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F70e1. Daughter as son, AT 884B.


An old man needs a son to do a man's job. The (only youngest) daughter undertakes this (having successfully passed the test proposed by her father), posing as a man.

Sudanese Arabs, Italians (Tuscany, Campania), Bretons, Walloons, Gondas, Albanians, Bulgarians, Greeks, Gagauz people, Romanians, Moldovans, Poles, Kashubians, Russians (Teresky Bereg, Nizhny Novgorod, Ryazan), Ukrainians (Kharkiv), Abkhazians, Kabardian, Ossetians, Stavropol Turkmens, Lezgins, Tabasarans, Georgians, Azerbaijanis, Tajiks, Uzbeks, Maris, Altaians.

{ATU includes this story in a general conglomerate of several stories and referred to as ATU 884}

Sudan-East Africa. Sudanese Arabs (Jaaaliyin) [the sultan tells the man to come not naked or dressed; he has 7 daughters; the elders are crying, the youngest brought home brushwood, told him to wrap himself in a fishing net; now The sultan requires water that is not rainwater or from a well; she tells you to grind corn in a closed room and make a fire; sweat poured in a stream, it was collected for the Sultan; Sultan: let your son appear, taking from a sword: I will send him to bring a pen from another sultan; the youngest daughter tells her father to ask the Sultan for men's clothes, dressed up in it, came to the Sultan; the sultan is happy, but his mother does not believe that this is not girl; tells me to take the imaginary young man to the treasury; he says: if I had a sister or bride, I would take jewelry for her; the sultan brought him to the armory; the imaginary young man was so excited that he broke his sword ; when they were given food, he swallowed everything quickly - this is a sign of a man; the Sultan's mother: yes, this is a man; the sultan gave the pen and let the person come; the girl left a note: I am a girl named Al-Surra; the sultan found and married her]: Hurreiz 1977, No. 12:89-90.

Southern Europe. Italians: Basile 2018 (Naples), No. III.6 [Biasillo has 7 sons; his poor friend is ashamed to admit that he has 7 daughters, he says he has 4 sons and 3 daughters; B. asks to send one son to companions to his eldest Narduccio, who is ill; only the youngest, Belluccia, agrees to wear men's clothes; N. suspects that he has a girl in front of him; his mother offers to test the visitor; B. rides excellently on horseback and shoots; after overhearing that she would be called to swim, she persuaded the boy to call her like her father was dying; when N. came]: 309-314; Calvino 1980, No. 69 (Tuscany) [transfer to Ilyin, Kazakova 1960:119- 127; the king is ill, has no sons, only three daughters: Carolina, Assuntina, and the youngest Fanta-Ghiró; the neighboring king has declared war; each daughter successively proposes a lead; the king I agree that my daughters will not talk about women's activities on the way; each comes with a Tonino servant, who must return the girl if she breaks the condition; seeing a tretnik, vine stakes, the elders notice that they could be used to make spinning wheels, spindles; sent home FG not a word about spinning wheels, meets the enemy king, he is a wonderful young man; he suspects that he has a girl in front of him and asks her mother how to expose the deception; she gives advice, but FG does not succumb to provocations; is interested in weapons in her arsenal; in the garden she picks not a rose, but jasmine; cuts bread like a man without pressing it against breasts; the last test: go swimming in the pond together; FG negotiates with T., who at the last moment brings a letter saying that FG's father is supposedly dying; FG comes to his father, followed by the young king:" General, will you marry me?" ; wedding]: 249-253.

Western Europe. The Bretons [the lord of Reranrais Castle has three daughters but no sons; daughters ask their father to buy them a knightly outfit: they will go to serve the king pretending to be men; the eldest Marguerite goes; the father dressed up as a robber, jumped out on the road in front of her, M. jumped back; the same with the middle Franseason; the youngest Allet jumped forward; told the king that her father specifically said that he had only daughters, wanted to surprise; the queen fell in love with the new page; the maid of honor became pregnant and said it was the page's fault; Aleta had to reveal to the king who she was; the maid of honor was torn by four horses, king married A., a son was born; the king's men captured the strange creature Murlu, put him in a cage; the ball thrown by the prince fell into the cage; M. promised to return it if the boy pulled the key out of the sleeping king's pocket and opened the cage; when leaving, M. promised to help the boy; the king swore to kill whoever releases M.; the Queen tells his son to run; he sat M. on his shoulder and M. took him to the palace of the King of Naples; the prince was told herding pigs - do not let them into the forest, bring the herd safe in the evening; M. helps, the pigs are intact, multiply; sheep (the same; M. drove the sheep into the forest, did not allow the forest giant to eat them); cows (back to the forest, where grass is better; M. gave the prince a magic sword, the prince himself killed the giant, took gold and gems from his castle); sees the princess who must be given to the snake; sends his retinue, calls M., he appeared in guise a mighty horse; on the first day, the prince cut off 6 heads; they grew, on the second day he cut off all 7; the coal miner picked them up, called the snake the winner; showed his heads, and the prince (still in the guise of a shepherd) showed his tongues cut off; the coal miner was thrown into the oven; the wedding; M. came in, turned into a beautiful queen; it was she who tried to build an imaginary page; for this she became M. for a period until the son of the imaginary the page, i.e. the girl, does not marry a princess; {at first it was a maid of honor, not a queen}]: Luzel 1887 (2), No. 4:296-313; Walloons [The 15-year-old princess left the palace for the first time to the seashore; the sailors kidnapped her; the king summons the Marquis; the Marquis Matacon is too old to be replaced by his daughter, who pretends to be a man; the queen fell in love with an imaginary young man, who refused; then she said to the king, as if M. volunteered to save their daughter; the hunchback tells M. that the princess is in a golden castle in the middle of the sea; M. saves a fly from a spider; saves a pig; pushes a fish on land into the water; a pig He puts M. on his back and brings him to the castle; he is brought to a room full of girls, each saying she is the daughter of a French king; a fly sits on the cheek of a real princess; a pig carries M. and the princess is back; the princess loses her shoe, but the fish pulls it out; the Queen again in vain seeks M.'s love; tells her husband that M. boasted to get the treasures of the Turkish Sultan; on the advice of the hunchback, M. takes in companions Strong Back; lumberjack throwing a pole for 300 leagues; Listener; Runner; Blowing; Sultan tells, after overtaking the old woman, to fill the bottle with water from a spring over 700 leagues; Runner at the spring falls asleep, the listener learns about this, the Blower throws the old woman 300 leagues beyond the source; M. takes the treasures, but the Sultan sends an army after him; the Blowing scattered him; now the Queen accuses M. of he tried to seduce her; he is being taken to the scaffold, but the hunchback reports that M. is a woman; the queen was beheaded, the king married M.]: Laport 1932, no.*514A: 62-63.

South Asia. Gonda [the wife is so afraid of her husband that she does not even dare to pee without his permission; when she leaves, he tells her to cook vegetables after peeing; she cooks them with her urine; both decide not to buy more salt , there is enough of it in the urine; a man named Dhamkan talks about it; out of shame, the couple goes to live in a forest cave; they have several daughters and the Raja needs a boy; they give one daughter to a boy, Raja is sent away; the widow has sons but no daughter; she raises one daughter as a son, marries, but he is not a man; women by the river try to tear off the clothes of an imaginary young man; he runs away to the forest; there he meets clitoris bird, who was temporarily turned into by a girl sent to Raja under the guise of a young man; they change their genitals; everyone is happy]: Elwin 1944, No. 8:318-319.

The Balkans. Albanians [the man has three daughters, the king calls people to war; the eldest, middle daughter offers to marry them; the youngest leaves in men's clothes; the monster Kulcedra devours people, demands prince; an imaginary young man kills Culcedra; the prince advises to ask his father not for the kingdom, but for his horse; the king agrees after his son threatens to leave the "young man"; another king will give his daughter for someone who does the horse will jump over the ditch and pick an apple; the "young man" gets a princess, but does not realize his marriage; they want to kill him, and then decide to send him to the forest, where another Culcedra; the "young man" returns, he has an ox instead of Kulcedra is harnessed; everyone is horrified, told to let her go; the "young man" is sent for an ogre mare; she is the mother of a young man's horse, allows herself to be saddled; the king sends a tax on snakes that live in the church; a horse and a mare scare snakes with whining, a "young man" with a bell, snakes pay money and tell a tribute collector to become a woman if he is a man and a man if he is a woman; a young man realizes his marriage]: Elsie 2001, No. 7 {without pagination}; Greeks [(many options; all of Greece); an aged father (king) cannot go to serve (fight) and has no son; older daughters think that their father is concerned about their prospects marriage; the youngest dresses as a young man, goes to war; avoids exposure many times, but eventually the young man finds out that he has a girl in front of him; she performs many difficult tasks; praises the dirty the river or spring for cleanliness, shifts food so that each animal can eat the food it needs; runs away from the pursuer, throwing objects that prevent the pursuer from moving; he grabs her horse by the tail, the horse tells her to cut off its tail; stalker: if it is a man, let him become a woman, and if a woman, let her become a man; the heroine becomes a man and marries a princess, whose husband formally became a girl]: Megas 2012, No. 884C: 187-189; Bulgarians [a man should send his son to war, but he only has daughters; the youngest of three dresses as a man and goes instead son; wins the battle; the prince from the enemy camp realizes that he has a girl in front of him; offers her various challenges (including swimming), but pigeons or dogs give advice on how to stay unexposed; when leaving, the girl lets her hair loose and shows the prince her breasts from afar so that he knows who she has lost; the prince follows her and sends matchmakers; when she marries the prince, she is silent until he brings his second wife]: Daskalova-Perkovska et al. 1994, № 884B: 313-314; Gagauz people [the master has three daughters, he is looking for someone to herd his horses; the eldest daughter is coming, the father turned to a bear, went out to meet him, the girl ran away home; same middle; the youngest goes to the old woman for advice; she tells the horses to give hot coals, take the one that will eat them; the skinny mare began to eat, the girl sat on her, was going to shoot the bear ; her father blessed her to herd horses for three years; The sun fell in love with her, but does not understand whether it is a girl or a man; Mother of the Sun advises her to see how she urinates and what things she buys at the bazaar; girl urinates like a man, takes only things for men at the bazaar; three years later she shows the Sun her chest and braid; the mother of the Sun advises to put a gold swing; the girl sat on her, the Sun raised her; palm advised the girl to remain silent for seven years; then the Sun took another bride; she tells her to be the first to bring a sieve from Mother Sunday; Sunday sends by Friday, she sends by Wednesday, Wednesday says that the sieve took a hobur; hobur tells me to play the violin, follows the sieve, but in fact sharpen his teeth; the mouse volunteered to jump on the strings, run; the hobur killed the mouse, follows; the girl threw the canvas (river; hobur put one lip to the ground, the other to the sky, drank water), a brush (forest), a stone (a rocky place, a hobur can't cross); the girl brought a sieve; the second bride: you, dumb, bring her a pot; girl: so that your tongue was taken away; the sun slaughtered the ram, heard it, rushed to the girl, her hands were covered in blood; the girl became a swallow, the second bride was a goat, both went through the pipe, the Sun still did not marry]: Moshkov 1904, No. 30: 42-44; Romanians [the king has only three daughters, no one to send to war; the eldest dresses up as a soldier, is going to go; the father chipped in as a wolf, met her, she is frightened; the same with the second daughter; the third is not frightened of the snake that her father has become; she serves the king, who puts her as a guard at her daughter's room, her daughter falls in love, the wedding, but her husband does not go to bed with her; she is going to divorce; the king sends her son-in-law with by letter; the female helps her overcome the line; on the way back she finds bread and wine, takes them away; they belonged to a hermit and he curses the thief: let him change his sex; the princess is happy]: Bîrlea 1966 : 429-430; Romanians [the king has three daughters, and he must send his son to serve the Red King; daughters take turns calling them to wear men's clothes and go; in bear shoes, the father frightens the eldest, she turns back; the same with the middle; the youngest is not afraid; at court, the imaginary young man cooks better than the royal sons and is made by a cook; envious sons tell their father that the young man boasted to bring dates from bear garden; the horse helps to do this; it is said that a young man promised to bring a stallion from a herd of wild mares in the Sahara; the horse tells him to wear buffalo skin and give him a noose; fighting a stallion, throws a noose over him and leads him; bring living and dead water from behind the mountains; the horse says that at noon the mountains stop for a while; the girl has extracted water, but hears a voice behind her: who did it will change your gender; get a tour with a star on your forehead; the horse tells you to dig a hole, hide in it, jump out, cut off the tour's head and sit in a hole until dawn until the tour dies; when the ex-girlfriend returns, and Now the young man tells the Red King that his sons boasted to sit in a burning haystack and tell stories; they burned down, and the young man returns to his father and inherits the throne]: Bîrlea 1966:430-431; Moldovans: Botezatu 1981 [the king lost his seal; if he were a son, he would go to the next world, remove the signet ring from his grandfather's hand; Tudor's daughter wears men's clothes and goes instead of her son; the deer is stuck with horns in the snake's mouth; the snake asks to cut off the deer's antlers, the deer asks to kill the snake; T. kills the snake; the deer leads to the castle where the grandfather's ring lies; if you step on the threshold, you will stay there forever; T. she stumbled over the threshold, the devils took the ring and led him to the main thing; he promises to let T. go if he brings the Red King's white horse; the deer warns not to take bridles; she takes it, is caught, the king tells bring Ilyana Kosynzyan; on the way, T. and the deer come to St. Serede (gives a box), St. Friday (brush), St. Saturday (handkerchief); IK is the nut that the witch rolls in the castle, it must be replaced; other witches come back, tell the nut to open, it does not open, they chase; the deer tells you to throw the comb ( forest), box (mountain), handkerchief (river); witches: if you are a woman, become a man, and if a man is a woman; Tudora became Tudor; the Red King's deer chipped in IK, T. got a horse, and the deer returned; the same the main feature; T. took the ring; T. returns home on horseback with a seal and with his bride]: 246-257, 332-336 [=Moldavian tales 1968:451-457; the shepherd has only daughters, they suggest herding a flock instead of him; the eldest dresses as a boy, goes with a flock; the father puts on bear skin, rushes at the sheep, the imaginary guy runs; the same middle daughter; the youngest rushes at the bear, the father asks not to beat him; the son of Baba Kotorans also a shepherd, suspects that another shepherd is a girl; K. comes up with challenges, Mioara the sheep teaches how to avoid exposure; the girl refuses to wash; replaces a bunch of basil under her head ( basil fades under the girls' heads); K.'s son got married; the boy sees his wife take off the boiling pot with an apron; says they don't do this, takes off the kushma from her head, everyone can see her gold hair; K.'s son has lamb blood on his hands, he tries to grab the girl, she turned into a swallow; there are blood stains on his neck, and K.'s son managed to pull feathers out of his tail].

Central Europe. Poles: Krzyżanowski 1962, No. 514 [for lack of a brother or father, a girl dresses as a man and serves in the army; the queen falls in love with an imaginary young man; he is offered various challenges, designed to reveal his true gender; she temporarily manages to avoid exposure; when exposed, she escapes with the help of wonderful helpers or changes her sex at the last moment and marries the Queen]: 166-167; Krzyzhanovsky 1963 []: 61-62; Kashubi (Lebork) [a girl became a soldier instead of her brother; a queen falls in love with an imaginary young man, asks her father to marry her; after the wedding night, the groom is tinned through the forest, finds food in an empty house, and when she leaves, she defecates on the table; the mistress of the house, the sorceress, curses the mischievous man: let her turn into a woman if she is a man, and a man if she is a woman; the girl turns as a young man, performs his marital duties and wins the gratitude of his wife and her king father]: Krzhizhanovsky 1963:61; Russians (Terek Coast) [the peasant sends three daughters to Barkhat- Tsarevich, Barkhatova's mother for a debt; the elders refused, the youngest Vasilisa the Beautiful dressed up as a man, cut her hair, went; came, she was given a room; the mother says that she is a woman, but her son is not, man; if in the morning there is a hump on the feather bed under her shoulders, and a log under her back, then a woman, and if on the contrary, a man; VP hears, shook the feather bed; went to the bathhouse, the Sun put her horse, he did not let B. in, she managed to wash herself; returned to her father; he asks his daughters what to bring out of town; the eldest: a handkerchief, medium: a dress, VP: a crib with 4 doves; the father brought only from the third trip; once the cooks did not they fed two doves; at night two doves: let's carry the VP to B. Tsarevich, but the other two do not want to; the next day they did not feed all the pigeons; they brought the bed with the VP to B. Tsarevich, left the bed there, crumbled, the pigeons flew away; B. Tsarevich took her as his wife; she rings against the wall: I will not talk to anyone until she grows with moss; sometimes she talks to her husband, not to her mother-in-law; she gives her a basket and scissors, tells her go to shear the sheep; husband: sent to death, teaches what to do; sit on a tall stump, leave the basket and scissors, tell the sheep to cut their hair themselves; bears, wolves, foxes and all sorts of animals came running - they cut their hair; the stump has fallen, the VP brought wool; mother-in-law sends her aunt for a bird; the husband teaches what to take with him and what to do; two mountains: let's get together and disperse, we'll clamp the woman and clamp the sorceress! she threw them on the whetstone; the gate (the same is resin under their heels); the dog in the hallway - meat; the pomelo - tied them with a silk belt; the broom - the same; the cat - threw him two whitefish, he began to eat them; the aunt went underground Sharpen her teeth, the VP grabbed the birdeau and ran, leaving the spits responsible for herself; when the aunt chased, all the guards say that she did not care about them, but the VP took care of them; now the mother-in-law tells me to get it whiten white clay from the fiery river; VP asks a bird with an iron nose to dive; first gives half of the wine taken with it and one and a half white bread, and when the bird takes out the clay, it gives the rest; when she returned, her husband is already marrying a yaga baba; VA came, yagu-baba was shot at gate 7, VP lives with her husband]: Balashov 1970, No. 52:177-183; Russians (Nizhny Novgorod, Makaryevsky U.) [the master has three daughters, Yaga has a son Vasily Vasilyevich; he is on duty; the master must also serve, {but there are no sons} the youngest daughter Vasilisa Vasilyevna went to serve; the imaginary young man became friends with Yaga's son; she suspects that this is a girl; offered embroidered silks; Vasilisa: what do you show me rubbish, show me horses; Yaga offered to heat the bathhouse; Vasilisa left the dog responsible for herself, returned to father; he went to the bazaar, Vasilisa asks to buy her what the people will look at; Yaga and her son made a couple of pigeons, painted them wonderfully; the master bought them; pigeons say three times: Vasilisa, we will take you away, but she does not wake up; they took her to Yaga, she gave it to her son; she wants to lime her; Vasilisa threw a birch log: when the grove grows out of it, then my husband and I will live well; the grove grew immediately, Vasily and Vasilisa live well]: Chudinsky 1864, No. 30:121-123; Russians (Ryazan) [the man has three daughters; in the village they cast lots on who to recruit, the choice fell on this person; the eldest the daughter offered to go instead of her father; dressed as a man, took a gun; to meet the hare - she got scared and returned; the same middle daughter (towards the wolf); the youngest to meet the bear; she shot his finger and went further; served for many years without arousing suspicion among her comrades; the owner of the room, which the imaginary young man shared with a friend, suspected that it was a girl; let the friend put hay under the mattress; under the woman's hay will turn black, but under the man it will remain green; the girl got up early and replaced the blackened hay with fresh hay; hostess: go to the bathhouse together; girl: oh, we forgot the soap; while a friend went to buy soap , the girl had already washed herself; the service was over and the girl returned home; and her friend became a cat and began to meow under the window; the girl's father: honey, let the cat in; the cat grabbed the girl and took her by the Oka; becoming again man, the guy married a girl; her mother-in-law tells her to bring gray sheep out of the forest; husband: they are wolves; the girl climbed a spruce tree, told the wolves to pack up and fill the birch bark box with their wool; then went down, took the box and brought the wolves to her mother-in-law; she gives a windowsill and tells them to milk dark brown cows; these are bears; daughter-in-law tells them to milk, brings milk; mother-in-law: go to my sister and bring them yarn comber (Weberkamm); husband: this is Baba Yaga; give oil to the cat, he will bring a scratcher; Baba Yaga's hut on chicken leg, spindle leg; Baba Yaga kindly let her in and went to sharpen her teeth herself; daughter-in-law gave the cat oil, he told him to spit on the threshold, the saliva would respond; taking the scratcher, the daughter-in-law ran away; Baba Yaga sat down in an iron stupa, took an iron pestle and set off in pursuit; daughter-in-law threw her brush, grew up thick reeds; the crest is a birch tree; the stone is a river; Baba Yaga tried to drink it and burst; now the mother-in-law has sent her daughter-in-law and son to fish; they caught a ring that the girl threw into the river when the guy carried her to the other side; she said at the same time]: Khudyakov, 2, No. 60:81-85 in Löwis of Menar 1921, No. 31:176-181 (in Uther 2004 (1), No. 514:301-302, for some reason, the fairy tale is called Belarusian); Ukrainians (Kharkiv) [Three daughters take turns volunteering to serve instead of their father, the elders go to the field, where everything rumbles, and return. The youngest does not return, ends up in the forest, where snakes and frost fight, she responds to the latter's request for help, together they cut down three snake heads, put the ashes in their pockets. Frost asks the hero's name, plucks the "Burkunets" grass, calls him Roman. {The youngest daughter "went out of the settlement" and came to the forest; it is further said that when she hears requests for help, "wine siv... and write", that is, she is already him; and only then Frost tears off the Burkun citizen and calls her/him A novel. Perhaps the narrator, knowing that Frost would turn a girl into a boy, made a reservation and used masculine forms for her prematurely - even before the act of transformation was mentioned}. Roman goes on alone. He finds a Firebird feather on the road, the horse warns not to take the pen, but Roman does not listen. The grooms pay attention to the beauty of the horse and (cleaned with a pen) inform the king. The grooms are ordered to take the iconostasis out of the sea. Roman grieves, asks frost for help, he freezes the sea and pulls out the iconostasis "on the dry days of the sea". While the horse was pulling out the iconostasis, the monist scattered, the grooms demand to be extracted, the frost helps Roman again, freezes the sea. The grooms demand to get 9 mares and the tenth stallion out of the sea. The horse asks to wrap it in four skins and coat it with resin, and goes to sea by himself. After the sea water turns red and then turns blue, the horse leaves the sea, where it defeats a stallion whose skin is beaten, the horse is protected by resin and skins, and brings out mares "the earth trembles". The grooms order them to milk while the horse laughs, they stand as if dug in, Roman milks them. The grooms order Roman to cook in milk, the horse blows at him, and he leaves the vat handsome, the commander repeats the same thing, cooked]: Ivanov 1894, No. 1:139-141.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Abkhazians [the vizier is old, the king asked to send the same intelligent man instead of him; the vizier sends his eldest son, attacks unexpectedly unrecognized, the young man returns; the same with the youngest; the daughter wears men's clothes, is not afraid, almost killed her father; the imaginary young man breaks through the gates of the adaua; they offer to choose one of their three sisters; he does not sleep with the elders; the youngest: I know you are a woman, but you will become a man; tells you to choose the worst horse; the king offers the vizier's "son" to get the heart and liver of a wild boar; "he" carved them from a sleeping boar, he is dead; bring wild deer milk; on the way interpreting rocks, the girl slipped through, the horse was crushed; she sees a petrified city; one of the petrified ones: the queen is offended by her husband, if she says more than three words (actually phrases), you will also be petrified; the girl held her sword; the queen: let everyone come to life, 2) women become men, 3) men become women; the vizier's daughter becomes a young man, kills the queen; the horse comes to life, the young man brought milk to the king, married his daughter Adaui, married the other two brothers]: Khashba, Kukba 1935:160-165 (=Shakryl 1975, No. 37:184-189, =Bgazhba 2002:221-225); Kabardian people [the man has no sons, has three daughters; he decided to test their courage; takes turns sending them on a journey in men's clothes, hiding under a bridge, suddenly attacking; the eldest, middle daughters are frightened, fleeing; the youngest fights back, jumps on, comes to the place where the prince wants to take the girl, but guards are around; an imaginary young man undertakes to bring the bride; in the burning steppe he saves three snakes; their mother is ready to fulfill any desire; gives a black horse, on it, the imaginary young man rode to that girl and brought her; she demands to bring her a box with seven keys wrapped in dog skin; the mother of snakes teaches how to do this; now the bride demands milk seven sea buffaloes for her and the groom to swim in it; an imaginary young man hijacks a buffalo, but a buffalo tells him to become a woman if he is a man and a man if she is a woman; now the heroine really becomes a young man; the khan's son is cooked in hot milk, the young man (ex-girlfriend) married the girl he got]: Dirr 1920, No. 23:110-113; Ossetians [the poor man promises to send his son to the army instead of himself and marry him to a giant's daughter; but he has only three daughters, no sons; the eldest, middle daughter is offered to send them in men's clothes, but they are frightened when the father portrays the enemy and attacks; the youngest: if if you were not a father, he would cut off your head; the giant lays his eldest, middle daughter with his imaginary son-in-law; in the morning they say that the groom disdained them; the youngest tells his father that everything is fine; tells you to take an unsightly stallion, a rusty sword, a bad ring; the "young man" joins the army, the horse tells me to take his hair with him; the younger princess has chosen a "young man" as her husband; the king's wife is ill, she needs a special apple; two they do not want to take their younger sons-in-law with them; he burns his hair, his horse appears; the "young man" kills a snake, brings apples, gives them to his older sons-in-law, cuts off one ear for this; the queen demands guinea pig giblets; the same, cuts belts from the back; queen: we need to know why the village of Agurovsky Kalak turned into stone; the "young man" finds his king in the village, petrified to the waist; his horse they were losing weight; he watched his wife ride to the giants at night; in the morning he let her know everything, she turned the village into stone; the horse teaches her to throw a ring at that woman, carry a sword, tell her to turn the heroine is a man (since she made the village stone, she can change her sex); then order to spell the village; the girl became a young man, he decapitated that woman; showed the king ears and belts from the back of her sons-in-law; married the princess and daughter of a giant]: Britayev, Kaloev 1959:245-253; Stavropol Turkmens [Khan has only a daughter, no heir son; daughter promises that everything will work out, leaves on a piebald horse; horse shows the golden hare, tells him to catch and give it to the old man, not to take money; they come to Diamond Khan, the servant persuades him to give the girl difficult tasks; 1) catch a golden hare for A. (horse catches); 2) make a barn {i.e. palace?} from bear teeth (the horse tells you to lubricate the bank of the stream with resin, bears who come to drink get stuck, the girl gets her teeth); 3) get Bermez Khan's daughter (the horse tells me to give thorns to camels, alchiki boys, bones to dogs, an old man and an old woman of a fur coat, mix the water of a pond divided into two parts with spoons; daughter B. takes away, he tells the servants to detain the fugitives, everyone says that they were treated well ( mixed water, gave fur coats, etc.), B. stops chasing); 4) bring a black foal of a kara-jacket (witch); they take it away, the kara-jackets are chasing, the horse says that if her curse catches them on the descent in the ravine, a girl will die, and if she, a horse, will die at the bottom of the ravine; when they are at the bottom of the ravine, the kara-jacket tells the girl to become a horseman, the horse has time to give two hairs; the horseman wants his daughter B., A. I agree to give it if the groom goes through boiling milk; those hairs help, the dzhigit is unharmed; comes with his wife to his father]: Bagriy 1930 (2): 103-109; Lezgins: Ganiyeva 2011b, No. 20 [angel speaks in a dream poor man that he should send one of his three daughters to heaven as a shepherd; only the youngest agrees; dressed in men's clothes, the wind lifted her and the dog to the sky from the top of the mountain; in the sky, the father and the sheep son; father says that the guy, the son suspects that the girl; she withstands all the tests (hit the target, the dog changed the violets under the owner at night - violets will wither under the woman, and under the man no); seven years later she was released; from the sky the young man saw that she was still a girl; on the holiday, everyone was swinging on a swing, the dog did not let the girl in, but she sat on it, the swing took her back to heaven; she had to get married; mother-in-law did not give keys; fell asleep, the girl took the keys, began to open the rooms; in one jug, in which the moon, sun, rain, wind; she took off the lid, saw the ground where the mother with father, jumped into this jug; flew and turned into sunlight; the guy jumped into a jug of snow out of grief, turned into snowflakes]: 235-237 (=Khalidova 2012, No. 10:37-39); Khalilov 1965, No. 47 [three King Sultan's daughters decide to replace his son; the eldest, middle, returns from the fields, says she saw nothing; the youngest answers in more detail, stays in a man's dress; the father sends the "son" to marry daughter of another king; she agrees, but asks the groom to know why the city has become petrified; at the fork, the young man chooses the road with the inscription "you will not return", and not the one where "you will not return soon"; comes to Azhdakh, there is a girl who calls the "young man" brother; Azhdaha does not know about the city, sends a letter to her mother all Azhdah; she says that the city is beyond the mountain, comes to life for a few moments at dawn; at this time the gate rose and fell again, the "young man" managed to slip through, the horse was cut in half; sees a man whose lower part was petrified; his wife went to the robbers at night, he cut off their heads drunk; for this, the wife turned everything into stone, her husband half; the "young man" finds that woman in the basement, she tells him to change his sex; when he becomes a man, he demands that she spoil the city; she also does the young man immediately kills her; returned, married a princess]: 119-124; Tabasarans [the father confesses to his daughter that Galigambar ("a formidable giant", but the name Kambar goes back to the name of Ali's servant in the Shiite tradition, p. 225) calls him to heaven for 7 days to herd sheep; his daughter goes instead of him, wearing men's clothes and taking a talking dog; 7 days in heaven - 7 months; the dog helps the girl remain unrecognized by eavesdropping and telling her what the celestials are talking about; the girl enters the same house; the owner shows her all but one of the rooms; she steals keys, unlocks the room; there are vessels, in one rain falling to the ground, the other is snow, in the third sun; in the seventh she sees parents harvesting crops in the field; she called out to them, but they warn her not to go down; she begins to go down the chain (or rope), but the chain cut short, the girl turned into snow crystals; when the snow shines in the sun, these are the body particles of a girl who fell from the sky]: Khalidova 2012, No. 9:35; Georgians: Bogoyavlensky 1894a, No. 6 (Imereti) [ The king releases the aged economist on the condition that he sends a son in return; but the son is dead; each of the three daughters is called to go in his place dressed as a man; wanting to test their courage, the father suddenly jumps out on the road; the eldest two gallops back, the youngest is ready to fight; arrives at the dragon palace; the dragon's daughter promises to make her a man if she marries her later; gives her beautiful horse; the dragon is chasing, but the economist's daughter kills him; comes to serve the king; the king's childless wife wants to make the economist her lover, and for this purpose frighten him; persuades the king to send a young economist for with the blood and heart of a terrible boar, then she will be able to conceive a child; but the imaginary young man really leaves, kills a wild boar, brings his heart; the queen asks to send the economist to the petrified water the kingdom; there is a petrified king and a serpent who comes to torture him; a girl kills a snake, who tells the murderer to change his sex before death; agrees to spell the petrified; the young man returned to the king, he ordered the queen to be tied to the horse's tail; the young man marries the dragon's daughter]: 35-55; Georgians [the vizier Alumbar is old, the king has let him go; he has three daughters; each offers to go to serve wearing men's dress; older, middle get scared when he rushes at her dressed as Arab; younger: if you didn't look like my father, you would blow your head off; father sends an imaginary son to his friend deva; "young man" calls himself Almaskhan; the eldest, middle daughters of the deva say they spent the night with A. as brother and sister; the third - as husband and wife; teaches you to choose a plain skate and a ring with red with a stone; the horse gives her hair; the king's daughter calls A., he does not go; she is angry, pretended to be sick, she needs the liver and heart of a boar; A. burns her hair, a horse appears, leads to the lake where she comes boar, tells to poison the lake with opium; the boar fell asleep, it is easy to kill him; the princess asks to know the mystery of the petrified city; on the way, the horse orders to give honey to flies, cheese to ants; in one house petrified to the waist king of the city; the servant told him that the bulls are losing weight because the queen harnesses them at night; the king goes instead of the servant: the queen's lover is the king of the kaj; in the morning the king makes it clear that he knows everything; the queen turns the city into stone, feeds the king every day and hits him with a stick; A. grabs the queen who has entered, she tells her to be petrified, but thanks to her ring, the spell does not work; then the queen tells A. to become a woman if he is a man, and vice versa; A. becomes a man; the queen removes the spell from the city and the king, A. kills her; the king's daughter receives A., but the king releases him from service; A. marries the youngest daughter of the deva]: Kurdovanidze 1988 (1), No. 67:293-304; Georgians [uncle envies his nephew's strength (this is the son of his older brother); offers to get God's flower; the old woman says that when beautiful B. descends from a cliff his hair, flowers at their ends; B. wraps his hair around the young man, throws her to Kajeti (the world of kaji spirits); the young man's sister goes to look for him; his father tries to stop her, but allows her to go, making sure that she stronger than him; between sea and sky, the castle of a woman from Kageti; a girl takes her as a companion; they stumble upon a maiden who demands to bring a lamp from Kageti, takes a Kaji girl hostage; Kageti gate converge and disperse, the young man's sister on horseback slips, only the tip of the horse's tail has been cut off; there are petrified people in the palace, including a brother petrified to the waist; the sister threatens with God's sword, she shatters petrified; Kazhmi was imprisoned in a tower, his sister took a magic lantern, did not give up the maiden, the girl from Kageti was kidnapped by an earthly girl; a dwarf killed a young man and kidnapped the girl; the boy's sister revived him with live water; the kidnapped woman pretends to be afraid for the life of a dwarf; he replies that his life is in a broom; she promises to take care of the broom; the dwarf laughs: his life is in fish, that in the sea between the two seas; The kidnapped woman tells her brother and sister who came to her about this; the sister caught a fish, a box in it, released three birds, the dwarf died, the brother, sister and girl returned home]: Chikovani 1986:73-80; Azerbaijanis (Kazakh district of Elisavetpol governorate) [two friends went east and west; agreed that if they were successful and married, let one's son take the other's daughter; both became kings; Vostochny had a daughter, Leili, and The Western has three daughters; he is uncomfortable to admit that there is no son, and L. is expecting a cousin to be her husband; each of the three daughters of the Western king is ready to go to the Eastern King dressed as a man; the vizier suggests simulating an attack: if the girl gets scared and returns, let her stay at home, and if she shows courage, let her continue her journey; the two eldest daughters are frightened, and the youngest killed the vizier and him people, came to the Eastern Tsar; a wedding is being prepared, but the visitor refuses: when he sees L., he called her sister and therefore cannot marry; L. loses consciousness; the doctor: 1) needs lion's milk; an imaginary young man goes for milk, the prophet Hirellaz gives; 2) the kidney of a sea stallion (H. teaches him to catch); the witch tells him to get an unusual apple; together with the imaginary groom in a clay pot, he flies to the mountain; sends him there where people turn into stone; a girl kills her, breaks the pot; H. teaches: an angel will fly to quilt the former king of the petrified kingdom; you must grab the angel's shirt, which he takes off; return it if he will fulfill a wish; an angel makes a girl a man, gives an apple, frees the king and his petrified subjects; the young man is grateful to the prophet; the wedding; the prophet told the father of the ex-girlfriend about this]: Stamboliev 1896 , NO. 4:18-26.

Iran - Central Asia. Uzbeks [the old man has three daughters, no son, he is ill, he needs a decoction of a pear branch; the eldest daughter dressed up as a man, saw a lion in the desert, turned back; the middle one saw a dragon - the same; the youngest took a dog with her, killed a lion and a dragon, came to the city of Zim-Zim; local young men suspected that there was a girl in front of them; offered to swim; the dog overhears, tells the owner everything; when it was time to undress, the dog barked, everything fell into darkness, the girl swam and dressed; chose a saddle over a doll; everyone puts a rose in bed, a woman's rose should wither; a dog brought a fresh rose; the daughter returned to her father with a decoction of a pear branch]: Sheverdin 1980:14-17; Tajiks [the old man has three daughters but no son; he is blind; the eldest daughter dresses up as a man, comes to the old woman, who says that many brave men died looking for a cure, the girl returns; the same middle daughter; the youngest is not afraid; the old woman sends her to the healer; he will ask for the seed of the tree for medicine, which a three-headed diva has; in the monastery, a diva must do good to everyone; the old woman gives a mirror, a comb, a bar; the girl cleans and adjusts the gates of the fortress, shifts hay to horses, and bones to dogs; sewed bread sleeves, gave them to girls who toned tortillas with their bare hands; the diva sleeps with her eyes open; the girl pulled a bag from under his head and ran away; maids, dogs, horses, the gate refused to grab her; she threw a mirror (river), a bar (mountain), a crest (forest); the divas stops chasing; the healer gives seeds; his friend says that the hero is a girl; they put it at her head chrysanthemums (if a woman wither); the girl got up at dawn and picked fresh ones; but the healer's son saw it and went with her; the father saw the light, the young man married his daughter]: Amonov, Ulug-zade 1957:77-83 (= Amonov 1961:365-372).

Volga - Perm. Marie [an old man's mare and an old woman brought 41 foals, they have gone overseas; the old man sends his daughters to search, the eldest is ready to go; the father tells them to go a roundabout road; he puts on bear skin himself, goes straight; the daughter sees a bear and comes back; the same middle daughter; the youngest hits the imaginary bear with a rod, rolls her cart on; overseas she disguised herself as a man, began to live with an old woman, that son Ulem; he suspects that there is a girl nearby; they caught 10 horses, then 20, then the others; the mother advises W. to take his friend to the bathhouse; the girl tells her dog to steal W.'s purse; while he ran after him, she washed herself; brought the horses to the sea; for W. to help transport them, admitted that she was a girl and ordered a silk swing to be sent for Easter; she began to pump her relatives, then others, then flew to the swing to W.]: Tudorovskaya, Eman 1945:33-36.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. The Altaians ["Toybon Khan and nine good Zaisans" (hereinafter T.) summon old man Olökshin 'a; he is old, he has three daughters; the eldest, middle one go instead of him, return ; the youngest comes, looks like a hero; turns out to be a young man - Ain Shain Shinshirge; Kudai gives him the horse Ilizin 'a; T. offer difficult tasks; 1) bring the fangs of the Karaguly beast (he like a mountain, ASHSH defeated him, they fraternized, K. gave fangs, T. begged him to take him back, K. devoured half of T.'s cattle and people; the same with Ker-Balyk fish; 2) bring a shaman from heaven; she is also a Kan-Kerede bird; The ASSH finds her two daughters in the house, they hide her, say that her mother will come with wind and rain - the wind of her wings, drops of sweat from them; the KK arrives, agrees not to swallow the ASHSH, to visit the earth with him; her daughters marry ASHSH; when a shaman hits a tambourine, T.'s people and cattle do not multiply, but die; 3) bring two distilling jugs and a fur coat from the Lord of the Dead; mother-in-law gives him two distilling jugs and a fur coat; mother-in-law gives ASHSH poles, coals, eyes, tendons (in hell, two camels rub against poles, not against an ASHSH horse, well done, do not burn coals from ASHSH, but take ready-made ones, girls do not pull thread tendons out of the horse, crows bite their data eyes); ASHSH crosses the hair bridge J aza ("past") Baspas ("do not step"); at the stump of a hoe, if she lies on the ground, a woman dies, if she lives on a stump; near the peak (the same sign for men); the lungs of two people are connected in the stream, the water does not carry them up or down (two kama have not finished their studies, this is their punishment); the horse teaches them to throw sand into the yellow swamp, to say, Father's good (swamp), whether you are Altai, the swamp dries up; then two people tied to poplars, they catch trying to escape from E.; then the mare hits the man on the head with its hoof (the man stole and ate the foal from the mare); a black stone is plugged in the person's mouth (took bribes); the old man and the old woman have a cauldron crushed by a stone (stingy during his lifetime); a naked young woman holds a marl in her hands, the other laughs (the second asked for a marl three times from first, she did not give); the spouses pull the blanket from each other, the others lie covered (the first quarreled, the latter lived in harmony); E. asks to bring three horses, I.'s horse helps to do this; E. leaves ASHSH on time on his throne, tells you not to go to the mountain; ASHSH goes, sees lakes of people's tears, shrubs made of their hair; gives blood vessels and a fur coat, asks I. in return; I. breaks down, returns to the ASHSH to the ground; E. asks the ASHSH to migrate, devours T. and all living things in his land; the ASHSH says goodbye to his parents, goes to the upper world]: Nikiforov 1915:31-64.