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Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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F55A. Put it on a naked body (demon and woman) .37.46.

The demonic character wants a woman to expose a certain part of her body, because only there you should put some object. A demon kills a woman by ripping out this part of her body. Usually, a woman uses or names different loci, and the character consistently rejects each one until she gets to the right one.

Nanais, Negidals, Sarsi, Blackfoots, Grovantre, Crowe, (hidatsa), Arapaho.

Amur - Sakhalin. Nanais: Sem 1976, No. 2 (Bikin) [=Sem, Sem 2020, No. 27:128-132; older and younger sisters take turns buying firewood; hammer head, twirl legs, tick hands, chalcedony eyes come, the back is an ornamental board; the younger sister hides; the eldest laughs when the devil knocks with spoons and chopsticks; he searches in her head, tells her to stick out her tongue to put a louse on him, pulls out tongue, stuffed bird cherry chips in his mouth, put the phone in, left it standing; the younger sister found an abmar with tongues; found a fresh sister, inserted it into her severed head (it is not directly said that the devil cut off his head ); I came to the house where the man is sitting, he tells me to cook meat; the eldest's head rolls out, asks for it to be given to her; well done, hits her younger sister, she leaves, her head rolls after her, asks to take her; came to another well done, he marries both sisters (the eldest has recovered - how the head found the body, it is not said); the youngest has come to her sister, she hides her; hell comes, goes to bed in a mortar; sister is a devil and who has come they push it, sift it through a sieve; the largest sifting is yellow spiders; then less and less: black spiders, mosquitoes, midges, small midges]: 125; Shimkevich 1896 (retelling both texts in Holmberg 1927: 388-389): 126-127 [When returning home, the brother sees that her sister has changed; she sprinkles ash around, finds traces of a tiger; her sister is pregnant; her brother stabs her chest; she says she will die only if she cut off the little finger; he does it, burns the body; sparks turn into evil spirits in the form of secca burhans, urach (insects?) and gazaa birds], 128-130 [two sisters live alone; the cannibal buseu comes to the eldest, she hides, does not laugh; when the youngest is left, she laughs when she sees B. talking to himself; b. searches in her head, offers to stick her tongue out to put a louse on it, pulls out her tongue; when she finds the corpse, the other sister finds the ogre's house, finds a warm tongue among many others; sister B. invites him to go to bed in a large wooden ladle; both women push it into porridge; the particles turn into stinging and blood-sucking insects]; Negidals: Nadein 1982 [(literary work; self-taught author, father - Sakhalin Evenk, founded by the Yakuts, the youngest mother is not gidal; cf. Cincius 1982, No. 28:144-147); the older sister goes for fish, the youngest stays at home; Silavun ("spit") enters, sings that his leg is skewer, head - hammer (she has one eye on it), hands - mites, chest - furs; breathes, fanning the fire, the girl laughs, S. looks in her head, asks for permission to put a louse on her tongue, pulls it out ( he feeds on female tongues); the older sister comes to S.'s house, his sister hides her, S. goes to bed in a trough; both women throw it into the fire, the ashes turn into mosquitoes, midges, wasps, gadflies]: 43- 45; Cincius 1982, No. 28 [the older sister goes for firewood, the youngest stays at home; the devil comes in, saying that his legs are trouble, his head is a hammer, his hands are mites, his stomach is blacksmith's fur, his eyes are sparkles; lets her breath go on the bowls so that they split; the girl does not laugh, the hell does not find her; next time the older sister stays, laughs, the hell looks in her head, asks for permission to put a louse on her tongue, pulls out her tongue and eyes; the youngest comes into the house, finds fresh tongue and eyes among the many hanging there; the sister hides her, tells her brother to go to bed in a mortar; the girl pushes him there; he turns into mosquitoes, midges, wasps, gadflies]: 144-147.

Plains. Sarsi: Curtis 1976 (18) [The husband does not tell the pregnant wife to look out of the tipi if she hears something; the wife pierces the hole with an awl, peeks; the old man comes in; refuses to eat food, offered on a tray made of wood, a dried stomach, a bark; on a woman's blanket (that's better!) , on her moccasin (even better), greed (more!) , wearing her dress (very close! ); when she puts food on her bare stomach, the person eats the offer with her flesh, pulls two babies out of her womb, throws one into the stream, the other beyond the floor of the tipi; the corpse's face puts in a fire, it wrinkles as if laughing; he leaves the corpse facing the entrance; the husband first thinks the wife is laughing, then crying; notices the prints of small legs on the ash; leaves his blanket on the hill for disguises, he flies up in the form of a pen; hears one boy calling another to come out of the river to play; next time his father grabs Domashny, Rechnaya slips away; convinces Domashny to lure Rechny ashore , he also grabs; brothers shoot arrows up above the mother's body, she comes to life; the father does not tell you to go in certain directions; the brothers go, defeat monsters; 1) the bison; 2) the bear; 3) the old man who killed them mother (Domashny searches in his head, protecting his stomach with a flat stone; the old man cannot bite into him, Rechnoy kills him with an arrow); 4) a living hill draws in and swallows people; brothers find skeletons inside ; cut off Hill's heart, make a hole in his side; revive the swallowed, go out with them; 5) Domashny tries to grab the Eagle's feather, the Eagle takes him away; the old woman finds a baby lying on eagle feathers ; only her youngest son agrees that she bring the foundling into the house; he is called Zillunna ("lousy"). The chief promises to give his two daughters to the one who will get two silver foxes; C. the old woman is ashamed to offer the leader Ts as her son-in-law, for the third time she says that he got the fox; the older sister refuses to marry C., the youngest goes out; only C. turns bison cakes into bison, gets buffalo; creates beautiful clothes for herself and his wife; the older sister turns into a mole out of envy, digs a hole under the sleeping C., who falls, she defecates on him; the old Wolf calls animals , they tear off C.; The she-wolf adopts C., she is killed, C. returns to his wife; tells the Wolves to execute her older sister; The Wolves tore her apart, Wolverine took the vulva and climbed the tree]: 136-140; Dzana-gu 1921, No. 26 [When going hunting, the husband tells the pregnant wife not to look out when she hears the sound of the bell; she looks out, the man comes in, refuses to eat from the plate, from the moccasins, from the greaves, from the dress, eats from her belly, tears it apart, pulls out the twins, throws one into the river, the other behind the floor, leaves, leaving the corpse standing; the husband mourns his wife, notices small footprints, leaves a bow and arrow, goes to the hill, sees boy; next time he leaves his cape on the hill, he comes closer imperceptibly; the boy, thrown next to the tipi, shouts to the man thrown into the river that his father is far away on the hill, he goes out, the family is enough him, calls his father; all three live together; brothers shoot arrows, tell his mother to beware, she comes to life; the father does not tell them to go to the river where their mother is murdered; the brothers go, that man suggests looking for he has parasites, one brother ties a person's hair to willows, the other puts a stone on his stomach; a man jumps up, wants to dig into his stomach, breaks his teeth, stays tied to his hair; the father warns do not go where the bear, the bison, the brothers kill them; do not go to the cave, they go, they are drawn in by the wind, they see the heart, it is an absorber monster, skeletons inside; brothers tie knives to their heads , dance, bounce, cut the monster's heart, return to their father]: 32-34; blacklegs: Josselin de Jong 1914 [husband warns his wife not to look at the monster who asks Where to enter? she looks, enters - without legs, her insides can be seen through her body; the woman offers him food on various pieces of her clothes, he agrees to eat on her stomach; rips it open, throws one The baby in the ash is Chief Ash (Z.), the second to the outside, this is the Chief Stuck in the Back (S.); each time the hunter finds things scattered; both boys play his arrows; the father leaves while turning in a stick; grabs both boys, recognized by them; Z. tries to revive his mother by throwing arrows over her; S. revives, saying that the boiling pot will now tip over; the father does not tell the hoop to roll east; the brothers roll, the hoop rolls into the old woman's house; she tries to strangle the brothers with smoke, they scatter the smoke with a pen, return home; the father does not tell them to shoot west; their arrow hits the beavers; the brothers live beavers, they forget about home; the father sticks a row of arrows on the shore; the boys come out of the water to collect them, the father grabs them, is recognized by them; the father does not tell you to shoot at one bird; they shoot, the arrow gets stuck on tree; Z. climbs after her, disappears somewhere in the sky, his clothes and shoes fall down; S. turns into a crying baby, picked up by an old woman, she calls him Fat Tummy (J.); he regains his former appearance; the chief promises to give one of his three daughters for the one to shoot the partridge; J. shot, the arrow crow (V.) changed arrows, marries his elder, J. his younger sister; 2) who traps a black one fox; J. catches, V. puts in his own, gets his middle sister; J. gives himself, his wife, a gorgeous look; turns bison cakes into bison, kills them; snow on his leggings turns into cherries, snow W. just melts on his leggings]: 38-52; Wissler 1936 [the spirit enters the house, responding to a woman's thought, Why doesn't he enter? She serves him meat on all kinds of trays, then undresses, serves it on her clothes; then puts the meat on her stomach; the spirit rips open her stomach, takes out the twins; throws one at the hearth (Boy -Because of ash), another behind the partition (Stuck Behind); the spirit promises to revive a woman, teaches songs and rituals, images of stars, mountains, etc. on the walls of a tipi; the father gives the boy out of ash raising the Rock and the Stuck Behind to Beaver; both grow up strong and wild; first the first, then the second recognize the father by licking his hand; father and sons revive their mother; brothers destroy monsters; people with Sky is kidnapped by a boy out of ash; Stuck Behind marries the leader's daughter; goes up to his brother; both turn into a Gemini constellation]: 20-29; Wissler, Duvall 1908, No. 1 [=Wissler 1936]: 40-53; grovanter [like blacklegs, No. II1; see motif J19; a blind old man comes; a woman serves food in various vessels; then in her moccasin, in leggings, in her underwear off; as she undresses, the old man says: It's closer]: Cooper 1975, No. 10:462-465; Crowe [wife is giving birth; when she goes hunting, her husband tells her not to respond to a stranger; the guest is blind with a second person on the back of her head asks where the entrance is; the baby from the mother's womb tells him that it is from the east; the woman gives the guest meat on a plate of leather, bark; each time he rejects what he serves, says that his plate is his stomach pregnant; kills a woman with a hot stone on her stomach; takes out the twins, throws one behind the partition, the other into the river; puts the woman's corpse as if she were smiling; the husband leaves his wife's corpse on the platform; A domestic son asks his father for meat, goes out from behind the partition; He secretly goes out from his father to play with his brother; the father notices the trail, Domashny tells him about the death of his mother; they wear gloves who are unable to bite through the River, catch him; the River Boy has another "father" in the river; the boy gives him his sharp teeth; the brothers find the father's box with white powder in it; when they pour themselves on the penis, they have fun; they spend everything, fill the box with ash; the father's penis only hurts from ash; the brothers resurrect the mother so that the father has a wife; to do this, they shoot up, tell her to move away so that the arrow did not fall on her; (hereinafter referred to as the twins' extermination of monsters)]: Lowie 1918:85-89; (cf. hidatsa [Coyote's sister is pregnant; her brother does not tell you to open the door; the Headless Monster asks where the door is, the sister opens; he says he eats by putting hot fat on the pregnant woman's belly; she only slightly heats the fat; he keeps the fat on fire with his bare hand, puts it on her stomach; she dies, gives birth to twins; he throws one into the center of the house, the other into the stream; the brother puts his sister's corpse on the funeral platform; Coyote makes a Domestic Boy; River grows accordingly; goes out to play with his brother, steals meat; they grab River, keep him in the steam room until his sharp fangs disappear; he regurgitates swallowed frogs, etc.; brothers revive the mother; throw a hot stone into the mouth of the Headless One, he explodes; the woman kills with her basket; the brothers ask her to point the basket at the birds, they fall dead; they direct him at the woman, killing her; the celestials fear that the River will become too powerful; the Long Hand takes him to heaven, he is tied to a pole; the brother turns himself and him into spiders, they run away; the Long Hand closes a hole in the sky, the brothers cut their arm with an ax (the hand is Orion, the scar is Orion's Belt); hanging on a pole, Rechnoy has learned ritual songs, now taught people; sent mother return the hatchet taken from there to heaven]: Beckwith 1938:30-43); arpahoe [husband tells his wife not to look out of the tipi and not respond to strangers; the third time she pierces a hole with an awl see who calls her; a person enters a tipi; she offers him meat first in various vessels, then on her outerwear; he says he doesn't eat out of it; she takes off her dress or moccasin, he replies that it is closer; he undresses, puts meat on his body; he eats meat, rips her belly open, throws one boy at the door, the other into the stream; see motive J26]: Dorsey, Kroeber 1903, No. 139-142: 341-379.