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Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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G8E. They cut down a tree on the moon .25.-.27.

The character unsuccessfully cuts down a tree growing on the moon.

Paiwan, Ancient China, Chinese (Hebei, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Guangxi, Gansu), Miao, Meo, Greeks.

Taiwan - Philippines. Paywan [Salmudj tried to cut down a tree on the moon where two monkeys live; but it grows again every time]: Yamada 2002:49

China - Korea. Ancient China [after I hit nine out of ten suns, the heavenly ruler became angry, left I on earth; And continues to fight monsters; And goes west, receives from Si-wanmu the potion of immortality; if two people drink, they will become immortal on earth, if one becomes a heavenly deity; Yi Chang'e's wife took one drug, flew to the moon, became a toad there (according to another version remained a woman); there is also a hare on the moon that pushes the drug of immortality, cinnamon tree and Ugan into a mortar; he wanted to become immortal, was exiled to the moon to cut down cinnamon for his misdemeanors wood; cuts, but it grows together again]: Yuan Ke 1987:154-159, 317 (note 94); Chinese (Hebei, wu. Funing, d. Jiuxian, 2005) {there is no motive as such, but Wu Gong is a man who always cuts a tree on the moon} [Mount Tuershan resembles two bunny ears in profile, and there are always bright clouds above it; when Chang'e stole Howie's elixir of immortality, she flew to the Moon Palace, where she often talked about the human world with the Jade Hare preparing potions; the hare wanted to visit the world, and one day, taking a jade pestle with him, he slipped out of the palace; flew south of Funing in the clouds; stayed by the clear waters of Yanghe, with fragrant grass and flowers along the banks; one day a turtle came out of the water; the hare came to knock on the shell with a pestle; the turtle liked it: "Hey, sucker, can't you see, grandfather's shell is itchy, come knock on it {more}!" Hare: "What kind of grandfather are you?" Turtle: "Millennial Prince, Eternal Turtle, I overestimated you by calling myself your grandfather"; at that moment, the pestle crushed the turtle's shell, its eyes almost came out of its orbits; the turtle realized that the hare - celestial, and asked for mercy; the hare removed the pestle, began to boast of the splendor of heaven; the turtle listened to how large the Heavenly River was, and decided to practice Taoism until, with the help of a hare, he was in waters of the Sky River"; offered to compete in running; if the hare wins, she will give him 3 gems; the hare laughed at the turtle and rushed like the wind; between Jiuxian and Xitaoyuan he waited a turtle; then stuck the pestle in the ground and fell asleep; at which time Chang'e discovered that it had disappeared and told Wu Gang (he always cuts a tree on the moon) to go in search; flying over the place where the mountain is now Tuershan, he noticed a pestle, went down; pointed his finger at the sky and the spirit of the Jade Hare flew back to the moon, and his body turned into a mountain; in the sky, the hare found that he was not carrying a pistil, flew back; But Wu Gang had already cut off the head of the pistil with an ax; flew to heaven, and his body turned into stone, remaining next to the hare's pestle; the turtle crawled to the hare all this time to give him what he had promised treasures; she was hit by a spell that Wu Gang cast at a hare and it turned into a stone, and the three gems she carried also became ordinary stones]: Bai Gengsheng 2007a: 148-150; Chinese (Guangdong, Zhejiang, Guangxi, Gansu) [a man is sent to the moon as punishment; he cuts a cassia tree there, but as soon as he stops working, the felling overgrows]: Eberhard 1937, No. 25:37; Dungana (Zhejiang) [Dunganin wanted to buy a brick and an old ax for a hundred measures of silver; the owner demanded an explanation; he said that the brick would bring to the moon, and the osmanthus tree could be cut down with an ax ( olive family), which costs millions of measures of silver; the owner decided not to sell these valuables, but to use them; however, instead of an old ax, he decided to take a sharp one; began to cut down wood, but felling overgrown; the owner of the moon garden came to the noise and killed a man]: Shujang Li, Luckert 1994:185-186; Miao: Wakhtin, Eats 1956 [Chief Zhang Laoyan sees an old man trying to cut down a maple; takes do it for him; every time a night, felling overgrows; the old man advises putting his head in the felling for the night; it grows into a trunk; the CL tries to escape, ends up on the moon with the maple tree; seen there tries to escape; his sister cries, wanting him to die and not suffer; so the moon disappears every month]: 131-136; Schotter 1911 [Tchang-kou-lao put scarecrows in the field to show that there are many workers there , ate all the lunch his grandmother made for them himself; hid in a pile of grass prepared for pigs, his grandmother believed that the pile was big, brought it home with the grass; the grandmother said that soon would die, asked to make a coffin; C. began to cut down the tree, the felling overgrown overnight; he lay down for the night with his head in the felling; it was overgrown; now he can be seen on the moon with the tree]: 327; meo (Vietnam ) [parents send two daughters to find suitors; the youngest chooses a hardworking boy and he chooses hers; the eldest also finds a husband; the father promises a magic box to one of the son-in-law who works faster and better; the youngest's husband is ahead of the eldest husband in everything; he invites him to go down into the hole, dumps a boulder on him; the father sends a kite from the box, he finds the young man, the father revives him; the eldest husband is torn to pieces tiger; older sister tells her younger husband that the youngest is drinking blood; smears blood on her sore lips; husband believes the youngest rushes into the waterfall; husband lives with the eldest, they are poor; two fish promise to show her husband wife at the bottom; she says she will marry in heaven, go to heaven, promises to throw off her husband's rope; husband falls asleep, older sister climbs a rope to heaven for the youngest; Heavenly Lord throws the husband has a bridge to go up to his wife; lets both go to the ground; tells the eldest to cut down a banyan tree on the moon; felling overgrows nightly; the sister sticks to the banyan, now visible there]: Nikulin 1990:52-62.

The Balkans. The Greeks [spots on the moon are the tree that holds the ground; the Devil (or Cain) tries to cut it down with an ax all year; stays on the hair and the tree will fall; then {the devil} sits down for a while take a break and give a damn about your hands, at which point the tree is whole again, the Devil is forced to start cutting again (Peloponnese)]: Czocha 2009:184-185.