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F54D. He conceives after drinking urine.22.-.24.

A woman gives birth to a boy after accidentally drinking an animal's urine, or a female animal gives birth to a boy after drinking a man's urine.

Sedang, Kannada, Java, Bali, Lombok.

Burma - Indochina. Sedang [people bred, rice and fish got into the house and prepared themselves, men and women copulated randomly; Yabg ("Sky") sent Bok Glaih to destroy people with thunderstorms and showers, all drowned; a woman and a dog escaped on the mountain; after the flood, the woman worked in the field, the dog urinated where the woman had previously given birth to a boy; he asks about his father, the mother is silent; one day tells me to carry to the father to eat at the site; there is only a dog, replies that he is the father, the boy does not believe, kills him; when he grows up, he marries his mother; or a woman gives birth to a son and daughter, sends him to look for spouses, those in they meet each other in the dark, copulate; the mother (or sister) has given birth to many children; they are married, each couple has its own people; the eldest is Vieta, the second is Lao, the third is cham, and the fourth is tmoi ( ethnic minorities in the Central Mountains)]: Dang Nghiem Van 1993:324-326.

South Asia. Kannada [Brahma's daughter asks him what her fate is; he replies that she will marry her son; the girl went down to earth in horror and lives in a deserted place; during the drought, the bull urinated on stone, she drank it, mistaking it for water, became pregnant and gave birth to a boy; hit the baby with a stone, then wrapped it in a torn piece of sari and threw it down the slope; childless shepherds found the baby, cured and raised him; Brahma's daughter also came down to people and ended up in the same family; astrologers said that a young man should marry someone he called a sister; the elders persuaded them to marry; one day Brahma's daughter was combing her husband's lice and noticed the scars; he himself did not know where they came from; the shepherd told me how he found the baby; Brahma's barrel understood everything, made a rope out of the sari and hanged herself]: Ramanujan 1997, No. 40: 111-113.

Malaysia-Indonesia. Java: Headley 2005b (kalang) [(summary of 33 options); a beautiful weaver is born when her divine father's sperm or urine is drunk by a dog, pig, or priestess; she is raised by gods, adopted parents, dog, father; dog becomes her husband; born son hunts wild pig, tiger, buffalo; dog refuses to help hunt, young man kills him without knowing that it is his father; brings him to his mother his meat; she beats her son with a spoon, a scar remains on his head; the son leaves; the son and mother meet, the son does not recognize the mother or vice versa; marry or doubt after learning about the relationship (by scarring); the mother gives difficult tasks (making a thousand statues, building a ship, etc.), their son easily performs them; they have a boy; the calang is the descendants of his or the descendants of the weaver's first son; similar options in Lombok and Bali]: 181-183; Knebel 1894:489-505 in Lessa 1961 [the pig drank King Praboe Moendingkawati's urine, gave birth to Dewi Sepirasa; astrologers said the girl would bring misfortune, the king drove her into the forest, giving Blangwajoenjang's dog; she lost her spindle, promised to marry the one who found it, her dog brought the spindle; she gave birth to his son Raden Soewoengrasa; he killed the dog because he threatened all the animals in the forest; mother said that he killed his father; mother and son left the forest apart; met, only the mother recognized her son; the hermit advised to set an impossible condition for marriage; RS almost built a dam and a boat overnight, but the hermit raised the sun at night; the mother and son separated again, when they did not recognize each other, got married, they have three sons; the mother recognized her son by the scar on their forehead; the mother left in despair, drowned; the son became The ancestor of the Kalangs, the caste of central Java, which is accused of incest]: 181; Lombok [King of Java Daha urinated into a hole in a stone, a pig drank urine, gave birth to a girl; she was sitting at the spinning wheel dropped the reel, promised to marry even the dog if he brought the reel; the dog brought it, the girl gave birth to a boy from him; the son and the dog killed a pig while hunting, the mother said who the pig was; ashamed, the son killed also a dog; the mother gave a ring, told her son to marry a girl whom the ring would suit; the son was looking for a bride in vain, the ring came to his mother at home, he married her; the mother went to Sumbawa, married her ruler, became the ancestor of the royal family; the son went to Sulawesi, became the ancestor of the Bugs and Makassars]: Eerde 1902:31-40 in Isis 1998:151.