Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

G1. Abducted child. 39.-.

In order to gain or regain valuables (land, soil, crops, sun, fire, shamanic knowledge, good luck), people lure or steal a specific character's son or daughter.

SV Asia. Chukchi [domestic deer are not yet known; man finds traces of small legs; comes to the plague, stays in it for the night; the entrance disappears; the man shamanizes, the entrance opens, by the fire a baby is lying; a woman asks for her child back; a person agrees after she gives him pet reindeer and teaches him how to keep them]: Bogoras 1928, No. 12:316-317.

The Arctic. Bering Strait Inupiat (western in the village. Shishmarev, although the action takes place on the Chukchi coast) [the father dies, promises his little son and daughter to continue to take care of them; they come to the mountain, see the baby, the boy hides it under his clothes; they return the giant for promising to give them a house on the shore, a shamanic tambourine in the house; the giant tells them to take care of the puppy they find there; one day the sister came across a puppy and beat him, he ran out of the house; this time, the brother, who constantly beat the tambourine, mastered the ability to go underground; returned to the house leading the girl; she was a puppy; her brother married her, her sister later found a mate too]: Keithahn 1958:36-41.

Subarctic. Upper tanana [The raven marries Swans; flies south across the sea with her; gets tired, the swans leave him; he sits on a rock in the middle of the sea; grabs a big fish child; promises to return if the fish he will get stones from the bottom; makes them an island; tells him to bring moss, returns the child to the fish; moss grows, Alaska appears]: McKennan 1959:190; southern tutchoni [water everywhere; the raven clings beak behind a star in the sky; Sea Woman (Var.: she is a female Sea Lion) sits by the fire on a piece of land with a baby in her arms; the Raven takes it away; agrees to return it after the Woman brings (from the bottom? ) a lump of earth; a raven makes it big, makes land]: McClelland 1987:253-254; tagish, inner tlingits [A raven sits on a piece of log floating in the ocean; kidnaps a Sea Lion child ; returns after the Sea Lion brings him sand; scatters sand, creating land]: Cruickshank 1992:44; tagish: McClelland 1963 [if a person hears the voice of the baby Woman of Wealth, he must take off her clothes and metal jewelry, spray the Woman with urine, grab the baby; The woman will scratch him with her golden nails, sit down to relieve herself; her bowel movements are four gold-colored lumps; if a person returns the child and performs rituals (four-day fasting, ablution, etc.), the lumps will turn into pure gold]: 123; 2007, No. last - she makes the wolves skis again before 71a [the young dog should bring a handful of sand from the bottom of the sea; Ludverts went atym, decided to leave Ludverts; the neighbor advised for; Damn it all lost, went to the forest, heard the baby Tl'anaxéedakw (Lucky Woman) crying, threw a stream of urine in her direction, grabbed the baby, gave it back when she left her excrement, it's like copper; she's his scratched, told me to fast for 8 days, pour cold water, he wished him good luck in the game, played everything], 71b [one young man has sparks, the other has Lake Bottom Child; he rang the bell, she sailed; she has two children, they are swinging in her hair; the first young man followed the second, called a water woman instead of him, lied that a friend allowed him to go instead of him; returning, grabbed two children of a water woman, she scratched him, he left them, went home to sleep; these two children came, ripped out his eyes first, then all the villagers, except their father and one woman, who a baby (she woke up to feed him, began to beat the two children who reached for her and her child's eyes with a stick); in the morning she is surprised that there is silence in the village; these children threw their eyes into the fire, baked, ate; a woman with a child became Tl'anaxéedakw, the sighted father of those two children became Taqwats; you can hear him working in the forest as a messenger, whoever sees the chips will become rich]: 344-348, 348-353; tsetsot [a young man catches a baby marmot; a groundhog's mother turns into a woman, asks for her son; in return, rewards the young man with hunting luck; marries him; he kills her groundhog brother; she orders meat and marmot skins turn back into animals, takes them away; he follows her into the crevice of the rock; inside the house, marmot skins hang on the walls; he gets one, lives like a marmot; his brothers kill him fresh they find a bracelet; a person comes to life, tells his story]: Boas 1896-1897, No. 7:263-264.

NW coast. Tlingits [in the forest, a young man runs to the baby's voice, sees a woman with a child; grabs him, runs away; she scratches his back with his brass nails; he returns the baby in exchange for two brass nails plates; she predicts that whoever he gives a scab from a scratched wound will become rich; he and his relatives have become very rich]: Swanton 1909, No. 35:174-175; Tsimshian: Barbeau 196:68-71 [each , whoever meets a woman with copper claws and takes her baby will get good luck; a man fights a woman, takes a child; in exchange for him, she gives him a shirt; he becomes a famous healer; while he sleeps, one of his wives takes off his shirt; with the other wife and nephew, he goes to live elsewhere], 71-72 [those who manage to grab a baby sea monster in the sea get good luck]; southern quakiutl [dead people own fire; Norka kidnaps the child of the leader of the dead; returns in exchange for fire]: Boas 1935:138 (=2002, no. XVII.1. 2:354).

The coast is the Plateau. Halkomel (snanaimuk) [two var.; chief (spirits of the dead) owns fire; Norka kidnaps his child; gives it in exchange for a fire drill]: Boas 1895, No. V.1:54-55; lilluet [Fish own by fire; the Raven kidnaps their little girl; her mother causes rain (Var.: these are her tears); The raven returns the child in exchange for fire]: Teit 1912b, No. 6:302-303; clallam: Gunther 1925:142 [ Kekayash kidnaps the children of fire owners; returns them in exchange for a fire drill; this is how the clallam finds fire], 145-148 [2 var.; K. comes to the river; spirits transport him into their world; K. kidnaps the leader's child Yolmush 'a; returns in exchange for good weather, fire, food].

Northeast. Seneca [the hunter enters the house; the dwarf feeds him; he grabs her baby, runs away; a storm rises; a male dwarf catches up with him; the hunter returns the baby to him, receives an arrow in return which brings good luck; the storm subsides]: Curtin, Hewitt 1918, No. 91:453; hurons (viandot) [an unlucky hunter hid from the storm in a hollow; there is a dwarf woman sitting there with a child, the hunter grabs her; they arguing who's older; she says she remembers people climbing rocks during the flood; he asks where she lived when the sticks became rotten; they're rocks with holes; she doesn't know it , agrees that the hunter is older than her; her arms do not bend at the elbows; the hunter has bent his hand, she thinks her arm is broken; he does not want to give her the child; she says that her husband will kill her; the hunter gives child in exchange for hunting luck]: Barbeau 1960, No. 15:17-18

Honduras-Panama. Hikake [as a result of the mother goddess being angry at killing her son, she produces her first beans]: Chapman 1982:72; cabecar [the foremother's child turned into soil]: Stone 1962:53-54 [boy], 54-55 [baby jaguar]; bribri [girl or boy turns into soil]: Bozzoli 1977:172-175 [world is only stones; Bat flies to suck Earth Girl's blood; from excrement The Bat grows trees; Shibyo sends the Bat again, Earth's mother and grandmother cut the Bat in half with a thread; now the bats hang upside down to prevent their insides from fell out; S. sends people to dance in front of Earth's dwelling; Earth's mother drops it, dancers trample on a child, fertile soil is spreading; Earth's mother and grandmother say that now they (=Earth) will devour the dead; grandmother's tears turn into birds and animals of prey], 175 [the old woman holds the Earth child behind the stone door; the hurricane breaks the door, the Tinamu bird takes the child, brings it to dancing people, gives it to one of the Frogs; she drops it, the dancers trample it, it turns into fertile soil]; Bozzoli 1982:154; Bozzoli, Cubero Venegas 1982:6; 1987:32; 1989, No. 1:8; Bozzoli, Cubero Venegas, Constenla Umaña 1983:46-48 [boy]; Bozzoli, Murillo Chaverri 1984, No. 28:31; Wilson 1974 [there was no soil, only rocks; Sibu notices that where the Bat defecated, a forest grows; She explains that a Jaguariha woman lives underground, and she (the Mouse) sucks the blood of her newborn girl; S. adjusts so that when the Bat enters Yaguariha's home, she slams the door, cutting the door shut entered in half; S. gives the Mouse two legs, allows her to hang upside down, allows her to suck the blood of humans and animals; arranges a party, inviting Jaguariha; she dances, the rope breaks off, her the newborn falls to the ground; turns into blood; C. blows on it, the soil covers the whole earth]: 419-420.

The Northern Andes. Kogi [the girl is the embodiment of fertile soil; she is lured from her mother]: Reichel-Dolmatoff 1985 (2): 20-22; ihka: Chaves Mendoza, Francisco Zea 1977 [when it was dark, the first women are two beautiful children; she hid them in a cave, light came from there; people brought flutes, drums, began to play; the boy J'uí went out, tried to catch him, he soared into the sky, became the sun; raised at this time, her eyes turned to stones; his sister named Tíma was also lured by music; in order not to run away, they threw ash in her face; but she also understood the sky, became the moon, stayed pale]: 62-63; Lucena Salmoral 1969:228-229 [The Sun and Moon are the children of a poor woman, Mother of Light; she hid them in the depths of the cave; to lure her out, people began to play musical instruments; they entered the cave, but the boy jumped out, flew to the sky, people turned into stones in the light of the Sun; the month of Tíma was the brother of the Sun; people tried to detain him, threw ash in his face, he escaped, but remained pale ], 230-231 [The sun is a snotty little boy, his Mother Lake keeps his hands on him; Seránkua has arranged a party to lure the Sun out; mother does not pay attention to music; S. asked for him he returned the boy; began to sing, the mother listened, the boy flew to the sky, became the sun; the mother promised that in the future it would be dark again].

Western Amazon. Huambis (?) [boy turns into soil]: Stirling 1938:125

The Central Andes. A kidnapped boy. See motif E19 (Huanuco depots, Pasco, Lima [yuk-yuk bird grabs the goddess's child; returns in exchange for all cultivated plants]); Peru's north-central coast (by at least from Huarmey to Huaura) [turned into cultivated plants]: Calancha 1638, vol.2, ch. 19:412-414; Pampas (dep. Ayacucho) [children turned into cultivated plants]: Arteaga Leon 1976:6 in Rostworowski de Diez Canseco 1983:74.