Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

H23. Fat horns. .31.34.35. (.40.) .41.50.


now rigid and inedible object originally consisted of fat.

Sami (Sweden) [tree trunks], tofalars (tree core), chum salmon (tree core), oriental (?) Khanty [tree core and birch mushroom], koyukon [birch mushroom], helmet [lamb antlers], western apache [mutton antlers], navajo [mutton antlers], hopi [mutton antlers].

Baltoscandia. Western Sami (Norboten, Sweden, recorded in the mid-18th century by missionary Pehr Högström) [After creating the world, God called Perkel for advice; he suggested making {the core} of trees out of bone marrow (alle Bäume aus Mark), and lakes of milk so that all plants have (edible) berries; but the evil spirit did not agree]: Dähnhardt 1907:133; Kharuzin 1890:194-195.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Tofalars [the core of the trees was made of fat; the woman became angry that her clothes had become oily; the burhan removed the fat from the trunks, put it only in cedar cones]: Seedin 1996, No. 10:18.

Western Siberia. The Kets [humans ate the core of trees; it was soft and the same as deer's bone marrow; kalmisim {simplified spelling} didn't like people thriving, so he did the core of the trees is hard; now there are only traces of this pulp]: Donner 1933:92; Eastern Khanty (Vasyugan) [the demon nöți living along the banks of rivers and lakes wanted to add nöți to the trees an edible core, make tree sponges (one type of mushroom is still called nöți-sänex) suitable for food, make rivers flow downstream on one bank and against the current from another; these attempts were thwarted by parnī; river whirlpools remind of his efforts]: Karjalainen 1922:382 (Karjalainen translation 1995:279).

(Wed. The Arctic. Nuniwak Island [The raven picked up a lump of land, fortified it on poles; the supports broke, the lump swam, joined a piece of ice in winter to form Nuniwak Island; Norka built a mountain to ride in her, old people are younger; Raven, Then there is not enough food, there are too many people; Mink, Let the snowdrifts be lard; Raven, No, then bad hunters will also get rich]: Himmelsheber 1951:31-35 (quoted in Meletinsky 1979:99-100).

Subarctic. Koyukon [the tree mushroom on the birch tree consisted of fat; the raven first placed it on all trees for people to eat, but then decided that way people would stop working; sprayed the mushroom with his urine, he stiff]: Nelson 1983:56; helmet [two sisters eat a lot of fat; mother gets angry, tells them to go beyond the Mist; he kills his two cannibal wives, turns them into a porcupine and a beaver, marries girls; good hunter, brings mother-in-law a lot of meat; Mist people cut like fat tail fat and eat mountain sheep horns; this is their main food, they call it fat; one day the Mist covers its meat the pantry is a mountain; when he finds out that people are starving, he takes off the mountain; mother-in-law eats fat greedily, splits in half]: Teit 1917a, No. 20:466-467.

The Great Southwest. Mountain sheep horns were made of fat (bone marrow); after collective hunting, Coyote does not get them; then he makes the horns bony. Western Apaches (White Mountain): Goddard 1919 [antlers were tallow; Coyote told them to be bony]: 138; Goodwin 1994, No. 47, 48 [The Great Blue Heron stretches its legs like a bridge across the abyss, people cross them to the other side to hunt deer; the Coyote kills an ogre owl, marries; hunters do not share meat with him, give him scraps; deer antlers were made of fat, the meat was boneless; The offended Coyote makes the horns hard, creates bones; people ask the Heron to remove his legs when the Coyote crosses the abyss; the Coyote falls but does not die, tells the bats to lay for him the path up; at this time, the Coyote's wife thinks he was killed; throwing a stone, she breaks the Heron's legs; turns into a Bear, devours everyone; The chipmunk advises her younger brother to watch her sister's shadow when she will come to him to look in his head; when the shadow begins to take on the shape of a bear, the boy kills his sister with an arrow; rubbing the bones of the dead with fat, revives people; Coyote ties them to a hair broom a grain grater, throws it into the river; if they emerge, the dead will be resurrected; the grain grater pulls the broom to the bottom, lively people disappear and never come back]: 173, 175-176; Navajo: Haile 1984, No. 15 [ the brothers of the Coyote wife went hunting, killed two mountain rams; the sheep's horns used to be made of fat; the Coyote demanded that the horns be given to him four times; when refused, made them bony; the brothers put the meat in a small bag, ordered to be taken home, forbiding him to sit down on the way; he sat down, each time the bag was heavier, he could no longer lift it, hung the meat on the trees; scolds the swallow people; the Spider and the Spider weaved four webs; three Coyotes tore, in the fourth he got confused, the swallows tore him apart, striped his skin on his forehead]: 78-81; Matthews 1994 [the brothers of the Coyote wife caught mountain sheep; the rams had fleshy horns, the older brother is rightfully going to take them for himself; the Coyote demands to give them to him four times; after that, the older brother took the knife and the Coyote began to spell, "Become bony"; since then, the horns bony, they show stripes - knife marks; the brothers rolled the meat into a small bag, let Coyote take it home, forbidding it to open it on the way; he opened it, the meat fell out, he scattered and hung the pieces, as much as I could go further]: 96-97; O'Bryan 1956 [12 hunting brothers have sister Ataed'diy ini; she promises to marry only the one who kills the giant; the giant walks slowly, rarely manages to catch a person and put in his basket; the Coyote tells the giant he will make him as fast-footed as he is; in the steam room, both drink vomit, each burps into his own vessel; the Coyote has grasshoppers, the giant has meat; the Coyote has meat; replaces blood vessels, explains to the giant that because of these grasshoppers, he walks slowly; quietly puts a deer on his leg, cuts it in half; lets the giant feel his severed leg first, then his own kissing, the giant believes that by cutting and growing his leg, the Coyote has gained strength; allows himself to cut off his leg, Coyote takes it away, says A., that he killed the giant; she sets a new condition: first she will kill the Coyote, then he must come to life; the Coyote hides his heart and lungs in a hole under the hill, wrapped in a black wind; she kills him, he comes to life; so 4 times (his heart and lungs are wrapped in blue, yellow, white wind, holes lead east, south, west, north); Coyote marries A., teaches all his tricks; A. hides the Coyote under the blanket, the brothers smell it; the brothers leave the house for his sister and Coyote, build a hut for themselves; brothers cross the canyon on the rainbow, and are forced to transfer the Coyote; mountain sheep had horns full of bone marrow; one of the brothers killed a ram, Coyote wanted horns for himself (the one who killed them gets them); when the brother cut off the horns, the Coyote made the horns bony; the traces of trying to cut them off are circular rings on the outer surface; (option: The Coyote tries to cut off the horns himself, beats furiously they form the canyons of the Mesa Verde district on the ground); the brothers roll the meat into a small ball, tell them to take it to their sister, do not put it on the ground; the Coyote puts it, the ball turns into a pile of meat, the Coyote does not knows what to do; insults swallow people; two spiders quietly weave the wall behind Coyote, he can't jump over it, swallows kill him, make stripes of skin bandages on his forehead, ever since swallows stripe on his forehead]: 40-44; hopi [the horns of mountain sheep had fat; the Coyote demanded that the hunters give him their horns; when refused, made the horns bony; two rams killed him with their own with new bone horns]: Wallis 1936, No. 11:43.