulfilled the requirement; Allah turned a mule and a female into girls, both those who came received wife; so some wives are stubborn as mules and demand a stick, while others bark like dogs]: Meyouhas 1928:22-23.

The Balkans. Macedonians [when Noah started building the ark, he called three carpenters, promising each to marry a daughter; in the morning he saw three girls instead of one daughter, but the donkey and cat were gone; later he visits his sons-in-law and two tell him that his wife sometimes behaves like a donkey (like a cat)]: Ortenzio 2008, No. 20:66-67; Hungarians [Cain has three sons, Adam and Eve have a daughter; God tells Adam to leave his daughter in the room with blue and a dog; in the morning there are three identical girls; Cain's three sons married them; Adam asks his sons-in-law how their wives are; all three are generally happy, but one says that the wife often barks and the other lazy and dirty; but the third husband admires]: Dégh 1965, No. 18:175-177; Gagauz people [Adam and Eve have many sons and one daughter; all sons wanted to marry her; A. gathered up in the field of bones various animals, asked God to turn them into women; all men took wives; now women look like cats, dogs, horses, etc.]: Moshkov 1904, No. 15:27-28 (=2004:203).

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Abkhazians [after learning about the flood, the prophet Nykh agrees with four carpenters to build a ship, everyone wants a daughter N. for work, he has only one daughter; the forest wears adaui; agrees to say before eating God forbid, my mercy, the food does not run out; God turns the donkey, dog and cat N. into girls; by their behavior after marriage, N. guesses who is who; takes a real daughter on the ship with son-in-law; The mouse gnawed the hole, the Serpent plugged it with its tail, N. agreed to give her what she wanted; the Eagle did not return, the Raven eats carrion, the Dove tells where the earth has hardened; the Serpent sends the Beetle to tell N ., that she wants to eat human; The Swallow managed to snatch the Beetle's tongue, the Serpent knocked the feather out of its tail with its tail; N. tells the Snake to eat frogs; after the flood, a neighbor who fed the carpenters escaped]: Shakryl 1975, No. 93:400-407; Ossetians {motive implied} [three brothers mowed hay; Uastyrdzhi came up as an old man; gave them food and drinks; asked what everyone wanted; elder: on a sunny day throw wheat with a shovel; medium: singing songs, herding a flock in the steppe; the youngest does not know what to ask for, goes to his mother's relatives; a decrepit old man sends to an even older one, the latter to the oldest , but this one looks like a middle-aged man; he explains that his wife woke him up after the third knock on the door, he got one gray hair; and he made her go get the same watermelon three times, she had three hairs; the old men the young man saw: one had a dog wife, another had a donkey breed, and he himself had a real woman; the young man realized that he should ask for a good wife ; owner: there are three of them, two are already married, the third is being given out today; the young man, accompanied by Uastyrji, came in to the feasts and drank the groom's glass; two roosters were thrown into boiling water, the rooster W. jumped out and sang; two apple trees the branches were put into the fire, apples appeared on the W. branch; the young man got a wife; a few years later he came to those to whom he did good; the older and middle brothers refused to share grain, cattle, W. all of them took it away; the youngest's wife fed W. well; it turned out that her child had just died; W. caught up with Death and offered a treat; took honey cakes for himself, and gave Death cakes and salt; she was thirsty and thirsty in exchange for water, she returned the white lamb; W. returned to the yurt, the woman's child came to life]: Britaev, Kaloev 1959:241-244; Ingush [Prophet Paikhamar has one daughter; three other prophets married; father locked a daughter, a donkey and a dog in the room, turned to God, there were three girls there in the morning; daughters got married, gave birth to sons, P. went to visit them; one has a stubborn wife, the other runs out the gate every now and then to see who is walking and the third is friendly and obedient; a boy born a donkey pointed a finger in his grandfather's eye and a dog born pulls his mustache]: Dakhkilgov 2006:415-416; Azerbaijanis [prophet Nuh hires three carpenters to build an ark, each promises a daughter; he has only one daughter; God advises leaving the donkey and dog in the barn with their daughter, who become girls; the wife of a carpenter turned out to be rude, the second stupid, the third was good, this is N.'s real daughter]: Nabiev 1988:295-296; Kurds [turn dogs and cats into girls to pass them off as daughters]: Shakryl 1975:464-465 ( source: M.B. Rudenko (ed.). Kurdish folk tales. MOSCOW, 1970. NO. 43:105-107).

Baltoscandia. Lithuanians [a man with only one daughter has promised her to three suitors; the sorcerer advises leaving her daughter overnight with a pig and a mare; in the morning there are three identical girls; later a father comes to visit each daughter and understands from their behavior which one is who]: Balys 1936, no.*411:36.

Volga - Perm. Marie [the parents of the only daughter consistently agree to the proposals of the three suitors; the mother turned the dog and cat into girls; after the wedding, one son-in-law complains that the wife is at night scratches, and the other that bites]: Aktsorin 1984:236-238.

Turkestan. Kyrgyz (p. Ortonura, Naryn Region) [the man has a daughter; three people came successively to marry, he agreed to everyone; he left a donkey and a female next to his daughter, and in the morning there were three girls at this place; each boy received a wife; man asks everyone like a wife; one says that if she is angry, she barks like a dog; the second says that sometimes the wife roars like a donkey; the third replies that the wife is perfect; the father-in-law understands that this is his real daughter]: Sabyr uulu 2008:280; Uighurs (Khotan) [after eating food prepared by their mother, the king's 40 sons go to marry so that wives can be prepared for them; the king goes in search, negotiates with the father of 40 daughters; returning, sends his son Alte-Ayliq Ghilangtash Pahlavan to conclude an agreement; he meets, wins, takes servants for a year 1) throwing millstones; 2) sucking water with his back; 3) listening to the ground; he hears that the father of 40 daughters is just giving one daughter; they come there, the father of 40 daughters does not want to give them back now, offers conditions; 1) split the log (the strongman splits); 2) sit in the house with iron walls; blacksmiths make a fire around, the river releases water; they go out saying they're frozen; 3) eat an incredible amount of food; that man sucked everything in his back, sucked everything in his back, sucked his companions and then returned them; not wanting to give their daughters, their mother turned different animals into girls, gave them away; so after the wedding, they began to scratch, bite, and kick their husbands; the father said that he could not help - these are women]: Jarring 1946, No. 2:35-53.