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F82. Incest with mother-in-law, T417.



son-in-law uses the trick to sleep with his mother-in-law, or the mother-in-law uses the son-in-law. Usually, the son-in-law insists that his mother-in-law, not his wife, accompany him on the hunt.

Sudan - East Africa. Tupuri [the chief will give his daughter for someone who makes drums out of lion and leopard skins; Squirrel (i.e. earth squirrel, Xerus) invites a caterpillar to go camping (agrees to go if there is no chicken) chicken (I agree that there will be no cat); then consistently a dog, a hyena, a leopard, a lion; everyone comes later than the other and eats it; the lion and the leopard fight, the Squirrel asks not to trample only that his mother-in-law's cultivated field; they fell into a hole dug by the Squirrel, he killed them, let the Monkey carry their skins, he brought them to the chief, got his daughter, the leader drove the Squirrel away; the Monkey's wife does not get pregnant; The squirrel pretended to be a healer, ordered him to bring beer, drowned the Monkey in it, entered his grave, said in the voice of the Monkey that the widow should marry Squirrel; having received his wife, he pretended to be sick; persuaded the healer, he said that Belka would die if she did not seduce her mother-in-law; after spending three days with her mother-in-law, the imaginary patient recovered]: Ruelland, Caprille 1993:45-65.

Australia. Cariera [two Eagle Brothers and their sister's son Raven hunt together; Eagles keep all valuable meat for themselves; The Raven hid the fattest kangaroos; the Eagles began to search for the stolen goods in the cave, the Raven closed they were there, returned to camp; his wife's uncle was his mother-in-law, communication with them was forbidden; he began to move his bed closer to his uncle's wives' beds, saying that where he lay there were ants; lay down and got together with both women; the Eagles returned, dumped it in ash, telling him to be black from now on, to eat carrion; the Raven makes his characteristic scream]: Radcliffe-Brown 1914:169-170 (retelling in Waterman 1987, No. 4169 (3): 110); murngin [three young men are brought in a boat to the island; there each of the three old women gives each her daughter as a wife; when young men begin to copulate with their wives, each of the old women gets between their son-in-law and daughter, saying, I'm cold; young men try to drown old women, fill them with batons, they come to life every time; finally, young men leave refusing to take their wives with them; no one wants to have sex with their mother-in-law or with an old woman]: Warner 1937:562-564 in Waterman 1987, No. 4750:128; Votjobaluk [Owl mother-in-law wants to get along with Bat son-in-law, makes him break the custom of avoidance; only she eats what he has obtained game since he would not marry her; he sends her for water, leaves his image; she talks to the doll and, without an answer, hits her with a digging stick; follows her son-in-law; they collect yams; he invites her to open her mouth, puts hot tubers in it; the owl choked and died]: Massola 1964:11-12 in Waterman 1987, No. 4755:129.

Melanesia. Santa Isabel (bugotu) [the foreskin of the person who climbed the areck palm exposed the head of his penis; he thinks he has lost his skin, has begun to search under the tree; people passing by ask what he is looking for he replies that the skin; the mother-in-law tells me to show, pulls the skin over the penis; he offers her sex, she agrees]: Bogesi 1948, No. 6:351-352.

China - Korea. Lisu (border between Yunnan and Burma) [Khwàdjasap'à is married to the eldest of four sisters; decided to take possession of everyone and his mother-in-law; when he went to the site, he pretended to forget his betel; walking back, meets his wife's first sister, shouts to her mother-in-law that she does not give; mother-in-law thinks she does not give betel, tells me to give; so with all sisters; pretends to be seriously ill; mother-in-law goes to ask the oracle; K. hides behind as an oracle, replies that K. will recover if she meets his mother-in-law; she agrees]: Dessaint, Ngwâma 1994:518-521.

Plains. The trickster allegedly goes to war, takes his mother-in-law with him; sees her genitals as she lifts her clothes while wading across the river; and building a predator to spend the night. Blacklegs [The old man puts a teepee, marks around him as if there were a lot of people there; tells his wife that people went to war, everyone took his mother-in-law with them; comes to the teepee with his mother-in-law, says that probably people are gone; at night she pretends to be cold; mother-in-law agrees to sleep with him; they copulate, come home in the morning]: Josselin de Jong 1914:20-21; teton (Brule) [Old Man Coyote's wife went to my sister; he stayed with his mother-in-law, the snowstorm makes them sit in a tipi; Old Coyote has fun singing, singing badly; in the evening he complains about the cold, comes closer to his mother-in-law; she has to agree Hug him so he doesn't freeze; as soon as he falls asleep, she moved to her seat, put a smoldering log next to him; in the morning, Coyote realizes that he was warmed by a log, not a woman]: Marriott, Rachlin 1975:61-63; Crowe [Coyote takes mother-in-law to carry the loot; tells Owl to shout at night: Sleep together or die; they sleep together, come back]: Lowie 1918:49-50; grovantre [man says to his wife, who all took their mother-in-law with them to the war; she sends her mother; they make separate huts for the night; the son-in-law throws stones at her mother-in-law's hut; she is afraid of spirits, asks to let her into his hut; they copulate; she gives birth to his son; they are coming home]: Kroeber 1907b, No. 17:76; Arapaho: Dorsey 1903, No. 39 [Nihansan says all the warriors took their mother-in-law with them; at night she pretends to be like freezes, mother-in-law invites him to lie down with her], 40 [as in (39); mother-in-law gives birth to a boy; One-eyed Sioux (nickname or variant N.) says he took him prisoner in war]: 75-77; iowa [Hare speaks mother-in-law, that his friends have a party, everyone brings their mother-in-law, goes to bed with her; mother-in-law comes, sleeps with the Hare]: Skinner 1925, No. 38:497.

California. Except for yuca; Coyote goes hunting; builds a hut for the night; mother-in-law and he move closer together, then copulate. Coastal Yuki [Coyote pretends to go to war; pretends to be wounded; wants not his wife but mother-in-law to hold him in her arms, this will heal him; says he is now healthy]: Gifford 1937, No. 16:127; pomo [Coyote lies to his mother-in-law as if everyone has gone to collect chestnuts; causes rain; invites his mother-in-law to lie down with him with a jack; puts him to sleep; in the morning she gives birth to his four cubs; people kill them in the village]: Barrett 1933, No. 59:241; Yana [hunters are vultures and flies who eat corpses; at night, Coyote says that rain is falling on him, falls closer to his mother-in-law; she immediately gives birth to coyotes, runs after the Coyote screaming, Husband; he runs away, she throws away newborns]: Sapir 1910, No. 8:112-113; achomavi [two Coyote wives give their genitals to their mother; Coyote is crazy about a huge vulva; lures mother-in-law with him hunts, rapes him at night; she complains about him, people kill him; in the spring he comes to life; shoots a cockroach mistaking him for a squirrel]: Angulo 1928:585; Maidu [The Coyote is accompanied by his two wives and their mother; he causes rain, pretends to fall on him, moves closer; mother-in-law gives birth to coyotes, leaves them to his son-in-law]: Shipley 1963, No. 1:11-13; tubatulabal [Coyote takes his mother-in-law with him to hunt; scratches at night about the rock with bone, mother-in-law is afraid, moves closer, lies down with Coyote; in the morning after copulation, he kills her and injures himself; at home he says they were attacked by enemies]: Voegelin 1935, No. 13:211; kawaiisu [two options; Coyote goes with his mother-in-law to the hills to collect edible seeds and roots; he sleeps in a cave; the Coyote makes strange noises; the frightened mother-in-law climbs under his blanket, he makes her pregnant ; kills with a bow; then pretends to be fatally wounded in order to marry his daughter; see motive F64]: Zigmond 1980, No. 17:82-83, 87-88.

Big Pool. Western Shoshones: Smith 1993:56-58 [Coyote asks his family to dance; the wind lifts women's skirts, Coyote sees their genitals; pretends to be injured by enemies; tries to copulate with the youngest daughter and mother-in-law when they carry the "wounded" home], 108-109 [The rat sees the mother-in-law's vagina; supposedly going hunting, he takes his mother-in-law with him to fresh meat; goes dancing with her, spending the night with her on the way back, she gets pregnant]; gosyute [Coyote sees mother-in-law's vagina (like the Western Shoshones); accompanies her mother-in-law when she goes for the basket bars; frightens her with strange sounds at night, making her lie down closer; copulates with her; kills her, pretends to be injured; tries to copulate with his daughters visiting him]: Smith 1993:5-6; South Payutes (Moapa) [Coyote goes with his mother-in-law to hunt rabbits, spent the night in a cave; he copulated with her all night, she died; Coyote tells his wife that they were attacked by enemies, pretends to die of his wounds; tells him to leave him in the funeral fire, not glow; the little son sees him roll down from the fire; ten days later he returns, pretends to be a stranger, speaks with an accent; in the morning, when hunting, the son recognizes him, runs home; in the evening, Coyote has no one finds his family turned into Seven Stars]: Lowie 1924, No. 9:172; chemewevi [Coyote sees mother-in-law's genitals when she weaves; invites her to hunt for rabbits; tells her to close herself from thorns by throwing skirt on her head; copulates with her several times from behind; rapes her at night, killing her with his mysterious "heavenly penis"; asks his tail (possibly penis) what to say at home; he advises explain everything by attacking enemies who killed his mother-in-law and wounded him, the Coyote; the Coyote pierces his stomach, shoves the rabbit's giblets into his wound, leaving part hanging out; pretends to be dying; tells three Daughters should marry someone who brings bison skins, and whoever brings paint does not go for him; Coyote's son Red Tail turns around, notices that the deceased has jumped off the funeral fire; the widow scolds her son ; The coyote turns yucca stalks into bison skins; the widow does not tell her daughters to accept the man who brought red paint; an unrecognized Coyote comes with imaginary bison skins; tells the wives to spread their beds behind at home, copulates with them; while hunting, Coyote's son recognizes his father by his damaged head; runs home; mother and children rise to heaven; Coyote tells them to become Pleiades, and his wife tells him to become Pleiades, and his wife tells him to become the Pleiades coyote]: Laird 1974b: 220-222 (retelling in Zigmond 1980:18-19).

The Great Southwest. Chiricahua [Coyote drives the rabbit down the hole; asks his wife to tell her mother-in-law to go after the rabbit; while mother-in-law's ass is out, Coyote copulates with her; mother-in-law measures the rapist's footprint, asks daughter compare to her husband's leg; Coyote leaves]: Opler 1942, No. 15:40-41; hicarilla [Coyote sees his mother-in-law's ass thicker than his wife's; asks his wife to send his mother to pull the rabbit out of the hole, saying she has long hands; when mother-in-law climbs her head into the hole, copulates with her from behind, runs away before she gets out to see who did it; both wives follow the trail, the wife tries to measure Coyote's foot, he's not gives; goes blind (a common consequence of incest); Rabbit doctor treats him]: Opler 1938, No. 43:313-314.

Southern Venezuela. Yanomam [on the way through the forest, a man deliberately hesitates to get honey; he, his wife and mother-in-law spend the night in the forest; he pretends to be bitten by ants; his mother-in-law invites him to hang his hammock over hers with a hammock because there are no ants; he copulates with her, his penis turns red; everyone in the village understands that he has committed incest; he turns into a bat, his mother-in-law into a big anteater]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1990b, No. 42:95-98; Yanomami [son-in-law wants his mother-in-law to accompany him to the party (supposedly, if he is killed, she will bring his head home); hesitates, they spend the night in the forest; further like the Yanomam]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1990b, No. 43, 44:99-101.

(Wed. Guiana. Vapishana [the old woman sent her daughter to lie in the young man's hammock; she was frightened, did not go; the old woman lay down on her own; she was a sleeping woman, the young man fell asleep; therefore, they say that the old woman lay down with him]: Wirth 1950:211).

Southern Amazon. Mehinacu [in the village of vultures (= birds in general) is a festival of piercing boys' ears; but there were no hats for boys to dance in; The Bat saw his mother-in-law's huge labia; lured her into the hollow of a tree, where he had previously inherited her to think that people lived in the hollow; hung hammocks at different ends; various animals and birds came to the fire; mother-in-law asks what they are all screaming; To make you closer to me; when my mother-in-law hears the voice of a jaguar, lies down in a hammock with her son-in-law, copulates; the Bat cuts off her labia, fills many baskets; gives it to ducks, turkeys and other birds; those they make their tufts and folds on her throat]: Gregor 1985:191-192; vaura [Bat's mother-in-law has a huge knee-length vulva; he took her fishing; the voice of a jaguar is heard at night; supposedly to calm her down mother-in-law, son-in-law, suggests hanging their hammocks closer to each other; so several times; when close, he began to copulate with his mother-in-law; mother-in-law was angry, the Bat killed her, cut off her vulva, hung her around her neck, At the festival, he distributed pieces to various birds; since then they have been hanging around their necks; the Bat told his wife that her mother had died, but did not say why; she took out his lice and noticed blood stains behind his ears, decided he was a murderer]: Coelho 1992:55-56; paresi [a woman persuades her son-in-law to take her to the garden instead of his wife; a bird screams at night; each time her mother-in-law interprets her scream as advice to lie down closer, and then have sex; at night, a man's leg hangs from a hammock; an owl pecks over it; a man turns into a demon with a spear leg]: Pereira 1986, No. 28:339-342; Iranshe: Pereira 1985, No. 20 [woman brings food to his son-in-law's garden instead of his wife; makes him lie in the same hammock with her; eats his leg at night; he turns into an ogre Aan; tells his wife not to talk to him; lives on a fruit tree tree; wife and sister kill their mother; two birds (Penelope jacupeba and jacutinga) fly out of her belly; younger sister talks to A., invites him to drink chicha; the older one hangs her the children's hammocks and hammocks are higher under the roof; A. comes, lies down with her younger sister, eats her, starting with her feet; the eldest revives her, but she remains thin], 47 [the old woman has two sons and two daughters, they are cunhados man; going to collect flying ants, he refuses to take young men or girls, goes with an old woman; builds a hut, rapes an old woman in it; she tears off a piece of her vulva, sticks it to his nose ( or a piece of penis to his head); he returns home; his daughter and one of the cunhadas look in his head, notice a piece of vulva; he turns into a Bat, flies into the woods; girls find their mother in the hut ; she turns into a Toad out of shame]: 106-107, 199-203; Rickback [husband is going to go for edible flying ants; wife says she needs to cook, sends her mother with her husband; son-in-law at night lies down in a hammock, mother-in-law by the fire on the ground; the son-in-law first screams with the voices of birds, then larger animals; when he imitates a jaguar, the mother-in-law lies down in fear in his hammock; in the morning he is ashamed, ants are almost all scattered; mother-in-law turned into a monkey; wife went looking for her, understood what was going on, turned her husband into a deer]: Pereira 1994, No. 10:109-112.