Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

F75. Siren and tapir. (.47.) .61.62.66.

The hunter sees a tapir calling a conditional signal to a female inhabitant of the waters; she comes out of a lake or river, and the tapir combines with her. The hunter calls the woman himself, becomes her lover.

(Wed. Southeast USA. Alabama [man has a son and an adoptive orphan; he brings them only the skins and liver of hunted animals; warns them not to answer the call of strangers; an old woman comes and asks the boys to look in her head, her lice are the size of a corn kernel; next time someone asks the boys to transport him across the river; on the other side asks him to carry; refuses to get off; boys pour on him boiling water, stuck behind; the boys followed their father; saw him approach the pen where the deer were; after killing one, he took off his skin and threw the meat into the pond to the female frog; when the father left, the boys called the frog with the same signal; she came out laughing, they shot her; when he found her corpse, the man cursed the boys; told others that they had killed a man and deserved to die; the boys gathered stinging people into a calebass insects; when people came to kill the boys, they released the insects, hid in the hole themselves; those who came were bitten to death; when they found their father's corpse, the boys cut his ass, and a crow flew out]: Swanton 1929, No. 16:133-134).

Western Amazon. Shuar [the man is ill, in a dream a woman promises to give him medicine on a rock in the middle of the river; says he killed her father's enemy, lemucha, asked him to make a trophy head out of his skull; man sees a tapir whistling by the river, Tsunki comes out, copulates with him; the man also whistles, T. asks to hang a lemucha skull around his neck, goes under water with him to his anaconda father; they want to put him on anaconda, he is frightened, he is planted on a turtle; instead of cockroaches on the walls of the fish, instead of pigs in the pen, anacondas; father-in-law made his son-in-law potent by putting leaves on his genitals; went to visit the family at to the ground, the man brought his wife C. in the basket; in his absence, the earthly wife found a snake in the basket, began to poke it with her head; Father flooded the ground with rain and flood; the man and his little daughter escaped in the tree; I shed fruits, I understood by the sound that the water was falling down; after the flood, I married my daughter, people come from them]: Pelizzaro 1993:143-146.

NW Amazon. Yagua [the young man went fishing; he sees a tapir throwing fruit into the water, causing a woman who lives in the waters; she comes out of the water, the tapir combines with her; the hunter throws the fruit himself, the woman goes out, sees that there is no one, returns; for the third time she invited the young man to her mother's house; the siren's mother invited him to stay, gave him a hammock; he replied that he must see one person first; mother-in-law gave cobs, on the shore they turned into a bunch of fish, he gave them to his mother; the mother watched, at first dissatisfied, then agreed that he would bring his wife; one day, in the absence of her son, the mother-in-law said that her daughter-in-law it smells like fish and rotten fruits; the siren's little son heard it; she was offended and left; the husband went to look for it under water, stayed there with her and his son]: Powlison 1959:6-7.

Montagna — Jurua. Shipibo: Gebhaert-Sayer 1987, No. 19 [a man sees Tapir playing the flute, catching a small fish, sending it to “call his mother”; a Ronin (water snake) woman comes out, studies with love with him; a man shoots Tapir, that wounded man runs away; a woman hides in the water; a man catches fish himself, sends him for a woman; she gives him a potion, takes him to his world; he no longer goes to earth returns; Tapir turns into a manatee], 20 [as in (19); a man brings his wife Ronin to his village; she asks him to be faithful; at the festival he sleeps with other women, ronin returns to water]: 366-367; Kashinahua: Ans 1975 [Yobuënawa Tarani threw fruit from the genipa; he picked up the tapir, threw it into the lake, and a beautiful woman came out of the water; the next day, the man threw the fruit himself, grabbed a woman; she turned into a boa constrictor, tarantula, smut, he did not let go; they began to live at the bottom among caimans and snakes; the tapir went into the water, did not wait for the woman, still often stands in the water; earthly YT's wife almost caught the ishkin (carachama) fish; he accused YT, he did not tell the underwater people that he was married, told the man to return to her; one day YT went to the lake, the snakes began to swallow it, he died; people learned from him how to cook ayahuasca]: 122-124; Tastevin 1926 [a person sees a tapir throwing genipa fruits into the water, copulating with a woman who came out; the next morning, the same thing, two girls came out, a man grabbed one, it turned into a tree, a stream, a thorn, but he did not let her go; they went down to her parents, at the bottom of a field of corn, peanuts; his wife did not allow the caiman to rush at the man; five years later, against his wife's wishes, the man went to land; it rained, the man went hunting, he was grabbed by a snake; people pulled him out of her mouth, but all the bones were already broken; from this man people learned the secret drug preparation]: 171-172; sharanahua [the hunter sees a tapir throwing genipa fruits into the water; a beautiful woman comes out, copulates with him; the hunter throws fruits himself, grabs the woman; she experiences metamorphoses, then agrees to copulate; leads to the underwater world, fish threaten humans with spears; contrary to the ban, a person drinks a drug, sees an anaconda instead of his father-in-law, etc.; ishka fish brought out man ashore, left there]: Siskind 1973:138-140; yaminaua [man sees a tapir throwing fruit into the lake; a woman comes out from there; a man does the same thing, an anaconda woman wraps around him, they copulate; she takes him to the lake to see her relatives; this is an electric stingray, fish; he sees her taking the ayahuasca drug; despite her prohibition, he does the same, sees her, her relatives in in the form of snakes, etc.; We eat people; she tells him; they blow on him to relieve his fears; he returns home to earth]: MacQuarrie 1992, No. 6:118.