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F87. The snake wife's transformed children, ATU 425M.

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snake crawls onto the clothes of a bathing girl, climbs down for the promise to marry him, and takes him to the underwater world. She is happy there, giving birth to a son (or two sons) and a daughter. He returns with her children to visit relatives. They find out what words she should call her husband out of the water, call him, cut off the snake's head. Seeing bloody water, the snake's wife (rarely himself) turns her children and herself into birds or trees.

(Wed. Western Europe. The Bretons [fisherman's daughter Mona is so beautiful that she is considered the daughter of Morgan (the Morgans are an underwater people); she only wants to marry a prince; Morgan heard this and took her into his world; a young Morgan fell in love, but his father wants to marry him to a local morgan; Monet is told to cook a wedding feast without giving anything for it; the young man comes for a while, does everything magically; on her wedding night, Monet is told hold a candle in his hand; as soon as it burns out, she will be killed; the young man asks the bride to take Mona's burning candle for a minute to light another one; when he learns that the candle was burned out, the father ran in, hacked down the bride, believing that it is M.; he had to agree to his son's marriage to M.; the husband agreed to let M. go to his parents for a while; he creates a bridge, and when the father tries to follow the young, he lowers the bridge into the water; the husband says so that at home M. would not allow any of the men to kiss her or even touch her hand; but everyone rushed to her, she immediately forgot her husband; one night she heard his voice, remembered everything, returned to the sea and They didn't see her again]: Luzel 2016:213-222).

(Wed. Tibet is the Northeast of India. Meitei (ranks) [King Shalmo went hunting accompanied by a servant; they only caught a dove, the king sent a servant somewhere to fry it; he came to the court of Princess Upempu, the daughter of King Kabo ; was so amazed by the girl's beauty that the dove was burned; the princess crushed edible seeds and baked them like a dove; the servant brought them to the king, he liked it terribly; S. met W. and they fell in love each other; the king brought his wife to him, went hunting again; the old wife found a new one in the bedroom, pulled her out, sprained her arm and drove her out; the king found W., but she refused to return; Then he killed his old wife, threw the body into the river, it turned into an oyster; W. returned to her parents, but they ridiculed her, saying that they should have obeyed them and marry the one they offered; W. committed suicide; S. appeared and found out that his wife was dead, also committed suicide; on the way to the world of the dead, both souls met on the lake shore; Lakong Louonba, one of the gods of the world of the dead, advised Sh. to bathe so that the souls of S. and W. could be reunited in the world of the dead, and at that time he kidnapped W.; after becoming his wife, W. gave birth to two sons; when S. found out what had happened, he turned to Korou Nongningthou to the king of the world of the dead, asking him to return W.; KN agreed and started a war with LL; he was defeated and flew away, turning into a butterfly; L. came to Sh., bringing her sons with him; S. said he was dead only for her sake, and she betrayed him; cursed her: let your first child turn into a cuckoo; that's what happened]: Singh 1985:297-301).

(Wed. South Asia. Gondas [10 brothers forbid wives to let their sister Dasmotin Kaniya go fetch water; one day each wife is sick, DC goes to the water, the cobra swallows all the water in the pond; brothers they come, everyone asks for water, but the cobra gives only after the DC enters the pond; she disappears under water, becomes a cobra's wife; after a few years, the cobra husband invites the DC to visit her brothers; those they go hunting with their son-in-law, ask them to show how long he is, cut into 10 pieces; the DC gives their younger brother jewelry, for which he shows her the scene of the murder; the remains of the cobra are burned at the stake, the DC rushes into the fire] : Elwin 1944, No. 22.1:443-446; baiga [pregnant woman wanted mushrooms; her husband went to look for them; the naga gave mushrooms for promising to give him a daughter if a girl was born; parents tried to say he was born boy, but it is useless to lie; when the girl grew up, her father took her to the pond; she wanted to pick the lotus (this image took naked), enters the water; when she was completely immersed, her father smashed his head against a rock; on the place where the girl's last child was buried, a flower grew, and a boy grew in it; the mother died soon; the boy was begging, found his sister; he hunts with her husband; he immediately eats everything he got, is going to eat his brother wives; young man cut him apart; sister glad they returned home]: Elwin 1944, No. 22.2:446-448; Tamils [6 brothers, they have a lame sister; she went with her friends to the forest, everyone climbed a tree; in the school bell calls for classes; the girls got down and ran away; the sister of 6 brothers asks for help, not to get off herself; the male monkey agrees to help if the girl becomes his wife; she has to agree; once asked to see her family; went to see her older brother, but he did not recognize her because she was dressed as a bride; the same with her second brother {and apparently with the others}; the mother recognized her; told her daughter to invite her husband; they dug a hole, boiled water, spread out gifts; invited the monkey to go down to the hole - part of the marriage ritual; scalded him with boiling water to death]: Blackburn 2005, No. 11).

The Balkans. Bulgarians: Daskalova-Perkovska et al. 1994, № 425M [The serpent hides the clothes of the youngest of the three sisters swimming in the sea; takes her as his wife; in his palace his wife gives birth to two children; the Serpent agrees to let go see her parents if she tramples on a pair of iron shoes and hides a certain amount of wool; lets her go for three days with her children, telling her not to talk about him; children talk about their father and how his mother calls him from the sea; his wife's brothers call him, kill him; his wife and children try in vain to summon her husband, sees the sea of blood; curses the children, turning them into trees (the daughter turns into aspen)]: 150-151; Strandja. It is a material and spiritual culture. Sofia: academic publishing house "Prof. Marin Drinov", 1996 [one snake married a girl; they had a daughter and two sons; the mother went with her children to visit her brothers; they wanted to save her sister from the snake, asked the children how to find snakes house; the boys did not speak, but the girl told the truth; then the mother cursed her children to turn into trees: the boys into oak and ash, the girl into aspen with ever-trembling leaves]. S. 216-236, 223; Moldovans (2 versions: Budzhaksky and Kodrinsky) [{there are no retelling of the texts, individual episodes are mentioned}; in the Budzhak version, the mother by the sea calls "Osip, Osip, come and get us"; the serpent comes out, his mother cuts off his head with an ax; the wife turns her daughter into a swallow, her son into a Morning Star, becomes a cuckoo herself; in the Codrin version, the brothers come to the sea, one says, "My serpent darling, get up from the bottom of the sea, I have come to you, dear"; The serpent comes out, the brothers cut him with braids, hit him with sticks; the dying Serpent utters the curse; the wife turns into a willow, the eldest son into a well, youngest in the spring]: Kerbelite 2004:171-177; Croats: Uther 2004 (1), No. 425M: 255.

Central Europe. Russians (Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Novgorod, Tula, Ryazan, Kursk, Vyatskaya, Voronezh, Saratov), Ukrainians (Galicia), Belarusians [Snake wife (snake, reptile) : the youngest of three sisters marries a snake she loves; visits her relatives with her young son (or son and daughter); meanwhile, the husbands (husband) of older sisters (brothers, mother) succeed imitating the voice of his wife's snake, luring her husband out of the river and killing her; the woman conjures her son (children) to turn into an oak tree (nightingale, etc.), and she turns into a cuckoo or sails away by boat, drowns in the river]: SUS 1979, № 425M (=K458): 146; Belarusians: Grynblat, Gurski 1983, No. 57 [the girls swam, crawled on their clothes alone, promised to get down if she became his wife; she promised he took her to sea; five years later let her and her three children go to see her mother for years; told her to come back five days later, call, "Yakub!" If there was blood, he died, if the foam was alive; the older boys were beaten at home, but they did not say anything; and the youngest daughter told; the snake was summoned, killed; the wife saw blood, became a cuckoo; the sons became birch tree and Christmas tree, daughter aspen], 63 [the girls swam, crawled on their clothes alone, promised to get down if she became his wife; she promised, told her mother; with many snakes, they broke the hut window, took it a girl; one day she returns to her mother, with her son and daughter from a snake; explains to her mother that when she returns to her husband, she will shout on the bank of the river for Osip to go out and take her; the mother persuaded her daughter stay overnight, went to the river, called a snake, cut off his head; daughter and children came, saw a dead body; a snake sprayed herself and her children with blood, became a cuckoo, daughter a swallow, son nightingale]: 62-63, 65-67 ; Dobrovolsky 1891, No. 40 (Smolenskaya) [daughter married a forester against her mother's will; the forester settled with her husband across the swamp river, the crossing was a bridge hidden from the witch mother; she punished son and daughter do not talk about the bridge to their grandmother; one day a grandmother came and asked the children where their father crossed the river; the granddaughter was silent, and the granddaughter showed the bridge; the woman runs to the bridge, sees a corpse there her husband Yakub, stabbed to death by his mother; the forester tells her son to become a nightingale, turns into a cuckoo herself, tells her daughter to become a frog so that everyone spit on her; the cuckoo calls plaintively, "Yakub. Yakub!"] : 277-278; Karatkevich 2000 [Yasya has two sons, he wants a daughter; his wife fell asleep by the lake; in a dream, a serpent with a golden crown on her head promises her a daughter if she later gives her to him as his wife; Yalina's daughter grew up, went to swim with her friends; the snake crawled on her clothes: I will return her clothes if you become a wife; she promised to marry a snake; the snakes took her daughter; she found herself in the palace; she has sons Oak and Ash, daughters Birch and Aspen ; she asks her husband to let her see her parents; Y. brothers try out her children; tell younger Osinka that they will kill others if she does not tell her where her father is; she had to say they killed the snake; I. runs to him and sees him dead; hears a voice: you did not love; I.: loved; the serpent is the bewitched prince, only the most beautiful girl could spell him; Yalina became a spruce, her children became trees, according to her names]: 38; Ukrainians: Bulashev 1909 (Kharkiv, Kupyansky district) [A handsome man marries the forester's daughter; takes her in a carriage to the palace at the bottom of the lake; he does; they have a boy Vasya and a daughter Gorpush; the husband agrees to let his wife and children visit her parents; turns into bridge over the river; the woman's father asks the children who their father is; G. says that it has now become a bridge; the old man cuts it with an ax; when he returns, the wife sees blood on the shore; the woman turns daughter in nettles, son in cornflower, becomes a cuckoo herself]: 360-363; (cf. Dragomanov 1876, No. 27 [the girls were swimming, crawled on his dress alone; he did not cry until she agreed to marry him; she called him "kuku, kuku", he went out; said that if he did not want to go to him, he would still She will not remain a woman, she will become a bird; she decided to become a cuckoo bird]: 8-9); Ioanid 1985 (Velyka village, Obukhivka, Mirgorod district, Poltava region) [mother and daughter reaped rye; when mother went home , the daughter lingered to wash her hands; on her way to the house, she knocked on the oak tree with a sickle, the sickle fell into the ground, she went down to pick him up, became friends with Uzh, gave birth to a boy and a girl with him; missing her mother, asked her husband to take them upstairs to visit her; the woman asked her grandchildren, the girl let it slip; the woman ran to the oak tree, began to knock on it, and stuck her head out, thinking it was a wife, a woman cut it off; when she found out what had happened, Uzh's wife told her son to become a nightingale, her daughter a cuckoo who does not have her own home]: 81; Kulish 1857 [the girl fell in love with Uzh, he took her to his underground crystal palace; she gave birth to twins - a son and a daughter; she got into a golden carriage, went to the village to baptize her children; the woman's mother rushed with a scythe to kill her (because she got together with a snake); the woman told her son to turn into nightingale, daughters into the cuckoo; they flew away, the carriage, the horses, the woman disappeared]: 33-34; Sokil 1995 (Transcarpathia, author's record) [the woman's husband was Uzh; the children did not love him and killed him; upon learning about this, his mother cursed them, told her son to become a nightingale, her daughter nettles]: 45; Belarusians: Nenadavets 1996 [{brief retelling of fragments of the plot, known throughout Belarus; everywhere she crawls on the clothes of a bathing girl, demands to marry him; takes him to a palace by the river, where he turns into a handsome man; his brothers or mother call a snake, chop him into pieces; the end of turning children is not considered}]: 202-207; Smirnov 1984, No. 50 (Polesie) [the girls were swimming, crawled away on her clothes alone; crawls away when she promises to be his wife; three years later, she comes to visit her mother with her son and daughter; replies that she calls her husband by clicking on to the river, Yakub; mother comes, calls, cuts off her head; wife calls, sees her head floating; tells her daughter to become a swallow, her son to become a nightingale, becomes a cuckoo herself ("call")]: 208; Russians (Terek Bereg) [the old woman's daughter went swimming with her friends; a beetle crawled on her dress: if you follow me, I'll return her dress; the girls advise me to agree; she knocked at night; after the third night, the mother put a mortal dress on her daughter, gave a funeral service and let her go to the lake; there Osip Tsarevich was there; three years later, the wife asked to visit her mother, took her son and daughter with her; the mother asked what to call when she returned, Osip, Osip, take me; at night, my mother came with an ax, called, a human head leaned out, her mother cut her off; in the morning the wife went to call, her head appeared and disappeared; the mother told her son to become a dove, her daughter a swallow, she became a cuckoo herself; a widow cuckoo flies to other people's nests]: Balashov 1970, No. 42:137-139 (=1991:102-106); Russians: Azbelev 1992, No. 320 (Vyatka Gubernia) [The girls went swimming in the pond; she did not find her clothes alone; the serpent comes out of the water, gives her clothes for promising to marry him; when the girl was married off, the Serpent stole her; she gave birth to him a son and a daughter; asked me to visit my mother; she asks how she calls her husband; Serpent, snake, open the doors for me! The mother goes instead of her, says the same words, cuts off the Snake's head with a sword; the daughter tells her son to be cancer, her daughter to be a stick (?) , flutter; she turns into a cuckoo herself]: 460; Vlasova, Zhekulina 2001, No. 43 (Novgorod Region) [two girls were swimming, the serpent sat alone on her dress, she replied that she would marry him (not thinking it was serious); the snakes dragged her out of the house; five years later she came to visit her mother with two children; answers the mother that she will call "Osip, Osip, go here" to return; the mother calls the snake with these words, cuts off her head with an ax; when she sees blood on the water, the daughter becomes a cuckoo, her children are birds]: 80; Popov 1869 [The cuckoo was a girl born to a girl who lived with a snake; for proving to her grandmother that her mother lives with a snake, her mother cursed her and said: "Let you cook all your life and Don't make your native nest!] : 3; Russians (Moscow) [the girls were swimming, ("southerner") lay down alone on their underwear; I had to agree to marry, but not naked to go to the village; many snakes crawled, took the girl to the underwater kingdom; there is a palace; a boy and a girl were born; the husband let her mother see; the mother calls a snake, hacked him down; the daughter cries; tells her son to be a nightingale, her daughter a swallow, she became a cuckoo herself]: Vedernikova, Samodelova 1998, No. 40:95; Russians (Ryazan) [Masha went to the river with her friends; the beetle cleaned her shirt, demands to marry it; her friends took her shirt; next time Masha agreed, the beetle took her into the river; there is a palace; she asked for time off from her mother; the mother called the beetle, hacked it; the daughter grieves]: Samodelova 2013, No. 84:93-94; Russians (Voronezhskaya, 1970, p. Stadnitsa of Semiluksky district) [Masha asks her mother to go swimming in the river. When the girls go ashore, Masha sees a snake on her shirt and cannot drive him away. Asking if she'll marry him, she regrets her shirt and agrees. Mother scolds Masha. She grows up, snakes crawl to her house and pick her up. She lives in a pond with a snake and has children. He comes to visit his mother, tells me how he gets into the pond - he calls a snake, he crawls out and picks it up. The mother takes an ax, comes to the pond, calls the snake and cuts it, the pond water turns red. Masha calls a snake, sees the water and understands what happened, turns into a cuckoo, "cuckoo forever", turns her daughter into a little bird, her son into a nightingale]: Kretov 1977, No. 29:50-51; Russians (Kurskaya) [the girls were swimming, one was already on her underwear; her friends left; she said, Well, you'll be my husband, just give me the underwear; he crawled away; after 3 days a string of snakes crawls to the girl's house; the mother locked herself , but the snakes broke in, had a feast, took the girl into the river; in the third year, the wife already asks to let her go to her mother; the husband tells me to return tomorrow evening; the wife has already come with two children; said that she lives well; the mother asked me to stay overnight; asked what she was calling her husband; at night she came to the river, called in the same words, cut off her head with an ax; the wife is already coming, seeing her head, telling her daughter to become a swallow, her son - a nightingale, she makes her own cuckoo]: Aristov, Pavlov 1939:68.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Karachayevs/Balkarians [Ariuka and her friends were swimming in the river, crawled on her shirt; gave her shirt for a promise to marry him; two weeks later, the snakes took A.; one day she returned with her son and daughter, said that she lived well under water; her mother found out that she called her husband "Dommay, dommay" (the word means "bison", why is not clear here); the mother called a snake and cut off her head with an ax; A. saw her husband's blood and head, turned her daughter into a swallow, her son into a nightingale, and became a cuckoo herself]: Jurtubayev 2007:11-12.

Baltoscandia. Lithuanians: Bulatova 1985 [the couple has 12 sons and 3 daughters, the youngest Egle ("spruce"); the sisters were swimming, she has already climbed onto E.'s clothes, she has to promise to marry him; snakes crawl into the house; the advice of a neighbor, the bride is dressed up as a goose, a lamb, a heifer; every time the cuckoo screams of deception; E. is taken to the seashore, she is a handsome man, he is; from the island they go down to the palace at the bottom; E. gives birth to sons named Oak, Ash, Birch, and daughter Osinka; She agrees to let his wife and children visit her parents if E. 1) hides a silk tow (the healer tells me to throw the tow into the fire, the toad is on fire releases yarn from her mouth); 2) wears out iron shoes (the healer tells the blacksmith to burn them in the furnace); 3) baked a cake (She hides the dishes, the healer advises covering the sieve with sourdough, kneading it in it dough); He tells him to return to the tenth day, teaches how to click it; if the sea boils with bloody foam, then he is dead; the brothers threaten Osinka with a rod, she gives a call; the brothers hacked Snake with braids; when E. comes to the sea, bloody foam boils; E. tells children to turn into trees, turns into spruce itself; aspen now trembles because it betrayed its own father]: 375-379; Balys 1936, № *425DL [woman turns if sons in oak and elm, daughter in aspen, her leaves tremble]: 39; Kerbelite 2004 [{texts are not retold}; a total of 17 Lithuanian versions, 1 of which has been retold many times; in Lithuanian versions, mother turns her daughter into an aspen, tells her to shake day and night, the wind scratches her hair, the rain washes her face; in some cases, she turns one son into an oak tree, the other into ash, and her daughter into an aspen]: 171-177; Lutsie (Western 1893; the informant knew a fairy tale from her grandmother, who spoke only the Lutsie dialect) [childless parents ask for a child even the size of a snake; a land man was born; came to a family where three daughter; the eldest marries, she does not want to; the serpent: if you do not go, no one will take it at all; at the serpent feast, he crawled to the bride's knees, she threw him off and pressed him down with her foot; on the wedding night he cut her throat; the same with his middle sister; the younger serpent covered her with an apron; at night he became a young man, and in the afternoon he became a serpent again; he created an island with a city in the middle of the sea, came with his wife to live there; they have three sons; the wife wants to visit relatives; her husband put her and her children in a boat, she will come by herself; the wife should not tell her brothers about her husband and let her children not; they returned safely; but when they went to visit their relatives again, the youngest the boy told his mother's brother everything; he called the snake with the same words his wife called him, he sailed, he cut off his head; when the woman came, there was no one; the youngest boy confessed; the mother turned in birch, the eldest son in cambium, the middle son in birch bark, and the youngest in butterflies that flutter on the bark]: Annom et al. 2018:202-205; Estonians [daughter found a louse in the king's hair, she is three years old fattened, ordered to slaughter, make leather shoes for his daughter; whoever guesses what they are made of will get a princess; a snake crawled, gave the right answer, the princess had to go with her; in front of the bridge over the sea, the water behind them, they came to the palace; at night the husband was a man, in the afternoon of a serpent; a year later, the wife gave birth to a son, wanted to show her father; her husband took her ashore, explained how to call him (Kiilu, kaalu, come out, yours wife, etc.); the woman's brothers began to demand that she tell me how to call her husband, she eventually let it slip; the older brother began to call, the husband thinks it's not his wife's voice; the same middle voice; when the younger one called, the husband believed that his wife was calling; the brothers cut off the snake's head; the wife called in vain; became a birch tree (Maserbirke), and her son was a drake]: Dähnhardt 1910:473-474; setu: Mälk et al. 1967, No. 63 [the witch doctor replies to the woman that her two eldest daughters will marry humans and the youngest will marry a snake; when the sisters went swimming, the snake crawled on the youngest's clothes, crying after promising to marry he is married; in his underground snake palace there is a man; they have three daughters, asking their mother to visit her parents; the serpent allows, teaches the song to summon him from the sea to come back, tells a lot about their lives not tell; the elders do not tell, the youngest explains to his grandfather how to summon a snake from the sea; the grandfather called a snake, stabbed him on the head, blue liquid spread on the water; the mother did not wait for the snake, became asking her daughters, the youngest confessed; the mother became a birch tree, the eldest daughter became black bark on her trunk, the middle daughter became birch bark, the youngest daughter made a butterfly]: 168-171; Normann, Tammpere 1989:58-62 [so far There are no parents, brother and sister decided to cook porridge from coals; the sister tried it, turned black, the brother put it in the sea to soak; in the morning she asks from the shore if the sister has turned white, she replies that she has not yet; Damn ( vanapagan) heard, called himself, the girl replies that it was not her brother's voice; for the fourth time he sharpened his tongue so that the girl did not understand the deception, replied that she had turned white; the brother did not wait for an answer, the healer said that his sister was taken away by Damn; brother sings outside the window of the house Devil, sister hears something, Damn replies that it was a wheel creaking (he made a wagon); next time brother sings, calling his sister to bury him, he has teeth aside; sister goes out, Damn believes her brother is dead; decides to brew beer on this occasion; no dishes, offers to cook in his mouth; sister tied him up, poured boiling water into his mouth, brother jumped out graves, threw hot stones into Devil's mouth, he died; brother brought his sister home], 71-72 [the king made his daughter shoes on one leg made of lice skin and fleas on the other; promised to give his daughter to the person who guessed what shoes; guessed the snakes that crawled out from under the edge of the well; the girl sailed overseas with him; came with her three daughters to visit her parents; her brothers began to ask their daughters, only the youngest said that the mother The snake calls a song on the shore, he comes for her with the ship; the brothers called themselves, killed the snake with swords; the wife called - a bloody ship has sailed; turned into a birch tree; her green bark is the eldest daughter, white is middle, stripes on the bark are younger]; Finns, Veps [{this is a general description of the plot without a guarantee that the relevant texts contain specific episodes}; snakes (water creature, dragon) hides the clothes of a bathing girl, returns him for a promise to marry him; in his castle at the bottom she gives birth to two children; having completed difficult errands with the help of an old woman (to wear out the iron shoes, hide an endless thread), she gets permission to visit her parents with her children; should not tell them about her husband; children give out a secret; the woman's brothers call the snake with a conditional signal, kill; returning, a woman calls in vain, sees blood at sea; tells children to become trees]: Uther 2004 (1), No. 425A: 255.

Volga - Perm. Chuvashi [sits on a bathing girl's dress, gives it back in exchange for a promise to marry him; the next day the girl calls him, he takes her to the underwater palace, becomes human; allows his wife and children to visit her relatives; sends her in a golden carriage; when they return, they visit their relatives with their children; weeds her to an underwater palace, her calves; a stomach that is too protruding; inconspicuous women shout, Cook, go out; when she learns how to call her son-in-law, an envious sister leads her husband to the shore, calls a snake in his wife's voice, the husband cuts off her head; the wife finds her, tells her son to be a stag beetle, daughter a dragonfly, she becomes a cuckoo herself, has been calling her husband ever since]: Danilov, Nechaev 1975:67-75 (=Eysin 1993:217-224, =Yukhma 1996:122-124); (cf. Chuvash [the old man's three daughters ask the Sun twice whose face is cleaner and whiter, the Sun replies that the youngest; the sisters push the youngest into the river, tell their father that the Sun named the youngest the youngest dirty, she stayed to wash; the mother goes to the river, the daughter replies that she is strangled by a snake, crushed by a millstone; after that, the Bear calls the girl, she does not respond; the bear honed the blacksmith's tongue, calls in a thin voice, the girl repeats the words about millstones, etc.; The bear pulls her out of the river, brings her wife; she gives birth to a son, the Bear carries them to visit their parents, leaves before Wednesday; parents put stakes under the floor; wife warns him not to enter, he comes in, falls on stakes; wife stays with parents]: Eisin 1993:33-35); Marie: Akzorin 1984 [three sisters swim, snakes lay down on the most beautiful clothes, tears for a promise to marry him; snake matchmakers broke into the house, took the girl overseas; three years later, the daughter comes to visit with her son and daughter; says that her husband's name is Isan Isanych; the mother goes to the shore, calls a son-in-law named, cuts off his head with a scythe; when his wife comes out, the wave whispers that her husband has been killed; the wife tells her son to become a lark, her daughter a cuckoo, hides in the sea herself]: 145-146; Kaliev 2003 [Once a girl I swam in the river. When she came ashore, she found a snake lying on her clothes. Because he would give her clothes, the serpent invited the girl to marry him. The girl had to give her consent. When she got home, she told her mother about it. She grabbed her axe and waited for the snake to appear. But there were so many snakes that she was afraid to cut off the groom's snake's head. A year or two later, the daughter came to visit her mother. The mother, when she found out how her daughter summoned her snake husband from the water, came to the river and, calling a snake, cut off his head. The daughter, tired of waiting for her betrothed at the reservoir, turned into a cuckoo and is still looking for him and calling him in the white world]: 88 (quoted from Yuziev 2016:124); Kazan Tatars (Western 1958; 3 entries in the Volga region , 1 in Tyumen) [elderly parents are reluctant to let Zukhra swim with other girls; The serpent crawls on her clothes, asks her to follow him, crawls away, promising to come for Z. when she is 18; Serpent crawls with other snakes, peri and genies, takes Z. into the lake; turns into a handsome man under water; he himself was kidnapped by snakes and became their Padishah; Z. goes to visit his parents with three children; mother takes them out at Z., in what words does she call her husband; goes with a sword to the lake, calls the Serpent, cuts off his head; Z. and her children bury him; Z. turns the children into a nightingale, a swallow, a starling, she becomes a dove herself]: Zamaletdinov 1992:57 (=2008a, No. 52:233-238).

Turkestan. Kazakhs [girls are swimming, Mirzhan says that the khan himself would ask her to become his wife; a mighty voice can be heard from the water, snakes crawl onto M.'s clothes, promises to return it if M. becomes his wife; M. agrees; a week later, many snakes crawl to the yurt, take M. under water; after a few years, M. comes to his mother with her son and daughter, says that she is happy; answers his mother that he will call her husband with words "Ahmet, Ahmet, come, get up from the bottom"; at night, M.'s mother calls a snake, kills him with an ax, the water stained him with blood; in the morning M. finds her husband's head by the river; tells her daughter to become a swallow, her son to become a nightingale, turns into a cuckoo herself]: Daurenbekov 1979:103-106.

(Wed. Amur - Sakhalin. Nanais [the elderly couple had a daughter, Fudiken; a maid came from somewhere; when the girl is 6 years old, her mother died, and the maid is also missing; F. goes to the lake, lowers her braid into the water; grew up; the mighty hunter began to marry her; then a man, more beautiful than that hunter, came out of the water; said that he was the maid, specially raised F. as his wife; leads to the underwater world; there are jewelry, gold and silver, the fish people bow; F. asks to be allowed to see her father first; one braid F. fell into a golden stream, the other into a silver stream, the braids themselves became gold and silver; F. asks the groom abandon it; he goes to the lake, calls the owner of the waters in the voice of F.; he goes out, but is not deceived, but is ready to fight; F. went to the water, turned into a willow; waits for one of the suitors to win]: Medvedev 1992:222-226).