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Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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F54A. An inconspicuous scar (the husband is a son).

.21.-. (.68.)

In her husband's guise, a woman does not immediately discover noticeable signs that indicate that her husband has hidden his true nature from her and is not the right marriage partner (he an animal, or her son or brother); or the husband discovers that the wife is his sister.

Mishmi, Vieta, Marathi, Kannada, Javanese, Sunda, Dayaks (Ibanas), Toraja, Greeks, Ainu, (Mehinaku).

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Mishmi (kaman) [after a quarrel with his brother, his sister hit him on the head with a stone; they broke up, later met, did not recognize each other, got married; while combing her husband, the wife found out the mark of what had been done her wounds; went to the forest; married another man; from anxiety, accidentally put her secretions in her husband's food; he drove her away; the business under which she sat along the way began to bear delicious fruit; where she's dead, now lots of salt]: Elwin 1958a, No. 22:208-209.

Burma - Indochina. Vietnam: Coyaud 2011, No. 3B [the son of wealthy parents stole money and ran away; later returned and, unaware of it, married his sister; taking out his wife's lice, he noticed a scar on his head; she explained that As a child, her brother stabbed her while she was eating sugar cane; realizing what had happened, her husband sailed away on the ship and did not return; the wife went in search, they did not bring results; after death, her husband became A morning star, and the wife is the Evening Star; their son is a constellation in the middle of the sky (Fléau - flail or scales), always waiting for the Morning or Evening Star], 6A [daughter left home early; her brother saw her, did not recognize her got married; once I looked in my wife's head, found a scar; she said that she played with her brother as a child and he hit her head with a stone; her husband was horrified, but kept silent and went on a trading voyage; in one At the place, the hostess secretly carried a golden turtle onto the ship, accusing the ship's owner of stealing; he had to hand over the ship; he threw the fruit into the river with a note, his wife found it, learned about the turtle, and about a dry tree that begins to turn green when transplanted on special soil, as well as about two cats who keep lights on their heads all night; the wife took a jeweler with her (he melted the turtle into ingot), changed the ground and let rats go to the cats; the owner and her husband had to become sailors on the ship; they were thrown into the water, they became a pair of killer whales]: 16, 44-47; Sun 1967 [brother and his little sister orphans; the astrologer predicted the young man that he would marry his sister; the brother went with his sister to the forest, hit the head with an ax, ran away; many years later he married the merchant's daughter; once noticed that The wife's head has a big scar under her hair; she explained that her brother once hit her with an ax for some unknown reason; she was rescued by robbers; then she went to those who were stalking them, and finally She was adopted by a merchant; her husband did not say anything, but went on a journey and did not return; his wife and child went out to wait for him, turned into a rock]: 58-60.

South Asia. Marathi [goddess Satwai knows everyone's future; reluctantly reveals to her daughter that her own son is marrying her; the girl goes to the forest; the prince rinses her mouth in the lake, the girl drinks, gives birth to a boy, throws him off a cliff, wrapped in her sari; the child falls into the garden for bananas; his mother, having preserved her beauty, comes to the people who raised the boy and marries her son without knowing it; finds his sari, realizes that her husband is her son, but continues to live with him]: Kawve 1950 in Lessa 196:207-208; kannada [Brahma's daughter asks him what her fate is; he replies that marry her son; a girl went down to earth in horror and lives in a deserted place; in a drought, a bull urinated on a stone, she drank it, mistaking it for water, became pregnant and gave birth to a boy; beat a baby with a stone, then wrapped it in a torn piece of sari and threw it down the slope; childless shepherds found the baby, cured him and raised him; Brahma's dorch also went down to the people and ended up in the same family; astrologers said that a young man should marry someone he called a sister; the elders persuaded them to marry; once Brahma's daughter combed her husband's lice and noticed scars; he himself did not know where they came from; the shepherd told us how he found the baby; Brahma's barrel understood everything, made a rope out of the sari and hanged herself]: Ramanujan 1997, No. 40:111-113.

Malaysia-Indonesia. Java: Backer 1874 [Watou Gounong ruled Java; ominous omens (eclipses, earthquakes) made him think about the fate of the state; his wife Derwie Zinta once noticed a scar on his forehead; he replied that when he was very young, his mother hit him; his wife realized that her husband was her son; in order to break up, she advised her husband to marry a celestial, because he himself is heavenly origin; he invaded heaven with an army, but was defeated; son Wisnou and Poutrie Middang became king of Java]: 89-90; Knebel 1894:489-505 in Lessa 1961 [the pig drank King Praboe's urine Moendingkawati, gave birth to Dewi Sepirasa; astrologers said that the girl would bring misfortune, the king drove her into the forest, giving her the dog Blangwajoenjang with him; she lost the spinning rod, promised to marry the spindle her dog brought her; she gave birth to his son Raden Soewoengrasa; he killed the dog because he threatened all the animals in the forest; the mother said that he killed his father; mother and son left the forest apart; met, only the mother recognized her son ; the hermit advised to set an impossible condition for marriage; RS almost built a dam and a boat overnight, but the hermit raised the sun at night; mother and son separated again, meeting without recognizing each other, married, they have three sons; the mother recognized her son by the scar on her forehead; the mother left in despair and drowned; the son became the ancestor of the Kalangs, a caste of central Java accused of incest]: 181; Sunda: Braginsky 1972 [Raden Sungging Perbangkara had a pig wife, gave birth to a daughter, Davy Rara Sami; she grew up, dropped a spinning wheel, promised to marry whoever would bring it; brought a dog; DRS gave birth to a son named Sangkuriang; he hunted with the dog, not knowing that it was his father; the dog refused to drive the pig (i.e. grandmother S.), S. killed him, gave the meat to his mother under the guise of venison; the secret was revealed, the mother threw a stick at her son's head, drove him away; became a young girl; S. came back, was going to marry DRS, who recognized him by the scar on his head; promised to marry him if he created a lake and a boat overnight; lit up the night sky, S. threw work; drowned when the lake overflowed its banks; the boat became a forested mountain, the lake dried up]: 135-137; Bezemer 1904 [Princess Dajang Sumbi did not marry, but only hunted with her dog; six years later returned from the forest with a boy; he grew up, asked his mother about his father, when he found out the truth, ran into the forest, his mother found a slaughtered dog; retired to the mountains, preserving her beauty, spinning; the young man began to demand her as his wife, she explained to him that she was his mother; he left]: 97-100 in Lessa 1961:180-181; dayaki {ibanas?} [Angry at the boy, his mother hit him on the head with a brass spoon; the boy was taken away and adopted by a merchant; as a young man, he came to his widowed mother's country, married her; finding a scar from the blow with a spoon, the mother wanted to commit suicide, but she was persuaded to simply separate from her son]: Clercq 1876-1877:256-258 in Lessa 196:183; toraja (? Sulawesi) [the mother was stolen by slavers; the father stayed with his son; angry, hit him on the head with a stick; the young man went to travel, married his mother without knowing it; finding a scar on his head, decided that her incest was the cause of the drought; the elders forgave her; she went into the forest, became a white chicken (white chicken origins)]: Adriani, Krujt 1912-1914 (2): 236-237 in Lessa 196:183-184.

The Balkans. Greeks [the rich man has three daughters; in order to marry them off, he hung portraits of them in front of the house; the captain asks for his youngest, Rosa; the father wanted to start with the eldest, but agreed; for marriage At night, a ghost comes out of the wall and says that Rose is destined to marry her father and marry her son; the captain cancels his marriage to Rosa and takes the eldest sister; again, the other groom takes the middle one; R. comes to his older sister, asks for permission to replace her at night in bed, asks her husband why he left R.; he told everything; the same with his middle sister; R. hired people to kill her father; on his an apple tree grew in the grave, R. ate an apple, became pregnant, gave birth to a boy; stabbed him in the chest, lowered the coffin into the sea; the sailors caught him, the captain went out and adopted him; the young man grew up, came to the city where his mother lived, married her without knowing it; they have children; mother found a scar on her husband's chest, understood everything; committed suicide]: Legrand 1881:107-113; Bulgarians (one entry) [orisnitsa they predict that a newborn will kill his father and marry his mother; parents leave the child in the forest; he is found and raised by a shepherd; he comes to his real parents' house; kills his father and marries on the mother; spouses will find out who they are]: Daskalova-Perkovska et al. 1994, No. 931:344.

Japan. Aina Sakhalin [an unknown man comes to a woman, gets married; one day she hits a dog on the temple with a stick; when she looks for her husband in her hair, she finds a wound; he turns into that dog runs away]: Pilsudski 2001, No. 7:37 (=2002, No. 7:31).

(Wed. Southern Amazon. Mehinaku [Tuluma tells her daughter that she is dying, tells her sister to marry her sister's son, who looks like him; tells her to bury her shallow, under a vessel; the daughter recognizes her father by taking out her husband's lice and seeing grains lands in his hair; she and her mother hit him; he turns into a woodpecker (tulum), sings: I copulated with you; seeing a woodpecker, people often joke about it]: Gregor 1985:63-64).