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F70F. Accidental gender change..

Once in a deserted place, a person accidentally changes his sex.

Arab literary tradition, Saudi Arabia, Kumyks, Abkhazians, Turks, Persians, Kyrgyz, Hamnigans.

Western Asia. Arab literary tradition (1001 nights) [the king marries his only son to the daughter of another king; the girl's cousin, who unsuccessfully married her, is jealous; he bribed the vizier the first king on the condition that he finds a way to kill the prince; the girl's father invites the prince to his country; the bribed vizier is called to accompany the prince; they enter the desert; the vizier remembers that there is a stream in the mountains; every man who drinks its water will turn into a woman; the vizier persuades the prince, who is unaware of the magical properties of the stream, to wash his hands in it and drink water; The prince turns into a woman; refuses to leave this place until he regains his former appearance; the vizier brings a letter to the king from his son, who gathers wise men, but no one knows how to help the prince; The vizier notifies the girl's cousin of the incident, he is going to marry the girl himself; the prince is fasting by the stream for three days, and on the fourth night a rider appears in front of him with a crown on his head, The prince tells him everything; the rider suspects that these are the intrigues of the vizier; brings the young man to his father, the king of genies; then they arrive in the black land, where there is a stream that turns women into men; The prince drinks, regains his masculine appearance, marries a princess; her cousin died of jealousy]: Salle 2010 (2): 215-218 (nights 582-583); Saudia [a wealthy shepherd lost his beloved goat; he I looked for her, fell asleep on the slope of Mount Redfan; the serpent lord decided to help him and told him to put divination stones next to the sleeper; in the morning a man found a goat and then became famous as a fortuneteller; when he learned about this, another went to bed in the same place, and when he woke up he realized that he had become a woman; went to another village, the woman was taken by a beggar, they had three daughters; and earlier he had three sons; another man with a bump he also went to Mount Redfan on his head; the serpent lord called a ghoul named Ashrak (he was also told to put divination stones); the ghoul cut off the bump; another man with a large wart did the same place; ghoul: it's filthy meat, I don't eat it; put a bump; the man woke up with both a wart and a bump]: Juhaiman 1999:99-101.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Abkhazians [blacksmith Sogum, 50 years old, no children; went to burn coal, washed his face in a spring and turned into a girl; the princely son saw her and married her; the wife gave birth to three sons, went to that a spring and became a mare; the princely son let her into his herd; she gave birth and fed three foals; went to the spring, became a dog (the same, gave birth to puppies); the dog got drunk from the spring and became a blacksmith again S.; he took the cooked coal and returned home, his wife just managed to cook the fast, which she put on the fire when her husband left; in three years, the prince promises to give his daughter to someone who boils with a word milk in a cauldron; sees young men riding across the river on three mares with three dogs - he gave birth to them all; only the youngest agreed to transport S.; everyone tells stories, milk does not boil; said S. - it boiled; the prince gives him his daughter, but he gave it to his youngest son; S. healed well]: Shakryl 1974, No. 35:176-179; Kumyks (Khasavyurt District, 1930) [the hunter interrupted the hare's legs with an arrow, he jumped into the lake, recovered, ran away; the hunter also jumped into the lake and turned into a 15-year-old girl; the khan married her, the hunter gave birth to a boy, ran away, plunged into the lake again and became a black mare; she brought foal; the hunter ran away again and entered the lake, became a heifer; the khan let her go to the bugays, she gave birth to a bull; again, to the greyhound, she gave birth to a puppy; the greyhound jumped into the lake, the hunter regained his appearance; Khan kept a foal, a goby and a puppy for his son, they grew up together; another khan had a daughter; he put a cauldron on the tripod, put 40 buffaloes in it, poured 40 barrels of water; who would bring the cauldron to boiling, he will receive the khan's daughter; the hunter told his true story, the cauldron began to boil, the hunter received the khan's daughter, but with his consent he gave her for his son]: Ganiyeva 2011b, No. 59:517-519; Georgians (Kartley) [the hunter began to fresh the deer, stepped over his head and turned into a girl; she came to town, lived with an old woman; the prince saw her, got married, she gave birth to a son; came to that tree where she left her weapon and the deer, stepped over his head, became a mare; in the prince's herd she gave birth to a foal; the groom whipped her, she rode to that deer, became a dog; she took her home the royal grandson; the dog drove the hare, jumped over the head of the deer, became a hunter again; the royal grandson came to the castle; in it the beauty will marry the one from whose tales gold will be cooked in the golden cauldron meat; the young man went there, and the hunter was with him; said that his master was tired and he would tell; the fire lit himself, the meat was cooked; the king's grandson got the girl, and the hunter disappeared]: Chikovani 1954, No. 48:253- 255; Turks [padishah sends two servants one by one to the palace, which suddenly became a helper's house; they have fun with the girls there; when the padishah comes there by himself, he finds servants in dirt around the hut, caressing cats and dogs; while the padishah washes, the assistant lets him live the life of his mother (i.e. the assistant's mother) and thereby allows him to know how difficult the life of the poor is and What a sin it is to decapitate a poor person just because of your own mood]: Eberhard, Boratav 1953, No. 221.V: 266.

Iran - Central Asia. Persians [Sheikh Mahmud, a former merchant from the Maghreb, was converted to a woman during the trip, married to a prince and gave birth to him two sons. After a series of adventures, Mahmood became a man again]: Tumanovich 1981:11.

Turkestan. Kyrgyz: Sabyr uulu 2008:99-100 (Issyk-Kul Region) [an old man Ishan in his eighties was wandering around the world; thirsty in the desert, saw a spring, drank water and became a girl; unaware of what had happened, he looked at his own reflection and asked the girl get out of the water, and when she began to attract him to her (he was waving himself), ishan jumped into the water; at that time, a dev, the owner of the spring, appeared, explained what had happened; the padishah saw the girl and made him a wife; the former ishan tells the padishah his story, leads to a spring, the padishah drinks and also becomes a girl; they were seen by an old woman, drank from a spring, became a bai named Kempir by, married both; the former ishan gave birth six times in two; K. came to the spring, met the deva, and he agreed to restore them all to their former appearance; before that, he talked about their unworthy deeds - what happened was punishment for them; all three promised to improve; began to live fairly], 164-172 [Abu Ali Sino studied to be a doctor; he taught himself what a two-headed snake is; if you cut off and cook its two heads and drink broth, then to such a person, all the herbs will tell them what disease they can cure; Abletun and Alastun decided to find a snake, although the AAS warned that they were unlikely to be able to do so; after 21 years they found it and became cook; fell asleep at the cauldron, and the old woman's seven-year-old son accidentally took a sip; when A. and A. woke up, they drank the broth, but did not gain knowledge; learned about the boy who became a famous healer; AAC reported that if they if they take out the boy's liver without touching it with a knife, cook it and drink the broth, then the knowledge will pass to them; but then they were afraid to commit the murder, decided to come to the boy's mother and serve him; the boy his name is Ulukman; many years later, A. and A. surpassed even himself in knowledge and skill; one day W. received messengers from Khan, whose 17-year-old daughter is sick; Abletun suggested that they extend it from Khan to W. wire; when the khan's daughter touches it, W. will determine the cause of the disease; but W. feels that the wire was touched first by a kid, then by a bear; gave medicine, Abletun carried it to the khan; tells Khan put her coat on the willow branches and climb under it; the khan turned into a naked woman; the caravans gave her clothes, married a widower in one village; a woman (i.e. a former khan) gave birth to two sons; After 10 years, she went to get water, fell into the river, the water carried it; Abletun appeared and pulled it out; the khan was again under his coat, people were around; Abletun explained that this was punishment for joking with a kid and bear; Khan says he is not guilty; it turned out that this was done by a man who was entrusted with holding the wire; Abletun cured the khan's daughter; W. blessed him; (hereinafter another episode showing art by W.)].

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Hamnigans (Iroic) (Tungus-speaking) [the rich man's herd had a cow with eight horns; when she was lost, the rich man went to look for her; a storm arose, he stopped for the night at the foot of the mountain Malia prayed and fell asleep on the bank of the key; in a dream, two spirits, the owners of the area, came to him, saying that they would make him all-seeing; when he woke up, he found a cow near the key and received the ability to guess the whereabouts of the missing things; a thief came to him at home and asked him how he had found the cow; after finding out the details, the thief went to the place where the rich man slept, prayed, and then fell asleep; the spirits decided to turn him into punishment into a girl who married a poor widower; a man with a tumor on her head came to the girl and, after learning about her past, asked how she was a man turned into a woman; she talked about everything; the man decided to pray to get rid of the tumor, and went to spend the night in the same way; the next day the tumor disappeared; the spirits decided to relieve him of his punishment because the tumor grew innocently only because he cut off the bark from the birch tree; a thief came to this man with a lump in his nose and, after learning how he got rid of the tumor, went to the same place for the night; When I woke up, I found that the perfume not only did not remove the lump from his nose, but also added a lump on his head, the one that grew in a person with a tumor; when he returned home, the thief heard a voice: "This is how they pay for good with good and evil for evil"; he has since stopped stealing]: Talko-Gryntsevich 1904:73-74.