Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

H1bb. We did not feel sorry for the dog. 11.

One character refuses to resurrect another's favorite dog, and this conflict involves losing the ability to resurrect people.

Louis, Subia, Ila, Nyoro, Sutho.

Bantu-speaking Africa. Louis [Nyambe's dog died, his wife Nasilele told her to be thrown away; then Nasilele's mother died; she asked for her back, but Nyambe refused because she did not want the dog back; they sent A chameleon to tell people that they will come to life, and a Hare (var. Lizard) say they will die forever; The Hare (Lizard) came first]: Werner 1933:32-33 (=Abrahamsson 1951:33-34, 65; =Baumann 1936:288); subia [the man's dog is dead, his wife is not wanted him to revive her; when her mother died, her husband first refused to revive her, but then agreed; he left her in the hut, telling his wife not to open the door, and went to get a new potion; the wife opened it her mother died again, her husband did not revive her again, ordered her to be buried, saying that now all people would die]: Jacottet 1894, No. 3:672-673; silt [the man descended from above to earth with his mother, wife, mother-in-law, cattle; mother-in-law died; the wife wanted her back, but the husband said that she would revive herself; later her husband's dog died; he wanted her back, but the wife refused because her husband did not bring her mother back; Her husband's mother died, his wife refused again; people have died ever since]: Smith, Dale 1920:104-105 (quoted in Abrahamsson 1951:65; Janssens 1926:561-562); nyoro [at first only animals died forever, and people were returning; the sister's dog died; the brother asks her sister to dress well, to go meet the resurrected; she replies that she will not go if her dog is not resurrected; Ruhanga is angry, says that now people will not revive]: Roscoe 1923a:337; sutho [Khutswane's creator's dog died; his parents and sister did not want it to come to life because dogs could be eaten; then his sister and others died wanted her to come to life, but H. said that if the dog died, his sister would not live either; he left the ground]: Abrahamsson 1951:65 (=Baumann 1936:289).