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F64A. Describes the future spouse.


When leaving or pretending to be dying, the character instructs a relative/relative that he or she should marry, specifying a partner who has certain signs, either the character indicates a place where to meet this partner in the future; or (Philippines) describes the person to be welcomed as a guest; he comes disguised as someone she was talking about speech. See motive F64.

Marquises, Lombok, Minahasa, Boogie, Aceh, Mentawai, Malays Padanga, Apayao, Sedek, Lee, Abkhaz, Bellakula, Chilkotin, Shuswap, Sanpual, Okanagon, Ne Perse, Cous, Winnebago, Chippewa, Ojibwa, Steppe Cree, Blackfoot, Assiniboine, Grovantre, Crowe, Hidatsa, Santi, Iowa, Arapahoe, Skidi Pawnee, Hoopa, Maidu, Monache, Kawaiisu, Kitanemuk, Serrano, Northern Payut, Western Shoshoni, Goshiyute, Utah, Southern Payut, Chemeuevi, Havasupai, Yavapai, Western Apache, Lipan, Jicarilla? , mescalero, chiricahua, navajo, keres (Acoma), Taos tiva, Warrau, Colorado, Mehinaka, Selknam, Yagani.

Micronesia-Polynesia. Marquises [(Spanish translation and comm. Blixen 1987:253-254); Tiki married Hina-Mata-One, a daughter was born; when she grew up, T. told her to go up (upstream?) , there will be a house with a man with a face like his, T.; she went there, slept with T., not knowing it was him; he sent her back in the morning, came earlier again; next time she smeared her face secretly lover with coal; at home told him to look into the water, he was convinced that he was exposed; they began to live like husband and wife; the wife gave birth to a boy and a girl (or three children, this is not clear from the text); the brother became ask my sister where the Motea remedy is (el remedio de Motea; according to Steinen, "Motea" probably means "healer"; according to Blixen, "ejaculation" from omo means "suck", motea means "white", i.e. perhaps "sperm "]: Steinen 1934:232-233.

Malaysia-Indonesia. Lombok [King of Java Daha urinated into a hole in a stone, a pig drank urine, gave birth to a girl, raised by heavenly maidens; she sat at the spinning wheel, dropped her reel, promised to marry a dog even if he will bring a reel; the dog brought it, the girl cut him and herself out of shame (the origin of male and female circumcision among Muslims); gave birth to a boy from him; the son and the dog killed a pig while hunting, the mother said who this pig; ashamed, the son also killed the dog; the mother gave a ring, told her son to marry a girl for whom the ring would suit; the son was looking for a bride in vain, at home the ring came to his mother, he married her; mother went to Sumbawa, married the ruler, became the ancestor of the royal family; her son went to Sulawesi, became the ancestor of Kampung, i.e. all strangers in Lombok, including boogs and makassars, who come from Sulawesi]: Eerde 1902:31-40 in Isis 1998:151, in Lessa 1961:180; mentawai [the girl got pregnant with her dog, her brother renounced her; she gave birth to a son, he grew up, she gave him a ring, told him to find a wife that it would suit; he went all over the island, the ring only fit his mother, mother and son did not recognize each other; mentawai came from them]: Schefold 1988:79; boogie [same legend as Balinese people to explain the origin of the Dutch]: Isis 1998:152; Northern Aceh, Malays Padang [the same legend as the Balinese people have to explain the origin of the inhabitants of Fr. Nias]: Ishida 1998:152; minahasa [(see sources in Stöhr, Zoetmulder 1965:97, specifically Graafland 1881:101; 1898:211; Kruyt 1906:470; Schmidt 1910:57-58; Wilken 1884-1885 (2): 214); at first, only the sea and rock; the rock gave birth to a crane, sweat came out of it; Lumimu-ut (Limuvat) was born from sweat; from the crane I learned about the existence of the "original land", brought a lump of land and seeds from there placed trees and herbs on a rock, planted seeds of trees and herbs, marking the beginning of peace; climbed a mountain, conceived from the west wind, gave birth to a boy; he was unsuccessfully looking for a wife; then L. handed him a staff the size of her height told me to find a shorter wife; after going around the world, mother and son met; the son did not recognize her mother, and the staff grew up, taller than her mother; mother and son got married and gave birth to gods]: Dixon 1916:157-158 ( (retelling in Isis 1998:152).

Taiwan - Philippines. Apayao [When going hunting, Ekkon tells his mother to slaughter a pig if his friend comes; he will be blind in one eye; covers his eye with something sticky, comes; the mother replies that the son is hunting, suggests slaughtering a pig; E. has never eaten like this before]: Wilson 1947b:169; sedek [the chief has an ugly daughter; he put her dog in a boat, let her go to sea; the boat landed on the shores of Taroko; For several years, the dog brought meat and fish to the girl; said that he would leave now because she did not give him what he needed; the girl said that she would go look for a wife with a tattooed face; after a few She came back days, her face was tattooed, she married a dog, gave birth to Taroko ancestors]: Ho 1967, No. 83:256 (quail in Yamada 2002:134).

China - Korea. Lee: Isis 1998 [1) a noble man has a leg ache; he promises a daughter to someone who will save him from suffering; the dog did it; the father put the dog and daughter in a boat, sent him to sea; the boat boarded on the deserted island of Hainan; the dog hunted, his wife cultivated the land; she gave birth to a boy; he grew up, killed the dog with a stick when he fell ill, refused to go hunting; the mother said that she was returning to his homeland told her son to marry the girl she met; she went to the mountains herself, got a tattoo, her son did not recognize her; their descendants are Hiai Ao; they are tattooing, making them at home in the form of a boat (=Ho 1967, No. 85:257-258, = Yamada 2002:135); 2) the dog helped the princess recover from her illness, he was persuaded to become her husband; they sailed to Hainan, she gave birth to two children; not knowing that the dog was their father, the children killed him; gasping, the dog responded to his older brother that his last name was Wang, and his youngest was Fu; his mother tattooed so that she would not be recognized, got along with her sons, and had offspring]: 150.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Abkhaz people.

NW Coast. Bellacula.

The coast is the Plateau. Chilcotin; shuswap; sanpual; okanagon; ne perse; cous.

The Midwest. Winnebago; chippewa; ojibwa; steppe crees.

Plains. Blacklegs; assiniboine; grovantre; crowe; hidatsa; santi; iowa; arapaho; skidi pawnee.

California. Hupa [the wish to marry someone who comes is not explicitly expressed, but is implied]; maidu; monache; kawaiisu; kitanemuk; serrano.

Big Pool. Northern Payut; Western Shoshones; Goshiyute; Utah; Southern Payut; Chemewevi.

The Great Southwest. Western Apaches; Lipan; Jicarilla? ; mescalero; chiricahua; navajo; western keres (Akoma); Taos tiva; havasupai; yavapai.

Guiana. Varrau.

Ecuador. Colorado.

Southern Amazon. Mehinaku.

The Southern Cone. Selknam; yagans.