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Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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F9G. Brunhilde, ATU 519. .11.-.

A powerful woman wins and kills suitors. The hero or his assistant defeats her (usually tames her on the wedding night, beating her with bars or scourges). The hero marries a hero.

Mongos, Bulsa, Sudanese Arabs, Nubians, Berbers (?) Morocco, Arabs of Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Friezes, Thousand and One Nights, Palestinians, Arabs of Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Arameans, Burmese (?) , Hungarians, Croats, Romanians, Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Russians (Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Olonetskaya, Novgorod, Oryol, Ryazan, Tula, Bryansk), Ukrainians (Transcarpathia, Ivano-Frankivsk region, Poltava), Belarusians, Crimean Tatars, Kalmyks, Adygs, Abkhazians, Abazins, Ossetians, Ingush, Nogais, Avars, Dargins, Armenians, Azerbaijanis, Turks, Kurds, Uzbeks, Shugnans (?) , Swedes, Finns, Estonians, Veps, Lutsies, Latvians, Lithuanians, Mari, Kazan Tatars, Bashkirs, Udmurts, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Buryats, Central (?) Yakuts.

Bantu-speaking Africa. Mongo [see motive J56; young man Ilelangonda (aka Ilele) rejects brides, goes to look for a wife; Mbombe promises to marry someone who will defeat her in combat while standing in a puddle of oil; always wins; I. defeats her; on the way home, M. does everything better than he does; he presses great mushrooms, she picks them up; the porcupine runs away from his trap, he sends M. with dogs; she catches a porcupine, which turns into an antelope, runs away; catches an antelope, it turns into a leopard; M. screams, I. comes running, throws a spear at M., she throws a leopard net at I., I. runs away from the leopard, giving names to everyone she meets in forest living creatures; comes running to a village of women; there is only one old man; I. must find out the names of the women, otherwise he will be killed; is going to relieve himself in the trash, sees an old woman in a pile of dirt and garbage; she was the chief of women, but thrown away when a young female leader appeared; advises what to do; I. holes in the fish dam; the woman who noticed this calls everyone else by name; I. remembers names; during the meal, I. calls all the women; M. comes, easily calls all women by name, eats all the food, retires with I., they return to the village, M. is pregnant; then the motive J4]: Belcher 2005:204- 207.

West Africa. Boulsa: Schott 1993:14f in Uther 2004 (1), No. 519:307-308.

Sudan - East Africa. Sudanese Arabs: Al-Shahi, Moore 1920, No. 31 [Mohammed Othman is the son of a sultan; he was raised in a closed courtyard by a slave; when he went out into the world, he fell in love with a nomadic daughter, his father married him; he hit the old woman's jug with a stone; she took revenge by telling his wife's relatives that MO was an idiot; they migrated; his wife wrote to him that she would be given to another in a week; MO bought the dead debtor, whom they were not allowed to bury; he was given the daughter of the ransom; then two roads, the Ministry of Defense chose a difficult one; there was a woman who cut off the heads of 99 men; MO fights her, wins, marries her; through a maid transfers the ring to her first wife, putting it in a jug of water, she returned to it; the Sultan envied that his son had three wives and decided to destroy him; but the nomadic daughter knew everything in advance; ordered not to go to her father barefoot (poisoned nails), does not sit on a poisoned chair, do not drink coffee from the proposed cup; but then he was blinded and thrown under a tree; two birds say it can be cured by mixing the liver one with the lungs of the other; he grabs the birds, his eyesight returns; he comes when the Sultan is preparing the wedding; the robber wife was the first to recognize him, cut off the Sultan's head herself; the vizier was torn by camels; MO became a sultan], 32 [orphan Ahmed heard voices at night; the old man tried to take the old woman's chicken; A. threw stones, the old man got scared, ran away; the old woman did not say the secret of the chicken; A. stole it and finally ate the end; old woman; the chicken who ate the heart has the strength of 40 people; the sultan will give his daughter to someone who runs her in martial arts; more than a hundred applicants have already been executed; A. defeats the girl several times, marries; at night, the former chicken owner comes, rips A.'s stomach, pulls out the chicken's heart; in the morning A. discovers that he has lost strength; the sultan drives him away; A. eats green and yellow dates; from the first they grow, from the second, 4 horns disappear; A. first sells green ones to the Sultan, his daughter grows horns; then, under the guise of a doctor, feeds her yellow, the horns disappear; the Sultan recognizes A. as his son-in-law]: 151-155, 155-159; Nubians : Kronenberg in El-Shamy 2004, No. 519:289-290

North Africa. The Arabs of Egypt [the poor musician's wife is giving birth; he went to beg, but found a chicken and an egg; she began to lay eggs that a Jew bought for good money; when the musician went on Hajj, The Jew gave his wife silver and told him to cook chicken; the son came and ate goiter; the servant told him to run; the Jew chased him for a long time, caught up with him, threw himself at him with a knife, but the boy knocked him down and killed him; came to the king's palace, 39 heads hang at the gate; the king's daughter tells the grooms to overcome her, kills her; on the first day, the young man and the princess fight, but the winner is not determined; when the young man falls asleep, the king tells his healers find out what was going on; they cut the young man's chest, took out that chicken's goiter, sewed up the wound imperceptibly; in the morning, the young man realized that he was no longer strong and ran away; three are fighting over a flying carpet filled with food bowls, a hand mill that gives out money; a young man throws a stone: whoever gets first will receive wonderful items; picks them up himself, flies away on a flying carpet; flies to the palace of the royal daughter, puts her in jail on the carpet, carries it to Mount Kaf; but as soon as he comes off the carpet, the princess takes everything and flies away; the young man found dates: a huge horn grows from yellow, disappears from the red one; he collected them, returned to to the palace, sold yellow dates, the princess grew 8 horns; under the guise of a doctor, the young man fed the princess one date - one horn disappeared; one horn every day; the king married him to his daughter, made him a vizier; the young man asked his wife where his wonderful objects were; the princess promised to obey and they began to live well]: Spitta bey 1883, No. 9:112-122; Arabs Algeria, Berbers (?) and the Arabs of Morocco: El-Shamy 2004, No. 519:289-290.

Western Europe. Friezes: Uther 2004 (1), No. 519:307-308

Western Asia. One Thousand and One Nights ["The Sixth Story of a Slave"; Princess Al-Datma agrees to marry only the one who wins her battle; takes a horse and weapon from each defeated person, and stigmatizes her with fire; Persian Prince Bahram fights successfully, but al-D. opens his face, B. does not know what to do, is defeated, branded, does not eat or drink for several days, refuses to return to Iran; dressed as an old man, he is hired as a gardener to ad-d., brings his goods, promises to give to the one who marries him, and then divorce after a kiss; al-D. gives his concubine for him; the next day B. repeats the offer; al-d. seduced by jewelry, B. deprives her of her innocence; she decides to go with him to Iran; wedding]: Salye 2010, night 597-598:237-240; Palestinians [Tsarevich Jamal Ed-Din hunted unsuccessfully for a long time; finally he saw the gazelle; as soon as he approached it, she was far away again; he let his companions go; chased for 5 days; the gazelle disappeared, the castle appeared; D. pushed back the stone door, put up his horse among 6 horses, lay down among 6 men; their sister came in and counted them; when they found D., they were amazed: he pushed back the door, which they could only push back by six; the brothers asked D., explained that the gazelle is their sister Guzlan; they married her; went to look for six sisters to marry; D. defeated one army of Franks; cut off one man's ears and nose and sent him to talk about what happened; the old woman advised me to give her a ship of both gold and silver, sailed to D., said that everyone on the ship was dead, let her throw off her rope; pulling her, she pulled D. onto the ship and brought her to the king Franks; they were going to execute him, but Princess Hilâne took him home, they fled on that ship, taking that old woman; D. executed the old woman, he now has two wives: H. and G.; he scares G. every day when he hits behind her with a club on the ground; H. advises you to say: do not boast of strength, the Princess of India is stronger than you; G. came to that princess, won the duel and she became his third wife; G. brothers returned; D. decided to visit his parents; he was warned not to follow the road taken by an evil black man; he went; first an Indian princess fought the black man; then D. defeated him, spared him and he became his friend; they came to father D.; began to live in the palace; enemies attacked; D. left the black man with his wives and went to fight alone; the king father came to the apartments of his son's wives, invited G. to sleep with him; she undertook to wash him, lather him and naked she pushed him out of the window; the guards found him, took him to prison; the next day the vizier took him out of there; the king ordered his son's castle to be destroyed; they started shooting cannons, but the black man caught the balls and threw them back. having destroyed half the city because he was a demon; D. returned and cut off his father's head; reigned; called the G. brothers to live with him]: Littmann 2016:267-282; the Arabs of Syria [chasing the gazelle, the prince finds himself in castle, the gazelle turns into a girl, he marries her; an old woman lures him onto a ship, he is captured by the King of the Franks; the king's daughter falls in love with a young man and runs with him; hearing about the mighty Indian the princess, the young man goes to her, breaks down a door that no one could open, defeats the princess, takes her as his wife; with three wives he returns to his father; on the way he defeats the black man, who promises to serve him, the soul of a black man in an apple; the young man's father wants to take his wives, but the black man destroys his army; the young man kills his father and becomes the ruler of the city]: Nowak 1969, No. 135:147-148; Arabs Palestine, Iraq, Yemen: El-Shamy 2004, No. 519:289-290

Burma - Indochina. Burmese people (?) : Uther 2004 (1), No. 519:307-308

The Balkans. Hungarians, Croats, Romanians: Uther 2004 (1), No. 519:307-308.

Central Europe. Poles [the girl will marry only the one who defeats her; the Queen comes accompanied by an intelligent servant; he helps him fulfill difficult assignments (tame the horse, etc.); on the wedding night the Queen tries to strangle her husband (break his neck), but the servant takes his place and prevails; when she finds out what is wrong, the Queen asks to give her servant and orders him to cut off his legs; he lives with another crippled - blind or armless; makes the demoness (sorceress, monster, etc.) regain their lost dicks; returns to the queen, he gets the throne, and the wife resigns to it]: Krzyżanowski 1962, № 519:168-169; the Czechs [when leaving, the king and queen tell Janko's son to look after his three sisters; the Sun, the Wind, the Month come successively, asking Sister Y. to marry, all three agree, they leave home; the king is happy that his daughters have married kings; I go to visit them; the field is strewn with bones; the skull replies that everyone was defeated by the beautiful hero Ulyana; the same in another field; I. to the castle, changes her sword to the one that hangs on the wall and jumps; W. wins, she offers to live with her; when she leaves, gives keys, forbids entering the 13th room; I opened, there the fire dragon is chained to the wall with three hoops; says that he is thirsty and asks for wine from the last barrel; after each jug he drinks, one hoop falls down; the dragon gives Y. life and takes W.; I. comes to the Sun, that does not know where W. refers to the Month; the Month to the Wind; he replies that the dragon makes W. wash clothes for steep boiling water; he, the Wind, tries to cool the boiling water; I take W.; the dragon's winged horse raises the alarm, but says that there is nowhere to hurry - we will catch up; the dragon took W. and spared I., since he gave him one life; The wind reports that the witch has a dragon horse's brother overseas, who is faster him; the Sun, the Month and the Wind give Y. a peg (gold, silver, wooden) to call them for help; the wind brought me to the witch, who offers to herd three horses - her horse daughters turned into pigeons and they flew away, but the Wind drove them back and told them to put on their bridles; the next day they turned into ducks, the Month put a handkerchief into the lake, it was dry, I put on bridles again; on the third day, the horses turned into pine trees , The sun began to burn them, they had to become horses again; the Sun tells them to ask for a miserable oath as a reward; the witch tells them to milk the mares; the horse: call me before swimming in milk; the milk has boiled, but the skate drew in the heat, I became even more beautiful; the witch also decided to be beautiful, but the skate released the heat and it cooked; I washed the skate, it became mighty, winged; I took W., the dragon rides after , Y.'s horse tells his brother to throw off the dragon, the dragon fell into the abyss; I. brought his wife to his parents and received the throne from his father]: Nemtsova 1978:119-132; Slovaks [in the absence of the king and queen of their three daughters the Sun King, the Wind King and the King of the Month are married and taken away; when his parents return, Queen Janko goes to look for sisters; meets three times the place where people's bones lie, the skulls say that they have been beaten beautiful hero Uliana; I come to her palace, replaces the sword hanging on the wall, fights with W., who admits defeat, becomes his wife; when I leave, I allow me to open the doors of 12 rooms forbids looking into the thirteenth; he breaks the ban, sees the Dragon chained, he gives him wine three times, each time the Dragon falls off another shackle; after the first time, the Dragon gives me a second life, then another one; after the third he flies away, taking W.; Y. finds sisters, the Sun King sends him to the King of the Month, that to the King of the Wind; he gives the horse that brings I. to the Dragon's Cave, I take W.; the horse The dragon tells him that he will have time to sleep for an hour and smoke for an hour, easily catches up with I., the Dragon takes one life from Me, takes W.; the same for the second time; the Dragon promises to tear the fugitives a third time; the king The wind tells you to get the brother of the magic horse that the Dragon rides; takes him across the sea to the witch; she tells three mares (this is her daughter) to herd three days, will kill him if he misses them; on the first day the mares turn into cabbage rolls, fly away; the King of the Wind makes them go down, lets me throw the magic harness at them, the cabbage rolls become mares again; on the second day, the mares turn into ducks The King of the Month dries the lake; on the third day, the mares turn into spruce trees, the Sun King sends heat, forcing them to regain their former appearance; advises the witch to reward a sick skate lying on a pile of manure; the witch tells me to milk mares, bathe in their milk; the milk boils, the skate cools it, I. becomes handsome; the witch wants to be beautiful, to become the wife of Y., the end brings the milk back the heat, the witch is cooked; on the way to the Dragon, the horse tells him to buy him, becomes a magnificent horse; I. takes W.; the horse Y. shouts to the Dragon's horse that the brother should not chase his brother; he throws the Dragon on the horse W. sits down, they will come to Y.'s parents; holiday, Y. gets the throne]: Nmcová 1970:150-163; Russians (Murmansk, Arkhangelskaya, Olonetskaya, Novgorod, Orlovskaya, Ryazan, Tula), Ukrainians (Transcarpathia, Ivano-Frankivsk, Poltava), Belarusians [Blind and legless: a servant helps the prince marry a hero; instead of a prince, he fights against her, tames her her at night; when she learns of the deception, she cuts off the servant's legs, puts her husband as a shepherd; the legless finds the blind, they help each other; the witch heals them, they tame the princess and help the prince]: SUS 1979, No. 519:149; Russians (Bryansk, Karechevsky district) [iron wool bear eats people; the tsar ordered to build a high pole; placed Ivan Tsarevich and Elena the Beautiful upstairs with food for 5 years; the bear ran to the palace, began to gnaw on the broom with annoyance; he told him to go to the field, there was a pole; the bear began to rock the pole, I. threw him food, he fell asleep; I. and E. ran, sat on a horse, his bear easily caught up, tore them, brought I. and E. to the pole in their mouths; the same for the second time (the geese carried them, the bear scorched them); the third time I. and E. carried a third goby; covered the bear's eyes three times with droppings; swam across the river, and the bear drowned; the goby tells him to slaughter him, collect his bones, hit him, a fist man will come out of them - himself from his fingernail, a beard from his elbow; the peasant brought I. and E. to the robbers' house, killed everyone and locked them in one the room, without telling E. to go there; she went and fell in love with the chieftain's head; asked I. to get living and dead water, revived the chieftain; to lime I., sent him for wolf's milk; the she-wolf gives wolf cub in addition; the same with the bear; the lioness; E. sends a firebird for eggs; she swallowed the peasant's fist; E. and the chieftain were going to kill I.; he asked permission to wash in the bathhouse; the animals came running and I. said that the fist man had escaped; he told the animals to tear the chieftain apart, and E. tied the naked woman to a tree to be eaten by flies and mosquitoes; brought I. to the heroic girl; I. hardly defeated her, married her; at night she put her hand on I.'s chest, he was ill, he called the peasant; the man beat the girl until he tamed it; the wife persuaded I. to release E.; she began to look for I. in his head and let a dead tooth into his head; the lion cub I saw it, pulled it out, began to die on his own; then the bear cub; then the fox, but she threw her tooth into a frying pan and it crumbled; I. ordered E. to be tied to the horse's tail and open it across the field]: Afanasiev 1958 (2), No. 202:94- 97; Russians (Orenburg Region) [the old woman tells you to catch a pike, cook it for the childless queen; the maid eats the piece, the cow licks the washes; all three give birth to a boy; the son of a cow is stronger than others, a hero storm (B.); at a piece the maid eats, the cow licks the washes; all three give birth to a boy; the son of a cow is stronger than others, a hero storm; beats a 6-, 9-, 12-headed serpent, hides his heads under a viburnum bridge; a fly overhears how the wives of the Snakes agree to become a well, an apple orchard, a hut; does not allow the brothers to approach them, cuts them into pieces; tells blacksmiths to grab a pig by the tongue (mother of the Snakes?) , who chases him; beats her, makes her swallowed brothers regurgitate, kills; the army of the Indian king wins, who promises to give his daughter for Ivan Tsarevich; she arrives with a dove, asks her father ( calls him grandfather) stick his head out of the water, tears off three hairs, Ivan Tsarevich must guess from which root this grass is; B. flies in like an eagle, tears off his head, gives it to Ivan Tsarevich, he shows it to the bride, B. sends her head to the place; before the wedding night, B. lies down in Ivan Tsarevich's place; the wife thinks that her husband is sleeping, begins to strangle him; B. beats her with iron, copper, tin rods; after that Ivan Tsarevich can live with his wife]: Afanasiev 1958 (1), No. 136:267-277.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Crimean Tatars [lived a great sultan; and what did he not have in the palace? everything except bird's milk; but no children; the sultan went on a journey; the old man gave an apple: eat a third yourself, a third your wife, a third a mare; a son will be born, no one but me should know him name; after the birth of a son, the people are indignant: why is the boy not given a name; at the last moment, the dervish came, gave the name Shash-Smail; slapped the boy on the back: let your back not bow before the power of people"; The foal was called Hamer-tai; "let the bird of heaven not catch up with you"; the sultan kept his son locked up in the yard for 18 years; SHS fell ill, the reason is unclear; drunks offer to let him go to them - he will tell everything; SHS saw Guluzar-khanim in a dream; the messengers returned, but did not find G.; then the SS sat on his G. and went to search himself; came to the palace of beautiful Gulberi; she is in grief: her 7 brothers went to war, not returned; the SS destroyed the enemies, the brothers gave him G., but the SS did not touch her; left, promising to return in a year; an arap in the desert: my master lacks only one human head to to complete the fortress; the SS defeated the enemy, who took off his clothes, the beautiful Guzel-Batyr was in front of him; the SS wanted to part with her too, but she went with him for Gulbery; the old woman says that she is getting married today ; Guluzar agrees, they are fleeing; at rest, the SS falls asleep on Gulberi's lap, and Guluzar fights with the army pursuing them; when Gulteri saw that her two brothers were killed, Gulteri shed a tear, and the SS woke up; At this time, the enemy has already been destroyed; on the way home, the SS also captured the sister of seven brothers and began to live at home with three wives; but SS's father fell in love with Guluzar himself; she has an all-seeing mirror: her father dug a hole for the SS fell into it; the next time the father offered poison, but the wife told the SHS to eat only what her dog would try; the third time the father invited his son to play chess; the loser would allow himself to be tied up; SHS tore the ropes easily; Father: Whose is your strength? SS: in the little finger of his right hand; the father bandaged his little finger, the SS became weaker than the child; the father ordered him to be blinded and thrown into a well in the desert; Guluzar destroys the soldiers sent for her; SS hears a conversation in the well birds: if you touch my eyes with my pen, the blind man will see the light; they drop his pen; SHS saw the light, untied his little finger, got out of the well, destroyed his father's army; his father was executed, the SS met his wives and ascended the throne]: Kondaraki 1875, No. 8:92-108; Crimean Tatars [a childless padishah, taking a vizier, goes to wander; they wear dervish clothes; at the source, a real dervish turns to the padishah; he knows who says and what the padishah does; gives an apple: eat it yourself, and give the peel to the mare; but do not give my son a name until I come and name him; a boy and a foal were born; children call sheikhzade "nameless bay"; the teacher says that he will not be able to learn it in this world, he needs a abode underground; the padishah ordered the basement to be dug, tells him to feed the boy boneless meat; when the boy is 12 years old, there was a bone in the meat; he threw it into the glass ceiling, which crashed, the boy began to catch sunlight without success; the teacher agrees to take the boy out of the basement; he sees the rider, tells the teacher to tell his father so that he too They gave a horse, a peregrine falcon and a greyhound; a boy of 15 years old; a dervish enters: the name of Sheikhzade is Shah Ismail, the horse is Kamer Tai; she hunts with companions of her age; she is chasing a gazelle, she disappeared into the tent and turned out to be a girl; SHEA lost consciousness; an old woman living with a girl tells her to run her chest over the young man's face so that he can be saved; SHI and Gulizar fall in love; he gave her a ring, she is a precious comb for him; SHEA dries from love, one of the young men tells the padishah from meeting G.; she is the daughter of bey nomads; padishah and bey agreed to marry; but G.'s mother did not agree, migrated with her daughter towards India; Bey jumps to catch up them; the vizier offered to arrange for SHI to choose a bride: let all the girls of Kandahar come, and all the men stay at home; but G. no; Shea jumps in search; the palace without doors, Shea broke the wall, came in; there he cries Peri Gulperi; her brothers are fighting the devas; Shea hacked all the devas; the brothers gave him Gulperi, but he put a sword between himself and his wife on the bed; when they learn that SHEA was looking for a lover, the brothers report that saw Arap passing by with bloody hands; SHI reached Arapa Yuzengi's palace, saw pilaf cooked on blood; AYU offers to fight and then eat; one Ayu lip on the ground, the other on Mount Kesheesh; AYU hit SHEA so that his mother's milk flowed from his nose; SHEA knocked down AYU, was going to slaughter him, but she turned out to be a beautiful girl; she goes with SHI to find Gulizar; stayed with an old woman; she says The Shah of India marries his son to the daughter of bey of the nomads; arranged a date between Shi and Gulizar; while they are sleeping, AYU killed the attacking army; together with the three girls she received, SHI returned home; Ayu feels dangerous, says ask them to be accommodated in a separate palace; SHI's mother was jealous, telling the padishah to kill their son; when he saw the girls, the padishah also wanted them for himself; AYU gives a stone that identifies the poison; then the vizier offered to play with SHI in chess, the loser will be tied; Shea won three times and then deliberately lost; admits that his bow's bowstring holds him in this world; he was tied, his eyes were pulled out, his right pocket was put in his left pocket and the left to the right; AYU pretends that they agree to marry the padishah, asks for 100 concubines - she will send jewelry; sends a bag with the severed heads of concubines; smashes the army of the padishah; SHI in The doves hear the doves talking in the desert: let's throw them on the feather, if SHEA rubs his eyes with them, he will see the light; SHEA put his eyes in, but the hangman did not put them as SHEA asked; his appearance has changed; he became a padishah's warrior; fights against AYU; the padishah praises him, lets him take his horse and weapon; Shea takes his horse and his sword Zulfikar, comes to his wives, they recognize him; Oh, cut off the head of the padishah; funeral and wedding; they have achieved their goal, may Allah help you too]: Zherdeva 2020, No. 84; Kalmyks, Armenians: Uther 2004 (1), No. 519:307-308; Adygs (Bzhedugi) [after the death of his parents, the prince's son began to live with father's friend; when he saw a beautiful pigeon, he promised to marry only an equally beautiful girl; adopted father: there are two of them in the west, one in the east; the young man went east, left the prince's son an arrow: if she has blood, trouble with him; almost froze on the way; finds a girl, she sets conditions: to overtake the rider, shoot three pigeons released, to overcome her; the rider is an old woman on a donkey; offered to look for young men in his head, put her to sleep, galloped away; he caught up with her, threw sand into her eyes, came back first; shot pigeons, knocked down the girl; the dagger does not take her, he took her with him; on the way he takes her away from the rider, who he drives the prisoners with a ring; the other has a handkerchief, the third has a bracelet; three are fighting over his father's inheritance: an invisible hat, a whip, a spit, a leather dastarkhan; the young man promises to give it to whoever brings what he has released a bullet, he takes everything himself; there is a seven-headed giant nailed to the ground near the house, there are three girls in the house; the young man enters invisible; each tells how a young man took a ring from one, a handkerchief from another, and a third bracelet; the young man comes in, the girls go with him, do not tell him to release the giant; he released, the giant took the girls away, the young man flew to him on a dastarkhan plane, hitting him three times with a whip; he stopped at holes in the ground; the young man widened it with a spit, went down, killed the sleeping giant, took the girls; met the prince's aged son; meets a shepherd, who tells the sheep to cry: the prince's son has long died; young man: he alive, slaughter sheep for a feast; married a beautiful woman brought in, married three girls well too]: Tambiev 1900:52-60; Abkhazians (Western 1933) [In winter, the princess sees two apples on the apple tree; she knocked down both, one was carried away by the river; the princess ate the first apple in half with her husband, the second by the mill and her husband, both women became pregnant and gave birth to a boy; the prince's son He cries all the time, the parents sent the children to throw him away; they were met by a miller, said that his baby was crying; as soon as the children were around, they stopped crying and began to play; the miller gave his to the prince; the young men ask them to make two iron balls; they threw the balls up, they fell to their knees three days later, crashed; then they asked them to make two golden balls; they fell 10 days later and only bent; the young men went on a journey; at the fork, the younger Pycha went to the left, and Pycha went to the right; if blood drips from the tip of the sword, then the owner was in trouble; P. came to the dead city, the residents were eaten by a giant, only the old woman hid in the stove; P. and the giant grabbed each other and put them in the ground; P. - waist-deep, jumped out, put the giant around the neck, cut off his head; but two, then three, grew in place of one head; the old woman sprinkled ash on her necks, then the giant died; P. promised the giant's sister to marry her on the way back; defeated seven hero brothers and also promised to marry their sister; an old woman came to the fire in the woods, asked to tie a horse and a dog, then swallowed both them and P.; it was an aroupap (witch); K. followed his brother's footsteps, both women mistook him for P., he asked them to wait; his horse and dog began to beat him and to bite the aroupap, she had to spew the swallowed ones intact, then K. cut off her head; P. heard a voice, went in search; old man: this is the voice of a girl you can't do; but P. decided to get it; old man: an arap is tied at her iron gate, he cannot be answered; P. and the girl fought checkers for 64 years; finally P. defeated her; she gave him a ring; P. answered the arap, he fell off the chain, they became fight; bird: tear out the gate, there is a chest under it, there is a bird in it, a piece of paper in it, the soul of an arapa in it; P. tore a piece of paper, the arap died; P. captured two other women and a brother on the way home; K. chose his sister 7 brothers; she asked to bring her younger 6-year-old brother; he was stronger than P., but gave him his sister; they both came to visit three sisters, the 6-year-old fought them for 120 years, won, took the youngest; feast; who listens a fairy tale, turns to the right - he will have wealth, turn to the left - there will be a lot of money]: Khashba, Kukba 1935:1-12 (=Shakryl 1975, No. 30:153-161); Abazins: Tugov 1985, No. 43 [man named Shepherd comes to another named Son of the Sun, then both to the Son of the Moon; the prince will give his daughter to someone who knocks down a needle suspended at the height of a bird's flight with one shot, catches fragments in the hem of a Circassian; P. performs the task, but gives the girl to the Son of the Sun; elsewhere the same to the Son of the Moon; comes to the old woman, she sends her to the giantess, telling her lips to touch her breasts; the giantess directs her to the hero who kills suitors; tells you to hide in a hole first, lure the hero's dogs, she will get tired, she will beat them half to death; then the same with her horse; then find her sleeping, beat her with a bronze whip until she put up with it; that's what happened; one day his wife washed her hair, swam her hair down the river, an old woman found him, showed him to the prince, promised to bring this woman; she became P.'s wife's maid, persuaded him to ask what his soul was like; in the casket, the old woman threw him into the river, P. died; the old woman lured the woman into the boat, brought him to the prince; the Son of the Sun and the Son of the Moon fired arrows into the sky, she returned bloody; the son of the Moon asked Keith to regurgitate what was in his stomach, he regurgitated the casket with P.'s soul, P. came to life; P. threw his ring into the vessel with which the maid of the prince's new bride came to fetch water; the twin brothers threw the prince off the high porch , the old woman was torn by horses], 70 [when dying, Zan bequeathed his son to marry Jankulyaz; he goes in search; the shepherd teaches: D. will offer horse racing, her two eagles must peck out their eyes, we must have time to cut off their wings; when D. enters Kunatskaya, two snakes will come out of her mouth, she must dodge, the snakes will break against the wall; then D. must be beaten until she swears to be a faithful wife; that's what happened; on the way home, the rider wanted to repel D.; they fought for a long time; the young man saw how the wounds of the "rival" were being healed in the hut, it turned out to be a girl; he beat her with a dogwood stick, knocked down her hat, and also married her]: 110-117, 214-216; Ossetians [Aslan decides to test his sons in old age; the eldest, middle return from distant, dangerous places, but A. says that he got there in a day; the younger Kaurbek pulls out a horse and heroic weapons from under the mound; meets his father's brother, who fought with the army of Donbettyr's daughter; K. wounds her, kills the horse, makes belts out of his skin, goes down to sea; the old woman teaches her to change blood vessels from the living and the dead with water; K. defeats D.'s daughter, gives her to her uncle, revives the horse with live water; takes out the sword stuck in his grandfather's skull; he teaches him to hit the khan with it, not to strike a second blow; K. kills the khan, takes his daughter; eternal night in Khan's country; K. comes to the sea, across it a whale bridge; K. moves along it to the house of the Sun; his mother hides K., asks the Sun Son questions so that K. overhears answers; The sun does not illuminate Khan's possessions, because he tried to kidnap his daughter; the whale lies on the bridge because he swallowed the ships; K. goes back, answers the whale, he releases ships, frees himself; K. takes the daughter of the Sun, light spreads in the Khan's possessions; the Sun sends fire-breathing cannibal mares with steel jaws to the kidnapper's daughter, K.'s horse destroys them; the daughter of the Sun insidiously tells K. to milk the remaining mares, take a dip in boiling milk; the horse advises K. not to rush into boiling water, but to walk along the crossbar on which the cauldron hangs; the daughter of the Sun believes, bathes herself, comes out unharmed, the darkness above the ground dissipates; Zaliag Kalm at sea (!) does not give water to drink, demands a boy and a girl a month; K. kills him, blood turns the sea yellow, now the sea is called "Yellow"; older brothers kill sleeping K. and his horse; daughter The sun sends Donbettyr's daughter to revive K. with live water; K. forgives his brothers, gives one Donbettyr's daughter, another a khan's daughter, washes his father with living water, he is getting younger; K. decides to marry Khadija; with difficulty defeats the warrior; the hawk says that this is H., she will lose her heroic power if she is kissed; K. kisses, brings H. to the wife of her fathers; the older, middle return from distant, dangerous places, but A.]: Byazirov 1971, No. 15:156-173; Ingush [seven brothers died; their heroic sister dressed as a man, killed enemies, returned and locked herself in a tower; scree, a girl, rushed into the tower courtyard threw them further down on other people's crops; people decided to prepare the young man to defeat the hero, then she would have to marry him; the girl defeated him, but when she saw his face, she succumbed; celebrated the wedding ; the tower remained empty]: Dakhkilgov 2010b, No. 260:226-227; Nogais [dying, biy told their sons not to go south; the eldest went with his men, they found an empty house with food and drink, stayed overnight, everyone was killed; the same with his middle brother; the younger Kenzhebay did not fall asleep, hid in the yard in a barrel; a rider arrived on a six-legged horse, killed everyone; considered that the horses were 41, and the dead were 40, but not found K. and left; K. followed the trail; came to the old woman Elmauyz, she has nose to door, she swallowed and regurgitated K., now he is her son; her real son does not know where the six-legged horse rode; she has the same sisters (old women's sons fly in and are called karakus, but then they are not birds, but people); another sister's son explains that this is a rider Altynshash (gold-haired); we need to dig into her house, tie it hair, beat with a kamcha until she agrees to give her horse and wealth; A. agreed and invited K. to become his wife; they live well; A. dropped the curl of her golden hair into the river; the fisherman found it, the khan sent old woman Azazil to find an owner; K. greeted her; she persuaded A. to find out where K.'s soul was; he replied that A. cut the bowstring, but K. replaced it; then K. admitted that his soul was golden a box braided in a forelock on her head; the old woman untwisted her forelock unnoticed, threw away the box, K. died; the old woman brought A. Khan; Elmauyz looked at the spindle, blood was flowing from it; the son of the first elmauyz rules animals, the second birds, the third fish; one pike complained of pain; it turned out that she swallowed the box, it was removed, K. came to life; he came to Khan's country, threw the ring into the maid's jug, who came to the spring; A. recognized him, K. took her away from her wedding to Khan on a six-legged horse]: Kapaev 2012:53-64; Avars [after the death of their father, three princes consistently go to marry the king's daughter in the south side; the elder, the middle answer the old woman that the bride is more expensive to them than her advice; the groom must defeat the princess in order to marry; but she defeats them, they are beheaded; the youngest listens to the old woman, she explains that the princess wins because she shows her opponent's chest; the prince did not look at her chest, the princess promised to become his wife, but took out her golden shoe and asked to find her pair; the prince came to the beautiful a valley with tents, but no people; a young warrior appeared, they fought all day long; the shepherds told the prince that there was a princess in the fortress, guarded by two dragons; the prince threw half each a ram, recognized the princess as yesterday's warrior, won, she gave him a second golden shoe, he brought it to the first princess; now she asks to know what happened between Balay and his wife Boti; a three-headed serpent crawls to the nest of a huge eagle; a young man kills a snake, an eagle brings him to Balay; Balay gives the leftovers left after the dog to a half-petrified woman; makes her eat with the blow of a whip; this is Bati; Balai's story: When Bati lay down with him, she was icy; Balay was watching her; at night she leaves in the wind horse, he chases on a horse cloud; seven sledge giants play with her; Balay kills six, cuts off the seventh's leg; Bati returns first, turns Balai into a female for seven years; then into a horse; then into a hawk; the hawk throws on the whip, restores human appearance; turns Bati into a female; from a horse; into a semi-petrified woman; the young man's bride is Bati's sister; the eagle takes the young man away from Balai's arrow; the king kills his daughter, the young man kills the lame sledge in the dungeon and his son, born of a sledge as a royal daughter]: Saidov, Dalgat 1965:269-280 (=Dirr 1920, No. 13:71-80); Dargins [the padishah has 40 wives, but only one son Shahismail; found out that another padishah has an invincible one son Arabuzinka; helped seven brothers defeat the Persians, married their sister; won A., she turned out to be a girl who promised to marry the one who would defeat her; father S. envies that he has two wives; sends a horse under the poisoned saddle, A. guessed that S. put the person who brought him on his horse; the father offered the poisoned food, A. found out again and removed the bowl; the father asks what to do to make S. die; S.: tie me fingers with an iron twig, which is in his pocket; the padishah tied, ordered to tear out S.'s eyes, put them in his pocket; S. hears the pigeons talking: to see the light, you have to insert your eyes and plunge into the lake; Sh. but he does not see well; his father is fighting with his wives; unrecognized S. offers to bring him A.; accuses his father, he is executed, S. becomes a padishah]: Ganiyeva 2011b, No. 24:259-260; Azerbaijanis: Bogoyavlensky 1899, No. 2 (village. Sahli, Kazakh district, western Azerbaijan) [when he dies, the tsar tells his three sons not to go to the garden; the eldest son goes to meet a hero whose horse kills soldiers and kills the prince; the same with his middle brother; the youngest tames the horse, defeats the hero, who turned out to be a gyaur girl; the prince persecutes her, tells her to convert to Islam, marries her; on the way home he became friends with a diva, they promised to help each other; one of the sons, the diva could swim under water for hours, the other hears everything; the prince and his wife live by the sea, hunting a portrait of his wife; the wind blows him away, the king sees his witch mother becoming the maid of the prince's wife, asks what his strength is; a wreath; throws him into the fire, the prince is unharmed; in a knife; the witch throws him into the sea, brought the prince's wife to the king; that diva sees blood on the prince's ring, asks his sons for help; the listener finds out everything, the swimmer took out the fish that swallowed the blade, the prince came to life, came to his wife, they destroyed the king's army together, everything is fine]: 34-41; Nabiev 1988 [dying, Shah Isfahan leaves the throne the eldest son Ahmed, makes the vizier of the middle Mohammed, the adviser - the younger Hasan; tells him to take a rusty sword on a campaign; A. leaves, does not take a sword, the hero on a winged horse kills him; the same with A.; G. takes a rusty sword, defeats the hero, he turns out to be peri and the daughter of the Frankish king; leaves a note, asks the Frankish king for her hand; G. took out a splinter diva, a grateful diva brings him to another, he by the third, the third to the country of the Franks; G. puts a lamb's stomach on his head to marry a bald one; the king takes him to herd geese; Peri recognizes him; she must choose the groom by throwing an apple at him, throws them to G.; the king kicked them out of town; fell ill, G. called a diva, he gave medicine, G. under the guise of a doctor cured the king; the daughter explained everything; a lavish wedding; another contender for Peri's hand went to war, G. fights bravely; the applicant hired an old woman to kill G.; disguised as a beggar, she came to Peri, found out that her husband's strength was in his sword; the enemies pulled out his sword, sent G. to prison, peri to the enemy king's harem; divas sees blood on his knife, divas surrounded the enemy city, returned the sword, G. and his wife]: 47-53; Dirr 1921, No. 59 [Rustamsal is the son of Qahirman; once mocked an old woman; she said it was better he would have released his aunt, kidnapped by the 14-headed White Div; parents and wise men deny everything; but R. goes in search; comes to one king, throwing guards; he leads K., they admit that sister K. is kidnapped; give R. the weapons of their ancestors]: 219-236; the Turks [40 sons of the Sultan send the youngest to ask their father to marry them; they tell him to sit down only when the Sultan offers a green chair, then he will understand What sons want; brothers go in search of brides; spend the night in ruins; the youngest sees a seven-headed giantess; drove her away, but she returned with 40 sons and 40 daughters; as they entered, the young man cut off everyone's head; the giantess disappeared into the water, the young man followed; the giantess gave the keys to 4 rooms, in each girl, these are brides for brothers; the giantess asks to take her with her; calls her the father-in-law is the king of giants; young men and brides are surrounded by a stone wall; the giant lets go of everyone but his younger brother; to show his power, the giant tells him to burn him, scatter the ashes, to jump off with water - revives; tells him to get the daughter of a neighboring king for him; the king demands to plow and sow a huge field overnight, harvest (ants have fulfilled); eat 40 cauldrons of food (blacks ate); to overcome the princess; she overcomes; the young man burned the Arab's hair again, who quietly helped bring down the princess; the young man took the princess and gave it to the giant; asked her to find out where he was keeping his life; giant: Three deer will suit a watering hole, three boxes in the yellow stomach; after killing the giant, the young man took his wife and found brothers; they are arguing over his fiancée - who will get it; the young man got it himself; a wedding with two wives]: Walker, Uysal 1966, No. 7:77-83; Kurds [Aslan Pasha is a Kurdish padishah, his son is Shaismail; the emir of Arabs migrated to him, he has a beautiful daughter Golizar; S. fell in love with G., but the Arab Emir migrated; G. left a letter: I will wait 40 days, then don't come; S. came to the castle, around an iron wall; he destroyed it, Golperi's girl in the castle; S. defeated the enemies of her seven brothers, they gave him Golperi, but he refused to get along with her before getting Golizar; at the crossroads, one road leads to Sham, the second maybe you'll come back, maybe not, the third one won't; S. went to the third, came to Arabi Palace -Zangi; he says they don't come back from him, S. - that he came by accident, got lost; they've been fighting for three days, it turned out that AZ is a girl; says she could easily kill S., but she liked him; her My brother was the leader of 40 robbers, they slept with all the women, when they came to her, she killed everyone, since then she had not taken off her men's clothes; Sh.: I'll take you, but I'll get Golizar first; S. and AZ came to Arabs, defeated them, Golizar took them away, settled with three wives near his father's tent; Golperi wonders, each time warns that his father wants to kill S. (poison; throw him into a hole); S. himself says that he can be killed by tying his thumbs with a string; he was blinded and thrown; two doves threw off their feather, taught him to see the light; S. pulled lamb over his head stomach, began to work for the shepherd; A. sends warriors to fight AZ, she wins everyone; unrecognized S. also fights; opens the next day; AZ killed A., S. is happy with three wives; killing supporters his father, reigned]: Rudenko 1970, No. 52:174-183.

Iran - Central Asia. Uzbeks [only the last wife of the bay gave birth to a son; by the time it was time to do that on the occasion of circumcision, bai was impoverished; friends went to war against him; the son is strong, moved his mother, father and everything property; the father died; the divas came to dig up the grave; the young man chased him, he disappeared into the cave; at the entrance the young man found a baby; this is his mother's son from a diva, his mother has long been in contact with him, hides in a chest; the young man He found him, killed him, made a belt out of leather, left; stayed with the robbers; the diva's son grew up, found his brother; the young man left him two bowls of pilaf, which he would know if he was in trouble; left; came to the city where the dragon devours people, it is the turn of the ruler's daughter; the dragon is surprised that the young man is not afraid; tells him to show his hair; the young man shows his donkey tail torn off; the dragon runs away in horror; the bald man has attributed victory to himself; but only someone who transplants 40 tall trees from the forest to the garden in a day, ties a pumpkin snuffbox to the top of one and knocks her down with an arrow; the young man fulfilled the condition and married his daughter padishah; two moons have risen; one is a reflection of the face of the daughter of a padishah of another country; she is a batyr woman; the young man began to fight her, but she won and was thrown into the zindan; the diva's son sees that in one bowl the pilaf turned into blood and the other into pus; I came to the young man's wife, she thought that her husband had returned, so they looked like them; he defeated the hero, married her, and the released young man returned to his wife]: Afzalov and others 1972:502-508; Shugnans {? I.I. Zarubin's archive; Zarubin mainly seems to have worked with the Rushano-Shugnan languages} [the tsar gives his son the keys to 40 treasuries, but did not give one; the prince stole the key, unlocked the casket, and contains a portrait in it beauties; the king noticed that the son was turning pale and the portrait was gone; allowed his son to go in search; stayed in town with an old woman; that girl was just having a wedding; the prince put on women's clothes, winked the girl she told me to send that woman to her, they united; the girl teaches her to steal during her wedding to the king; they came to the castle, whose mistress tells everyone to fight her; the prince defeated her and he also married; at home, the king fell in love with one daughter-in-law and the vizier with another; they decided to kill the prince; they took him hunting, there was no water, the vizier promised water in exchange for his eyes; the prince's hound hid them under a stone; the dog brought the blinded prince to the water, brought a cake from his wives; he hears a parrot saying to the starling: we must wipe the eye sockets with the leaves of this tree, then insert his eyes; the young man tore off the leaf, the dog she brought her eyes; disguised as a dervish, she comes to the king; replies that she knows how to play the rubbe and persuade a woman to love whoever she needs, but for this he must be left alone with her; he dug a hole with his wives, his wives they pushed the tsar and the vizier into it, the prince cut off their heads]: Grunberg, Steblin-Kamensky 1976, No. 32:316-326.

Baltoscandia. Latvians [Strong wife. The guy helps the king get married. Grateful animals complete tasks: they grind barley, collect flaxseed themselves; the guy tames the horse - the bride. On her wedding night, the bride wants to strangle the king. The king runs away from the bedroom, a guy comes to her instead and beats his young wife until she becomes powerless, like a three-year-old child. The next day, the wife tells the boy to cut off his legs and designate the king as a shepherd. The guy meets an armless strongman. Both of them kidnap princesses from them and catch a trait visiting her. Damn heals a boy and a strong man. The guy gives a thrash to the queen and tells the king to beat her every morning]: Aris, Medne 1977, No. 519:296; Lutsie {zap. 1933} [two heroes: Ukha Kukhalevich and Franz Vintsian; parents did not want to let Uhu in, but he left home; knocked F. off his horse, it turned out that the girl; when she woke up, she reproached; if she hit and killed with full force Wow; the devil is sitting on an oak tree, burning 40 miles with heat, his ear killed him; there is an empty castle in the forest, that girl F. came there; they began to fight with a big devil - the Snake; he almost ate his ear, and F. chopped it to pieces; Ear descended into the lower world; there's a hut on chicken legs with lamb horns; Ear: turn your face to me; there the old woman calls her brother's son, gives a ball, he rolls to her middle sister; she sends to third {probably the eldest}; from there he goes to the king, who burns with fire; wolf: don't eat me; tells me to sit on him, jumps into the water, they are only slightly burned; the king also calls Ukha the son of his brother; the king has 12 heroes, they don't like Ear; they tell the king that he threatened to get a horse with the sun in front, the moon behind; the wolf: the bridle is even better than the horse; the horse with the bridle was stolen; heroes: The princess threatened to get the ear; the wolf brought her to the garden, told the princess to be grabbed when she went out into the garden; they brought the princess to the king; she required her 12 more maids; brought it; the princess demands a self-playing cantele; with the help of the wolf, he got it again; then a self-made sword; heroes: Ear threatened to defeat all alone; Ear chopped 6 heroes, the king asks to stop; Ear wants to go home; king: Raven Voronovich would deliver, but he was walled up; his ear freed, fattened; they began to get up, there was not enough meat, my legs had to be cut off; on the ground, the BB regurgitated them, the ear took root with living and dead water; the ear returned to F.; wedding]: Annom et al. 2018:106-113; Finns [three brothers and three sisters; the sisters were carried away by a whirlwind; the older brother went in search; three years later, the middle brother; the mother does not want to let the younger one go, but he insists; asks the blacksmith to make iron shoes club and chain; reached the mountain, his brothers are there; one's hair has grown to the ground, the other has moss grown on his head; the youngest threw the chain up the mountain and climbed it; then the heather plain, rotating on it a brass house; he told him to stop; a younger sister was in the house; let his brother go around the house three times against the sun, then he would see a keyhole; the husband came; they agreed to help each other; everyone will know if there is blood on the headscarf; the same is in the silver house of the middle sister; in the golden house of the elder; the young man came to the hero; she was sleeping, he grabbed her; let her go when he agreed that he would not be her father, not brother, but husband; went to fight; the blacksmith makes 300 warriors per night and, if the girl does not destroy them in a day, it will be bad; she forbids the young man to enter one of the rooms; he entered: there all kinds of animals hang by the legs, some by the horns, asking for release; he freed one and the others each other; tore the young man to pieces and threw him into the river; blood came out on the twin headscarves; they turned into a snake, mouse and fish; the fish found a young man; the girl poured elixir on the remains, everything grew together, the young man came to life stronger than before; persuaded the girl to take him with him to fight the forged warriors; he went to the blacksmith, said that he knew his craft and would forge him a new head; he smashed his head with a hammer, no new warriors appeared again; they went to the young man's homeland; the brothers took his sisters; but when the young man brought the bride down the mountain, his brothers cut off the chain and took the girl; the young man spent several years on the mountain, overgrown with hair, dressed in reindeer skin; then saw a blind man below an old man with a huge beard; asked for help; he held out his beard, the young man jumped on it like a soft blanket; touched the old man's eyes, he saw the light; old man: hurry up, your brother is preparing a wedding with yours bride; when he got home, the young man climbed the floor of the shelves in the bathhouse; maid: hell! the bride understood, brought clothes, cut her hair and washed it; wedding]: Löwis of Menar 1927, No. 31:90-96; Swedes, Estonians, Veps, Lithuanians: Uther 2004 (1), No. 519:307-308.

Volga - Perm. Udmurts [=Klabukov 1948, No. 38:108-114; the man died, the son Muzeim remains, the widow is pregnant, has given birth to a son Marsalim; the mother tells the Museum not to ride a red horse, not to climb the mountain; he violates the ban, kills a three-headed snake on the mountain, frees 40 girls and 40 boys, locked another snake underground with a stone; the liberated are building a village, the Museum lives in it, taking her mother; she drops a comb underground; the serpent advises to poison Muzeim, then he will become his mother's husband; Marsalim hears, changed plates; next time he washed off the poison poured by his mother on Muzeim's head; cuts off the snake's head hidden in a chest; Museum comes to life; goes to marry the daughter of the Fire King, leaves Marsalima a ring; stops at her fiancée on the way; the old woman gives 3 apples; the bull will come to the river to drink, drink everything water, you have to roll an apple, go dry; that's what happened; the Museum throws the second apple, the road becomes smooth; the third one throws it into the washbasin, climbs the tree himself; the daughter of the Fire King saw an apple , told me to get down; the princess must be defeated; she throws up all the suitors, Muzeima picked it up, but locked it; Marsalim's ring turned black, he comes to Muzeim's fiancée, she takes him for her fiancé , he accidentally left a mark on her eyebrows; he comes to an old woman, kills her sons, makes her show the way; the Fire King is the same as with the Museum, but Marsalim throws up and picks up the princess himself; marries after Muzeima is released and fattened; on the way back they pick up Muzeim's fiancée; compete in archery; Museum shot Marsalima's little finger; he says sin is atoned for: these He injured his fiancée's eyebrow with his little finger]: Kralina 1960, No. 69:192-198; the Bashkirs [Alyar Khan and Bulyar Khan agreed to marry children if a son and daughter are born; a giant son Alpamysh was born, but his father was born died, and Father Barsyn did not want to give her to A.; B. left, promising to marry the one who would defeat her in the fight; began to live on a hill, rolling huge stones on those who came to marry her; A. threw a stone with his foot, 7 he fought with B. for days, won, married; her parents and brother refused to accept a wedding gift from his son-in-law; A. began to prepare for battle; promises horse shepherd Koltoba property and a wife for a heroic horse ; having obtained a horse, he regrets that he promised, forced K. to abandon his promise; when A. was sleeping, the enemies threw him into a hole, locked the horse in a stone shed; A. made a dombra from a board that fell into a pit; daughters the enemy khan was heard, they began to bring A. bread; A. asks the geese to take the letter; they refuse because he exterminated them; the lonely goose agrees, B. finds out about the fate of A.; the daughters of the enemy khan pulled out A ., he killed him and his warriors; the shepherd replies that A. was evil, and the herds belonged to Uncle K.; A. killed him; the same with the second shepherd; the third grieves for A., he opens to him by showing the golden month on his crown; under the guise of that shepherd, A. came to K.; B. demands that anyone who wants to marry her pull A.'s bow; A. pulled it, B. hugged him; A. asks K. if he wants 40 mares that have never been killed or 40 a sleigh of firewood; he wanted mares, he was tied to their tails; the place his head touched became a hummock, and where his tears flowed became a lake]: Barag 1888, No. 3:45-51; Marie, Kazan Tatars: Uther 2004 (1), No. 519:307-308.

Turkestan. Kazakhs (judging by place names - Mount Begazy - Karaganda district) [Koblandy's batyr robbed the khan, killed his young son Karaman in a duel, captured the people; an old man covered in a cauldron and a boy remained , covered with straw; found K.'s bow; it was worn by two strongmen, and the boy picked up one; found a foal for himself; the old man gave the boy the name Talas-pay, and his horse Koschu-Gar'at; three days in a row, when T. leaves, three the swan rips off the old man's face, tear his fur coat, beat him; K. put on the old man's clothes, went out by himself; squeezed the swans, but they put him on themselves, took off, but he jumped off; shot them, the gold ring fell; Having prepared meat for the old man, K. set off; met a shepherd; he replies that he is herding Kadyr-kan's cattle; I must say, "Cross the cows", they will cross the sea themselves; "Get attached, calves";" Get it, cows"; the youngest of Kadyr-kan's three daughters lick her soles; T. killed the shepherd, dressed in his clothes, sat on his bull, did as the shepherd explained; he cut off the cow's tongue, and stroked it in the girl's yurt her feet; maiden: did your tongue crack? T.: yes; began to stroke softer; the girl does not tell them to go to where they swim tomorrow; he went; they flew in the guise of swans; the youngest noticed the shepherd's golden crest, realized that it was T.; in the evening she pomped, they slept together; girl: how to let my father know that I want to marry; T.: bake three loaves: burnt, half-burnt, good; khan told daughters to choose their husbands themselves; the youngest chose T.; the khan gave them a small yurt; upset by his daughter's choice, the khan fell ill; the doctor: you need saiga meat; the brothers-in-law did not get anything, T. gave them meat, but the khan only got worse; T. kept his saiga intestines, from which the khan recovered; Khan's winged black mare brings a foal every day, it is carried away by the Alyp-Kara-Kush bird; the older sons-in-law fell asleep, T. shot, cutting off the foal's tail and the bird's silver feather with an arrow; older sons-in-law they took the tail, but did not give it back to T.; T. brought it himself, put it near the khan's yurt; Kozu-Gar'at reached the yurt on horseback, an old woman with 7 heads came out; T. did not eat, but invited him to his place; alone from the food human; they exchanged salt and agreed not to harm each other; T. reached the bai-terek tree, with a bird on it, he shot it, only his horse could carry the carcass; he was caught up by a girl, the daughter of a bird, offered to fight; three days later he defeated her and married her; prisoners in her house, they released them; after spending the night with an old woman with 7 heads, they moved on; T. saved the snake from the fire, which gave him the ability understand the language of animals; towards the bay horse - the horse's brother T., she ran away when Koblandy took everything; T. appeared to Khan in his real form; he called his daughter clever and himself a fool; T. came to his father , he was already starving; his grown-up son went to take revenge on Koblanda; before the fight, T. and Koblanda began to ask each other; it turned out that their mothers were sisters; they reconciled; came to take revenge on Ir- Kosai, defeated and killed Koblanda and son T.; T. and he have equal strength, they reconciled]: Potanin 1916, No. 11:73-79; Kyrgyz (Zap. Ivanovsky in the east of the Chilikta Valley) [Mohammedan Gali and Russian girl Darigá, of gigantic stature; they began to fight and fight for 15 days; D. increased strength, G. lost; after that G. He prayed to God for 14 days and defeated the girl; her father bequeathed her to marry the one who would defeat her; G. went to Medina, and D. 9 months later gave birth to a son named Sadilda; he was born strong and learned; at the age of three sees an old woman and a boy, snapped a boy on his forehead, killed; old woman: better look for your father; S. killed a snake along the way, and if God's messenger hadn't held his stick, he would have cut the ground; in Medina, S. became a mullah the main mosque, but went to Mecca because his father went there; there wrestling competitions and S. defeated G.'s sons and then him; finding out that it was his father, S. rushed into the abyss]: Miller 1890b: 120-124.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Buryats: Uther 2004 (1), No. 519:307-308.

Eastern Siberia. Central (?) Yakuts (summary of several archival texts, places of recording are not specified; central? recent Russian borrowing?) [the son of the White King intends to marry the daughter of the Blue King; Bakhsy's blacksmiths build ships for him; the hero's peasant son throws the tsarist ships ashore, for which he is imprisoned; from the hero's dungeon the king's sister frees; he becomes the captain (soldier) of the ship; obtains an invisible shirt, a magic tablecloth and a flying carpet (or iron horse); the heroic princess gives the prince difficult tasks: shoot with his grandfather's bow, tame the heroic horse, bring the golden hair of the sea spirit; instead of the prince, all this is done by his servant and he also saves the prince from the princess's iron embrace; the princess finds out about deception, the prince is thrown into prison (at sea), his legs and arms are cut off; the servant finds magic berries that make a person strong, handsome or ugly; then frees the prince; disguised, The two of them come to the princess, treat her to berries, after eating which she turns into a beast (abaasy kyysa); the servant restores the princess's human appearance; her wedding with the prince takes place; the princess asks grandfathers of the sea spirit of his horse, heroic strength and one hair of the sea spirit, but the servant pulls out a lot of them; because of this, the princess loses her strength; the servant marries the prince's sister]: Ergis 1967a, No. 154:199.