Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

F80. The first people without genitals .

The first men and/or women do not have genitals, then they get them.

Kaonde, Bemba, Monumbo, Kukukuku, Watut, Truk Islands, Bondo, Pardhan Islands, Ket Islands, Sym Evenks, Kuchin, Upper Tanana, Southern Tutchoni, Inner Tlingit Islands, Tlingit Islands, Haida, Hikarilla, macushi, waiwai, hishkaryana, guarazu, calapalo, kamayura, trumay.

Bantu-speaking Africa. Kaonde [Leza gave the first two people a bundle with their genitals; the man first threw away the female bag, but the woman received a new package]: Abrahamsson 1951:42; bemba [people were the same and did not have genitals; the man went to the Monster, who gave him a male organ and let him give the female organ to a friend; on the way, the female organ deteriorated, the man threw it away, told his friend that nothing got it for him; he did not believe it, he came to the Monster himself, the Monster let him find the vulva discarded by smell; the man washed the vulva he found, it grew, he became a woman; the woman allowed him to meet only after a man paid her (axe - he had nothing else); if he hadn't thrown away his vulva, women would agree to make love on demand]: Verbeek 2006, No. 80:415- 418.

Melanesia. Monumbo [Kain (“snake”) turned into a snake, lay down on the path; Daria walked along it, brought the snake to her; gave birth to a son with a human head and the body of a snake; while K. was fishing, D. killed and cooked a son, she broke her husband's weapon, crashed the boat, ran away; in different villages, many men offered themselves to her as husbands, but she went to Kamadonga; to stop her pursuers, she wrote, drew a line — a river appeared; Kam. did not have cultivated plants, D. cooked bananas and tarot for him; he did not have genitals, she made them for him from pepper tree fruit and betel nuts; let him see her genitals, met him; went to Lubou on an island near the island. Manam also gave him genitals; walked along the shore, turned the stones into fish, became a fish between the stones herself; Ngapem shot her, surprised that the arrow that pierced the fish was smeared in tarot; he brought the fish home; while N. was gone, D. (in the form of a human being) removed fire from her genitals, regurgitated bananas and tarot, baked and fed her husband; N.'s children also ate and slept; and N.'s younger brother's children cried from hunger; N. told his brother to go ashore; If he sees Daria fish, he should not converge with it; but he got together; became a Pakei tree; bananas, yams, tarot grew on it; fell and rotted; two brothers sailed in a boat with a dog; the dog jumped out, I ate by the tree, came back; they tied a rope to the dog, found a tree; they brought it home, gave it to the old woman, she became young; people sharpened their axes, began to cut the trunk, it remained intact; they broke off the sliver was burned; and so on, the trunk was cut, the tree continued to hang on the vine; this vine was the hand of a character; they sent a boy upstairs, the tree told him to call his mother to meet her; the boy's father was told to call his wife; the men left; another came with two wives; hid the beautiful one, let the tree meet with the ugly one, the tree fell; the man from Dagoi came when all the cultivated plants dismantled; Daria advised him to make tops out of vines and exchange them for bananas; people in this village do so]: Höltker 1965, No. 2:72-77; kukukuku [the first ancestors sculpted children from red clay, the children did not have anus and genitals; they were dried in the sun; the young man got together with the girl, she gave birth to a child; his umbilical cord was cut off, wrapped in tarot leaves warmed on fire]: Fischer 1968, No. 5:372; cotton wool [In Kajam, the husband and wife did not have genitals; the husband told the woman to climb on a banana; it turned out that the bananas had already been bitten by a bat; the husband placed a sharp shell under the banana, and the woman ran into it, cutting through it her vagina; in the morning, the wife put a tapa pest in the fire; took it to warm up, but it turned out to be hot, fell into the fire, split, a piece stuck between her husband's legs, became a penis; this couple had children]: Fischer 1963, No. 1:135-136.

Micronesia—Polynesia. Truk Islands [a woman from the Mortlock Islands had 80 genitals; none of the men dared to be her partner; the Olofat trickster told her to get ready; sitting in the men's house sent his long penis towards the woman; after inserting it into her, he raised and lowered her above the water until she died; all women from different islands dismantled her genitals piece by piece; from Losap Island they took the biggest vaginas, Oneop Island has the longest clitoris, and Kuttu Island has pubic hair; therefore, the former have the largest vaginas, the latter have the longest clitoris, the latter have the blackest eyebrows and pubic hair and under their arms; and the women from Nama Island got nothing but an empty container; so if you say box in front of them (the English word is used), they are angry because they are unable to receive pleasure]: Mitchell 1973, No. 66:190-191

South Asia. Bondo [The rat seduced the Raja's wife; he cut off the Rat's penis, put it to his own body]: Elwin 1950:176; pardhan [parts of the body lived on their own; the breasts quarreled with the vulva, The vulvas had fled to the mountains; gods and men went to look for them; by the time they returned, some women had already died; the extra vulvas had been chopped to pieces, put them on others — this is the clitoris]: Elwin 1949, No. 57:269.

Western Siberia. Kets [only women used to live, there were no men at all. Phalluses grew in great abundance in the forest, where women went as needed. One woman was tired of going to the forest; she pulled out the phallus and brought it to her plague... It so happened that the phallus was stuck; neither the woman herself nor her neighbors could pull it out, and everyone began to cry. Then Yes sent a man (who did not have a phallus at the time), and he easily pulled out his phallus. Overjoyed women began to treat the man. One gave him wine — he took it; the other was serving something, and both his hands were full; then he put his phallus between his legs and began to treat himself. After eating and about to leave, the man picked up falos, but it turned out that he had grown up. The women were even more happy and kept the man at home. And the phalluses in the forest have died, become mushrooms; Russians eat them]: Anuchin 1914:9.

Eastern Siberia. Sym Evenks (Narym): Shatilov 1927:11 [“They do not eat mushrooms at all, considering them filthy, since they allegedly gave rise to a “phallus”. “It was a long time ago,” says Sholeul, “there was no good man for a long time, the women cried, cried for a long time, and since the man found a mushroom, from him and... “phallus”. Sholeul could not tell me anything more about this”]; 12 [“Sholeul, as I found out later, came here from Tym, and on Tym from Sym, a tributary of the Yenisei. You can also see here that Samoyeds in the area I observe also avoid eating mushrooms, especially old people, considering them filthy, but they do not know why mushrooms are considered filthy”].

Subarctic. Kuchin [men live without women; one has a bag of female genitals; Raven asks for permission to look there; pretends to be half-blind, asks to open the bag wider, grabs his genitals, throws a young man between his legs; he turns into a woman; all men copulate with her]: McKennan 1965:92; upper tanana [men live without women; Raven sails in a boat down the river; slips under a torn tree that rises and falls above the stream; reaches the country where vaginas live; they fly like geese; after shooting as much as necessary, the Raven returns home; chooses handsome young men puts vaginas on their erected penises; tears off their penises, turning young men into women]: McKennan 1959:191-192; southern tutchoni, inner tlingit [Raven made it to women's island genitals, brought them from there, gave them to those who wanted to become women]: McClelland 1975 (1): 93.

NW Coast. The Tlingits [The raven tries to make female genitals from bark and leaves; finally collects them on the island]: Swanton 1909 in Boas 1916, No. 124:575; Haida [The raven goes to the island to collect there female genitals; asks different birds to accompany him; puts a picture of a mushroom at the stern of the boat; brings one vagina for his wife, another for his sister]: Swanton 1905:126; 1912 in Boas 1916, No. 124:575.

The Great Southwest. Hicarilla [Enemy Slayer (HC) hears about monsters; every time his mother asks him not to walk; he goes, wins; a giant elk lives in the east; a woman gave birth to him masturbating with a moose horn, when women separate from men; Moose paralyzes victims with a look, kills; UV wears four sets of hot clothes according to the number of directions and colors, each time the heat neutralizes the Moose's gaze; Gopher digs passages in four directions; asks Moose to allow him to gnaw the hair off his chest to make a nest for the young; UV receives a rainbow bow from the Rainbow, a lightning-arrow from Thunder; shoots at Moose from below, sends four arrows in four directions; The elk runs every time, plows the horn of the dug passages; at the end of each, the spiders placed flints; the elk is exhausted, dies; UV takes its right horn, fills his stomach with blood, lets the huge Eagle grab himself; the eagle throws the victim onto the rocks; when he sees the blood, he thinks it has broken; the chicks tell their father that the prey moves and frightens them; the father does not believe , flies away; UV asks the chicks how their mother will arrive — with a quiet rain; the father — with hail; kills both parents with a horn, turns the chicks into ordinary eagles; the old woman Bat lowers him off the cliff into basket, tells her not to open her eyes; UV gives her Eagle feathers, tells her not to go to plants and little birds; she goes, feathers stick to plants and birds (this is their fluff); The Bat gets black skin; UV returns to his mother; Colliding into boiling water shoves passers-by off the trail into a hot spring, where his daughters devour them; UV pretends to pass, collides the monster itself, daughters eat it ; UV comes down to them; their father used them to lure men; these girls are the only ones with a vagina, they are vaginas themselves; they want to copulate; UV lets them swallow a drug made from sour berries; it brings them to orgasm, their vaginal teeth, which they used to devour their father's victims, fall out; vaginas hang everywhere on the wall, girls guard them; UV takes the biggest and smallest, brings mother, who gives them to two girls; others suggest placing vaginas on her head, then on her chest, arm, knee, foot; when vaginas are placed between her legs, everyone, including UV, decides that this will be the case; four female vaginas come and tell UV that they suffer without it; he refuses them; they say that people will have sexually transmitted diseases and those who touch menstrual blood will get sick; UV goes Destroy the Rolling Stones]: 57-77.

Guiana. Macushi [women did not have vaginas; Jesus gives San Pedro a bag of vaginas, tells them to give it to women; he dances with the girls, forgets the bag, he is trampled on, he lies around for a long time; the vaginas were dented and partly rotted (the cause of the smell)]: Amodio 1989, No. 7:106; waiwai [Wayam-yenna (turtle people) were like people; husbands called his wife into the forest for fruit; climbed a tree, fell, again; his wife stepped on his stomach with contempt, so the male turtles have a concave shell from below; the wife climbed the tree herself, the husband went home; instead of fruits, there were various kakenau- kworokjam (spirits that used to live on earth, now on the second heavenly tier, they have the names of animals, birds, insects); wanted to copulate, the woman covered herself in twigs; the grasshopper split the tree, copulated ( he had a sharp ovipositor); the kakenau left, the woman ate the fruit, got down, went home, went from the fork not to the wayam, but to kamara-yenna (jaguar people); their grandmother hides her under a vessel; a giant turtle lived in the house, she told the jaguars about the woman, put her head under the vessel, she spit on her, the jaguars broke the turtle woman's shell, ate her; the old woman left two eggs; she found Mawari in one, Wåshi in the other; three She hid from jaguars for years under a vessel; on the advice of the old woman, they made the first bows and arrows (also the first axes, a stone knife, a top); the Jaguars showed M. a Brazilian walnut, he climbed on it, they took away the stairs; M. tears turned into a squirrel; M. and V. did not have penises, they grew up in the forest; they licked them, by morning their penises had grown; the old woman's excrement grew into cassava, they did not like it; then she let herself be burned, from a real cassava appeared burnt bones; they sent the karau bird to the top, there was a catch; it was an otter, the brothers copulated with her in the eye; she ordered them to catch women in the river; shooting into the water, M. and V. pulled out women's items (bag, mat, basket, spindle, etc.); on the fifth time, M. pulled out a woman, the daughter of an anaconda with an anaconda child; he pulled out the second one for V., she had two dogs in her arms when M. climbed heaven, he bequeathed people to keep dogs; the descendants of V. are unbelievable, M. are Indians and Europeans (they are kind); almost all of M.'s children died; he fired arrows into the sky, and his wife and his wife took to heaven along a chain of arrows]: Fock 1963:38-42; hishkaryana [Turtle's husband and wife went for fruit; husband told his wife to climb a tree; she ate and threw it to him; Monkeys, Eagles and other animals and birds wanted to have sex with her; the insect split the tree, everyone took it out through this gap; the husband saw it, went home; closed the path to his house, opened it to the Jaguar house; the mother of the Jaguars hid the woman; the Jaguars had a pet turtle, let the winds, the woman spat, she was found, scheli, the eggs were given to her mother; of which Mawarye and Woxka were born; they hunted for an old woman; they hid from the Jaguar in a tree, he behind them, they descended in the form of leaves; the Jaguar understood whoever is in front of him; the brothers did not have penises, they grew up in the forest; they snatched them out of the ground, took them for themselves; someone stole fish from the top; brothers send sentries; caught an Otter, copulated with her, almost torturing her death; she says that there are women; M. caught wives for himself and his brother; they have a fish in their vagina; while M. went to get the vine to make fish poison, V. injected the penis, the fish bit it off; M. attached the penis back; M. slept with his wife on the riverbank, was swallowed by an anaconda; he came out through his anus; the brothers separated]: Derbyshire 1965:54-78.

Bolivia — Guaporé. Guarazu [people see parrots copulating, they want to do too; Yaneramay brings male and female organs; they are ignored for a long time during the festival; therefore, the genitals are rotten and now they have a specific smell]: Riester 1977, No. 13:249.

Southern Amazon. Kalapalo [Taugi made a boat out of clay, learned to make bark from ducks; pretended to be dead, grabbed a vulture, received fire from vultures, dawn, day, wives; satisfied wives with his finger; dicks were hanging in the Lizard's house, his wife masturbated with them; the lizard came and gave T.'s dick, but he copulated without attack, T. got thin; took the cock back, he gave a smaller one; now it's fine]: Basso 1987:124-138; kamayura [The Sun and the Month have no potency, it is owned by Iamurura; they go to him, they have an erection; wives want jealousy as well, ask the old man to give it; Sun and Month begin to beat them out of jealousy]: Villas Boas, Villas Boas 1973:156-157; trumay [men satisfy wives with fingers; only Grandfather lizard has dicks; man gets penis; first babies walked right after birth; The Sun and the Month decide that only newborn animals will be this way]: Monod-Becquelin 1975, No. 3:47-49.