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G21. Coconut head .19.20.22.-.25.

A coconut tree grows out of the character's head.

Marind-anim, Kwanga, Abelam, Aibom, Viram, Arapeshe, Wagawaga, Wedau, Admiralty Islands, New Britain, Tolay, Uatom, Trobriany, (vogeo), Yap, Losap, Gilbert, Tuvalu, Samoa, Tuamotu, Burmese, Hindi, Bondo, Maldives, Semangs, Nicobars, Simalur, Aceh, Sunda, Javanese, Balinese, Ngaju, Dusun, Toraja, Tetum, Ifugao.

Melanesia. Marind-anim: Wirtz, Neverman 1981, No. 10-12 [the snake gave birth to the boy Yavi; two girls kidnapped him; the snake crawled after him, but the old woman drove her away with burning smut; the snake began to swallow people; a pregnant woman was stuck in her throat; the snake's stomach was cut, the swallowed ones were removed, but only the fetus, the boy Bugau, from him comes the Bugau River genus; Dema Aramembe kidnapped Yavi; he grew up seduced his wife A.; A. called the sorcerers, they killed Yavi, they had time to bury him; A. brought grass juice to revive him, but it was too late; he poured it into the snake's mouth; she shed her skin, since then the snakes have not died; if if they gave the drug to Yavi, people would not die either, but shed their skin; a coconut palm grew out of Yavi's head], 18 [the snake gave birth to the boy Yavi, three girls found him, carried him away; the snake crawled along the trail, brought down the house, but the woman drove her away with burning smut; began to swallow people, she was killed; Yavi was kidnapped by the Aramembe fire demo {he plays the role of a trickster}; Yavi began to sleep with his wife; A. called sorcerers, Yavi died of witchcraft; And . repented, asked the sorcerers for a potion against the spell, but Yavi had already been buried; A. poured the potion on the ground, the snake licked it, since then the snakes do not die, but change their skin; Yavi's head grew the first coconut palm; its wicker bast braids have turned into roots, its head into the lower part of the trunk, its body into the trunk itself, its legs into leaf tails; coconuts have three recesses - Yavi's eyes and mouth]: 43-48 , 224-225; kwanga: Obrist van Eeuwijk 1992:68 [Wolokayi Kerengwa's baby was born of stone, became the ancestor of humans; turned into the first coconut palm], 69 [the rain washed away parts of the woman's body, remained one head; a man brought it, it took root, it grew the first coconut palm]; abelam [the man took off his head, the fish came to bite his body, he grabbed them; another man saw how he fish, took his head away; his body died and a coconut palm grew out of his head]: Huber-Greub 1988, No. 8. 1.7:280; aibom [Ntshambeyaintshe asks his brothers Ambeiwan and Kawointemi to look after her child; the girl cries, they kill her, tell her sister that the baby is sleeping; run away; N. rushes in pursuit; brothers bewitch a sharp leaf, leave her by the stream, the leaf cuts off N.'s head; the head creates the lake with water lilies in it; the older brother is afraid, the younger brother climbs behind the edible stems of water lilies, the head hiding under the water lily grabs his teeth into his scrotum; the older brother runs away; the younger asks for his head let him go until he gets to pick the fruits of the breadfruit; she refuses, he climbs with her; after poking and hitting her, his head fell, waited below; he threw off the fruit so that it was stuck in the roots vines; while his head was reaching out, his brother ran away, leaving the bamboo, leaves, and the breadtree trunk to answer for himself; his head broke the bamboo, tore the leaves, could not knock down the trunk; collected the fruit in a hole; came two pigs ate fruit, found a head, chewed, threw them to each other, killed; coconut palms with red and black fruits grew out of blood and brain; the brothers tried it, called other people, so coconuts appeared]: Schuster 1969:152-154; viram [Sami and Gwavi cut down a large tree to make a boat; when it falls, a pond forms at the place where the branches fall; S. and G. do not know about this, they suffer from thirst; Diari, S.'s dog, comes back with a wet face; S. beats D. (he is offended that the dog is drunk, but he is not); D. runs to the left bank of Fly in the village of Wimkungiu (enemies of the Viram); they return one by one from the hunt; D. rushes to the last one from the tree, bites off his head, brings home, buries, and the first coconut palm grows out of it; D. shows S. how to eat coconuts; when S. cuts down the hollow, G. sits with his knees spread; S.'s ax flies off G. between his legs, gets stuck there; S. gives G. coconut to eat, G. gets breasts, the ax disappears, G. turns into a woman; S. cannot turn the boat over alone, calls men for help; fallen coconuts turn into multitudes men, women and children; the boat is dragged to the river; D. sits in it, gives a voice, people howl back, the boat rises to the sky, S., G. and some others fly away on it; after them, those who remain on the ground throw clouds of dust and smoke; now the boat stretches across the sky from west to east, dog D. sits at its zenith; informants denied it was the Milky Way, the boat was invisible]: Williams 1969:386-389; arapesh [wife walks in front, husband behind; kills her; children find her remains: 3 "human brain" coconut trees grew out of her head and another kind, from her chest a third-class coconut; people planted coconuts, harvested; people killed that man, he grew into inedible forest coconut and bananas]: Fortune 1942, No. 48:232; vagawaga [to fish, a woman took off her head, left it in shallow water, the fish swam into the head, the woman took it, put her head in place; the man followed, took the fish, threw his head into the bushes; the woman died, a coconut grew out of her head; first there was blood in the fruit, man rubbed them from the inside with charcoal, then lime; the bird brought the walnut to the village, the palm tree grew, the coconuts spread]: Seligmann 1910, No. 3:380-382; Vedau [only one person always brings a lot of fish; men send a boy to follow; he sees a man take his head off his shoulders, leans over the water, fish fall out of his throat; he comes back, puts his head in place, collects fish; at home the boy does not eat fish, in the evening he tells others what he sees; men follow the owner of the fish; when he takes off his head, they throw it into the thickets; not finding his head, the man rushes into the sea, becomes big fish; the first coconut palm grows out of a fallen head; an old woman decided to try nuts, and everyone has been eating them ever since]: Ker 1910:92-96; Admiralty Islands: Meier 1907, No. 13 [two Hi Pipiu's sons, Nauna's wife, went fishing, caught it, went again, the demon saw them, chased them; they threw fish at him, he swallowed it, then continued to chase; the elder brother told the younger kill him; the youngest listened, cut the elder to pieces, threw the demon until he reached the shore; only the skull remained of the eldest; together with his mother, the youngest buried his brother's skull, the coconut palm grew to heaven; mother gave her son two dog teeth, the son climbed a palm tree into the sky, put his teeth at the demon's door, lay down on his bed; the demon returned, prepared a stone ax to kill the man, but his teeth turned into dogs, one grabbed the demon by the penis, the other by the testicles, he died, the younger brother returned to earth, fell, died; the palm tree became low, no longer reaches the sky], 14 [Po Ma and his brother swam to catch sharks; took the demon's boat; he caught up with them; they promised to pay for the boat, but the demon was about to eat them; they sailed, throwing fish to him; when the fish ran out, the younger one cut the elder, threw parts of it on the demon bodies; when it reached the shore, only the head was left; her younger brother buried her, the coconut grew and the current ones come from it]: 660-662, 662-663; New Britain [the boy in the boat was fishing with his parents, he was eaten by a shark, his head remained, his parents buried it, the first coconut tree grew]: Parkinson 1926:308 in Roosman 1970:221; tolay [mother To Kabinana and To Purgu, they buried a palm tree grew out of her head, brought coconuts; TC threw off one, he crashed, there was a girl inside, he raised her, married her; TP got along with her and she became pregnant; TC was furious, so people split into two exogamous groups]: Janssen et al. 2012, No. 4:16-17; Fr. Watom [the man was eaten by a shark, his sister found his head, buried it, and the first coconut palm grew]: Roosman 1970:221; Trobriand Islands [the young man threw the jail into the stingray, but he threw it away and ate a young man; his head was left, and a coconut grew out of it]: Riesenfeld 1950:299 in Roosman 1970:221; (cf. vogeo [Takume had a wife Wutmara and a second wife in the spirit world; V. invited T. to bring his wife a spirit, intending to kill her out of jealousy; she hit her on the head while collecting fuel; but the spirits do not die; spirit made it so that T. and V. could not separate; then she sewed up V.'s vagina, her bladder burst; then she shrunk, stuck to T.'s pubis; he wore it for a long time; asked him to get off, move away so that he could climb a tree; threw harvested stones; many months later he found an unknown tree, a coconut; the face of his wife's spirit looked at him from the fruit]: Hogbin 1970:37-38).

Micronesia-Polynesia. Yap [a woman gave birth to an eel, her father cut it to pieces; the head turned to coconut, the neck to a breadfruit, the torso to a banana, the tail to the tarot]: Müller 1918:314; Gilbert Islands [ Auriaria got together with her sister Nei Tituabine; she died, a coconut palm grew out of her head, an almond from her navel, a breadtree from her heels]: Maude, Maude 1994, No. 1:55-56; Losap (central Carolines) [the gods in heaven are thinking about how to help people; Storm and Typhoon offer to water the island, but the supreme god objects that many plants will die; Coconut promises to enter the woman's bosom and be born; she gives birth to a baby with one head; he tells his father to bury it; a coconut tree grows; now you can always drink coconut milk]: Mitchel 1973, No. 7:30-32; Tuvalu (Niutao Atoll): Koch 1966:108-109 [Tuapa was born a half-human half-moray, his parents threw him into the lagoon; then his wife gave birth to beautiful Sina; she was not allowed to approach the lagoon; one day her palm leaf ring fell into lagoon; moray brother said that she would only be able to pick up the ring if she stayed with him in the lagoon; then let S. bring him food and eat herself; S. told her parents everything; they turned S. into a pole at home, but the moray eel brother came, recognized her, took her to the lagoon; so twice; the third time her parents made a fire, S. rose to the sky with smoke; a black cloud told her not to sit on it, sent her to the red one, red to white; Mauimatua lived there, he promised to protect S.; when his moray brother came, he was offered to eat, S. put a hot stone in the broth, said that the guest should swallow food greedily; brother- moray eel died, M. buried his head, a coconut palm grew out of it; the coconuts fell to the ground, which are the current ones], 113-114 [the father made his daughter a ring of palm leaves, told her not to play near the shore; she did not listen, the ring fell into the lagoon; the moray eel promised to return the ring to her if she became his wife; she agreed; asked for time off to go home, her mother hid it under the roof, the moray eel came and took it; the same again (hid it in the basket); the third time, the mother sent her daughter to heaven; moray eel found her there; said that her parents would kill him anyway, let his wife cut off his head, bury him outside the house; the first coconut grew out of his head, and you can see on nuts moray eel head drawing]; Samoa (Savaii) [Cena's father gives her the caught eel; she takes care of it, it grows, is transported to a large body of water; after climbing a tree, C. shakes off the fruit into the water; when tries to pick him up, the eel deflorizes her; S. runs, he chases her; knowing that the leaders are going to poison him, he asks Sina to bury his head, and a coconut palm grows out of it]: Polinskaya 1986, No. 28 : 113-114 (briefly in Beckwith, 1970:103; in Roosman 1970:222); Tahiti: Henry 1928:421-422 [a woman gives birth one by one to two sons and a daughter who turn into coconuts; then gives birth to a full-fledged son, he buries nuts, from which various varieties of coconut palms grow], 422-423 [the mother died, leaving her son and daughter; the father went to get food for them, and when he returned, he found him already dead; various types of coconut trees have grown out of their heads]; Tuamotu [Ataraga sees Huahega bathing, marrying her, their son Maui-tikitiki catches the sun in a snare; recognized as father; kills Mahuika; fishes for Tahiti and Little Tahiti; takes Hina away from Tuna's eel; T. sends a flood, M. stops the water by exposing his fall; kills T., the first coconut tree grows out of T.'s head; Peka takes Hina; M. in the form of a golden pheasant flies to P.; Peck's mother warns not to take the bird, but P. takes it; M. cuts off his head, returns with Hina; turns Hina Ri's lover into a dog; a friend of that goes to take revenge, also turned into a dog; M. sees that his mother Huahega's hair has turned gray; decides to change stomachs with the sea slug Rori, then people would not die; at this time, the M. brothers scream M. regurgitates his stomach, people remain mortal]: Beckwith 1970:234 (by Stimson 1937:41); (cf. Bellona, Rennell: Elbert, Monberg 1965, No. 41A (Bellona) [Kotu'akotu'a and her granddaughter find the ngosengose creature in the sea, put it in a ladle of coconut shells; N. grows, is transferred to The vessels are getting bigger, it becomes huge; K. and his granddaughter run to Mutikitiki, who hides them in calabass, they tremble in fear, blow the winds; M. says that his calebasa usually behaves this way; bakes tarot leaves, wraps bitter stones in them, lets them swallow n; when he dies, he says that black and red coconuts will grow on his grave; the coconuts are empty, M. urinates on them, orders that there are five in the bunch flowers; new coconuts full], 41B (Rennel) [Kotu'akotu'a and her granddaughter find fish on the reef; they bring it, it grows, it is transferred to increasingly spacious vessels; this is ngosengose; K. and her granddaughter run to Mauticitics, he hides them in a box, they make a sound, M. says n., that his box always does this; bakes tarot shoots, wraps hot stones in them, lets them swallow n; when he dies, he promises that on his green and brown coconuts will grow in the grave; first the coconuts are empty, then they are filled]: 125-126, 126-130; Monberg 1966 (Bellona) [old Kotu'akotu'a and her granddaughter catch a creature that looks like sausage (some kind of clam?) , bring home, grow; the creature grows, tries to swallow K. and granddaughter; they run to Mutikitiki, who hides them under a wooden vessel; kills the creature by throwing hot in its mouth instead of eating stones; the creature asks to bury it, watch the grave; where the head was, there is a black coconut, and at the opposite end, a red one; but the nuts are empty; M. urinates on them, his urine turns into coconut milk, mucus from the penis to the coconut pulp]: 87-88).

Burma - Indochina. Burmese [3 strangers sailed to the shore: a thief, a witch, a squabbler; the king ordered the squabbler to be executed, and the thief and witch gave money and a house; after the execution, the nobleman saw his head cut off: she moved, ordered to tell the king to come and kneel in front of her; the king came, his head did not move, the nobleman was executed; then his head laughed; the king ordered to bury his head, and grew out of it the first coconut palm; the coconuts look like that squabbler's head, and you can hear a gurgling sound inside, as if he still wants to curse]: Maung 1957, No. 54:113-114 (=Kharitonov 1975, No. 178:282-283).

South Asia. Northern India, Hindi [the sage Visvamitra decided to shame the gods and create man; he made a head and asked Bhágwán for muscles and blood; he scolded him for his arrogance, Vishwamitra changed his mind and asked Bhagwan to finish the work; he made a coconut out of his head]: Crooke 1895, No. 576:200; bondo [Bati Mundli and Bati Sisa found a little boy; BS's wife took him to bathe; his penis was gigantic, he wrapped it around his waist; when BS's wife saw this penis, she offered to have sex and died as a result; BM and BS saw blood in her vagina, killed the boy; his arms and legs turned into trees, his hair into grass, his bones into rocks, blood colored the ground, a coconut palm grew out of his head]: Elwin 1954, No. 2:3-4; Maldives [without coconut trees, people died one by one; the magician went to the cemetery and put something magical in the mouth of every dead person; every skull grew a coconut tree; after that, the number of inhabitants of the Maldives began to grow rapidly]: Romero-Frias 2012, No. 1:1-3.

Malaysia-Indonesia. Semangs (Kintak Bong, Menig Kaien) [rainbow - two Huyak snakes that crawled to drink water; they were brothers Tak Tahi (elder) and Tak Suyak; TS ripped open the belly of the youngest child (girl, because only women's hair on their heads is rolled into a knot, see below), blood splashed, it turned into rice; the ears turned into sireh vines, the spine into sugar cane, the head turned into coconut, fingers and toes - beans, knot on the head - onions, brain - lime (for chewing tobacco, etc.), hands above the hands - cucumbers, belly - pumpkins, bile - tobacco; Negrito used to have rice, and Malays ate wild roots]: Evans 1937:167-168; Nicobars [Asongi is a magician, his friend Enalo; during the drought, A. got water, but did not say how; E. was offended, they got into a fight, E. killed A., put his head on a pole, left to another village, got married, he has a daughter, she grew up and fell ill; A. appeared in a dream, ordered him to bury his head, a palm tree would grow, cut the fruit, give juice to the girl; A.'s head grew the first coconut, daughter E. recovered]: Roy 2001, No. 4:11-12; Simalur [the Rahim and Rahman brothers inherited only duty from their father; they cleared the plot in the forest, the elder told the youngest to cut off his head, bury him; at this point The first coconut tree grew, the debt was paid off; when planting coconuts, people remember Rahim and Rahman]: Koehler 1962:17-20 (=Kähler 1952:68-71 and 204 in Mabuchi 1969:54; Aceh supposedly has the same) ; Java: Appel 2001 [The supreme god Batara Guru announces the construction of a guesthouse; his older brother Narada calls to participate in the work; Déwa Anta, who looks like a snake, cries that has no arms and legs; his tears turn into three eggs; he takes them in his mouth, crawls to HD; a bird of prey asks where he is crawling; he is silent because he cannot open his mouth; the bird pecks at him in anger eye, two eggs fall out, from which Sang Kala Buwat pig and Budug Basu dog appear; at this time, in Tegal Kapapan, a cow licked Sang Idajil's urine, gave birth to a son Sapi Gymarang, he became the lord of animals, including SKB and BB; the third DA egg was given to BG, from which the beautiful Déwi Pohaci was born, BL and his wife adopted her; fearing that BG would incest her, BG's father (or grandfather) Déwa Wenang gave DP fruit from the Garden of Eden; it was so tasty that after it she did not want to eat anything, died; she was buried; various varieties of coconuts grew out of her head; red and white rice from her right eye, from left - red (different varieties); glutinous rice from the heart (red, white and black); from the right thigh, spiny bamboo (Bambusa blumeana); from the left - plain bamboo (Bambusa vulgaris); from left caviar, Gigantochloa apus bamboo for making arrows and dressings; from the right caviar, similar bamboo for making flutes; from veins, various creeping plants; from hair on body - various herbs; pubic - Arenga saccharifera sugar palm; BG ordered the plants to be handed over to the ruler Prabu Siliwangi in West Java (Pakuwan Pajajaran); it was no longer necessary to sow wheat, barley and millet, which tastes worse than rice; PS had 75 wives, including one goddess Déwi Nawang Sasih; she taught how to get rice without growing it, feed a hundred people with one spikelet; BG's brother Semar guarded rice ; HD and N. turned into rice birds, S. began to drive them away, broke off a palm peduncle, drank juice, so he learned about palm wine; (hereinafter, p.82-89, about how Sapi Gumarang tries to destroy rice by storms , diseases, mice, etc., and Sulanjana revives rice)]: 80-82; Kroef 1952 [Batara Guru creates a beautiful Retna Dumilah girl; wants to marry her; she considers it incest, demands to get it a self-playing gamelan (a xylophone instrument), a wearable dress, food that is always appetizing; BG sends Kula Gumarang to earth to get it all; he forgets, falls in love with Dewi Shri, Batara's wife Wishnu; she rejects him, turns him into a boar; HD forcibly took possession of RD, she died; in response to BG's requests and complaints, the God of Death promised that RD would be a great gift for HD and its people; 40 days later at the grave RD grew a coconut palm from her head, dry rice and sugar palm from her body, durian and mango fruit trees from her hands, various root crops from her legs; KG wanted DS to disappear, but instead Jellied rice grew in the place; diseases of cultivated plants arose due to CG]: 49-50; Sunda, Javanese [three eggs arose from the tears of the god Antaboga, who did not have limbs, one of them beautiful Sri (Javanese) or Asri (Sundanese) girl; after eating the fruit, she died, was buried; rice grew out of her eyes, sticky rice from her stomach, coconut from her head; (apparently, others from other parts of her body cultivated plants)]: Headley 2005b: 164-165; Java [{long text fragment}; Guru took possession of Tisnawati by force, she died, her body was buried; a coconut palm grew out of her head, rice from the genitals, from banana palms, teeth from corn; sugar palm also grew; var.: navel rice, sugar palm from genitals]: Mabuchi 1969:73; Bali [Mngukuhan, Balinese theater play (lacon); god Guru in his palace, Marchukaņda sees radiance in the sea; there the hermit Kanekaputra subjects himself to austerities; those sent are unable to distract him; G. himself comes to him and says he knows that he wants to become equal to him; it is pointless to strive for this, for only the sun and moon appeared before him, G., and even earlier than them, heaven and earth; only Sang Hyang Wnang is older than him; the hermit laughs and says that SHV not older than anyone else; asks what was created first during chaos; G. does not know; showing mercy, K. takes him to heaven, makes him chief over the gods; G. asks K. what he holds in his clenched hand; K. says that this is a Rthna dumilah treasure, which makes him insensitive to hunger, thirst, fire and water; warns that if you loosen your grip, it will fly away with an arrow; G. asks to throw it to him, tries grab, the treasure flies from heaven to seventh earth, where it is swallowed by the Antaboga serpent; K. asks him back, A. tells him to be transferred to heaven for this; K. says that this is impossible, A. is as big as the earth; A. curls up in a ring; the gods penetrate A. through his nose, ears and mouth, but just start fighting there; they try to take A. to heaven, but he disappears, finds himself at G.'s feet, belches the treasure box, but not he and others can't open it; G. breaks it, inside a three-year-old girl Ken Tisnawati and her palace; when she is 14 years old, G. wants to make her a wife; she demands that he take out clothes first, which is not wears out, food that satiates forever, and gamlan ktopyak; G. sends the jester Kalagumarang for them; he mocks the gods, they want him to become an animal; he pursues Dewi Sri, her Vishnu's husband shoots him, arrows, becoming vines, entangle his legs, he falls, becomes a boar; G. takes possession of T. by force, she dies; she is buried on the ground; a coconut palm grows out of her head, genital rice, banana from the palms, corn from the teeth; Boar K. continues to chase Dewi Sri, who has now taken the form of Dewi Tisnawati, ravages rice crops; Vishnu pierces him with an arrow, his blood turns into insects and diseases that harm rice; the spirit enters the bodies of the children of the ascetic Puţut Jantaka; rice crops are ravaged by the god Pritanjala (guardian of the northeast) in the form of a bird, hides among arenga palm blossoms; these stems are cut off, the juice is harvested, this is how palm wine appeared; the children of the PJ ascetic are rat, pig, monkey, buffalo, all wild bulls, deer and other animals; they come to ruin fields; hardly defeated; monstrous brothers Sngkan and Turunan turn their penises into whips, tame a bull and a buffalo with them, thread a rope through their nostrils]: Rassers 1959:14-19; dusun : Evans 1922 [There is a rock in the water, she opened her mouth, a man and a woman came out of it (these are the main dusun deities, Kedharingan and Munsumundok); they began to think about how to walk on the water; eventually they went, They came to the house of Bisagit (the spirit of smallpox), he had land, they asked, he gave them land; K. created the dusun, M. created the sky, both created the sun, the moon, the Pleiades ("seven stars"), Hyades ("top"); they had a daughter, people were starving, then K. and M. killed their daughter, coconut grew out of her head (her eyes and mouth are visible on the nut), sugar cane from her ulna, bananas from her fingers, rice from her blood; all animals from body parts; K . asked who could change his skin, would be immortal; the dusun did not hear, the snake heard and now dies only if a person kills her; dusun missed the ability to revive; K. began to bathe people in the basket in the river, one person fell out, swam away, coastal inhabitants come from him; K. held a religious ceremony in the house; one person was in the forest at that time, when he returned, could not enter, he was descended from him monkeys]: 175-176; 1953:15-20, 372-387 in Stöhr, Zoetmulder 1965 (Tempasuk) [Kinorohingan and Warunsansadon came out of the cliff, created earth and sky, humans; they had nothing to eat; they killed their daughter, buried them pieces; coconut grew from the head, reddish rice from the blood, Sirih leaves from the ears, sugarcane from the hands, and other cultivated plants from other parts]: 43; ngaju [in the heavenly village of Mangko Amat and his wife, the famous healer Njai Djaja, came to treat the patient; his angry children gave them illegal fruits and fish in such cases; the patient recovered, and MA and ND died on the way back on the mountain; corpses I found the Pahararu Rawei bird, asked the Wind woman to revive them, she sent them to her brother, who flew in, but did not revive them, but turned the dead into plants: the hair was rattan, coconut palms grew out of their heads, from eye - bananas, leaves from ears, Mantikei from teeth, Gambir leaves from tongues, ironwood from bones, lime from brain, water from blood, bamboo from heels and hands, highly toxic from leather Siren plant, fingers - trees that produce paint to blacken teeth]: Schärer 1966:30-32; Western Toraja [the couple told seven daughters to sow rice; they did not know what it was like do, interpreted rice; the mother became angry and punished her daughters; the eldest at night, followed by her all in turn, rolled down the slope of the site for the next six nights, injuring her whole body; the youngest, rolling, disappeared under tree left on the site; this is where: sticky rice from its flesh, ordinary rice from her bones, black rice from her liver, red from blood; corn grew from her teeth, coconut from her head]: Kruyt 1938 (4): 4- 5 in Mabuchi 1969:36-37; tetum (West Timor) [a noble man with children sailed to Timor; there was nothing to eat or drink; the father told the children to kill him; his head became coconut, his hair became corn, blood water, the rest of the body with rice]: Vroklage in Mabuchi 1969:62; Numphor [the first coconut grew from a woman's skull]: Roosman 1970:219.

Taiwan - Philippines. Ifugao [warriors return from the campaign carrying a trophy head; screaming, entering the village, and their heads screaming with them; the first coconut tree grew out of it]: Barton 1956:111-118.