Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

F51A. Aggressive sister. 46.48.70.

After incest is discovered, the sister openly demands her brother as her husband, turns into a monster, kills people.

Plains. Assiniboine [the girl goes to bed with her brother; he paints her hands, stains her blanket; after identifying her sister, she sails away in a boat; she promises to kill everyone if he does not return; turns into a bird, kills people with lightning, burns her parents; the Hawk grabs her, her brother cuts her to pieces; puts a piece of her flesh in each hearth; new people emerge from them]: Lowie 1909a, No. 11:160-161; wichita [each of the seven brothers are somewhat superior to other people; 1) vision, 2) hearing, 3) strength, 4) running speed, 5)? , 6) clairvoyance, 7) fearlessness; a girl comes to the eldest at night; he smears her back with white clay; in the morning asks women to play ball, identifies his older sister; hits her with an arrow; she is angry becomes a Grizzly bear; brothers go camping, Clairvoyant says all their people are killed, Keen says Grizzly did it; Grizzly destroys people; their younger sister comes to the brothers, they give her killed rabbits; they shoot at the Grizzly's paw, where it is vulnerable, but she chases them; they throw the turtle's shell, it turns into many turtles, the Grizzly devours them; they throw a red stone (ocher?) , she paints herself; blows dust off her arrows, a dense bush appears; creates a deep gorge with a bowstring; they rise to the sky, turn into the Ursa Major; the Grizzly goes north]: Dorsey 1904a, No. 9:69-74.

California. Atsugevi [The Wild Cat comes to his sisters Orlitsa and Gagara, sleeps with Loon; she smears herself with tar; in the morning the Cat pretends to be asleep but cannot hide that he is soiled; Loon wants to burn a dugout of male animals; they give Loon the Cat, but the Butterfly shrinks his penis; he cannot satisfy Loon, leaves a deck instead, returns; The Spider weaves the net, everyone rises in it to the sky ; Loon sets fire to the world; old Coyote wants to see his daughter, looks down, everyone falls into the fire; Loon catches hearts, makes a necklace out of them; Loon's sister Orlitsa flies and looks for hearts; Tree Larva escapes, marries two Beaded Girls; at Orlitsa's request, two young waterfowl kill Loon with arrows; Eagle soaks hearts in water, revives people from them]: Dixon 1908, No. 12:175-177; achomavi [Wild Cat comes to bed with his relative Gagara; she stains herself with resin, finds Cat hairs stuck to her; comes to men's house, sings, I want a man; shoots lightning, showing his strength; rejects the Wolf, Fox, Marten; other men push the Cat out to her; but Loon grabs the Woodworm, the son of the Cocoon Chief, whom his father hid; he is small; everyone gives him their penises , now his penis is dragging along the ground; he quietly tears it off, throws it into the fire; at night he runs away from Loon, puts a stump in his place; Loon approaches, burning everything; The Spider spins the rope, the Lizard ties her to an arrow, shoots into the sky; everyone climbs the rope, in front of the Eagle, behind the Coyote Old; Loon screams, Father, he answers, Daughter; looks around, the rope breaks; Eagle, Cocoon, The worm climbs into the sky, the rest fall into the flame; the Loon makes a necklace from their hearts; the Lizard's heart falls on Mount Shasta; turns into a baby, found by the Blue Jay, brings him to his wife; a boy on his forehead growth; the boy shoots him with an arrow, the growth turns into his twin; the Forehead Boy kills Gagara's daughter with an arrow on the lake; she chases him, his brother kills her with an arrow]: Angulo, Freeland 1931:126- 132; screw: Dubois, Demetracopoulou 1931, No. 38 [the couple has two daughters and two sons; the teenage son stays at home, the youngest daughter has her first period, she stays in the menstrual hut; comes to brother, tries to copulate with him; he rejects her, tells his older sister; the youngest climbs a maple tree to tear the bark to make an apron; hurts her finger, sucks blood, she likes it, she devours herself, stays head; head rolls around the world, eats people; her relatives climb to heaven; she grabs her younger brother, he falls between her legs, she devours him, hangs his heart around her neck; rolls in the evenings to the pond; the rest of the relatives climb into the sky; the hummingbird tells the older sister to weave the cooking basket, boil water; the boy kills the head with an arrow, the older sister grabs his brother's heart, puts it in hot water; it comes to life, but soon dies again]: 360-362.

Eastern Brazil. Suya [brother stains the face of an unknown mistress; the exposed sister lives openly with him, although he does not want to; they fish, the water blows her down the river; she turns into androgyne; under With her leadership, women kill most men and leave]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1984a, No. 158:459-460.