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F9D. Scorpions in the genitals .

In the genitals of a woman or man, there are small stinging creatures that are dangerous for a partner.

Ancient Greece, Labrador and West Greenland Eskimos, Naskapi, Sikuani, Oyana, Bara, Tarian, Bare, Whitoto, Maue, Shipibo, Marubo, Mehinaka, Calapalo, Paresi.

The Balkans. Ancient Greece: Apollod. Bibl. ["Mythological Library" of Pseudo-Apollodor (1st-2nd centuries): "Booth married Chthonia, Xuf married Creus, and Kefal, son of Deion, Prokrid. Prokrida, taking a golden wreath from Pteleont as a gift, shared a bed with him, but was caught treason by Kefal and ran to Minos. The latter fell in love with her and talked her into getting along with him. But every woman who got along with Minos had to die. The reason was that Pasiphaia, angry at Minos' frequent infidelity, bewitched him, and every time Minos met other women, he gnawed them {in the original - theirα '(small) wild animals'} and women died. But Minos had a frisky dog and an unmissed spear: after he gave them to Prokrid, she agreed to share a bed with him, after giving him a drink of Kirkey's root infusion to protect herself from harm. Later, fearing Minos' wife, she fled to Athens and, having come to terms with Kefalus, went hunting with him (she indulged in this activity with passion). When Prokrid was chasing game in the bushes, Mullet, not recognizing her, threw a spear at her and killed her on the spot. He was tried for this by an areopagus, and he was sentenced to eternal exile" (trans. V.G. Borukhovich)]: III. 15.1; Ant. Lib. ["Metamorphoses" by Antonin Liberal (2nd century): "Kefalus, son of Deion, married Prokrid, daughter of Erechtheus, in Attic Forik. He was a handsome and brave young man, and Eos, falling in love with him for his beauty, kidnapped him and made him her lover <... > Then Kefal began to test Prokrida if she wanted to remain loyal to him. Under some pretext, he decided to go hunting, and sent an unknown slave to Prokrid with a lot of gold and taught him to tell her that a stranger in love with her would give it's gold if she gets along with it. Prokrida first refuses gold, but when Mullet sent twice as much, she agrees and accepts the offer. When Kefal saw her enter the house and lay down on a bed with someone she thought was a foreigner, he brought in a burning torch and found her at the scene of the crime. Prokrida, leaving Kefalus in shame, fled to King Minos of the Cretans. When she found him grieving because of the absence of children, she promised him healing and taught him how to have children. For Minos <во время совокупления> uprooted snakes, scorpions, and scolopendras, and the women he joined died. But Pasiphae, the daughter of Helios, was immortal. So, Prokrida comes up with the following for Minos to have offspring: she inserted a goat's bladder into a <некой> woman's body, and Minos first uprooted the snakes into the goat's bladder and then went to Pasiphae and connected to her. And when they had children, Minos gave Prokrid a spear and a dog; no beast could evade them, but they caught up with them all" (trans. V.N. Yarkho)]: XLI.

The Arctic. Labrador (Nain), West Greenland [a blind old woman asks her daughter for a drink, she gives her urine, the old woman drinks, asks whether her daughter would prefer a louse or a sea louse as a lover scorpion (Myoxocephalus scorpius fish with poisonous fins); she laughs that it is a sea scorpion, because it is not so easy to crush it in bed; the old woman begins to pull the sea out of her vagina scorpions and dies; {what is meant by sea scorpion is not entirely clear; fish of the species}]: Millman 2004:192; "the whole Arctic and Greenland" [husband and wife who died in an avalanche rise to the mountain on her way to another world; there is an Erdlaversissoq woman with a big ass, between which sea scorpions, sings "I have a big ass", licks herself between her legs; a man laughs, she pulls it out, eats it insides, throws her body down at the rocks; the woman does not laugh, thrives in the world of the dead]: Millman 2004:92.

Northeast. Naskapi [wolverine cannot find a hunting companion; meets two women, mother and daughter, takes them to hunt; girl falls, he sees her vulva, copulates; mother pulls penis out daughter's vaginas, sticks in her own; this is how they copulate one by one; wolverine falls asleep; a spider, a caterpillar, an ant see his penis, realize that he had sex, run to women; when they wake up, the wolverine sees the blanket is high above him, it is lifted by his erected penis; he comes to women, finds insects in their genitals, takes them out, puts them in a rotten stump]: Millman 1993:26-27.

Llanos. Sicuani [scorpions, wasps, ants in mother-in-law's vagina; whoever copulates with this woman falls into a narcotic trance; contrary to warning, the son-in-law inserts his penis deeper than necessary; turns into a hawk, flies, regurgitating the drug; this is where Anadenanthera peregrina grows]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1992, No. 55:237.

Guiana. Oyana: Magaña 1987, No. 27 [women had scorpions in their vaginas; men copulated with calebasses; women added blood to semen, this is how children were made; men cut women and removed scorpions; sex became safe], 62 [women had scorpions in their vaginas; one person copulated with a calebas; she burst and a boy came out and started walking right away]: 39, 47.

NW Amazon. Carijona [the hunter wants to get the tapir alive, puts his hand in his ass, he drags him to the river; he transports him across the river; there's a pineapple field; the tapir falls into the Giirinomo Amazon trap pit; the hunter touches their leader's vulva; she first combs scorpions, ants, spiders out of the pubis; G. copulates with special objects from which seed splashes; the leader allows the hunter to have sex with everyone, but only gets pregnant herself; the others want to kill him for it; he and the leader fill the mirrors in which G. everyone sees; one old woman has a mirror; the fugitives sail in the boat, taking them with them deer; G. throw a harpoon, pull out a deer; fugitives swim to carijona land, live among people]: Schindler 1979, No. 14:120-128; bar [Koa-mahku seduces two girls; their father lures him into a tree, leaves him; the ibises take him to their sister; she gives him a comb to comb scorpions out of her pubis; makes him a lover; he steals curare from her father]: Jackson 1983:115; tarian: Brüzzi 1994 [monkeys invite Uanali to go up the tree for fruit, leave him alone; Herons give him their feathers, he flies with them, they fly to the old woman, the mother of Herons; pull out feathers for themselves, they grow back overnight; W. does the same, feathers do not grow, Herons fly away without him; the old woman says that she has scolopendra, scorpions and ants in her vagina, tells her to wash her vagina with a decoction of bark; W. doesn't listen, his penis is swollen; she leaves him at the top of the mountain; the ant lowers him down; waits for W. to say that the ant's mouth stinks; W. abstains, reaches the ground; fish wash his penis, he takes normal sizes]: 208-211; Moreira, Moreira 1994 [birds, especially parrots, are going to make a home for their grandmother Emoamahsō; called O'ã-khë to help, gave him their feathers to fly to E.'s house was told not to shake off its feathers or eat cassava; they shook them off themselves to cover E.'s house; O. also began to shake off, all his feathers fell out; tried cassava, E. realized that someone was a stranger with the birds; the birds flew away, O. stayed; E. warned that she had poisonous spiders in her vagina, etc., it was necessary to wash it, but O. did not listen, got along with her, his penis became long; he went to the house, got lost, went to the dam, behind which all kinds of fish; the fish gave him medicine, his penis became normal, for which he destroyed the dam, the fish blurred; the owner of the Ahõbëhkë dam promised to kill him, but O. left]: 34-38; bar [storks bring a person to the mother of birds; he removes poisonous creatures from her vagina; the latter stays, bites him; his penis becomes long, he wraps it around his neck and waist; then the penis becomes normal]: Pereira 1980 (1): 244, 249; uitoto [a man marries a woman whose pubis is teeming with snakes, spiders, ants; performs difficult tasks for his father-in-law; copulates after washing wife with fish poison]: Preuss 1921, No. 19:92.

Central Amazon. Maue [when tested initiated: a braided line depicting a double-headed aquatic creature with stinging ants attached to it has female genitals]: Ugge 1991:161.

Montagna - Jurua. Shipibo [a girl sits on the ground, making clay pots, copulating with a worm; a mother pours boiling water on it; a daughter goes into the forest; a Jaguar sees worms in her vagina; puts healing leaves in it, expelling spiders, scorpions, snakes, fish, lizards; his wife removes a splinter from his teeth; in pain he turns into a jaguar; his wife and two children return to people; jaguars attack the village; the older brother leaves to the jaguar father; since then, humans and jaguars have lived separately; (in other pano texts on a similar plot, both including and devoid of a bite motif, snakes or insects appear from the womb of a woman)]: Roe 1982, no. 4:53-54; marubo: Melatti 1984:131-134 [Sheta Veká has a snake lover; mother-in-law found him in the department of the house where his daughter-in-law is sitting, his father-in-law killed him, threw his head away; at this time, the woman's husband killed her human lover on the site; she left, went to Rane Topáne, the son of Shoma Vetsa; gave birth to snakes, poisonous ants, Morning Star, Mincho Forest Spirit; after that, RT married her, brought her into his house mother; that sister Kencho; they ate their first three sons; then RT made a hole, a fire in it, pushed mother and aunt together; nocturnal birds, jaguars, night monkeys, and the spirits of the dead mourned her death; The souls of Shoma Vetsa and the boys she ate appeared; Sheta Veká woke her husband up, but he only grabbed the older one; the others ran away, they were creoles], 139 [when Topáne wanted to marry Sheta Veká, she removed poisonous ants from her vagina].

Southern Amazon. In addition to paresi: the hero extracts stinging creatures by washing the genitals with fish poison. Mehinacu [ants, scorpions, snakes]; kalapalo [caterpillar, piranha]; paresi [younger brother falls into the trap of the demon Shikhali; he brings him home, says he brought firewood; his two daughters go to bed with a young man; they have poisonous insects in their vaginas, they tell him to stick a reed, pull out the insects, have sex, then put the insects back; at night, the young man falls asleep, is eaten by S.; the older brother does the same thing, but he does not fall asleep; Sh. 1) sends him to bring toucans (they kill people); the old woman tells him to burn the thorns in the tree first (var: wives cover holes in the young man's face) wax, toucans did not peck him); the young man brings toucans, S. revives them; 2) clean the bird cage (there snakes, old woman or wives warn, he burns snakes, S. revives); 3) fish with poison ( old woman: there are caimans created by Sh.; you need to heat the stones, boil the lake; S. revives the cooked creatures); 4) get the vine to make arrows (the vine must fall on your head, the water spirit pulls out); 5) tear bark from the tree (his son-in-law climbs up, throws bark, killing S.); beetles came out of his stomach, so his daughters could not revive him; two beetles were made a sacred nasal flute; the young man and those born to as a boy and a girl, he swims down the river in a cassava trough; wives send two parrots; they fly into the young man's mouth, cut his heart, come out of his sides; since then they are red; children tease the person who comes to him Cocotero (their father's sister) that she has a hairy vulva; every time she wants to grab them, they jump into the water; Zatiamare (K.'s older brother and the dead boys) catches them in a trap; with the forest spirit copulates as a girl, she turns into a spirit herself; the boy is killed by fish, he flies away with a falcon; Z. finds his veins, teeth and brain, makes them into timbo, fish poison, kills many fish]: Pereira 1986, No. 7:131-149.