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F80A. Removable genitals. 11.-.13.18.-.


Genitals exist independently of people and can be left behind, attached to the body, etc.

Kaonde, Bemba, Soninke, Mofu-Gudur, Wolof, Mundang, Valbiri, Trobrians, Guam, Palau, Faraulip, Losap (Central Carolina), Kusaye, Marshall Islands, Bondo, Sora, Pardhan, Koya, Lisu, Belarusians, Kets, Sym Evenks, Reindeer Koryaks, Kuchin, Upper Tanana, Southern Tutchoni, Inner Tlingit, Tlingit, Haida, Comox, Western Sachaptin, Western Shoshones, Jicarilla, Hopi, Huichol, Taulipan, Macushi, Waiwai, Hishkaryana, Guarazu, Calapalo, Camayura, Mehinacu, Trumai.

Bantu-speaking Africa. Kaonde [Leza gave the first two people a bundle with their genitals; the man first threw away the female bag, but the woman received a new package]: Abrahamsson 1951:42; bemba [people were the same and did not have genitals; the man went to the Monster, who gave him a male organ and let him give the female organ to a friend; on the way, the female organ deteriorated, the man threw it away, told his friend that nothing got it for him; he did not believe it, he came to the Monster himself, the Monster let him find the vulva discarded by smell; the man washed the vulva he found, it grew, he became a woman; the woman allowed him to meet only after a man paid her (axe - he had nothing else); if he hadn't thrown away his vulva, women would agree to make love on demand]: Verbeek 2006, No. 80:415- 418.

West Africa. Soninka [the older brother's wife tries to seduce her younger brother, who rejects her; she complains to her husband that the younger brother tried to take possession of her, tells him to tear him up; the elder tries to approach him twice at night to the youngest, the dogs raise the alarm; the third time the dogs do not bark, the elder splits the youngest, brings his genitals to his wife; the youngest recovers and leaves, and the eldest and his wife soon become poor and blind; the king's daughter falls in love with the youngest, tells her father to marry him; two nights the young husband does not touch his wife; the slave examines him sleeping, the wife tells the father that the husband is castrated; the father tells the servant to check promises to execute either a son-in-law or a slave if she lied; the spirits tell the youngest to catch a beast; in exchange for a promise to let him go, the beast gives him a choice of 7 copies of his genitals, suggests choosing; the shattered becomes a man again, kills the beast, takes all his genitals, meets his wife 7 times in a row at night; she gives birth to a son; the royal son-in-law with his wife, cattle and gold returns to his homeland; no need listen to women and buy money if you are on good terms with blood relatives]: Dantioko 1978:109-119; mofu-gudur [in the absence of a husband, the wife does not feed his younger brother; one day she cooks a good dinner, calls the young man; he does not believe in her kindness, calls friends for dinner, does not eat himself, hides his portion in a calabass; an enraged woman makes a mess as if she was raped, complains to her husband; he waits for his brother, blocks him; the young man tells him how it was, calls friends as witnesses, shows the Calebass with untouched food, leaves; he is joined by the daughter of darkness, the daughter of the moon, the daughter of the spirit of the waters (for the right to join, she creates a dry corridor across the river), the daughter of the sun (the heat moderates); in the forest these women create a rich household; they are surprised that the young man does not sleep with them; he hides his impotence, runs away, meets an old woman; she consistently shows him 4 boxes of penises: old people, children, adults, boys; tells him to take from the latter, attaches him a new penis, tells him to meet her first, he she does it; she tells him to bring him the first child born, she will eat it as a reward for this penis; he and his wife bring the baby; as soon as the old woman holds the knife to his neck, the baby laughs; the old woman decides not to cut it, returns it to his parents; Djalo tells people that their leader is not real, but the real one lives in the forest; people come there, they are well fed, and the mountain chief does not feed well; he calls a young man, requires 1) split the round stone into two equal parts (the daughter of darkness splits); 2) divide the sesame seeds and sand (wives tell ants); 3) bring a long, even spear (wives give); 4) identify the leader's last wife and favorite horse; the daughter of darkness comes to the leader disguised as an old woman, finds out what handkerchief his beloved wife has, that the horse is gray; the answers are correct, the old leader is killed, a young man is chosen; wives command always leave them the liver of dead animals; the servant persuades them to give them simple meat; the wives tell everything to disappear, the young man has only the skin to cover himself; he apologizes, the wives return everything, now he He listens to them]: Sorin-Barreteau 2001, No. 25:200-226; Wolof [an old jealous man refuses to hire men to work in the field; Samba cut off his penis, put it on the back of his head; said his name was Samba without a penis; the jealous man was convinced that this was the case, hired S.; on the way from home to the field, an obstacle (énorme pieu à deux branches) that women find it difficult to overcome; S. puts every woman in jail on her shoulders, inserts her penis into her vagina; women like it; the jealous old mother demands that she be transferred in this way; says that she forgot the seeds at home, forcing S. to carry it again; everything became pregnant; men have since stopped demonstratively showing that they are jealous]: Copans, Couty 1988, No. 41:98-101 (roughly the same, No. 42:102-105).

Sudan—East Africa. Mundang [while swimming, the chief's daughters left their clitoris on the shore; once a carp (female) stole one of them's clitoris; Kazayé asked why she was crying, washed the place where the clitoris was, caused carp playing the flute, caught him the second time, returned his clitoris, and together with the girl they cooked and ate carp; the chief invited K. to marry the girl, who refused his honor, receiving a herd of goats in return]: Louafaya 1990:92-93.

Australia. Valbiri [a long story about traveling women and a “depraved man”; episodes: a man's testicles slip away, turn into a person, go away; the penis becomes an individual and shows the way to the owner; then the genitals return to their place; the penis crawls underground, performs incest, the clitoris cuts it off; the dead man's penis becomes an individual; women meet people whose hearts shine through their bodies copulate with them all night; the original man rapes women again; his penis is cut off, turns into an individual; the man is killed by his next victim; women go further, copulate with the Raven, the Lizard; everyone goes to the ground]: Waterman 1987, No. 4715:127.

Melanesia. Trobrians [Karawawa woman gives birth to a white cockatoo, he flies away; three times, while cooking in an earthen oven, leaves her clitoris to guard; the cockatoo bites the clitoris and eats everything; K. and her clitoris die from hunger]: Malinowski 1932:344-345.

Micronesia—Polynesia. Losap (Central Carolina) [Nipenimong's widow lived in a man's house; saw a beauty go fishing; threw his penis into the sea, she caught it, wondered what kind of fish it was, put it with basket; he started saying it wasn't his place; she put it on different parts of her body, the same thing every time; when she put it in her vagina, the penis said it was his place; she brought it home, hid it , told her two daughters to look into her things; the youngest daughter found a penis; not realizing what it was, she smashed it with a stone; N. then died]: Mitchell 1973, No. 67:191-193; 190-191; Kusaye, Marshall o -va [detachable vagina]: Mitchell 1973:261; Guam, Faraulip, Truk County, Ponape County [detachable (self-propelled) penis]: Mitchell 1973:261.

South Asia. Bondo [The rat seduced Raja's wife; he cut off the Rat's penis, put it to his own body]: Elwin 1950:176; sora (Hill Saora) [the vulva was an inch wide, the clitoris was as thick as large a toe, three toes long, at night the genitals went away and walked on their own; Kittung accidentally stepped on a walking vulva, she cried out; he threw it into the water, it became a turtle, neck and head — clitoris; woman K. gave chicken genitals]: Elwin 1954, No. 41:393; pardhan [body parts lived independently; breasts quarreled with vulva, vulvas ran to the mountains; gods and men went looking for them; to By the time they were returned, some women had already died; the extra vulvas were chopped to pieces, put them to others — this is the clitoris]: Elwin 1949, No. 57:269; coya [Gour herding cows, saw a girl in a lotus , took her home, raised her; a man named Sonia fell in love with her, made a hole in the wall at night and inserted his penis into the girl through it; she took a sword and cut it off; the penis grew wings and flew to Deur; he hid it and told the girl to wait: now he will let him go and she can kill him; when a girl throws her sword at him, we see lightning — the glitter of the sword]: Elwin 1954, No. V. 7:69.

China — Korea. The fox [had wild penises that lived on their own; two girls were walking, the penis climbed into the younger one's vagina; she was frightened; her sister took it out, put it in herself and was satisfied; hid it in the house using software as needed; one day the father found it, chopped it to pieces, threw it into the river; the daughter cried; found a small piece, put it in for herself; this is how the clitoris appeared]: Dessaint, Ngwâma 1994:163-164.

Central Europe. Belarusians (Hrodna) [a woman complained to God about her period; God invited women to throw their genitals into the swamp; women soon regretted it because men lost interest in them, and took their genitals back; the one who picked up her vagina takes care of herself, and the one who picks up someone else's does not regret it and is ready to give herself to anyone]: Belova et al. 2019:295-296.

Western Siberia. Kets [only women used to live, there were no men at all. Phalluses grew in great abundance in the forest, where women went as needed. One woman was tired of going to the forest; she pulled out the phallus and brought it to her plague... It so happened that the phallus was stuck; neither the woman herself nor her neighbors could pull it out, and everyone began to cry. Then Yes sent a man (who did not have a phallus at the time), and he easily pulled out his phallus. Overjoyed women began to treat the man. One gave him wine — he took it; the other was serving something, and both his hands were full; then he put his phallus between his legs and began to treat himself. After eating and about to leave, the man picked up falos, but it turned out that he had grown up. The women were even more happy and kept the man at home. And the phalluses in the forest have died, become mushrooms; Russians eat them]: Anuchin 1914:9; Sym Evenks (Narym): Shatilov 1927:11 [“Mushrooms do not eat at all, considering them filthy, because they supposedly make them a “phallus” occurred. “It was a long time ago,” says Sholeul, “there was no good man for a long time, the women cried, cried for a long time, and since the man found a mushroom, from him and... 'phallus'”. Sholeul could not tell me anything more about this”]; 12 [“Sholeul, as I found out later, came here from Tym, and on Tym from Sym, a tributary of the Yenisei. You can also see here that Samoyeds in the area I observe also avoid eating mushrooms, especially old people, considering them filthy, but they do not know why mushrooms are considered filthy”].

SV Asia. Reindeer Koryaks: Jochelson 1908, No. 23 [When the Creator goes hunting seals, forgets the harpoon; cuts off his penis, sends a harpoon to his wife Mitty; he says, Opo Pondro, opo pondro; M. does not understand, the Penis returns to the Creator; at home, M. says that a Russian came with a red head; The Creator explains that it was his penis], 25 [The creator kicks M. out of the house , because she has no relatives; she cuts off her buttocks, breasts, vulva, turns her into her brothers, comes with them to her husband; then recovers herself, but puts her breasts and vulva behind; lies down on the road , getting huge; The Creator walks into her ass like a house; she comes home, pulls out her husband; he's bald], 31 [The creator turns his penis and testicles into three people, sends to his daughters collecting berries; messengers say that the Creator sent them to bring him buckets of berries; daughters give buckets, messengers bring them; the Creator and his sons go fishing; his wife Mitty is left alone with her daughter; M. calls on the shore of the Seal, leads him into the house, sleeps with him; when he falls asleep, kills him; so with Four Species of Seals and Keith; the Creator returns, but they live with M. in different houses; he goes to visit M. she treats him with her severed vulva under the guise of whale meat; when she comes to him, he treats her with his penis disguised as a fish; she recognizes and spits it out, and he ate it without understanding; both decide to live together and don't fool each other], 34 [The creator cuts off his penis, turns him into a crow, sends reindeer herders to steal fish; then puts his penis in its original place]: 165-166, 168-169, 178-181, 183-184.

Subarctic. Kuchin [men live without women; one has a bag of female genitals; Raven asks for permission to look there; pretends to be half-blind, asks to open the bag wider, grabs his genitals, throws a young man between his legs; he turns into a woman; all men copulate with her]: McKennan 1965:92; upper tanana [men live without women; Raven sails in a boat down the river; slips under a torn tree that rises and falls above the stream; reaches the country where vaginas live; they fly like geese; after shooting as much as necessary, the Raven returns home; chooses handsome young men, puts vaginas on their erected penises; tears off their penises, turning young men into women]: McKennan 1959:191-192; southern tutchoni, inner tlingit [Raven made it to women's island genitals, brought them from there, gave them to those who wanted to become women]: McClelland 1975 (1): 93.

NW Coast. The Tlingits [The raven tries to make female genitals from bark and leaves; finally collects them on the island]: Swanton 1909 in Boas 1916, No. 124:575; Haida [The raven goes to the island to collect there female genitals; asks different birds to accompany him; puts a picture of a mushroom at the stern of the boat; brings one vagina for his wife, another for his sister]: Swanton 1905:126; 1912 in Boas 1916, No. 124:575.

The coast is the Plateau. Comox [through a hole in the wall, Norka sees women picking up their vaginas, putting them in a drawer; when they leave, Minka chooses the best one, copulates; washes it and puts it to dry; The eagle carries her away; Mink sings, making the Eagle unclench its claws, the vagina falls, it is dirty and scratched; when the women return, the owner of the affected vagina is desperate]: Boas 1895, No. 4:72-73; Western sachaptin [Coyote hears a noise like a duck is flying, something hits him in the eye, he has a hard time ripping it off, throwing it into the river (var.: the object hits him successively in the jaw, face, forehead, mouth); for the fifth time cooks it and eats it; the object turns out to be a female vulva, Coyote loses teeth; when going hunting, five Goose Brothers tell his sister to marry the first man who comes; the Coyote turns handsome, forgets that he is toothless, cannot bite off meat; falls asleep, the girl sees that he has no teeth, she inserts the teeth of a mountain sheep in him; Coyote says that his teeth grow in his sleep; marries; brothers are reluctant to take it to hunt, they tell him not to make noise, he flies, screams, everyone falls; next time they throw him off; when he falls, he yells “I'm a feather!” , but at the last moment he accidentally shouts “Bitch!” , breaks; the wife puts her heart in her little fingers, kills her brothers with arrows, the youngest two remain; the youngest tells the eldest to shoot his sister in the little finger, who kills her; both came to Cold's house, his daughter Winter, they're naked; they went to Summer's house, married his daughters; Winter and her daughters came to war, but Summer ruined the blanket, everything melted]: Farrand, Meyer 1917, No. 3:144-148.

Big Pool. Western shoshones [a bird kills one of the hunters, takes the other to the island; an old mother of birds advises a person to throw fragments of obsidian into the blood the bird drinks; she dies; the old woman makes a boat out of its wings, gives man sets of clothes to protect him from monsters; a man sails in a boat to the shore; greaves protect him from snakes; at night he hides in a hollow when monsters poke everywhere with sticks; the next night, vulvas run around; if people are enveloped, they die; a person hides from them in a hole; the next night women walk around looking for someone to tickle; spending the night in a cave, a man hides from an owl that kills with light from his eyes; goes through a country of frogs where you can't sleep; at the end he comes to people without a mouth; they feed on the smell of cooked food; man cuts through their mouths; returns home]: Smith 1993:51-56.

The Great Southwest. Hopi: Kennard 1989 [a young man asks the Sun to help him see the afterworld; the Sun takes him there; they see naked women carrying baskets of penises behind their backs all the married men they have They had a connection; the penises they wanted the most hang on their foreheads; similarly, men carry baskets with vulvas, and some have thick vulvas hanging from their foreheads]: 155-161; Malotki, Gary 2001, No. 8 [The sun agrees to help the young man visit Maski's afterlife; while his soul travels, his body lies dead under his sister's supervision; the Sun carries the young man above the ground, explaining what he saw; virtuous reach the Mask in a day, and evil ones, especially witches, only go one step in a year; carry baskets full of stones; single people who have already been married use women's wearbelts, and girls who go beyond married men; belts crash into the body; women behind a stone fence ask them to drink, at least spit in their mouths, you can't do this; you can't agree to bear a tired woman; ex-married repeatedly carry penile ligaments around the neck according to the number of husbands, men carry vulvas similarly; married zunyas turn into mules; those sitting on stone pillars ask to lower them; victims of sorcerers and sorcerers throw them into a fire pit, they turn into smelly beetles; around the village of the dead there are blooming meadows, fruit-bearing fields, singing birds; the stairs in the house are made of sunflower stems so that only souls could rise on them; the young man returns home, enters his body; because the young man, despite the prohibition, ate fruit from the field of the dead, he soon died; moves slowly because relatives cry for him; becoming as an eagle, he returns to them, explains what's going on; then quickly reaches the afterlife]: 63-92; hicarilla [Enemy Killer (UV) hears about monsters; every time his mother asks him not to go; he goes, wins; a giant elk lives in the east; a woman gave birth to him masturbating with a moose horn when women separated from men; Moose paralyzes victims with glances, kills; UV wears four sets hot clothes in the number of directions and colors, each time the heat neutralizes the Moose's gaze; Gopher digs passages in four directions; asks Moose to allow him to gnaw the hair from his chest to make a nest for cubs; UV gets a rainbow bow from the Rainbow, a lightning-arrow from Thunder; shoots at Moose from below, sends four arrows in four directions; The elk runs every time, plows the horn of the dug passages; in Flints were placed at the end of each spider; the elk is exhausted, dying; UV takes his right horn, fills his stomach with blood, lets himself be grabbed by a huge Eagle; the eagle throws the victim on the rocks; seeing blood, he thinks that it crashed; the chicks tell their father that the prey moves and frightens them; the father does not believe it, it flies away; UV asks the chicks how their mother will arrive — with a quiet rain; the father — with hail; kills both with a horn parents, turns chicks into ordinary eagles; old Bat lowers him off a cliff in a basket, tells him not to open her eyes; UV gives her Eagle feathers, tells her not to go to plants and little birds; she goes, feathers stick to plants and birds (this is their fluff); The Bat gets a black skin; the UV returns to its mother; the colliding water pushes passers-by off the path into the hot spring, where his daughters devour them; UV pretends to pass, collides the monster itself, daughters eat it; UV descends to them; father used them to lure men; these girls are the only ones who have vagina, they are vaginas themselves; they want to copulate; UV lets them swallow a drug made from sour berries; it brings them to orgasm, their vaginal teeth, which they used to devour their father's victims, fall out; on the wall vaginas hang everywhere, girls guard them; UV takes the biggest and smallest, brings them to the mother, she gives them to two girls; others suggest placing vaginas on her head, then on her chest, on her arm, knee, foot; when vaginas are placed between legs, everyone, including UV, decides that it will be so; four female vaginas come and tell UV that they suffer without it; he refuses them; they reply that people will have sexually transmitted diseases, and those who touch menstrual blood will get sick; UV is going to destroy the Rolling Stones]: 57-77.

NW Mexico. Huichol [in the afterworld, dead men carry the vulvas of all women they copulated with during their lifetime, hang them on tree branches; women hang penises in the same way]: Furst 1968:98, fig.52.

Guiana. Taulipan [when Makunaima was a boy, his older brothers warned him not to look at women's genitals; he only wanted to; walking through the woods he saw a vulva on a branch dry tree; turned into an obziana, a koati, an ulcer, a lizard to climb and take a closer look; reached the vulva only as an ant; she swallowed it; the brothers noticed a thick vulva on the tree, cut it down tree, freed M.]: Pereira 1980 (1): 73; tops [women did not have vaginas; Jesus gives San Pedro a bag of vaginas, tells them to give it to women; he dances with girls, forgets about bag, trampled on, he's lying around for a long time; vaginas were dented and partly rotted (the cause of the smell)]: Amodio 1989, No. 7:106; waiwai [Wayam-yenna (turtle people) were like people; husbands called his wife to forest for fruit; climbed a tree, fell again; his wife stepped on his stomach with contempt, so the male turtles have a concave shell from below; the wife climbed the tree herself, the husband went home; on the tree instead the fruits were various kakenau-kworokjam (spirits that previously lived on earth, now on the second heavenly tier, they have the names of animals, birds, insects); they wanted to copulate, the woman covered herself with twigs; The grasshopper split the tree, copulated (he has a sharp ovipositor); the kakenau left, the woman ate the fruit, got down, went home, went from the fork not to the wayam, but to kamara-yenna (jaguar people); their grandmother hides it under a vessel; a giant turtle lived in the house, she told the jaguars about the woman, put her head under the vessel, she spat on her, the jaguars broke the turtle woman's shell, ate her; the old woman was left with two eggs; in one she found Mawari, in another Wåshi; hid it from jaguars under a vessel for three years; on the advice of an old woman, they made the first bows and arrows (also the first axes, a stone knife, a top); the Jaguars showed M. Brazilian walnut, he climbed on top of it, they took away the stairs; M. tears turned into a squirrel; M. and V. had no penises, they grew up in the forest; they licked them, by morning their penises grew; the old woman's excrement grew cassava, he for them I didn't like it; then she let herself be burned, a real cassava appeared from the burnt bones; they sent the karau bird to the top, there was a catch; it was an otter, the brothers copulated with her in the eye; she told them to catch women in the river; shooting into the water, M. and V. pulled out women's objects (bag, mat, basket, spindle, etc.); on the fifth time, M. pulled out a woman, the daughter of an anaconda with an anaconda child; he pulled out the second for V. She had two dogs in her arms, when M. took to heaven, he bequeathed people to hold dogs; V.'s descendants were non-strikers, M. were Indians and Europeans (they are kind); almost all of M.'s children died; he fired arrows into the sky, He went to heaven with his wife along a chain of arrows]: Fock 1963:38-42; hishkaryana [the Turtle's husband and wife went for fruit; the husband told his wife to climb a tree; she ate and threw it to him; Monkeys, Eagles and others the animals and birds wanted to have sex with her; the insect split the tree, and everyone took it out through this gap; the husband saw it, went home; closed the path to his house, opened the Jaguar to the house; the Jaguar mother hid the woman; the Jaguars have a domestic turtle, the winds blew, the woman spat, found her, scheli, gave the eggs to their mother; Mawarye and Woxka were born of them; they hunt for an old woman; they hid from the Jaguar in a tree, he is behind them, they came down in the form of leaves; the Jaguar understood who was in front of him; the brothers did not have penises, they grew up in the forest; they took them out of the ground, took them for themselves; someone stole fish from the top; brothers sent sentries; they caught an Otter, copulated with her, almost torturing her to death; she says that there are women; M. caught his wives for himself and his brother; they have a fish in their vagina; while M. went to get a vine to make fish poison, V. introduced a penis, his fish bit off; M. put his penis back; M. slept with his wife on the river bank, swallowed by an anaconda; he came out through the anus; the brothers broke up]: Derbyshire 1965:54-78.

The Central Andes. Chipaya [the wife was weaving, the husband left, the Fox came; pointing to various parts of the woman's body, began to ask what it was, the woman answered; head (forehead), eye, chest, etc.; when he pointed to the vagina, she replied that it was dinner for her husband; the fox asked if he could eat lunch, the woman agreed; when they copulated, her husband came back; Lisa could not take out his penis, the woman cut it off; the fox stayed outside the house , the wife answered her husband that the Fox was waiting for sheep; took out his penis, threw it away, the Fox took it, tied it with the thread that the woman gave him; smeared it with clay; began to cross the river, the clay softened, the penis came off; his picked it up by a woman herding the sheep, brought it home to cook as a seasoning, began rubbing it with a pestle, his penis jumped into her vagina; she has two daughters, at night the penis climbed into the vagina of one of her daughters; they threw it on a bunch of ash; Fox's penis is lost]: Pache 2012:489-490.

Bolivia — Guaporé. Guarazu [people see parrots copulating, they want to do too; Yaneramay brings male and female organs; they are ignored for a long time during the festival; therefore, the genitals are rotten and now they have a specific smell]: Riester 1977, No. 13:249.

Southern Amazon. Kalapalo [Taugi made a boat out of clay, learned to make bark from ducks; pretended to be dead, grabbed a vulture, received fire from vultures, dawn, day, wives; satisfied wives with his finger; dicks were hanging in the Lizard's house, his wife masturbated with them; the lizard came and gave T.'s dick, but he copulated non-stop, T. got thin; took the cock back, he gave a smaller one; now it's fine]: Basso 1987:124-138; kamayura [The Sun and the Month have no potency, it is owned by Iamurura; they go to him, they have an erection; wives want jealousy as well, ask the old man to give it; Sun and Month they start beating them out of jealousy]: Villas Boas, Villas Boas 1973:156-157; mehinaca [vaginas used to come out of women, crawled on their own; at night, the Tukwi woman's vagina began to look for manioc porridge and fish broth; one man woke up, thought that the toad burned her with a torch, the vagina got into the mistress, it hurt; T. gathered the women, ordered their vaginas not to crawl alone anymore, could burn themselves; since then do not leave the body]: Gregor 1985:72-73; trumay [men satisfy wives with fingers; only the lizard grandfather has dicks; the person gets a penis; at first babies walked immediately after birth; Sun and It is decided for a month that only newborn animals will be this way]: Monod-Becquelin 1975, No. 3:47-49.