Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

F77A. Penis bridge .

A huge penis serves as a bridge.

West Africa. Wolof: Copans, Couty 1988, No. 51 [three men were expelled from their villages, built a hut, began to live in it; one could set fire to anything with his eyes; the other urinated so much that everyone around him turned into a swamp; a third threw his penis across the river and others crossed it to the opposite bank; whose abilities are more valuable? (answer: the third's abilities)] 52 [three men were expelled from their villages, began to live together; at one glance he set fire to everything around him; the second filled everything with urine, the sea overflowed; the third held out his penis and friends crossed it to the other side; whose abilities are more amazing?] : 132, 133-134.

South Asia. Santals [there are obscene stories of a character knocking berries off a tree with his long penis and people crossing the river over the penis bridge]: Elwin 1949:254 (W.G. Archer, personal report).

Burma - Indochina. Vieta [Ny Oa promises to marry You Tuong if they pour mountains and his mountain is higher; TT loses but still agrees to marriage; in the dark, TT puts his penis like a bridge across the river, a hundred participants of the ceremony are walking along it; a spark falls on the penis, the "bridge" disappears, 50 people did not have time to cross, fell into the water; BUT she picked up a dress, it became light, caught people and warmed them]: Knorozova 2000:24.

Taiwan - Philippines. Atayal [giant Halus wears his penis wrapped around his waist; puts it across the river like a bridge; when women pass, he's hard as iron, when men swing; H. rapes women by sending them to their penis through windows in houses; opening their mouths, waiting for game to jump into it, driven by hunters; people heat a stone, tell H. that a deer is running; he swallows a stone, dies]: Norbeck 1950, No. 6:17-19.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. The Mongols [Jeonun-bel goes north to marry his wife, kills 20-headed Hotgor-Hara-Mangys and his men; the old woman is left alone, goes to look for her husband; rejects someone who has a penis like at the stallion; goes beyond the one who answered that he can wrap the mountain with his penis three times; they have many children; they led their people down the mountain across the sea; the old man's penis serves as a bridge; he was pecked by a crow, he moved, the people drowned; the old man makes a seine out of his wool; those who are caught became Mongols (or people in general), those who remained in the water became fish]: Potanin 1883, No. 112:384-387; Tuvans [old woman Kudelya (K & #246; dälä) consistently asks shepherds about the thickness of their penis; rejects those who have it three times as thick as the neck of a ram, camel, bull; takes someone who has a mountain; gives birth to a boy and a girl; by Water spilled into the old man's penis; the end pecked forty, the children fell into the water; the old woman weaved ropes from her pubic hair, pulled the children out]: Katanov 1907, No. 1064:124-125.

Amur - Sakhalin. Nanais (p. Dairga, 1972) [from the description of the shamanic road to Buni: "He leaves and goes until the first night, goes with a brake - ekhauri. He sleeps with his head in his arms and says a few minutes later: "Something is too damn here, going on {sic}". Then she fishes in a certain place. Then he goes and sleeps again. The road is bad, mountainous at the foot, the water is Hadilto nearby and orders the main spirit to watch, watch, and drive carefully all the way. Then we have to cross the river, we need a bridge. Uja sits and the shaman orders him to let his genitals go so that it becomes a bridge. Uja makes a bridge, and will continue to Hole's place (on the river. Pohsa is this place), then approaches Booni and finds souls left by other shamans"]: Borodovsky et al. 2005:149.

The coast is the Plateau. Thompson [The Bald Eagle sees a girl by the river; turns her penis into a log she crosses on; does not let her ashore until she agrees to call him husband; she goes to her own relatives, sees the battlefield of birds, finds her husband's head and bones there; her head is decomposed, she pees on her; her head chases her; she asks the Crane to stretch his leg across the river like a bridge; goes to another shore, the Crane throws its head into the water; she does not sink, continues to pursue; the woman climbs a tree; when she goes down, the Head jumps into her genitals; she gives birth to two eggs, they roll everywhere behind her; They show an image of a bald eagle; her sisters throw eggs into the fire, they burst; they extract the woman's Head, break them into pieces, burn them]: Teit 1917b, No. 12:25.