Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

G29. A demon from artifacts.

.21. (.24.) .26. (.28.) .30.-.

The character consists of or turns into various household and industrial artifacts.

Kachins, Panggies, (Dayaks), Miao, (Russians - Gorkovskaya), Kafirs, Lithuanians, Veps, Chuvash, Komi, Tuvans, Central and Northwestern (Olenek) Yakuts, Sym Evenks, Western Evenks (Cyrene), Baikal Evenks (Baikal region, northern Transbaikalia), Evenks of China, Negidals, Nanais, Orochi, Udege, Wilta, Kereks, Asian Eskimos (Chaplino), Fr. St. Lawrence, Igloolik, Steppe Cree, Teton, Omaha, Carijona.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Kachiny [after the Rumba bear dies, his body turns into a bow, his tongue into a knife, his genitals into a charne and the standard of the god of war]: Gilhodes 1908:676; panggy [when Peddong-Doini-Ningkank-Kanga died, Ninur-Botte's brother did not bury him; he took his rib, it became a sword; his fingers were ornaments, his skull was a vessel, his nails were speartips, his thumb was an arrow, his belt was a poisonous snake, his bone marrow rice grains; NB threw his rain hat into the river, it became a duck; his teeth from his lower jaw were flint, his upper jaw was iron, his nose was a wild banana whose leaves cover roofs, his tongue was fish; fire carved iron and flint, spread around the world; PDNA rose, began to fill it with its urine, so all rivers appeared]: Elwin 1958b, No. 10:255-256.

(Wed. Malaysia-Indonesia. Dayaki (western Sarawak) [Klieng and four others, the youngest of them Limband, went hunting with their dogs; L. stayed where they had rice; gathered all the rice together, caught the wild boar, and returned; K. amazed; there is no way to carve fire; a faint light is visible in the distance, only L. went to get the fire; he met the giant Gua, who puts it in his ear, brings him home; G. ate all the people, decided to make L. his grandson; for the night he gives him a mat and a screen made of gold; tells him to wake himself up with a hammer; he woke up only after the third blow; when L. matured, G. gave him a luxurious outfit; marries Bunsu Mata-ari; swimming, she put the jewelry in a bowl, and she sailed along the river; she was picked up by the Malay wife; he promised to marry the owner of the jewelry; sent warriors, L. killed them easily, G. ate the dead; then the Malay gathered people different tribes, including brothers L.; L. fights with K.; they get to know each other; G. says he will soon die, gives all the property to L. and K.; G.'s skull grew banang (banyan?) ; its petals became beads, leaves became tissues, ripe fruits became ceramic vessels, branches became iron and steel]: Ling Roth 1896:328-332).

China - Korea. Miao [man was created by the Potter spirit; his head was an inverted vessel, his eyes were colored clay, his tongue was a vine, his hair was hemp threads]: Eats 1960:107.

(Wed. Central Europe. Russians (Gorkovskaya) [Baba Yaga has daughters Natasha and Ustenka; Vanyusha and Alyonushka are not native; they herd cows every day; N. is with them; one-eyed N. with them; A. put her to sleep with a song; jackdaws, crows are all they hid it, the cows were wound on her feet; the next day, Baba Yaga sent a three-eyed; M. forgot to put the third eye to sleep; Baba Yaga tells her husband to slaughter Burenka; A. cries: They want to slaughter you/The knives will fix you damask, /German cauldrons are boiling; Burenka tells her blood to pour under the window, bury her heart in an alley; a well of sugar water has become, next to an apple tree with red apples; the master rides by, asks to sell apples; baba yaga sent N. - the branches rose high; the master asks to send A.; the branches have descended, A. brought apples to the master on a golden plate; the master tells A. to dress up, will marry tomorrow; baba yaga W. dressed up, covered her third eye, A. put under the deck; rooster: Baba Yagi's daughter is sitting at the table, and A. is under the deck; the master sent the servants to get A., brought him to him together with V., married; Baba Yaga came, gave V. cakes with goat fat, he became a kid; W. dressed up, A. threw a stone around her neck, a fierce snake to her heart; a kid by the river: German boilers are boiling, /Knives sharpen damask; A. stuck her head out, cries: the stone pulls to the bottom, the fierce snake sucks the heart; {the master heard}; tied W. to the horse's tail, scattered across the field: where is the leg, where is the hand, where is the head; Baba Yaga goes to W. to visit W., finds a leg - daughter on a stump; hand to daughter for a rake; head to daughter on a ham; the master ordered her to restore V.'s human appearance; she fed her cakes, he became a boy; the servants pulled A. out, and Baba Yaga was tied to the tail, dispersed across the field]: Eremina et al. 1979, No. 10:179-181).

Iran - Central Asia. Kafirs (sails) [the mother of the seven demons who stole the sun and moon, her belly serves as a pot, her legs as a tagan, her left hand placed below is fire, the right hand is a ladle]: Edelberg 1972:47-59 c Yettmar 1986:87.

Baltoscandia. Lithuanians [the old woman asks her husband to bring her a wolf tail, otherwise there is nothing to spin; the old man throws an ax at the wolf, cuts off the tail; at night the old woman spins, the Wolf comes and sings that everyone is sleeping, only the old woman he spins his tail, eats it, stuffs the scarecrow with straw; in the morning the old man hits the old woman with a poker when she does not answer him; seeing that only skin and bones are left, he makes a ladle out of her skull, a rake from her hands, her legs pokers; The wolf comes, demands all the remains of the old woman, but the old man has already used them; the Wolf kills him]: Lebite 1965:69-71; Veps: Onegina, Zaitseva 1996, No. 3 [the girl's mother died, her husband married Baba Yaga's sister, that daughter Varvey; stepmother and V. tyrant stepdaughter; go to a party, stepmother hopes that Ivan Tsarevich will like V.; tells stepdaughter to separate oatmeal from ash; the girl cries on her mother's grave; she tells me to cut off the twig, wave it crosswise, the work will be done; she will also send a horse and outfits; she must return before midnight; entering one ear of the horse and leaving the other, the girl became beautiful; at the festival she was taken to the royal mansions; V. asks I. to let the bone absorb, he threw a bone at her, her leg broke; stepmother: let's make a new one out of the hook; made her a crooked wooden leg; I. smeared the door jamb with tar, the girl left, grabbed the jamb, the ring stuck; next time, separate the millet from the sand; I. threw the bone at V., her finger broke; stepmother: let's attach a die; the girl a slipper stuck to the threshold; the third time, separate the flour from the ground; I. threw the bone, V.'s eye leaked out; stepmother: let's insert sheep; the girl's hat stuck; I. gathers all the girls to try on a ring, a slipper, hat; they came up only to Zamarashka; the wedding is being prepared; the stepmother tells her to go between her legs, sends her horses to herd, dresses her daughter in the girl's clothes; when the bride rides, the girl screams that they are carrying a leg poker, a wooden finger, a sheep's eye; the mother's daughter was stripped, stuffed naked under the bridge, the girl was dressed up; nine months later she gave birth; the stepmother thinks it's her daughter; walks across the bridge, broke the pipe, from there her voice, "Mom, it hurts!" ; the daughter is almost rotten, but the stepmother promises to make her wife I. anyway; tells his wife I. to walk between her legs and fly with geese, and dressed her daughter and brought her to the bedroom; the child cries; the goose asks the shepherdess bring her baby; seeing a flock of geese, the shepherdess asks if they have the mother of the child; they say that in another pack; in the third; the goose came down, shed its wings, began to breastfeed the baby; the same the second day; on the third, the shepherdess talks about everything I.; he came, burned his wings; I. says to his mother-in-law that he wants to slaughter a bull in the room; she hides under the bench; he hits her with an ax, every time he says that the bull kicked; finished off, the body was thrown away; the imaginary wife was cut into small pieces, put in a net, tied to the horse's tail; where the head fell, there was a rock, where the eye was a wormwood, where the nose was a spring, where the leg was there poker, where the ass is the turf (Kuna langtob pä, siga kasvab kallö, kuna silm - siga silmalähte, kuna nena - sige rodnik, kuna käzi - sihe harav, kuna döug - sihe kouk { transfer?} , kuna perze - sihe turbaz)], 11 [when dying, the mother tells her son and daughter to live together; the brother married Baba Yaga's daughter; she stabbed a cow, a stallion, accused her husband's sister, he does not pay attention; when stabbed her own baby, her brother took her sister to the forest, cut off her arms and legs; God gave her arms and legs; she came to her brother unrecognized, told her story; brother tied his wife to the stallion's tail; where a leg fell - there is a poker, where the hand is a rake, where the ass is there is turf, where the head is there is a rock, where the vulva is there is a swamp, where the eye is - there is a window in the swamp (kuna döug - sihe kohk, kuna käzi - sihe haravm kuna perze - sihe turbaz, kuna pä - sihe kalli, kuna po - sihe so, kuna silm - sihe silmlähte)]: 42-51, 69-71.

Volga - Perm. Chuvash [7 sons of a pregnant mother: if you give birth to a boy, throw a nomad on the road, if the girl is a spindle; the woman gave birth to a girl Piguet, but the neighbors replaced the spindle with a nomad; the brothers went for far away; girlfriends tease P. with a murderer - because of her, the brothers are missing; the mother does not confess; the old woman advises to go to the window, ask her mother to breastfeed, pinch her chest with a window frame; mother confesses; P. went to the brothers, the mother gave her two drops of her milk; with P., the daughter of Baba Yaga Harham; they are sailing in a boat, swimming, H. took P.'s clothes, P. complains to the mother, she shouts for H. to return; this is one drop of milk; the third time there is no more drop, the mother does not hear; P. in the boat asks the daw, forty to take her earrings to her brothers; those: better die; the cuckoo carries it; the brothers jumped in search, both girls were brought, but P. is held for H. and H. for P.; the imaginary H. is sent to water the horses, the younger brother hears her complaint song; the old woman ordered to invite both girls to jump over the fire; the real P. jumped over, H. burned down; brothers' wives are jealous of their husbands for their sister; tied P. to a birch tree by braids in the forest; brothers found her; ask wives if they want a greyhound dog or a stallion; wives: of course, a stallion; they were tied to the tails of four stallions and driven across the field; their head became a pomelo, their hands became a rake, their legs with a pitchfork; P. was passed off as a forest prince; the narrator feasted at the wedding]: Yukhma 1990:361-368; Komi [the fire went out, parents send for fire to the Kama (the spirit of Kama?) daughter, mother gives her a zoo (comb?) and a bread shawl; her boy brother calls to go instead of her, takes objects; he comes across a pot, rake, crowds and other objects; K. asks what these items are; boy: pot - your head, donnez - eyes, tortaez - ears, sherdyn - back, villager - belly, crowds - legs, rakes - hands; K. laughs, goes out, the boy takes away the smut, throws zoo (turns into a forest), a rag (river); houses parents are already dead; brother and sister climb into the sky on a pea stalk; they steal flour from blind Baba Yaga, come back; so several times; once, looking at the cat, the brother laughed; B. tells the hut to be about three, two, one corner, catches children; fattens under the floor, they give a splint instead of a finger; the boy offers B. to show how to enter the oven, burns; his sister does not tell him to eat her fat, he eats, wants to drink, drinks from lamb's hoof, turns into a lamb; it disappears; the bird, an old woman, sends his sister to the Kama; she kills him by pulling the smut out of the oven; the brother becomes a boy again]: Novikov 1938, No. 37:132-139; (cf. Meadow Mari [seven orphan sisters went out; sent the eldest to Wever Kuva (them: V.-Kuva); the girl invites V. to their house; V. gives fire, says that the sisters have an angry dog, asks them to hit her on the leg; going to the sisters, she sings that her tow is like a calf, the spindle is like a rolling pin, a curtain is like a millstone; the dog barks, V. is afraid, leaves; so with all the sisters in turn (break every next leg dog, burn it, scatter the ashes); at the invitation of his younger sister, V. comes, lay down on the stove, with her six sisters, except the youngest; at night, one after another, the skulls eaten fall to the floor; V. every time replies that a spindle, spindle, etc. have fallen; in the morning, the youngest offers V. to open her mouth to jump into it; throws boots full of hot coals into V.'s mouth; runs, taking a comb, a bar, a canvas; abandoned the crest turns into a forest; the hare is called to cut, throws an ax into the lake; V. drinks it; the bar is a mountain; the same, the Fox supposedly cuts; the canvas is the river, V. drinks; the girl climbs the birch tree, V. cuts; the girl asks her older sister to lower her spindle from the sky; she replies that she sows, then pulls hemp, etc.; at the last moment she descends, the girl rises to heaven; the sister hides her from her husband; he promises not to eat; the girl stays with her sister]: Sabitova 1992:153-158).

Southern Siberia. Tuvans [episode of an epic tale; Bora-Shaley, dressed as a man, competes with Humush-Huler-Moge; her arrow flew through a hole in the camel iliac bone, a fox hole She dilated the ilium, broke off the eye of the silver needle, set fire to the firewood in a hundred cowhide packs, cut the iron skin in the middle; after that, they dug for a month; Huler-Moge's lower back burst; Bora- Shaley began to blow and whisper; "Let the rest of the upper part be the beginning of the bronze casting for descendants; let the lower part of the descendants become a split skin ball!"] : Orus-ool 1997:367-369 (similar episode on pp. 377, 381).

Eastern Siberia. Northwestern Yakuts: Illarionov et al. 2008, No. 15 (Western 1938, Vilyuisky District) [Lyybar has a silver boat, golden oars; someone calls him, he comes up, it's a mushroom, he kicks him, sticks, Angaa Mongus brings it to him; L. asks him to fatten him first; sends him for a knife; the owner of the knife goes to the owner of the sharpener, the sharpener must be taken away by a stallion, a rope is needed to bridle, a rope across the river, AM falls into the water, sinks; orders his pelvic bones to become a pestle, his tibia to become a stupa]: 173-177; Ergis 1964, No. 39 (Olenek) [Charchahaan wants to pick wood fungus from larch (it serves with medicine); his hand, second arm, legs, forehead stick; Angaa Mogus takes him away, C. cuts through the bag, runs away, puts bark under his fur coat; AM finds him, kicks him, thinks his bones are cracking, brings him to children? He leaves himself; C. promises to make them a spoon, tells them to give them a sharp sword, cuts off their heads, puts them on bed, cooks meat, digs a way out; AM felt that it was the meat of his blood relatives, wanted to catch C. , can not stick his head into the move; C. offers to climb backwards, pierces with a hot foot; he tells him to make oars from his two hands, make a boat out of his back bones, make his ankle with a pole in the booth, from skulls are a cauldron, from the eye sockets - cups]: 118-120; central Yakuts (4th Malzhagar Nasleg of the Khangalassky ulus) [old woman Tebenekeen wanted to brush the foam off the top, her hand stuck; so all the limbs and head; Ala Mongus brought it into the house in a bag; she offered to fatten her first; then sends her to sharpen her ax; to do this, go to get a bar; the owner sends AM to the borrower of the bar, that one more, that dropped it into the sea; AM sinks, orders him to make a pestle out of the bone of his lower leg, a ladle from his cervical vertebra, a bolt from the second; all those people were brothers T.; leaving the barn where she was locked, T. killed AM children, took his wealth]: Ergis 1964, No. 41:127-129; Yakuts (no place of recording) [old man Lyybyrda catches a fish in a silver boat with a silver net; hears him three times from the forest name; every time he breaks the boat and oars (then they recover), goes to look for who called him; the third time he kicks the horse's skull, consistently sticks to it with all limbs and head; eight-headed Alaa Mogus brings him home; L. persuades himself to fatten himself first; three years later sends A. for a sharp knife; then a series of episodes, each neighbor sends A. to another; a whetstone is needed sharpen the knife, bring the bull the whetstone, the horse catch up with the bull, the bridle catch the horse; it is on the other side; old man Alanay advises A. to tie stones to his legs, arms, neck; A. drowns; tells L. to follow him pest from the knee bone, a stupa from the skull, a bowl from the cervical vertebrae, a hipped booth from the back bones, he will take property and cattle for himself]: Sivtsev, Efremov 1990:132-136; Baikal Evenks: Voskoboynikov 1967, No. 14 (Baikal region) [migrating, the parents throw away the girl's toys; she returns for them, sees the Bear; he asks her to make a spit to fry the liver; she runs, asks the Woodpecker to transport her through the river; tells the Bear that it has crossed its gut; the bear stretches its gut, throws the end to the girl, walks along it like a rope; the girl cuts off her gut, the bear falls into the water, sings that his gut will become willow bark, blood with red clay, ribs as refuges, radial bones with axes, skin in places where moss grows; the girl decides that so be the case; approaches the river that separates her from the parking lot parents; father, mother, brother refuse to move her because she has not looked in their heads before, prepared insoles, or played; the dog agrees to transport her, but the girl turns to her older sister; she says that her bucket has broken; the girl tells the rock to squeeze her sister, crosses the river on the rock, carries the rest of her sister, leaves her on a bump, her sister laughs; the girl comes to the Frog, that asks her to marry her husband; a man marries a girl]: 45-50; Torgonov 2002 (bount) [three girls picked berries; they did not have food in the plague, they were starving; one day, returning from forests, found a baby in the cradle; food began to appear in the plague; the girls decided to secretly watch who brought it to them; saw that the baby rises from the cradle, turns into a bear and defecates fish; the girls decided to kill him with a boiling pot over his head; before his death, the baby bear shouted that reindeer people would now have dishes, arrowheads, scrapers, jewelry, clothes and Ave., made from his skin, bones and claws]: 119-120; Baikal Evenks (north of Transbaikalia, p. Chapo-Ologo, 1948) [two orphans went for berries, found an iron cradle with the baby; the youngest told me not to touch it, the eldest brought the child to the plague; when they returned, there were a lot of fish in the plague; the next day they hid and spy; the child got out of the shaky, became a giant, sat down, a bunch of fish appeared {i.e. he threw it out of himself}; when the girls entered the plague, there was again the child shaky; they knocked over the cauldron on him boiling fish soup, rode on deer; Mangi catches up, a cauldron on her head instead of a hat; one of the sisters threw a comb (thicket), Mangi made his way; threw her bag (the rock is the same); on the other side, old woman Acekai, the girls ask her to stretch out her legs, crossed them to the other side, the old woman removed her legs; when Manga asked her to stretch her legs, the old woman removed them in the middle of the river; Manga screams: make ladles out of my hands, a bucket from the back, paint from the blood, a shuttle from the spine; then drowned; at this time the girls reached the fork; one tells me to follow the left path, the other on the right; turned to the left, came to plague, it has an old woman without arms and legs; turned one into a needle, the other into a thimble; cannibals came, saying that it smells like gifts; the older sister laughed, she was eaten; when the cannibals left, the youngest asks , are there any toys; the old woman gave a bird's wing; the girl flew to the top of the plague, then to the tree, then flew away; reached the river, sat on a stump, found an old bone in her pocket, began to gnaw; in the morning the deer run , they are driven by a handsome guy, he married her]: Pinegina 2019:87-91; Sym Evenks (Chirombu) [younger sister forgot her grandmother toys when migrating; older sister, younger brother said that they work and don't know where the toys are; the Ostyak said he poured out behind; the girl saddled a deer, took the dog, came to the old place, there was a Bear; he asked the names of the deer and the dog, tied the girl and the dog to the tree; the girl tells the Bear three times that her deceased parents did not take a bed of urine and feces when they were going to fresh the vazhenka (i.e. you have to cook everything away); the bear goes away to cut away; The crossbills cannot untie the girl's fetters, their beaks are bent; the fox freed her, for which the girl promised to paint her tail; the Bear wants to eat the Fox instead of the girl; she suggests that he put it on himself knees, cut it with an ax; the fox dodged, the Bear cut his legs, began to eat his bone marrow; since then, the tip of the fox tail has white, the bear has no bone marrow; the girl went to the river and called father, mother, uncle; everyone refuses to transport, saying that the girl is a crybaby; she tells the rock to slide down, crush them all; the ostyak carves a scoop, carries the girl in a scoop; the bear asks how the girl is went; she sings - "lower, taller"; The bear enters the water, drowns; tells his heels to become bars, his legs with sharpeners, his back is soft, his skull with a stone for rubbing paints, his shoulder blades as a paint stone, blood - red paint, feces - black; now all this is in the mountains; the girl has become the wife of Ostyak; carries water, he pours it out every time, says that she wears from feces and urine; the girl asks the birds to take her away; cranes, swans refuse shamanic birds gasha give her feathers to fly with them; ostyak tells her to fall, promises to make a dress, bib, occipital jewelry, hat, fringes on her belt; she says she does not she must not fall; she sits at the door of an old woman; she asks where to hide her from her sons; she refuses to hide in the fringes on her belt ("smelly"), hides in a needle; sons smell, promise eat the girl at sunrise, then at sunset; she flies away, catches up with gash, they swear that their mother released her, shoot her, hurt her wing shoulder; Gurivul asks her to fall, promises a storage shed, speaks to how many stands; when on 10 stands, the girl goes down; they have a son; G. is hunting, gasha came; the woman pretends that the child is dirty, goes out with him, hides in the storage shed; gasha gnaws on the stands; they managed to gnaw three times, the woman sang three times, the third time G. came, killed two gashes, the third ran, leaving a fang; G. comes to people, steps over the fire, everyone laughs; he looks - people have intact teeth; when, through the third fire, he sees a toothless man; asks him to take out his lice, stabs gash with his own tooth to death in the back of his head, tells others that his grandfather fell asleep, leaves]: Vasilevich 1936, No. 42:45-51 (retelling in Vasilevich 1959:186-187); (cf. Sym Evenks: Vasilevich 1936, No.? [Quail in Turov 2000:48-49; the old man sends his daughters for water, everyone refused; he goes to drink from the ice-hole, froze his beard, promises his daughters to Ice, Ice agreed to the youngest Heladan; girl took toys, sat on the ice, the ice floe swam along the shamanic Engdekit River; H. asks shamans living on the capes to let them get off by the fire; the owner of ten tambourines agreed, threw two sewed for H. to catch them on the shore; the ice floe persuades them to return, offers paint stones, leathers, scrapers, sharpeners, cups, flint; X. instead of them sees bones, blood, feces of the dead; comes to Ngamondri bear's den; he tells him to kill him, put his heart to sleep with him, his intestines and head in a place for honored guests, duodenal and straight against himself, thin trees, wool in a hole; in the morning an old man and an old woman sleep against her, an old man next to her, children play in a place of honor, deer around, halters on a tree; the strongest deer was the smallest, H. came to the Evenks in it; her noticed only in the tenth plague, she told her story], 41 (Chirombu) [Evenks dance all day; the old woman hears Korendo's noise, they don't believe her, the children stuff dog droppings into her mouth; K. swallowed the dancing Evenks, the old woman hid under the cauldron; collected grouse droppings, rocked, it did not come to life; in the spring she collected goose droppings, he came to life, became Unyana's boy; trades for a bird, hazel grouse, increasingly large animals, every time she asks her grandmother if this beast ate her uncle; she explains that she ate K. from the sky; W. makes wings, flies to heaven from one wife K. to another, their names are Scraper, Myalka, Needle, Thimble Case; ripped K.'s belly with his wing, the Evenks came out, some alive, some dead; W. flies consistently, sings with three sons K., ripped off each's belly, freed the Evenks; flew to K.'s wife named Brusok, sang to her that your K. was killed]: 38-40, 41-44); Northwestern Evenks: Pinegina et al. 1952 (Kirensky) [two sisters find a cradle with a baby, bring it home; they see that when left alone, he turns into Manga's giant, catches fish, then returns to the cradle; the sisters throw a boiling pot over him, run away; he chases them; one throws the comb, the other bag, they turn into a forest, into a rock, they can't stop M.; old woman Achekai stretches her legs across the river like a bridge; when M. walks, removes her legs; M. shouts to make ladles from his hands, a bucket from his head, paint from blood, from the spine is a shuttle; at the fork, the sisters drove along the left path, get to the old woman; she hides them, turning them into a needle and a thimble; two cannibals come; the eldest thimble girl laughs, cannibals eat her; the youngest old woman gives a bird's wing, she flies away in it, meets a guy, gets married]: 58-61; Suvorov 1956 (Podkamennaya Tunguska) [while the sisters went for berries, the goblin swallowed one of the child in the plague them, lay down in his place; the sisters realized that the baby was screaming differently; threw the child into the hot resin, ran away; the goblin was chasing behind his back with a cauldron; the sisters threw the comb (thicket), the scraper (mountains); asked transport the old woman across the river; old woman: say "Your eyes are dry, and your back is like a humpback"; sisters: "Your eyes are like bird cherry ripe, your back is like a raft flat"; immediately the raft stretched out from shores to shore, sisters ran across the river, the raft disappeared; the goblin speaks of a dry bird cherry, a humpback scraper; a scraper with teeth spread across the river, the goblin fell, drowned; ordered his teeth to become flints, blood with red clay, bones with pitfalls]: 21-22; Chinese Evenks: Kudrina, Varlamova (CD, China), text 2 [Mangi flew in and began to soar at seven hunters; hunters: if you want to eat, so eat; in the end, they all shot together with bows and Manga fell; when he dies, he tells him to make household belongings and clothes out of his head; from his chest, his top, his face; from his leg bones, hooks for hanging cauldron over the fire; let the char be created from other bones], 3 [Mangi flew over the Evenks, grabbed the woman and carried her under her arm; the Evenks began to shoot bows, Mangi fell right into the fire; dying, ordered his heads are huge {bones?} used as copchugs (?) ; make the chest with a muzzle for fishing; let the tree bones of the thighs [Mangi flew in and began to soar at seven hunters; hunters: if you want to eat, eat it like that; in the end they shot together with bows and Manga fell; when he dies, he tells him to make household belongings and clothes out of his head; from his chest, his face; from his leg bones, hooks to hang the cauldron over the fire; from other bones, char will be created let them be trees; huge bones throw aite upwards - they will become char (now there is a chain of goltz rocks in the mountain taiga)].

Amur-Sakhalin. Negidals: Nadein 1982 [(literary work; self-taught author, father of the Sakhalin Evenk family der founded by the Yakuts, mother of a non-gidal; cf. Cincius 1982, No. 28:144-147); older sister goes after the fish, the youngest stays at home; Silavun ("spit") comes in, sings that his leg is a spit, his head is a hammer (it has one eye), his hands are mites, his chest is fur; lets her breath fan the fire, the girl laughs, S. looks in her head, asks for permission to put the louse on her tongue, pulls it out (he feeds on female tongues); the older sister comes to S.'s house, his sister hides it, S. goes to bed in a trough; both women throw it into the fire, the ashes turn into mosquitoes, midges, wasps, gadflies]: 43-45; Cincius 1982, No. 28 [the older sister goes for firewood, the youngest stays at home; the devil comes in, saying that his legs are trouble, head - hammer, hands - mites, belly - blacksmith's fur, eyes - sparkles; breathes her breath on the bowls so that they split; the girl does not laugh, the hell does not find her; next time the older sister remains , laughs, looks for hell in her head, asks for permission to put a louse on her tongue, pulls out her tongue and eyes; the youngest comes to the house for a devil, finds fresh tongue and eyes among the many hanging there; sister the devil hides it, tells his brother to go to bed in a mortar; the girl pushes him there; he turns into mosquitoes, midges, wasps, gadflies]: 144-147; Nanais: Kile 1996, No. 6 (Condon Village, 1968) [Spit Ogre hunted people, brought animal meat to his sister; he has a hammer head, forceps arms, fur belly, dog bone earrings, skewer legs, star eyes; his sister invites him to go to bed, he rejects everything the proposed places, lies down in a mortar; when he fell asleep, the sister interpreted it; thick bones became beetles, thick veins became snakes, the sister threw the crushed ashes, midges, mosquitoes, beetles, flies]: 85-87; Sam 1976, No. 2 (Bikin) [older and younger sisters take turns buying firewood; hammer head, spit legs, tick hands, chalcedony eyes, back - ornamental board; younger sister hid; older sister hid; older sister laughed when the devil knocks with spoons and chopsticks; he looks in her head, tells her to stick out his tongue to put a louse on it, pulls out his tongue, filled her mouth with bird cherry chips, put the phone in, left stand; the younger sister found an abmar with tongues; found a fresh sister, put it in her severed head (it is not directly said that the devil cut off his head); came to the house where the man was sitting, he told me to cook meat; the eldest's head rolls out, asks for it to be given to her; well done beats his younger sister, she leaves, her head is rolling after her, asks to take her; came to another young man, he marries both sisters (the eldest has recovered - how the head found the body, it is not said); the youngest came to the sister a line, she hides it; the devil comes, goes to bed in a mortar; the sister of the devil and the one who comes push him, sift through a sieve; the largest sifting is yellow spiders; then fewer: black spiders, mosquitoes, midges, midges, small midges]: 125; Orochi [Baida's female spirit, hammer head, skewer legs, rosemary body, forceps hands; comes into the house while people are gone; leaves, lifting the canopy of the tent; people knock her down, throw her into the fire; she burns; the old woman blew into the fire, told the ashes to turn into mosquitoes, wasps and gadflies]: Bereznitsky 1999, No. 23:152-153; Udege people: Kormushin 1998, No. 1 [the older sister goes for firewood; Dzangdalafu enters the house; the head is a marsh bump, the hair is smoke, the eyes are green beads, the hands are mites, the fingers are vise, skewer legs, abdomen - blacksmith's bells, buttocks - shielded stones in the blacksmith's furnace, scrotum - bells, penis file; scoops up a bowl of ash, blows winds, hidden does not laugh, D. leaves; the next day, the older sister stays, laughs; D. looks for lice from her, asks her to pick it up, pulls it out, puts a sewing in her hands, a tube in her mouth, takes her heart away; the youngest comes running to mother D., who gives her heart , she revives her sister; both return to D.'s mother, ask him to put her son to sleep in a leather; the girls crumple him, he sleeps; they run to the river, ask for a good man to transport him; he throws a bridge, the youngest hides in his pants, the eldest in the hallway; when D. crosses, well done, turns the bridge over, D. drowns; tells the intestines to become reaches, the testicles to scratch (?) , tibia bones (?) - drowns, ass - disintegration; well done married sisters, the old woman became their mother]: 104-108; Lebedeva et al. 1998, No. 41 [the older sister went for brushwood, the youngest at home; Dyangdalafý came; he has head - hammer, belly - fur, hands - mites, legs - skewers, buttocks - blacksmith's stone, animal penis, testicles - ringing like bells; releases gases - the girl does not laugh; next time she stays older sister, laughs, D. finds her, looks for her in her head, offers her louse into her tongue, pulls out her tongue, leaves her to sit as if she is doing needlework; the youngest comes to mother D.; she invites D. to lie down in tannery, she and the girl beat him, run away; the endyga sent them across the river, hid their grandmother under the pot, the girl under his robe; suggests D. to fix it, pierces his head, throws them into the water; from his a hummock has grown from the intestines, water grass from the bones, river thickets from the bones]: 281-285; Mozhaev 1955 [two girls live in the taiga; while they are not at home, Zandarafu (head is a hammer, blacksmith's fur is belly, iron sticks - hands) comes, blows on cups, they break; the eldest hides, sees it; the youngest also wants to see it; laughs when Z. blows; he finds her, swallows her; the eldest comes to Z.'s house; at home an old woman , she hides it; Z. comes, falls asleep, the old woman and older sister cut his stomach, free his younger one; the sisters and the old woman run, the blacksmith carries them on a raft across the river; when Z. turns the raft over; Z. tells his limbs to turn into driftwood, his teeth into stones, block the river; since then, there have been rifts and rubble on the river]: 43-47; Wilta [Silapu is a monster with legs- She came to the camp with skewers. Twirl legs - creak and creak; hands - forceps - dac; hammer head turns from side to side; instead of the body, rosemary - crack-crackle. S. went into the same house - there were no people. "Where did they go?" I scattered dishes in the house. Something fell on the dishes ringing. Silapu laughs. - Residents of the house, laugh! No one laughs. S. farted, something fell with the sound. Spova laughs - silence. I came to another house. Old lady: Comes S., this is my little sister. The old woman's house is big, people hid. They whisper: let's kill S. The old woman put her to bed and started looking for it in her head. When S. falls asleep, the old woman says that S. cannot be killed like that, we must cut off the bump on the top of her head. They cut it off. The old woman tells S. not to throw it outside, but to burn it in the fire. "S. was a good person, but how can a good person get lost on earth? My sister will be replaced by mosquitoes, midges, and blood sucking. We need to inflate its ashes. Ash spread all over the land. S. turned into a mosquito with long skewers. And since then, midges and mosquitoes have been sucking alive people]: Sam et al. 2012:109-110; wilta [two younger women went for firewood, the eldest at home; an old woman comes: belly - blacksmith's fur, hands - forceps, head - hammer , eyes the size of a cup; the woman hid under the bunk beds; the old woman began to dance, dropping a lizard, a frog; farted; the woman laughed; old woman: come out, I'll look for lice from you; found one: where to crush? put it in my bag; old woman: does not fit; then the same thing: on my hand; on the hearth board; on the bed; on my back; on my head; into the fire; on the tongue; old woman: then stick out your tongue; the old woman pulled it out and left, woman fell dead; the sisters returned: the eldest died long ago; the middle sister stayed at home (all the same); when the youngest was left and the old woman farted, she attacked her with a dagger, cut off her arms and legs, drove her away, chopping; a lot of worms have come out of her, they cry; she caught up to the house in which the girl; says that the old woman killed her parents and raised her at home; there is a box in the house with the soul of an old woman in it; the woman found in a box of lizards and frogs, suppressed everyone, then the old woman died; she saw two tongues hanging, blood was dripping from them; she inserted her tongues into her sisters, they came to life; all four (three sisters and that girl) came to another old woman with a hammerhead; old woman: yesterday my sister was killed, one worm came to cry; she curses, and her husband pacifies her, tells the women to leave as soon as possible; they came to a house where shamanic idols or people (more the informant does not remember)]: Ikegami 2007, No. 15:54-62; wilta [the older and younger sisters take turns hunting; one day the youngest left, the eldest began to cook; a monster comes to the house: head like a blacksmith's hammer, her body was fur, her hands were ticks, her legs were skewers; she entered the house, vomited the girl's tongue, she fell dead; the monster sat her on the bunk, put a needle in her hands and threw her unsewn to her knees robe; the younger sister saw the eldest with the needlework, surprised that she did not answer, pushed her, she fell; the youngest took a bow and arrows, a spear, a zipper saber and went skiing; entered the house: there were treasures, and people's tongues are drying under the ceiling on the crossbar, one is fresh; the girl grabbed him, brought him home, put him in her sister's mouth, he grew up, his sister came to life; both sisters rushed to look for the devil; they see him rolling There is a basin on the floor to boil water to cook meat; stops rolling - the water does not boil; eating, the hell snored; the sisters cut off his head with a sword, the monster crumbled into pieces; they burned everything, the sparks turned into mosquitoes, midges and midges]: Sam et al. 2012:118-123.

SV Asia. Kereki [Grandma tied the ogre, fell asleep; he asks the two sisters to untie him; the eldest agrees, the ogre runs away, comes to the dugout of two old women; tries to crochet them; they they slip him a bale of dry grass, run away, break through the wall of the dugout; the mistress of the sea Ankanpinav stretches her legs across the sea, the women cross them to the other side; the cannibal comes running, A. advises him drink the sea, it bursts; his iron body turns into various products: his head into a kettle, his legs and arms into guns, his brain into beads]: Leontyev 1983, No. 7:100-104; Menovshchikov 1974, No. 113:352-356.

The Arctic. Asian Eskimos (Chaplino): Menovshchikov 1985, No. 89 (Lawrence) [five sisters live alone; the eldest creates a man named Kamysnap: a head made of a stone hammer, a body made of a board, on whose skins are scraped, her hands are made of shoe pads, her legs are crooked scrapers, her fingers are made of live crabs; he goes to the house of five hunting brothers, steals their meat, says he found it on the shore; the elder his brother waits for him, makes him confess that he has five sisters; brothers come and marry sisters; K. turns into objects from which he was created]: 205-208; 1988, No. 12 [five girls went into the tundra; Mayyrahpak put them in a camley, hung them on a tree; Bear, Raven refuse to help, Fox tells the tree to bend down, frees four girls, the fifth could not wake them up; four ran away, filling the camley with berries; M. pierces a knife, thinks that her eyes are falling; the girl agrees not to kill, brings her to his house; two men free her, run with her; a stone thrown by the girl turns into a mountain; she draws a line with her cut little finger, a river appears; M. drinks it, bursts; teapots, cups, plates, buckets and other things fell out of it]: 67-68; Rubtsova 1954, No. 5 [girls picks berries; the giantess catches them, puts them in her camley, leaves them on the tree; the Ermine, the Hare refuse to help; the fox tells the tree to bend down, frees the girls; they fill the camley with berries; alone a girl gets stuck in her sleeve; a giantess takes berries for human eyes; brings a girl home, adopts; two men come, a girl runs with them; throws a whetstone, it turns into a mountain; spends a line on the ground, a river appears; the giant drinks it, bursts; metal tools and utensils fall from her womb]: 117-120; St. Lawrence [the girls roll down the Giantess's dugout like a hill; she shoves them into her park, hangs them on a pole, tells him to straighten up; the birds refuse to help, the Fox tells the pole to bend down tells the girls to put moss instead; the youngest fell asleep and stayed in the park; while ripping open the park, the Giantess cuts off the girl's finger; agrees to take her in her head; there are mice, beetles, squirrels; The giantess tells them to gnaw, the girl just pretends to throw them away; the fox pretends to have blood from her nose, as if all the buckets are full of blood, in fact they contain red clay; the Giantess agrees empty the buckets at the top of the mountain; the Fox is on her heels like a spirit, pushing the Giantess off the cliff; when she goes to bed, takes out her eyes, tells her to guard; the Giantess comes up, her eyes jump, she calls, the Fox is still sleeping; The giantess bites her eyes, ties animal vertebrae to the Fox's tail; The fox runs, then realizes what's going on; makes new eyes out of kaavlaks berries, they are good, but fall out of the eye sockets; then from berries aamaks; they fit, but mow a little, since then slightly cross-eyed; releasing the girl from the dugout, the Giantess puts her in a bag, ties a rope to it; the girl's two brothers release her, put her in a bag a walrus skull, run away; the Giantess pursues; the girl throws a whetstone, it turns into a mountain; runs a river on the ground with a stump of her finger; answers the Giantess that she crossed on a shell; the Giantess cannot; then she advises to drink the river; the Giantess's belly is inflated, the girl offers to dance on the mountain; the Giantess bursts, she makes iron pans and boilers]: Slwooko 1979:14-20; igloolik [children disappear one by one; two girls find a toy, then another, so they come to the cannibal's house; there are people's bones; while she closes the door, they dig a hole in the wall, run away; people ask her to cut her hair toenails, they tie a rope to her feet, drag her to the village; she says her teeth are made of flint, her stomach is copper, her liver is lead, her knees are made of beads; she is killed, cut, people share everything among themselves these values]: Boas 1907, No. 9:310-312.

The Midwest. Steppe Cree: Bloomfield 1930, No. 25 [Windigo has a second person on the back of his head, he kills everyone; Visakechak and ten brothers live alone, the youngest is watching the house; stabbed with a sliver, throws her on the floor, she turns into a little girl; he throws her out of the house, she turns into a girl; V-k tells her they'll be gone for four days, tells her not to open the door if he hears them sooner voices; she hears voices (it's actually Windigo), doesn't open it; one day she picks up a pen, it turns into Windigo, he takes her to his grandmother, tells her to fatten her to then cook; grandmother feels sorry for her, she tells her to kill and cook herself, run; Windigo finds the grandmother's meat, pursues the girl; she runs into an iron house where a young man and a woman are sitting; when she enters Windigo, they cut off his head with a door; an evil spirit jumps off a tree killing young women; a girl puts a sharp stake, the spirit dies; she revives ten women, brings her brothers to life as wives], 33 [V. calls a woman to his boat, takes her to her grandmother; then in (25); a man kills V. with a door; bowls, bowlers, spoons, etc. appear from his burned corpse; a person does not tell a woman to take anything, breaks everything; an evil spirit jumps off a tree, breaking women's knees; An elk takes a woman to his wife; her brothers are starving at this time; The elk agrees to be killed and eaten, but the bones must be kept wrapped in skin; then it will come to life]: 239-243, 312-314; Western Ojibwa (Minnesota, Font du Lac, 1958) [Nanabojo's mother went with her mother for firewood; the wind flew in, she was gone; the grandmother picked up a clot blood, N. came out of him; his grandmother answered him that his mother had killed the Four Corners of the Wind, the way there through resin-covered water; the weasel agreed to tell N. that he should hit the enemy in a bunch of his hair on the back of his head; for this N. made the caress white with separate black spots; N. killed the enemy, cut it into pieces, from which different animals arose; the grandmother praised N.; he sailed on a boat, the wind called, but there was no wind it was; the Mas-Ki-no-zha pike swallowed it with the boat; he cut it from the inside, the dead pike washed ashore, the birds began to peck at it, N. asked them to help him get out; he cut the pike into pieces, from they were all small fish]: Coleman et al 1971:63-65.

Plains. Teton [the boy does not listen; his mother kicks him out of the house, asks Annung-ite (a spirit with a second person on the back of his head) to pick him up; he comes and puts the boy in his ear (it serves him with a basket); parents wait for Annung-ita to come again, kill him with knives; take their son out of his ear; he is half himself Annung-ita, soon dies; parents burn Annung- it turns into porcupine needles and needle bags, all kinds of feathers, arrows, tubes, birds, axes, clubs, flints and flint tools, whippers, stone balls, shell necklaces, whips, pouches, beads, etc.]: Dorsey 1894:474-475; Omaha [a beautifully dressed woman meets another; she offers to go together; they are joined by a third, fourth; the first three kick a pile of bones at trails, each telling the next one that they are your relatives; the fourth picks up the skull, leaves it in a safe place; the skull follows the women; at each stop, it kills three women one by one; the fourth is called sister-in-law, tells him to throw him into the hollow, kills raccoons for her, tells him to make a hole in the tree trunk, goes out; for the fourth time the woman runs away; the skull gnaws through hole, chases her; she throws a raccoon with fat behind the stomach four times, the skull loses time cleaning off fat; by the river, a woman asks a man for help; calls him brother, uncle, father; when she calls him grandfather , he breaks his skull with an arrow; it turns into knives, forks, thimbles, threads, awls, wax, needles, scissors; the man tells the woman not to touch anything; she takes a comb, he burns her side, she dies (var. : takes scissors, her hands fall off; info: we didn't have scissors then)]: Kercheval 1893:201-204.

(Wed. Southeast USA. Choctaw [the young man invites the girl to go with him, brings him to himself, where the animals he feeds are attached to the trees; turns into a devil; the frog tells me to run, shows where; she swims across the river in a boat; the devil asks him to be transported too; she puts the paddle from the boat ashore, he steps on it, she turns the paddle over, it sinks, turns into gravel at the bottom of the reservoirs]: Mould 2004:97-98 ).

NW Amazon. Carijona [several brothers went hunting; their two sisters followed; saw giblets floating along the stream, thought that their brothers were upstream; came to the Itutarï Forest Spirit House; with him big frog; I. tickled his older sister to death, the youngest ran away; people came to kill him; he sings that he could not be killed with an ax, for his shoulder blades were axes, his club was his club arms, his legs with a sarbakan sarbacans; can only be killed with warumaimï reeds; while I. was away, people smashed the frog's mouth, left a dish with peppered larvae; I. ate, rushed to the river to drink, a man hiding on the roof killed him reed w.]: Schindler 1977, No. 1:67-68.