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Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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F63. Man getting married, K1321.1, ATU 1538*.



trickster man turns into a woman and gets married. As a result, he is exposed, or runs away from her husband himself.

Hausa, Egyptian Arabs, Bulgarians, Russians (Arkhangelsk, Karelia, Novgorod, Tver, Orel), Ukrainians (Ugric Russia, Podolia), Belarusians, Turkmens [Aldarkose], Bukhara Arabs, Finns, Karelians, Estonians, Latvians, Lithuanians, (Mari&), Mordovians, Chuvash, Udmurts, Komi, Bukhara Arabs, Kazakhs, Mansi, Chukchi [fox; raven], Tlingit [crows], Haida [raven], Tsimshian, Okanagon [coyote], ne perse [coyote, fox], winnebago, menominee, western ojibwa, algonquins, fox, sauk, potahuatomi, mikmak [wolverine; badger], assiniboine [spider], santi, crow, omaha and ponka [spider], iowa [spider], arapaho, pawnee [coyote], comanche [coyote], wichita [coyote], pomo [coyote], wappo [coyote], monache [coyote], northern payute, southern payute, chiricahua [coyote slip a man disguised as a woman], chiriguano [ coyote], matako, maca [fox], toba [fox], mokovi [fox].

West Africa. Hausa [Cobra offers a bull to someone who will receive it in his belly; The spider agrees, feasts with his wife; tries to escape, but is forced to swallow the Cobra; disguises himself as a woman of easy virtue, converges with the leader's son; lubricates the anus and her lover with honey, the Cobra crawls into another body; The spider returns under the guise of a doctor, lubricates the young man's anus and the wineskin hole with honey; the cobra crawls into the wineskin , beaten to death; Spider abandons horses but takes cattle away]: Bramont 1985:163.

North Africa. Egyptian Arabs: El-Shamy 2004, No. 1538*: 848.

The Balkans. Bulgarians [a guy leads to sell a cow or an ox; 40 beardless people are forced to give an animal for a pittance; each consistently comes out and says that it is not an ox, but a goose; or a judge buys a cow for a pittance; the guy manages to cut off the animal's tail; changing into different clothes, the guy comes to the deceiver under the guise of a bride or maid; a doctor; a coachman; etc.; each time he hits one from brothers or a judge with a cow's tail, saying: can an ox make a goose? or tells the judge that he hits for 6 pennies; steals money, clothes and property of beardless people; finally pretends to be dead; bequeaths to bury him alive; stigmatizes beardless people who come to the grave with hot iron ; tells the tsar that beardless are his fugitive soldiers; drowns them in the sea]: Daskalova-Perkovska et al. 1994, No. 1538:494-495.

Central Europe. Russians (Arkhangelsk, Karelia, Novgorod, Tver, Oryol), Ukrainians (Ugric Rus, Podolia), Belarusians [The Jester Bride: The Jester dresses up in his sister's dress and lives with Mr. as a worker, grooms marry an imaginary girl; on the wedding night he runs away from the groom, tying a goat instead of himself; demands compensation for his spoiled sister]: SUS 1979, No. 1538*: 316-317.

Iran — Central Asia. Turkmens [Aldarkose scattered camel manure in the field; answered the khan that he was sowing camels; the khan bought a hundred, paying half in advance; when his yasauls came, A. navtykad into the ground camel ears and tails, said that he had just begun to rise; the next time he stayed in the house, pretending to be A.'s daughter; the khan took her to his daughters; the son of bay sent the old woman to choose a wife among the khan's daughters, who chose A.; realizing that there was a man in front of him, bay's son ran away from shame; A. went out into the yard, put his robe over a wooden stupa, disappeared; after a while he met a man who was driving a hundred camels, recognized him as his own” groom”; told a story about the fact that one son of bai ran away from his young wife, and she became stiff; the son of the bay realized that the male bride had disappeared, joyfully rushed home; A. brought Khan his camels, reproached for taking his daughter instead of thanking; Khan paid a lot of money and giving two girls]: Kekilov, Kosayev 1962:81-83; Bukhara Arabs [beardless takes gold and silver from the emir, so that sow money; when the emir's servants come, he pretends to be the daughter of a beardless man; the emir passes off the imaginary girl as a baya; she asks the mother of the bay not to enter her for 10 nights; on the tenth she asks to come father-in-law; asks him to put his beard in the door hole, hangs him from his beard, takes off his pants, puts a carrot in his ass; the boy in the beardless man's house says he is dead; buy sits down to relieve himself at his grave, beardless from below pokes him with a hot rod; hires a peasant; asks his wife for their daughter as his wife, is refused; tells the owner that his wife does not give a whip; he shouts to give; the wife thinks , what he orders to give his daughter, gives; on the way he invites the farmer to smell for him; sends oxen and his wife, cuts off the tails, sticks them into the ground, says that the oxen have failed; tells the owner to wrap the sheep his head with his skin, steals sheep; at home he promises to return his daughter, oxen, sheep to those who came; at night he puts a demand in their pants; in the morning he shouts that his mother is dead; those who come think that they have done it, run away]: Vinnikov 1969, NO. 41:257-260.

Baltoscandia. Latvians [The boy changes into his sister's dress and is hired by the pastor as a maid. The grooms marry an imaginary girl, the boy runs away from the wedding bed, tying a goat instead of himself]: Aris, Medne 1977, No. 1538*: 357; Finns, Karelians, Estonians, Lithuanians [Jester as a bride]: Kecskeméti, Paunonen 1974, No. 1538*: 257-258.

Volga - Perm. Mordva [the pop and deacon do not believe that the deceiver Mikit will be able to cheat them; they came to him while he was plowing; M. says he left the bag of tricks at home; his wife won't let you, I must go myself; he was given a sleigh, they rode it to the top and said that the pop ordered him to be given two hundred rubles in silver; as proof, a Popov cart with two horses given to him; the deacon's wife had the same; a pop with a deacon They plowed all day; when they returned to the popadye, they found out about the deception; decided to take M.'s daughter and pass her off as a farmhand; and M. overheard; dressed up as a girl; the pop and the deacon took the imaginary girl, told her to spend the night lock her in a barn or she will run away; the “girl” tells her to let her go out of need; the farmhand tied a rope to her and she tied her to a goat; the farmhand began to beat the goat that the bride had become; the pop explained what it was the neighbor's goat, and the bride ran away; in the morning, the pop and the deacon came to kill M.; he tied his wife a bubble of sheep blood; the wife pretended not to be in a hurry to bake pancakes; M. stabbed her with a knife; after that the wife hurried with pancakes; at home, the pop stabbed and killed him; the same with the deacon; M. lay down in the grave, told his wife to cover it up and prepared a red-hot rod; when they learned that M. was dead, the pop and the deacon came to spoil to the grave; M. put a rod in their ass; the next day, the pop and the deacon put M. in a bag, carried them to drown them; left them by the lake and went to warm up; M. shouts that he did not want to be king — he is illiterate; merchant got into the bag instead of him, and M. sat in his top three; the merchant was drowned; M. came in three: got it at the bottom; the pop and deacon asked him to put them in bags and throw them into the lake; drowned]: Paasonen 1941:308 -316; marie {? in Beke 1938:543-568, to which there is no such text; perhaps another and inaccessible Beke} publication, Chuvash, Udmurts, Komi: Kecskeméti, Paunonen 1974, No. 1538*: 257-258.

Turkestan. Kazakhs [Aldar-kose takes gold from the khan to sow; pretends to sow to harvest; the sent khan finds a girl disguised as AK; the imaginary girl calls herself the sister of AK; he is because of the drought did not harvest, went to return gold to the Khan; the khan settles an imaginary girl with his two daughters; passes him off as a vizier; the wife calls the vizier to the steppe to drink wine, solders him, takes gold and horses, returns in AK guise, gives Khan gold, complains that his sister was taken by force; Khan gives AH gold, makes a vizier]: Sidelnikov 1962:346-348.

Western Siberia. Mansi [Ekva-Pyrishch lives with his grandmother and younger brother; calls menkwa to help eat excess supplies; he eats everything, wants to eat his brother; E. invites him to come in the fall; pretends to be dead ; menkv comes and eats his brother; E. returns, finds menqua, says that he has come to life, has taken a lot of fur for his brother; tells Usyng-Otyr's two sons that the dog is getting the beast for him, that the cauldron cooks meat itself; He takes three deer for the dog, three more for the cauldron; ties a bag of blood to the grandmother's throat, pretends to kill her, that his knife revives it; sells a knife, they kill their wives with it; E. pretends her own sister, W.'s sons marry her, she goes swimming with the girls, jumps into the water when they dive, turns into pike, swims away, becomes E.; in the fall E. comes for her supposedly drowned sister marries two daughters W.; the girls recognize him, he kills them, hangs them on trees; the shaman eats fly agarics, camlates to recognize the murderer; E. shouts that enemies are coming, throws the shaman into a boiling pot; says that These are not enemies, but dogs, but the shaman has died; he is asked to take the deceased to his father; sticks an arrow into the dead, pretends to be killed by hunters; E. gets sables from them; shouts to the shaman's father that he has come hell, he cuts the dead, E. says he killed his son; E. flew away with a garara, the shaman's father followed by a hawk; E. turns into a pike, the pursuer catches it; together with his wife he hits each other with a club, but they only hit each other friend; E. finishes off the old man, returns home]: Chernetsov 1935:68-80.

SV Asia. Chukchi: Bogoras 1902, No. 19 [The raven turns into a deer, the Wolf kills him; the fox turns into a man, takes Mitya as his wife, fools her; breaks the pot, throws meat, drops it in fire is a cutting knife, revives the meat and sends it away; walking along the shore, he sees Seagulls swimming on a log; jumps on a log, Seagulls take off, the log turns over, the Fox sinks], 25 [The raven pretends to be a woman, turns his penis into a needle, pubic hair into needles; marries the Older Chukcha; (without other details)]: 630-631, 653; Baboshina 1958, No. 36 [Kuikyneku turns into a girl; from his fallen off genitals a mother makes a needle with two bells; his son tries to copulate with an imaginary girl; she hits a needle bed, K. screams in pain; K. creates a women's camp, he has a child in his arms (his penis ?) ; his son wants to marry this woman; wife K. Mitty wears men's clothes, tells K. that he is going to marry M.; M. is jealous (apparently K. copulated with girls, although not explicitly stated); when K. returns, he says she had a man; creates his two brothers from pieces of fat, they supposedly want to take it away; M. and K. reconcile, promise not to deceive each other]: 96-103; Portugalov 2009 [Kuikineku (raven) left Mita, became a woman, lives with seas; K. woman's husband is sea fish, her husband's brothers are whales, daughter is from a bush leaf; M. turns into a man, tells an imaginary woman that he is going to marry M.; K.: M. is bad, she does not know how to do anything; M.: Nothing, I'll teach you; K. turns into a man again, goes to M., picks up a child, he scratches: why are you running away from M., why do you turn into a woman? (this was M.); at home, K. tells M. that he left her because she has no relatives; a crowd of M.'s peers enters, K. asks for forgiveness]: 47-48.

NW Coast. Tlingits: Boas 1895, № XXV.1.19 (=2002:622-623) [The Raven turned himself into a woman, Norka into a baby, came to the Seals, married the chief's son; marries the Seal; one day forces his an imaginary baby to scream, tells her husband that something bad will happen; strangled her husband, goes to grieve at his grave; one person saw: there a raven is biting a corpse; the crow has been hung in the chimney, since then he black]: 319; De Laguna 1972 [makes a baby out of mink; stings him to cry and get fat; eats fat himself (text breaks off)]: 873; Garfield, Forrest 1961 [Raven and Cormorant come to the Brown Bears ; The raven turns into a woman, wraps hot stones in the stomachs of halibut, advises her husband to swallow them whole; pulls out Cormorant's tongue so that he does not tell him; explains to the Bear that Cormorant is trying praise the taste of halibut; sends Cormorant for water, Bear drinks water, explodes; Cormorant Raven drives away, tells him to live on the rocks]: 130; Smelcer 1992 [The raven decides to become a woman to find a husband who would feed him; people from the Killer Whale family are looking for a wife, believe that the Raven is the daughter of a chief named Sister on the High Rock (i.e. the seagull); at night, the imaginary wife steals fish, loses her labret; says that The labrette flies to the pantry herself; they believe her; says she dreamed that she dreamed that everyone slept but her husband never woke up; people are frightened; at night, the Raven kills her husband with a sharp stick; pretends to mourn his body ; says that her husband bequeathed to take his corpse away, leave the widow to mourn, not look at her, but leave her food; this is how the Raven lived for a long time, eating at the expense of Killer Whales]: 13-14; Swanton 1909, No. 31 [as in Smelcer; an imaginary widow eats her husband's corpse; killer whales ask her to make them white; she kills them by stabbing a splint into everyone's ear; the last Killer Whale is saved]: 115-116; Hyda (Skidgate) [The Raven turns long stone in a baby; gets married; an episode with a lablette like a Tlingit; women notice a crow's tail in an imaginary wife; she explains that this happens; promises that her relatives will come to her husband in guests; makes them out of excrement; when they enter the house, they melt away; the Raven flies away]: Swanton 1905:132; Haida (Masset): Swanton 1908a:322 [The raven becomes a woman, marries the chief's son; together walks with her mother-in-law out of need, she notices her daughter-in-law's tail; the imaginary daughter-in-law explains that it is in their family; the husband's father expels her], 333-335 [The raven turns himself into a woman, sea grass into his baby; asks the Killer Whales to take her into their boat; she stings the child, he cries, she explains that he wants seals, they give her, the imaginary woman eats all the seals she has caught; in the village of Kasatok she marries; at night again makes the child cry, goes out with him, eats all the harvested fat, loses his labret; in the morning she explains that the labrette always does this (leaves and eats supplies); walking out of need, the mother-in-law notices the tail from the daughter-in-law; the Raven leaves], 341-345 [The raven turns into a woman, mistaken for the chief's daughter; they are surprised that she eats so much (indecent for an aristocrat); the chief's son takes her as his wife; she walks at night eat fat, drops the labrette into a container of fat; mother-in-law recognizes the labrette, the imaginary daughter-in-law explains that the labrette goes at night herself; the crow is driven away]; Tsimshian [without details]: Barnouw 1977:100.

The coast is the Plateau. Okanagon [The fox and the Coyote live together; the fox hunts but loses luck; the Coyote pretends to be a woman, marries Puma; the imaginary wife asks not to touch her for three days, but to give her meat to carry his parents; on the third day, Grouse is going to tell Puma the truth; Coyote runs away]: Teit 1917 c, No. 7:76-77; ne perse [Coyote and Fox dress in a woman's dress, come to the Wolves to marry them; They tell them to feed them five days before getting married; on the fifth night, the Coyote rapes the Wolf Girl, runs away with the Fox]: Spinden 1917, No. 3:184; Walker, Matthews 1994, No. 30:97.

The Midwest. Winnebago [Wakjunkaga comrades Fox, Soyka, Nida; when there is little food in autumn, he makes a vulva out of moose liver, chest from kidneys, marries the leader's son; gives birth to one three sons after another; the last one cries, wants a piece of cloud, then a piece of blue sky, then green leaves; he is given snow, blue grass, leaves and corn; he falls silent; rotten meat falls off Trickster, he and his companions run away]: Radin 1956, No. 19-21:21-24; Menominee: Skinner, Satterlee 1915, No. 8 [Myanyabush blackens his face as a sign of mourning for his brother; Turtle doesn't like it; Turtle is proud of a beautiful blanket and moccasins; Myanyabush turns into a girl (in menominee, ojibwa, fox, her name means Egg, Fox, Vazhenka); turns Marten into her baby; rejects all suitors, marries the Turtle; runs away with the veil; gives it to his dogs (in fact, they are deer); throws the Turtle into the water, it turns into a turtle], 24 [(excerpts); Myanyabush makes a vulva out of an animal's lungs, marries the leader's son; simulates pregnancy by putting a fox under his clothes; throws the rotten flesh of an imaginary vulva in the leader's face, takes on its true form] : 263-266, 302-303; Western Ojibwa (chippewa) [Venebojo turns into a porcupine in a hollow; two women cover the hollow with their clothes; V. puts it on, marries the leader's son, who rejected all brides; pretends to be pregnant with a marten under her clothes; she jumps out, V. runs after her, carrying a bag of meat]: Barnouw 1977, No. 16:106; Western Ojibwa: Josselin de Jong 1913, No. 10 [Nenabojo hides in a hollow tree, pretends to be a porcupine; two women try to get it; go looking for a stick, he steals their clothes, pretends to be a woman; the chief's son has died, he revives him in the steam room, marries him; pretends to give birth, a rabbit plays the role of a baby; one day her husband's brother says that his daughter-in-law stinks; N. takes off women's clothes, runs away with the rabbit; the leader's son dies from shame]: 11-12; Radin 1914, No. 3 [He dives unnecessarily, ties geese legs, geese lift him into the air, the rope breaks, he falls into the hollow; old women find a bear in the hollow; this is N.; he tells them to cover with his skirts if they want to be beautiful; old women leave, he dresses up as a woman, the chief's son marries him; one day N. takes off women's clothes, runs away; the chief's son dies]; Radin, Reagan 1928, No. 15 [ Manabozo puts on women's clothes, ties a piece of meat between his legs, marries the son of the owners of the house where he stayed (without other details)]: 102; Algonquins [Visquejac turns into a woman, marries a young man (no details)]: Speck 1915d, No. 6:16; fox [Visakia plays instead of the Turtle, loses; The turtle scolds him; V. makes himself a vulva out of an elk's liver, seduces the Turtle; he brings his bundle with amulets; V. carries it away and destroys it; turns the Turtle into a turtle]: Jones 1907, No. 15:315-331; Sauk: Marriott, Rachlin 1968 [Turtle to everyone annoys, seducing women and girls; Jesus turns into a girl, agrees to take a walk with the Turtle in the woods; when he spits in the fire, pearls appear; I. puts him to sleep, puts rotten things with him a log with ants, the Turtle thinks the girl tickles him; I. turns him into a turtle]: 124-127; Skinner 1928, No. 13 [The turtle is the leader; Visakia turns into a beauty, comes to live with an old woman; The turtle comes to marry her, spits out beads; V. asks him to bring his sacred bag of scalps; they sleep in the forest; V. puts a deck of ants instead of a bag, steals the bag; gives the dog smear it with crap; turns the Turtle into a turtle]: 152-154; potauatomi: Johnson 1929 (Parry Island) [Nenebuc dived, tied a rope to the feet of swimming ducks; they took off, lifted it into the air; he let go of the rope, fell into an empty stump; the women came to cut the stump for firewood, cut a hole, pulled out N.; N. put on a skirt, mistook him for a woman, passed him off as the leader's son; he found that the imaginary wife was man, N. ran away]: 209-210; Skinner 1924 [Visakia turns into a Fox, the Turtle's daughter marries him; then a Sauk woman; the Turtle himself marries her; V. becomes an animal, runs away; screams I was married to both of you now! ]: 350-352.

Northeast. Mikmak [Trickster pretends to be a girl, marries the chief's son; pretends to be pregnant, disguising an elk or caribou embryo as a baby; exposed, runs away]: Leland 1968 [Trickster Wolverine]: 160-162, 189-190 [tells Kunitsa to scream from the hollow; says it is the voice of the Hunger spirit, pretends to expel him; people believe that the young woman is a witch]; Speck 1915b [Trickster badger; leader's name - Big Turtle; while her husband is away, Badger sleeps with the chief's daughters; puts a caribou embryo under his clothes]: 67; Whitehead 1988 [see motif K19, pp.168-179; motif L33 (pp.180-185); two weasel sisters promise to go out for a man if he takes them across the river; he holds out his bow but says he already has so many wives; they see a boat with Kwimu (some bird) and Makwis (Loon) in it; M. says he is K., M. tells me not to believe him; the sisters marry the chiefs, K. sails away; Wolverine turns herself into a woman, marries the chief's son, says that in her family, the newlywed should not sleep with her husband for three months; he sleeps with her husband's three sisters; when the time comes, she hides an elk embryo under her clothes; marries his younger brother; he cries; Wolverine says that her nephew hears the voice of Hunger; promises to avert the trouble is if he (“her”) is given beautiful clothes, a lot of fat; leaves all this to his “nephew”, pretends to have given birth; the husband sees that it is an elk embryo; Wolverine runs away, he is carried away by the river; the corpse is found by the younger marriage of caress girls; Wolverine comes to life, sails away in a boat]: 185-191.

Plains. Assiniboine: Lowie 1909a, No. 38 [Sitkonsky wears her daughter's clothes, marries a young man; pretending to be pregnant, he hides a fox under her clothes; “gives birth”; the husband finds a fox instead of his son ; S. runs away, showing his long penis to the young man's sister], 39 [S. marries an old woman; comes to the village, says that his wife did not give him a cape; he is given a cape; so, walking through villages, he receives all the items clothes; dresses as a woman, tells the girl that she has come to marry her brother; previously, the young man refused all brides; S. pretends to be pregnant, keeps a fox under his clothes, he screams like a baby; runs away, laughing, shows his penis; “husband”'s sister; returns to his old wife]: 125, 125-126; santi [The spider puts on his daughter's clothes, meets her fiance, lies down with him, turns him into a dog, puts it on clothes, takes his form, marries the eldest of two sisters; comes from hunting empty-handed; the dog turns the stump into a bear carcass; the spider says he killed a bear, but his carcass becomes stump again ( the same with river stones, which the dog turns into beavers); the hero's first wife restores his human appearance; agrees that the good younger sister becomes the second wife; The spider is turned into a black dog, banished]: Wallis 1923, No. 22:90-92; Crowe [no details]: Barnouw 1977:100; Omaha, Ponca: Dorsey 1888b [see K27 motif; villains offer to compete; older brothers die; the youngest wins; the last villain stays alive, turns into a woman, puts his head on the hero's knees, steals his magic pen, turns the hero into a black dog, marries the chief's daughter; in the steam room, her sister returns the hero to his former appearance; he marries her, takes his pen back, turns the villain himself into a black dog; crows pecked the eyes of the hero's parents; older sister (ex the wife of the imaginary hero) restores their sight; for this, the hero agrees to marry her]: 74; iowa: Skinner 1925, No. 30 [Ishiinki turns into a Sauke girl, makes himself a vagina from a piece of liver, marries the Turtle Chief's son; the liver has deteriorated, the imaginary wife throws it at her husband's sisters], 31 [as in (30); The turtle follows the girl himself; while looking for his pipe, I. hides his sacred bundle; returns, telling the Turtle that he fooled him]: 489-490; arpaho [Nihansan dresses up as a woman, marries Puma; puts Rabbit under his clothes, imitating pregnancy and childbirth; someone notices that the pregnancy was very short; N. shows him his penis; The cougar turns into a cougar out of shame; N. turns the Rabbit into a rabbit]: Dorsey, Kroeber 1903, No. 46:96-97; skidy pawnee [The Puma has a lot of meat; the Coyote dresses up as a woman, disguises the Fox as a baby, spends the night with the Puma; in the morning he gives Coyote meat on the road; to prevent the Fox from talking about what happened, the Coyote throws him into the river; The fox swims out, tells Coyote's wife everything; she kicks them both out]: Dorsey 1904b, No. 66:266-267; Comanche [The Coyote steals the bathing girl's clothes, puts them on, pretends to be Coyote's wife; an imaginary woman agrees to marry a hunter if he feeds her for four days; after four days she leaves supposedly swimming, puts on her old clothes, runs away]: Krieger 1998:28; wichita [y a woman has seven brothers; Coyote tells her that he will send his daughter; he does not have a daughter, he turns into a girl himself; brothers marry her; she gives birth to a child, leaves with him; brothers pursue her, take her away a child, rise to heaven, turn into a Big Dipper; near the older brother there is a child (a weak star); a sister is a star at a distance; at night a coyote howls with longing for a child]: Dorsey 1904a, No. 10:74- 80.

California. Pomo [Coyote turns into a woman, marries Hawk, learns the secret of catching marmots; becomes Coyote again, kills marmots]: Barrett 1933, No. 63/II: 247; wappo [in the steam room old man- The coyote shows his penis to two girls; they kick it, the penis breaks off; the Coyote sticks it with resin, comes back; the resin melts from the heat, the penis falls off again; he sticks it back on, returns to the girls; they dress him up as a girlfriend; an imaginary girl marries Blue Jay; gets pregnant, dies because she cannot be born; he was cremated; after the steam room, Blue Jay offered everyone become birds; everyone turned into birds (and animals), the turtle became a turtle, jumped into the water]: Radin 1924, No. 10:83-85; chumache [Coyote turns into a girl, marries Drake, eats it supplies, simulates malaise so as not to sleep with her husband; runs away; Drake takes revenge by killing Toad, Coyote's wife; her spirit comes to Coyote, leads to Shimilaksh, the land of the dead; see motive H12]: Blackburn 1975, No. 25:172-175; monak [Coyote hangs his back legs, becomes a woman; marries the youngest of three brothers; husband kills his wife after realizing she is not a real woman]: Gifford 1923, No. 17:345-346.

Big Pool. Northern Payutes, Southern Payutes [no details]: Barnouw 1977:100.

The Great Southwest. Chiricahua: Opler 1942, No. 40 [one Woodpecker dresses another woman, puts a turtle shell between his legs; Coyote marries her, cannot have sex], 41 [only Coyote owns tobacco; people promise him a wife in return; dress up a man as a woman; Coyote discovers his wife's penis; they don't give him tobacco back]: 61-62.

Bolivia — Guaporé. Chiriguano [the Aguaratunpa fox learns that Penelope has a lot of peanuts; removes his penis, makes a vulva out of the fetus, hangs the penis in place of the fetus; wears women's clothing; marries Cockerel; eats peanuts; gives birth to a baby; asks a bow and arrows to hunt; Cockerel says it's not a woman's business; A. replies that he is a man, puts his penis back]: Nordenskiöld 1912: 222-223.

Chaco. A fox or anthropomorphic trickster tries to rape the bird-man's wife; she runs away; he comes to her husband disguised as a woman. Matako [Takwah tries to rape the woodpecker's wife; she runs away and disappears or returns to her father in the sun; Takwah disguises himself as a woman (sometimes makes herself clay breasts and vulva); Woodpecker suspects deception (sometimes asks the “wife” to remove lice with a needle, he does not know how to); sends an ant to bite Takwaha on the penis or testicles if he finds them in his wife; Woodpecker beats Takwaha; usually comes to his father-in-law for his missing wife]: Barabas, Bartolomé 1979a: 129-130; 1979b: 81-82; Wilbert, Simoneau 1982a, No. 63-67:132-143; Maka [Fox tries to rape his wife Woodpecker, she runs away; the fox takes her form; the husband sees that the “wife” is eating too fast; tells an ant to bite her in the vulva; identifies the Fox by screaming; finds a wife and son]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1991a, No. 26:89-90; toba [usually Fox tries to rape Woodpecker's wife, who hides in the water; he takes her form; the woodpecker asks his “wife” to take out his lice with a needle, she does it clumsily; he asks an ant to bite her in the genitals]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1982b, No. 100 [the girl wants honey, her mother invites her to marry the Woodpecker; first Voyagalachigi, then the bird Transporter pretend to be him; she recognizes them (V. by smell); marries Woodpecker; seeing B, he rushes into the river, turns into a capybara; V. takes her form, comes to Woodpecker, posing as his wife; Woodpecker recognizes V. by voice, kills with a baton]: 202-210; 1989a, No. 265 (pilaga) [when everyone went for honey, the Fox pretended to stab his leg; staying at home, he tried to rape the Woodpecker Chief's wife; she dived into the river and became a capybara; the Fox took her form; Woodpecker suspects deception, asks his wife to look in his head, and Ant to bite her genitals if she is a liar; Ant bites Fox's testicles, he screams, Woodpecker kills him with a stick], 266 (oriental toba) [ The fox began to molest Woodpecker's pregnant wife; she disappeared into the river; the fox put on her clothes, put something on his stomach as if he were a pregnant woman; the woodpecker smells a fox; asks his wife to look for him in head, but the wife does not know how to catch lice; the Woodpecker told the Ant to bite his wife if she has testicles; the fox screamed at the bite, the Woodpecker killed him with a stick; later the Fox came to life], 267 (oriental toba) [The fox asked his mother to call Woodpecker's wife pull out a splinter; she pulled it out, he began to bother her; on the lake she disappeared into the water, he put on her clothes, took her form; the Woodpecker asked the Ant to sting his wife if she was a liar; from a Fox bite died (then came to life); the woodpecker dried the lake by firing arrows into the water, but did not find his wife; asked her to find her father Dapitchi (Pleiades); he raised them both to heaven], 269 (pilaga) [The fox began to molest his wife Dapichi, but she disappeared underground; he took her form; D. told his wife to take out his lice with a needle, she did not know how to do so; D. told the ants to bite her, the Fox ran away], 274 (oriental toba) [mother sends daughter marry the Woodpecker honey miner; the fox goes out to meet her several times, says he is a Woodpecker, but the girl sees that he has bad honey; finds the Woodpecker; in his absence, the Fox tries to rape her, she runs away ; he takes her form; the woodpecker asks her to take out the lice, she stabs his head with a needle, he hits his “wife”, identifies the Fox by screaming], 276 (toba-pilaga) [Sun Sakai's daughter marries Woodpecker; Novaikalachigi tells the thorn to pierce his heel, tells Woodpecker that he is his wife's uncle, let her carry him home on her back; on the way she tries to copulate; then comes to the river, where she swims, puts it on clothes, taking their form, comes to Woodpecker; he suspects deception when he sees that his wife eats a lot; tells an ant to bite her, N. screams like a man; Woodpecker sends arrows in different directions to find out where wife; S.'s son picks up his father's arrow; they all come to the Sun; he 1) tells Woodpecker to kill the jaguar (the wife warns to shoot in the face, the Woodpecker brings a jaguar); 2) bring a certain aquatic plant; Capybara gives it to the Woodpecker, but the Sun demands that the Woodpecker pluck it himself; the Woodpecker swallows the water monster Lek; the Sun drains the lake, takes the Woodpecker out of Lek's womb, revives it; water disappears, remains only in the Woodpecker's well, he does not give it to his father-in-law; he runs away from the Sun with his wife, who cannot catch up with the fugitives]: 348-349, 350-351, 352-353, 354-355, 360-361, 363-365; mokovi [daughter The sun marries Woodpecker, the honey earner; pregnant; the fox pushes her into the river, puts on her clothes, takes her form, comes to the Woodpecker's father; raises suspicions because she eats honey greedily; Woodpecker's father sends An ant bites a fox in the vulva; kills him; the Sun's daughter disappears]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1988, No. 166:204.