Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

H24E. Scattered embryos. 43.49.52.

Bringing human embryos into our world, the character drops or discovers what he has brought ahead of time. (Sometimes this explains the inequality of people, the disorder in society).

Modoc, Washo, Northern Payut, Goshiute, Western Shoshone, South Payut, Chemewevi, Southern Utah, Aztecs.

The coast is the Plateau. Modoc [The creator descends to the lower world; spirits dance at night, turn into bones during the day; he carries them upstairs in the basket; falls twice, the spirits fly away from the basket; the third time he reports; makes them bones different tribes]: Curtin 1912:42-45 in Clark 1953:133-134.

Big Pool. Washo [woman shakes grass seeds (cat-tail eggs) into the basket, divides them into piles, they will form miwok, drink (there will be many of them, but they are cowardly), washo (few but brave); gives a vessel with with Coyote seeds, tells him to take him to the Washo Valley; when he hears a noise inside, he opens the lid; most people fly to the sky like bees; the woman moves south, thunder; tells him to appear various types of animals for people to hunt, grow pignons and herbs with edible seeds and rhizomes]: Dangberg 1927, No. 6:441-443 (=1968:33-39); northern payutes: Lowie 1924, No. 2 [across the mountain in a stone house, Coyote and Wolf; a woman invited Coyote to have sex, but ran away to her house on the island; Coyote put his penis where she urinated; made a dry passage in the lake waters; in the girl's mother at home, she has a toothy womb; on the walls there are quivers of those who have bitten off their penis; in the evening, the daughter brought swans from hunting; the old woman closed the door so that the Coyote would not leave, only a hole in the roof in her finger; the old woman fell asleep, the Coyote put his finger in her daughter's vagina, which bit him; the Coyote crawled out through the hole in the roof, brought a penis-sized stone, put it in the girl's vagina, his teeth fell out, he took them out with a stick; same with an old woman; had sex with a girl; went hunting with her, killed swans, and the girl could no longer hunt (she used to bite off the swans' necks with her vagina); the old woman put a water vessel between daughter and Coyote heads; children in it; told Coyote and his wife to go home, not open the vessel on the way; Coyote opened, most of the children ran away, there were some paviotso (= northern payutes) left; Coyote's wife She created trout for her children in the lake, took it as needed; when she went to buy firewood, Coyote dug the edge of the lake, the water and the fish flowed out - let people fish in the rivers! The woman came back, cried, died; if it were not for the Coyote, she would have created lakes like this everywhere], 3a [Coyote put the top on the river; a woman appeared, Coyote could not catch up with her, she sat down to urinate; on The next day, the Coyote dressed beautifully, came to the lake, the woman's house on the island; the Coyote threw a stone - there was a dry road in the water; the girl's mother was in the house; the daughter brought ducks from the hunt, began to eat their vagina, crunching her bones; when they lay down, the girl's vulva almost bit off Coyote's penis; the mother closed the exit from the house; the Coyote got out the chimney, brought a stone penis, broke off the girl's vaginal teeth, took them out with willow with a stick; got together with the girl; in the morning she told him to go hunting, because she could no longer kill ducks with a vulva; Coyote and his wife went to his house, his wife carried the vessel, Coyote opened it along the way, from there people jumped out; there was another girl in the other house; the fish told Coyote to lie down when she went out to urinate, he inserted his penis into her, she gave birth, the baby was playing in the water, drowned; everyone was in mourning, but the baby ran to Coyote's house alive, the basket was full of pignon nuts; Coyote ate]: 209-212, 216-217; goshiute: Smith 1993:11-14 [see M60b motif; the girl comes to marry the Wolf (Wolf created earth); Coyote replies that he does not know anyone with this name, but his older brother called him Wolf; the girl brings the imaginary Wolf to her house; does not let him go to the source, because the real Wolf will not want to drink; Coyote she drinks greedily; the wife tells her not to throw away duck bones; she puts them under herself, eats them with her vulva; this girl, a Goose, flew to the island, told her mother that she brought Coyote, not Wolf; her mother also gnaws bones vulva; Coyote puts the cervical vertebrae of a mountain ram into his wife's vagina, teeth have fallen out, the wife is pregnant; mother-in-law asks with her (the same, mother-in-law is happy, also pregnant); both are pregnant in the morning, not in the evening; mother-in-law puts in gives the basket of all babies born by both women in a year to Coyote, tells him not to open it on the way; the basket is getting heavier, the Coyote opens, the basket turns into a rock with a spring, the children run away; The Coyote gives names to the tribes], 41-42 [the old woman sent her daughter to the Wolf; the Coyote replied that the Wolf lives in that house, made his way there unnoticed; on the way he wants to copulate, the girl refuses; leads The coyote is on the island, he does not know how to get back; the wife replies to the mother that the Coyote will also do; the mother throws ash on the water, creating a sushi jumper; the Coyote breaks both women's vaginal teeth by sticking them in vagina mountain ram bone; both pregnant; mother-in-law gives Coyote a basket, sounds inside, tells me not to open it on the way; Coyote opened, beautiful people ran away, second-rate remained - gosyute]; Western shoshone [six versions]: Steward 1943:261-268; Smith 1993:151; Southern Payutes: Lowie 1924, No. 2 (Shivwitz), 1 (Moapa) [water everywhere first; the old woman scattered the earth like seeds on it, sent her daughter find out if the land is big; the daughter said it is not yet; this was repeated many times until the daughter announced that the land was large enough; the daughter found and brought the only man; mother-in-law told him to enter his wife's vagina is a deer vertebra; he broke his vaginal teeth, and since then he could copulate; the wife gave birth to children in a bag, his mother-in-law told him not to untie him on the way; the man opened it, the tribes separated, only a little payut left at the bottom]: 103-104, 157-158; Powell 1971, No. 4 [Shi-chom-pa Ka-gon (Old Sea Woman) comes out of the sea, gives the Shin-au-av brothers a bag, tells them to be taken to the center of the world and open it only there; the older brother entrusts this business to the younger brother, who opens the bag on the way; people run away from it, now they are forced to live in the desert]: 78; Sapir 1930, No. 4 (kaibab) [woman on In the West, he sends his daughter to find a fiancé; she finds only the Coyote, his mother tells him to bring him; in their house he hears them chewing on the vulvas of the deer he killed; he put the cervical vertebrae of the mountain into the girl's vulva ram, teeth broke off against bone; mother-in-law gives Coyote a bag, tells him to return to his country, not to untie him on the way; Coyote untied, went to relieve himself; at that time almost everyone from the bag ran away; left at the bottom - people (apparently local people, kaibab)]: 358-359; chemewevi: Kroeber 1908 [Coyote marries Lice; lays eggs in the basket, opens it until the deadline; each egg arises a separate tribe; the Chemewevi are made from cripples and excrement left at the bottom of the basket]: 240; Laird 1976 [Coyote sees a seductive louse woman, follows her, swims across the sea, she dives to drown him, he gets to the island where her mother lives; during copulation, his penis is damaged (which is why Chemewevi has short penises), but he breaks her vaginal teeth (no details); her mother gives he takes the basket to his brother Wolf, tells him not to open it on the way; the Coyote swims across the sea in the form of a water meter, then becomes himself, hears sounds from the basket, opens, people of different tribes that have arisen from nits, run away; cripples and excrement remain; Wolf makes chemewevi out of them; wants people to be born from a hole on the back of a woman's wrist, to be adults right away; Coyote wants conception and the birth happened as it is now]: 149-152; Southern Utah: Givón 2013, No. 3 [the old woman tells her daughter to look for a man; she came back after searching everything: there is only Coyote; old woman: go call; Coyote (extremely rude expression): if you let me get together with you; old woman's daughter: go make a hut, then you can; she put him to sleep and wrote on it; when she woke up, Coyote found her, but she told me again build a hut and stay awake this time; but it happened again; now she has returned to her mother, Coyote for her; the old woman told him to hunt; he brought a deer; after eating meat, the young woman put her bones in her vagina and began to gnaw; realizing that her teeth were there, Coyote brought a big-horned ram, and when the woman began to gnaw (neck bone), all her teeth broke and fell out; at night, Coyote met her and said that her vaginas were not must have teeth; after that, the old woman told him to return to his country, gave him a bag and told him not to untie him on the way; he untied it, people jumped out of the bag and ran away; the few who were left on day - Utah]: 17-25; Lowie 1924, No. 2 [Süna'wavi (Wolf) cut pieces of branches, put them in a bag; Coyote untied out of curiosity, people jumped out, ran away; S. wanted people to live in order, everything mixed, Utah is not enough], 2a [The wolf put pieces of branches in the bag, let the Fox pour out the contents behind the hill, but not before; Utah were at the very bottom, there were few of them]: 3-4.

Mesoamerica The Aztecs [in the sky were the god Citlalatónac (Citlaltónac) and the goddess Citlacue; the goddess gave birth to a dagger, it was thrown from the sky, it fell into Chicomóstoc ("seven caves"), and 1600 came out of it gods; they sent Tlótli ("falcon") to their mother to give them the opportunity to create people for their needs; the goddess replied that if the gods were the right way, they would stay with her (in heaven) , and since they do not deserve it and want to be served on earth, let Mr. Mictlan Tecutli give them the bone and ashes of those who died during the flood; the gods chose one of the messengers to MT them named Xólotl; after receiving bone and ash and fearing that MT would change his mind, S. ran; MT chased after him, S. fell, the bone (it was the bone of the hand, una braza) broke into large and small pieces, so there are big and small among people; having collected what he could, S. came to the gods; what he had brought was put in a vessel, all the gods extracted blood from various parts of their bodies (for example, during sacrifices they still do), irrigated the contents with it, a boy appeared on the fourth day; they did the same again, a girl appeared; S. fed them with thistle juice (leche de cardo)..; people served the gods; but there was no sun; the gods met in Teotihuacan; they could not guess where the sun would rise, so they had to sacrifice themselves; when they rose, the Sun said it would stand still until all the gods were gone will sacrifice themselves; Citli shot the Sun three times, but the arrows returned and killed himself; then the gods decided to die; S. killed them by opening his chest, then killed himself]: Mendieta (retelling fray Andrés de Olmos) in Romero 1969:162-163.