Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

G12C. A fox brings plants from the sky .43.65.


fox or coyote rises to heaven, and when it returns, spreads plants on the ground that used to be only in the sky.

The coast is the Plateau. Snookually [The Fox and the Blue Jay climb a rope into the sky; the fox turns into a beaver, falls into the trap of the Month; it refreshes it; while the Month sleeps, the beaver comes to life, takes fire and sun away from his house takes small pines and cedars with him; turns back into a Fox, brings the stolen goods to the ground; when the Month climbs after him, the rope breaks, the Month breaks, turns into Mount Xi]: Hunt, Kaylor 1917:515- 516 in Clark 1953:38-39; Vasco [on holidays, people go to heaven where they get berries and roots; after the festival, the Fox falls asleep, celestials throw him to the ground; his brother brings him from heaven gathering products; the fox spreads berries and roots on the ground; people no longer go to heaven; they have a festival in April, when gathering food becomes available after winter]: Clark 1953:184; Vishram [The Red Fox is Coyote's younger brother; said he was going to heaven for the festival; the Coyote lied that he was there when he was young, the Fox agreed to take him; the Coyote was dancing, the Fox warned don't get so tired; on the third night, the Coyote fell asleep; he was found by a watchman and thrown to the ground; he woke up, went back to the Fox, asks why he was thrown away; Fox: it was perfume; Coyote: it won't work like this, all The game, roots, berries that are now in the sky must be lowered to the ground; the Coyote has closed the way to heaven alive, now only the dead go there; the holiday is celebrated in spring on earth]: Hines 1998, No. 4:40-43.

The Central Andes. Dep. Cusco [a fox takes to heaven on a vulture to participate in the festival; eats up, falls asleep; goes down a rope, falls, seeds fall asleep from its belly, spreads around the world]: Morote Best 1988 [as in Metraux]: 62-63; Pacaritambo (dep. Cusco) [three var., recorded by the author; Condor invites Fox to a banquet in heaven; carries it on his back; when he returns, the Fox is still eating; the fox weaves a grass rope, climbs down; quarrels with parrots, those the rope is cut off, he falls on rocks; the corn, quinoa, and other cultivated plants he eats spread across the ground; his remains become current foxes]: Urton 1985:262; mountainous Bolivia [ the same as in Cusco]: Metraux 1934:98; 1935a [The fox asks Condor to take him to heaven, where the holiday is expected; in the sky he is inmoderate in food, seduces all the girls; the Condor flies away, the Fox goes down the rope; quarrels with the Parrot, he cuts the rope; the fox falls, bursts, the swallowed seeds of cultivated plants spread across the ground (the origin of agriculture)]: 409; Morote Best 1988:72; Paredes Candia 1953 (prov. Norcichas, dep. Potosi, probably Aymara) [birds fly to the sky to feast; the fox asks Condor to take him; he warns not to chew on bones; there are many different cultivated plants and wild meat in the sky; The fox continues to eat when the birds have eaten, gnaws on the bones; Condor flies away as punishment, leaves him alone; a bird gives him a rope; he goes down, calls the flying parrots bastards, dirty ass, insignificant; they cut off the rope; the fox screams to put his clothes on the ground; no one comes to the rescue, he breaks; corn, quinoa, canyua fly out of his stomach ( the origin of cultivated plants)]: 23-25 (=1957:69-70); Tomoeda 1982 (dep. Sucre) [as in Metraux; origin of two types of corn, quinoa, amaranth (Amaranthus caudatus L.)]: 278, 290); atacameƱo: Guggiana 1966:9 in Lehnert Santander 1988:757-758 [The fox asks Condor take him to heaven; he warns the Fox not to gnaw his bones if he is thrown; the Fox splashes first; the Condor flies away, asks the Devil to tell the Fox to go down to earth; God advises the Fox weave a rope; in a year it is ready; asks to take cultivated plants to the ground, puts them in the Fox's mustache, nostrils, all parts of the body; going down, the Fox sees Kondorov, calls them names (Crooked, Beaks from pumpkin peel, Just dare to cut the rope! ); The Condors cut the rope, the Fox falls, screams for a blanket to be spread out on the ground - God falls! grows, seeds are scattered on the ground (the origin of cultivated plants)]; Tolosa 1970:32 in Lehnert Santander 1988:758 [The fox lies monkey; the Condor goes down to eat it; he is alive, Condor suggests take him to heaven; Easter is there; the fox says that Condor has red and lousy feathers; the Condor flies away; San Isidro advises the Fox to weave a rope, gives a basket of various seeds; The parrot cuts off rope; the fox falls, (cultivated) plants spread across the ground].