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Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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H24. The vessel is too early to open. .11.-.


vessel or other small container with valuables or dangerous creatures is open (o) (ahead of time). Its content gets out of control or disappears. See motif B17 ("night in a vessel").

Bantu-speaking Africa. Ben Lulua, Ben Cauchy, Ben Casase [Fidi Mukulu sent four people from the sky, gave a box, told them to open it in the house; the man opened it earlier, the animals jumped out, ran away, so now wild]: Frobenius 1983:85-86; song [four people came to Fidi Mukulu in heaven; he gave them four closed baskets, told them to open houses; two reported, pets came out of the baskets animals; two were discovered along the way, wild animals jumped out and ran away]: Frobenius 1983:103; pende [people asked Mawese to give them pets; he told them not to open the box along the way; people discovered, all the animals and birds that are now wild have run away; those that are now domestic are left]: Frobenius 1983:112; lala [when dying, the sorcerer gave his son a vessel, told him not to open it; son's wife I opened it, two tsetse flies flew out from there; one was caught, but the other bit all the cattle, the cattle died; it caused the current tsetse]: Abrahamsson 1951:45; lamba [the leader on earth sent people to God for seeds cultivated plants; God gave parcels, one ordered not to be opened; man opened, death came out; the chief ordered the execution of this man]: Doke 1927, No. 121:217 (=1931:228, retelling in Abrahamsson 1951: 45-46, in Baumann 1936:285, in Parrinder 1967:56, in Scheub 2000:121); kaonde [Leza gave three calebasses to Mayimba (honey-guide bird), ordered to be carried to the first Mulonga man and Mwinambuzhi woman, not discover along the way, discover the third calebas only when he, L., comes; Mayimba discovered, the first two were seeds of cultivated plants, the third was death, diseases, predatory animals, dangerous reptiles; Mayimba ran away, began to live in the woods]: Melland 1967 (1923): 157-159 (translated to Zhukov, Kotlyar 1976, No. 15:60, retelling in Abrahamsson 1951:46, Millroth 1965:201); bulu [Zobeyo Mebe has sons Man, Ram, Dog, Rooster; they take turns going to Nkpwaevo to get valuables to pay for the bride; everyone gets a basket warning not to open on the way; the basket contains cola nuts and a wife (chicken, dog and etc.); the man discovered on the way, the woman ran back to N.; had to go a second time and now pay dowry; since then wives have been paid for]: Scheub 2000:272-273; mpongwe [children of the R'Agbambié forest ( mostly animals) grew up, wanted to marry; he sent them one by one to the R'Agbambié of the sea; the latter gives everyone a parcel, forbids them to open it on the way; at home The dog opened the parcel, there was Suka, Ox - Cow, etc.; The man opened the package halfway through, the wife went out, returned to her father; R'Agbambié of the sea agreed to give his wife again, but this time for dowry (the origin of the bride's payment)]: Raponda-Walker 1967:362-365; kwaya [old man Mareri (aka Mungura; sometimes the name of God the Creator) and his wife had all the water in the pot; the vessel was kept under the roof of the house; when the daughter-in-law was cooking, Her father-in-law gave her water for this; once he made water for beer, left; the daughter-in-law opened the vessel herself, it fell, crashed, and the water spilled around the world]: Huber 1967, No. c: 793-796.

West Africa. Fulbe [the neophyte asks the teacher to tell him the true name of God; he gives him a box; when he hears a rustle from it, the young man opens the box, a mouse pops up from there; the teacher says that since he cannot save the mouse, how to trust the name of God]: Bâ Amadou Hampaté, L. Kesteloool, p. 60 in Zubko 1987:117; tenda [girl rejects suitors; monster turns into handsome man with shiny skin like the peel of a palm tree; he goes with him; on the way he returns bark to the palm tree (var.: and teeth to the snake); he swallows the whole animals, regurgitates at home, the wife must grind the meat; the girl's father's other wife (co-epouse) comes to visit her; the girl tells her to return along the dew road, but she walks along the road where there is no dew, meets a monster; he swallows her, regurgitates her at home like other game, tells her to grind it, eats it; the same with the girl's mother; two younger brothers of the monster come, the girl invites them to sit in a mortar, pushes; confesses to the monster; he promises to swallow it tomorrow; her younger brothers come to her; with them together she runs away, throws grass behind, then dirt, detaining the pursuer (the narrator did not say exactly how); runs to the blacksmith; the monster swallows him, but the blacksmith immediately comes out of the monster's anus ; kills him with a sledgehammer; makes sandals and straps out of monster skin for children to carry; warns not to put them together; children (i.e. the girl's brothers) climb the fig tree, throw their sandals in a pile; the monster respawns; one boy manages to go down, calls the blacksmith, who kills the monster again; burns; the frog plants pumpkins in this place; comes to pick ripe, pumpkins do not command; so consistently all actions (cut, cook, eat); she disrupts (etc.), each time she says, "She planted it herself, why not rip it off" (etc.); raspberry people (or other neighboring people) come, the Frog teaches them that sentence; people cannot go out of need; The frog tells them to say the same phrase again; people are relieved, many flies appear; the frog puts them in the vessel, closes them; the thief stole the vessel, opened it, flies flew out (origin of flies)]: Ferry 1983, No. 42:226-234; kone (Sierra Leone) [eternal light first; God sent the Bat to carry a basket of darkness to the Moon without saying what's inside; along the way, the Bat left the basket, left; others opened it thinking there was food inside; it was night; The Bat is still sleeping during the day and rushing around at night, trying to put the darkness back into the basket]: Parrinder 1967:28 (= Scheub 2000:268); hausa [The turtle makes the bachelor's cultivated field uncultivated every time; he waits for her, hits her, she promises to bring him to the women's village; there women take him to chief; a woman leader makes him a husband; when he goes to war, allows everyone to use but not open a small basket; he opens it, finds himself in his field; catches a turtle, tells it to repeat everything like that time; she has a hard time dragging him; Hyena asks who the Turtle is carrying; eats the bachelor]: Tremearne 1911, No. 31:60-61 (translated into Okhotina 1962:316-317); bachama: Belcher 2005 [Venin and her brother Wut (Death) came down from heaven; V. gave birth to four sons; the fifth Nzeanzu wished to be born early from her thigh; gathered all the flies into a calebass, told the brothers not to open, they opened it, the flies flew out; cf. further motive H7]: 298-299; Meek 1925 [the god Ndseandsu gave Ngberrum a tree pod, told him not to open it until he returned; he discovered, mosquitoes and flies flew out, and since then they bite everyone]: 32.

Sudan - East Africa. Lure [insects were in closed vessels in the sky; humans made their way there, opened their covers out of curiosity, flies, mosquitoes, wasps followed people to the ground]: Knappert 1997:150; Nubians [the thief steals gold fruits from the royal tree; the youngest son pulls out the feather of an extraordinary kidnapper bird; goes to look for it with his two brothers; the gate says that whoever goes to the right will disappear , straight - he will lose his horse, to the left - he will get to the giants from the ancient mounds; the prince goes straight, the brothers remain at the well; the genie eats his horse, then fulfills all requests; taking the cage with the bird, the prince violates the ban on silence; he is released for promising to bring a horse that takes him to any country; the prince violates the ban on taking a bridle; released with a promise to bring a casket; the king sleeps, holding the casket in his teeth, genie turns into a mouse, tickles the king, he releases the casket; the prince violates the ban on opening the lid, horsemen, servants, dancers come out; the genie asks the owner of the casket how to put everything back (three times say "showlim"); makes a copy of the casket, gets a horse, takes the owner of the bird in the form of a horse; the prince returns with three treasures, the brothers throw it into the well, the genie pulls it out; people from the casket brothers are executed, the king gives the throne to his youngest son]: Katsnelson 1968:63-77; malgashi (sakalava) [people asked the creator to give them a god on earth to live with them; he gave a box and ordered not to open it on the way; if carried home, the creature would be under his control, the creator; they opened it on the way, a European came out of the box; the creator said that Europeans would remain on earth and would be richer and smarter Malgash]: Haring 2007, No. 38:61-62.

Southern Europe. Spaniards [the father consistently warns his three sons not to go to the service of the red-beard; he paints his beard black; makes a fire in the forest, opens an abyss, the sorcerer lowers the servant on a rope gets the treasure, cuts off the rope after the treasures are picked up, the servant breaks; Ricardo's younger brother does not sit in the last basket that the sorcerer picks up, does not break; finds the brothers' bones; asks the giant not to kill him; he does not tell him to go into the same room; R. comes in, sees three doves turn into girls, bathe; the giant knows about this, tells them to hide it clothes you like; allows you to marry the White Dove (BG), gives a box with her plumage, warns her not to open it; returns to her parents, gives the box to her mother; his wife persuades her open, flies away with plumage on; R. returns to the giant, who gives a nut, refers to another giant, the Giant Master; the latter's wife turns R. into an ant so that he can overhear her husband tells us where BG is; gives an acorn; R. overcomes the sea, the fire wall, the thorns; the walnut turns into a palace, he gives them to sorcerers for their help; they solder it with a potion, BG can't wake him up; during the day warns not to drink potions; R. does not sleep, breaks a lantern, thereby disrupting BG; lives with her in a castle]: Malinovskaya 2002:102-109; Italians (Florence) [pregnant woman steals parsley from the garden sorcerers; they catch her, let her go for promising to name the child Petrushka, gives it to them; the woman gave birth to a girl, called her Petrushechka; when she grew up, the witches reminded her mother of the promise she had to agree; 1) the witches brought P. into a dark room, ordered her to be made white, painted the walls with birds; the sorceress's cousin Meme suggests doing everything if P. lets himself be kissed; she refuses M. is happy, does everything like that (the same with each new act of assistance); 2) the witches are told to bring a Belle-Jullar box from the witch Morgana; M. gives two pots of lard; tells Morgana to lubricate the hinges of Morgana's gate , throw bread to the dogs, give an awl and a drink to the shoemaker (he pulls his hair out of his head and beard, sews Morgana's shoes), give the cook a panicle so that she does not shovel the ash with her hands; P. takes the box, the guards The Morgans refuse to detain her; on the way, he opens the box, little men and the orchestra jump out of it; Meme appears, puts them back; 3) the witches are going to cook P., tell the pot to boil; M. advises to say that there is not enough firewood; P. and M. blow out lights in the barn - these are the souls of sorcerers, the last is Morgan; they take possession of all the sorcerers' property; they got married, began to live in Morgana's palace]: Kotrelev 1991:101-105; Italians (Campania, Capri) [When old, the father tells his daughter Rosinella that he can only leave her one pig; she leads her to a golden tree; her father helps uproot him. puts it on the wagon; under her roots the entrance to the dungeon; R. goes down 365 steps; there's a shadow that allows her to stay; she will have everything she needs but cannot enter the same room; a year later R. enters , there is a beautiful young man there; says that she has done a lot of harm to her actions; gives her a pair of iron shoes - until they are demolished, she will be alive; gives dried figs; goes with them to his three sisters, which they spin on the terrace in the city; they have to put figs on their spindle, then they will not eat it, but will help her; they hide R. from their cannibal mother; they teach them to grab her by the hair and hold her until they swear in the name of the son - Thunder and Lightning! cannibal mother gives tasks: fill the pillow with feathers; R. says Thunder and Lightning, the voice in response promises to help, birds are stuffed into the room, the pillow is full; next: divide a variety of dried vegetables by species; Thunder and Lightning, ants share; cannibal mother sends her sister to bring a box and gives her a letter; it instructs her to fry what was sent and send part of the roast; on the way, the young man teaches, immediately grab the box and run while the cannibal sharpens the oaks; gives oats for the horse and crackers for the parrot that will be at the entrance; R. did so but could not resist on the way back and opened the box; from there Many birds flew out; but the young man played the pipe and the birds returned to the box; the cannibal wants to marry her son; he tells R. to kiss him when he is taken to the aisle; R.: I can't in public; new bride: Look, I kissed a pig shepherd three times for three chestnuts; young man: If so, I will marry R., who has been waiting for me for a year, three months and three days, and you go out to the pig shepherd; when you see that her spell has been cast away, the cannibal drowned in a well]: Zschalig 1925:88-94.

Western Europe. Irish [western in an Irish settlement in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains, Illinois; the king of France wants to marry; a monk says three swans flying to the lake are girls; gives the king ten miles boots, he steals the girls' clothes; gives it for a promise to take it with him; the older, middle, younger sister take turns carrying it; he wants to marry his youngest, must identify her; she warns that will sit with his knees clenched; in a few years the king wants to visit the house; the wife warns not to do so; gives a flying ship, tells him not to leave it; the king leaves, Death immediately grabs him ; the king asks for old men to be taken instead of him, but Death wants only him; the king asks Death to get into the box first, attaches it with a lid, returns to his wife, wants to open the box, the wife does not tell; they they throw the box into the sea, the waves bring it to Ireland; people open the box, Death begins to kill everyone; so the Irish moved to America]: Neely 1944:90-91; Bretons: Luzel 1995 [two girls approach Morgan (water maiden); she gives them her treasures wrapped in tablecloths, tells them not to open them on the way; one reveals that there is horse manure; the other brings them home, gets rich]: 151; Luzel 1887 (2), No. 1 [the king has three sons, the eldest are beautiful, the younger Alain is the hunchback, kept in the kitchen; the king promises to hand over the throne to whoever brings the best cloth; the older brothers go to his mistresses, A. meets a girl who brings him to her hut and gives him a box; when A. opened it in front of the king, rolls of beautiful cloth fell out of her; now the king wants a better horse; the girl gives the box again, A. opens it on the way, the horse jumped out, ran away; the girl gives the box again, this time A. opens it in front of the king; now he wants the beautiful princess herself; the girl gives a chicken covered in cloth ( linge); when A. was walking through the forest, the chicken ran away, and A. was next to two beautiful princesses; A. cries for the chicken, she appeared, the more beautiful princess turned her into a carriage with horses, A. disappeared, A. became handsome {the less beautiful princess is no longer mentioned}; the king had a feast; the princess A. brought in put food under her dress, then threw it away, golden rods fell around jewelry and flowers; older brothers' princesses covered themselves and others with scraps; A.'s wedding with the princess]: 123-133; the Scots [sparrow and mouse quarreled over a grain; a bird war began and animals; the Queen of Tetertyne came when the battle was over, the Raven and the Serpent remained; the Queen killed the Snake when she was ready to kill the Raven in a duel; the grateful Raven puts him on his back and carries through valleys and lakes to his first, second, third sisters, the third becomes a young man (he was cursed); gives a bag, tells him not to open it on the way; the young man opens, a palace with a garden appears; the giant puts everything back for promising to give his son, who will be born when he is seven years old; the young man becomes king, marries, seven years later the son is a giant; the boy's mother gives instead his son is a cook's son; the giant asks what his father would do if he received a rod; he replies that he would drive dogs and cats away from treats; the king has to give his promised son; the young man grows up in the giant's house, he offers him a choice of one of two daughters; the young man demands a third, Red-haired Mary; the giant demands 1) clean the barn (M. does everything), 2) cover the house with bird feathers (the same), 3) get magpies out of the nest on a pine tree and boil them (M. cuts off his fingers and toes, they turn into steps of the stairs, the young man pulls out eggs, his fingers grow, except for his little finger, to which the young man is not touched when he climbed); 4) recognize the bride among her sisters (she does not have a little finger); M. tells me to run, leaving apple slices to answer; M. tells you to get the mare out of her ear, throw behind 1) a branch of thorn (prickly thickets; the giant runs home for the ax, then carries the axe back because the crow promises to steal the ax), 2) a pebble (the mountain, the giant runs home for a pickaxe and hammer), 3) a bottle of water (lake, the giant sinks) ; M. tells no one to kiss at home, the young man is kissed by a dog, he forgets M.; M. hides in a tree, the shoemaker's wife and daughter see her reflection, take it for their own, refuse to carry water, since they are so beautiful ; the shoemaker takes M. into the house, says that the Queen is getting married, takes M. with him to a feast; two pigeons fly out of her glass, tell the story of M.; the Queen marries M.]: Campbell 1890 (1), No. 2:25-38 ( translated into Shustova 1994:363-373; =Kharitonov 2008:383-394 with minor differences; no mouse and sparrow quarrel, magpie's nest on spruce, not on pine; episodes of escape and persecution in Clouston 1887:440-441); Germans (Swabia): Meier 1852b, No. 8.1 [a man came to pick up the midwife, quickly brought him to the mountain in a carriage; after giving birth and a feast, he gave a box, ordering him to open only houses; the box is light; the midwife could not resist and, shone a lantern and opened it; there were three straws, she dropped one; the same again; in the morning, instead of the last straw, gold was inside], 8.2 [the underground dwarf came for the midwife; the priest allowed agree; the dwarf blindfolded her and brought her; the newborn was immediately baptized in an underground church; the midwife was given a drei Briefchen, let her open only houses; she opened two on the street, there were straws; the last opened the houses - ducats; later the dwarf invited her again, reproached her for not complying with his instructions, and rewarded her again]: 16, 17-18.

Melanesia. Bogajim [the old woman held the moon in a vessel; the boys secretly discovered it, the moon slipped out of their hands, rose to heaven; their hand marks are still visible on it]: Hagen 1899:288 in Dixon 1916: 112; abelam [people baked tarot in the sun; did not have an anus or defecate, their stomachs were full, they regurgitated food through their mouths; the Sun made their anuses with a sharp stick; { another var.}: a woman Walesakitagwa had a fire; a man and a woman came to her, said that they did not have anus and were baking food in the sun; V. made holes for them, gave them a bundle, which her pubic girdle told her not to be opened on the way; they opened, fire broke out, the forest caught fire; V. ran, extinguished it, then the parcel again, people brought the fire home]: Huber-Greub 1988, No. 8.1.13 : 283; abelam [there was no fire; Sendegen and his younger brother Nomulu noticed smoke in the distance; went there, went to the old woman, she showed her how to make a fire and cook; gave her a bamboo vessel with coals, putting coconut husks in it and closing it; warned not to open it on the way; the older brother went to relieve himself; at this time the youngest opened the vessel; the forest burned down; the older brother turned into a butterfly , the youngest is in a river eel; since then, no forest has grown on one of the slopes of Mount Maprik]: Slone 2009:116; (cf. Motu [the man dug deeper into the earth, found the moon, took it out, it grew, shone, rose into the sky; said in a woman's voice that she had to stay in her Mother Earth for a long time before to be born; then she would shine constantly, and now she would appear and then disappear; descended into the sea; the man took a net, dogs, spears, went to look for the moon to marry her; found a bathing woman, sat on her clothes, said he would marry her; Luna replied that he would die in two days because he touched her clothes and she was an immortal spirit; agreed to marry him for one day, then sent him home to marry him has prepared for death; she will also become the wife of the Sun, who is already dissatisfied; the Sun has become jealous because the moon does not walk the same way as he does, and that it shines brightest just when it is not there; decided to part]: Romilly 1889:134-142); the Siouai (Bougainville) [was the eternal day of the Firefly, the Frog, the Coconut Beetle, Rera (some spirit) were sent to Tupi (the area in the north) overnight; they bought the night, carried it in a bundle; Firefly did not want to open it on the way, but others opened it; The frog broke off its ears in the dark, stayed in the forest; The beetle broke off its nose; Rera turned into stone; Firefly with a twinkle on finally got home]: Oliver 1955:97; Guadalcanal [wife died, husband went looking for her, sat on a rock, cried; one of the spirits gave him a basket, said his wife was in it, told him not to open; the husband heard his wife's voice, wondered how she could fit in the basket, opened it, there was nothing inside, the voice was gone]: Hogbin 1937:88; Fiji [the chief's daughter in Tonga became pregnant by the Sun; her child beats the other boys, they tease him with his rootless; his mother tells him who his father is; he swims to the horizon, asking the Sun to go down for a while, hiding in the clouds; he teaches him something useful advises to wait for his sister Moon to come out of the waves, ask her for melaia (distorted. tongansk. "flawed, bad"), but not monuia ("happy"); the son of the Sun asks on the contrary, the moon feels sorry that her brother decided to destroy her nephew; she gives a parcel, tells him to open it only on the shore; the young man opens in a boat, fish throw themselves out of the water, tear it apart]: Fison 1894:33-39 (translated into Polinskaya 1989, No. 119:312-316).

Micronesia-Polynesia. Marquise [1) Kena leaves his wife; she tries to follow him, then rushes into the abyss; he marries a cousin; she is killed; K.'s mother helps him go down to the lower world; at the entrance - interpreting rocks; companion K., holding on to the end of his loincloth, is crushed; the mistress of the lower world tells K. to wash and dress his wife, put it in the basket, not to open it for 10 days; first he breaks ban; the second attempt is successful; 2) Tue-ato's wife cheated on him, he strangled her, grieves, her sisters brought her back to life; 13 days he should not touch her, violates the ban; sisters revive her again; 3) (Nukuhiva); Hahapoa descends into the afterlife for his wife Hanau; violates the ban by releasing her from the basket before the deadline]: Beckwith 1970:149; Niue [Leveimatagi grew tarot on the plot; the winds hit, L. caught the wind wrapped in a leaf; told two sons not to touch the bundle; one made a hole in it, the wind broke out and is now blowing on Niue; this type of tarot is called "windy"]: Loeb 1926b: 204-204.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Tibetans (Amdo) [(same text in Krapivina 2001:15-33); the maid's son told his mother that he had dreamed of ascending to the royal throne; the mother spilled; the king expelled the young man, allowing him to return, when he erases his iron shoes; on the seashore, a young man sees a white snake fighting a black snake; a black snake wins, but a young man killed her by throwing an iron shoe at her; at the same moment he rushed at the serpent kite; the young man hid the white kite and took the black kite; said this to the 7 black horsemen who came out of the sea, they disappeared; then 7 white horsemen came out, said that the white snake was the son of the naga king; the young man was brought to the world of the nagas; he leaves excess food at the hole; from there comes a woman with her mouth sealed; the young man tears off the bandage; the woman is grateful for giving her food; tells the king to ask the naga king for a redhead as a reward a knot puppy, a white bamboo cane and a multicolored curtain; on the seashore, a young man makes a tent out of a curtain and a stick, ties the puppy; when he returns, he sees a giant tent, the inside is full of different products ; someone cooks; the young man saw: a beautiful woman comes out of the dog's skin; he throws his skin into the fire, takes the girl as his wife; she gives grains, tells them to be scattered over the mountains, the grain turns into cattle; contrary to advice wives, the young man calls the king to visit; the wife smears soot, but the streams of sweat washed away the soot, the king saw her face, demanded her as his wife; then decided that the woman would go to the winner of the competition; 1) pour down the mountain yogurt, which first flows down to the foot; the king orders to collect yogurt from all over the country, but the young man's wife tells her father to ask for help; he gives a bag of yogurt, its stream immediately reaches the foot; 2) who is faster he will collect scattered mustard seeds; all his people help the king; the young man receives a box from the sea; opens it ahead of time, the pigeons will get rid of it, is left alone with the damaged wing; but he also manages to collect the seeds are earlier than all the royal people; the wife tells her father to ask her father for a box of war; asks the king if he wants "in a way"; he says what he wants; warriors come out of the box, kill the king, the young man reigns]: Kajihama 2004, No. 16:58-65; lepcha: Siiger 1967, No. 4 [an orphan lives in the forest, feeds on roots; a wild yam tuber tells him not to eat it; he leaves him on a shelf, finds a hut in the evening tidy, cooked food; spies on a girl coming out of the tuber; grabs her, throws yam peel into the fire, marries; meets munga (evil spirit); answers him that water will defeat fire, wind - cloud, god mung; mung offers competitions, the winner will get the other's wife (mung's wife is ugly); 1) whose excrement will be whiter; the wife cooks wild yam for the young man, mung eats rice and white fat; mung excrement is red, young men are white; 2) whose rooster, 3) ram, 4) the bull will win; the wife tells me to go to the lake, the young cockerel who come out of the lake kills seven mung roosters, the lamb the mung ram, the goby bull; 5) whose army will win; a box appears from the lake, his wife does not tell you to open it until battle; the young man opens, the thunderman jumps out, he can still be heard; the young man has time to slam the lid shut; mung warriors they kick the box, a thunderwoman pops up, kills all warriors; 6) martial arts with mung; the young man cuts off his head, feeds the flesh to the birds, grinds bones on a grain grater, throws dust down the wind; takes mung's treasures, burns his palace, annexes his lands to his own], 5 [an orphan kills an eagle who is about to capture a boy; the rescued leads the orphan to his father, the master of the underworld; an orphan falls in love with the owner's daughter; she tells her father to be asked only for dog skin as a reward; the orphan returns to earth, with him wild animals and pets and birds (they weren't on earth before); until works in the fields, someone cooks in his house; he waits for a girl, throws dog skin into the fire; marries, gets rich; the king has a wife with an abscess around his neck; the king offers competitions, the winner will take his wife another; the wife every time tells them to go to the place where they come out of the ground, ask for what they need (rooster, ram); orphan wins; 1) roosters fight; 2) rams; 3) bulls; 4) warriors; underground father-in-law gives a box, wife does not tell you to open it on the way; an orphan opens it slightly, a thunder-man jumps up (the origin of thunder); reopens at the sight of warriors, a thunderwoman kills them]: 220-223, 223-224; dafla [brother Poder wanted to marry Sister Jiiriing; she told me to bring the North Star and the spirit from the ocean floor; left, married the spirit; brother brought what he needed, found a sister in the spirit; sister refused to return; her husband gave P. had a bamboo jar with him, told him not to open it on the way; P. opened it, the perfume jumped out and ate it; they brought bones, his sister threw them out of the house, sugar cane grew; once agreed to give it to the children; when she started pulling, she fell into the ground with the reeds]: Bori 1995:27-29; angami [someone covers the widow's eyes behind her hand, asks to give him her daughter; she has to agree, but she does not does not see; later Ziso takes the girl away; a year later she comes for her mother, calls her to visit, tells her to ask for a small basket as a gift; Z. asks not to open it on the way; she opens it, they jump out of there animals; those who jumped out became wild, they are "the man's share"; the animals she released into the house are domestic, this is "the woman's share"]: Hutton 1921:201-202; khasi [only one family sheltered the wanderer; he leaves the animal ; if you eat his meat, you will get rich; mother-in-law cooks meat, daughter-in-law comes in, mother-in-law scolds and chases her; she accidentally eats a piece; together with her husband leaves the evil mother-in-law; the husband swims in the pond, his the dragon U Yak Jakor swallows; the wife finds her husband's clothes; the little son U Babam Doh cries with her, his tears turn into gold, for he has received the wanderer's blessing; the boy has grown up, beats the chief's heir, wins his right to inherit; he says that UBD was conceived by his mother from a dragon; the mother has to tell about his father, she gives her son his clothes and a brass vessel; UBD lured the dragon to land, where it was losing its strength, lured it into a chest, brought it home, and forbade her mother to open it; she discovered it, the dragon took the image of her husband, said that he would recover with the tigress's milk, but the person who brought milk should not know what it is for; 1) the mother pretends to be sick, asks her son to go get milk; he treats the tiger cub, the tigress gives milk; 2) the same with the task of bringing fresh bear fat (son catches and brings a live bear); 3) fresh python skin; son spies, sees a mother open a chest, kills a dragon, tells her story, inherits the throne]: Rafy 1920, No. 23:140-160; Meitei [the merchant's son went on business; stayed with the woman and soon left; she gave birth to a daughter Songri; when she was 14 years old, her mother sent her to chase birds in the rice field; suddenly she saw a man; the mother said that it was her father; S. replied that then she would kill herself by jumping on the Ningthi Turel {it is not clear why}; the mother did not take it seriously; but her daughter was not; she appeared to the mother in her sleep and said she became fish; if she wants to return it, let her catch it and cover it with six layers of cloth; but the mother could not catch the fish; the next night her daughter said that she was in the pebbles that her mother threw on the shore; mother picked up the stones, wrapped them in cloth, but opened the package before due time; the daughter flew away as a bird]: Oinam et al. s.a.

South Asia. Gonda [Megh Raja and Megh Rani have an eldest daughter, Sun and younger Moon; the moon was more beautiful, she had a Lakshman fan, had already worked for her for 12 years; after hearing him play the violin, Sun offered her sister to give her her jewelry, cut her apart; now the moon is incomplete, the stars are drops of her blood; L. demanded a wife; Raja and Rani gave birth to another daughter, Bidjaldeo Kanya; L. worked for her 12 years old; her parents put her in bamboo, told L. to open only houses; he opened it on the way, lightning flew out of the bamboo, disappeared; he made a bow and arrow, thunder, a sound that sounds when he tries stalk his fiancée]: Elwin 1949, No. 6:61; pardhan [Sita talks to Rama about his brother Lakshman; R. suspects brother; L. gets on the fire, doesn't burn, so he's innocent; S. turns into a fox , throws a fox, L. grabs the fox by the nipple, S.'s chest is in his hand; the same with S. turning into a fig tree; her loincloth into a tobacco plant; in anger, L. falls into the lower world; there Ses Nag, his three daughters ask their father to marry L., he must work for them; L. receives numerous difficult assignments; sows the field with sesame seeds, we need to return the seeds, sow rice (pigeons are harvesting sesame); three years later, during the wedding ceremony, L. was replaced by his sword; his daughters demanded that SN give them the Sun and Moon as a dowry; he agrees, but the stars will spend half of their time in the lower world; L. opened the basket along the way to look at the younger girl; she flew away with lightning; L. is still trying to catch her with an arrow - thunder; the other two were stolen by Dano; they appear every 9 years like flowers mohati and amhera]: Elwin 1949, No. 11:65-67; sora [Janko Raja gives her son-in-law a basket with his daughter, tells her not to open it on the way home; he opens, the girl flies away; the husband shoots after her, an arrow gets into a tree, carving fire; the forest lights up; this is how fire appeared]: Elwin 1954, No. 19:578-579; the Tamils [the king has only daughter, she is on the seventh floor of the palace; every day he weighs her using lemons as weights; every morning and evening the girl looks at the sun and laughs; Surya Bhagavan (the sun, aka Shiva) decides that she is mocking him, comes to the room at night, in the morning disorder; the king notices that the daughter has become heavier (i.e. she is pregnant); then Shiva opens, they are happy; Shiva gives her a ring and goes for gifts; but the warrior replaced the collected dishes with iron brazier; when she saw her, the princess ordered not to let anyone in; offended Shiva predicted that she would starve, work to exhaustion, cut off her fingers with a sickle, and only much later her well-being would return; her the son asks who his father is; she gives him Shiva's ring; tells him to go to the river and help the old woman pick up the jug of water; let him throw a ring into the jug; when the ring is in the jug, the water is immediately there only a little bit remained; Shiva asked for a drink, the old woman began to pour it out of the jug, the ring fell, the old woman handed it to Shiva; he ordered him to be brought to him, took him to heaven; but wanted to see his mother, because she is starving; Shiva gave him a box, told him not to open it on the way; but the boy opened it, valuables, houses, land, cattle fell asleep from there; the snake promises to collect everything back, but then it will bite on the wedding day; boy I agree; now he and his mother are safe; the young man has grown up but postpones his wedding day; finally, the day has come, the snake is ready to bite the groom; this is the snake that Shiva wears as a necklace; he cannot allow for her to bite his son, put his foot up and be bitten by a snake; it's a solar eclipse]: Blackburn 2005, #50.

Malaysia-Indonesia. Ngaju [see motif J58; a half-young man goes up to his month-old father, who tests him, makes him handsome; on the way back, gives him a treasure box, tells him not to open it on the road; he opens, cannot put it back, asks Uncle Sun for help, promises a gift; the Sun puts the treasures back, agrees to take the promised gift not from his nephew, but from his Brother Month; the guardian of the sky lowers the young man to the ground on a golden rope, he becomes the ruler of Majapahit, the ancestor of those Ngaju who have lighter skin; the Sun comes to the Month to demand a gift, he does not give when they fighting, eclipses occur; people scream and make noise at this time]: Schärer 1966:124-139; kayan [when making a boat, a person sees heavenly maidens arriving, hides one of them's winged clothes, marries; cries when he finds out that his wife is pregnant; flies to heaven, brings night, tells me not to open the bag until everything is collected from the forest; the husband opens; the rest in the forest become Punan, Sihan (forest dwellers); become wild, domestic pigs go wild; husband grieves that he will have to slaughter his wife to extract the child; she says the magic formula, since then women have given birth normally]: Guerreiro 1989 in Macdonald 2005:96; Eastern Toraja [The Lord of Heaven leaves the basket to immortal people, says it is poison, tells them not to open it; people do not understand the danger, open the basket, and have died ever since]: Adriani, Kruyt 1951, No. 7:12.

China - Korea. Lolo [Tse-gu-dzih (who also sent the flood) opened the box with the seeds of death, so people are dying]: Henry 1903:105; the fox [the hunter killed a wild buffalo and doesn't know how to drag it; appeared the old man put the buffalo in his purse, told him not to open it on the way; the hunter doubted whether the buffalo was with him, opened his purse, the carcass fell out; the old man put it there again; the hunter promised to build a streak altar; this is the altar of the village's patron saint]: Dessaint, Ngwâma 1994:254-256; nasi [the first man's children asked the bat to fly to heaven and bring a book of knowledge from there to treat diseases; the bat received a bamboo jar with 360 books and the heavenly princess told me not to open it; but as soon as the bat reached the ground, she opened the vessel out of curiosity; the books scattered and fell into water, and divination laces came to different peoples; lamb blades for divination to Niû-ni; 9 divination laces to moso; hemp ropes with knots to Tibetans; divination kauri to Llâ- bbù; chicken legs, whose boiled bones are also guessed, to Lú-lù; those who fell into the lake were swallowed by a frog, which now has a book on its back; she was shot with a bow by 4 hunters; from her 8 trigrams (ba-gua) were created by members; the first person learned this heavenly wisdom; trigrams are also found on Qiang drums]: Oppitz 2008:27-28.

The Balkans. Ancient Greece [Athena comes to Hephaestus to make weapons for herself. He rushes at her and spills seed on her leg. Athena wiped the seed with her hair and threw it on the ground. Erichthonius (the name from the words wool and earth) was born from this. Athena wanted to make him immortal, put him in a casket and gave it to Pandrosa, the daughter of King Kekrops of Athens. Contrary to the ban, the Pandrosa sisters, out of curiosity, opened the casket and saw a baby wrapped in a dragon or half-child half-dragon. This dragon killed them, or they ran off the acropolis into the abyss in madness. Erichthonius remained mortal]: Apol. III, 14, 6 (Apollodorus 1972:71-72). The god of the wind, Aeolus, gives Odyssey a bull's fur, in which winds from different directions are bound. When a fair wind drives the ship towards Ithaca, Odysseus, who has calmed down, falls asleep. His companions think gold is hidden in his fur and discover it. Next time, Aeolus refuses to give fur because he cannot help a person whom the gods don't love]; Ancient Greece [1. Hephaestus, mixing earth with water, creates the first woman, Athena dresses her. Hermes gives her a lying soul. She is Pandora ("gifted with everything"). Prometheus warned Brother Epimetheus, whose wife was Pandora, not to accept anything from Zeus. However, Pandora opened a vessel handed to her by the gods; diseases, misfortunes, and vices spread from it across the earth. The children of Epimetheus and Pandora, Pyrrhus and Deucalion, who survived the flood (Myth 2:281) 2. Erichthonius was born to earth from the seed of Hephaestus, which he shed on Athena's leg. Athena wanted to make Erichtonia immortal. She put it in a box and gave it to Pandros, the daughter of King Kekrops of Athens. Contrary to the ban, the Pandrosa sisters, out of curiosity, opened the casket and saw a baby wrapped in a dragon or half-child half-dragon. This dragon killed them, or they rushed madly from the acropolis into the abyss (Apol. III, 15, 6, pp.71-72) 3. Theseus' son Demophon docked in Thrace on his way from Troy to Athens. This is where Princess Phillida fell in love with him. When Demophon decided to continue, she gave him a box containing Mother Rhea's shrine, telling him to open it if he lost hope of returning to her. Demophon settled in Cyprus, Phillida committed suicide. When Demophon opened the box, he jumped on his horse in horror and jumped up. When he fell off his horse, he stabbed his own sword (Apol., epitoma, 6, 16-17, p.91); Ancient Greece [the king and queen have three daughters; the youngest is Psyche, Venus envies her; tells Cupid to fall in love with unworthy and unhappy with him; K. himself fell in love with P.; the oracle tells her parents to leave her at the top of the mountain; from there K. takes her to a beautiful palace; K. spends nights with her, she does not see him; sisters come, advise them to light a lamp at night; oil dripped on K.'s shoulder, he disappeared; P. went to look for a lover; when she came to the sisters, she takes revenge on them; everyone says that when he flew away, K. expressed a desire to combine with Sister P., let Zephyr bring her; both sisters jump off the cliff, hoping to fly to K., but crash; P. came to V.; she hits her, mixes 7 types of grain and tells her to divide (ants divided); get a piece of golden-fleece sheep wool (the reed tells you not to approach the sheep, they are ferocious, but to collect shreds of wool from the bushes); bring Styx water (Jupiter's eagle brings); V. gives a bottle, tells you to go to Proserpine, let her put a piece of her beauty in it, bring her, V.; the stone tower shows the way to Hades, teaches her to take a copper to pay Charon, not to talk to the lame donkey driver, not pay attention to the dead old man who will ask him to be taken on the boat; give a cake to Cerberus to let him go to Proserpine; on the way back, the same (a second cake to Cerberus and a second copper to Charon); going out to earth, P., contrary to Proserpina's warning, opened a jar of beauty and fell asleep; K. woke her up and sent her to V.; Jupiter persuaded V. to allow P. and K. to marry, gave P. a drink of immortality]: Apuleius 1959, vol. 4-6:167-202 (Apul. Met. IV28-VI24); Aesop's fables [Zeus seals all human happiness in a barrel; gives the barrel to one person; a curious person opens a vessel; happiness flies to the abode of the gods]: Gasparov 1968, No. 298 : 149 (Perry 1952, No. 312); Hungarians [Peter is hired by an old man to pick horses; receives a nut as a reward, breaks cattle on the way; the iron-headed man puts everything back behind a promise never to marry; P. gets rich, his father insists that he marry; Ironhead comes to the wedding, P. runs away riding a stallion; three old women consistently feed him, give him scarves and buns; driving through the flame, he spreads him apart with handkerchiefs, throws buns, they turn into three dogs; the Ironhead is left to wait at the wall of fire; P. is hired by an old woman, tells the girl about the scarves; she spreads fire with them, Ironhead spills through this, passes, P. climbs a tree, calls dogs, they tear Ironhead to pieces, they turn into poppy seeds (poppy origin); P. returns home , returning buns and scarves to old women; his wife died; a girl from the country appears behind a wall of fire; wedding]: Gidash 1953:124-133; Croats [widower married a widow, both have a son; the wife demanded so that her son herd cows and her husband's son oxen; give her bread and cheese, and her stepson crusts; ox: twist my right horn, you will find food there; when my stepson sees my stepson full, my stepmother pretended to be sick, she needs meat ox; ox: when the butcher comes, jump on my back; took the young man far from home; warned me: I will butt with a fat ox and win; and the thin one will kill me; then take both my horns, but the left one will not Open it until you get home; but the young man, when he reaches the bridge, opened his left horn and from there the cattle came; pitchfork: I'll put it back if she is allowed to come in the morning after her wedding night to comb his wife's hair; the young man thought: it is not yet known whether I will marry; so he promised; he found only his father at home, the farm was in decline; the young man sent his father to the king to ask for a princess; after the third time, the king descended to Conversations with a peasant: if your son has the same castle as me, I will give it back; the young man looked into the horn: there is a better castle than the royal one; now the king demands cattle; cattle come out of the horn; wedding; A pitchfork appeared in the morning; but there was yarn in the corner with three breadcrumbs in it; the crumbs spoke: if you go to God from God, and if from hell, then to hell; Vila combed the princess and disappeared]: Leskien 1915, No. 44: 197-199; Bulgarians: Marinov 2003 [God gave man a chest, ordered him to bury it on a high mountain; he opened it along the way, snakes, lizards, toads crept across the ground; God turned man into a stork, promised to restore his human appearance when he gathered all the reptiles that had crept (a brief retelling in Gura 1997:647)]: 149; Daskalova-Perkovska 1994, No. 313b [the poor man gets a wonderful horn or egg with the condition use it only when you return home; violates the ban on the way, many pets appear from the horn; Wolf (Cat, Serpent, Smock) helps to place those who come back with the condition to give it to him an unborn child or invite him to his wedding when the child grows up]: 113; Stoynev 2006 [God let the man carry the chest, forbid him to open it, he opened it out of curiosity, snakes came out of there, lizards, toads; God turned man into a stork, promised to make him human again when he gathered old creatures]: 357; Moldovans: Moldavian tales 1968:232-250 [poor Neculai saw He brought the freezing eagle to the hut; he explained that he was a prince, bewitched by the mother of three dragons, because he did not agree to marry his sisters; if N. took out the box from one of the sisters, the spell would be destroyed ; the eagle brought N. to the copper palace, then to the silver palace, then to the golden palace; the first two sisters did not give the box, the third gave it, the eagle became a prince and left; N. carried the box, was hungry and told it open; tables with food appeared; N. does not know how to close the box; having received a promise from N. to give what he does not know at home, Baba Yaga tells the box to close; Stephanel-Fat was born at home at this time Frumov; when he is 7 years old, a tornado took him to Baba Yaga; she tells him to 1) bring 10,000 carts of firewood (stepdaughter tells the dragons); 2) bake bread from 10,000 bags of flour (the same); 3) get out of what was thrown into the sea a clogged barrel (the dragons got it); S. and the girl are running, she turns it into a mill, she turns herself into a miller; a field and an old woman; the third time the girl threw the pipe, a pond appeared, they became swans, the stalker is a goose; swans became human and twisted the goose's neck; the girl calls herself Marioara-Tsvetik, changes rings with Sh.; at home, S. forgot her, was going to marry; M. came to the house as a maid, bakes from the dough, puts two pigeons in one ring; S. finds it, remembers everything; but M. leaves, saying that once he forgets, he will forget it again], 334-345 [the girl conceived from the smell of basilica, went to the old man in the cave, gave birth to a son Basilica of Fat Frumos; FF found a palace, killed six dragons - the sons of the witch Cloanza, the seventh cannot be killed, he drove him into a mortar and locked the door, brought his mother to live in the palace; K. released the seventh dragon, took the form of FF's mother, pretended to be sick, sent for bird's milk; FF came to Ilyana Kosynzyan, who sent her brother the Sun; he lets the horse go to the copper mountain to the giant poultry feeding the chicks with milk; FF quietly framed the jar, galloped away; IR replaced the milk with cow's milk, kept the bird's milk; 2) wild boar meat; FF caught, IK replaced it with a domestic pig; 3) live and dead water; FF killed a 10-headed dragon, brought water, IR changed the flasks; at home, the mother (i.e. K.) suggests trying to break the rope; then two; three FF can't tear, the dragon cut it, collected the remains , put it on the horse and drove it; IC joined the pieces, made up for the shortcomings with wild boar meat, revived it with live water, gave him bird's milk; FF burned the dragon and K. in the oven, hugged his mother, married IK], 384-389 [ the guy saved the crow, she brought him into his world, advised him to ask for a pillow as a reward; contrary to the warning, the guy opened it on the way, went out and ran away; the iron wolf drives him back for permission to eat the guy when life is dear to him; the guy gets married, the wolf comes; the loaf lying on the table begins to tell how the seeds were sown - and then the whole cycle of work - repeating each time" I endure, and you are patient with the ox"; "and if they knead without skill, then the bread has burst. Burst too, wolf!" The wolf burst]; Romanians: Dähnhardt 1910 [God gathered snakes, frogs, lizards, etc. into a bag, let the man throw it into the sea; he opened the bag, the reptiles ran away; the man turned into Fischreiher ( or into a stork), who has a bag under his beak, he collects reptiles]: 288; Shustova 1994 [God collected harmful insects in a bag, gave it to a nosy woman, ordered them to drown them in the sea without untying it; she untied it, many the insects ran away; God turned her into a woodpecker, promised to make her a woman again when he gathered all the insects]: 189-190; Greeks [The eagle flies into the princess's room, kisses her; she goes to look for him; in in a house in the woods, a witch requires 1) sweep and not sweep the room (you need to collect garbage in piles), 2) cook and not cook meat (cook part), 3) fill the feather bed with feathers from the sea (tell the birds that Margipontakis is dead, they will shed their feathers near the shore in mourning), 4) separate barley from wheat (tell the birds that Marhypontakis has come to life, they will separate them with joy and gratitude); each time the Eagle teaches that to do, asks for permission to kiss the girl, she refuses, because her fiancé is far away, the Eagle is happy; she teaches not to repeat "my son Cacothanatos" after the witch, but to say "your son Kalotanatos" (kako - ugly, Kalo is beautiful); the witch sends the girl to her sister; the Eagle admits that he is the groom, the son of a witch, tells him to take the box out of the witch's sister's house, not to open it on the way; the girl opens, the demons fly away; the eagle puts them back, tells him to ask his mother for a dirty daw, it's him; turns into a handsome man; wedding]: Paton 1900, No. 6:115-117.

Central Europe. Russians (Teresky Bereg) [Ivan, a peasant son, went hunting; the bird Pavá is sitting on land, asking not to shoot, but to feed a year, collecting sheep from all over the world; a year later, Pavá sat on an oak tree, the oak did not sway: feed for another year; the oak swayed; three years later it shattered into chips; Pavá put I. on his back, they are flying; the sun is not burning in front - my brother's house; ask for a rotten box; "Give me back a rotten box, then I'll talk about the surfactant bird. "Don't tell us surfactant birds, and we don't give us rotten boxes!" ; at my father's house: take it, take a rotten box, just tell me about the PAVA bird! Pavá turned out to be a red girl: do not open it until you come home, but if you come, go out into a big meadow; on the way, the bird does not tell you to open it, but I. could not stand it and opened it; there was a house and gardens, food and drink enough, but nowhere to go; three days later, outside the window: give me what you don't know at home, I'll collect a rotten box; at home my wife gave birth to a son; once she caught it, thundered - give it back, man, promised! on the way, 40 girls are swimming, the boy hid the belt alone; gave it when she went out to him; their father is Cosó Kolesó, let I. hire him; KK only has this daughter, others are stolen; KK: choose a bride from 40 sisters; girl: I'll brush a fly off my face; next time I'll wave my handkerchief; on the third, a fly again; wedding; my mother was Christian, tells me to run; three days later my father chased a braid wheel; the girl threw a lash: dark forests from earth to sky; father went for a shovel to make a road; kraebag: a stone mountain from earth to sky; the same; flint: a river of fire; KK could not cross; I. s reached home by his wife]: Balashov 1970, No. 44:146-151; Russians (Karelian Pomorie) [contrary to the owner's order, the workers left a few grains on the field; the mouse and the bird argued over them, began a war of birds and animals, everyone died, the eagle was wounded; the prince pointed his gun at him three times, the eagle asked not to shoot, but ordered him to feed him for three months; tried to fly - three more; then more; ordered him to sit on he suffered the reward; on the way he threw him and picked him up three times so that the prince would feel the same fear as he did when the prince pointed his gun; ordered him to take a multi-colored box from his worn sister, from the middle one has a self-shaking purse, the youngest has the key to a multi-colored box; the eagle tells me not to open it along the way; he opened it, everything flew up, the road became difficult; a tall man: I'll return everything back if you will give me what you don't know at home; he was a magic king; people came out of the box at home, began to uproot, harrow, etc.; his wife gave birth to a son during this time; Ivan Tsarevich grew up, shot, hit his grandmother's window; grandmother: you won't break the windows for long, in a year the magic king will pick you up; your father denies; the second time - the same; your grandmother gave you a cup of water to drink, I. became a mighty handsome man; tells you to hide the dress herself a beautiful of 12 swans when they arrive and become girls; she promises to be faithful to Ivan; the king tells us to rebuild the palace overnight; Elena the Queen flew in like a bee, tells I. to go to bed, orders the spirits do everything; work the ship from a gun that is 30 years old under the window; E. gives a lash, I. hit the head, soon she returned with a ship; cut down the forest, etc., and bake pancakes out of flour by morning; the same, perfume everyone performs; choose E. from 12 mares (one facial hair is slightly longer); the same from 12 pigs (red speck in the ear); out of 12 girls (a fly above the right eye); E. and I. are running, E. left in the bath responsible for saliva; chasing; what can you see? - The cloud is high behind; turned into a chapel and an old man; two pigeons on a pile of manure; himself with a ruff, I. - a ring, swallowed the ring, dived into the lake; the king became a pike, but he could not catch the ruff; drank water, but the ruff became a duck, the duck flew away; the king followed, hit the rock, burst with the water he had drunk; E.: I'll stay in the field as a pebble, and you go to the house, don't forget to say hello to your older sister, otherwise you'll forget me; I. did not say hello, forgot, a new wedding is being prepared; two pigeons came out of the cake, talking about the forgotten E.; at first E. does not want to get up: I. has already been blessed; but he persuaded her, she came out of the pebble, I. became live with E.]: Nechaev 1938:85-110; (cf. Russians (Arkhangelsk, Onega Bay of the White Sea) [In the forest, a peasant wants to shoot a bird, it asks to feed it for a week - it will come in handy. A week later, she hits the tree with its beak - the beak trembles, the peasant feeds for another week - the oak has staggered, a week later the bird bites the tree and it falls. He leads the farmer at the expense. In three kingdoms, this Nagoya bird has a sister; the sisters of the silver and gold kingdoms feel sorry to pay the ransom, and the sister of the third {obviously copper} gives the casket. The bird takes the farmer to his way home. He lost his way, opened the casket - a chamber appears and all he needs is closed the box. The king arrived, alone, shows the way, but asks in return to promise "what he does not know at home." My wife gave birth to a son at home. After 12 years, they send him to a self-alone king. At the fork, the young man chooses not the road where the grass is green, but the one where the peas are scattered. He comes to the pond where 31 girls bathe, the clothes alone lie separately, he hides them. The girl asks for a return, promises, if it is a young man, to be a bride. She is the daughter of a self-united king, saying that he has been looking for Ivan for a long time. He advises me to say that he did not know what his father promised him. The Tsar swears at Ivan, who has been serving as a groom for three years, and the tsar makes him a key man. He offers to choose a bride among his daughters, they all look the same, and I. identified the bride when she pulls out her handkerchief. They got married. Tsar Ivan loved, but thoughtful senators are jealous. The wife offers to go to Ivana's village. I. enters the house alone, leaves his wife with her grandmother in the back yard. At home, he forgets about his wife, and a bride has been picked up for him. The wife made a chatter out of barley, poured it into the oven, and a pigeon and a dove flew out from there. His wife brings them to Ivan's wedding, the birds sing about how Ivan forgot about his wife. He remembers and returns to her]: Onchukov 2008, No. 60:193-195); Russians (Olonetskaya) [chicken and mouse quarreled over a grain, the mouse called animals, and the chicken called birds; the eagle's wing was torn off; he asks the man to feed him for three years; he wants to throw it away, then feeds him again; the eagle put the man on his back, they fly to the eagle sisters; tin, silver did not give the box, but the gold one gave; ordered do not open the road; he opened, Koschei the Immortal put the good back for promising to give what he did not know at home; his son returned at home; once broke the window; grandmother: oh, you, mother-born, paternal- promised; said that he was given to Koshchei; gave a ball; 12 swans - Koshchei's daughters - flew to the lake; the guy took his youngest's clothes; the girl promised to marry; Koschey tells me to go around the horse; bride: hit with a club between my ears; this is Koschey himself; tells me to choose a bride among 12 sisters; bride: a fly will sit on me; they ran away; they threw flint (mountains), flint (fire river); the bride made the guy a lake, a duck herself; Koschey shot, missed, left; swore not to pursue anymore]: Vlasova 2011, No. 51:86-88; Russians (Vologodskaya, Kirillovsky y.) [the mouse and sparrow shared the seeds, the sparrow pecked the last one, the mouse complained to the fiery serpent, the eagle interceded for the sparrow, the serpent scorched his wings; Vasily the Sagittarius pointed his gun at him three times; the eagle asks feed him for a year, tries to fly, asks him to ride for a year, then another; after that, the eagle flew with him; drops him three times over the sea and picks him up again; stays with three sisters in copper, silver, gold kingdoms; only the older sister agrees to give the box; the eagle tells not to open it on the way home; the ships landed on the island, V. opened the box, the city appeared; the old man put it back for promising to give what V. does not know at home; let him send him a son in 20 years, he is a seven-humped demon; when Ivan is 20, he went to the demon; A hut, a hut, backwards to the forest, in front of me! there is Baba Yaga, that demon is her brother; she gave a ball, he would reach her older sister; there too, "the hut turned like chicken legs", "backwards to the forest, to me in front"; "The old woman lies twice as her mother head on the bench, legs in the pipe"; gave a cane when she stuck and did not pull it out, you go there; 12 swans flew to the sea, one of them far from the others; I. hid "to look to his knees (to the navel)"; stole her clothes; "If you are young, let her husband be"; "What manners did you get here, Ivan Tsarevich!" ; "My owner has 38 heads, and all have to hang 40 heads - two stakes are empty. And all of us, shouldn't we be here together?" Demon quests. Make a pole from ground to heaven so that the cat can work, go up - tell 12 fairy tales, and down - sing 12 songs well"; I.'s wife performed everything by morning; the demon tells us to identify Maria Tsarevna among the 12 girls; M.: I will have a fly on my right eyebrow; then: dig a ditch overnight and let a steamer go through it; performed; identify M. among 12 swans; "The right wing has a longer wing" {incomprehensible}; out of 12 foals (one tail hair is longer); cut down the forest, plow the field, etc., by morning for the cake to be ready; M. leave saliva responsible for themselves, runs with I.; M. is the chapel, I. is the elder; the well and the ladle; the swamp and the kite; the unclean spirit began to drink the swamp; M. turned herself and I. into a ring, threw it, her sister had it; she threw it on the floor, the ring crumbled with beads, I. and M. appeared; they came to his parents ; wedding]: Sokolov, Sokolov 1981, No. 34:133-148; Russians (Voronezh) [the mouse quarreled with V No. 224:197-204. The cat tells her to wait every time for him to eat bread, drink milk etc.. rrobiem, stealing grain from the barn, the animals began to fight birds; the wounded Eagle asks the merchant three times not to kill him, but to care for him; three years later he carries it on his back; throws it three times over the sea and catches him, so that the merchant feels like he, the Eagle, is afraid of being shot by him; the Eagle's sisters in the copper and silver kingdoms refuse to give the merchant a casket, a sister in the golden kingdom gives it; the Eagle tells not to open it on the way, the merchant opens, a palace and servants appear from him; Unbaptized Forehead collects everything in a casket for promising to give what he does not know at home; the merchant is met by his wife with his newborn son; Ivan grows up, goes to NL; Baba Yaga advises hiding the wings of a colorful cabbage roll when three cabbage rolls arrive for a swim; this is Vasilisa Premudraya, NL's beloved daughter; his cook Chumichka lies as if Ivan promised 1) to cut down the forest in a day , harvest, bake pies out of flour; 2) make a flying ship; VP does everything, Chumichka is thrown off the ship; 3) NL tells him to go around the stallion; this is NL himself, Ivan hits him with a hammer; 4) choose a bride among three mares, three cabbage rolls, three girls (the VP has a dull glitter on the bridle; it will wave its wing; a handkerchief); after the wedding, the young run, the VP turns Ivan into a vegetable garden, himself into a head of cabbage; a well and a falcon; when NL himself is chasing, VP throws a brush (forest), comb (mountain), towel (sea); Ivan is the first to come home, kisses his godmother, forgets VP; she is hired as a worker, Ivan is ready to marry; VP comes to a wedding with a pie, a dove with a dove comes out of it, the dove says that the dove will forget it, as Ivan forgot the VP; Ivan recalls]: Afanasiev 1958 (2), No. 224:197-204; Russians (Voronezh) [Tsar aims at the eagle three times at the oak tree; agrees to feed it for three years; every year the eagle tries its power; after the third, it puts the king on its back, carries it, throws it into the sea three times and picks it up again, so that The king was as afraid as he was when the king aimed at him; the eagle's younger sister refused to feed the king, let the dogs down on him; when the eagle carried the king further, the younger sister's house was burning behind him; same with the middle sister; the elder feeds generously; after that, the eagle gives the king a ship and two chests: the red one in the backyard, the green one in the front; but the king opened the red one along the way, and the cattle came out of it; a man came out of the water, put the cattle back for promising to give what the king of the house did not know; at home, the tsar unlocked both chests, a garden appeared from the green one; Ivan Tsarevich was born at home; when he grew up, he was left on the shore seas; Baba Yaga's hut nearby; she teaches: 12 spoonbills will arrive at sea, take off their clothes, start swimming, it is necessary to hide the clothes of the eldest, Vasilisa the Wise; gives for a promise to help when I. comes to her father, the Water King; I. met, took Obedala, Opivala, Frost with him; the water tells him to build a crystal bridge overnight (the servants of the VP did everything); plant a garden (the same) recognize the bride from his 12 daughters (that will wave a handkerchief; fix the dress; the fly will fly); tells you to eat a lot; drink; survive in a hot bath (assistants helped); the young are running, the VP turned the horses into a well, herself into a bucket, the prince in old man; pop and church; honey river with jelly shores, prince - drake, VP - duck; waterman began to drink, burst; VP tells you to go forward to parents, but not to kiss his sisters; I. kissed, forgot VP; beret another wife; VP chipped in as a beggar, brought a pie with a dove with a dove in it; dove: you will forget me like I. Vasilisa Premudruya; I. remembered that everything is fine]: Afanasiev 1958 (2), No. 219:171-177; Russians (Voronezh) [The mouse lives with a rich man, stores cereals. When the bread runs out, the rat borrows the mouse's cereal and promises to return it by Palm Sunday. The mouse comes for the duty, the rat beats him. The mouse collects animals for trial. The rat drinks vodka to everyone except the eagle (flew to buy a book) and leans to its side. The animals justify the rat, decide that the cereal is common. The eagle scolds the rat for not making supplies on its own and for giving the animals a drink. The rat wants revenge on the eagle. Suddenly, all the animals and birds fall asleep, and the rat will fly up to the eagle's wings. The eagle asks the man for help, he cares for the bird for a year, the eagle grows wings, he invites the man to visit him, rewards him, gives a box that can only be opened at home, choosing a "beautiful place". On the way home, the man stops in the quagmire and opens the box, from there people come in and start building houses. The guy doesn't know how to get them back. An imp appears, offers to help in exchange for something the man does not know at home. He agrees and writes a note about the agreement. At home, he learns about the birth of his son, builds a town in the open, and lives richly. The son grows up, finds a note and goes to hell. He gives tasks - to cut down the forest, plant watermelons, and his daughter helps them fulfill the trait. For her kindness, he calls her to marry. For the third task, training a horse, the girl advises to tie three pounds of twigs to her belt so that the horse does not throw it off. The girl warns that it is dangerous to complete the next task, heat the bathhouse, prepares a "mess" that answers questions in Ivan's voice. The girl and Ivan run away. The devil finds out about the escape, sends his servants in pursuit. The girl turns herself into cats (horse manure), Ivan into stubble, then herself into grass, Ivan into a dove, the drovers do not recognize them. Satan himself follows the trail, and the fugitives turn into a sea and a duck. Damn tries to drink the sea, but it bursts. Ivan and the girl return to his parents' house, get married and live happily]: Baryshnikova 2007, No. 28:137-142; Russians (Voronezhskaya) [the man returns home tipsy, the darling sings and hears how someone sings along with him, finds out that this is his need (invisible). At home, she asks if she can get into the bottle and sing from there, the need will be fulfilled, and the man closes the bottle and buries it in the ground. He gets rich and tells his brother how he did it, shows the place where the need is buried. The brother is jealous, digs up the bottle, but the need clings to him, thinks that this is its former owner. He goes broke, loses his wife, talks about his misfortune to his brother. He is ready to help, reproaches his brother that he was ashamed and did not ask for help sooner. The brothers go swimming, cook sak (fishing bag), when the brother enters the water, the other sees the need floating behind him and catches it with a bag, takes it to the ram, where the need dries up, the brothers get rich again ]: Baryshnikova 2007, No. 46:187-189; Russians (Saratov Volga Region) [peasant G.K. Zavaritsky told his father's legend from memory; the elder lured the devils into a jug, buried him under the cross; one the lame imp hid, saw; in the tavern persuaded a drunkard to open the jug as if a treasure was hidden there; the devils rose to heaven; at that time God was walking on earth in the face of Christ, Michael the Archangel failed heaven alone, the Devil built a throne in seventh heaven; Christ gave Michael six wings and a fiery sword, the Archangel expelled the devil's army from heaven; whoever fell into the water became cursed, some into the forest - goblin, at home - brownie, to the line between fences and furrow - hell, who moaned to the noise (probably garbage - N.T.) - a jester; Michael the Archangel chained the chief to a wall in hell; he moaned, now his name is Stana]: "Ethnographic review "book 109-110, 1916 in Tolstoy 1995:245-249; Russians (Orlovskaya) [a peasant took aim at an eagle; he promises to fulfill his wish; peasant: make him rich; eagle: if you meet an elder, give a bag; the elder tells you not to open the bag on the way; the peasant opened it, the chervonets fell down; the old man collected it, for this he tells you to give what you do not know at home; the wife gave birth to a son; he grew up, goes to the forest; spends the night with the eldest Baba Yagi in a hut on chicken legs; she sent to the middle one; the middle one to the youngest; the youngest gave a wooden hand to Prince Balalay - he was blind; B. felt that his hand was wooden; the girl daughter B. told him to run; turned into a field, the guy was a watchman; a cell and a monk; the river and so; B. tried to drink the river, burst; the girl tells me not to say hello to her younger brother at home; the guy greeted, forgot the bride; she baked a cake, there are two pigeons from there, the guy remembered; wedding]: Kalinnikov 2017:9-14; Russians (d. Gorodtsy, Trubchevsky District, Bryansk Region, 1990) [God gathered the reptiles in a bag, ordered the man and woman to take him to the swamp and drown him, not to look into the bag themselves; the wife encouraged the peasant to open it, the reptiles ran away; for this, God turned a man and a woman into storks - let them gather reptiles in fields and meadows]: Glebov 2012, No. 137:128-129; Belarusians: Agapkina 1996 (western Belarus) [when the Virgin first Regula happened, she put her bloody shirt in a pot, told the maid to throw it into the river without looking inside; she untied the pot, found her shirt, she immediately began to regulate, now all women]: 145 (same in Belova 2004a, No. 544:244); Belova 2004a, No. 122 (archive, go to Dobrovolsky) [the first man complained to God about insects; God gathered everyone in a bag, told the angel to drown them in the river; he untied the bag, several flies flew out; the angel drowned the rest, but new ones bred from the survivors]: 197; Dobrovolsky 1901 [God gave Michael the Archangel a bag with unknown contents, ordered them to drown, not look along the road; he looked in, flies and mosquitoes flew into the world]: 159; Shane, p.390 in Azbelev 1992, No. 318 (Minsk Gubernia) [God gathered reptiles and frogs in leather fur, told man to drown them in the river, and forbid him to untie the bag; he untied the bag out of curiosity, and the reptiles crept through the swamp; God told man to collect them while will not gather everyone; to make it more convenient for him to do this, he turned them into a stork]: 459; Bulgakovsky 1890 (Pinsk) [God gathered the reptiles in a bag, gave the man, ordered him not to look, throw them into the oven; he untied them out of curiosity bag, reptiles crept away; God turned man into a Stork, ordered to collect reptiles; he still collects; therefore, killing a stork is a sin]: 188; Belarusians (Gomelsky y.) [the son is Ivan, the father is a drunkard; the neighbor took I. as an employee; he grew up, went on; hired a serpent; this is the serpent Chavolay; after 6 years I. left, C. gave him a book, ordered him not to open it, otherwise he would eat it; I. got lost, opened the book, cattle flowed out of it; C. appeared: eat; agreed that C. put the cattle in the book back, and I. promised not to marry; at home I. refuses matchmakers; still others say that they have two good dogs will fight off C.; during the wedding, C. appears; I. jumps away; the horse has fallen; the hut: turn your back to the forest; Baba Yaga fed her, put her to bed, gave bread with her, showed the way to her sister; she has the same thing, the oldest sister has the same; every dog, from afar, senses C.; every pernet and food appears; the third baba yaga gave a handkerchief to wave at the sea - a bridge appeared; when on the C. Bridge, wave again - the bridge disappeared, C. fell into the sea; I. woke up, three dogs nearby: Lomigor, Lomikamen, Lomizhelen; two kingdoms ate a 12-headed serpent, in the third he was led to eat a princess; I. and his dogs killed him, The princess tied her wounds with a handkerchief; the servant cut off I.'s head, ordered the princess to say that he had killed the snake; the dogs grabbed the viper, forced the viper to bring water growing and living; revived I.; the princess's wedding with her servant is being prepared; I. sends dogs, the princess recognized them; at the feast, the tsar sees the princess's handkerchief on I.'s hand; the servant was beheaded; wedding]: Romanov 1886, No. 9:73-77; Ukrainians: Belova 1996 (Hutsuls) [After giving birth to Jesus, the Mother of God asked the maid to throw a shirt with signs of postpartum cleansing into the river without untying it; she untied it, the Mother of God wished all women to menstruate ( had a "shirt")]: 145 (=Belova 2004a, No. 544:244); Strakhov 1979 (Rivne region) [God collected thunder, lightning, hail into a bag, gave it to one grandmother, she unleashed out of curiosity, the hidden parted]: 107; Chubinsky 1872 (Volyn): 62 [The Most Holy Virgin let the maid wash her shirt in the sea, forbid her to look; she looked, there were many reptiles; the Most Holy Virgin told the maid to be a stork and eat these reptiles], 62-63 [God gathered all the reptiles in a bag, told the man to throw him into the sea; he untied to see, snakes and worms crept away; God turned man into a Stork, ordered to collect reptiles]; Ukrainians (Bessarabia) [Stork was human. At the beginning of the world, God gave him a knotted bag and said, "Look, don't untie the bag or look into the bag, but take it and throw it into the water." The man couldn't stand it and untied the bag. Toads, snakes, vipers, lizards came from there, and since then those evil spirits have been in the world. Then God turned that man into a stork and told him to eat that evil spirits so that they did not multiply very much in the world]: Levitsky 1876:70; Ukrainians (Starokonstantinovsky Pans y. Volyn Gubernia) [God, having packed all the stuff in a bag, orders a person to carry what he has collected in a bag and throw it into the pond, provided that he does not look there. A curious person, despite this prohibition, unties the bag and looks in. The bastards gathered there are released and spread around the world. As punishment, God turns a person into a stork, obliged to collect a creeping reptile]: Teodorovich 1899:264; Ukrainians (Khmelnitsky region, p. Piddubtsy, Antoninsky District, Shepetovskaya District) [God has a farmhand Danilo. One day, God collects all the reptiles, takes them, throws them into a bag, gives them to Danilo, and says, "Oh Danilo, throw this bag into the water. Just know, don't untie it, because it's going to be in trouble!" Danilo takes the bag and carries it to the river. Brings to the river, puts it by the water. Danilo doesn't listen to God; he takes and unties the bag to see what's in it. When he unleashes, all the bastards pop up. Danilo gets scared, throws an empty bag into the water and goes to God. God is angry with him and says, "So that you can collect for me all the bastards you let on earth. Drops it from the sky. Danilo becomes a stork on earth and collects all the reptiles he released from the bag]: Smoked 1928:64-65; Poles, Belarusians, Ukrainians [God gives man (sometimes Adam," Apostle Anton", woman) a bag (pot) with reptiles to throw it into the sea, into the river, sometimes into the fire; he opens the bag out of curiosity, the reptiles spread; God turns a person into a stork (into Ukrainian- Podolsk version - throwing it off the sky)]: Gura 1997:647; Poles (northeastern Poland): Spychalska 2009, No. 1A [God gave Wojtek a bag of reptiles, ordered him to drown; he discovered it out of curiosity, the bastards came out into the world; God told him to collect reptiles and, to make it easier for him to do so, turned him into a stork], 1B [Jesus gathered all the snakes and frogs, gave the man a bag, but he opened it, the reptiles crept away], 1C [Jesus gave The stork had a bag of frogs, but he opened it, Jesus told him to collect them now]: 144, 144-145, 145; Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians [Miraculous escape: young man promised to the devil (water king, sorcerer), comes to him on time, performs difficult tasks with the help of a girl (daughter of the water king), runs with her; they turn into different animals and objects. - Tales under number 313A begins with an episode: hell (waterman, etc.) grabs the beard of a traveler who was trying to get drunk. Tales like 313B have this beginning: a person saves a bird, it takes it to the overseas kingdom, gives it a wonderful box that he should not open, violates the ban (cf. AT 537); tales like 313C end with the episode "The Forgotten Bride". The usual beginning of fairy tales like 313A, B, C is "War of Birds and Animals" (ATU 222=AA 222A) or "Mouse and Sparrow" (ATU 222B*=AA 222*B)]: SUS 1979, No. 313A, B, C: 112-113; Ukrainians (Uman) [Mouse and Lark quarreled over a grain; gathered birds and animals for war; the mouse told ants to bite the wings of the birds at night; the birds fell, killed by animals; the eagle remains in the tree, asks the hunter not to shoot; he He points his gun three times; feeds the Eagle with a cow, a bull; he carries it through the air, drops it three times and picks up that man was afraid like the Eagle when he was targeted; the Eagle teaches the hunter to promise return the Eagle, ask for a raitso egg; Uncle, Eagle's brother refuse, the father agrees; orders to break only houses; the hunter breaks on the way, cattle come out of the egg; the Snake promises to return the cattle to the egg if he will give what was not at home; son Ivan grows up, goes to the Snake; she demands 1) to uproot the forest overnight, etc., harvest, bake pies; the daughter of the Snake is walled up in a stone pillar; promises to do everything if I. marries her; 2) turn the Dnieper, arrange a trading harbor; 3) catch a golden hare; the snake's daughter tells you to grab everything that comes out of the hole; I. misses the viper, the old woman; it was the hare; the girl she turned into a hare herself, I. carried it; both run away; the Snake sends her husband in pursuit, the fugitives turn into wheat and grandfather; into a monastery and an elder; for the third time the Snake chases itself; the river and perch; the Snake becomes pike, did not catch it, began to drink the river, burst; the bride tells her uncle not to kiss her uncle's child at home; I. kisses, forgets the bride; is going to marry another; the Snake's daughter makes doves out of dough, they tell them the story, I. remembers everything, marries the daughter of the Snake]: Pankeev 1992:297-307; Czechs [Stonelis is a peasant, God gave him a bag of frogs, ordered him to throw him into the sea; S. opened the bag out of curiosity, frogs ran away, S. turned into a stork, began to collect them]: Dähnhardt 1910:288.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Stavropol Turkmens [(zap. A.N. Gren, from materials by L.G. Lopatinsky); The Mouse and the Rat are fighting over prey; the Eagle tries to reconcile them, they gnaw on it; the hunter shoots the wounded Eagle three times, both times a misfire; agrees to bandage his wing; the Eagle carries him to his wives; throws him off and catches him three times to make him feel how afraid the Eagle was; sends a man to each wife as a fortuneteller; the first two are dissatisfied with what they are promised the return of her husband, the third is happy; the Eagle throws the first off the cliff; the Eagle gives a box, does not tell you to open it along the way; the man opens, the herds run away, he says, Ah; The old man appears from under land, returns the herds to the box for promising to give his son Azerbaijan; Aha's son tells B. not to admit that he has mastered science, A. lets B. go to his father; B. knows how to turn into animals, tells his father to sell him like a horse, but without a bridle; A. buys with a bridle, wants to kill, son A. tells him to run; B. turns into a hare, A. into a greyhound; the lark is a kite, the father is a chicken, the fox grabs the chicken; A. gives B. property, leaves to another country]: Bagriy 1920 (2): 77-84; Abkhazians: Shakryl 1975, No. 24 [the peasant has three daughters and three sons; when he dies, he tells the elder to take his sisters to the balcony, the grooms will take them; each time a girl a cloud takes away; the brothers send the elder to search; he chases sulfur, drove the horse to death; he came to the palace of his older sister, she hides her brother in the chest, the Adaui giant comes, promises not to eat brother-in-law; sister advises you to ask for the box; adaui tells you not to open it in public; he chased sulfuric again, drove the donated horse, came to his middle sister, received a white arash (horse) as a gift, flying to the sky; chamois again - drove arasha; to his younger sister; gets a black smelly horse Kakua-Zalashv; he turns into a good horse, a bridle in one ear, a saddle in the other; tells you to grab a chamois only by the horns, the young man touches his back, the chamois disappears; they see her as a girl in the garden, take her away; the box gets heavier, the young man opens it, a city with people appears, the young man reigns; leaves wife as queen, goes to his son-in-law, who gave the box; he puts the city back in the box, the king brings her home, opens it, the city appears where his father's home is], 28 [the rider wants to kill the snake, the widow's son does not give; the snake brings to himself, tells her parents to give a pouch that they have not yet opened; the young man opens it on the way home, a city appears; hell puts the city back for promising not to name the brother of the one who runs out at home; the brother runs out, the young man does not recognize him, the brother leaves; sees three daughters a line, one is enough, she promises to help; the devil tells 1) to dig a mountain overnight, 2) build a bridge across the sea (all done); 3) tame the horse; this is the devil himself; the wife tells him to be beaten with a hammer; at night the young run away, the devil sends an army; the wife turns herself into a shop, her husband into a merchant; the same is a dead man and a pop; himself the father is chasing, the wife tells me to enter the rock, confuse the roads; he stops chasing]: 112-120, 143-148; Balkarians [the hunter refreshed the deer; he jumped up; running away, he replied that this is not a wonder, but a wonder Blind Aliyuk will tell; the man went to look for him; in the house on the bed, a man with a skewer branched in two, stuck over his shoulder, stretched out over his heel, two women are crying nearby; a man says that he is SA; he and 9 sons met Emegen, who invited him to the cave; when he left, he closed the exit with a rock; ate horses and sons; plunged a spit into SA; when he left for a while, did not close the exit; SA rolled out, the travelers picked him up; his wife and daughter were by the bed; the hunter went to that cave; he shook Emegen's hand so much that he broke two phalanges of his fingers; began to fight; emegen drove the hunter into the ground belt, and he made him explain how to revive horses and boys (whip the remains); SA will recover if the spit exit is filled with red ram fat; after my death, take mine tie your large intestine to your waist; the hunter revived the dead; opened the chest, a dagger jumped out of there, but the hunter dodged; tied the gut to a tree, it cut it; gave the sheep meat to the dog, it died; took it out spit from SA, cured him; SA gave his sister to the hunter; gave him a casket; the hunter does not know why he whipped, a herd of horses jumped out of there; wolf: I'll put it back, but give me my only son; hunter told the wolf to come in a year; in a year the wolf agrees not to take the hunter's son, but let him marry him; the fox promised to help; turned into a fat ram (boulder), let the hunter change him on a gray horse; when he returns, the fox tells him to play the violin; girls will gather, you have to grab one and ride away, it is impossible to catch up with the gray horse; in order not to give it to the wolf, the fox itself became a girl; the wolf is chasing; the fox has become a mufti, tells me to ask the wolf to ask the mufti for advice; mufti: my stick knows whose head will break, he is to blame; killed a wolf with a stick; the guy brought home his wife and wealth]: Malkonduev 2017:358-362; Georgians (Imereti) [the hunter sees a wounded nine-headed eagle, he asks him not to shoot, to heal him; brings him for a reward to his sisters, they are married to kings white, red, blue seas; the older two refuse to give the box, the youngest gives it; the Eagle warns not to open it on the way; the man opens, the city appears from the box; the Eagle in anger tells collect everything back, for this is his land; agrees to lay down himself for a promise to give what he did not leave at home; the man has a son at home; he grows up, goes to look for the Eagle; the old man says that three will come to swim eagles with copper, silver, gold feathers, tells him to hide gold; the young man returns for his promise to marry him; wearing feathers, the eagle carries him to his father; the 9-headed Eagle orders to build 1) a church, 2) a garden, 3) the bridge, the bride creates everything; 4) identify which of the three is the bride in; she says that the egg is moving; the Eagle is still going to kill the young; they flee to the kingdom of the young man's father, everything is fine]: Bogoyavlensky 1894a: 8-19; Georgians (Ingiloyans) [Solomon, his wife and minister went, stopped for the night, began to cook fish; S. say that you dreamed of another person sleeping on his bed, if true, let one of the fish come to life; the fish jumps out of the cauldron; the minister says that a prophetic voice told him that S. was killed; the second fish pops up; the queen admits that she was plotting to kill S., because she was the mistress of Kunzulelia, the king of the islands and the ruler of demons; S. suggests that K. fill the jug with demons, then he will give him his wife; demons gather in a jug, he is not full; S. suggests K. himself to climb there, closes the jug, throws it into the sea; fishermen caught it, discovered it, demons escaped; those who fell into the water became watery, others fell into forests, gorges, caves, etc.; this is how spirits appeared]: Janashvili 1893, No. 16:171- 172; Georgians [the eagle spread out on three oaks, asks the hunter not to kill him, cure him; carries him to his parents, tells them to ask them for treatment only a box; on the way, the hunter feeds the eagle, the last the piece cuts off his leg; when he reaches, the eagle heals him; the eagle's mother tells him not to open the box on the way; the man opens, the whole city comes out of it; dev puts the city back for promising to give something that is not at home You know; this is a newborn son; he grows up, goes to the maiden to be eaten; the old woman tells the youngest of the deva daughters to hide the dress when they swim; she becomes his wife; the devil tells me to cover the house and yard with gold cloth; put up a palace by morning; the wife's people perform; to drive around the horse is the devil himself, the wife gives a bit and a hammer; the spouses run; the wife turns into a field, the husband into a reaper; into the forests and the old man; into a lake and a duck; the first two times are haunted by the mother, the third by both; they drink the lake, they burst]: Chikovani 1954, No. 31:167-172 (=1986:219-225, =Kurdovanidze 1988 (1), No. 37:136-141); Armenians [mouse and falcon sowed wheat, and when they collected it, they began to divide one seed, they turned to the eagle; the eagle to the falcon: you clue it; the mouse: well, let's not quarrel; and at night I hit the sleeping falcon with a sword, he hardly had time fly away; the hunter saw a falcon on the tree, pointed his gun three times, the falcon asked him not to kill, to heal him; the hunter's wife went out; the falcon put the hunter on his back, carried it, threw it three times into the sea, picking it up above the water itself; ordered to ask his father for a silk pouch; the falcon's father gives a pouch, does not tell him to open it before reaching home; the hunter opened it, found himself in the middle of a noisy bazaar; the lame man asks to give him something that he does not know at home; the hunter promised to be at home; wife: that our son is not going home; it turned out that the son was born, but now he has taken him lame; left the boy lame on the island at sea; he caught for 16 years fish, grew up; three heads flew to the island, threw off their birds' clothes, became girls, went swimming; a young man stole one girl's feathers; she promised to be his wife; gave a ball, he rolled off the island to the shore, there was a road, they came to the city; the husband was hired as a laborer; the owner decided to lime him in order to take possession of his wife; one lame guest offered 1) send a man for two storks, one golden beak, the other has silver wings; the wife calls the Arab and orders the storks to be reached, he brings them; the wife warned: if the owner says that storks are not needed, they must be released (as it happened); 2) bring a lion from Mount Aragats (same); 3) bring the invisible worker Murza; the wife gives a ball, it will lead to her sister's house; she calls the frogs, they do not know the way; the sister tells them to go for the ball to their mother's house; she collected the snakes, they answer that M. was hired by the snake king; the mother tells me to go to the snake king's house and hide behind the stove; the king will come and say, "Murza, gather for the table"; when the king leaves, call M. for with himself; he is glad, the king has already tortured him; the boatman offers M. a horn in which a foot army and a cavalry detachment; when the man received a horn, M. also returned to him; the owner wants to cut off the man's head, he blows into the horn, the warriors cut off the owner's head; M. took the couple to her husband's parents]: Nazinyan 1969:33-42.

Iran - Central Asia. Persians [the dervish gives pomegranate to be eaten by the Shah's childless wife and the apple is the vizier's wife; the vizier gives pomegranate to his wife, she gives birth to daughter Bibi-Mehrnegar (B.), the Shah's wife, the son in the guise of a black snake named Mirza Pust-Humar (M.); the shah orders the vizier to give his daughter for his son; at night, the serpent sheds his skin and becomes a young man; at the request of his father-in-law B. burns the skin; M. says that she will not find it before does not wear out seven iron dresses, pairs of shoes, staffs, chews seven boxes of chewing gum; on the way she meets seven divas, throws a box each; throws a ring into a jug that the maid carries for M.; she pours water into M.'s palm, he recognizes the ring; to prevent his aunt from eating B., M. disguises her as a maid; opens it, promising the divas not to kill B.; the aunt demands 1) sweep the yard with a broom covered with pearls so that no one falls (M. performs); 2) water the yard with a sieve (the same); 3) take the "play-dance" box to the aunt's brother, bring "grab and plant" from him; on the way she opens the box, cannot put the dancers back; burns the hair, M. comes, puts it back, tells them to do everything contrary to his aunt's order; accordingly, B. throws straw horse, bones to the dog, calls a hole with mud and blood with honey, opens a closed door, closes an open door, greets everyone, leaves one box, grabs another, runs, doors, etc. refuse to detain her; M. marries her daughter aunts, cuts off her head at night, B. says goodbye to all objects, forgets about the stone (a measure of weight); B. and M. run, the stone wakes up her aunt, she pursues; the fugitives throw 1) a reed (reed thickets), 2) a needle (needle forest), 3) salt (salt marsh), 4) sea foam (sea); aunt asks how they crossed; M. replies that she steps on foam flakes, sinks]: Osmanov 1958:15-24; Uzbeks [=Konovalov, Stepanov 1986:92-109; three bundles of brushwood collected by the old man and his two neighbors were carried away by the wind; the old man finds them in a hole with three pots of gold; the old man shares gold, but neighbors kill him by taking it share; before death, he asks to give his wife to be named Dod ("help"); the padishah solves the crime, makes Dod an adopted son, puts him on the throne; in a dream, Peri appears, Dod goes to look for her; the old man tells you to choose the middle pumpkin, tells you not to open it on the way; Dod wants to throw it away, peri screams in pain, Dod opens the pumpkin, there's peri; says you should have listened to the old man; let Dod take it to covered arbe; leaves it on the outskirts of the city; the old woman asks the peri to collect water, pushes her into the water, puts her clothes on; answers Dod that she will take her former form when their child is 7 years old; she came out of the spring a horse, an imaginary peri tells her to be killed; only one butcher reluctantly agrees to slaughter it; three drops of blood grow three poplars; the imaginary peri tells them to cut them down, make a cradle for her baby; the cradle has shrunk After killing him; the calandar wants to pick up the chips, they fly away; a palace appears, peri in it, tells the calandar to call Dod, the padishah, and arrange a feast for all the inhabitants; Dod cut the sorcerer to pieces, reunited with his wife]: Afzalov et al. 1972 (1): 261-276; kafirs (prasun) [a man Pedamund (i.e. a priest from the Pede clan) disappears a cow every night; he watched them disappear into the lake; a giant emerged, P. cut it with an arrow smeared with feces; the upper half fled and disappeared into the lake; P. also dives, runs into a wall with manure; God Vushum sits on the throne, judging; P. tells us what happened; he is received with honor, sent three nights later with two full bags; they must be opened at home, sacrificing juniper; P. opens the bags along the way, with snakes in them and frogs; ties again, juniper donates at home, finds a dance rod in one bag; during the festival it is worn by warriors who killed the enemy last year; in the other bag there is a gold necklace]: Snoy 1962:74 in Yettmar 1986:73.

Baltoscandia. Eastern Sami [a merchant drives through the battlefield of birds and animals; an eagle asks him to be cured; after a year or two he tries to take off, three years later he puts him on his back, takes him to his brothers and mother; brothers in copper, silver houses reject what was brought; in gold, the parents of the eagle give him golden eggs; the eagle tells him to throw them from hand to hand at home; he throws them along the way, a golden house appears, and eggs become soft; to hell with them, says the man; the devil grabs them; for a promise to give what you do not know, takes the merchant home to the golden house; towards the wife and the baby; he grew up, went to look for the Devil; dwarfs -chuckles teach what to do, how to identify a bride; Devil has 39 daughters - illnesses; The devil tells him to choose three times, the young man chooses the one he is the same age each time; the young run; the wife turns himself into a duck, her husband into pen; The devil can't catch up with them, tells them not to marry for three years; the son's father involuntarily marries; at the last minute a duck arrives, turns into a girl, marries a guy]: Czarnoluski 1962:270-277; Lithuanians : Voltaire 1890, No. 4 [God gathered the reptiles in a bag, told the woman to take him to the swamp, not to look along the way; she opened the bag, the reptiles ran away; God turned her into a stork, ordered them to be collected to the judgment days]: 144-145; Dähnhardt 1910 [the devil created reptiles and blood-sucking insects; God put them in a bag, let the man drown; he opened the bag out of curiosity, the reptiles ran away; God smeared his legs to half with resin, turned into a stork, ordered to collect the scattered; when he collects it, he will become human again]: 285-286; Kerbelite 2014, No. 51 [Mr.'s son went to the end of the world; on the way, one woman gave a bag, ordered not to untie; the other gave two balls with a needle; if thrown, they would turn into two dogs and a stick; the man untied the bag, a golden horse with a diamond tail jumped out, you can't drive it back; the wolf promised to catch if a man promised to give himself up; the wolf caught the horse, but he died on the bridge; the man turned the balls into dogs, came to the sick lady, the wolf's sister; she asked him to enter the house at eight at the door, bring her pies; the man came in, the doors closed, the wolf was about to slaughter him; he asked permission to go out and play on the pipe; climbed a tree, began to play; dogs broke the doors, killed wolf]: 118-119; Latvians: Grishina 1993 [the hunter shot the hawk three times, missed it; the hawk grabbed it and carried it, let it go three times, but picked it up so that the hunter would feel the same fear; after that the hawk ordered him to feed him for three years; then brought the hunter to one sister, asked him to give Raichuk to the hunter, she did not give it; the same second; the third gave it, it was something like an egg; the hawk carried the hunter almost home and Raichuk ordered not to open it on the way; he discovered it; a city appeared with food and drink; not to put it back; an old man came up, put the city back for promising that the house was new; the wife gave birth to a son at home; he grew up and went to look for the devil; the old man he met tells me to go to the lake, 7 ducks will come to swim, they will become a girl, we must steal the clothes alone and return them when he calls him sweet brother; the young man did so; hell gives tasks; 1) plow the land in a day, grow, pick apples; 2) the same - wheat, bake bread; the girl does everything; 3) jump on the stallion of possession of the line; the stallion is the devil himself; the girl gave a silver, golden broom (to drive them), a hammer to beat; hell put a young man and a girl in a barrel to burn; they turned into flies, flew away through a hole; the servant is chasing, the girl has turned into sheep, a young man to a shepherd; next time, the church and the pastor; the devil is chasing himself; the lake and the fish; the water is boiling, the devil is barely alive, is gone; the girl sent the young man to ask for his father's blessing, did not tell him to say hello to the youngest sister; he greeted, forgot everything; the girl climbed the willow above the spring; the younger sister went to get water, saw a reflection, thought she was so beautiful, the mug slipped out; the same second sister; the mother did not believe that she was beautiful at her age, noticed the girl, told her at home; the young man ran to the girl, hugged her, and both died]: 214-226; Barovskis, Kursit 2017 [Percons collected the mosquitoes in a bag and told the hare drown this bag in the river; the hare decided to see what was in the bag; opening it slightly, released one mosquito; chasing him, threw the bag, all the mosquitoes flew out; not knowing how to confess to Percons, the hare decided drown himself in the river; jumping into the water, he came across a cancer that cut his lip; a frightened hare jumped out and ran into the forest; (briefly in Pogodin 1895:440)]: 158-159; Pogodin 1895 [God told man to drown a bag of reptiles; he opened it, the reptiles ran away; God smeared his legs with resin, made him a Stork, ordered him to collect reptiles; when he gathered everyone, he would become human; var.: gave the girl; black legs - a skirt]: 440; Estonians : Kippar 1986, No. 281D [God tells the man (the Hare) to drown a bag of fleas and flies; he unties it out of curiosity, insects get out; God turns the curious into a stork and (one entry in Lutsi) tells you to collect Filzläuse (Phthirius pubis L.)]: 172; Mälk et al. 1967, No. 50 (Hargla) [the king held a feast, brought a beautiful bird as a gift, he put it in a cage; from a cage a man came out, he was the king of the Beyond (the one behind, Tagutsemaa); invited him; became a bird, carried our king over the Front Country (Editsemaa), the Middle Country (Keskpaigamaa); He gave a box to a transcendent country, ordered not to open it on the way back; the king opened, a city arose, but without people, and you can't leave the city; the old man puts the city back in the box and takes the king to the way for the promise to give his son; a young man is needed to place under the fourth corner of the house, three Christian souls are already there; the old man tells 1) to plow the field in a day, etc. and ready-made bread on the table; a captive girl blows a silver whistle; the young man whistled, everything appeared; 2) during the night the bridge over Lake Peipsi (the same; the old woman came to destroy the bridge, the girl tells me to grab the old woman by the hair, throw it into the lake); 3) tame black stallion; girl: make iron tools in the forge and beat the horse with them; the old man is ready to give his daughter, must be identified among three doves; girl: I'll swing with my left wing; three horses: gray hair in the tail ; three girls under black blankets (the veil on her face moves slightly); wedding; a boy and a girl are running; she turns herself into a herd, him into a shepherd; the old man's sons did not recognize them; to a church and a priest (same); into the lake and the duck; the old man comes running himself, tries to drink the lake, tells his sons to shut his ass, bursts; the king brings his wife to his home]: 114-120; seto [mouse and sparrow divided the grain into the peasant's barn, quarreled over the last grain; because of this, the animals began to fight birds, the lion was left without hair, the eagle was left without feathers; the eagle asks the man to feed him until the feathers grow; when he recovered, he put a man on his back, flew to his sisters; the first one had a copper box, the second had a silver box, the third had a gold box; the first two were not given, the third gave it as a reward for saving the eagle; the eagle tells you not to open it on the way home, the man opened it, a golden estate appeared; the black man put back for a receipt to give what he does not know at home; the man thinks it is a dog, and at home the wife gave birth to a son; he grew up, a dog took him to the sea, they sailed in a boat to the island, hid in the bushes; two doves flew in, became girls, the young man hid his clothes alone, gave it for promising to become his wife ; she tells the old man to greet loudly, he does not hear well; heard; promised the bride, if the young man leads the geese to swim, the eggshell in front, not to lose a single egg; to tame the stallion; the bride tells make a nine-pound club and beat a stallion with it; in the morning the old man's head is bandaged; build a church out of wax; the bride created a church and a bridge; they ran away, leaving the bird responsible for them; that three days answers; then the old man sends his son to catch up with the fugitives; the girl turned herself and the young man into a priest and a chapel; the pop replies that he has not seen anyone for three years; the other son; into a flower and a bee; the old man himself is chasing; the girl turned herself into a lake, the young man into a fish; the old man began to catch and fell into the water; the girl tells her not to greet her younger sister at home; he violated the ban, forgot his bride; went to marry the colonel's daughter , chopped firewood all night, returned; to the general's daughter he carried water; to the king; he ordered to carry water; the young man saw the girl's reflection in the water and remembered everything; gave the king a box, people came out of it; everything is fine]: Jä rv et al. 2015:25-29; Livs [God collected the mosquitoes in a bag, let the Hare drown in the river, told him not to look inside; the hare untied a little, one mosquito flew out, the Hare rushed to catch him, at this time Everyone flew out, started dancing; the hare liked it so much that God called him to tell him what he was laughing at; God made him shy, stupid, long-eared, with a split lip]: Loorits 2002 (4): 155 (=1926, No. 104:93); Finns [the young man is going to shoot the capercaillie, he asks not to do so; so three times; the young man agrees to take the capercaillie home and feed him for a year; the capercaillie has grown copper on its tail the feather and when it fell out, he flew away; in the evening he returned, asked for food for another year; a silver feather grew; after the third year, a golden feather; the capercaillie ordered to sit on it; they fly across the sea, capercaillie three times throws off and picks up the young man so that he feels the same fear that the capercaillie felt when he was aimed; they fly to the copper castle of the capercaillie's younger sister; he tells me to ask her for a chest without the key, but she did not give it; the middle sister had the same in the silver castle; the eldest in the gold castle gave it; on the way back, the capercaillie was tired and left the young man on the mountain; he did not want to drag the chest, he threw it and a palace, a household, people, etc. appeared; the old man promises to put everything back if the young man promises to give him what was born at his house; the young man knows that his wife did not expect a child and promised; the old man allowed leave the baby for a year, told him to be named Krummdreher; in a year the boy grew up, became a young man, went to an old man; between the sea and the lake there is an oak tree, he climbed on it, saw girls sailing on the ship ; they began to swim, he hid the clothes of one of them; gave it for a promise to marry and help; this is the daughter of an old man; she gives her handkerchief, he makes him invisible and offers any food; before entering the castle, it is necessary to pull an iron stake out of the ground with a ring at the end; the young man easily pulled it out; the young man knocked on the lock door, the old man went out but saw no one, and the invisible young man entered the bride's castle; the old man tells 1) create a castle neither on earth nor in the sky; 2) cultivate the field, harvest and bake bread in one night; 3) bring three iron-billed capercaillies from across the sea; bride: bribe 7 out of 9 horses, and we will buy two we can ride away; the old man is chasing; the girl waved her handkerchief, a mountain arose, the old man ran after the ax; cut through; the girl turned her horses into a church and bell tower, herself into a priest, a young man into a clerk; they They answered the old man that the fugitives were already across the river; he was chasing again, but the girl had created the river with a handkerchief; the old man had stopped pursuing; everything was fine]: Salmelainen 1947:19-25.

Volga - Perm. Komi: Limerov 2005, No. 57 [Yong did not tell Adam and Eve to open the tueski; Eva opened the mouse, jumped out, ran away; they put another one there; Yong saw that the mouse had been replaced, drove Adam and Eve out of paradise. we have been suffering since then]: 54; Novikov 1938, No. 25 [The mouse quarreled with Sparrow, as a result, the birds began to fight animals, killed each other, the Eagle with a broken wing remained by the sea of blood; the old man picked him up; the old woman tells him to shoot the Eagle twice, the Eagle asks him not to do so each time; after recovering, she carries the old man on her, throws him twice, picks him up from the ground so that he also feels afraid; Eagle's sister gives the box does not tell you to open it on the way; the old man opens it, gold falls out of it; the old man (this is an evil tun) puts gold back for promising to give back what you don't know at home three years later; old man He has been absent for fifteen years, and his son has grown up; the old woman tells the young man to watch for the twelve swans, the daughters of Tun, hide the youngest's clothes while they are swimming; she gives him her ring, flies away; Tun marries him, gives difficult tasks, the wife teaches how to do it; 1) build a palace overnight (monsters are building); 2) create a river with fish, gardens on the banks (the same); 3) a crystal bridge (the same); a daughter steals her father's handkerchief, runs with her husband; Tun pursues them; she waves her handkerchief, creating a forest, then a river; a young man pierces tuna with an arrow, he turned into a pine tree]: 88-103; Chuvash: Grigoriev 1971 [The sparrow quarreled with the Mouse for him a big bird stood up, the Mouse gnawed on her wings; the man cured her, she took it to her sister, tadala the casket, forbade her to open it on the way; the man opened it, the garden and palace fell out; old man Sige- Sukhal hid it back for promising to give what he does not know at home; when he reached the age of 18, the son went to the MF; the old woman says that his fiancée will be ninth out of 18; his wife helps to fulfill emergency orders; 1) overnight build a church; 2) grow wheat - bake rolls; 3) tame the horse; the spouses run, the swan girls are sent in pursuit, the wife turns into an apple tree, the husband into a gardener; a field and a peasant; into a lake and fry; MF flies like a hawk, chases perch, malek turns into pike, swallows it; the spouses return to her husband's parents]: 70-77; Chuvash tales 1938 [The eagle asked the man not to shoot at him, to cure him wing; he feeds him cows and sheep, his wife curses; raises him to the sky, throws him, picks him up, now the man also feels afraid; he is lucky to his sisters, the middle gives a casket, the man opens it along the way, silver falls out; the old man puts it back from his elbow for promising to give what you don't know; during this time, his son Ivan was born and grew up; comes to the lake, hides the dress of one of the three bathing girls- swans; I. gives when she calls him not brother, but sweet; gives them a ball, I. comes to her father; 1) give the stallion and the mare to drink (these are the girls' parents; I. beats them, drinks them); 2) identify the youngest of the sisters (she blinks an eye); I., marries; when he comes to his parents, he forgets his wife's request not to kiss the child in the cradle (this is an old man with an elbow), forgets his wife; they want to marry him, the cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo turns into an old wife, he recalls, returns to her]: 89-94; Mordovians (Erzya): Evseviev 1964, No. 16 [the mouse and sparrow sowed millet, quarreled over a grain, the judge decided in favor of the sparrow, he gave him a chest, ordered not to open along the way; he opened, the beetle and ladybug flew out, turned into herds of animals; the king promises to gather back if a person works for him for three days; at home, the man opened the chest again, There are a lot of herds, he decided to marry, but first he went to the king to work out his promise; Baba Yaga sends him to his older sister, who says that the king has a hundred stakes, but the last one does not yet heads; three duck girls will come to swim, you need to hide the youngest's clothes; she became a man's wife, helps to complete (without details the tasks that her father gives to the man; 1) build an iron bridge, a well with a silver log house; 2) tame the seven-headed stallion; the young are fleeing; the wife turns herself and her husband into a herd and shepherd; into a church and a priest; father cursed daughter, husband forgot his wife; pies at the new wedding became two pigeons, began to tell; the man remembered the wedding with his first wife]: 114-116; Samorodov 1972 [the sick Eagle asks not to shoot him three times; Suralya agrees, fattens the Eagle with bulls; he carries it across the sky, drops it three times and catches it; in the copper, silver palace, Surale does not give bodies to save the Eagle; palaces burn down; they give in gold; the Eagle does not tell you to open it on the way; S. opens it, wealth ("machines") falls out from there; the old man puts everything back for promising to give what you don't know at home; son Pandai goes to the old man; his daughter teaches him what to do; the tasks are the same as on pp. 83-95; father girls are the last head on stakes; fugitives turn into a birch tree and forester, a mountain and a rat, a river and a fish; horses try to drink the river, burst; at the young man's house, his wife tells him not to kiss his older sister; she She kisses him herself, he forgets everything; the girl promises to marry the one who will bring her ram ring at night; he enters the ram, remembers, marries]: 98-107; Marie [Mouse and Sparrow were friends, shared food; The sparrow swallowed the seed alone, they quarreled, the Mouse called the animals, the Sparrow called the birds, the Lion broke the Eagle's wing; the hunter began to aim at the Eagle, agreed to take it home and feed it; the Eagle ate it all the cattle flew away, returned, carried for the reward; deliberately dropped it, then picked it up to show how afraid they were at gunpoint; the younger, middle sisters of the eagle in the bronze and silver palaces answer that they love their father and mother more than their brother; the youngest in gold - that there is more brother; gives a parcel, tells them not to open on the way; the eagle carries the hunter back over the mountain; he opens the bundle, a golden one appears palace, the sorcerer gathers the palace back for promising to give what he does not know at home; a son was born at home; goes to the sorcerer; the old woman gives a skein of thread, he leads to her older sister, who explains how to take the clothes one of the twelve duck girls who come to swim; the girl tells her father to hire her father (this is a sorcerer), identify among 12 doves (she will bite harder); in a hot bath, young turn into flies, fly away, spit is responsible for them; a girl turns into a herd, a boy into a shepherd; into a monastery and a priest; into a lake and a goose; the sorcerer stops chasing]: Chetkarev 1948:19-36; Kazan Tatars: Zamaletdinov 2008b, No. 4 [the hunter is gone, the son goes looking; decides to shoot the owl several times, but she asks to do it next time; orders to stab the bull, feed it, carries the young man across the sea, descends several times to the water and picks it up again; tells you to kiss one of the two girls and then sleep only with her; ask her for a chest of birds not to open it on the way; young man decided to break the chest and carry only its contents; a city appears; the old man collects everything back for promising to work for it for three days; the person he meets teaches how to escape from the old man, for which he takes the chest for himself; a red and two blue pigeons will arrive to swim, become girls, you have to hide a red dress; she becomes his wife; teaches a tiger and a lion to put chips in the mouth; tells the divas to complete the task - everything in a day work from clearing the forest to baking bread; the same is draining the swamp, planting a garden, building a bridge; taming horses; these are divas and his daughters, the young man's wife will be red, you have to sit on it; they run away; they turn to the mosque and the mullah; the woman and the ears; the fish and the lake; the old man cannot drink it, tells his daughter not to be happy with the young man; she warns him not to say hello to his mother; he says hello, forgets her; he is married; after the wedding he cuts the whites, the girl jumps out, reproaches her who forgot; he remembered everything, stayed with his first wife]: 43-50; Yarmukhametov 1957 [Safa said goodbye to his wife, went around the world, saved the swan attacked by Ubyr; she carries it to her older, middle, younger sister; the older, middle sister refuse to give a gift, the youngest gives a chest, tells him not to open it on the way; S. opens, a shop, gold appears; the old man asks that S. groans, puts the one who fell back for a promise to give that you don't know at home; during this time a son was born; grows up, leaves, sees swans swimming, grabs one, the daughter of that old man, teaches her father to ask her father for a job, her servants do everything; 1) the night from cutting the forest for arable land to harvesting; 2) transfer water from one lake to another with a sieve; curb the stallion; this is Satan himself, the girl teaches him to hit him with a hammer, put on a 40-pound bridle; 4) identify the bride among the pigeons (he is dancing, she looks at his legs, the rest at his head); Satan threw both into the zindan, they flew away like flies, leaving saliva to answer; the wife turns into a mosque, the horseman into a muezzin; she into the sea, he into a goldfish; Satan began to fish, drowned, the horseman and his wife settled with his parents ]: 184-190; the Bashkirs [{confused text, the narrator mixed the stories}; the mole and the crow sowed bread, did not share the harvest, the war between birds and four-legged birds began; the tired bird Samrigush asked the man to take to feed her; his wife is dissatisfied, orders her to be shot; the man took a gun three times, but did not shoot; three years later, S. took the man to her home; dropped and picked him up three times so that he would also feel afraid; tells you to ask the old woman for a copper bridle, a rusty sword and a carpet; you have to ring a bridle, a seedy horse will appear, put the rolled carpet like a saddle, do not turn it home; the man turned it around, there is food, but He cannot turn and the horse no longer obeys; the old man turned, telling him to give what the man does not know at home; this is a son; he has become rich at home; the old man took his son; sewed horses into the corpse; the beast carried him to the river, the young man went out , 12 swan girls came to swim, he hid the wings of the youngest Maysarvar; she brought him to the old woman; she tells 1) to uproot the forest overnight, sow, harvest, bake bread; 2) sew with one hand boots while the straw is burning (M. does everything); 3) tame the horse, tie it to a pole (the horse is an old woman); M. teaches which bridle to take than to beat; 4) distinguish M. among 12 sisters (they write, M. one letter in red ); the young man gets M.; she orders not to unlock the 41st room; he unlocked, there is a giant, asks for a drink, is free, said that he will take M.; M. and her husband are running, the giant caught up, took away; they run again, chase 11 sisters, M. - haystack, husband - wattle fence, sisters returned; swineherd and pig (the giant did not recognize, but the old woman caught up, found out, took M.); the husband goes to look, feeds bears, wasps, snakes; the old woman tells horses to herd, bears, wasps, snakes drive them back; for work, the young man asked for a bridle, a rusty sword, a carpet {as at the beginning}; the young man runs again with M., the old woman and the giant became big, M. and her husband became a chicken with a rooster, hid cereal; husband leaves M. at the edge of the village; she becomes an old woman, he does not want her; wants to take another one, but M. turned him into a monkey; then released him, beautiful herself, everything is fine]: Barag 1989, No. 11:74-86.

Turkestan. Kazakhs: Daurbekov 1979 [the golden eagle asks the tsar not to shoot, but to leave him; after recovering, he carries the king on his back, throws him into the sea twice and catches him, because the king was going to kill him twice; youngest , the middle sisters of the golden eagle set a dog against the king, the golden eagle sets fire to their houses; the golden eagle's mother welcomes him cordially; the golden eagle gives two chests, they must be opened behind and in front of the palace; the king sails on the ship, opens a chest on the island, cattle come out of there; a man puts cattle back out of the water for promising to give that the king of the house does not know; this is a son; the prince grows up, the water prince demands him; in the forest there is a cannibal advises stealing the feathers of the eldest of the 12 swan girls (they are water daughters) who will come to swim, give them for a promise to become a wife; this is Gainizhamal; water requires 1) to build a bridge overnight, 2) a garden with nightingales (G. does everything), 3) identify one of the daughters three times (G. promises to fix the handkerchief for the first time, the dress, the third time there will be a fly on her head); the waterman is going to burn the young in the bath, they run away; G. turns 1) horses into a forest, her husband into an old man, himself into a well; 2) her husband into a walk, himself into a mosque; 3) ends up in the river, her husband and herself into ducks; water drinks, bursts; G. tells her husband not to kiss anyone at home; The prince kisses his sister, forgets G.; she comes to his wedding, brings a pie with live pigeons, the dove answers the dove that he will forget her like Tsarevich G.; he remembers everything; wedding]: 87-92; Sidelnikov 1958 (2): 59-66; (cf. Sidelnikov 1958 (2) (Ural Oblast) [Tumen-bay allows Karga-bay, who has arrived in the guise of a crow, to carry the sausage; impoverished, he goes to ask him for help; he agrees to give the chest, tells him not to open it on the way; the boy Tazsha-bala ("The Black Boy") opens the chest, releasing cattle from it, replaces others; the same with the cauldron that cooks its own food; the third time K. gives a mallet, she hits the boy, he returns the chest and the cauldron]: 29-31).

Western Siberia. The Nenets [giant Mando gives the poor man's mother fish; the poor man comes to M., marries his daughter, gets a bag; when crossing the ice across the Ob, devils persuade the poor man to open the bag before the deadline; he opens only houses; gadflies fly out of the bag, turn into deer; a rich man comes to M., gets a bag (but not his wife, because he already has nine wives); opens on the way; gadflies to him at home, turn into wolves, slaughter the whole herd]: Kupriyanova 1960, No. 9:65-68; Ents [the giant makes fish cling to his fingers lowered into the water; gives him a daughter and a bag, tells him do not untie on the way home; in the plague, the poor man unties, fly out, turn into deer; the rich brother puts his fingers into the water, the fish does not cling; the giant does not give him a daughter, gives him a bag; he unties along the road, bees fly out, fly to his house, turn into wolves, eat deer]: Sorokina, Bolina 2005, No. 24:132-134; Southern Selkups [Itte received a basket ordering not to open before the end of all tests; discovered ahead of time, found his wife, the daughter of a one-eyed giant spirit; she accompanies I., revives bones with ointment]: Gemuev 1984:141-142.

Eastern Siberia. The Evenks of China [the herdsman saved the phoenix bird; it eats only horse liver, the herd stabbed all the horses; the phoenix carries it to his parents, who give the herd a gold box, tell him not to open it on the way; the phoenix leaves the herdsman in the forest, tells him to move on himself; the herdsman opened the box, many horses came out of it; the herd sees the owner of the forest, Elder Elinza, asks for help, he returned horses in the box; not only horses, but also a beautiful girl came out at home, and the box turned into a palace]: Tyulemisov, Yusupov 2011.

Japan. Japanese (Kyoto Prefecture, Historical Tango Province) [children torment a turtle; fisherman Urashima Taro bought it from them and released it into the sea; she invites him to the sea dragon palace; daughter Otohime leads the dragon to his chambers; realizing that his father and mother were worried about him, UT hurried home; O. gave the box, telling him never to open it; on the shore, people say that UT lived 700 years ago he disappeared; he opened the box, a cloud of smoke enveloped him, he instantly grew old and died]: Markova 1956:9-13.

The Arctic. West Greenland (Nuuq) [a person asks the Polar Bear what he has in his bag; the bear replies it's crap; the person does not believe, puts the Bear to sleep, the wind breaks into the world; the person suggests A bear is my wife for a month, but it's impossible to bring the wind back]: Millman 2004:33.

Subarctic. Han (Eagle) [there was no wind, the Bear carried a bag; when he fell asleep, one man untied him out of curiosity, the wind came out of there]: Schmitter 1910:21 (=1985:31).

NW Coast. Quakiutl [Omean (raven) makes a whale out of poles, sends Nork to Keith for a whale mask; Keith warns not to open the bag on the way; Mink opens, the mask unfolds; Keith puts it back, gives it back to Nork; Omean, Norka, Grizzly, Wolf, etc. climb into the whale; the father of the Thunderbirds sends sons for the whale; three are killed, the fourth brings the whale ashore]: Boas 1910, No. 18:241-245.

The coast is the Plateau. The clickitate [Coyote's son and daughter die; he approaches the river; the carrier swims when he calls him with his head down into the water; the Coyote puts his children and other dead in a bag, carries him back; contrary to his son's warning, he unties the bag when he hears voices; his children and others return to the land of the dead]: Jacobs 1929, No. 10:227-230; the upper colitz [Coyote's son and daughter die; he goes after them; they give him a heavy bag, tell him not to open it until he gets home; he wants to eat, thinks there's food in the bag, opens it; the souls of his children and other dead people fly back; if he hadn't opened , people would not die]: Jacobs 1934, No. 6:190-191; Western sachaptin [Coyote's daughter burned down; he tries to throw himself into the fire but it hurts; follows her into the world of the dead; hears but does not see spirits; collects them in a bag, carries them to our world, the daughter tells us not to open the bag on the way; the Coyote opens, souls fly back, death becomes final]: Farrand, Mayer 1917, No. 16:178-179; ne perse [ The coyote tells his daughter to marry the Wolves, not the Otters; the Otters burn the Wolves and the woman in the house; the Coyote follows the deceased daughter; carries back the bag with the bones of her and her sons-in-law; the closer the world of the living, the heavier the bag; Contrary to the ban, Coyote looks around; souls fly back, death becomes final]: Aoki 1979, No. 9:55-57; Phinney 1934:278-282; Walker, Matthews 1994, No. 43:139-143; kalispel [Coyote comes to the world of the dead to his dead daughter; she transports him across the river; forbids watching local people play; he plays with them, wins; the losers fall dead; if Coyote if he lost, he would die, and the daughter and her children returned alive; Coyote gets a bag from his daughter; opens it on the way back; the children jump out, run away; if he waited home, he would be with him grandchildren]: Clark 1966:75-77; Vasco: Hines 1996, No. 8A [Coyote's daughter is dead; he hears her voice from the mountain, goes there, gets a bag with the souls of the dead, should not open it on the way; the bag is done everything heavier, voices from it louder; when he hears his daughter's voice, Coyote opens the bag; bones in it, the dead return to the graves]: 46-48; Spier, Sapir 1930 [(quail in Hines 1996, No. 8B: 49-51); Coyote's wife dead; an eagle takes him to a river island; when a big frog swallows the moon, the dead get up to make love; the Coyote kills the frog, pulls its skin; the dead suspect that he is not a frog, because it's worse jumps; Coyote suddenly releases the moon, the Eagle grabs the dead, shoves them into the box; already at home he hears voices from the box, opens it, souls fly away; only cripple remains; if he did, people would be reborn like trees in spring]: 277-278; Tenino [like kalispel]: Gayton 1935a: 278; Upper Chehalis [Blue Jay's sister marries a dead man; brother goes to visit her; screams by the river, they can't hear him; his sister hears him when he yawns, sends a boat full of holes for him, her skeleton husband in it; sticks and driftwood are salmon and whales for the dead; Jay gives his foot the bones, these are his husband, daughter, etc. his sisters; On his way back, his sister gives him five buckets of water to fill the burning prairie; he wastes water to no avail, burns, returns dead; now he sees whales himself, not logs, etc.]: Adamson 1934:21-24 [sister Blue Jay marries a dead man; he goes to visit her; she gives her a basket, tells her not to open it along the way; Jay opens, edible cones and berries turn into bees, fly away; a baby lies at the bottom; because The fact that Soyka opened the basket, the firstborn often die], 24-27 [Jay pretends to be dying, asks her sister to step on his face; after seeing enough of her genitals, he says he has recovered; passes her off as dead], 27-28 [while Soyka is alive, he does not see the dead, tries to tear off someone's necklace], 28-29 [Soyka's daughter instead of his sister; gives him her baby; Jay spends water, the baby is left without water, so children die]; colitz, the young man's parents Spear died, he was raised by his sister; he goes fishing but brings nothing; someone shouts to his sister that the Spear is fishing and swallowing it raw; the sister leaves, comes to a house, bakes roots, moves coals with a poker; a man says that Fire is his mother, will fulfill any desire; marries a girl; her mother-in-law takes on a human form; brother comes to sister; her husband gives him a bag, tells him not to open it along the road, walk along the middle path; he goes on the left, on the right (one frogs, snails, beetles; on the other, angry bears, deer, birds; scary girl stabs him with his hair, only a whetstone hidden on his chest saved him); he returns, walks in the middle; opens the bag; whales, sharks, and other marine fish jump out, swim into the sea; remain in the Cowlitz River only salmon]: Adamson 1934, No. 34:227-230; yakima [Coyote's wife and children die; he comes for them to the owner of the dead; he gives a bundle, does not tell them to untie them until they come home; Skunk meets him on the way, threatens to kill if he doesn't untie; Coyote unleashes, souls fly away forever]: Hines 1992, #56:190-191; clackamas [Coyote's children try to steal the ball (it's like the sun), killed; owners give The coyote is half the ball; he throws pieces at the place where the children died; carries their bones in the basket in the spring; hears their voices; the centipede asks where the stench comes from; the Coyote hits her with a stick; hears the same question again; in annoyed forgets that you can't open the basket; children die completely]: Jacobs 1958, No. 10:106-112; Thompson [see motive K1; Coyote tried to get rid of his son by leaving him high to the tree; the son returns, sends the Coyote to bring the carcass of the dead deer; crossing the river, the Coyote falls, turns into a piece of wood, brings him to the dam at the mouth of the river; two sisters hold fish after it; bring a piece of wood home, make a bowl out of it; the fish placed on it quickly disappears; they throw the bowl into the fire, it turns into a baby; salmon housewives forbid him to open four boxes; one, the Coyote takes its former form, breaks the dam, the salmon rush into the rivers; opens the box; one comes out of smoke, the others fly out of wasps, flies, bugs; they are numerous during the salmon season; The coyote runs along the shore, smoke and insects behind him; most salmon went up Fraser, some turned into the Thompson River]: Teit 1898, No. 2:26-27; Puget Sound (niscually) [cultural hero closes all diseases and vices in the house; tells you not to open it; his daughter violates the ban]: Eells in Clark 1953:138; modoc: Curtin 1912:83-84 [Norka does not tell her brother Laska to leave home; he leaves his tail and voice in the chimney, and walks around; the bird Tkoitkak carries the bag; Laska insists that he let him open it; night comes out of separate bags inside the big one, stars, twilight, Morning Star, Evening Star, Clouds, Rain, Snow; in the dark, Laska can't find a home; Mink lets him go, then directs the flintlock knife east, cutting through the darkness; that Laska has been walking in the dark for so long, the winter nights are long and dark], 85-86 [The Stone Squirrel lures Snowstorm and all her relatives into a bag, goes to hide it under the stones; the Black-Brown Fox assures that he will eat everyone , opens the bag, cannot eat Snowstorm, she kills him and many people; The squirrel turns into a squirrel].

The Midwest. Ojibwa [Bears kill the girl's parents and her younger brother; she raises him; he kills the Bears, finds a phalanx of a finger and a lock of parents' hair in their belly; begins to revive them; the sister hears their voices, unfolds the bundle until the time; therefore, the dead cannot be revived]: Désveaux 1984:60-61.

Northeast. Montagnier [Mass gives man a bundle of immortality without telling him to open it; the man's wife opened the bundle, the contents evaporated, people became mortals]: Greer 2000:29 (LeJeune 1634:159); mikmaq: Leland 1968:69-72 [three men come to Gluscap; the first asks the flute to lure game (gets); the second wants a lot of women (gets a bag, not warned untie it by poti); the third wants to blow the winds so that everyone laughs (gets a spine, warned not to eat on the way); both prohibitions are broken; hundreds of girls jump out of the bag, copulate with as a man, he dies; the one who eats the spine constantly emits gases, frightens the game, people drive it away from themselves, he commits suicide], 94 [the young man comes to Gluscap, asks for a cure for all diseases; Gluscap does not tell you to open the bag along the way; the young man opens, the medicine disappears]; Parkman 1867 in Mooney 1900, note 5 [the son dies, the father comes to the owner of the dead, he gives a nut with the son's soul; at home the father was going to dance with everyone to revive his son; to do this, he gave the nut to the woman, she opened it, her soul flew away]: 437; Seneca [the grandmother tells the eldest grandson that his father is the Wind; he comes to the Wind, gets a bag; on the way he looks inside, the animals that were there jump out, run away; at home, the grandmother sees animals, gives them names; the young man himself creates a pond with fat; animals dive (or not they dive) there, depending on whether they are now fat or skinny; The deer says it will bite hunters; his upper teeth have been removed; the same goes for other horned animals]: Beauchamp 1922:215-216.

Plains. Skidi Pawnee [Wolf Star (Sirius) envied the Bright Star (Evening Venus Woman), decided that he could also put something valuable on the ground; sent Wolf after Lightning, to whom The bright Star gave a bag of stars; he took them out from time to time, they formed a village; the Wolf stole the bag, opened it, thinking that food was inside, killed him; this is how death appeared on earth; people made it the skin, they brought themselves, so they throw it off (Pawnee's "wolf" unit)]: Dorsey 1904b: 17-18.

Southeast USA. The woman is returned from the world of the dead in a closed vessel; she (except yuchi) begs to open the lid; the carrier agrees despite the warning; the woman disappears. Yuchi [four men want to know if death exists, kill their wives; they go to look for them; before entering the cave, a cloud (=sky) rises and falls; three run under it in the form of a deer, a cougar, bear, rise to the cloud on the other side; the fourth is crushed; the old sun woman hides them under her clothes from a monstrous cougar; sows corn, beans, pumpkins, they immediately produce crops; the dead are invisible, they dance; The sun puts four wives in calebasses, gives them to their husbands; they wake up on the ground; one opens the vessel before reaching home, the wife disappears; three return their wives, become leaders]: Speck 1909, No. 8:144- 146; shawnee [(common motifs with yuchi lyrics; as well as the water barrier, dog guard, which are characteristic of East Woodland; also scenes of punishing evil in the afterlife)]: Voegelin, Gregg in Gayton 1935a: 274; teal: Kilpatrick, Kilpatrick 1966, No. 3 [(Sunwoman's daughter dies); people come to the land of the dead for her, get a box with a girl; a girl becomes a bird and flies away; death becomes final]: 388; Mooney 1900, No. 4 [The sun lived on the other side of the sky, and her daughter was in the middle of the sky above the earth; every day the Sun stopped at her place for lunch; the Sun did not loved people because they frowned at her; Sun's brother loved the Month because they smiled at him; the Sun sent a fever with its rays, almost everyone died; Tiny People advised me to kill the Sun; turned two people into Spreading-adder snakes and Copperhead, placed them at the door of the Sun's daughter's house, but they couldn't bite; then the Tiny Men turned the other two people into a horned serpent Uktena t in Rattlesnake; The Rattlesnake bit the Sun's daughter to death and crawled away, U. followed him; since then, humans have not killed rattlesnakes; U. became so dangerous that he was sent to the upper world; the Sun disappeared from grief, people no longer died, but it became dark; Tiny People ordered the soul of the Sun's daughter to be brought into the box; on the way back, she asked to open the box, flew away like a Redbird bird; the Sun flooded the earth with grief a flood of their tears; then young men and women began to sing and dance, the Sun opened their faces slightly, smiled, the disasters ended], note 5 [1) p.436: the creators wanted to make man immortal; The Sun, looking at earth, decided that there were too many people and they should die; the daughter of the Sun was bitten by a snake, she died; The Sun agreed that people should live forever, gave people a box to bring their daughter's soul in it, on the way not to open; they discovered, the soul disappeared, people remained mortal; 2) p. 436-437: shortly after creation, a young woman died from a snake bite; people were told that if they returned her soul, so would others they will escape death; several young men came to the dead, grabbed a dancing woman, put her in a box; on the way back, she asked her to let her go; they opened the lid, her soul flew away]: 252-254, 436, 436-437; Alabama: Swanton 1929, No. 21 [a woman is dead, her children are crying, two men went after her, reached a place where the sky rises and falls; one ran as a cougar, the other as a bear; the old woman gave them a scoop, they went to the river, scooped up water, splashed around, the waters spread, they were dry; the man gave them an ear, told them to throw it at the woman they had come for, and also gave them a bottle ; the woman was dancing, they had a hard time hitting her on the cob, she fell, they put her in a bottle, brought her to the ground; in the morning they woke up near the house, heard a scream from the bottle, opened it; the woman said they did not revive it properly, disappeared], 22 [the woman died leaving the child, two men went to bring her back; the old woman gave them a pumpkin to eat, they ate, but the pumpkin did not run out; they came to a place where dwarfs fought ducks and geese; spent the night with another old woman, she let each pumpkin scoop water from the rivers and so go; let the bark be tied to her legs to pass the place where the snakes were; another woman gave tobacco, they lit a cigarette, hiding in clouds of smoke from people who fought; they came to the edge of the sky, it went up and down; one slipped by a cougar, the other as a wild cat; in the sky, a man warned of the city of women, they will try to stop them; they passed without stopping; God gave them a melon, told them not to gnaw the seeds, peeled them again, the melon was reborn; God pulled back the lid, they saw below his house; gave pieces of cobs, they threw them at the dancing woman, she fell, they put her in a vessel, closed the lid; they woke up at home in the morning; the woman in the vessel moaned, saying that they had killed her; they opened the lid, it disappeared, returned to heaven; they came for it again, God gave it again, they lost it again; if they hadn't turned the lid off, people would have come back after death]: 141-142, 142- 143; koasachi [a woman dies, her two brothers follow her to heaven; the sky went down, one jumped on it, it rose; then the same with her second brother; the old woman showed them the path; they got to the place where the snakes, tied elm bark to their feet, passed; the man gave them cigarettes, on the way people were fighting on clubs, the brothers lit a cigarette, everything was covered in smoke, they passed; another woman gave them a scoop, they went to the river, they scooped up and poured some water, the water separated, they dried, followed by the waters again; they came to God (Never-dying), she cut the melon, gave half of them to eat, told them not to bite seeds, put the seeds and peel back; pushed something away, they saw the ground where their home was in the hole; on the fourth day they put their sister in a vessel, covered it with a lid, went back (obviously right away found themselves on the ground); the sister from the vessel began to say that she was suffering there; they opened the lid slightly, everything was quiet, the vessel was empty]: Swanton 1929, No. 26:189-190.

California. Shasta [the voice tells the little girl to pick up and carry the bag without opening it; she stops and unties the knots; the stars rush into the sky in disarray; var.: a few stars remain in bag and were removed from it where necessary; we know their names (Shield, i.e. Big Dipper, Sling, Pot Stand)]: Holsinger 1982:20-21; wappo [Coyote builds a village, into every house puts as many feathers as there should be people; the next morning feathers turn into people but do not speak; Coyote goes to old man Cookes, who gives a bag of laughter, tells him not to open it on the way; Coyote opens, writhes with laughter, pours the leftovers on people; in the morning people laugh but still don't speak; K. gives a bag of lice, Coyote unties it again on the way, pours the leftovers on people; in the morning people start walking; same with a bag of lice; then K. comes by himself, now people are running around saying]: Radin 1914, No. 9:65-69; Maidu [Coyote thinks the Mole is holding tobacco in his bag; takes it away, opens it; from bags come out fleas]: Dixon 1900:268-269; chumash [Thunder loses four shopos to Owl; sends a Coyote for them; he opens parcels along the way; shopos start dancing, Coyote too dances; when she tells them to return to their place, they run away; the owl is furious with Thunder's claws, which shakes the ground; the owl calms down when Coyote promises to catch mice for her]: Blackburn 1975, No. 39:223-224 ; kawaiisa [cf. Options from the Great Pool; Coyote carries a basket with children; gets tired, puts it on the ground, children run away; Coyote cries]: Zigmond 1980, No. 40:139.

The Big Pool.

1) The basket or bag with the first people is given to the character; he opens the basket or bag ahead of time, people run away in disarray, there are few people in the ego group.

Washo [woman makes people out of cat-tail eggs; gives a vessel to Coyote; hearing a noise inside, he opens the lid; most people fly to heaven in the form of bees; woman becomes Thunder]: Dangberg 1927, No. 6:441-443; northern payute: Lowie 1924, No. 2 [over the mountain in Coyote and Wolf's stone house; a woman invited Coyote to copulate but ran away to her home on the island; The coyote put his penis where she had urinated; made a dry passage through the lake; the girl's mother was in the house, she had a toothy bosom; on the walls there were quivers of those who had bitten off their penis; in the evening, the daughter brought swans from hunting; the old woman closed the door to prevent the Coyote from leaving, only a hole in her finger in the roof; the old woman fell asleep, Coyote put his finger in her daughter's vagina, she bit him; the Coyote got out through the hole in the roof, brought a stone The size of a penis, put it in the girl's vagina, his teeth fell out, he took them out with a stick; the same with an old woman; copulated with a girl; went hunting with her, killed swans, and the girl could no longer hunt (before she bit off the swans' necks with her vagina); the old woman placed a water vessel between the heads of her daughter and the Coyote; it had children; told Coyote and his wife to go home, not open the vessel on the way; Coyote opened, most the children ran away, there were some paviotso (= northern payutes) left; Coyote's wife created trout for her children in the lake, took it as needed; when she went to buy firewood, Coyote dug the edge of the lake, the water from fish flowed out - let people fish in rivers! The woman came back, cried, died; if it were not for the Coyote, she would have created lakes like this everywhere], 3a [Coyote put the top on the river; a woman appeared, the Coyote could not catch up with her, she sat down to urinate; The next day, the Coyote dressed beautifully, came to the lake, the woman's house on the island; the Coyote threw a stone - there was a dry road in the water; the girl's mother was in the house; the daughter brought ducks from the hunt, began to eat their vagina, crunching her bones; when they lay down, the girl's vulva almost bit off Coyote's penis; the mother closed the exit from the house; the Coyote got out the chimney, brought a stone penis, broke off the girl's vaginal teeth, took them out with willow with a stick; got together with the girl; in the morning she told him to go hunting, because she could no longer kill ducks with a vulva; Coyote and his wife went to his house, his wife carried the vessel, Coyote opened it along the way, from there people jumped out; there was another girl in the other house; the fish told Coyote to lie down when she went out to urinate, he inserted his penis into her, she gave birth, the baby was playing in the water, drowned; everyone was in mourning, but the baby ran to Coyote's house alive, the basket was full of pignon nuts; Coyote ate]: 209-212, 216-217; goshiute: Smith 1993:11-14 [see M60b motif; the girl comes to marry the Wolf (Wolf created earth); Coyote replies that he does not know anyone with this name, but his older brother called him Wolf; the girl brings the imaginary Wolf to her house; does not let him go to the source, because the real Wolf will not want to drink; Coyote she drinks greedily; the wife tells her not to throw away duck bones; she puts them under herself, eats them with her vulva; this girl, a Goose, flew to the island, told her mother that she brought Coyote, not Wolf; her mother also gnaws bones vulva; Coyote puts the cervical vertebrae of a mountain ram into his wife's vagina, teeth have fallen out, the wife is pregnant; mother-in-law asks with her (the same, mother-in-law is happy, also pregnant); both are pregnant in the morning, not in the evening; mother-in-law puts in gives the basket of all babies born by both women in a year to Coyote, tells him not to open it on the way; the basket is getting heavier, the Coyote opens, the basket turns into a rock with a spring, the children run away; The Coyote gives names to the tribes], 41-42 [the old woman sent her daughter to the Wolf; the Coyote replied that the Wolf lives in that house, made his way there unnoticed; on the way he wants to copulate, the girl refuses; leads The coyote is on the island, he does not know how to get back; the wife replies to the mother that the Coyote will also do; the mother throws ash on the water, creating a sushi jumper; the Coyote breaks both women's vaginal teeth by sticking them in vagina mountain ram bone; both pregnant; mother-in-law gives Coyote a basket, sounds inside, tells me not to open it on the way; Coyote opened, beautiful people ran away, second-rate remained - gosyute]; Western shoshone [six versions]: Steward 1943:261-268; Smith 1993:151; Southern Payutes: Lowie 1924, No. 2 (Shivwitz), 1 (Moapa) [water everywhere first; the old woman scattered the earth like seeds on it, sent her daughter find out if the land is big; the daughter said it is not yet; this was repeated many times until the daughter announced that the land was large enough; the daughter found and brought the only man; mother-in-law told him to enter his wife's vagina is a deer vertebra; he broke his vaginal teeth, and since then he could copulate; the wife gave birth to children in a bag, his mother-in-law told him not to untie him on the way; the man opened it, the tribes separated, only a little payut left at the bottom]: 103-104, 157-158; Powell 1971, No. 4 [Shi-chom-pa Ka-gon (Old Sea Woman) comes out of the sea, gives the Shin-au-av brothers a bag, tells them to be taken to the center of the world and open it only there; the older brother entrusts this business to the younger brother, who opens the bag on the way; people run away from it, now they are forced to live in the desert]: 78; Sapir 1930, No. 4 (kaibab) [woman on In the West, he sends his daughter to find a fiancé; she finds only the Coyote, his mother tells him to bring him; in their house he hears them chewing on the vulvas of the deer he killed; he put the cervical vertebrae of the mountain into the girl's vulva ram, teeth broke off against bone; mother-in-law gives Coyote a bag, tells him to return to his country, not to untie him on the way; Coyote untied, went to relieve himself; at that time almost everyone from the bag ran away; left at the bottom - people (apparently local people, kaibab)]: 358-359; chemeuevi: Kroeber 1908 [Coyote marries Lice; lays eggs in the basket, opens it until the deadline; each egg arises a separate tribe; the Chemewevi are created from the excrement left at the bottom of the basket]: 240; Laird 1976 [Coyote sees a seductive louse woman, follows her, swims across the sea, she dives to his drown, he gets to the island where her mother lives by himself; during copulation, his penis is damaged (which is why Chemewevi has short penises), but he breaks her vaginal teeth (no details); her mother gives him take the basket to brother Wolf, tells him not to open it on the way; the Coyote swims across the sea in the form of a water meter, then becomes himself, hears sounds from the basket, opens, people of different tribes that have arisen from nits, run away; cripples and excrement remain; Wolf makes chemewevi out of them; wants people to be born from a hole on the back of a woman's wrist, to be adults right away; Coyote wants conception and the birth took place as it is now]: 149-152; southern Utah: Lowie 1924, No. 2 [Süna'wavi (Wolf) cut pieces of branches, put them in a bag; Coyote untied out of curiosity, people jumped out, ran away; S. wanted people to live in order, everyone mixed up, Utah was not enough], 2a [The wolf put pieces of branches in a bag, let Fox pour out the contents behind the hill, but not earlier; Utah were at the very bottom, there were few of them]: 3-4.

2) The package is open with the night. Western Shoshones [The wolf warns the Coyote not to touch the bag; he does not listen; the first night begins]: Smith 1993:157-158; Southern Payutes [man leaves a package after his death; someone opens it, night begins]: Lowie 1924, No. 1 (Moapa) [opens brother of the deceased]: 159; chemewevi: Laird 1976 [see motif K41; Wolf killed; Coyote finds a parcel among Brother's belongings, unties , it gets dark (it was night there); he tries to equip arrows with feathers of different birds; when he fires an arrow with a seagull's feather, the day comes back]: 192-207; Lowie 1924 [enemies kill Puma, Coyote's brother, and open package; Coyote shoots at a yellow bird; dawns again]: 240.

The Great Southwest. The coyote opens, if not otherwise. Navajo [wife's brothers let meat be taken home; there's plenty of it, it doesn't go back]: Haile 1984, No. 15:80; Matthews 1994:97; O'Bryan 1956 [12 hunting brothers have Ataed'diy ini's sister; she promises to marry only the one who kills the giant; the giant walks slowly, rarely manages to catch a person and put him in his basket; the Coyote tells the giant he will make him as fast-footed as he is; both drink vomit, each burps into their own vessel; the Coyote has grasshoppers, the giant has meat; the Coyote replaces blood vessels, explains to the giant that because of these grasshoppers, he walks slowly; quietly puts himself on the deer's leg, cuts it in half; lets the giant feel his severed leg first, then his kiss, the giant believes that by cutting and coalescing his leg, the Coyote has gained strength; allows him to cut off his leg, The coyote takes her away, says A. that she killed the giant; she sets a new condition: first she kills Coyote, then he must come to life; Coyote hides his heart and lungs in a hole under the hill, wrapped them in a black wind; she He kills him, he comes to life; so 4 times (his heart and lungs are wrapped in blue, yellow, white winds, holes lead east, south, west, north); Coyote marries A., teaches all his tricks; A. hides Coyote under with a blanket, the brothers can smell it; the brothers leave the house for their sister and Coyote, build a hut for themselves; the brothers cross the canyon in the rainbow, and are forced to move the Coyote; the mountain sheep had full horns bone marrow; one of the brothers killed a ram, Coyote wanted horns for himself (the one who killed them gets them); when the brother cut off the horns, the Coyote made the horns bony; the traces of trying to cut them off - circular rings on the outer surface; (option: The Coyote tries to cut off the horns himself, hits them furiously on the ground, and the canyons of the Mesa Verde region form); the brothers turn the meat into a small ball, tell take it to his sister, do not put it on the ground; the Coyote puts it, the ball turns into a pile of meat, the Coyote does not know what to do; insults the swallow people; two spiders quietly weave the wall behind the Coyote, he can't jump over her, swallows kill him, make his forehead bandages out of strips of skin, since then the swallows have a stripe on their forehead]: 40-44; chiricahua [it was not night; the badger gives the Coyote a basket or bag, tells him not to open; it opens; it is done in the dark; animals and birds are playing on whether there will be eternal night or the alternation of night and day; see motif K62]: Opler 1942:27 (note 1), 66; hopi [stars; in disarray scattered across the sky]: Cushing 1923, No. 7:166; Eastern ceres [like Hopi]: Benedict 1931 (Cochiti): 4 [(=Monroe, Williamson 1987:38-39); people went south; mother gave the little girl a bag, told do not open along the way; she discovered, the stars crumbled in disarray; only a few were left in the bag and were placed correctly; so we know the names of only a few constellations], 4-5 [Our Mother tells us The coyote can't open the bag in the corner of the room; the man tasked with placing the stars managed to hang seven Ursa Major stars, three stars of the Orion Belt, and the Morning Star; here's the Coyote opened the bag, the stars crumbled in disarray; and the animals spread around the world (=Monroe, Williamson 1987:40-41)]; Dumarest in Boas 1928a (Cochiti) [the character prepares corndough to make stars; unsuccessful; the Spider advises you to burn them to ash; stars are obtained; they are put in a bag, given to a scarab beetle, which opens it despite warning; the stars have crumbled, and it has lost its star-like eyes]: 231; Stevenson 1894 (Sia) [animal people rise to earth from the lower world; Mother (one of two primordial sisters) gives Scarab a bag; he looks into it, stars dot the sky in disarray; Mother in punishment blinds Scarab; the remaining stars make Ursa Major, Orion, Pleiades]: 37; teva (Hano): Parsons 1926, No. 1:169-172 [var.1; women decide they can live alone; stay in in the village, men go across the river; every year men harvest more abundant and women poorer crops; the flood begins, women try unsuccessfully to build a tower to the sky; men plant a pine tree, she It grows to the sky but does not break through it; the reeds pierce; first the Badger, then the rest climb into the upper world; half of the women fail to get up, drowned; the Mockingbird gives its tongues to speak; in the lower world, people were with tails, now they have lost them; it is dark around; two young men (Son of the Sun and Son of Ooting Water), together with the Coyote, are instructed to place stars in the sky; young men place The Pleiades, the Big Dipper, Orion, the Morning Star, some others; the Coyote gets tired of this job, he throws the remaining stars in disarray; young men put a month in the sky made of a wedding capes, and the sun is made of bison skin, white fox skin and parrot's tail; the sun doesn't move; Coyote: someone must die; the girl dies, the sun moves until noon, stops again; now the young man dies; Coyote explains that every day a person must die in the morning, at noon and in the evening, then the sun will move; first the dead would come back on the fifth day; Coyote says it's wrong dies and does not return; the widower looks into the hole from which people came out, sees his dead wife and Coyote below], 172-175 [var.2; in the lowest world, people were black ants; rising in the second, became tailed creatures; in the third they became human; in the first world it was dark, in the second world there was a little light, in the third world it was like the moon; further like in var.1; languages are given by the Bear; Mockingbird explains that people must die regularly to keep the sun moving]; kiliwa [Coyote People-Moon appeared in the dark; it gave light; took water in his mouth, sprayed on four sides of the world; south turned yellow, the north red, the west black (the sea became there), the east turned white; defined the zenith and nadir, the sky blue, the earth the colors of paper (amate); lit a cigarette, fell asleep, the smoke of his pipes formed everything roads of earth and sky; made two pairs of mountain rams out of calves; put them on four mountains to support the sky with horns; The mole dug a passage around the world, fixed the coating; created four ancestors from clay kiliwa; from their union with the Deer, Fish, Pheasant, Cat, other animals were born; CLL created the Sun, fell ill himself, died, became a bird; offended that no one came to chant memorial chants; ordered The deer should hide the darkness in his bag, thereby taking the night away from people; ordered him to hand the bag over to the Puma and not to open it, he handed it to the Snake, that Eagle, etc.; in the end, the Fox handed the Coyote, who opened it out of curiosity, and the darkness flooded world, the light was gone; Puma ran to CLL, said they did not know the chants, that only he knew them; he admitted it, told Coyote to fire arrows in four directions of the world, zenith and nadir; the day came again; CFL has become a Month, walking across the sky]: Olmos Aguilera 2005:103-117.

NW Mexico. Huichol: Furst 1967 [The Animal Master gives Vulture a basket; tells him to take it to a special building and not open it; he violates the ban; scorpions are spreading out of the basket]: 51; Zingg 1982 [husband The vessel in which his wife is located opens the road from the world of the dead, because she persuades him to copulate; the wife turns into a fly and flies away]: 235-236.

Mesoamerica Totonaki [a forest witch came to the village, sucked blood and flesh from the children; if she found a woman alone, offered to look in her head, she also sucked it out; the husband came back and saw his wife's skeleton, did not show it, spoke to the witch as if it were his wife, invited her to grind the peppers for tortillas, melt the bathhouse, sent her to wash first, threw pepper there, burned it in the bathhouse; gave ash to another person throw it into the sea; another met him, asked him to open the vessel; flies that flew out bit both; the first became a toad, the second a torcaz bird; it flew up a tree, sang, dawned]: Relatos Totonacos 1994:79-81; tepeua: Williams García 1972:109-112 [the witch lived on top of a mountain that reached the sky; came to the village, offered to watch over the child while the woman went to get water, carried her away the child, ate it on her mountain; San Juan demolished the mountain, the witch stayed on the ground, she was burned in a steam bath, they wanted to take the calebass with ashes into the sea to the Lizard, but the Toad said she jumped to the shores are faster; on the shore, out of curiosity, I discovered that flies, mosquitoes, horseflies bit her, Toad's skin became pimples], 112-114 [Mount Postectitla reached the sky; a witch descended from it, suggested the woman went to wash, stayed with the child, killed him, cooked meat, offered her returning mother to eat, left herself, the mother found the child's pen; when the witch returned, she was burned in a steam bath; the vessel with ashes, they told the Lizard to be thrown into the sea, forbidden to open it; the Toad met her, offered to carry it faster, opened it on the shore, the stinging insects flew out, bit it, the toad's skin became pimple]; (cf. The Huastequi [K'olene' lived on the mountain, grabbed it, brought it home, and began to feed her two children; they noticed that she was frying the child she had brought; asked for need, told the excrement to whistle for them, ran away; the next day K. went to their fire; the boy (it was the spirit of Dhipak corn) jumped into the fire, became a beautiful bird; K. jumped and burned]: Relatos Huastecos 1994:32-35); Puebla Nahua (Sierra Norte) [Tsitsimime invited women to look for lice from them, devoured her; people called her to steam in a temazcal, locked the door, T. burned down; put the ash in a vessel, let her throw it into the water; that man from I discovered curiosity, lice, nits, fleas came out of the vessel]: Báez 2004:81; Veracruz Nahuatl [see motif J25; Tamakasti lives with her grandmother; her husband invited her to eat it; T. ordered a flying mice kill her grandfather; blood dripped from the attic, the grandmother decided that it was her grandson's blood, started drinking; called her husband, found him dead; T. brought water, said that he did not kill his grandfather, because he went to get water; the grandmother wanted cook T., he threw it into the cauldron himself; burned the bones with his grandfather's corpse, told the Toad to throw the ashes on the other side of the sea; the Toad reached the shore, threw a deck with ashes, it burst, and appeared from the ashes mosquitoes, flies and mosquitoes; the Lizard also only said that she carried the deck with ashes; Skunk took it overseas; T. (or someone else?) split the lizard's tongue in half; T. told his mother that he would go to his father; on the way he sat on a stone, he swallowed it; he cut the heart of the stone with a sword; T. came to his father, brought the Fox and the musicians; (hereinafter European a tale of matchmaking and marriage trials; T.'s rival is South Wind)]: Law 1957:345-355; mountain counties [see J4B motif; old Tsitsimat saw an egg in the lake, began to catch it with a net; realized that this is a reflection, and the egg is on a tree; told her husband to get it, the boy Homsuk hatched from the egg; he shoots fish and lizards with a bow; realized that the old man wanted to eat it; hid under the roof, taking a bat with him mouse; the old man went upstairs, the bat cut off his head; the old woman drank the bleeding, thinking it was the blood of a young man; rushed after him; the man he met replied that H. had already passed here long ago; the old woman burned down, H. told the Toad to throw out the ashes; she opened the bag, the ashes turned into poisonous snakes and insects]: Elson 1947:195-203; juice [flea box brought from the cave]: Baez- Jorge 1983:393; Micah: Lipp 1991 [twin orphans brother and sister spent the night in the barn; the monster carried them to the forest; there are already many people there, some are dead, some are still alive; the twins have seen sleeping on the tree is a monster; my sister did not hit, my brother killed him with arrows, it fell down the mountain with a crash; my brother tells my sister to write, say, I pee vines; She says, I pee bananas, mum, everything fruit trees; brother wrote, vines have grown; twins tell people not to eat fruit until they, twins, go down; those who did not eat performed the first rituals with the twins; the twins ate turned into coati, bakers, raccoons and other animals that damage crops; the twins told Toad to throw the ashes of the burnt monster into the river; on the bank, the Toad opened the bag, mosquitoes and other biting ones flew out insects; there are especially many of them on the shores of water bodies; the toad has been punished, now his body is covered with warts]: 75-76; Miller 1956, No. 3 [the girl refused the young man; he turned into a bird, the girl hit her hid it on her chest, became pregnant; went to the forest; the squirrel asked her to swing on the vine, cut the vine, the girl crashed; the Vulture found a boy and a girl in her womb; brother and sister came to their parents mother; while the grandmother is gone, they killed their grandfather, stuffed the scarecrow with insects; the grandmother fed him meat; she hit his grandfather, the insects flew out; the grandmother chases the twins, Aguchi hid them in her mouth; the snake in the mouth they threw hot stones; the beast carried them to the rock, they killed him with arrows; brother tells his sister to write vines; she says she pees bananas; brother pees vines himself; turned people who ate bananas into forest animals; he burned the beast, let the Toad throw ash into the sea; he discovered, the mosquitoes flew out, for which he was turned into a toad; the appearance of the Sun and the moon as in No. 4], 4 [Mary spins, the bird sits on the spinning wheel, it hit it, put it under her shirt, the bird pecked her in the chest, flew away; M. became pregnant; the squirrel invited her to swing on the vine, cut the vine, M. crashed; the Vulture took a boy and a girl out of her womb; the boy buried his mother, told Vulture to eat the corpses of animals, not humans; the twins came to the mother's parents; taking out his grandfather's lice, they killed him, stuffed the scarecrow with insects, let the grandmother cook and eat the testicles; grandmother hit the scarecrow, insects bit her; her sister wrote, the road was wet, the stalker grandmother was sliding; Aguti hid the twins in her mouth; the old man sheltered them, the snake came at night, the twins abandoned hot stones in his mouth; as in No. 3 (Lorenzo opened a bag of ash, turned into a toad); people are going to choose the Sun, tell his brother that he is weak; he turns into the Sun, tells the old man dig a well; while it's low above the ground, it's hot, only the old man has water in the well; tells his sister to run to the old man's house for the forgotten huarache; during this time he rose high; the sister became the moon; spots - her brother's huarache]: 79-85, 86-97; tsotsil: Gossen 1974, No. 157 [the woman had two cane vessels; she asked her friend to throw them in the trash and not open them; she opened it out of curiosity, fleas and lice stuck to her clothes and spread], 174 [there were many fleas and lice in the house of the god of the earth and his wife; they asked the poor couple to throw the bags of insects into the river; they looked into them, fleas and lice spread throughout world; man became rich because the god of the earth paid him well to let parasites on people]: 332-333, 341-342; chol [god sends a dog to drown mosquitoes and fleas, a dog on the river bank unties the bag; God put the dog's head to the ass, turning it into a snake]: Anderson 1957, No. 2:314-316; Whittaker, Warkentin 1965, No. 9:51-54; chontal, mom [woman opens the vessel, from whose insects fly away]: Peñalosa 1996, No. 836F: 72; kekchi, mopan [old man T'actani has a daughter X't'Actani; she is a weaver and a spinner; Kin killed an antelope, filled the scarecrow with ash and grass, every evening Sh. drove past the house; T. advised his daughter to pour water on the path; K. slipped, the scarecrow burst; then K. asked the hummingbird for his skin, giving cotton wool in return so that it would not freeze; Sh. The father was shot by a hummingbird, he stunned him; at night in Sh. K. became a man; asked S. to get her father's magic stone mirror and wind tube, covered the mirror with soot, poured pepper into the tube; K. did not smoke one place in the mirror, T. saw K. and S. in the boat; not was able to shoot, almost suffocated; asked his Uncle Chac (Thunder) to kill the fugitives; K. turned into a turtle, S. turned into a crab, both dived to the bottom; after being hit, K. swam out, saw S.'s blood on the water; told the fish to collect it, but they began to eat flesh and drink blood; then he told the dragonflies, they collected them in 13 wooden decks; K. left them to the woman, promising to return in 13 days; opening the decks, K. found them in them various poisonous snakes (in the 1st), non-venomous snakes (2nd and 3rd), mosquitoes (4), sand fleas (5), green hornets (6), yellow wasps (7), small black wasps (8), the same but with white wings (9), white caterpillars with with poisonous hairs (10), flies (11 and 12), S. (13); K. sent a man to throw the first 12 decks into the sea; he heard a noise, discovered it out of curiosity, the creatures escaped into the world]: Thompson 1930:126-129; ishil [see motif K27; god Oev Akchi falls in love with Maria Markaao, daughter of Mataktani; turns into a hummingbird; MM wants a bird as a model for drawing on fabric; lovers spend the night together; in the morning, M. finds the door locked; sends a louse, she drinks blood, gets drunk, does not return; for this she is left to live on the street, drink blood; dies; sends a flea, the same thing (M. makes it useless, preventing people sleep); the firefly is told to get through the roof, light up the room; he says that the hummingbird has turned into a man, sleeps with MM; the firefly is given the light to shine at night; MO marries MM, father-in-law gives difficult tasks , AO performs them with MM; M tells MM and AO to be the first to steam in the bath, closes all holes; the mole digs the course, lovers run away; come to the narrow aisle, MM gets stuck, her father strikes her with a zipper; AO collects her bones in a handkerchief, comes to her aunt, puts the bones in a vessel, closes it, tells her aunt not to touch it; she opens to see what's inside; the bones turn into deer, rabbits, wild pigs, and others animals; see motive B30]: Colby, Colby 1981:181-183; tsutuhil [a poor young man turns into a hummingbird, enters the king's garden; one of them tells his father she would like to use hummingbirds as a model for her fabric; when they go out to buy fruit, both sisters meet the same young man in the form of a man, fall in love, invite them to their place for the night; hearing laughter, the king sends a bug to explore ( a young man kills him), a louse (blind and does not see), a flea (girls kill), a firefly (sees and reports everything); one of the sisters gives birth to a son; the king tells the young man 1) to prepare the plot (zompopos work instead him); 2) sow a day (the young man throws red scarves, they turn into peppers; the whole field is sown from the seeds thrown in the middle of the field); 3) peel a bag of rice (ants do this), 4) bring cachos de los animals (animal bones?) , the young man brings, it turns out that the king calls firewood; the young man and both wives run away; the king asks the angel to hit them with lightning; the young man turns his wives into dolls, hides them among cachos de ganados, but lightning incinerates both; the young man brings a vessel of ashes to his mother, tells him not to open it; in his absence, she hears a noise inside, removes the lid, two doves fly out; wives are lost forever]: Petrich 1997: 161-166.

Honduras-Panama. Sumu [brother and sister are orphans; brother steals fruit from the garden, owner catches him, that's hell; brother brings sister, they stay to work for hell; woodpecker says hell is going to them kill, tells you to dance over a covered hole of boiling water; hell will be cooked, the corpse must be burned, the ashes should be thrown away on the other side of the sea; the Toad and the Deer volunteered to carry the calebass with ash; competed, the Toad won; the brother ordered not to open the calebass on the way; when he reached the island, the Toad heard a noise inside, opened it; all the biting and blood-sucking insects flew out from there, the Toad was the first to bite, bite marks can be seen on it until still; if the Calebas were given a Deer, there would be no insects]: Houwald, Rener 1987 (4): 22-23.

The Northern Andes. Kogi [a bag of snakes and ferocious animals is put on the ground contrary to warning; creatures run away from it]: Reichel-Dolmatoff 1985 (2), No. 31:75.

Llanos. Yaruro: Wilbert, Simoneau 1990c, No. 12 [Ichiai creates mosquitoes, puts them in a calebasa; Kumanyi says they are harmful creatures that allow humans to throw calebas into the river; the one curiosity opens it; bitten by mosquitoes, rushes into the river, turns into a capybara], 47 [Ichiae was going to throw the calebasa with mosquitoes away; the man insisted that he be allowed to look inside ; the mosquitoes flew out, I. turned man into capybara], 48 [Ichiae created mosquitoes, put them in a calebasa, carried him to throw it away; Capybara insisted that I. show him what was inside; I. turned him into capybara], 49 [just like in (47) and (48)], 50 [I. carried a calebas with mosquitoes; it split, mosquitoes stuck to man, he became capybara, and mosquitoes became hair on it], 51 [one ancestor gathered them all annoying insects into the vessel to throw; someone walked by, opened it, the insects flew out; the informant heard this in his youth]: 34-35, 76-77, 77-79, 79-80, 81, 81-82; Sicuani: Wilbert, Simoneau 1992, No. 44 [see motif G5; along with axes, cut down the Kalevirne tree of abundance, people receive mosquito parcels from Palamek; some open them, turn into capybaras; others hide in cover; those who did not hide turned pale and died of blood loss], 49 [after the flood, Kinkaju finds a Kaliviri tree overseas with all the edible plants on its branches; his wife Paka realizes he is eating something special, follows him, he breaks her tail (now she has no tail); she brings yams and other fruits to her children; fights with her husband; Furnáminali, Tsamani and Ivinai they come to Palemekuni to ask for an ax; he does not give it; C. tickles his nose with a mosquito, he regurgitates axes and machetes; the Woodpecker gets the best ax; P.'s wife regurgitates parcels with night, wind, rain, mosquitoes, laziness; despite F.'s warning, people open parcels; it gets dark, it rains, mosquitoes bite; people turn into animals (caiman, anteater, etc.); it dawns; people cut down the trunk, felling overgrows, axes break; ants are told to carry chips away; the trunk is cut, the tree hangs on the vine; T. turns into a mockingbird, cannot cut it; Squirrels cut; the male remains at the top, the female falls to the ground; the tree falls down, so humans are mortal]: 195, 221-223; Yépez 1984:19-20; Sicuani [after the flood, Kinkaju finds a Kaliviri tree overseas with with all the edible plants on the branches; his wife Paka realizes that he is eating something special, follows him, he breaks her tail (now she has no tail); she brings yams and other fruits to her children; fights with her husband; Furnáminali, Tsamani and Ivinai come to Palemekuni to ask for an ax; he does not give it; C. tickles his nose with a mosquito, he regurgitates axes and machetes; the best Woodpecker gets the ax; P.'s wife regurgitates bundles with night, wind, rain, mosquitoes, laziness; despite F.'s warning, people open bundles; makes it dark, it rains, mosquitoes bite; people turn in animals (caiman, anteater, etc.); dawns; people cut down the trunk, felling overgrows, axes break; ants are told to carry chips away; the trunk is cut, the tree hangs on the vine; T. turns into a mockingbird, can't cut it; squirrels cut it; the male stays at the top, the female falls to the ground; the tree falls upside down, so humans are mortal]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1992, No. 49:221-223; guajibo [Palemekuna and his wife give people axes to cut down the Kalevirne tree; they give them three bundles with darkness, rain and wind, mosquitoes (they bring diseases); people open bundles and become mortal]: Baquero 1989, No. 5:83; guayabero [A mosquito in the form of a man married a girl, drank her blood; he was killed, burned, the ashes were placed in a vessel; Cayman opened it, the mosquitoes flew out, ate his tongue; the Sun told him to live in water]: Schindler 1977a:229-231.

Southern Venezuela. Makiritara [was out of night; Vanadi kept it in his shamanic purse; wanting to sleep, he put his head inside; told the Parrot to guard his purse; Obuzyana-Capuchin opened his purse, so dark; the discoverer turned into a capuchin monkey]: Civrieux 1980:24-25; yabarana [the first human couple's body is not dismembered below; Mayawoka went to look for Brother Ochi; saw the first man caught a piranha, was going to finish it off with a club; realized that it was O. trying to steal a man's golden hook; M. turned into a vulture, distracted the man's attention, O.-Piranha jumped into the water, M. dragged the hook ; returned to the fisherman in the form of a man behind the sun bird; he kept it in the basket; while the bird was in the basket, the sun was at its zenith; the fisherman saw that M.'s ear pendant was a stolen hook; agreed to give a bird for making legs for him and his wife; since then people can walk and leave offspring; giving the basket, ordered not to open it; M. asked O. to get the fruit; O. said that he was still weak from his wounds; M. climbed by himself, O. opened the basket; the sun bird flew out with a disgusting cry; for 12 days darkness, a hurricane, the ground was covered with mud, both people drowned; O. sat on a rock, cried, M. flew under the clouds in an image bat; O. created four-legged birds and M. birds and monkeys for food; M. sent conoto to catch the sun; it found it at the edge of the earth; the sun bird flew from one end of the earth to the other, so day and night appeared; konoto tied the sun with a white cotton cloud, threw it to the white monkey, who placed it in the basket; the sun returned to its zenith for a while, M. found O.; O. began to live in the west, M. in the east]: Wilbert 1959:56-59 (=1963:150-154); Sanema [girl]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1990b, No. 189:373.

Guiana. Varrau: García 1993, No. 44 [it was not night, she was in one man's bundle; his sister's younger brother, out of curiosity, opened the package, it became dark; he began to cry, ran, turned into a Tobesia bird; the owner of the night was found by darkness in a palm grove; he went, illuminating the way with a torch, and came to the young man, the master of the sun; as he was pulling the sun by the rope tied to his house, night fell when he let go - day; (or rather, he could do it); the owner of the night gave him a woman, for which the owner of the sun released the sun for 6 o'clock; the owner of the night decided that this was not enough, but he did not have another woman; carved the Usidamani woman out of wood; the owner of the sun could not get along with her because she was wooden; told the Monkey to make holes in his body, he could not; the Woodpecker did; when he made a vagina, blood splashed, painted his head red; the woodpecker called Simocu, painted it whole red; the parrot only painted his breast; gradually the blood began to change color, so the rest of the birds dyed in different colors; when the blood turned white, the Heron and other now white birds came; when the blood rotted, the Vultures came, turned black, disgusting]: 151-152; Wilbert 1970, No. 5 [fish], 169 [married sisters, they have a younger brother; they leave him moriche palm flour at home, he processes it like a woman; someone stole flour while it was dry; a monkey came down from the tree, became a woman, he grabbed her, she turned into woman, he is happy with her; her husband's sisters call her a monkey, they say that she does not work well, they scold her son; she takes her son, leaves, her husband follows her, she screams three times, the riverbanks converge, she crosses the river, neither did my husband; he did not have time at the second river; the termite told the man that the water was shallow; he crossed many rivers; he sees an old man scooping water with a basket, so he catches fish; makes a platform out of poles fry fish; sends a man for palm starch, for a pot; he sees only a snake, a jaguar; the old man brings starch, a pot; at night jaguars come, the man hardly wakes the old man up by hitting him with a club; in the morning, the old man put all the fish and meat in a small bag, ordered not to open it on the way; the man opened it, everything fell out; the second time the person accidentally dropped the bag; the old man said that now people it will be difficult to get fried fish], 172 [Imanaidarotu owned the night, Hokohiarotu owned the sun; kept the night in a scarf in a basket; in his absence, his wife's brother, a boy, opened the bag; darkness came, the boy turned into an owl; I. came to H., in his house dancing and music; when H. wanted the sun, he pulled it up on a rope; for the girl H. gave a day of 6 hours, for the second he promised to give a normal one, 12 o'clock; I. did not have a second girlfriend, he carved her out of Usirou wood; her name was Usirumani; H. could not sleep with her, asked the woodpecker to make a vagina; all the birds were smeared in the leaked blood; the crane in white blood , curled up black - crows], 186 [start see motif L44, text (185); a shaman climbs a tree in the forest, the gathered spirits began to cut it, their axes and arrows break; they call the spirit Muse ( "whoever sees"), M. could not climb; then even more powerful Webuoni; a bird sits on his forehead (she eats scorpions); V. clutched a broken arrow between his heels, climbed his legs forward; the shaman stabbed him this arrow in the ass, shouts to the spirits to catch prey, runs away himself; the spirits are eaten by V., then everyone makes excuses as if he did not eat; half-spirit (vertically?) scoops up the river with the skin of his scrotum; the shaman fires an arrow at it, he grabs it, puts it in a hollow; the shaman gives him a cigarette, he lights it with his fiery hand, he likes it, he takes the shaman as a friend; half-spirit roasts a crocodile, a shark, tells you to bring a pot, a plate, the shaman sees only snakes there; half-spirit brought a pot, a plate; two jaguars came at night, half-spirit killed them easily; half-spirit gives the shaman caught fish in a small bag, sent him across the river when the bird sings "dry, dry"; the man sees only a deep river, comes back; half-spirit carried it half dry, turned back; the man barely had time run to the other side, the river was filled with water again; the shaman reached a house, hung up a hammock; the spirit came out, cut off his calf, blew a whistle; did not like it, made the second one out of the other caviar; told the person where to go; on the way he meets jaguars with 1, 2, 3, 4 heads and tails; returned home]: 49, 364-370, 377-379, 418-423; tops [two people asked Makunaima to open a vessel that he did not want to open it; all the stinging insects flew out from there; M. said that it would not be possible to get them back]: Soares Diniz 1971, No. 11:86; pemon: Armellada 1973, No. 2 [man hunts with Piainá; he gives him two tapirs with a small bundle, tells him not to turn it around on the way; the man unfolded, do not put the meat back], 58 [water women steal cassava; the man is waiting and caught alone; she took him into the river; the owner of the river told his sons to give man a magic remedy, he became a good fisherman; one day they went to his mother; his wife does not tell him to turn around what he took with him along the way a bundle; it has a lot of fish; he unfolds it three times; his wife throws it, returns to the river]: 15-18, 179-183; 1988, No. 63 [the man hunts with Piaimá; he gives him two tapirs with a small bundle, tells him not to unfold on the way; the man unfolded, do not put the meat back; the person returns, P. wraps the meat again, tells him not to tell other people about it; the person confesses to his mother, who wrapped his meat; P. deprives him of his ability to wrap a lot of meat in a small bag, now hunters must carry meat in large baskets]: 152-154; waiwai [the hunter killed the forest curassow cockerels (Crax daubentoni, forest chicken family, Cracidae); their owner took them to him, gave them a small bag, ordered them not to open it on the way; the hunter opened, the meat fell out, there was a lot of it, do not stuff it back ; the owner of the cockerels came, put everything back; the man brought meat to his wife; one day he went to the site and never returned]: Roe 1991b, No. 3:91-94; curl: Brett 1880 [night; owl finds a package in a fire at home vultures]: 30; Goeje 1943, No. d21 [daylight]: 108; hishkaryana [the chief's daughter tells her father that because of eternal day he does not have a grandson, she will not have sex; the chief sends people to bring a vessel with at night; they discover along the way; hunters in the forest turn into birds, their voices are now heard at night]: Derbyshire 1965:20-21; trio [relatives of the unlucky hunter's wife left him alone in to the forest hut; he is starving; asked the cricket for help, he gave his excrement, which turned into cassava; the hunter asked the tree frog for help; he brought him to his tree, gave the potion, the man became easy to get into hummingbirds; The frog forbid others to tell what they saw; gave a basket of meat, did not tell them to open it along the way; the hunter opened, the meat fell out, it could not fit back, he came back, Frog laid down the meat again, gave a basket of feathers for arrows; the man opened it along the way, the feathers scattered, the Frog laid them down again; ordered only one animal to be killed at a time; the man began to kill many; Spilled to his wife, and her brothers gave her drink, she told them everything; The frog took his potion, the hunter lost his luck again]: Koelewijn, Riviere 1987, No. 56:195-196; oyana [hunters leave in the forest his loser comrade; the bird sends him home, tells him not to open his bag on the way; he opens it, cannot shove the meat back (there is a lot of it)]: Magaña 1987, No. 3:34.

Ecuador. Colorado: Aguavil, Aguavil 1985:108-118 [Ilusun ate a hunter, came to his house instead, brought a liver, said it was a trapped guanta, the jaguar ate the rest; when the liver brews, says to the children, I am your father; the mother sent her sons for pepper, they ran away, came to the village where the holiday is; I. asked the wife of the victim to look for lice from him, she saw a second bloody mouth on in the back of his head, he ate people with them; the woman said that she would go after her sons, ran away to the same village, leaving her bowel movements to answer for herself; I. came in the morning, he was given an intoxicating drink; the widow of what he had eaten was dressed up a man, cutting off his hair and making a penis out of his cob so that I. did not recognize her; he was blown pepper into his nose, thrown into a fire pit; his wife came in his footsteps, she also got drunk; she managed to suck the child's brain; she they ordered them to dance around the pit with fire, they also pushed them into the fire; the shaman collected their ashes in a rubber bag, ordered them to be thrown into the water without opening it; curious people discovered and flew flies, horseflies and others on the way bloodsuckers; now there are plenty of them in summer], 290 [meat (broken game)]; Imbabura: Parsons 1945:131-133 [the widower has a boy and a girl, married a widow, she also has two children; she persuaded her husband to take the children to a ravine with bears and jaguars; he left them, left unnoticed (Var. from Cayambe: hung the calebasa on a tree, she was knocking in the wind, the children thought that her father was still cutting wood); the girl carried her brother on her back, came to the house, where the old cannibal Chipicha; she left the boy with her for the night; the girl asks why he is screaming - I wash him, he is afraid of water; the next day C. went to her potato field; the girl started looking for Manuelito, found bloody bones in bed; (var. from Cangahua: old woman and her husband, both Chifichas; tell the children (both boys) that they are their father and mother; they are fattening; the fairy tells do not listen to C. if he asks him to get the coals out of the stove; they ask him to get it himself, close the stove, make a fire, run away; the old woman returned them; "these two boys freed the world from monsters"); C. asked the girl to look in her head; she found a second mouth on the back of her head, meat between her teeth; C. ate the boy with this mouth when she was talking to the girl to others; when C. fell asleep, the girl collected bones brother, ran away; (Var. from Cangahua: one of the boys was looking for C. in her hair and eating with both mouths; told his brother; when C. fell asleep, they set fire to the house; the brothers collected C.'s ashes in a bag, told the man throw it into the river; he discovered it on the way, various insects flew out, ate the man to the bone); the girl got to people, got married], 133-134 [a nine-year-old girl went to the house of old Chificha, whose breasts were thrown behind her back; she asked to look in her head; told her not to touch the back of her head; C. fell asleep, the girl saw a fanged mouth on the back of her head, pieces of meat between her teeth; the girl ran to people who were building the house; C. came running, they offered to dance, gave her a drink, locked her in the house, set her on fire; C. began to shout that she would turn into lice, fleas, blackberries, hornets; people collected her ashes in a vessel, told one person to throw it into the canal; he opened it on the way, the creatures flew out, ate it; on Aymara "blackberry" phichaca].

Western Amazon. Cofan: Borman, Criollo 1990, No. 6 [God collected the mosquitoes into leaves, told the Capuchin monkey to drown the bag in the river, not to open it on the way; he opened it, the mosquitoes flew out, the Capuchin became a capuchin. ran into the forest; he was an officer, and the little monkeys were his soldiers; so they also rushed into the forest; the capuchin can pull a pierced dart out of his wound; if not for him, there would be no mosquitoes]: 69-74; Calí fano, González 1995, No. 30 [Chiga wrapped the mosquitoes in a bag, told the man to take them to one house; he opened the bag, the mosquitoes scattered; C. turned the culprit into a monkey]: 81; for example: Mercier 1979 [a woman with a child heard the sound of falling trees, thought someone was her own, shouted, Grandfather, bring firewood; grandfather came, but his leg was like a grain grater; began to bother her; she replied that she had not yet washed herself, ordered her vessels to be filled with water, water to be carried with a basket; while supay was busy, she ran to her mother; threw her husband's necklaces into the ravine, supai chased them to the noise; the birds hid the woman in vessel; people made a fire in the pit, the supai fell through, burned; they told the Monkey (machin) to throw ash into the river; he opened the bundle, the ash turned into stinging insects]: 116-119; Ortíz de Villalba 1989 , No. 52 [a loser hunter kills only a lizard, meets a forest spirit; the lizard comes to life, runs away, the spirit heals the hunter, gives him the tooth of the huri-huri monster, the man easily kills wild pigs, the spirit puts everything meat in the basket; the man opens it on the way, the meat falls out; the spirit puts it in the basket again; the man's wife at first does not believe that he brought a lot of meat; at night, khuri-khuri came for his tooth, ate man], 53 [a forest demon killed a woman's husband, took his form, brought his wife his meat; the woman recognized the demon by her huge legs, ordered him to bring water in a vessel of unburned clay; when the vessel split, took two children, ran to the Toucans; they hid the woman, killed the demon who had come, burned the corpse; told one to throw a parcel of ash into the river; he opened it on the way, the ash strangled him, turned into mosquitoes], 53 [a forest demon killed the woman's husband, took his form, brought his wife his meat; the woman recognized the demon by her huge legs, ordered him to bring water in a vessel of unburned clay; when the vessel split, took two children, ran to the Toucans; they hid the woman, killed the demon who had come, burned the corpse; told one to throw a parcel of ash into the river; he opened it on the way, the ash strangled him, turned into mosquitoes], 62 [the demon ate the hunter, took his form, brought his heart to his wife under the guise of the heart of a wild pig; asks to remove insects from his head; a woman notices a toothy mouth on the back of his head; heart the husband speaks to his wife from the cauldron; his wife hides him on the river, runs away with the child; the demon pursues; the woman throws her necklaces, the stalker rushes to the sound; the woman runs to her parents, who hide her in vessel; people killed the demon with spears, burned it, ordered the young man to throw away the ashes; on the way, he made a hole in the bundle to see what was inside; mosquitoes, gadflies and other insects flew out, killed the young man, since then the world is full of them], 65 [a demon with holes in her side and a heart hanging from there invites a woman to watch over her children while she weeds, kills them, brings them to his wife; she refuses to eat children; tells the mother of the children about what happened; teaches the father of the children to turn into an eagle, raise the demon into the air, kill; the corpse cannot be thrown into the forest (will come to life), into the river (become an anaconda), must be burned; the ashes are hidden in bamboo vessel; one person found it; The squirrel screams not to open it, but it opened it, mosquitoes, gadflies and other stinging insects flew out]: 104-105, 106-108, 119, 116, 121-122 {pages 119-122 confused, out of order, they have text No. 62}, 126-128; shuar: Barrueco 1988 [The sun gives a bag of lightning to the Possum, with the clitoris to the Bat, with gray hair to the Dove, tells them not to open the road; they discover, the Sun turns them into animals; the Bat's clitoris hangs under his nose; since then death is final]: 26-27; Pelizzaro 1993 [Ayumpun tells the Bat, Duck, Possum carry parcels in which the clitoris, gray hair, lightning (symbols of lust, old age, war) are hidden to the edge of the world; all three open parcels along the way; A. turns messengers into animals; when A. went destroy enemies, lightning began to sparkle from the belly of the Possum, enemies woke up]: 176-178; Rueda 1987, No. 5 [Etsa (The Sun) told the Sesenk Beetle to bring the stone, he lingered, so humans are not made of stone and mortal; Bat E. ordered to bring a package with a woman, Duck with gray hair; the first opened the bundle, smelling a woman, the second out of curiosity; the first turned into a bat, the second is in a duck, whose feathers resemble gray hair]: 60; shuar: Barrueco 1988 [The sun gives lightning to the Possum (Kujancham), the woman to the Bat, feathers (?) The dove tells me not to open the vessels on the way; they open them, E. turns them into animals; the woman (vulva) has been hanging under the Bat's nose ever since; var.: these objects give off such an aroma that all three eat them on the way]: 26-27; Rueda 1987, No. 5 [Bat woman]: 60; Aguaruna [a man hunted with a dog, she drove a Paku, she jumped into the water; the snake is the daughter of the water owner Tzúnki caught on a thorn on the shore; the man threw it into the water; she became a woman under water, told her father about the savior; he ordered him to be brought in, let him bring the head of the pack he had received; the next day daughter C. met a man, gave a drink of love, brought him to the bottom of the river; there dogs were nutrias, benches were crocodile, turtle; man fried fish, for underwater inhabitants they were cockroaches; other fish - chickens; when the man was about to go home, they put the fish in the basket, told him not to open it on the way; he opened it, the chickens flew into the river, became fish again; he brought his wife from the underwater world to him; on land, daughter C. - a snake; a man hides it in the house, pulls it out at night; in the absence of a man, women found a snake, his mother began to beat it, the snake began to grow, it rained; in a dream, the snake wife tells her husband to climb a tree; the house is flooded , the mother, wives and children of a man were eaten by a snake wife, took her husband to the river forever]: Chumap Lucía, García-Rendueles 1979, No. 81:650-653; waorani [at first it was only a day, so people all the time worked, slept little and had little rest; one man said he knew where there was a place where it was always night; he took a palm leaf and cried his tears in it; then wrapped his tears in this leaf and said that if one of the people will unfold the sheet, night will fall immediately; people did not believe it, opened a sheet with tears crying for a man; day and night have existed since then]: Matusovsky 2009.

NW Amazon. It's night. Desana; letuama; kabiyari; baniva; vakuenai; bar; maku; baniva (hohodene) [Kufali's ancestor receives a basket from his father-in-law, full of all kinds of fish and aquatic animals; opens it before reaching the house; the fish ends up hanging like leaves on trees; he collects these leaves, puts them in two decks at home, lowers them into the river; decks turn into great snakes filled with fish]: Wright 1995:47; yukuna [Karipulakena asked his uncle Sun and Moon Father Jeechú to give them leaves for the roof; he put them in a small one the box, told me not to open it on the way; the younger Lamuchí opened it, the leaves were in the forest near the Miriti River; J. taught me how to process leaves for the roof]: Hammen 1992:106, 140; tatuyo: Bidou 1972 [adyawara is a group of characters acting as one, or older and younger brothers; went to search for land; the owner gave a vessel; before reaching home, the brothers discovered it, the earth spread, on the brothers' bodies ulcers appeared; went after night to the owner of the night; opened the vessel, it became dark; it started raining; the younger brother flattens the gum of coca leaves, puts it on the tree trunk; the chewing gum turns into a tree mushroom - shelter from the rain; it began to dawn; the brothers threw Cannes flour after the anteater, now it has a long tail]: 99; 1983 [Ayáwaróa's four brothers went to look for soil; the owner of the night gave them land in a vessel He told me to open it when they returned to Maloka and cast the necessary shamanic spells; out of curiosity, they discovered it in the forest, the soil spread in disarray]: 10; ufaina: Hildebrand 1975, No. II [night]: 333-336; 1984 [big leaves for the roof]: 195; yukuna: Folclor 1974 [Lajmuchí built a house with his people; the Leaf Master gave a bag of leaves to cover the roof, people opened it along the way, now leaves in the forest; it takes night, otherwise people eat all the time; the Master of the Night gave a package, one person opened it on the way, night fell, people fell asleep; the Night Master turned into a bat, ate his sleeping eyes; one He put bags in front of his eyes in advance, the Master took them away, not his eyes; L. and his nephews came to the owner of the Yameru water; she gave a little bit of this water from the leaves; also only she has wild pigs in her pen; one person opened the pen, the pigs ran through the forest; L. watched Hameru swim and eat fish; the water was in the tree trunk, they cut it down, his aunt overgrown the felling overnight; {apparently they cut down the tree and got water no last page of text}]: 304-314; Mich 1995 [night]: 491; macuna: Århem et al. 2004:472-479 [four Ayawa brothers went to the Night Master (Ñami bükü - Viejo Noche) ask the leaves to block the maloka; he gave a vascular, ordering him to open it after completion of construction; Bokanea (younger, naughty brother) heard sounds in the vessel on the way home; elder A. did not order to open it, but B. allegedly went swimming, opened it; it became dark, half of the leaves had time to return to the Master of the Night before the vascular was closed again; the maloka was opened again, but only half of the leaves were enough; then had to work by ourselves (as it is now); came back to the Master of the Night after night; B. opened the vessel again halfway; jaguars, evil spirits, bats, thunders appeared; the bird "el que quita ojos" appeared in the dark took out everyone's eyes; a non-poisonous spider was sent to the Master of the Night, it was B. himself; the spider brought a basket of eyes; all the animals had their eyes returned; when six eyes were left, the left one was inserted instead of the right one, therefore, the left can see worse; the elder A. adjusted the night; went again to the Master of the Night to ask for sleep; B. came in without shamanic preparations, fell asleep, so dreams can be bad; if older A. did it, dreams would only be good; dreams first became reality when they woke up, older A. corrected this; after completing the creation, the A. brothers took to heaven; shamans rise to them], 503-509 [between Yiba (whose relatives - terrestrial animals and birds) and Yawira (Anaconda's daughter, her relatives are aquatic life), a conflict arises (Yiba never exactly follows the instructions of his wife and father-in-law, so agriculture, which they teach is not so effective); from the very beginning he did not want Yawira, but her more beautiful younger sister; when he goes to get water, Yavira sees the Royal Vulture (Sarcohamphus papa), asks him for her to take her away because Yiba does not want to take her away; Yeba goes to Test Anaconda to ask for another daughter, he refuses, gives money to get to the Vulture Country; passing through the villages of Arrow People - Weeds, Yazv, Yiba He puts on clothes made of arrows, weeds, ulcers; covered with ulcers, Yiba comes to Yavira, who does not recognize him, takes him for his father's servant, who has come to heal; Yavira is surprised that the patient is strong collecting firewood; Yiba takes off her clothes from her ulcers, Yavira hugs him; Vulture and his men went to get fish (actually worms; Yeba killed many animals for vultures on the way); Yavira regurgitated the red aciote juice, pretending to be ill, she did not go with them; Yiba returned halfway; before fleeing, he told all creatures and objects to remain silent, but one bird managed to say "Yiba"; the Vulture sent the warriors in pursuit; Yiba hit almost everyone with arrows received from his father-in-law; together with Yavira he climbed a tree for honey, leaving the arrows on the ground; losing his weapon against the last group of enemies, Yiba shoved Yavira into the hollow, she became a frog; her soul returned to her father, he placed her in a calebass; the enemies left, Yiba came to her father-in-law, who refused to give her youngest daughter, gave a calebass with Yavira's soul, telling her not to open it on the way; he opened it, Yavira She flew back with a bee; Yiba returned to her father-in-law, who drove him away; he pretended to be dead, covering himself with rotten leaves and placing his bench on his chest; Vulture plunged his arrow, it hit the bench; Yiba grabbed it, plucked it, bought it in peppery water, threw it into the trash; while his feathers were growing, birds and animals dismantled his jewelry and tools, the howler monkey took the whistle]; barasana: S.Hugh-Jones 1979 [night], No. 2B: 268; Torres Laborde 1969 [Yebá's wife ran away from him with Vulture; he took her back; on the way she wanted to drink, he wouldn't let her; she climbed into the hollow to get water, stuck there, became a tree frog; J. hid under a pile of rot, caught Vulture, peeled off his feathers; went to Anaconda for his new wife; his daughter Yawirá; Anaconda gave him a calebas, told him not open on the way; J. decided he was deceived, opened, the woman flew away]: 49-50; tucano [night, sleep]: Fulop 1954:122-123; andoque [Garza de Bocana (Heron of the Estuary, GB) came to Garza de centro ("Heron of the Center", GS, aka Nenefí); seeing the HS's wife bathing, I wanted to take a better look, fell into the water, drowned, the HS revived him; GB went to his place, prepared the Talking Tree war in revenge; HS's two sons saw two worms on the tree; there were more and more of them, they started shooting wood chips; the battleships wanted to knock down a tree, but could not approach because there were stinging wasps and ants; the birds did not were able to peck the insects; the HS asked Thunder to give him his sword, but he gave a fake one made of soft balsa and a copy of a mirror; the sword broke against the tree, the tree laughed; the HS sent a bat and her brother to Grandma Sna they woke her up with a coca in her knee; she wrapped a dream from her left and right eyes in a sheet, gave it to them; on the way they unfolded the sheet, fell asleep, went back to the hostess; HS sent a Comet to her; he took a dream from hostess, came to Thunder, sedated him; Thunder left his son from an Andoque woman, his name was the Thunder of Stone; HS asked him to change his father's sword to a wooden one, who changed him, receiving two fruits, Chrysophilum caimito; The HS asked Thunder Stone to use his weapon himself; he first lit lightning with a mirror, the insects trembled; hit him with his sword and fell; the second time the tree collapsed, half fell on the river, the other on the Hinterland, some of the leaves turned into frogs; the thunder woke up to destroy people, but his son threatened to stand up for them; the fallen tree turned into a sandstone stone, the root came out and became a toad]: Landaburu, Pineda 1981:57-63 (=1984:60); Uitoto (murui): Rodríguez de Montes 1981, No. 23:205-206; Urbina 1986 [Jitobene sent his son to marry Ticone; she refused because the young man is ugly, not looks like the chief's son; the father sent his son down the river to the sorcerers; he is fasting in a hut, urinating in one place, where a fish was born; the sister secretly gave it to his brother, who lost his shamanic power; came a woman, united with him, they came to her parents; the young man warned that if he died, it would rain in the sun, the rainbow would turn red; his wife's brothers tore it apart, ate it; the wife ordered not there is a heart and genitals; the father saw a red rainbow, in a trance he went to heaven (where his son was taken), took the skeleton, heart, genitals; the son orders them to be buried at the foot of the Gorlyanka tree, another to sow on grave; the Heart of Jitobeo tree grew; it had a huge worm with its tail to the ground; it was J.'s genitals; Chief Kanijone's daughters went down to the river, naming everything in the water; the worm hit the chest with its tail both, cut, so the women had breasts; the girls began to catch fish, it made a hole in their genitals; so J. took revenge on women; since then they have been open to men; Chief K. gathered people to cut wood; those who tried to cut died: axes bounced, the worm bit fatally; called two Jitomas (one Jitoma, the other Fizido; the helper spirit told them to go to their aunt, the mistress of sleep; not to wake her up; from She woke up, gave a bag, told her not to open it along the way; F. opened it, the brothers fell asleep; Hitoma fell on the rock, F. fell to the ground, the worms began to eat it; those who climbed inside became veins thrown into the water - fish; when the brothers woke up, returned to the mistress of sleep, gave the dead bird, caused a hurricane; the hostess asked him to stop, gave him the package again, taught him to replace it with a fake softwood (yarumo) Thunder's club; the brothers also took the mirror (causes lightning); Thunder's daughter woke her father up, he grabbed a false club, broke it; he still had a female club; the brothers used a club, a mirror to try; they broke the tree; F. also died, H. revived it; the brothers put the worm to sleep on the tree, smashed it to pieces with thunder; the front became a tapir, the back became a manatee; threw the club and mirror into the water, they became electric eel and stingray; F. died; H. found a hummingbird egg, F. was born from it again; the brothers came to cucarron's house; F. sat down on the ground, was eaten by crickets; avenging his brother, H. made a house out of cotton wool and wax; set fire at the celebration of the consecration of the new house; the possum's tail was burnt, the squirrel had its whole body (now it is dark); the cricket hid in the hole; H. cursed him, telling him to eat excrement]: 47-65; chikuna [Dioi and Epi put their snare; D. was hit by a forest turkey; E. put it in his snare, told D. that he had caught the turkey; she did not fly away, E. kept it at home; at dawn she sang when E. took her out of the trap D.; E. killed her; sister D. and E. went to the river to wash her giblets, heard a noise in the turkey's stomach, threw it away; refused to tell E. where the stomach was, but he found it himself, opened it, mosquitoes and mosquitoes that flew out bit him to death; D. revived him by kicking him]: Nimuenadju 1952:126.

Central Amazon. It's night. Tupi (the exact place of recording is not known): Baldus 1946:11-12, 83; Couto de Magalhaes 1882 [it was not at night; the daughter of the Great Serpent married a man; does not want to sleep with him in the daylight; asked to be sent three servants to bring the night to her father; he gave them a nut, told them not to open it; the sound of night crickets and frogs can be heard from the nut; in the middle of the journey, the servants opened a nut; all the things in the forest turned into birds and animals that were in the river into ducks and fish; the basket became a jaguar, the fisherman and the boat became a duck (head was beak, the boat was the body, the oars were paws); the morning star rose, the daughter of the Snake decided to separate night from day; turned two balls of threads in kuzhubim and inambu birds singing at regular intervals at night and dawn; turned naughty servants into monkeys]: 5-9; maue; munduruku [night is short, Awareube] wants to lie longer with his wife; she advises him to go to her father for the thread of night; father-in-law gives A. bags with the thread of night and the thread of the day, tells him not to open it along the way; A. opens, turns into a night bird, flies away, carrying away the thread of the day]).

Eastern Amazon. Tenetehara [the forest spirit has two black vessels inside; people carry them away, hear the voices of owls and night monkeys; they break them, the night spreads across the world]: Nimuendaju 1915, No. 4:289-290; Wagley, Galv ão 1949, No. 16 [an old woman in the forest kept the night in vessels; the young man Mokvani ran fast, he was sent after night; the old woman asked him to choose a vessel, he took a small one; opened it, darkness came out with the owls and bats; when M. reached the village, the darkness cleared, the day came; people sent him back to the old woman; he chose a large vessel, opened it again along the way; turned into a night bird, whose sad voice can be heard deep in the forest at night]: 142.

The Central Andes. Ferregnafe (dep. Lambayeque) [in search of treasures and out of curiosity, the Fox dug up the pagan's grave; fleas came out of there; the fox tried to try them on the tooth, but they themselves bit him to death and spread around the world]: Torero 1974:226; Tantamayo (dep. Huanuco) [Achkay offers the person to help him dig up the field; tears off one testicle for him, for her it is an ulyuku tuber; he asks for permission to move away will cope with the need, A. ties a thread to him from his spinning wheels so that he does not run away; the man bandages the thread, runs away; A. chases, her daughter says in which direction the person ran away; comes to people, tears off the testicle one or the other; people they invite her to sit down, push her into a boiling pot; it says it will turn into flies and nettles; she is buried, one person tears up the grave out of curiosity, and all flies, ants, bees and others fly out from there insects]: Howard-Malverde 1986:10-12; dep. Ancash [God told the chihuaco thrush (Turdus sp.) to throw a sealed golden vessel into the river; he opened it, lice, fleas, and diseases were born; God punished C.]: Carranza 1978 in Tomoeda 1982:293; prov. Konchukos (dep. Ancash): Mejia Xesspe 1952 [four versions; during a drought, parents put their son and daughter in a bag, throw them into the abyss; the bag clings to the thorny bush; The swallow can't, Condor brings the bag to the valley, to Chavin de Huantar; The swallow shows the children a potato field; his owner is old Achkay; she fattens the boy, gives the girl stones to eat; kills the boy, he screams, she explains what she is looking for naked; tells his daughter to send the girl to bring water in a leaky vessel, push her into a boiling pot; the frog teaches the girl what to do; she plugs holes, brings water, pushes the old woman's daughter into the cauldron , puts his brother's bones in a bag, runs; A. eats his daughter; Condor hides the girl under her wings, Skunk in a hole; Fox, Deer, and other animals also hide; Dove puts the bones in the basket, says not open; the girl opens; there is a living brother, but he turns into a white dog; Vicuna gives the girl a golden rope, she and her brother climb into heaven; the sister turns into the Evening Star, brother into the Pleiades, or The Morning Star; the old woman Vicuña gives a straw rope; the parrot cuts it; A. falls, asks his own to spread a cloak for her; her screams can still be heard - an echo; her blood turns into a lake, her body turns into mountain; hands and feet in cacti; blackberry nails; nettle hair; eyes in potatoes, ulyuku; teeth in corn; toes in oku and mashua; etc.]: 238-242; Tarma (dep. Junin) [The fox traps the birds, puts them in a bag, asks the Duck (Huachua) to guard; she opens the bag out of curiosity, the birds fly away; W. fills the bag with thorns, leaves; the fox brings it to the family, everything scratched against thorns; he chases W., she swims on the lake; first the Fox tries to drain him, breaks through the canal, then wants to drink the lake; bursts]: Toro Montalvo 1990:400-401 by Tarmapap Racha Huaranin, Fabulas Quechuas, at Azacenas Quechuas, Tarma, 1906: Imprenta "La Aurora de Tarma": 107-117; Uarochiri (dep. Lima) [Cuni Raya went to Cusco to visit Inca Wayne Capac; calling him son, led him to Titicaca; ordered shamans to be sent to the lower world of Ura Ticsi to bring Father Cooney Rai's sister from there; falcon shaman, condor shaman and the swift shaman offered their services; the swift shaman received a small package from his father Cooney Rai warning him not to open it on the way, let the Criminal Code itself open it; already near Cusco, he opened it, who was inside the beauty disappeared; the UK sent him again, on the fifth day he brought his wife to the UK; KR and UA divided the world among themselves]: Salomon, Urioste 1991, ch. 14:88-89; huanca (dep. Junin?) [birds caught]: Tello 1923b:427; Pukio (dep. Ayacucho) [after his wife's death, her husband follows her to Qoropuna (mountain to the dep. Arequipa); the owner of the dead San Francisco agrees to return the deceased by placing her in a bamboo vessel and telling her not to open it ahead of time; the husband opens on the way, the wife flies away]: Arguedas 1975:73f in Cipolletti 1980:36; Cusco? [the messenger brought Wayne Capak's vessel, he opened it; butterflies flew out - diseases]: Santa Cruz Pachacuti Yamqui Salcamayhua: 110-111 in Parsons 1945:134; Aymara (dep. Puno) [The fox catches the birds, puts them in a bag, asks the Duck (Huallata) to guard him; curious W. opens the bag, the birds fly away; W. fills the bag with thorns, leaves; the fox carries the bag home, his the pets are scratched; he chases W. swimming on the lake; first tries to drain the lake by removing the canal from it, then wants to drink all the water; it pours out of his ass, he plugs his anus on the cob; bursts; another lake, Kamake-kota, forms from the spilled water]: Lopez, Sayritupa Asqui 1990:28-31; Aymara (Tiahuanaku) [birds caught]: Tello 1923b: 423-424; aymara (dep. Oruro) [the hole is dug, fleas emerge from it (the text is rather unclear)]: Arnold, Yapita Moya 1994, No. 3:58-59.

Montagna - Jurua. River panos (Inahuaya County, Dep. Loreto; shipibo?) [at the festival, a man whose body makes harmonious sounds goes out to dance; by morning the music has subsided, the dancer has turned into a bat; he has been grabbed, thrown into the fire; he said that his ashes will turn into torturous creatures; then humans collected the ashes in a vessel, but after seven days they discovered it, the ashes flew out, becoming mosquitoes, spiders, midges, ants, snakes, salamanders, toads]: Ravines 1972:41; amahuaca [night]; Kashinahua: d'Ans 1975:83-88 [night], 214-232 [see motif F18B; Naimbo builds a ladder, the end reaches the sky; the storm breaks it, takes N. far from the village; on his way home he meets different creatures; at night he hears, Oh, leg, leg! It is the anaconda that broke its tail; N. heals it by inserting a vine instead of his spine; the anaconda leads him home, but he gets lost again; removes the splinter from the jaguar's paw; he leads him to the house, gives him a little a bundle with a lot of meat inside; gives a stick that kills game and packs meat in small quantities; tells anyone not to talk about it; N. opens the bag before reaching home, live and dead animals run away, he only manages to grab two; when he gets home, he uses a magic wand, then talks about his adventures; the wand loses its power]; d'Abreu in Koch-Grünberg 1921, No. 84 [night]: 231; characterbet [the boy falls to the bottom of the river; he is attacked by herons and other birds, but the Month saves him; he is a fishing giant, the spirits of the dead are his servants; the Month puts a huge amount of fish in a small bundle, gives it to the boy; he opens it ahead of time, cannot put the fish back; The month gives him a new parcel, sends him home; during his stay at the Month, the boy has become adult boy]: Gray 1996:53-54.

Bolivia - Guaporé. Tacana [16 options: San José, Ixiamas, Tumupasa, San Buenaventura, Tana); a person cultivates his plot well, he has corn, cassava, etc., but he is unlucky to hunt; his brothers wives do not work in the field, but they have a lot of meat; one of them brought a man to the forest, asked them to get the chicks out of the macaw parrot's nest; when a man in a tree cut a vine, hit the roots of the tree, from there The snake Ha Bacua crawled out, could not crawl, but was ready to bite; the owner of the Davoavai forest killed the snake with an arrow, fired an arrow at the branch on which the man was sitting, and a vine immediately grew to him, along which man could go down; D. brought him to the tree, pushed back the root, inside the tapira, wild pigs, forest chickens; tapiriha, D.'s wife, gave the man a drink of cassava chichi; he drank, fear came out of him, he became good hunter; D. wrapped fish greased with the fat of the killed snake in a bag, ordered both brothers to give his wife and mother-in-law to both brothers; for the man he put tapirs, monkeys, etc. in a small basket, ordered him not to open it on the way; the man opened, a mountain of grilled meat fell out of the basket; D. folded it again, escorted him home; his wife's brothers and mother-in-law ate fish with fat, first turned into macaw parrots, then Ha Bacua snakes; D. killed them, took the meat]: Hissink, Hahn 1961, No. 67:180-185; surui [Palop Leregu brings night in a bamboo vessel; his brother Palop opens it before they get home; it's dark, the night is audible sounds; submarines create mosquitoes to punish his brother, who creates ticks in response; submarines throw feathers into the air, they turn into birds singing at dawn; day comes; at home, the brothers take the remnants of the night out of the vessel; day and night are now alternating]: Mindlin 1995, No. 21:53-54.

Southern Amazon. Nambikvara [shaman; var.: The owl Speotito cunicularia) keeps the day in white, the night in black calebasses; opens them alternately; the night was shorter than the current one; they leave, says Urutau (Nyctibius sp.) do like him; W. takes the beads out of the black calebass or keeps it open for too long; night falls; some hunters have died in the forest, others have returned to the village; Urutau is now a bird, mourning its an act; the shaman pressed his neck deep into his body].

Eastern Brazil. Kayapo: Posey 1981 (gorotire) [there was no night, men could not sleep with other people's wives; they came to the owner of the night, who gave him a vessel, told him not to open it on the way; one person opened it and bit him a scorpion, which was also in a vessel; a man turned into a nightjar, screams at night in pain]: 60-61; Wilbert 1978, No. 19 [Metraux 1960:18-19; a group of people went towards Aragwaia; along the way we met various monsters (people with hands sharp as bamboo chips; with long penises wrapped around the waist, etc.; passed the land of darkness; Tyoipekro lived near the border of the second country of darkness; when he went away, they kidnapped his daughter; brought him home; she met with her lover, then with another; the first saw, was offended; she ordered to bring the night from her father so that there would be no such misunderstandings; T. gave Calebas told me not to open a scorpion on the road; one man wanted a little night to sleep; opened the calebasa, the scorpion bit him, he became an owl; with a mako feather, T.'s daughter packed the night back to the calebasa, leaving a part for sleep and love], 20 [Banner 1957:38-39; first an eternal day; the little nephew opened a bundle of leaves that belonged to a shaman, from there darkness spread; the shaman turned the boy into an owl; some of the people who were in the forest at that time did not wait until dawn, died], 21 [Lukesh 1968:43-44; eternal day first; the warriors captured and brought Dyoibekro's daughter; she told her to go to her father for the night, otherwise can't sleep; people went through the lands of various monsters, came to the land of darkness; D. gave Calebass at night, told him not to open it along the way; one person discovered him, was bitten by a scorpion, he turned into an owl]: 88-90, 91, 92-93.

Southern Amazon. Camayura [Kwat and Yaú killed their father's mother Yaguar, who killed their mother; the corpse was burned, put in calebasa, thrown into the river; the fisherman saw the Yatawatí bird, shot her, from blood-sucking insects flew her]: Münzel 1973:33.

Southern Brazil. Ache: Cadogán 1962, No. 2 [people don't sleep, there is no night; Bayo puts darkness in a large vessel, puts owls and other nocturnal creatures there; man breaks the vessel with an arrow; night appears and moon; man is scared, burns wax to create dawn; all wild animals were in this vessel]: 51-53; Clasters 1972:163-167.