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F65D. Imaginary dead man: wife doesn't believe .

The character pretends to be dying and is left at the burial site. However, his wife (mother, aunt) learns about the fraud and provokes the imaginary dead, forcing him to impersonate himself.

Tundra Nenets, Ents, Northern Khanty, Northern Selkups, Kets, Tundra Yukaghirs, Chukchi, Coastal Koryaks, Asian Eskimos, Pomo.

Western Siberia. Nenets: Vasiliev 1992 (lower reaches of the Yenisei, western 1961 from a man from the Nenyang family) [Yeompu tells his mother and younger brother that he is dying; asks to leave him in the mayor (burial structure) caviar tuesk, flint, hatchet; Wenwesut's brother notices fire in the mayor, sees E. smeared with caviar; tells his mother; shouts that seven bears are coming, they will eat the living first, then the dead; E. jumps out mayor (6-7: “The myth probably dates back to the era of Ural unity, cf. Ekva-pyris of the Ob-Ugrians”)]: 5-6; Kupriyanova 1960, No. 13 [Yombo lives with his grandmother and brother named Wenvesota; they still have the last barrel of caviar; Y. says he will die, asks bury next to the net, under the boat, leave an ax, a knife and a barrel of caviar; eats caviar, empties the net; V. notices that the deceased laughs, eats caviar; shouts to his grandmother that a bear is coming; Y. jumps out with an ax; . laughs; they began to live in abundance]: 98-99; Lar 2001 (Yamal) [his wife does not tell Yomba to go from the boat to the river, he does not listen; all the fish in the boat and in the house come to life, jump back into the water; Ë. grabs the last jar of caviar; says he will die, tells him to cover it with branches, leave a jar with it; a man with a dog's ass lived with YE. and his wife; in the fall he sees YE. eating caviar, saying that he deceived everyone; a man with a dog's ass negotiates with an old woman to run to the grave of Ë., supposedly from hell; YE. screams in fear; leaves; comes to the old man and the old woman, turns into a baby, crawls under the hem; old people adopt him, three days later he grows up; tells the last bull to be slaughtered to eat the liver; load meat into the boat; cuts off the rope, sails away with meat; sees the devil turns into a pike, the devil swallows it, YE. scratches it from the inside, the devil lets the pike out of the ass; chases Ë., he kills him with a knife; Ë. digs the shaman's grave, hardly runs away from the skeleton; pees in the river, the pike grabs his penis, he rips it off with his penis, throws it into the water; the man promises to give his daughter for someone who makes him laugh; YE. tells his story, makes him laugh, gets a wife; brings 300 deer to old people he deceived; returned to his old wife, skinned a man with a dog's ass, under her was a handsome young man; YE. gave him his young wife, said that he was a half-dog the devil did him, whom he now killed; YE. asked him to slaughter a deer for him, ate meat, drank blood, turned into a sitting down (idol)]: 273-277; Nenyang 1997 (Taimyr) [the old woman has Wenvesot's son (“doggy) hem” — his baby is trimmed with dog fur); Yembo (“rogue”) comes to live with them; says that he dies, tells them to put a hatchet, a barrel of caviar in the coffin, leave cracks; V. notices a smile and caviar through the cracks on the lips of the “dead”; shouts that a bear is coming, E. runs away]: 154-156; Ents: Porotova 1982 [Deua sails to the plague, where an old woman and a boy live, the old woman invites him to live with them; D. pretends to be dying, the old woman calls a shaman; D. jumps up, kills the shaman, takes his clothes; pretends again, they put salmon caviar in his grave; Bunlya (that boy) tells the old woman that D. laughs and eats caviar, she does not believe; B. shouts that seven bears are coming to eat the dead; D. jumps out of the grave]: 149-150; Sorokina, Bolina 2005, No. 1 [Deua wrote — a river was formed, he pumped up hills; sat on a rock, a pike bit his genitals; he pretended to be a baby, the old woman picked him up, she and the old man raised him like a son; he asks to slaughter the deer, put the meat in the boat, promises to transport meat and come back for the old people; from the middle of the river shouts that he is D., swims away; old people starve; D. comes to another old woman, Boonle's boyfriend lives with her; D. and B. become elderly; D. dies, tells put a barrel of caviar with him; B. hears laughter from the grave, shouts that a bear is coming; D. jumps up], 5 [Deua lives with his grandmother and brother; they only have a caviar; D. says he is dying, asks him bury, leave eggs in the coffin; brother hears D. laughs, sees caviar falling into the crack of the coffin; shouts that a bear is coming, D. jumps out], 6 [D. comes to live with an old woman and a boy; pretends to be dying , asks to call a shaman, kills him with an ax, takes his clothes; pretends to be dying again, he is buried with caviar; Bunlya notices that D. eats caviar, shouts that seven bears are coming, D. jumps up]: 17-20, 30-31, 34-36; northern Khanty (Malaya Ob; western. Steinitz) [(from a series of stories about Imi-Hits, or Alvali); the nephew says he is dying, asks his aunt to put him under his boat with a net, an ax, a cauldron; the aunt comes twice and sees a wet net, a fire, thinks that strangers have taken advantage of the gifts; a person (the hero's uncle, the Old Man of the Holy City, his hypostasis is a bear) tells his aunt that her nephew is deceiving her; teaches that do; the aunt comes for the third time, she is allegedly attacked by a bear, she calls for help, her nephew gets out from under the boat; the bear beats her, her aunt separates them, arranges a feast]: Lukina 1990, No. 31:125-127 ; northern Selkups: Tuchkova, Wagner-Nagy 2015, No. 30 [Krasnoselkupsk, 1973; Icha lived with an old woman; Icha: don't eat my big crucian carp, otherwise I'll die; the old woman ate, Icha died; she transported him across the river, buried, returned; in the evening she says: there is a bear on the other side to eat fresh bones; Icha jumped up, the old woman took him back], 31 (ibid., 1977) [about the same]: 135, 136; chum salmon: Nikolaeva 2006 [grandmother loves her dog Senyang, does not love her grandson; he says that she does not feed him well, that he will die soon; tells him to bury half by the lake, leave his boat and nets nearby; grandmother is starving, she comes to the grave, sees caviar on his grandson's lips; dresses the dog in rags, tells him to swim across the lake when it comes to the grave; screams that the devil is swimming; the grandson jumps up, says he will kill the devil; grandmother, dog and the grandson began to live well]: 33; Osharov 1936a: 128-129 [the grandmother does not love her grandson, but the knot Tenun, she gives her caviar of the best fish; the grandson says that he will die, tells him to leave the boat and nets with him, not to bury her head; the grandmother is starving, comes to the grave, notices caviar on her grandson's lips; dresses up a knot, tells her to swim across the lake, screams that the devil is swimming, the grandson jumps out; since then, his grandmother has taken care of him]; (cf. Osharov 1936a [Khasynget steals capercaillies from the trap of the line; says that the mountain and his traps, suggests asking God; puts his grandmother in a tuyaska on a spruce tree, she is responsible for God; hell believes he leaves; H. throws grandmother in tuyaska into the river; she refuses the little fish, agrees that the sturgeons push them ashore; hits them on the ground with a stick, lives alone in the plague; H. is starving, because the devil has taken the capercaillies away; apologizes from my grandmother, promises not to take other people's capercaillies anymore]: 139-142).

SV Asia. Russified, probably tundra Yukaghirs [the old man pretends to be dying, tells his wife to take his corpse to an abandoned house, leave it there with his property; the old woman and her son are taking the corpse, jumping over the stream, she blows the winds, her husband laughs; the boy notices it, she doesn't believe it, hits him; twice; a few days later, the boy notices smoke over the abandoned house; the old woman looks there Sees her husband cooking and eating a fat moose; she plucks the partridge, leaving her wings, telling her to fly, scratch her husband with his claws; he runs home in fear; the wife pretends not to believe that her husband alive; beats him; then they eat together]: Bogoras 1918, No. 4:48-49; Chukchi: Baboshina 1958, No. 35 [Ememkut tricks a lot of meat, does not want to share with his wife Emyne and the little one son; says that he dies, tells him to be left in an empty dugout with food and property; on the way, the son hears the laughter of the “corpse”, the wife does not believe; in the evening the son brings his mother to the dugout; the wife throws him inside half-plucked partridge, Ememkut is frightened; his wife leaves him]: 93-95; Bogoras 1902, No. 10 [The raven pretends to be dead; Mitya carries the corpse on a sledge to a dugout intended for burial; the wind blows along the way, the Raven laughs; the son notices this, says to the mother, she reproaches the boy; M. leaves the Raven a bag of meat and a bag of fat; the fox notices how he cooks (or just sees smoke) says M.; she cuts off one of her breasts, sews a plucked partridge instead of it, falls on the Raven through a smoke hole; he is frightened, returns home]: 648; coastal Koryaks: Jochelson 1908, No. 65 [The Big Raven (Kikinnyaku) harnesses mice into sledges, comes to reindeer people; they laugh to load a lot of meat on the sledge; unexpectedly for them, K. leaves with his luggage; pretends to be at home dying, asks his sons not to burn the corpse, but to leave it with provisions in an empty dugout; eats alone; his sons find it; his wife plucks a partridge, cuts off her breasts, ties it to a partridge, shows it to K.; he is frightened, returns to his wife]: 224; Kibrik et al., 2000, No. 2 (Alutortsy) [Kutkinnyak pretends to be dying; tells Mitya not to bury him, but to leave him in the old one a dugout with all his property; K. puts loops, cooks and eats one hares and partridges; M. sends sons Valya and Makelnatkylyalyt to visit their father; they see him alive twice, each time he tries to pretend to be dead; M. comes to beat her husband; they reconcile, they return home]: 21-24.

The Arctic. Asian Eskimos: Kozlov 1956 (Chaplino) [the hunter pretends to be dying, asks to be buried with a net; the fox tells the widow that her husband is fishing and eating alone; the wife throws in husband's dugout tied to a belt by a wooden crow; he gets frightened, goes out, returns to his wife and daughters]: 190; Menovshchikov 1985 [the hunter pretends to be dying, asks to leave him with all his property; eats meat alone, without a family; his wife makes him come back], No. 33 [an orphan girl sees Ememkut eating meat alone; his wife scares him by letting a plucked partridge into the dugout; he comes back, dies in fact], 34 [the partridge tells Mitya that her husband Kukylin is alive and eats alone; Mitya, in the form of a partridge, flies in to him, says he will tell his wife; he comes back], 101 [ The fox tells the woman that her husband Kukylin is alive and eats partridges; he returns]: 76-78, 244-245.

California. Pomo [Coyote was so insistent on offering food to his sister Rattlesnake that she bit him; he screamed that he was dying, asked him to be buried in a shallow grave, throwing earth to the waist; his Frog's wife pretended to believe him, but knew that he was jealous of her brother Salamander; after the funeral, the Frog began to call Coyote a bad husband, a lazy person, etc.; Coyote jumps up, wants to beat his wife, she turned into a frog, rode away; after that, the plants stopped bearing fruit, the animals did not multiply; at the request of the Coyote, four Otter Brothers found the Frog, asked her to return; she appeared young beautiful; Coyote promised not to be jealous anymore]: Clark, Williams 1954:65-67.