Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

H24F. The meat in the bag .

The character gives the other a small bag, placing a lot of meat or fish in it. The person who receives the bag opens it prematurely, the meat or fish falls out and cannot be placed back.

Espiritu Santo, Lisa, Cowlitz, Navajo, Warrau, Pemon, Waiwai, Trio, Oyana, Aguaruna, Cachinahua, Characterbet, Tacana.

Melanesia. Espírito Santo [Sari lived in a leaf-covered hut; when she was hunting pigeons, a girl named Venatu saw his arrow, was surprised at how skillfully it was made, and walked to the side where the arrow came from flew in; watched S. take off his beautiful skin and put on his old one; V. became S.'s wife, although her mother wondered why her daughter needed such an ugly husband; S. gave her mother-in-law a small banana and a little pig, wrapping it in a sheet and telling him not to turn it around on the way; but she put everything on the ground and went to relieve herself; when she returned, she saw a large bunch of bananas and a huge pig running away; S. himself and his wife said nothing they did not care: at S.'s request, they were given food by the supreme god Taotae; S. took his wife and went to the party, wearing beautiful leather and telling his wife to take sticks; they had to fight off women, they liked young S so much .; women found and destroyed old skin; since then, S. has not been able to change his skin and people have begun to die]: Guiart 1958:191.

China - Korea. The fox [the hunter killed a wild buffalo and does not know how to drag it; an old man appeared, put the buffalo in his purse, told him not to open it on the way; the hunter doubted whether the buffalo was with him, opened his purse, The carcass fell out; the old man put it there again; the hunter promised to build an altar streak; this is the altar of the village's patron saint]: Dessaint, Ngwâma 1994:254-256.

The coast is the Plateau. Colitz [the young Spear's parents are dead, he was raised by his sister; he goes fishing but brings nothing; someone shouts to his sister that the Spear is fishing and swallowing it raw; the sister leaves and comes to a house, bakes roots, moves coals with a poker; a man says that Fire is his mother, will fulfill any desire; marries a girl; her mother-in-law takes on a human form; brother comes to her sister; her husband gives him a bag, tells him not to open it along the road, to walk along the middle path; he goes on the left, on the right (one with frogs, snails, beetles; on the other, angry bears, deer, birds; a terrible girl stabs him with her hair, only a whetstone hidden on his chest saved him); he returns, walks in the middle; opens the bag; whales, sharks, and other marine fish jump out, swim into the sea; only salmon remain in the Cowlitz River]: Adamson 1934, No. 34:227-230.

The Great Southwest. The coyote opens, if not otherwise. Navajo [wife's brothers let meat be taken home; there's plenty of it, it doesn't go back]: Haile 1984, No. 15:80; Matthews 1994:97; O'Bryan 1956 [12 hunting brothers have Ataed'diy ini's sister; she promises to marry only the one who kills the giant; the giant walks slowly, rarely manages to catch a person and put him in his basket; the Coyote tells the giant he will make him as fast-footed as he is; in both drink vomit, each burps into their own vessel; the Coyote has grasshoppers, the giant has meat; the Coyote replaces blood vessels, explains to the giant that because of these grasshoppers, he walks slowly; quietly puts himself on the deer's leg, cuts it in half; lets the giant feel his severed leg first, then his kiss, the giant believes that by cutting and coalescing his leg, the Coyote has gained strength; allows him to cut off his leg, The coyote takes her away, says A. that she killed the giant; she sets a new condition: first she kills Coyote, then he must come to life; Coyote hides his heart and lungs in a hole under the hill, wrapped them in a black wind; she He kills him, he comes to life; so 4 times (his heart and lungs are wrapped in blue, yellow, white winds, holes lead east, south, west, north); Coyote marries A., teaches all his tricks; A. hides Coyote under with a blanket, the brothers can smell it; the brothers leave the house for their sister and Coyote, build a hut for themselves; the brothers cross the canyon in the rainbow, and are forced to move the Coyote; the mountain sheep had full horns bone marrow; one of the brothers killed a ram, Coyote wanted horns for himself (the one who killed them gets them); when the brother cut off the horns, the Coyote made the horns bony; the traces of trying to cut them off - circular rings on the outer surface; (option: The Coyote tries to cut off the horns himself, hits them furiously on the ground, and the canyons of the Mesa Verde region form); the brothers turn the meat into a small ball, tell take it to his sister, do not put it on the ground; the Coyote puts it, the ball turns into a pile of meat, the Coyote does not know what to do; insults the swallow people; two spiders quietly weave the wall behind the Coyote, he can't jump over her, swallows kill him, make forehead bandages out of strips of skin, since then swallows have a stripe on their forehead]: 40-44.

Guiana. Warrau: Wilbert 1970, No. 5 [fish], 169 [married sisters, they have a younger brother; they leave him moriche palm flour at home, he processes it like a woman; someone stole flour while it is dry; from a tree a monkey came down, became a woman, he grabbed her, she became a woman, he is happy with her; her husband's sisters call her a monkey, they say she does not work well, they scold her son; she takes son, leaves, her husband follows, she screams three times, the banks of the river converge, she crosses the river, her husband too; he did not have time at the second river; the termite told the man that the water was shallow; he crossed many rivers; he saw an old man, scooping up water in a basket, so he catches fish; makes a platform out of poles to fry fish; sends a man for palm starch, behind a pot; he sees only a snake, a jaguar; the old man brings starch, a pot ; jaguars come at night, the man hardly woke him up by hitting him with a club; in the morning the old man put all the fish and meat in a small bag, ordered him not to open it on the way; the man opened it, everything fell out; the second time a person accidentally dropped a bag; the old man said people would now have a hard time getting grilled fish]: 49, 364-370; pemon: Armellada 1973, No. 2 [man hunts with Piainá; he gives him two tapirs with a small bundle, tells him not to turn it around on the way; the man unfolded, do not put the meat back], 58 [water women steal cassava; the man waited and caught one; she led him into the river; the owner of the river told his sons to give man a magic remedy, he became a good fisherman; one day they went to his mother; his wife does not tell him to unfold the package he took with him along the way; it has a lot fish; he unfolds three times; his wife throws him, returns to the river]: 15-18, 179-183; 1988, No. 63 [the man hunts with Piaimá; he gives him two tapirs with a small bundle, tells him not to unfold; the person unfolded, the meat cannot be put back; the person returns, P. wraps his meat again, tells him not to tell other people about it; the person confesses to his mother who wrapped the meat for him ; P. takes away his ability to wrap a lot of meat in a small bag, now hunters must carry meat in large baskets]: 152-154; waiwai [the hunter killed curassow forest cockerels (Crax daubentoni, a family of forest chickens, Cracidae); their owner took them home, gave them a small bag, ordered them not to open it on the way; the hunter opened it, the meat fell out, there was a lot of it, do not stuff it back; the owner of the cockerels came , put it all back; the man brought meat to his wife; one day he went to the site and did not return]: Roe 1991b, No. 3:91-94; trio [relatives of the unlucky hunter's wife left him alone in the forest hut; he starving; asked the cricket for help, he gave his excrement, which turned into cassava; the hunter asked the Tree Frog for help; he brought him to his tree, gave the potion, and the man became easy to fall into hummingbirds; The frog forbade telling others what they saw; gave a basket of meat, did not tell them to open it along the way; the hunter opened it, the meat fell out, it could not fit back, he came back, the Frog laid the meat again, gave a basket of feathers for arrows; the man opened it along the way, the feathers scattered, the Frog laid them down again; ordered only one beast to be killed at a time; the man began to kill many; said to his wife, and that Her brothers gave her drink, she told them everything; The frog took his potion, the hunter lost his luck again]: Koelewijn, Riviere 1987, No. 56:195-196; oyana [hunters leave their loser comrade in the forest ; the bird sends him home, tells him not to open his bag on the way; he opens it, cannot shove the meat back (there is a lot of it)]: Magaña 1987, No. 3:34.

Western Amazon. Aguaruna [a man hunted with a dog, she drove a paka, she jumped into the water; the snake, the daughter of the water owner Tzúnki, caught a thorn on the shore; the man threw it into the water; it became underwater a woman, told her father about the savior; he ordered him to be brought in, let him bring the head of the paki she had received; the next day, Ts's daughter met a man, gave him a love drink, and brought him to the bottom of the river; there dogs are nutrias, benches are crocodile, turtle; man fried fish, for underwater inhabitants they are cockroaches; other fish are chickens; when a person got home, they put fish in a basket, told him not to open on the way; he discovered, the chickens flew into the river, became fish again; he brought his wife from the underwater world to him; on land, daughter C. is a snake; a man hides her in the house, pulls her out at night; in the absence of a man, women were found the snake, his mother began to beat her, the snake began to grow, it rained; in a dream, the snake wife tells her husband to climb a tree; the house is flooded, the mother, wives and children of the man ate the snake wife, took her husband into the river forever]: Chumap Lucía, García-Rendueles 1979, No. 81:650-653.

Montagna - Jurua. Kashinahua: d'Ans 1975:83-88 [night], 214-232 [see motif F18B; Naimbo builds a ladder, the end reaches the sky; the storm breaks it, takes N. far from the village; on his way home he meets with different creatures; at night he hears, Oh, leg, leg! It is the anaconda that broke its tail; N. heals it by inserting a vine instead of his spine; the anaconda leads him home, but he gets lost again; removes the splinter from the jaguar's paw; he leads him to the house, gives him a little a bundle with a lot of meat inside; gives a stick that kills game and packs meat in small quantities; tells anyone not to talk about it; N. opens the bag before reaching home, live and dead animals run away, he only manages to grab two; when he gets home, he uses a magic wand, then talks about his adventures; the wand loses its power]; d'Abreu in Koch-Grünberg 1921, No. 84 [night]: 231; characterbet [the boy falls to the bottom of the river; he is attacked by herons and other birds, but the Month saves him; he is a fishing giant, the spirits of the dead are his servants; the Month puts a huge amount of fish in a small bundle, gives it to the boy; he opens it ahead of time, cannot put the fish back; The month gives him a new parcel, sends him home; during his stay at the Month, the boy has become adult boy]: Gray 1996:53-54.

Bolivia - Guaporé. Tacana [16 options: San José, Ixiamas, Tumupasa, San Buenaventura, Tana); a person cultivates his plot well, he has corn, cassava, etc., but he is unlucky to hunt; his brothers wives do not work in the field, but they have a lot of meat; one of them brought a man to the forest, asked them to get the chicks out of the macaw parrot's nest; when a man in a tree cut a vine, hit the roots of the tree, from there The snake Ha Bacua crawled out, could not crawl, but was ready to bite; the owner of the Davoavai forest killed the snake with an arrow, let it into the branch on which the man was sitting, until the vine he was able to descend immediately grew; D. brought a man to a tree, pushed back the root, inside the tapira, wild pigs, forest chickens; tapiriha, D.'s wife, gave the man a drink of cassava chichi; he drank, fear came out of him, he became a good hunter; D. wrapped the fish greased with the fat of the killed snake in a bag, ordered both brothers to give his wife and mother-in-law to both brothers; for the man, he put tapirs, monkeys, etc. in a small basket, ordered not to open it on the way; the man opened A mountain of roasted meat fell out of the basket; D. folded it again, escorted him home; his wife's brothers and mother-in-law ate fish with fat, first turned into macaw parrots, then Ha Bacua snakes; D. killed them, took the meat]: Hissink, Hahn 1961, No. 67:180-185