Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

G22. Frog/toad and cultivated plants. 59.-.62.65.66.


frog/toad is associated with people's acquisition of cultivated plants.

Guiana. Warrau [an old frog woman's adopted children see her cooking with starch that protrudes from her neck; burn it]: Wilbert 1970, No. 166:361; carinha (Orinoco) [old frog woman feeds twins cassava extracted from her body]: Civrieux 1974:83; carinha (Guyana): Armellada, Napolitano 1975 in Roe 1982 [the old woman feeds the twins cassava extracted from the body of a huge frogs]: 156; Roth 1915, No. 37 [like Carinha's in Orinoco]: 134; see motif G16. Wapishana; macushi; see motif G17. Oyana.

Western Amazon. Maihuna [the hero steals a peach palm shoot (Guilielma speciosa) from a toad; the toad makes the trunk tall and prickly; she is the owner of a palm tree]: Bellier 1991b, No. 14:236-237.

NW Amazon. Okaina [The toad shows a woman the way to her first vegetable garden and gives her plants]: Wavrin 1932:144

The Central Andes. Peru's North Coast: Boone 1996, fig.43 [scan of the relief image on the mochica {period IV?} , Mint Museum, Chimbote; in the lower row are anthropomorphized animals (monkeys, rodents?) carrying bags behind his back; in the upper on one side of the vessel there is a frog with corn, cassava and some other plants protruding from the body; on the left is an anthropomorphic character (God A, the protagonist of adventure scenes) holds a snake with heads at both ends of the body, next to him two cormorants - companions A; on the right is the same character; in front of him, apparently, chips for the game; next to him is his companion, the Iguana God; the same Iguana God in the lower standing in a row facing characters carrying bags]. Hocquenghem 1978, pl.21 [images on mochica culture vessels: corn, cassava, beans protruding from the body of a frog/toad]; also about 30 other images published); dep. Ica (early Nazca tissue) [cultivated plants protrude from the body of a llama led by a frog/toad]: Harcourt 1962, pl.93, 97; McClelland 2011 [vascular photos and sweep all the most important scenes depicting a frog with cultivated plants protruding from its body]; Sawyer 1962, fig.62.

Bolivia - Guaporé. Takana [old toad after the flood]: Hissink, Hahn 1961, No. 6 [reluctantly gives yam to a boy], 7 [gives a man bananas and corn]: 43-46.